Brisbane: The City, Greek Breakfast, Three Lebanese Restaurants, Mar Maroun, Picnic with Friends

Brisbane: The City, Greek Breakfast, Three Lebanese Restaurants, Mar Maroun, Picnic with Friends

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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Hi Anthony, how are you? Welcome to The Green. This is pretty much our home and we like you to feel like it's your home too. My name is Christina Habcheh and I'm from a little village in Lebanon called Deir el Ahmad.

So our food has Middle Eastern Mediterranean influence, mainly Lebanese, because my heritage and my business partner Angela, her heritage is also Lebanese. ♪♪ ♪♪ Classy, funky, fresh. It's called The Green, it starts with coffee and then all the dishes are on the table.

As soon as you enter, the music is on. The Green, the seating here is like a small stage. Outside, the small summer garden.

Inside, the atmosphere is very nice. All the people are united, all of them have finished their sports, those who are still here, Sunday morning, brunch, adults, kids, all the nationalities of the world, you can see them, you can feel them in the faces of the people, left and right, but in the end, the heart and the Lebanese spirit. Christina is from Deir el Ahmad, her partner is from Lebanon, and they are making modern Lebanese food. They took Lebanon, put thyme, put avocado on the side, decorated it so that the foreigners understand and enjoy it, took meat in a dough, developed it, thickened it, put an egg on it, took a muffin that you see maybe at the fast food competition, but inside it is a pan, they call it the Lebanese muffin. And many more.

Falafel, look how beautiful. Falafel, poached egg, an amazing start and great breakfast. What we are waiting for and we want to see, what is this? It is tahini porridge with caramel on top. It feels fresh, it feels good, it feels welcoming. The bread, I just saw it on charcoal grill. The smell of charcoal.

But before everything, a manoucheh. We are in Brisbane, this is how the day starts. Great start, amazing start. The oils, the light thyme, a light challenge to make everyone understand, not just the Arabs. Just done right. I am thinking if I should put an egg or not.

We can put an egg. Avocado, Labneh, egg, perfect start. You are Irish? Yes. And you work in a Mediterranean slash Lebanese place? Yes.

How did you manage to choose your ingredients, your zaatar, how did you understand our ingredients and put them into something that is modern and yet has all the flavors and dishes? First and foremost, I understand food and produce. I am, I guess, a little bit more technical in my way of cooking. I read a lot as well, I read a lot of Middle Eastern cookbooks.

And just really try to understand the cuisine. What's the philosophy of this place? You want people to come and feel the Mediterranean. Yes, we want it to be fresh and green. The green, right? There are plants everywhere. Your favorite Lebanese dish? I think my favorite thing is the banoosh. And the favorite spice you are using a lot and enjoying? For sure the zaatar.

Zaatar all the way. And this one is good. Neat, clean. All the food is on the side. And these.

Fresh start. We will have fun in Brisbane. We will laugh, laugh, and laugh. Christina, I haven't lived in Lebanon for 8 years and this summer, we want to go. All the people came back to Lebanon this summer, we want to take care of them, we want to pamper them, we want to take care of them a lot, we want to show them our country. We don't want to choose.

We will continue, we are touring and discovering Brisbane. Brisbane, 24 hours, how much can we show you? Quickly. Brisbane, 24 hours, how much can we show you? Quickly.

We met a person, a lover, a heart, look what they did, they followed us. We all know each other, we will go out later. Everyone, his grandfather, his father, his relative, his cousin, and so on and so forth. We reached Hellenica.

The vibe is very nice, it is full, it is Sunday morning. Full, full, full, next to the PC. Inside, people are sitting, nice.

We noticed the menu and we said no, we came to drink coffee, but there are very nice things on it. I took the Greek French toast, I liked the egg sandwich or egg roll. We also ordered a third thing. We will not tell you that we had breakfast a while ago, but we can't stop having breakfast again.

We will show you the beautiful vibes in Brisbane. I remind you, it is winter, it is winter time. The temperature is amazing, amazing, amazing. It is like summer or spring in Lebanon. The vibes are amazing. Waiting for my food.

Meanwhile, Piccolo made milk, and it is breakfast time. I don't know if I should start with this or that. They are very beautiful. Really.

Perfect. Okay, it needs 2 minutes so we will start again. The bread is full. It is full of crunch. 132 0:10:15,000 --> 0:10:02,000 The plates are very beautiful.

