Bu Proje Kıbrıs'a Metropol ve Rezidans Yaşamını Getirecek!

Bu Proje Kıbrıs'a Metropol ve Rezidans Yaşamını Getirecek!

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Are you ready? We will go around all of Cyprus. Dude. This is just like Matrix! Guys! This is our second time in Cyprus. We will try to live through Cyprus like a local. We will visit everywhere. We will meet Burcu and Redif today from Döveç Group.

We are at Namık Kemal Square right now at Mağusa. And this awesome mosque you see behind me is 700 years old. We will go inside it now and then visit the dungeon where Namık Kemal was once a captive. And then we will meet Burcu and live Cyprus! We will go to Kapalı Maraş and then Dipkarpaz to feed some donkeys.

We will go through every place in Cyprus and make 3-4 videos out of it. We will be here for three days. Are you ready? If you are curious about Cyprus, don't forget to subscribe and comment! Lala Mustafapaşa Mosque is the most glorious historical artifact in the city. From the start of the 1300 to 1373 it was the place for coronations. And in 1571 it was turned into a mosque by the Ottomans.

This mosque's older name was Saint Nicholas Catedral. The 700 year old tree in front of the mosque is named Cümbez Tree. It's Latin name is Ficus sycomorus and it was one of the most symbolic trees in its time.

This place is known as Namık Kemal Square and it is a big tourist attraction. And I've just got a coffee from this place. And the mosque is right in front of me. Cyprus is actually like this guys. At least that's what I understood on my first day, we talked this with Mehmetcan too. It is not just gambling and tourism.

This place is full of history. It has a history before the 1910s too. And this history goes back to Ottomans and before. As you know, every soil on earth has seen war over it.

Nowadays it happens politically but it was physical before. It doesn't matter if the land is big. Cyprus is an strategically important island. An island country. And there is a monument about the patriotic poet Namık Kemal.

He was exiled here at the time. And we will go to the dungeon he stayed at when he was exiled. It's right behind the walls. This is the dungeon Namık Kemal was staying at. This was both a village square and a place for the dungeon.

It's right here. Namık Kemal dungeon and museum. It's closed right now. It's just a single room. "He was sent to exile by the Sultan between 1873 and 1876." "And the place by the dungeon is a museum dedicated to his works and life."

We also have a museum and this. Just looks like an apartment in Esenyurt. You could've probably rent a place like this for 6000 Turkish Lira in Esenyurt. Or probably more.

Now we are going to meet with Burcu. And we are going to change up, we were on courtyard before if you remember. We'll change up and get information on Döveç Group's new projects in Cyprus.

And they have new technological developments, we'll see that too. We'll go to Kapalı Maraş and after that day Zafer Burnu. So, we'll go to the tip of the Cyprus. I'll see you on courtyard.

Are you here Burcu? Alright, I'm coming. I changed my clothes too and I'm bringing Yiğit to our new project. Let's meet him. Let's go and meet her. I think she changed her clothes too? I hope she wore orange.

I missed this place. Burcu's car is there. There are lots of foreigners, Russians, English.

Dear. Oh you wore red for me? Yeah! I dressed up for you. Come on! Sorry, It was orange. -Vermilion! I always forget and think the passenger side is there. I am still not used to it. I'll make you use the car. And take you to auto gallery. Promise. We are going to the project right? The new one? -Yeah exactly.

I love residences! I'll see you there! Why did we come here? I have some cash on me. This is one of our branches. Let's leave the money there and continue. You can just give it to me I'll carry for you. Come on. Come with me. Let me show you around.

Is tihs the project we are going to? -Yes, the Querencia Project. We have a bigger model of it in our main branch. I'll show you there. Is this small? -Yeah.

So we are in the small branch. -Exactly. Even the smaller branch is big. Oh hi! Let me introduce you to my sister. -We already did! How are you? Good, you? -I'm fine. Welcome.

Do you remember us? -Of course. We sat together once and ate dinner in the courtyard before. -Oh true. Olga, is my sister from another mother. Hi! We are going. See you! Now we are in the project area we already built the worksite.

