City of Waterfalls & Best Camel Meat in the World S06 EP.118 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

City of Waterfalls & Best Camel Meat in the World S06 EP.118 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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Let me now show you the waterfalls. See how wonderful this scenery is... Let 'em taste it first. We are the guinea pigs... Aren't we? Here's Emon. He's taking us inside to show us how camel milk is being cooked.

I hope they don't stop me at the border. I loved it when you were in Baghdad. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Salalah Oman. I got here yesterday. I'm feeling quite excited to explore this area.

And will share it with you all. Since Salalah is famous for its nature... So I thought to start by visiting the natural sites and renowned tourist spots. Today we'll be exploring three sites.

We may include few other sites in this list. There is a rather famous peak here, by the name of Jabal Samhan. There's a valley called Wadi Darbat. Then there are Baobab trees... These are a rarity in this whole region. I don't think they are anywhere else in this region other than Salalah.

We'll see all of that today. Time for a short breakfast break. And then we'll leave. Today we've come to a South Indian restaurant for breakfast. And right in front of me, I have dosa. Haven't tried it ever before; have heard the name though.

Let me just give you a show. So... This is our masala dosa... Actually... I'm not sure but I think they make it from rice.

Rice flour I mean... It has potato filling inside. For sides, it has tomato curry... This is lentils... This here is yogurt dip.

And in front of me is Noel... He's also enjoying his dosa. Do you like it? Yeah... It's very very good.

Are you trying it for the first time? I had it when I was traveling through India on a motorcycle. So you liked it a lot? Of course... Let's finish our breakfast then. It's made from tomatoes? Yes. Tomato sauce. And this is lentils? It has vegetables. Alright... What about this?

It's made from coconuts. OI see... So guys... what we were calling yogurt dip is in fact coconut dip. And inside it is the potato filling? Potato masala. I tried it for the first time today but I think I'll have it again in coming days. First of all, it's very light on the tummy. You see... As thin as paper....

Delicious indeed. Hopefully, we'll have more of this delicious dosa in days to come. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a smooth and memorable day for us. May we have a great ride.

I wish the same for all of you as well. We might face some difficulty in finding our way out of here. But we'll be through.

Our first stop is going to be Wadi Darbat. According to navigation, that's 45 km away from here. And it's gonna take around 45 minutes or so... I don't know about any other places in the city. We are gonna focus on our route for today. I thought it's better to start by the famous tourist spots in the periphery.

City... we are gonna see eventually.... But I got special recommendations to try the camel meat here. Because Salalah is known for its camel meat. We may visit some nice restaurant in the evening to try that.

We are still in the city though. But we feel as if we are already out in the outskirts. It's very serene ... with beautiful nature all around. And for the first time, I saw coconut trees here. Most of other places had palm trees and date trees.

But here, they have coconut trees as well. Probably that's why it's a very common item in the market. At this point, we'll get back on the coastal road; the one we used yesterday to get here. A portion of our ride will be on the coastal road.

And from there we'll get in the mountain area. It's a very beautiful road. It's really enjoyable to ride on such roads. Especially in Middle East, where you have been riding through desert... And barren landscape with no greenery at all....

And when you come to this sort of area with so much greenery... I really enjoy the variations in scenery. I think this is the first round about after you enter the city. Lets go from this side... Beautiful...

I think these are especially planted trees. Because I hardly see this sort of trees in the area before. Well... that's the waterfall down there.... Wow... That's quite an amazing place.

Ah... I should have brought my swimming costume here. You'll hardly see any locals here in this season. But there are many foreigners for sure. Let me now show you the waterfalls... See how beautiful this scenery is... You don't expect to see such scenes when you come to the valley.

And what you are looking at right now... Whenever I see such a scenery with waterfalls... I feel as if I'm looking at the small terraces in South East Asia. Here you can see seven waterfalls ... flowing from top to bottom. Some of them at the top...while a few down there. In a similar manner, there are more waterfalls behind these waterfalls.

Check out her clear this water is... Isn't the color of water wonderful... Lets go down there... You can even see small fish swimming in water. I really feel like having a swim in this water.

Unfortunately, I'm a little unprepared for this adventure. Had I known that this is what this valley is gonna be like, I'd have brought my swimming costume. I did think for a second that this valley might be similar to Wadi Tiwi that we recently visited. I would have brought my swimming costume but I didn't. Lets take a round of this area and show you the waterfalls back there... We might get even better shots there.