All the flavors. It doesn't resemble anything I have eaten before in my life. It is very delicious. The bread is very soft.

It doesn't resemble anything I have eaten before in my life. Wait. The flavor. Amazing. It is unbelievable.

The oil, the egg, the acidity that is present. It just pops up. Explosion. Oh wow. Greek style egg roll.

With lime. Zest. Bacon. Smell. It feels like kebab, avocado.

Definitely an award winning place. So rich, so complex. Phenomenal bread. Beautiful ingredients. Beautiful. The balance between smoke, spice, acidity, sweet.

Tabasco. Boom. Must order. Then, something neat, light, and clean. Caramelized bananas. Greek style French toast.

Nice cinnamon. In my opinion, we should reserve for 2 extra nights. It is unbelievable. Unbelievable. I can't find the words.

The French toast, how much sugar is not absorbed, how much milk is not absorbed, how much freshness, how much simple. Wow, this is amazing food. I would say, Michelin star quality in a very casual ambiance on the pool. I don't know if all of Brisbane is like Beverly Hills or we started from the right place. First impression, amazing, beautiful. Wow, the crowd, people, everything, the food, exceptional.

The greenery is following us from here and there. It is loving it. Welcome. We were seeing you for real. Yes. Everything we see you, we are seeing you for real.

What are you doing here? Welcome. What is your name? Saeed. Where are you from? I am from the north, Kfour el Arbe.

How long have you been here? I am 60 years old. You speak Lebanese, not English. You didn't change on the way.

I don't know. I speak English. He speaks English. You left Lebanon but Lebanon didn't leave you. God bless.

God bless. Lebanon is our country. God protect Lebanon from the evil. God protect it from the evil.

I have a TV I bought it to watch the holy and beautiful Hadith. I have it. God bless you.

Tell them where we met. We met in Deir el Ahmar. Now we met in Australia in Brisbane. What are you doing here? I am looking for my daughter.

My daughter and my son. You feel Lebanon. Did you go to Deir el Ahmar in Brisbane? Mostly. We should go to see Deir el Ahmar. Mostly in Charre and Deir el Ahmar.

I want to be home in Brisbane. What's your name? My name is John. John. I am 43 years old. 43 years. Yes.

I forgot the Bechar dialect. I am attached to it. Do you want Bechar or Zgharta? Which one do you want? Both. Bechar was beautiful. Tell me. Tell me about the people here.

Tell me about the Lebanese people here. In Becharraneh. We have people from all the areas in Lebanon. From the south, north, beqaa, west. All of us are here. Also Becharreh.

Welcome to Brisbane. We parked the car and they welcomed us with love. Cheese. Action.

First of all, welcome to Brisbane. Brisbane is the beautiful city for the Lebanese society. Especially us as Lebanese. First of all, it is a beautiful city. A beautiful city. This reflects the people's positive attitude.

Especially us as a Lebanese society. Because we are a small society here. It's like a hidden gem. Here in Brisbane. We have a church.

We have a church in Camorra. We meet everyone here on Sunday. We have another Lebanese church. We always communicate with each other. We meet each other.

Although in Sydney, the Lebanese community is much bigger. But they don't see each other like we do here. Like I told you, this is the beauty of Brisbane. Look how beautiful our winter is. The temperature is 19-20 degrees.

It reflects the people's positive attitude. People are more relaxed and happy here. You meet people who are exercising in the morning. They smile and say good morning. People are more relaxed here.

Welcome. I have been here for 50 years and I have never been to Lebanon. I have been here twice. I came here in 1971. I was 20 years old. But Lebanon is still in my heart.

I have been here twice. I hope to come back. We always pray for Lebanon. May God make this country as it should be. May God protect you.

God protect you. God bless you. We watch your videos and we are proud of you. We are happy to see you. We are happy to see you.

You are in every restaurant, church, and bell. You are touching our hearts. You are showing us Lebanon while we are in Australia.

God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. Thank you.

You told me about the smell of Lebanon. Yes. Thank you. May you have more flowers from Lebanon.

Thank you. Welcome. Welcome to Australia and Brisbane. May God protect you and the Lebanese people.

May God protect us. It is unbelievable how kind your heart is. I am proud of you. You laugh

and you talk. I love your stories. You are like my heart. May God protect you in Lebanon. We are praying for you. How kind is this lady.

How kind. May God protect you. Welcome to Brisbane.