We started digging. Now imagine. There will be four big blocks here. -Four big blocks? -Yeah. Exactly. This will be the A block then B, C and D. Four in total. 686 residences in total.

A block is an hotel block. It has studio apartments and two bedroom apartments. We are actually making our investors our shareholders with selling these.

B, C and D blocks are residence blocks. Imagine, four big blocks and limitless social activities. There will be different restaurants inside. It will have lots of social reinforcements. Guys! You are one of the luckiest, coming up until the fifth minute.

We will gift two nights in the Courtyard to one lucky couple with the sponsorship of Dövec Group. We got our promise. Our raffle will continue for a week. I will publish the winners on the comments, Instagram and the description next week.

I'll do the raffle on the comments and will gift 2 days on the Courtyard! All you have to do is to subscribe and comment saying "I'm on the fifth minute." And follow me on Instagram. See you! We are making a project that is special not in the region but in the whole island. And we are connecting this area to our seaside casino-hotel with an underpass. It is actually like the "1453." Yeah. It is something huge.

Trading areas, malls.. -Exactly. It is like we are building a city here. This is different from the Courtyard. It is not a timeshare but a buy-and-reside. Yeah. Buy-and-reside or buy-and-rent it. Our administration handles the rent. You first have to smooth out the area then build it right? Yeah then we start digging. How long will it take? We will deliver the A block on 2025, May.

B block is August, 2025. C and D blocks will be delivered in August, 2026. That's good. -So there will be a city built here by the 2026 August. Have you sold it by now? -We have sold the %40 in 30 days. That's why I am unable to give you a showhouse. Because by that time all of the residences will be sold.

Well, you didn't need the showhouse at all. -Exactly. Good job, Döveç Group. -Well the company has built reputation and trust for over 30 years. And like I told you on the earlier video. Every project is different from each other. We always upgrade ourselves and try to make better things. I felt like a young Ali Ağaoğlu now. Just like I am searching for some land here.

My greetings to him! Mr Ali, I love you a lot. So, let's go to the office. -Sure. She will bring us to a bigger model. We will have a chance to look at it on a bigger scale. -Exactly. We will look at the apartment styles. You already sold the %40, why did you all brought me so late?

Well you were late. You are so energetic. Bodrum, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir. You go everywhere. We have become an amazing team with the Mehmetcan. -Yeah. We'll see you in the office! Döveç, the biggest construction company, well they are not just limited to building they have auto-galleries too. We also have a dorm with 1000 bed amount. -Yeah, do not think them as just a construction company. Döveç is like the Koç Holding of Cyprus.

And we were just about to get a coffee before entering. -Yeah, let's go. We will go everywhere in Cyprus. Sorry, are you an actor? I feel like I saw you somewhere. We do house tours on YouTube. You can say hi to the camera. -Hi!

Are you from here? -Oh I'm in front of the camera all ugly like that. Not at all. We came from Antalya. -Oh you are from Antalya?

We were in Antalya last week for ten days. -Oh! My sibling moved there and married there. We reside close to the Lara. My aunt is in Hacı Gebizli. I love Antalya so much. Burcu bought us some coffee. Thank you. -Bon appetit. And I'll buy you dinner. -Deal.

Let's go. -We have anything left to drink? Not much, let me tell you that. Oh I burnt myself! -That's what you get for making fun of me. Well you spilled them in the car! You shouldn't make fun of me. Look, an usual saturday in Cyprus. Offices here close at 1 PM on Saturday.

All the sales stop after 1 PM. It is half-day. Not a siesta. It is done to make our employees... Bro, how are you? Sorry, I interrupted you. He is Redif. Is Redif a Turkish name? What does it mean? -Yeah. Harmony.

Now we are in the main branch right Redif? We will tour the big projects and the Querencia here. Does the name come from Quaresma? Querencia means a place you feel safe and can find yourself. Is it Spanish? -Yeah. I want to add, Redif is very dear to us. Because the project videos' editing were all done by him.

