Norwegia- BMW M3cs vs 2 metry śniegu!- zamarznięte jeziora! +S13 2jz, Lancer Evo, Subaru impreza!

Norwegia- BMW M3cs vs 2 metry śniegu!- zamarznięte jeziora! +S13 2jz, Lancer Evo, Subaru impreza!

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Lots of people, both close and completely unrelated to me, all ask me the same question for 28 days. Budda, are you f**ing crazy? I pull a confused face, pretend not to know what’s going on. Why ask such a question? And so on. It’s time to explain what they truly mean. Budda, are you f**ing crazy? That car was released in only 1200 units.

You threw a bag of money into it. It ended up costing almost 200 000 EUR. And you want to give it away to a random person? That’s f**ed up. My reply: It may in fact be.

But if my people want it? I’m not doing it just for myself, after all. If I were, I’d just keep a diary instead of running a YouTube channel. It’s simple: You wish to win a car and I deliver. We’re getting to the point here. It goes out to each one of you, directly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 15, 18, 24 or 30 years old. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Poznań or a town with 700 inhabitants. It doesn’t matter if you previously won something or had no luck until now. It doesn’t matter if you still go to school, are a student or have a million in your account and a thriving company. It doesn’t matter, because the only certain thing is that, you’re not going to win without playing.

Stop complaining about 1 EUR being your biggest scratch card win so far. Stop telling yourself it’s not for you due to lack of luck with such things. Let’s agree on that: Can’t speak this way, as one doesn’t win an M3 every other week. If one does, it’s once in a lifetime. It’s the last day you can enter the CS game. It’s the last hours till the live broadcast, during which I’m going to call ten people in order to give away the iPhones, an iPad and a console.

Also going to call one person – maybe it’s you – to deliver the magical message saying: Listen homie, you just won the M3. M3CS.PL You may only be certain of not winning, if you don’t play. Thank you for your support, my best regards. Good day, hi and welcome to all of you watching a video, which we’re going to do in a place… Put it: Has been rather hard to reach these last days.

We’re talking Norway. I welcome all of you in a special kind of video. That’s because the biggest event in the history of my channel is coming to an end.

This is the last day, last chance to enter the game to win the M3 CS. If it so happens that you haven’t yet taken part, haven’t joined us yet… Come over to M3CS.PL – And we’re seeing each other tomorrow on stream. Because of the event coming to an end, we wanted to create a special video for you. That is why we find ourselves here, in Norway. Where for the first time, we’re going to record such a video format for you. Let’s start from the beginning.

It’s been yesterday, in Poland, when we received information on weather being so harsh that, our flight will be delayed. We went to the airport and received an SMS saying: “Our transport from the airport is cancelled because of police recommending not driving on public roads.” That’s because of the amount of snow and closed roads in Norway. The whole Norway is paralyzed and we make it there during the night. However, we got the cars with us. We got the M3 and we got the Smurf.

As you’re probably guessing, these cars didn’t make it here on their own. They were brought on a semi-trailer, which didn’t make it here on its own either. It was brought by Darek. The way I see it, Damian probably experienced, how things are simply f**ed up in here right now. Leave it in the forest, f**k that. Never have I been f**ing towed with one of these before.

We were just pushed to the side by a f**ing truck, it was overtaking us on this f**ing s**t. F**ing d**k, may he bleed profusely. -This is ridiculous. -I told you: Stay in Poland and drift around.

Now that we’re already here and the cars happily made it with us… We had to leave the tow truck at the foot of the mountain, as we’re 1500 m a.s.l. It simply couldn’t make it up here. Because we’re about to begin the video for you, I’d like to show what we’re dealing with here, just for starters. Check it out, it doesn’t even blow snow on this terrace, yet it’s like 5 feet of it here. Come on over to the side window.

This is our mountain cottage neighborhood. Check out the terrace on the right, for example. Check that snowdrift, it’s like 6 or 8 feet high. All blown snow. I hope this perfectly shows our conditions well enough. Without prolonging, get in the game for the M3. Remember, it’s the last day. That’s it.