God bless you. I am Fadi Salameh, the owner of Mar Maroun in Brisbane. I have been in Brisbane for 12 years. I was in the Mar Jayoun restaurant. I served for 15 years. I was asked by our master to come here.

I moved to Australia with my family. We are serving Mar Maroun which is in Queensland, Australia. We have around 350 Maroun families. We are spread out in all the states. It is a very big state.

It gathers all the churches not only the Mouanee, but also the Latin, Asian and Filipino churches who come here to Chinese. for 9 years. The church is open 24 hours a day, people come to pray at night and during the day.

This is a great blessing for our parish. It opened our parish, not only to the Maronite parish, but to 368 0:20:16,000 --> 0:20:03,536 In this church in Brisbane, we have been doing urban prostrations all the parishes around us, to all the nationalities that come and love to pray. The church is open to them, and it is open to everyone who loves our Lord, loves peace, and loves the hope in their lives.

The dream is the Marmaron church, Marmaron parish, for more than 30 years, they have had a large parish, a beautiful church for Marmaron, because Marmaron is a big name, a big generation, and a big church in all of Arab. The dream has been for 3 or 4 years, we have been working on building a new church, a large room with a parking lot for cars under the church. The church will be for more than 200 people, the church hall will also be for the parishioners and their children in their celebrations and events, and we can, in this project, take our cars off the roads and put them under the church so that we don't sit and affect someone or someone gets upset with us. This dream has been for 30 years, and I, by the grace of God, am here in Brisbane with the rest of the parishioners, their children and daughters, to make this dream come true.

Today, as a priest in Australia, a Marronian priest, I dream, like every other priest in Australia, to have a large and big church. My dream is the same as the Marronian church in Australia and all over the world. We want to have a large church, a church that will hold all its children and daughters, and for this reason, the dream that will start soon, after we get the approval of the municipality, we will build the church and we will be able to take everything we love for this parish, which is the beautiful building, the beautiful gathering that brings all our children and all the people who love to come and pray, and our dream needs to be realized, it needs your support. First of all, your support in prayer, your love for us, and the financial support is always a fundamental thing, and then comes the love that you love us for and your church. completing the project I am dizzy full of confidence Amazing, really amazing.

The weather is amazing, the atmosphere is amazing, the calmness is amazing. I don't know if it's Sunday but it's amazing in all its forms. It's time for lunch and it's time for a plate of Hummus.

Little Beirut, what a nice name. It's eye-catching, straight forward, Lebanese bistro. I like it.

I am Fouad Aida, I am originally from the port but I am a footballer. I came to Australia about 20 years ago. I stayed in Sydney for 4 years and then I moved here to Brisbane. It's beautiful, very nice, Queensland.

I opened Little Beirut about 6 years ago. We are introducing the Lebanese who were born here and didn't know anything about Lebanon. We are trying to introduce them to the world. That's why it's called Little Beirut. We are trying to introduce the Australians to our heritage, our culture, our food.

We always do shows like bringing artists and dancing. We do shows to show a bit about Lebanon. The Lebanese food that we use is the same as the Mezza in Lebanon. For example, you have raw kebbe, hot potato, Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, Tabbouleh, Fatouche.

I liked the place when we entered. A French style bistro, foreigners understand. When you enter, you feel American style couches and benches. The decor is nice, light, and nice. Pictures on the left and right, colorful, nice vibes.

An open bar, a bottle of wine. Nice, nice, nice. Wood on the floor. It's not a Lebanese restaurant as we imagine. It's not a European, Australian, whatever bistro or restaurant as we imagine. In the middle, Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, garlic, it's written like this, garlic, Labneh, Tree of Dips, Tabbouleh, Fatouche, Baanis, Halloumi, keeping it simple.

Yogurt, cucumber, wow that's good. Shanklish, lobia, Mjadra, raw kebbe, Falafel salad, Arnabit. Then, hot Mezza, Sambusa, cheese, Ftayer, Sujo, calamari.

Shawarma, beef, Tawouk. First things first. We start with the Arak. Where is Lebanese, where is Arak.

Where is Sunday, where is Arak. Where is a gathering of Arak and Lebanese food with a special Arak cup. We start with the Arak that came from Lebanon and are everywhere.

Whatever brand you want, it's available. I went from outside, I liked the place. I opened the door, I saw the Arak. I said, I want to try it.

