Ep 2 Rajgir to Bodh Gaya, Bihar | Dashrath Manjhi - The Mountain Man, Famous Gaya Tilkut

Ep 2 Rajgir to  Bodh Gaya,  Bihar | Dashrath Manjhi - The Mountain Man, Famous Gaya Tilkut

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Hello Friends ! Welcome to Visa2Explore I'm your host Harish Bali Of our Patna to Gaya tour It is its 3rd Day We're starting our day from Rajgir It's 7:15 AM Hereon, we're going to Gaya Lets see...on the way..something.. ..to get good breakfast point Then, we'll have our breakfast And.. Through the entire day, we... ..are going to explore Gaya & Bodh Gaya This is our today's plan Right..

So, lets go Rest... During the morning, See, how does the surrounding look like? As of now, we're at Veerayatan Yesterday night, we stayed here And... Tomorrow, here..I..

..had my breakfast And our stay here was quite comfortable We've travelled for around half an hour We've stopped here to see the dam So, brother Sunil told me... Who is the driver of our car.. ..standing next to me He says that... If you want to take a closer look at the dam You can go But, it will take 15 to 20 minutes extra So, we.. ..aren't going but I'm telling.. ..for your information This is the dam in front Basically, it's not a dam This is a reservoir Here.. ..Ganga water has been stored So, it won't be right to call it as dam And..

As brother Sunil told me.. This place is called as Hathidah How far is it from Patna? 100 Kilometers So from Hathidah.. Water was conveyed to Rajgir through pipeline It was stored in Rajgir Then, from Rajgir, through a pipeline...

Water came here, and... ..now it is being stored here So, water being supplied to homes here.. It is going from here As of now, Are we in Gaya district or Nalanda district? At this moment.. Just now, we're at Gaya district We're at Gaya Right.. So..

Lets go ahead And, see, if there's some breakfast joint It'd be better to have breakfast.. while heading to Gaya Come.. From Rajgir, we're coming from this way And, the same route is leading to Gaya When we're coming from behind.. I noticed that..

..road is quite good Like, I'm standing here By watching the road, you can guess... The same road we've got.. for the last 20 to 25 KMs of our travel To have our breakfast, We've taken a halt at.. Mitti Farms They've one restaurant to this side We're going to have our breakfast here Ranjit Ji is the owner of this property Can we see your accommodation facility? Yes, sure..

Where is it? Come, straight.. How much do you charge for this accommodation? If you visit air bnb... So, the rate of the stay would be.. Rs. 1000/- approx per bed Directly, we charge around Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4000/- for one room

Ok, per bed means.. In sharing.. And washroom? Common washroom So how many rooms do you have like this? We've two rooms as of now with a license of total 9 beds Ok Nice.. From the State Government The way villages had homes in the past Seeing the structure one gets that feel But the facilities are modern Aaloo Paratha, Sattu Paratha.. ..are getting ready Meanwhile, I understood from them..

how Sattu is prepared? These are black grams They boil them Then they are dried And after drying... They roast them in cauldron Roasting.. those peels that got removed are gone..

But, those that remain... Along with them, they grind them in the mill Mill means.. Not that machine mill How do you grind them? Hand-operated mill By grinding them, they prepare Sattu Brother, do we also consume Sattu drink? In water, what do we call it? We call it Lassi Is it drunk more in summers? Yes, it's drunk more in summers It aids healthy digestion Hmm Great I remember, Of late, when I went to Varanasi There also I had noticed.. Sattu Paratha is common Means, popular in UP And in Bihar, it's obviously popular We saw Sattu and now.. ..see how stuffed Sattu paratha looks like They've served it; nicely cut Stuffing is good Mild chilli Coriander And one more special thing I tell you..

When I'm eating this Sattu Paratha So... When something is roasted the fragrance that is emitted.. I am sensing that smell...

..while having this Sattu Paratha So, after finishing the breakfast, lets leave from here It was good that we stopped here I liked the taste of Sattu Paratha ..and I liked the place as well Dashrath Manjhi: Mountain Man You might have watched film by this name As of now, I'm at Gehlaur village in Bihar I'm standing at memorial of Dashrath Manjhi In front, you can see his statue The mountain you're seeing in front It is the same mountain ..which Dashrath Manjhi in 22 years with chisel and hammer Alone cut it down and carved a way through it It seems so strange thinking.. how a single person can cut this mountain? But, this is the reality We watched the same thing in movie as well Dashrath Manjhi used to love his wife immensely whose name was Falguni From the village, He had gone over to other side.. ..of the mountain to gather woods During that time, his wife carrying food & water.. .. was going to him And, her foot slipped Due to slipping, his wife died Dashrath Manjhi felt as if.. ..due to this mountain his wife died So, he.. ..took a resolution To cut down this mountain and carve a way through it So that if anyone..