He adores the projects just like us sale people do. You are very dear for me too brother. Lets look at the model now. -Sure. Is your room here? -Yeah inside. We'll go there now. Let me give you some details. Our director, Burçin Döveç, buys a

land and tells "we are going to make this place our main branch." And the project team completes all the drawings etc. Then, because us salespeople are all excited when an investor comes we sell the project that was going to be the main branch just changes and goes to its new owner.

You sell without even building. -Yeah we do. New branch is under construction now. When you come next autumn I'll host you in my new office, hopefully. By the way, we met with Burçin Döveç this morning at the breakfast. -Yeah, you met with Buğra Döveç and Burçin Döveç was there too.

In Istanbul, it is impossible to act all sympathic with a director like that. They were so natural. Because they don't have any ego. They are more of a team leader than a boss.

It is hard to be a leader. Everyone can be a boss but not a leader. Just like me, huh. We are big, knitted family. Have you gone to casino all together? -No, we are not like that. We bring our customers to the casino. I'll bring you there this afternoon. Yeah, we'll go this evening and get money for Mehmetcan's wedding.

We'll win for you Mehmetcan. This was the A block you were talking about. Yeah, this is the baby of our four year old hard work, Querencia.

Project area is 26 decares. 4 blocks and 686 residences. Just like we talked on the field. This is our A, the hotel block. It is the blocks with the smaller apartments. We wanted to build a different perception here.

We are actually building an hotel here. And we open the way for our investors to be shareholders in this hotel. You can actually see the difference when you look guys. It is obvious that the others are a residence and this is an hotel.

You can see that there is a pool at the top. It is probably a king suite or a lounge, restaurant place. Yeah, it is an infinity pool. It is just like the pools with the sea-view in Dubai or Shanghai. Yeah. There are cigar lounges, restaurants in there. Anything you can expect from a high-class hotel.

These places can be found in the social area in the residence too. And you can see the same places in the 5-star hotel we are going to build by the road down there. Let's say that you have an apartment here. Let's say you came here late, your plane was delayed. And you have an apartment here. You came here at 3 AM.

And you are hungry. You can just go to our hotels restaurant, eat and go to your home energized. I want to ask now. Let's say I came here and my card is in my car and I am a penthouse owner, et

cetera. I went to the restaurant and wanted it to be written on my monthly fees. Can it be done? It can be billed to your room number, why not? Mr Burçin! Listen to my ideas! A nice detail. And we have a 4000m2 of a Spa Area under that pool. Pool is in the front and the more "energetic" aqua park area is behind. And this area is like a mall or a food court. And we have connected these buildings together. You

can get out of the hotel and go to the D block by foot. We have restaurants, change office, malls, barber. Anything you want. We don't have a bank inside. Because it is already close to this area. Do we have a parking garage? -Yeah underground. Amazing. You go under there behind the D block. -And visitors park here in front right?

Yeah. -And there is this detail too, I think. The reason for this area to have this many parking areas is to allow usual people to come in and out. I can come in to the Starbucks without being a residence owner. So this transforms this area to be a city centre. -Yeah. It allows me to go in without being a rich-residence-owner.

"Where will we meet? Starbucks in the Querencia? Sure." Just like I told you, there will be seven different restaurants here. We have already designated these resturants. There will be Mexican, Chinese, Italian and different cuisines. We are coming big.

We can enter here without being a residence owner right? To the common areas like malls and restaurants, yes. -Superb. Look, Yiğit. We have made penthouses with pools on the top of the B, C and D blocks. These are not jacuzzis, all of them are pools. Will we shoot these when they are done? -For sure.

Lets see, how many stories is the maximum? -28. 28 stories. We can talk about the prices if they are ready. Sure, lets go to my room. Oh you, you don't tell me here because you are going to take a down payment from me in your room right. I already told you about it! We known eachother for months but this is our first time seeing her office.. woah! She has VR googles too. -Have you uploaded it?

You're amazing! What is this? -VR, you'll tour the project with this. You're kidding! Welcome, Mr Yiğit. Hi. I've come here to buy a penthouse. -Sure, let's tour you with the VR headset.

Let's take out your nice glasses. And see your beautiful eyes. -I do not take this off for everyone. This will be a first time experience for me too. Let me look at you for the last time.