An intro for you and here we go. It’s been a really long time that, I wanted to make a video on such thick snow. We recently brought it out in Cracow when it was snowy. The color contrasted with the white snow so beautifully that, I decided it’s going to be yet another, lovely sight here on the channel. Come over as I already got a fun fact for you. It’s from the yesterday’s climbing up here, such a wheel.

There’s so many of these snowdrifts here, they were all formed by wind. The wind blows from the top and makes them a lot higher than the actual height of the snow. We collected all of that with the front splitter, check it out.

It’s all frozen snow in here. It’s gotten inside the wheels too. Think it might be a bit out of balance right now. Come over to the back too, I’ll show you something.

It’s not like the usual snow that just lies on the car – it’s closer to being ice. The conditions here are really extreme, yet what looks really amazing is how these icicles hang from the rear diffuser. The car looks so dope being all icy. The whole car contrasting with snow is a beautiful sight overall, hope it’s worth being appreciated. A beautiful sight worth appreciation – I stick to that statement and it’s impossible to disagree with it.

As I mentioned, we’re at 1500 m a.s.l. and the road – as in the mountains – is rather winding. The M3 does 2 or 3 thousand RPM and with traction control off, drifts almost immediately. Alright, more of that later. Let’s get back to reality. We decided to drive down to the place where we left the tow truck yesterday.

And so, we got Smurf the training car with us as well. You may recognize it from the channel already. Something seems off here. The wheel size is off, the tire size is off. What’s off too, is how much this wheel is sticking out. It truly is off, because once we do this: We find a really deep winter tire with spikes, see? There are actual spikes screwed into the tire. This is a tire that’s going to perfectly match a frozen lake. What’s going to match too, is the fact we got a 700 HP 2JZ here.

What that means is: Once we add the tiniest bit of traction using this spike… We add an open, giant lake with no walls on it… And add this much power... It’s more than certain to be fun. Come check it out too, it’s fun how we just drove down the mountain and the whole M3 is covered in the snow.

Can’t see the plates at all. Snow is everywhere but at the exhaust. Look, check this shot out. F**k me! It’s beautiful sitting on this snow and contrasting with it. Some of you who’s going to win this car – which is tomorrow – is going to have an amazing car color in the sun… But during the winter, all of this contrast is not a joke. Let’s go get some fuel. Can’t enter the gas station any other way than almost hitting the operator.

Boom, the nearest miss, probably. People are always interested in the fuel prices of other countries. Norway is… not the cheapest, just right I’d say: 2,14 EUR per each liter.

Counting with the canisters, the Smurf and the tow truck, we got the modest 350 liters. Pay attention, that means 750 EUR just flew away into the sky. We’re headed towards the main destination of our trip. I mentioned there was going to be something completely new to the channel, something I never showed before. I’m going to keep that promise. Yet, I can’t take something absolutely dope from you.

Mountain roads all covered in snow. Empty, snowy, mountain roads. The car driving like heaven and rear-wheel drive. Hope the perspective coming up is going to perfectly show what I mean. We arrived. First thing we notice is the rally Subaru.

Having made it, we say hello to the team, which I’m going to introduce in a second. Besides the Smurf and M3, on the track we also got the rally Subaru with spiked tires. We got a rally Lancer training car rocking the spikes as well.

We also got these three, handsome gentlemen. Welcome very much, the guy here is Karol. Karol… I’ll tell you, you had quite a crash. This is the Szymon guy.

-You’ve had quite a crash too, Szymon. -Many of them. The last but not least, Maciej who also… Lost 3 out of 7 lives, but has 4 left. -So simply put: Had a crash. -Yes. I never walk towards the light at the end of the tunnel though.

Quickly turn around, gotta run for it. So, gentlemen. You’re here with your training cars and they do drift. -That’s correct. -That’s what I wanted to hear!