..wants to go to its other side They could go with ease Wazirganj is a big place where.. It's 35 to 40 KMs far by road Means, it was then a walking way Today, people can go in their vehicles Due to construction of this way, Wazirganj is now of 12 to 13 KMs distance away Earlier, if anybody wanted to go to... Wazirganj from here So, they needed to climb up the mountain Then walk down the other side So, you could reach Wazirganj Means, the way that took hours..

Today, that has been.. ..cut short very much ..due to Dashrath Manjhi After making of the film on him, Dashrath Manjhi Everybody came to know about him who is known as 'Mountain Man' Because.. Only one person.. Cut down such a giant mountain.. Made 360 feet long way 30 feet wide way, and cut mountain up to 25 feet height It's not a small accomplishment Lets go from here To reach Gaya, it'll take us around.. ..1.25 to 1.5 hours It's 10:30 AM now We'll reach Gaya by 12 o'clock Firstly, we'll go to Bodh Gaya Then, As our day progresses, We'll keep sharing information with you We'll also see what all places..

..we can explore today in Gaya & Bodh Gaya We've reached Bodh Gaya After reaching here, We submitted our mobile phones in front There's a clock room next to it We got our camera's ticket from there Now we, ..are going inside from here Before going inside, let me introduce Ravi Ranjan to all of you Namaste He works as a tourist guide.. So he would help us ..visit the temple Though we can do it ourselves, but.. ...it gets a little easy Lets go Come In Lumbini forest in Nepal, Lord Buddha was born And..

He abandoned his home at age of 29 years And.. He came to Bodh Gaya That time, it's name was not Bodh Gaya It was a very large forest, then.. The name of forest was Uruvela It was called as Magadh Kingdom Here, this Peepal Tree is located.. Bodhi Vriksha He sat under it And..

..in 528 BC He got enlightenment here And, he became Buddha The temple in front you're seeing.. Its name is Mahabodhi Mahavihara Temple Maha means great.. Bodhi means Knowledge And, Vihara means Stupa King Ashoka, around 2300 years back, He got this 30 feet Stupa built ..that dates back to 3rd century BC Then later, this Stupa got destroyed And, it up to 30 feet from level surroundings got covered in earth.. Ok.. This Then later, in 1876... By Cunningham..

This place was excavated Then, it was found during excavation Then, in 1883, By Cunningham Its restoration work was undertaken We're going into Stupa's.. ..sanctum sanctorum made by Ashoka Inside, the statue of Lord Buddha.. ..which you're seeing It belongs to 9th Century AD This statue was of black stone Over time, it is repeatedly plated with gold And.. You'd see one ear of Lord Buddha.. ...has been depicted long Yes..

Now, you get the feeling, his eyes are open ..he seems to be in a laughing posture Means.. The positive vibration.. The positive energy That is very strong Now we got divine sight of ..

..that statue of Lord Buddha's.. That, during Pal Dynasty, ..as you told, was built One thing that I truly felt... As if Lord Buddha was watching us Now, where would we head to? Lets go to Bodhi Tree.. where he got enlightenment From which side? This way.. It is the same place... And, it is the same tree where Siddhartha ..in the year 528 BC He got enlightenment On the bank of river Niranjana Here, he got enlightenment Has this Bodhi Vriksha existed since that time? Or, in between, it got decayed The some branch, we heard, was imported from Sri Lanka No, sir, actually... The history of this Bodhi Tree is that...

The very first Bodhi Tree under which .. Siddhartha got enlightenment That tree got cut down by Ashoka's wife After the Kalinga War.. Because, Ashoka had started following Buddhism And, she was anti-Buddhism She got that tree cut here But, with the root of that felled tree.. ..a new 2nd generation Bodhi Tree emerged That was cut down by King Shashank ..who was the ruler of Bengal Ok In 7th Century AD So, Cunningham went to Anuradhapura ,Sri Lanka ..then planted this tree Ok So, this tree is around 140 to 150 years old So, Cunningham brought a branch from there? Cunningham brought a root? Yes, we say it as roots So, this tree is around 140 to 150 years old ..which is present-day Bodhi Tree Come, we can see that place, there.. ..where he was seated See, sir Here, he was seated That throne inside Yes, yes.. When under Cunningham's patronage, this place was excavated During the excavation, .. scientists found a platform of stone Sir, first week, when he meditated..