I said, I want to try it. I went from outside, I liked the place. I opened the menu, I saw the Lebanese Mezza all together. And then this came on the table. You know that these were not made for me, these are like that.

You order the single plate, sharing platter, all together. You can eat Fatoush, you can eat Tabbouleh, you can get to know Lebanon, its olives, the 3 types of meat that are our mixed grill. Then what do you want more than Hummus, Labneh, Baba Ghanouj, and hot potatoes. And this is how the story starts.

You take a fork, you put hot potatoes in it, you put some Hummus in it, and you taste the whole thing together without eating the bread. You take a piece of meat, you take a piece of meat, and in the Baba Ghanouj. Beautiful quality, very nicely textured. Baba Ghanouj is actually very important.

It tastes good, very good. Fresh, smoky. Nice olive oil. Back to Hummus. Creamy, light.

Good food. Some people might criticize, but I can tell you, you should try it. One of the most delicious things is Labneh with meat. I really enjoy it.

Creamy, acidic. And you leave the meat's value in it. Try it at home. Off, off, off.

I would like for us to be together, but you can bring your friends, Lebanese or foreigners, and bring them together. And show them that we are our culture, or teach them. It's very important to teach them.

Imagine you brought an Australian and told him, come here to teach you, teach us your beard. How would you teach him this? Listen to me, because the raw meat came. We throw it in the plate and chew it with our fingers. Cheers, and a glass of Lebanese wine for all the people.

You know, when I spent 10 days of the trip, I start this feeling of I want Sambousik, I want Hummus, I miss eating Zaatar more and more. Glory be to God, it's unbelievable, a true story. When I start, I'm excited, a burger from here, sandwiches, I eat everything, I love everything, and then, when I start, far away, or far from Lebanon, or the period increases, I feel like I want Hummus with potatoes, I want Sambousik with Labneh.

And then, fit it, and they're delicious. Beirut Trip To know all the options in terms of where do you want to have lunch we agreed to have lunch at a different place Here we ate breakfast and we are going to talk a bit We have reached a restaurant called Tarpouch Tarpouch and Fayrouz followed us from place to place It's a nice place On the corner, people are here. Hello, coming. The place is very nice, very nice, on the corner. Cars, cars, nice view, trees, unbelievable.

I really feel like I am in Beverly Hills. And here comes the rush. Now, the red light is on. I got a fever, and I have cancer. I had 2 surgeries, and I have very bad anxiety.

I couldn't sleep, I couldn't sit, I couldn't relax. Then I saw Anthony, and I met him. By chance, I said, oh God, how nice. The light that was in my heart, still burning with the love of Lebanon, I lit it and I took it out.

From behind Anthony, we want to thank you for letting us love Lebanon again. We love it, it didn't leave our hearts. But you let us be with you in every step, in the way you speak about it, in the way you explain things. God bless you, may you and your family be healthy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I am so glad to meet you.

Thank you so much. Thank you. Nice, nice, nice, nice.

A very nice place, the weight in it is very nice. The pictures on the walls are nice. The benches, the leather, the wood, a nice place.

Premium location. We are waiting to taste the food. He's my second love. The plates are appetizing, the place is very nice. The places are nice, the cafe on the left, the restaurant on the right, Lebanese but light, close, not philosophical, the colors on the walls, shows our culture correctly, the culture of food, Fayrouz, the Trabich, the nice table, the wood, made right, so it can speak Lebanese and foreign at the same time, and as you noticed, there are Lebanese and non-Lebanese who came to eat delicious food. These nice plates, nice plates, nice plates, I don't know where to start.

I took the Hummus a while ago, but I still deserve to eat Hummus. The Fattoush, the Hummus, and then what many people come here for, the Mkanak, the smell of the Lebanese molasses reached here. Oh my God, this is good. Mkanak, with lemon, very enjoyable, juicy, the spices are very light, and then kix at the end, sausage style. The style of Brisbane has very delicious Lebanese food. We will raise the head of the Tabbal, which I liked a lot before.

It's crazy, right? It's impossible that someone doesn't like this, it's impossible that no nationality in the world likes this. It's important to teach them to eat them right. The bread is toasted, dipped, and clean.

No grapes, wrapped in a nice wrap, the decoration of the plate is nice, and then, wow. This is good stuff. Comfort, Lebanese, goodness.