Besides being on the spikes – follow me! There are no half measures taken here. F**k, you could rip somebody’s leg off, having ran him over. You’d go right through it, check these spikes out. This is the Swedish spike tire. Boom, they’re going to the Lancer in a second. -So what, you said it’s gonna go 125 MPH? -I think more than that.

You can speed up to 135 MPH with the Swedish ones. 135 MPH sounds serious. Alright then. I’m taking the camera and heading to the passenger seat. Firstly, I need to check the track out. See its length.

Secondly, we’re going to start with the usual, cheap winter tire. So that we can compare it with the spikey one. -F**k, this is the winter tire?! -Yes! A stock, retreaded tire and the cheapest one out there. We’re doing like f**ing 125 MPH here! That’s an advantage of a four-wheel drive car.

That’s f**king insane! It feels like driving on the usual asphalt! You’re gonna see the Swedish spikes. An unimaginable difference. F**k! The biggest difference between the stock and spikey tire is having great braking ability. This car has no problem accelerating with the winter tire, problems arise when it’s time to brake. You’re f**ing kidding me! Most importantly, it’s gonna be a lot safer with the spikes. I currently have no control over the car, I’m like a passenger here.

I take the turn so that I fit in it, having the spikes you have some room for maneuvers. Even if you make a mistake, it’s easier to correct it having spikes, can’t do it having winter tires. -How much was it on that long straight? -Dude.

I sat here during the first lap and didn’t know the track. He gave it all the f**ing gas and I just looked for the brake with my foot. Where is the brake?! A f**ing tree! And you simply place it sideways, give it gas and act like a snowplow. Yes. If that was the cheapest retread tire, the usual winter type of s**t… And we’re giving it the best possible spike… I’m not getting on the passenger seat anymore. -Now just don’t f**ing… -Time for the spike.

-When was the last time you drove the spike? -Four years ago. -It’s fast on the spikes. -Apparently. Oh f**k. Alright, I believe you it’s f**ing insane with the spikes on! F**k me! It’s so sticky that it’s almost impossible to drift it.

Simply hold on to your head with these on. F**k, the car won’t go! Give it a better tune then. We’re about to, just you wait.

-What is it going to have now, 450 HP? -450. F**k me! That was the strongest tune, that’s right! Time has come for the first test run. I’m obviously not going to send it fully. I’m driving the CS with just good quality winter tires, really curious though. After riding in the Lancer’s passenger seat… Let me tell you – the experience is thicc. Alright, so basically and technically the whole CS is icy. All the snow from before melted and once we put it to the side – it all froze back.

The result is that everything is frozen and everything crackles. The track’s shape is really interesting and very fast. You’re seeing it from the drone’s perspective right now. We’re driving such a shape today. It’s got both the narrow chicanes and really long corners, that allow you to get a bit crazy. Anyway, I’m going to drive the CS with respect to the next owner.

Because even if I spun out somewhere around here at high speed, things could get ugly. I could break or damage something and we don’t want that. Oh damn! It is sometimes the case that, the car finds itself on pure ice and can’t push itself forward.

That means losing the traction all the way down to zero. There’s some fighting with the car. We got such a curve, gotta swing the steering wheel back and forth! F**k! Go, go, go! Alright, i’m getting used to it, so I’ll try to do the commentary pass for you. I’ll do what I can to make the pass the most fun and comment on what’s happening on the track simultaneously. We got a really cool section here, it goes from left to right with the snowdrifts on the sides. It feels like drifting next to a wall, yet when we touch it, nothing bad happens.

Some fighting with the steering wheel here, but then we get another part with lots of traction. Boom, left to right. It’s the fast section that you can seek a straight in. Let me tell you, the M3 not only sounds great here, but gains some speed too. At the end here, we got such a curve. We’ll try to nicely pass it, yet it’s not that obvious with the traction here. Gotta help yourself with the left foot using the brake.