..under Bodhi Tree where he got enlightenment And.. After getting enlightenment As I told you that.. Week-by-week, every week he mediated.

..at 7 different places for 7 weeks He kept on changing places every week To avoid developing a sense of.. ..attachment to that place So.. 2nd week, he went over there It's the same place where Lord Buddha continuously for 7 days He hadn't closed his eyelids From there, he used to see.. How supremely sacred this tree is..

How pious this place is.. where I sat and got enlightenment So, you are great Bodhi Tree That you granted me enlightenment whatever gratitude I'm expressing.. ..it is nothing otherwise because you granted me enlightenment in whose quest I had set out on So, 2nd week, he meditated there where a Stupa has been built now Animesh Lochan Sir, see this place, where Lord Buddha meditation on 3rd week After getting enlightenment, For 1 week, Lord Buddha had meditated here Here, he meditated while walking That mediation is called as Cankamana Means to meditate while walking wherever Lord Buddha set his feet ..to symbolize that place King Ashoka got lotus built on stones It is 2300 years old And this is its replica It is his meditating place of 3rd week Then, we'll move onto place of 4th week Its 4th week meditation place of Lord Buddha It is called as Ratan Ghar Here, he meditated upon 'Prateetya Samutpaad' Chintan 'Prateetya Samutpaad' means 'Cause And Effect' Karya Kaaran Anything emerging on Earth has some reason Now, lets move onto 5th week It is Lord Buddha's..

..5th week meditation place And, the pillar you're seeing Here's a Banyan Tree during Buddha's period That's why here's written 'Vat Vriksha' That tree got destroyed due to thunderstorms So, in the memory of that tree.. King Ashoka in 300 BC.. ..got this pillar built in the memory of that Vat Vriksha It is the same place where Lord Buddha.. ..addressed Brahmins A man isn't Brahmin by his birth He is Brahmin by his deeds Now, we'll move onto 6th week It is 6th week meditation place ..of Lord Buddha He got enlightenment under Bodhi Tree. During the 6th week, Lord Buddha spent his days in meditation here ..where you can see the statue While he was meditating, Severe thunderstorm broke out From violent wind and rain, Naagraj Mucalinda (Snake King) saved him here.

In 1984, People hailing from Burma ..donated this statue of Lord Buddha And in 1883, Britisher Cunningham got this pond built Flags are tacked here ..upon which Mantras are written How beautiful the place is.. It is the 6th meditation place Now, we'll go to 7th week meditation place It is 7th week meditation place of Lord Buddha Having got enlightenment under Bodhi Tree, 7th week, One week...Lord Buddha he spent his last week here After that, he moved to Sarnath. To deliver his next sermon where? Sarnath You can see there, it's written by this time, ..Sangha (monastic community) wasn't founded That is what I was thinking, Even before founding Sangha, The first among his followers were.. Two persons named Trapusa and Bahalika Both were basically merchants Yes Sangha was founded in Sarnath Then was coined 'Sangham Saranam Gacchami' Sangha was founded there Then, Lord Buddha felt that..

what should he give to merchants? As he didn't have anything with him He wanted to give them something So, it is the same place, where .. Lord Buddha donated his one hair to them From here, they carried his hair.. ..and nail to Burma And, there, they preached the teachings of Lord Buddha Lord Buddha's one tooth is kept in Sri Lanka That place is known as Kandy Lord Buddha's hair is kept in Burma At Shwedagon Pagoda That Pagoda is made of Gold His hair is said to be kept there And, Buddhism spread there So, Thank You Ravi Ranjan Ji You showed us around the temple very nicely What are the timings here? It opens at 5 AM in the morning And, it closes at 9 PM in night People come here from different nations They meditate here..

and feel positive aura of this place Place to place, we are seeing.. So big is the temple complex There, at different places.. People are saying prayers Some saying in groups, and some alone Very beautiful So, now, you've already told..

Your one group is coming So, you need to go So, our journey ahead.. ..for the rest of the day, that we'll either do it alone or.. get some other guide Due to his commitment with somebody else Ok.. Thank you so much It's 2:45 in the afternoon We thought to have Lunch first As of now, from Mahabodhi temple ..I'm just walking distance away.. to have Lunch in Siam Thai Restaurant See the restaurant in front Here we're going.

