Kalam to Kumrat Valley Road | Badgoi Pass to Kumrat Tour Guide 2023 | Ep 16 | Pakistan Tourism

Kalam to Kumrat Valley Road | Badgoi Pass to Kumrat Tour Guide 2023 | Ep 16 | Pakistan Tourism

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Let's friends today, your Hassan will show you two things together, that is, the most beautiful on the most dangerous track of Pakistan, but I will say that full-person views of natural beauty. We will see you on the journey from Badgoi Pass to Kumrat which is about 26 kilometers and two hours. This friendship has started, it was a big pass and the governance and this car is going to go without reaching it and here the stupid track has continuously descended and our ruler Will see how much change our ruler Will add someone else in the change. This is the stone on which you have to die, it is much better, some become quite bad, there can be more proof of love than this, these are small children, a girl is a small boy and it is a tourist's So the road doctor is trying to do this, my slot is these children and those who trained them, it has come down from friends, now something that was more rocky than snow. It has started happening, it has happened to me from a big pass of Shaheen rulers, it has been about five minutes, while traveling towards Kumrat Valley, anything is visible. There are children to welcome, see against yellow color and spread a beautiful fragrance in this swing Masha Allah Subhan Allah Dear chest and the good thing is that I did not get it again while Weather said that it is raining at noon, tomorrow's weather is much better, we have started eating food.

But man physical things happen, you send them, what will I name you, this is the first non, I will put the second non in the house, so you are watching this scene, how big and very dishonest it is not possible to go to the suite. You have to work, the other will apply it, which is one tola of your brother, we will also be fine and the risk of doing it will also increase where you will apply, but the glow of the face also increases, but brother, you will again do the same. The work has started, I have become much better, but if I have to be attributed to the husband, Then I think that maybe some other big long of love have got a lot of fame and greasy hands are connected here. And you say that you are going to the room tearing your chest and the chest of the forest, I do not know how much journey is left and you were also saying that it will take you two hours with a big bullet.

What has passed brother is no longer it was also United and we have a button with us I have seen it that we Aamir bhai go far ahead of you because of this lightweight one and she turns against them while our Brother is a little, it has to be spoiled, it comes in a lot of trouble, I show my face, if I see it, then put a kilo, this is this, look, this rain comes, so this is not the real ID. The water that makes its way, see how beautiful it is and this is the work of rain, subhan Allah is very beautiful and the small house built in it has fun, let's go ahead, I live in the flag of my country. Come to Pakistan and these are some god-made, you can't type, you are seeing where the three have made free, take home the water of these springs on the food made free. It goes so cold because it's all glacier water, so I'll request you whether you're hungry or not, but you're sitting next to them, sitting for you to eat and drink. You can help them from one side, to be honest, you do not know that I will show you on such a track due to the lack of such forests.

On the other hand, he who wants to live down is a clear, clear, cold water river and glass, cold weather and sun. The eyes of the clouds flicker and from above it is drama, but soon it goes, man, it goes in front of you, that is why I can not dare, this is it and it is challenging for you to get out of it against the allies. After taking out the work and showing his heart to you in the ahead, I have seen it, I have realized that all these water and my friends were through the brother. Now I have to do what is beyond this, it has to be done that son, this is the stones from above them, when in this regard they are happily clear that this problem is in front of them again and then they start inside the ship. Account Shah Road Sandim two to two friends are requested, it seems that there is a distance now because you told me in two hours that you took it and one hour and 15 minutes have passed. The information was received and let's see Muhammad Ali Jinnah and cars are being seen and his mother will also start doing that you have done a bigger job than this that Allah is well aware of all the animals, there is no dolly in the neck of any animal.

Look at his own will, they say Mauj Masti and this is not a village, it was a small house, sir, you are built. See how lovely it is, a river is passing through the middle, what are they called at the behest of the Prophet and see that Green Mountain is in the middle of the forest in a high area like it. Remove the fatigue, man, on returning with great love, it has not been done yet, tax has not been shown and even if the fee of Major General Punjab Food Follow is done, it is like about half an hour, here to save the ministry. Bob who has been hunted in The Kamrat Valley and on the outskirts of Tal Bazar, I have just come to his first village, I had Ahmedabad Omar Farooq Mufti Farooq Chowk Dera and i do not give good houses.

I will show it to the back camera, then it has started later and the train is also much better, it is also much better, you have ever seen you and the first thing that will be here has also been written by you, but here I went to the campaign hoteling facility. It is not written that if you need any help, you can take their local national, it was a stone of bitter accents, they have been reduced. It is available that the winds of twenty and enough thing is this is the track you must be taking a long time but according to what I have come up and according to is much better. My brother is still and I have reached well, I pray that in front of insha Allah, our journey should be completed with good health, which was quite changing for you, for those who wrote this now at the very end of it.

So you've got walnuts One roti is standing ahead, but now it is that the children will go and get ready in the end of August or your age in the head. I will be ready the rest of the apricots and peach plums here weapons, this is also a walnut plant, so thankfully uploaded, tell me something new, they are not small, nor are they small themselves and some are very big. They have high branches and are quite old. Man, you have seen me, we have started and I hit you a little, because the rest of my friends have overtaken me and I am the most me, Islam alaikum, I am at the end, she became very angry with me.

So why does it take so long, my problem I do not even have to go to friends, I will not put anything in your circle because I have a purpose, active, I am expelled from my country's army to the world, I want to show that the friend of Pakistan. I have come to remember what kind of verse they can not type a friend of theirs or enjoy it, this is my purpose, they are seeing it above and all the places are visible, friends, all these characters are important and below. The track has also become quite small and those who are on the stone have become more less, but if you can still fetish how many feet in a meter, then I am going in about 20 minutes.

While on the other hand, he is coming to bagvi pass now and goes here for the word but I know you have to go there for India Bazaar, yaar Khan station hai kya welcome love is so beautiful welcome mein I never thought that God will fall here and with him this very good discovery will turn out of the six to eight hours gar beach with a small triangular wrestler. I have reached thousands of years old data, man has come so close here, the outside part of potato on the carpet road, this total off road, chi pari can come, which I will start my journey on a bike here. I want to see how I came to Bagvi from Kalam.

2023-09-17 09:45

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