A drone just flew by in front of me, you probably saw that. The curve was a success and we’re off to another fast part. A transition now, fast and aggressive steering wheel moves with the rear-wheel drive! Boom, we’ll do a long curve here. Boom, now transition again and brake with left foot. Boom. We’re where we started.

I hope you like such POV driving. I’m just going to try fixing this part right here, didn’t work out for me last time. It’s really cool, look. Boom, sleight of hand.

Alright, saved. Large angle and transition again. This part right here, you know… It’s certainly the best for drifting. And again! Aggressively. There’s this section with lots of traction here. We may do some transitions here. We seek a straight in these turns in order to gain tempo.

We got lots of traction, so it should be possible to brake. At least I hope so. We’re out to the last corner and that’s fourth gear now. We reduce to third, throw ourselves using the mass and dive into the curve. And we’re off the track.

Alright, I hope that was a beautiful way... An absolutely beautiful way to cheer me up, I'm absolutely blown away by the shots I just made for you. I took all of you for such a lap on this track. We've summed everything up regarding the M3 and it's driving capabilities.

It drives really well! Allow me to remind you that, the car is rocking the usual winter tires and it drove on ice! The best way to prove it, is to show what we got here, look. The whole car is covered in ice. Everything. Look.

Wonder if the door will open. The car looks as if you poured water on it . And then followed it up by leaving it outside at 14 F. It looks beautiful and I'm positively surprised by the M3.

Really though, the car is fast. We did like 80 to 85 MPH here. I'm going to admit it being my upper limit with this car.

That's because I don't want to damage the car for some of you. Let's keep going with the video. Think there's no reason to prolong further.

Check this out, I'm putting all my weight to it. I don't wanna... There's PPF on top after all. Look. Check the GoPro out. Is it cold? Yes, it is.

I’ve laid my hands on the Smurf. Smurf is the special tasks training car. Smurf isn’t afraid of speed, walls nor barriers. What could it be possibly scared of on a frozen lake? What that machine does out there, simply leaves me speechless.

Watch it now, top of the fourth gear, I’ve got some cruising speed of about 95 to 100 MPH. Gotta give credit to the crazy machine. 2JZ is 2JZ after all. Yea? Huh? Nah, joking. I love this engine, but even 150 HP would be enough on the lake.

All it took for me though, was hearing I couldn’t make it to fifth gear. I couldn’t? -Pull it out now. -Don’t give me that s**t, it was fast. F**k. My hands are just wet. Yo, I just found a giant positive in what’s happening here.

We did four laps at constant redline and the oil temperature is 185 F. Let me tell you: I crashed into this snowdrift and I’m happy about it. I’m so hyped up with the adrenaline that it got me tired.

We dug in deep guys, but we weren’t the only ones! Check it out here. That’s exactly the same place where we saw a dude upon arrival. They’d pull him out the same way.

The turn is a bit tilted to the side here. Nevermind that though, I f**ing crashed and so what? Regret nothing. Boom, a memory photo. Five minutes of work and the track staff pulls us out of the snowdrift. It seems someone’s hit the snowdrift.

Subaru's and Lancers raced around the track in the meanwhile. Gotta admit, the four-wheel drives reach noble speeds on this track. The blue Subaru over this tile of water is a true, wet dream from the childhood. Lancer does Dirt-like passes – just like you’d play on the console.

Very satisfying views for the automotive industry fans. It’s getting late though and lots of track’s snow has melted, becoming ugly puddles. We’re getting off to the machine park, let’s sum things up.

That’s exactly what I wanted to avoid, when I mentioned not doing a full send with the M3. However, I felt free to do so with the Smurf. Just as I told you before: Regret nothing. Fall off it did. If it fell off the M3, you wouldn’t be too happy about it, my friend who’s going to get it. But the M3 is in one piece, just like I am and so is my wallet.