Walking our way to the top... We are gonna explore the area back there. These little pools of water act as the source for these waterfalls. Since there's not much water here... We can walk to that bigger waterfall back there. What an awesome place this is...

I simply love this place. The noise made by these waterfalls... gives you a very soothing feeling. As I'm getting close to the waterfall, my voice is fading out in the sound of water. I hope GoPro is recording it to some extent. Just check out this scene.

Beautiful isn't it... You can see some cattle in the background. All around me are similar waterfalls.

We have come to this site to see Baobab trees. With me is Mohammad... who is from ...? Oman. Salalah? Actually I'm from Ibri in the southern part. Ahan... Ibri... near Nizwa. Here we have the fruit of Baobab.

Actually this is a small one. Normally it's quite big... almost this size... And in Sudan and in Africa...

They use this powder... This is the powder, right? They mix it with sugar and water and add Arabic gum. To sort of ... bind everything together. It's like a juice that they drink. Okay.. Do they drink it in Salalah as well? I don't think so. I haven't seen it in Salalah.

But it's very common in Sudan. What's the taste like? Slightly sour. Let 'em taste it first. So, we are the guinea pigs. Right? It's a little bit sour. Yeah.

We have more delicate palates... That's why... That could be it... The more you chew it, the more you taste it.

In fact, we do have something quite similar to it. Because it sticks to the teeth... Yeah... You can say that it's similar to a chewing gum. But it sticks to the teeth as we eat it. You can feel the taste after you chew it.

Thank you very much. You can see quite a few baobab trees from this point of view. And it's not a very common sight for this area. You hardly see it anywhere in the Middle East. It's more common in Africa. The place mostly known for these trees is Madagascar.

But these trees are of slightly different type. The color is slightly different. And I think they are also taller. I can say it from the pictures that I saw... Haven't been to Madagascar yet.

This is probably the only tree that is somewhat green. Almost every other tree that I saw here is almost dry. It's also referred to as the tree of life.

Because they have very long ages. Also this is sort of an upside down tree. Mohammad was telling me that in Africa, people use this tree to store water.

You'll only find it here in the whole Middle East... And probably a few of these in Muscat. In Europe, you see cows by the road side... when you are traveling in the hilly areas of Germany and Switzerland. But here they have camels. You'll also find Europeans, trying to take photographs of these camels.

Especially here in Salalah, I saw a lot of camels. Roaming freely in the wild... You do see them by road sides in desert though...

But not nearly as much as I saw here. This is Jabal Samhan. I think that over there is a resort or something... could still be under construction. From here, it appears as if it's still under construction.

Assalam Alekum. Can I get karak tea? Are you from India? Or Pakistan? Or Bangladesh? Bangladesh. Okay. How sweet is this tea? Medium.

Okay. Give me a cup then. Small or large? Can you show me the size? Small is 200 ml and large is 500 ml. This is the small one? Yep. Okay. Give me a little.

Does it get really cold here? Yeah. Thanks very much. It's almost 10 degrees colder here in Jabal Samhan, compared to down there.

It's altitude is about 1300 something meters, according to my app. I hope this figure is accurate. Nice place.

You can get a really nice view of the whole valley... Right as far as the coast. It's sort of a plateau. The area that we traveled through to get here is all on this plateau. It's a very interesting looking place. I'm gonna enjoy my karak tea here.

After that we'll go back down. Noel was with me but I guess he felt cold and left. We are gonna follow his lead. So, this is the restaurant. This is the one.

Has to be here. Someone especially recommended it to me. That's number 2 and we have to go to number 3. All of this is just one big restaurant. They have numbered the gates.... 2, 3, 4, 5.... This is number 3.

Here's Emon. He's gonna take us inside and show how they cook camel meat. They make it on stone. Ahan. Please show us. This is a very traditional item in Salalah.

Do you see these stones. They heat these stones to cook the meat. This is not camel meat though; it's mutton. They may start cooking camel meat in some time as well.

Let's order it. Please tell us what we have here. These are kebabs. That's camel meat, right? These chunks of fats in the middle are also from camel? Yeah. Alright... All of these are kebabs.. some of them are chicken kebabs.

We prepare it on these stones. Alright And this is a specialty in Salalah. Alright... Thanks very much... What you see here is also camel meat. It has been dried and now it is being prepared to cook. What are you gonna cook? A special dish in Salalah.