Could you suggest me something in veg? Yes, in veg, you can see.. Kean Kheo Waan Phak There's also mushroom vegetable.. ..called as Phad Kraphao Het Along with it you can take Ruskin Rice Ok, you prepare it..

It'll be right Give it..thanks. Green Curry And.. Mushroom After a long time, I... ..am eating Thai Food I'm feeling it's around 2 years Last time, in Delhi.. I made one episode in which we... ..went into a restaurant to eat Thai Food With vegetables having their own taste Beans, carrot, cauliflower Mushroom Along with it...

It has a great flavor of coconut milk And.. Soya Sauce I was watching it being cooked Besides mushroom & beans, they use two kinds of sauces They told, in non-veg.. ..like an oyster sauce.. There is also a veg sauce for mushroom That has been used in it Its taste is very different Earlier, I was thinking, with rice...

Whether or not, it would match with it. But, it is tasting nice Within 15 to 20 minutes, after finishing our meal, We will leave this place What is the time now? It is 3 o'clock Say, we leave by 3:20 PM Then, we have.. ..time with us upto 6:00 PM We can hang around before the sunset And then, Before ending our day.. ..we need to eat Tilkut Gaya's famous Tilkut As of now, we've come to visit...

Indosan Nipponji Japanese Temple They've written timings on front board From 5 AM to 12 Noon Then, from 2 PM to 6 PM Now, lets go inside from here Immediately after stepping into the temple.. We're seeing a giant bell in front Somebody here told me that.. It is rung thrice a day 5 AM 12 Noon And at 5 PM in the evening So, during 5 o' clock in both morning & evening It is rung five times And it is rung 12 times at 12 noon We'll go from here to visit the temple International Buddhist Community.. ..built this temple in 1972 It is called as Japanese Temple, because.. Those who built it came from Japan Somebody told me that.. ..when Japanese come here They sit here for a very long time ..for meditation So, lets go out now We'll walk around to go ahead And, will see Lord Buddha's statue To visit 80 feet Buddha statue..

We have arrived It's a great feeling coming near the statue As I was reading outside.. From Chunar, blocks of purple sandstones were brought They were joined together and... 64-feet tall Buddha statue was erected It looks so good By watching it closely, you can easily see those blocks how they've been joined together ..to prepare this statue Lovely Below it..

..lies a Lotus Flower ..made of Yellow Sandstone It was also brought from Chunar Of the very first 10 disciples of Lord Buddha, 5 statues of them are on left hand side... and rest 5 are on right hand side Their names have also been written down Ananda Sariputta Similarly, below every statue.. name of that disciple has been written It's 4:45 PM now After visiting 80 feet Buddha statue We'll travel 3.5 KMs from here We're going to visit Sujata Stupa After reaching there, We'll share information about it.. And we will also learn the same Come..

We've reached Sujata Stupa This place is known as Sujata Stupa And, also called as Sujata Garh Are you seeing? By joining bricks together, this Stupa has been prepared And this Stupa.. ..served as a memorial to Sujata It got completed through 3 different periods Mauryan Empire Gupta Empire And then, during Pala Empire In 8th-9th Century.. This Stupa was built.. This is what is said When its final construction was completed This thing came to light during..

the excavations in 1973-1974 And then, during 2001 to 2006, when the excavations happened again The same thing came as to be known Sujata was the daughter of head of this village Name of the head was Senani This village was then known by his name Why Stupa was made at this place? Because Sujata's home was at this place With her own hands, she fed 'Kheer' to Lord Buddha What we do, here, nearby.. Sujata Temple is located Lets go there And.. gather rest of the information from there.. and also share the same with you all Sujata Maharani worshipped near this Vat Vriksha, She asked a wish All other villagers with Maharani, worshipped and got their wishes granted.. When wish of Sujata Ji got granted When she came here.. ..along with her maid for worshipping She saw Gautam Siddhartha looking like a skeleton She didn't know about Gautam Siddhartha then She thought..

Tree-spirit had manifested itself in that form After worshipping, she fed milk-rice pudding to him Then she sang to the Lord Holy Verses Its meaning was.. ..to choose middle-of-the-road She said this for the reason that.. Kumar Siddhartha didn't eat anything..