Because if something like this happened to the M3, it could easily be around 5300 to 6400 EUR to have it replaced. Yet I got a cool item that, I’ll be able to hang on my wall, say under the AC, just like that. When a guest comes over and asks: What’s going on, what is it? I’ll answer: My friend, that’s a long story. And that’s how we finish the first day on frozen lakes of Norway. Let it be something else than me, that’s going to end the first day. Allow me to go quiet and leave you with such a 10 second long shot, void of my f**ing babbling.

See what our drive back home looked like. Instead of my waffling, listen up to the sounds of whistlers, my lovely viewer. You thought it was a lot of snow that day? Uhm, cool. We thought so too. But no. A lot of it was on the second day. Oh damn! What’s going on? F**k.

Yo, it’s like 2 f**ing feet of snow more than yesterday. Look at that! It was all flat when I parked this car yesterday. Check out the size of this snowdrift, it’s taller than me! It ends all the way up there, I’m almost 6’6 ft tall, you know? This snowdrift is like 8’2 to 9’10. The ones there are like 13 to 16 feet high! Damn! This morning however, there was a giant tractor driving around here. Had a 10 ft tall wheel. It plowed all the snow. All the media of Norway keep announcing this day as the worst one speaking of weather conditions. That following 4 AM, all the roads in Oslo are closed, paralyzed and impassable.

The whole car is covered in snow. Alright, we gotta remove the snow to drive the tiniest bit. I wonder if we’re able to even get inside the car. Check this out. Everything is frozen, the whole car is frozen. Look at the windshield. I wonder if the door opens, likely not. Yo! Just like nothing! Look at that! Door plowing! The whole windshield is covered up, the sides are covered too.

F**k, that’s some Armageddon right here. Is what we’re planning going to succeed? I don’t know, but I could guess. We don’t feel like plowing the snow, so let’s try to drive it out as it stands. I guessed wrong! F**k me, it made it out! How is it even possible? The snow reached up here! This contradicts all my memories related to BMW and how rear-wheel drive can’t make it out. The privilege of having a whole car covered in PPF and the fact that, I’m going to wrap it up in a new set for the new owner anyway… Is that we don’t currently have a snow broom, so a snow saucer will do instead. Alright, let’s get back on the road, as it’s getting funny.

They don’t play around in the media here. The conditions are so bad that, you simply can’t see where the road is going. If there happened a 6 feet tall snowdrift, we’d drive right into it. On top of that, it’s snowing on the windshield and we’re doing 15 MPH, yet it feels like going as fast as possible. Look, with these trees it looks like we were in Alaska. Show it.

Yeah. We got the Alaska sign on the left. I remember it being tough in Romania, driving the Mavericks. There was a ton of snow too, but first of all, these were some really high mountains, like 3000 m a.s.l. Everything above 2000 m a.s.l. was tough for sure. Yet here it’s a lot lower, we got no tank tracks nor snowmobiles.

There’s either just as much snow or even more, no kidding. It’s tough, really tough. We’re headed towards the track in order to do stupid stuff. How stupid? And how stupid does it get with us? We’ll get to that later, in a moment. Keep watching for now. According to the GPS, the route to the destination from the hotel is roughly about 30 minutes. Uhm, yeah, right. Maybe in June when it’s 70 F outside.

Each turn is covered with a foot of snow and looks more or less like this. The moisture and snow coming from the jackets, pants are shoes is so significant that, the air vents can’t keep up. In order to drive straight, it’s easier for me to stick my bald head out of the window, than drive like a normal human.

When we turn right, I switch to a small window in the middle of the windshield, like a tank driver. Gotta clean the wipers. Dude, the wipers are freezing. There’s so much water gathering up, it’s ridiculous. F**k me, tell you what: They weren’t lying, you know? It’s true Armageddon here.

It was good fun yesterday, but today it’s just too much. A snow plow passes every 10 minutes and yet it’s so f**ing buried in snow. Unbelievable. We’re headed towards the track that GPS claims is 33 minutes away. For the third hour. We couldn’t get through the first road, we turned around and couldn’t get through again.