Helaaid Stone Translated bygasm You were born here? Yes I learned it and played it We've been playing music since we were kids Justin is one of the musicians and you? I've never been to Lebanon I'm from Lebanon I'm a musician I listen to Lebanese music I listen to Daini and other music I listen to Hoderbeck We have a group called Sahra Entertainment We do weddings and events It's fun, everyone is happy We're happy with the people and we're happy with you Best job in the world honestly I'm just thinking about the neighbors and how they feel There's no one else but Lebanon that's making noise Of course they're happy If anyone wants to come to his party Phone number? Sahra Entertainment S-A-H-R-A Instagram, TikTok Facebook, everything Thank you Thank you Full package! We're going to the party For all the Lebanese in Brisbane We have a Facebook page and Instagram Lebanese in Brisbane Do a like, please Photo, visit, news, information Anything Lebanese We'll all be together What's next? Next? Picnic! For a cause! Lebanese together In the park That's next I won't tell them I've already eaten twice We're in a place called Sherwood Park It's a very big park and there are all kinds of native Australian trees Like a preserve Native Australian trees What's happening is The Lebanese generation in Brisbane Is having a picnic as a fundraiser They're giving money to the local community and we're giving back We're giving back We're giving back The picnic is a fundraising for a lady in Lebanon She has cancer She has a new baby We know the situation in Lebanon is very bad We're trying to raise funds for her to help her through her treatment Her and her baby Thank you so much for providing and helping us This is the sequence that starts The barbecue, the kids and the naps They're taking a nap Welcome Hello Welcome Anthony Welcome Anthony Anthony Hi Hop hop Welcome I will give you the whole jar at the end. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Most importantly, the Jat el Tabouleh. Crazy! And the meat.

And the tomatoes! Crazy! What is happening here! Unbelievable! We meet again? We meet again with all the guys. Not only in the red house, there are good kids as well. Yes, we are only in the middle. Sayed and Youssef. Welcome, how are you guys? We are with Anthony.

Let's eat. You can make the decision. A cup of Arak or a cup of coffee and a cup of Chaffee. The guys are happy, those who are eating and playing on the table, those who are having a siesta. Great vibes. We also make local Arak.

Here? Here, we make Arak and local Arak. What do you do? We sell garlic and onions. He imports garlic and onions. He works with garlic and onions.

Cheers! We will stay friends from far. There is a person called Badr Habchi, in Melbourne. He came to meet us 6 or 7 months ago. Then we came back together.

How did you manage to meet him and be in Brisbane, not Melbourne or Sydney? I stayed in Melbourne for the first year. I worked in a fabric factory that makes curtains. It's called Perlos.

P-R-L-O-S Perlos Factory. In 1969. In 1969. I spent a year in Melbourne and came back to Sydney. I stayed in Sydney for 6 months and came back to Brisbane.

How many people from your family are from Deir El Ahmar in Brisbane? In Brisbane, Deir El Ahmar, the cross, I would say 80% of those who are here are from Deir El Ahmar. So there are 200-300 people minimum. No, but as individuals. Yes, as individuals.

With children and women and so on. And the rest of our culture or your culture in Deir El Ahmar is the same. You brought it here, the gathering, the alcohol, the dialect. We didn't remove anything.

It's the same. Actually, we used to keep seeing you on TV. We used to keep watching you. You are doing a great job. We did this barbecue for Beit Habshi because our cousin's daughter is in the hospital. They told us that she is in the hospital and she can't leave the hospital.

We did this party for Beit Habshi and there are many people from outside Beit Habshi who came to this party. I am very grateful to all of them and to all those who donated to this party. I am a man of knowledge. I have reached and I have found God. I wait for you, O God. God is with those who love us.

God is with those who love us. God, we ask you to continue building our mountains. We left our homeland and our mountains.

You have olive trees in the west. We built our mountains on the rocks. O my homeland, tell us about the longing of our hearts.

O my homeland, tell us about the longing of our hearts. O my homeland, tell us about the longing of our hearts. For the sake of your family, we will give you a thousand...

O my homeland, tell us about the longing of our hearts. For the sake of your family, we will give you a thousand... O my homeland, tell us about the longing of our hearts.

For the sake of your family, we will give you a thousand... God is with those who love us. God is with those who love us.

What a bad man. And here we go, overwhelming. The mangal, the table, the Arak, the buffet, the coffee, and the high music. It was so calm in the park without our music. And here we go, overwhelming. The mangal, the table, the buffet, the coffee, and the high music.