We are starting now. We will experience the Querencia with VR. Dude this is just like Matrix! I can see the project from outside now. Do I choose with blinking or what? -You'll press this button here.

It's beautiful! I think we are at the common pool area now. Is someone drowning? Now I am entering the penthouse. Should we tour it? Now I am inside. I think this is the lounge. Right side is the main entrance and the kitchen. Island kitchen right? Dinner table and there is a terrace there.

I am at the terrace. There is an open pool. Amazing. I can see the pier and the Long Beach, right? I am at the 28th floor. How many square meters is the living room? The one you were inside is approximately 42 square meters.

What about the total of the penthouse? Approximately 400 square meters. It is very big. Now we are going to talk about the prices.

Now we will talk about the numbers. What is the penthouse's price or the other apartments? Now, Yiğit, there are different apartment types in this 686 residences. They are different in square meters. We have studio, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1.

Our minimum price, 1+1 (one bedroom) starts at 172.000 Pounds. And it changes according to the apartments placement and inner features. So, 172.000 Pounds.

Two bedrooms start at 179.000 Pounds and goes up. 3 bedrooms are at 320.000 level. Penthouses, 4 and 5 bedrooms start at 700 and 800 thousands. They are not small though. 1 bedroom apartments start at 80 square meters and go up to 120 square meters. We have apartments for every budget. What about the penthouse? -The most expensive one is about 900.000 Pounds right now.

It is 450 square meters, has a pool, you can see the whole pier and the Long Beach. It is a place where the sea welcomes you. Damn, we have to work a lot Mehmetcan. Not yet. Even though we have two years left for it to be complete the prices are at this level.

If they get taken the prices will go up. -For sure. Buy it when you can. -Exactly. Most precious time for a project is the launch, the off plan time.

Because, as a a contractor we up the prices by %25 from the start of the project to its launch. This happens with periods. The delivery date for the A block is 2025, May. The B block is August, 2025. And C and D is 2026, August.

And as a contractor we up the prices by %5-%7 every six months until the launch. But think of it like this. Even when we have 1.5 years left for the finish we usually sell out every residence. We carry the people's dream, the Miami, the Istanbul life, to the Northern Cyprus' beaches. There will be casinos too. -Sure. We have casinos, entertainment places. When you

are doing a project you have to bring life there. There will be new machines here instead of the old machines in the Girne casinos. Cyprus usually had gambling tourism and a touring tourism but residency starts nowadays too. What would be the rent income here approximately? In Cyprus we don't think of it monthly, we think of it yearly. Instead of telling you all in detail, a residence's usual yearly rent income is %8. %8. Great. Do you offer management for it?

Yes we do. Let's say you bought an apartment here, I'll deposit your profit every year and you won't have to worry about anything. Amazing. Let's say I bought It but I decided to stay in my hometown for a year. And you will give me the profit at the end of the year. Sure. -Great. Let's change up. -Yeah let's change these work clothes.

We had a great day. Thanks to Burcu. I thank Redif too. And tomorrow we will visit Kapalı Maraş and Dikkarpaz. You'll see a crazy Cyprus tour. If not for Burcu this wouldn't happen. She was right here. See you on another video! Don't forget about the raffle! You have to comment about it! Take care! Love you! -Love you! Should we say our Instagram? Eren Açıkdağ and Musa Yılmaz.

You runnig for the clout huh. You need to gain me five followers each for me to publish your Instagram. We'll even do ten! Record! We caught these guys in front of the Döveç Group, taking videos. Let's get your names. -Eren. Musa.

Eren's Instagram? -Eren Açıkdağ. Yours? -musa_jk903 You are from Cyprus? -Yeah. Highschoolers? -Yeah. I want to send my greetings to Zonguldak. (a Turkish meme) This video will be published a month later. Most handsome men of Cyprus is right by me.

But I come before them, sorry. I'm older than you dude. -Whatever you say brother. You are handsome, we know. Follow them girls! Buy them a coffee. Oh if they are going to buy, sure. See you! What else do you want! lol

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