We then got stuck, then the tow truck got stuck. This is no Norway, today it’s the f**ing North Pole. There’s so much moisture that, you gotta wipe the windshield from the inside or else water drips down the glass.

Water dripping down the windows. We wiped the windows, cleaned our shoes well and everything came back to normality. I wouldn’t be myself, if I hadn’t tried if the next person who gets it is going to be happy with it. I wouldn’t be myself, if I hadn’t driven off the main road to a complete side road. Przemysław, however, wouldn’t be himself, if he hadn’t flown the drone while sitting in the passenger seat. It is a good point to change the vibe a bit.

Mr Editor, please give us some epic music. We got the shots like from some Discovery Channel: M3 CS against the North Pole. Let’s begin. Please admit it, it’s a beautiful sight. Once I saw it myself, my jaw simply dropped. The mixture of feeling shock, seeing an M3 armed with good winter tires drive in such conditions… Together with the shots we were able to catch.

I’m really proud to be releasing such content to you on this channel. Because of the conditions and wanting to record the side roads content, we made it to the track an hour before sunset… Let’s skip driving and get right to the irresponsible stuff. That’s probably the seventh or eighth barrel yet.

He’s a professional, he says it’s his seventh barrel. Tell you what, seeing how confident your moves are, seeing your bold approach to the matter… I dare say that it’s not your first time. The barrel… I don’t remember. Can’t add them all up, but we did some stuff with the barrels. We could do an explosive barrel if you want, while driving that is. -How does one do it? -We need carbide.

Or a potato gun, ever made a potato gun? -Yeah. You shoot from the tube. -You take a PCV pipe, add spray paint, make a hole and they fly like 100 to 200 meters. I ask myself this question: Why does it always end like that? How else is it supposed to end? How else do you want to finish such an adventure? Easy, we’re going to be inside a car. -Alright, now get the strap. Gotta secure me. -What to? -Secure me, you gotta strap me up. -Yeah I know it’s you… Alright, so how do we do that? Am I gonna be attached like this? Don’t wanna fall to the side. No, here. Alright, let’s tie it up and test it first. Pull me by hand, see how it works.

Dope! Alright, let’s go. Cool, so we’ve gone through the training sessions. What time are the qualifications? -What? -When it gets brighter. I gotta dry up before the qualifications, come Karol.

Listen, you gotta check the barrel’s pressure, the angles are a bit crooked, the barrel is rather convergent. I know. It generally drives well, just make it a bit softer in the corners, alright? -Alright. -Karol is your guy, he gets everything done. The last chapter… Day 3 – The Arctic Trucks Somewhere in the middle of Norway, 11:56 AM Welcome to the last chapter of this video. We begin the last chapter of the video in a complete nowhere.

Nicely done, Rafał! Nobody else would have guided us this well. You gotta be from the Subcarpathia. We indeed begin the last chapter here, we drove here as the GPS lead us here… But I barely made it down here! There’s no way I’m getting out of here.

It’s impossible to turn around and there’s absolutely no road ahead. None. Th're shall beest nay road ahead. The Norwegian GPS says it’s all good and we should keep going straight ahead.

So we’re going straight. But seriously though, this part of the video is a tribute to all the inventions that, you’re probably going to see in a moment. The inventions aren’t just any… I hereby foresee that, we’re going to see these inventions for the first time as they pull us out of here. There’s so much snow here that, this is somebody’s home entrance.

You know Rafał, I think this navigation could have induced some suspicions on your side. That’s how it’s done. Alright, it would be appropriate to explain what we got for this part of the video. We prepared something very unusual, something we never showed on this channel before.

We’re talking Arctic Trucks. Check out the way this machine looks like with all this snow, it even started snowing just in time for the recordings. These are the Arctic Trucks produced by the locals here. They agreed to come here, they do their builds on Land Cruisers and such Isuzu's. What’s interesting is that, they get these cars factory new right from the dealership. They do all the handwork regarding widening the cars.