It was so calm in the park without our music. And here we go, overwhelming. The mangal, the table, the buffet, the coffee, and the high music. It was so calm in the park without our music.

And here we go, overwhelming. And here we go, overwhelming. And here we go, overwhelming. We are in love with Anthony. And we have chef Alex, also from Lebanon.

I am from the south, my name is Naila Hawass. I have been here for 19 years, I got married. I was a nurse in Lebanon, I worked for 15 years. I came here to work in food, because the food is good. And it is still good, thank God, since 18 years.

I am Sayed Saleh, from Bazoun Al Assoul, I live in Dahr El Ayn. I worked, I have a long experience. Regency Palace, 1995-2000, quality in Tripoli. Then I emigrated to Sweden, Stockholm. I was opening a restaurant there. Then I went to Shesame, the best seafood restaurant in Lebanon.

I worked for 7 years in Biblos here. Then we opened our restaurant, me and my wife. Now we are moving next week to a bigger place. Welcome Anthony. Alex and my wife, we are from Batroun, we are from the south, we came back here.

We will be back in Dubai. I came to Australia for B plus Portside in Australia. 807 0:50:08,000 --> 0:50:03,000 I came to Australia for 9 years. Now I moved to Baba Ghanouj and hopefully in its new openings.

First of all, they are full. Second of all, the atmosphere in the kitchen is amazing. A small kitchen, 2x2 meters, at 1000 Mhz, and of course catering and all the equipment is taken out of it. They have a Saj, I am taking out the smoke, so now we will take a special hot bread. They have a Robocook machine which is made of hummus.

Zaa hummus. What a great welcoming. They are Baba Ghanouj, and they are growing up. They are the first people to hear that they have a new branch 20 meters away. We just filmed the sign.

It has a very nice view. Ok, Saj. I am going to eat. I don't want anyone to get upset. I got you the taste of Lebanon and I got you the smell of Lebanon. Thank you very much. Thank you Anthony.

I loved them. I loved the atmosphere in the kitchen. I loved the Saj bread, the blessings in the kitchen, the emotions. And then a very big table, you saw it, they prepared it. But we came to show you the food. I put plates of everything to show you the atmosphere. Baba Ghanouj is behind me, the park is in front of me.

It is very beautiful. Really. We will sit and know the story, the history. We will taste. And we will see how the Lebanese food is close to the Lebanese food in Brisbane.

Bessoun. How can I not know Bessoun? This old house, the stone, which is at the end of Bessoun, next to the spring of water. This great house, this small village which you are forced to pass through when you renew the road and you reach it, you turn from above and you reach Bcharre. But I was thinking that Sayed, your name is very beautiful, it matches you. It is small, 100% correct.

Of course, I will change my opinion for you. Family business, you and your wife, you are in the kitchen. Yes. Your wife is outside. My wife is outside. Your children are running left and right.

My children are doing their homework. And you brought the Lebanese spirit here. Of course. How many years have you been here? We have been here since 2006 when the war of Damascus. Yes. I came and worked in a Lebanese restaurant in Biblos for 7 years.

We opened our shop again. We have been here for 7 years. And now, as I told you, we will open the new shop next week.

I really liked your cheese Samosa. Hummus, without garlic of course. The machine inside is nice. It is important. Kebbeh, Tabbouleh.

Where will we reach? This is a place. We are in South Bank. This is usually the best point in Brisbane. It is the touristic point of Brisbane. It is next to the city.

It is South Bank Parkland. Everyone likes to come here. Welcome. The natural views, the events, everything here. I think I will roll a sandwich now. Shanklish with Saj bread.

God bless you. I got the bread. Did you see how thin it is? How they roll it. They told us about this amazing salmon. Wow, good. Amazing quality.

Super amazing quality. I am not eating it with hummus. I am not eating it with hummus. Good stuff.

The bread is new, soft, light, it is white because there is no corn flour. It is white. Great. Some Shanklish.

Tomatoes. Parsley. Pepper. I thought that only thyme and hummus would make you feel that Lebanon is amazing. Shanklish is also here.

I will stop. Free food. I will change. We keep free hugs in America. Each one gives a bite. Come on.

It will be a trip to Mankanek. Mankanek is amazing. Brisbane, city of Lebanese Mankanek. Spices.

The envelope. The crunch of the last war. The sourness. The lemon. The crunch of the cashews.

Not the walnuts, the cashews and almonds. This is so good. Tell me something. You are telling me that there is a very important event in 1988.