You call it mukadad? Yes. They told me that they dry it for at least one day before cooking. Right now they are cutting it into small pieces. Take a look at this... These are just like mutton chops... Except these are from camel.

And this chunk here is not ghee but fat. They are cooking it in the oven back there. It's called oven, right? We call it foran.

It's called Aado... I don't know what's the word. Lets give you a peek from inside. I hope this heat won't melt our camera.

That's how it looks after it is cooked. I'm thinking about trying some of these dishes. Lets see... We could order this... or something else... This is camel shwarma. This is the first time I'm seeing something of this sort.

However, once in Erzurum Turkey, I saw a horizontal grill like this. Normally, shwarma is prepared on a vertical grill. So these are the two places where you can get shwarma of this type.

Erzurum in Turkey... And here. It was lamb in Erzurum while here it's camel. So our camel meat has been delivered. I ordered the single person serving. I think it will be enough.

Not a good idea to waste food in the name of making a vlog. I'm now gonna taste it and share it with you. Locals prefer to eat with their hands. That's exactly what we are gonna do. As a matter of fact, I have gotten used to eating with my hands, in the Middle East.

Lets start with the name of Allah.. Hopefully it's gonna be delicious. Does camel meat taste like beef? Same taste. Every new person doesn't eat it at first. But when they taste it, they ask if it's meat or camel. It actually tastes quite similar to beef. I asked Emon and he told me that it's camel.

At first it tasted strange. Quite different from mutton. Because lamb is what you mostly eat here.

But its taste is very similar to beef. Nice to meet you Mr Abrar. What's your name? Ammar Rafiq. Ammar Rafiq? Yes. Of course.

Are you a YouTuber? Yeah. The food here was really delicious. For my meal, I paid 4 riyals and 50 cents.

Almost 14 - 15 dollars. Whenever I go to a different culture, I try their food for sure. Food is a major part of a culture.

So one must try the food as it gives you a better idea about the lifestyle and culture of a place. That's why I came here and really liked the food. I highly recommend this place.

I mean you won't find camel meat at many places. People here are very nice. Most of the workers here are Bangladeshi but some are Pakistani as well. We are back at our hotel. I have also organized a short meetup here. I think some people are already here.

But I got here exactly at 8. Assalam Alekum Assalam Alekum... How are you? How are you, Sir? Let me just park the motorcycle. Assalam Alekum Thank you very much. Assalam Alekum. How are you? I hope you are well... Assalam Alekum

Assalam Alekum How are you? He's a really big fan of yours. What's your name? What's your name? Mohammad Saad. Thanks very much.

Assalam Alekum Assalam Alekum Sir. How are you? I hope I didn't make you guys wait for too long. I got here exactly at 8. I'm good because of the mercy of Allah and your prayers. Let me just take off my helmet. I've got something for you.

What's this? It's a gadget. This is a knife. I hope they won't stop me at the border.

I hope it's not dangerous. It has a compass as well. Saad thought that it might be useful for you. Thank you so much Saad., And this is the flag of Oman. Thank you Saad. Where did Hafiz go? Young Hafiz is here to meet me.

His name is Hafiz Muhammad Omar. Look over here Omar. He is a Hafiz e Quran and he memorized the whole Quran at 6 years of age. Unfortunately he is blind. So he can't really see my videos but only listens to them. He knows every video of yours by heart. What's the most that you like about my videos.

What I like most in your videos is you. So, you like him a lot. Tell him how he calls himself in his videos. When you were going to Baghdad... you were like... 'Aye... Lets go to Baghdad...' Thank you so much.

Ma Sha Allah... So many people have come to meet us here. Can I take a selfie? Sure. Assalam Alekum. How are you?

I came here, following you. We met two weeks ago. Right? This concludes our meetup here. Thanks to all those who are still here, listening to me. We were having a discussion. So, you were saying something, sir? My son has a request.

Tell your name first. I'm Muhammad Muneeb Ali Khan. I'm a very big fan of yours. Thank you so much.

It was my dream to meet you. Still can't believe I'm meeting you. We spent a lot of time together here. So believe me it's real. Thank you. I'm also a big fan of yours.

Thanks to everyone. I hope you guys must have enjoyed this vlog. If you did, don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Remember me in your prayers. See you in the next one. Allah Hafiz

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