In case of the Land Cruiser, we got an upgraded suspension. Besides that, just like the name suggests, the cars are prepared to overcome some frozen lakes, tundra’s. They ship them to Canada, they sell them here in Norway, in Sweden. They also sell them to the North Pole. These cars are equipped with the biggest possible, 35 inch wheels with special tires with spikes, as you see here. These tires are ready to work with very low pressures like even 0.4 to 0.5 bar, so that it can widen up a bit…

Just like in case of driving on the dunes, sand. There’s no sand here, you’ll only find snowdrifts here. We’re therefore about to begin another adventure, in the deepest snow yet. That’s because the guys who reached us, to do content with these cars, claim… That a few hundred meters upwards from here is a track with this much snow on it.

And these cars are apparently going to pass through it without a problem. Is it going to be the case? We’ll see. Think it’s high time to get to action. Damn, what a cool guy. Simply let me get inside and have a drive. These cars are being sold as two seaters, check it out, there’s no space in the back. That’s because the Norwegian taxes differ.

If it’s a two seater, the car is considered to be a company car, like a van with a different tax. He told me that these cars are sold both as heavy duty machines, like some Arctic weather stations or at the top of Norway. But they are also sold as hobby type of cars.

So somebody simply has a hobby of driving through lots of snow and having fun doing that, while it’s cold. So instead of buying a snowmobile, he gets such an Arctic Truck. We release the drone and drive to a spot where a car shouldn’t go.

Shouldn’t – it’s permitted, but not reasonable. So just like we all know, that’s our specialty. We’re going to a track meant only for the snowmobiles. There are absolutely no ruts there, so we’ll see how it goes.

Again: I don’t know, but I could guess. Yo, the dude is f**ing crazy. I mean, f**ing crazy in a positive way.

He simply told me to go first, to lead and choose the way. Lead the way here, one wrong turn and we stay here until summer. He told me to go first, but I was like: No, you’re more experienced, sir. Go first. We’ll switch up eventually. Cool, we don’t have to leave and have a nice view.

There are two options: The guys either didn’t foresee this much snow falling down… Not sure if he was aware of this f**ing much snow being here. If it's been snowing for 4 days, 2 feet each day... Or they overestimated the capabilities of their machines a bit. But don’t you guys worry. Firstly, after about 5 tons of snow or 20 seconds in your case, we’re gonna be revving these in the snow just like they should be. Secondly, apparently there’s quite a lot of stupid and unexplained activities still ahead of us.

Getting back to the case of our trucks: Get the f**k outta here, man. Neat machines, they look good. Yet in snow this high, all their effective use is to put them in place and have them look nice. Have a nice photo with them or such another one. They can also potentially be used as a strike out point – allow me to explain. F**ing cold! Oh f**k! Lift me up from the back or it’s gonna get inside my ass.

Gotta dig you up first. Not in my face! Come on, I’m getting delirious. F**k me. Did you record that? Good, let them know who’s pu**y and who’s a Fakir. Now, since we know that wild driving without roads is not possible, let’s assume another tactic of rutting a new track… That is going to serve us as a place to race around. I’m not going to pretend or lie it was easy.

They stopped every other moment, we had to dig all the time. Still needeth to beest digging! I has't to digeth. I’m not alone though, fortunately, the guys do a good job.

Good, they do it well. It’s good, everything is done right. Hours pass and the track is starting to take shape. Even the cars start performing their function. The snow would stop them because of it’s height.

85 cm of this white, son of a bi**h powder fell again. Driving, they would simply push the snow in front of them with their bumpers. Each meter meant a few hundred kilograms more to push. Once we rutted it down, it began being si qu’a la font. I let everybody out because – let’s admit it – everyone wanted to see it from the outside… How a nearly 6600 pound truck flies around in the snow.