He is the one who put Brisbane on the international map. You are right. Before 1988, Queensland was considered a region that people targeted in difficulty.

When I arrived here as a young man, the region here was only Suhoor and Hashish on the river. When it was opened and the expo was made. So they made the expo in 1988 which is the same as the expo in Dubai in 2020.

Absolutely. Brisbane became a world known city. The house that was 20,000,000 L.L. was sold to millions today. Today, it is 4,000,000 L.L. If there is a chance, I will let you film it.

Today, the house is 4,000,000 L.L. because it was built in 1975. The water entered the house where I used to live. The house itself was sold for 20,000 L.L. and we refused because it is expensive. The last time it was sold was for 4,000,000 L.L.

So you are a millionaire today. Music Music Resort High end 5 star resort A trip to Maldives No, Brisbane It is open for people, for the people, all people to swim and feel like living on the sea with the sand. For the young kids to jump in the water as if you are in a 5 star resort for the people.

The city is really beautiful. The city is really beautiful. Music Music Music We arrived and we tasted the desserts. I liked their shape and shine. Music Low fat choc choc chip is good actually chocolate.

I tasted a bit of low fat blueberry, great. And then comes banana. All in banana. Music I am struggling in a nice way as if the ice cream is fake.

I am not fighting with them. It is not gelato or ice cream. Very commercial yet produced right. The banana taste is did you get it? Feels good.

We didn't eat ice cream today and it just feels good. Gelare is very far from Italy. Music We'll start because they look nice. Their display is nice, two scoops next to each other, as if they are above each other.

This is the first time in every tour that someone says that you should put whipped cream. It reminded me of our Boussa Bachir in Lebanon. And then, rum and raisin, which is my favorite ice cream.

And it's done, right? Creamy ice cream. The macadamia is super, it's not too milky. Wow. It's a good ice cream. In the middle, between ice cream gelato and commercial, but the flavors feel natural.

Not like here and there, I felt like I was in Jordan. Over. And what did I order down there? I forgot.

One, third. What can I say? Sea salt caramel. No, I like it.

It's the first time I taste it, New Zealand natural, first time I taste ice cream from New Zealand. Whipped cream. Creme fraiche.

Highly enjoyable. Sugar. It's special. It feels special, it tastes special. How amazing, how amazing.

Under the bridge, where you walk, people usually throw garbage. Graffiti, colors, benches, trees, 4-5 pubs, we're walking from here to there, cars don't pass. Music, wow, how amazing. Music. Music. Music.

Music. We're supposed to have a gathering at 7.30, but meanwhile, we're walking around to film the city, we stopped at a place, as you can see, the building was very nice. We entered inside, huge space, maybe there are 2 parts like a kitchen, open kitchen, bar, 2, you have a full brewery, they make more than 20 kinds of beer. And then, they have 3, they make here, and they're very delicious. You enter, the building is the old building, gaming lounge, and then the new building, which they built on the old building or the old house without knocking on it.

The first question you asked yourself, how much do they pay for rent? Around 2,000 L.L. It's a huge establishment, it smells good, the atmosphere is nice, the music is nice, that's it. Bonus stop. Music.

Music. The place where we entered is the same rooftop we went to, and it's the building that I hung on metal, all of it, did you see the metal pieces? It's like a puzzle, closed from top to bottom, it's attached to the old house we entered from to enter the beer garden. Beer garden, a beautiful building, we went to the roof to see how the windows are connected, and then up there is a rooftop, we saw and filmed the whole city. Check, great. We're going back up. It's time for the meal.

Music. Music. The meetup on the rooftop is very nice, the Lebanese people are also here, Pauline and Danny, it was a bit noisy so I went to a nice room, like an igloo, you warm up inside it so you can hear the sound. Huge place, I thought it was a rooftop, a nice rooftop, there's a pool, pool day, night. Music. Woohoo.

Music. Honestly, Anthony, on behalf of Brisbane, thank you for coming, and thank you to the team for bringing Anthony to Brisbane as well. It's been amazing, the work you do all around the world is inspiring.

The food I was telling you earlier today, even if I'm full, and I'll look at your Instagram and I'll get hungry all over again, thank you for coming, for making the time, and for helping promoting Lebanese and everything they do around food and culture. Music. ♪ ♪ 1099 1:10:12,000 --> 1:10:05,000 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

2023-06-21 15:50

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