..and was doing penance day & night His emaciated body was skin and bone It is said that.. his stomach and back appeared one He reduced to a skeleton She had to say that... when there's no body left what would you do? To keep your body alive, You should eat something Neither observe harsh penance nor less.. .., but cultivate the middle way You'll surely succeed Lord Buddha understood her advice Kheer (milk rice pudding) fed by Sujata Ji..

It is called as 49 'Graas' (gulps) He consumed entire Kheer in 49 gulps when he got strength after eating Kheer Then, Sujata told him that.. Maharaja go across Niranjana river To get to the Purvila Ashram You would surely get peace As per the way told by Sujata Ji, he went to across Niranjana river Then he went to main temple ..to Mahabodhi temple ..where there's a peepal tree known by us as Bodhi Tree now On the day of Vaishakha purnima Siddhartha got enlightenment Since then, he's been known as Buddha Till this place, he was Siddhartha Before meeting you, I'd noticed that.. In one temple here, it is shown, Sujata Ji with Kumar Siddhartha ..in which he was shown skin-and-bone He looked as if his body had no energy And, after eating Kheer Since his body got energy thereon, His that form has been shown in a side temple Sujata Ji is feeding Kheer to him In easy words, you.. ..gave us information about this place plus telling its significance in a nice way, So after that.. Since, the place is the same Means, here, one more tree emerged It is of 5th generation Ok 4th generation has ended, it's 5th.. Means, Vat Vriksha of those times..

,over time, must have been changing See, sir, a new tree is emerging at that side Okay! The root of this tree has gone there Otherwise too, Because.. It's a very important place So whoever comes to visit Mahabodhi Temple Or those who generally come to Bodh Gaya They surely visit this place Thank you for giving us time and.. You gave us information very nicely We're grateful that you came here Thank You You learnt about this place Through our medium, many other... ..would learn about this place This is the spreading of religion Thank You After travelling for 45 minutes, We've reached to Gaya Now, I'm standing outside..

Shri Ram Tilkut Bhandar shop I've come to eat Gaya's famous Tilkut Brother, are you preparing Anarsa? Anarsa Tilkut of jaggery Tilkut made of jaggery And this is sugar Tilkut Interesting.. I saw inside, what they're doing.. Basically, they roasted sesame In it, they added Chashni Now, they are pounding it They're pounding it so much... its shape has completely changed If we don't tell somebody.. .. it is made of sesame So, just by seeing, you can't identify ..that this item is of sesame This is what I feel Great ! To put in a few words, I can say..

I put a little Tilkut piece on my tongue And it automatically melted in the mouth Means.. Sesame seeds aren't visible because they've pounded the... ..sesame seeds so excessively That now they aren't visible in it Its taste is awesome Along with that.. lets taste Jaggery Tilkut Its taste is quite unique Brother..

In it.. Besides jaggery & sesame, is there something else added in it ? A little amount of sugar is added Hmm..I was thinking.. There's something else besides jaggery There's never pure jaggery added It is always mixed with a little sugar Jaggery, Sugar & Sesame Yes But, the ratio of Jaggery is more My heart got pleased What a taste? In order to make Anarsa, In rice flour, sugar & jaggery are added And then, it is stuffed with Mawa Topping it with white sesame seeds And then here..

It is fried It has next level taste I'm getting 3 types of flavors in it Mawa, Jaggery & Rice Flour Rice flour is used for outer covering And, since it is fried in Ghee, Its taste will obviously come up Today, when I was coming.. ..towards Bodh Gaya, Then, on the way.. I saw a lot of sweet shops Anarsa was easily visible...

being prepared outside by people But, it didn't saw this item That I saw only here It's a trend over here Because it is prepared outside.. So, it is easily visible It is a trend of this place Shopkeepers put up Anarsa counter .. outside their shops I noticed in 2-3 shops, it was being prepared Cholai Laddu of this kind I've eaten earlier many times And I've eaten Cholai Laddu of good quality It is also made at my own home I knew, what to expect from it But, that Anarsa and I... 2nd item what I ate; Tilkut These items.. ..are unmatched Today I ate lot of sweets in taste I liked sweets of this place very much Our today's episode is finishing here It's 8:30 PM By seeing this hustle-bustle in market, you can guess the amount of crowd at 8:30 PM It's an old market area We've booked our accommodation at Bodh Gaya After finishing it, we'll go there We'll return to Gaya tomorrow morning Tomorrow's day end we'll do in Patna Our tomorrow's journey of this tour.. ..would be the last journey serving as our last episode As of now, I say bye-bye to you We'll see you soon Thanks for your time

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