Safari of a Lifetime in Maasai Mara Kenya S7 EP.26 | Pakistan to South Africa

Safari of a Lifetime in Maasai Mara Kenya  S7 EP.26 | Pakistan to South Africa

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Maasai people don't go to hospitals. Look at this bedroom. Assalam Alekum and welcome back to the channel from Nairobi. It's 6.30 in the morning.

There's a reason to get up so early. And that's the safari car you can see in the background. We are going to visit Maasai Mara. As the saying goes... When you are in Kenya and didn't visit Maasai Mara... Then why did you come to Kenya at all... Today we are leaving for a two day safari.

We'll try to enjoy it to the fullest and share it with you. What makes me the most excited other than the wildlife is... I mean you see the park and enjoy the nature there for sure. But it's the lodges in the safari that are special. Because I want to show you the kind of facilities for the tourists here.

You have already seen that in Tanzania. I haven't done any safari in Kenya so far. Here's our driver Mr. Kexton.

And here's Mustafa. He's a Kenyan national but originates from Karachi. You have background based in Karachi. Yes. He has arranged this safari.

The name of his company is Be Safari. He deals mainly with clients from Pakistan. It gets very easy when you have to deal with a desi from Pakistani. He takes care of everything himself.

Thank you so much. Let's see how this safari turns out to be for us. We'll share the first hand safari experience with people. Okay. Thank you so much. We have just reached Narok.

It's a relatively bigger town, just before you enter the Maasai Mara National Park. We got here in about 3 hours because of a traffic jam on the way. Otherwise, one can easily get here in two hours.

This time was built by people who came here from India during British times. There's a family here standing beside me. Their great grandfathers were among the founders of this town. They pointed out that Narok spelled backwards is Koran.

They have shown me some pictures. I think he was your brother who showed me the pictures. Yeah. You can see in the picture that they are just 4 to 5 houses here. And they are mainly built by the Indian families.

They originally belonged to Kach from Gujarat. They were working here on the railway lines that were laid down from Mumbasa. They have especially brought home made Gulab Jamun for us. Thank you so much Nazia. Appreciate it a lot. You are welcome. Hope you enjoy them.

We are about 15 to 20 km from Maasai Mara at the moment. I have found a rather interesting looking market here. Never seen anything like this before. I can see goats and sheep.

And there are cows as well. We have a nice guy here with us. What's your name? John. John Maasai He's showing us around in the market. Let's go.

The other side is the sheep side. He's telling me to buy the cow. Yeah. Yeah. Okay , they tend to get aggressive if you make their video. That's why you cannot come here without a guide.

Another interesting thing is that the Maasai people don't visit hospitals. They just use wild herbs as cure. That's what they are selling here. You can see quite a few roots here. I'm not sure what sort of tea is this.

Okay. You feel the pain. Maasai people wear shoes made from tires. The women here are making those shoes.

He was just telling me that it really hurts if you place your foot on a stone. As if you have placed your foot on fire. Okay, John. Thank you very much. Welcome. John told me that even Maasai are changing with time.

So they do visit hospitals now. Have you been to a hospital? No. Only the bush medicine. Yeah. Okay.

But people do go to hospitals in Nairobi and other places. No. Narok only. This was the welcome dance for us in this camp. Thank you very much. Welcome.

Thank you very much. How are you? I'm good. Look at that. That's a real luxury camp.

This is the entrance. That's for us. What sort of juice is this? No wine for me. This one's fine. Thank you.

Everything is halal. That's perfect. Thank you. We are in Maasai Mara park now. We stopped for a little while at the gate. There we paid the entrance fee of the park which is 80 USD per day.

I paid 160 USD since I'm staying for two nights. Quite expensive. I'm staying at Emaiyan Luxury Camp. The camp is really beautiful.

Lets show you from inside. Starting from the exterior... That's how it looks from the outside. We have a jacuzzi as well.

And that's the sort of nature that you get to see here. Gonna take you inside the camp now. This is our bedroom. Just see how meticulously they have decorated the whole thing.

These tiny details matter a lot. It's really beautiful. Absolutely spotless. Everything is really clean. There's a table and chair on this side of the bed. Over here... I liked this because it can get really hot during the day.

So this is a source of cool breeze because the sun is facing the other side. Here we have two sofas. Lamps on the side tables. This is the washroom. Just see how beautiful and spacious it is. We have a bathtub here.

That over there is the shower area. It doesn't look like a camp at all. But it is a camp.

And that's not all. It's almost like an apartment. The sofas seem very comfortable in this big space. Personally I liked this camp a lot. We are gonna enjoy our next two days as we explore the nature and wildlife of this park, in luxury. The 4G from my Safaricom also works here.

Electricity is also available here. It is being run on electric generators as well as solar energy. So there is no problem at all to charge your devices. Besides, they have their own WiFi in the main building.