Fly it indeed does. The ruts are about about 5 feet tall here. However, once we get to speed, we drive away. Damn, gotta admit it’s really satisfying to me, how three years ago, when the Top Gear team recorded their special episode here… This exact truck – the one I’m sitting in right now – was their team’s truck. It was the operational truck, it’s task was to get absolutely everywhere, where the Top Gear’s team wished to go. They carried their equipment here.

That's probably why the cases are branded. They recorded from it and this exact truck was their working mule for making special tasks come true. I drove into a snowdrift, f**k.

Will I make it out or not? F**k me, it got through! Does it satisfy me? Just like I said in the beginning. It brings me lots of satisfaction, how I’m working the same truck up that was previously used by the Top Gear team. In the end, I spectacularly crashed into a snowdrift. Bartek didn’t want to come out worse, so he crashed into a snowdrift as well. Allow me to tell you – that is explain – what’s happening.

It’s almost 11 PM of the last night. Simply means no other than it’s time to break your bones. The magical sentence is said: “Follow, maybe it’s possible to jump into the snow from second floor.” Such sentence, as you’re all probably guessing, couldn’t go by unnoticed by the squad. The first one jumps... Then another one.

Later on, the sled is added to the equation. Oh s**t! Then, one guy aimed at the other, just like bowling. The way he knocked him out at the bottom there! The neighbors next door were so entertained that, they let the jumpers in through their lower window. So that they wouldn’t have to climb all the way up.

Everyone lived somehow, fractures were avoided. Why not have a sleigh ride then? Goggles on and off we go. Was it fast? I freely confess: It went up to 35 MPH sometimes.

One isn’t enough? Let’s try with two. Speed is too low? Let’s try 45 MPH. So, what can I tell you? Our plane was to leave at 8 AM.

We got up at 4 AM as we had a two hour long drive to reach the airport. Thaw at night and the temperature went back to freezing in the early morning. Who guessed already? The road resembled glass so much that, our airport bus turned around in place and went back home. The only vehicle capable of moving was the Smurf, as it had the spikes on.

Is it Sunday, is it 5 AM? Am I pushing a straight piped 2JZ through the nearby village in order to find a gas station, so I can buy some breakfast buns? I don’t rule that out. Is anyone going to believe these stories when I’m old? Probably not, I don’t rule that out. There’s never been such an ending to a video. I currently find myself in Warsaw, speaking to the phone. That’s where at 3:30 PM tomorrow, we’re going to begin a livestream through my channel.

A nationwide live broadcast, directly from here, Warsaw. We’re going to call eleven people, maybe you, my homie? Maybe to you, my beautiful homegirl? I’m going to call ten people and inform them of winning an iPhone, a sports car for the weekend. Maybe one of the consoles or the iPad? But I’m also going to call one person and inform like: What’s up. You should probably know that, you’re becoming an owner of the BMW M3 CS. I swear with my hand on heart that, I began to stress over who’s going to win it.

I keep thinking of it all the time, can’t rest from that thought. I had some wild trip this night, at like 2 or 3 AM – thinking who’s going to win that car. Is it going to be a minor, an adult? Male or female? What is going to be the person’s approach to winning this car? I can’t wait. As I said – we begin the broadcast at 3:30 PM. If you haven’t entered the game yet, I invite you to do so: M3CS.PL

If you wish to stock up, I invite you to do so as well. Well, without prolonging, I thank you for being here, watching this special episode. I feel like such videos catch on really well here and keep bringing the bar up. I love you all, sending best regards. See you tomorrow. For the people who watch until the very end: There’s good news. Materials that have never been published on the channel before will also be premiered.

I got three uploads never seen before. They’re going to be released during the livestream. We’re gonna be talking, talking, talking in the studio and suddenly there’s a new video uploaded. Maybe – in a form of spoiler – M3 CS against Lambo? Doing a quarter mile? Maybe M3 CS against a selection of many other cars, all doing a quarter mile? Right, now we finish.

2023-01-19 09:19

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