You can say that they have everything a tourist needs. They can enjoy their stay here in luxury. They can rest in the camp or go out to see the wildlife and the national park. And when they go back from here, they inspire more tourists to come here. I mean only if you enjoy your stay, you tell more people about your amazing experience.

And you recommend this camp to other people. Not just this camp but I enjoy all the camps I visited. There are lodges as well as camps. Lodges are even more luxurious.

But I haven't stayed in any lodges of these national parks so far. I personally like camps because you get all the facilities here. What else do you need.

Thank you. Thank you very much. Our soup has been served. The soup was in fact great but now we have starter. It's fish.

Look at this now. This is our burger. It has some fries and a little bit of salad. Just see how nicely they are serving the orders.

It feels as if I'm visiting a really luxurious place. The name of the place is Luxury Lodge. I'm sorry. It's Luxury Camp. And last but not the least, we have these beautifully cut fruits. Amazing We have been informed over walkie talkie about a leopard here. We can't see the leopard here.

However, all the safari cars have already gathered here. Whenever you spot a wild cat here; Leopards, lions or cheetahs. Everybody gathers around in that area to see them.

This is the reality of safari. Nevertheless, you do enjoy the wildlife. We haven't seen any leopard here, so far. It may be hidden somewhere in these bushes.

This is the first time that I'm seeing a lion pass by so close to me. It's at the back of this car. It could be sitting back there.

No, it's still walking. We have seen 4 to 5 lions. Some of them have walked on to the bushes.

But this one is still walking towards the bushes. Not only in Kenya but among all the safari destinations in the world... Maasai Mara is among the ones most famous for their nature and wildlife. Before this, I visited Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. You can say that Serengeti and Maasai Mara are just one park.

Because what separates them is the border line between Kenya and Tanzania. For this very reason, it's called Maasai Mara on the Kenyan side. Whereas Serengeti on the Tanzanian side. Serengeti is a much bigger park compared to Maasai Mara. I made a few vlogs about that in which I have covered many things.

Please do watch them if you haven't already. I may not be discussing all those subjects in this vlog again. In order to avoid repetition. This is the same park.

Its wildlife goes from Tanzania to Kenya and vice versa. That's why from June to September, during the migration season of wild beast... They come here from Tanzania. And as soon as the rainy season starts, they go back to Tanzania. Let's see what other forms of wildlife do we get to see here.

I think these cheetahs plan to hunt the impalas up there. We might be lucky to get to watch it. Because they are moving in a very stealthy manner. Aiming at the topi up there. The cheetahs stood us up. We waited there for about 90 minutes.

And they kept on playing the hide and seek game. It's extremely rare to see them on the hunt. Because the park is really big. And as a tourist you are just following a specific route. Only someone with a permit, such as some photographer or cameraman from BBC, only they have the permission to take their cars anywhere.

Other than that, these safari cars have to follow a designated route. And it's very rare to see something like that on this route. You may also have to sit there all day. We are here for a short break. As I told you in Serengeti, there are specific places here for food break or toilet break. There are toilets here for sure.

However, regarding food they have a very relaxed rule. You can sit anywhere and enjoy your food or snacks. It's not like that in other parks. There are tall bushes around us here.

So the guides make sure that there are no wild animals hidden in the bushes around. Better to sit at a location with smaller grass and less bushes. Our guide has brought these food boxes from the lodge where I'm staying. It has water, juice and yogurt.

Some cookies. There must be some edible in this as well. Let's see what's in it... It's a chicken piece. Not to forget that the food here is halal.

We also have a cake and a small sandwich. There are some fruits here as well. Looks like yogurt spilled out of its packing inside the box. But it's a really nice food box to be honest.

We are here for dinner. Our dinner is gonna be a 6 to 7 course meal. I'm not exactly sure how that works.

They start off with soup. Then there's a starter. Followed by some other food items.

Then they'll serve the main course. After that, dessert will be served along with tea, coffee or other beverages. Overall service is phenomenal. Everything here is too perfect to find even a simple mistake. Our main course has been served. Do you see how beautifully they have served it.

It's lamb with some vegetables and mashed potatoes. Some sauce here. Hopefully you must have loved this Maasai Mara experience. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot. Be Safari is the company of Mustafa that arranged this tour for me. They took care of every single thing.

During the peak season, this tour costs 1400 - 1500 USD. Other than that, 160 USD is the park fee for two days. Similarly, the off season charges for this safari are 900 - 1000 USD. Because during off season, they have quite some room.

And they would like as many people to visit as possible. The place is fully booked during the peak season. That's the prices get high during peak season.

I will add the link of Be Safari in the description of this video. You can book a safari with them. Secondly, since the owner is a Pakistani...

If you are coming from Pakistan or India or any place from that region, do try this company. You won't be disappointed because this is a really nice company. Time to say good bye. Remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

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