A day in the mountains, meet the mysterious minority villages

A day in the mountains, meet the mysterious minority villages

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There are trees on the top of the mountain There is another family here Below is their pile of hay There are two layers above Below is fodder And now I have reached the top of this small hill Still raising sheep Sheep piled with fodder I heard the sheep braying among the sheep. Wow Wow free Wow Wow this place is so beautiful Let me see if I can (stand up) Wow, this location is pretty solid. This location is quite solid.

Wow happiness look into the distance Terraced fields nearby Wow Going down the mountain Go down, go down oops Suddenly, there was fog on the mountain. Wow, this fog comes and goes quickly. This village is so beautiful Wow It's foggy on the top of the mountain I, I, this because I wear flat cloth shoes So I must keep my head down and watch my feet. Because I don’t know what happened, I’m about to fall and stagger.

But I said the wrong thing I already, yes, yes, yes It's from over there, from that location. I, I, suddenly, I forgot how to go up the mountain Wear it back from this small forest Miao old woman I I I met several Their bodies are all relatively short. Then I basically bent over Maybe it has something to do with working all year round They are all bent over Walk Continue to go Very refreshing and because of this Very wet areas can also be slippery You should be able to tell from the video what i suggest Be sure to wear a pair of hiking shoes when walking this road Or at least get a hiking pole Although not high Look underneath here But if you miss the mark and fall, you still Still quite uncomfortable Let's try to be as safe as possible Oops, almost again It's too slippery and it's just a foot Not solid enough Then it's time to fall down Go down the mountain quickly Mountain flowers blooming This is Guizhou, China Southeast Guizhou is a place My most intuitive feeling is that the folk customs here are quite simple. Quite simple Then It’s very different in the scenic spot Although the price is very high in the scenic spot, For example, I have analyzed its tickets and travel costs before.

But he is not the kind to carry passengers He kind of lets you spend it Regardless of whether the price is high or low He's doing it all for you. The point I have been emphasizing before is why he put some particularly good scenery Everything has been commercialized But there are actually many more No place for commercialization What I said before is not complete. There are still some For example, the original ecological one I arrived at This kind of village This kind of village The scenery is also very beautiful But it is said that it is different from the scenic spot He doesn't have many commercial programs For example Well The kind we watch Stage performance In other words, those are performances, right? Without him, he will let you really come Can feel the life of local people I despised it and threw away my phone comfortably. Throw away the computer Look at the scenery outside the window relaxedly Toretsu Koyama then spend the day Or spend a weekend And in principle This is not an attraction This is uh Hmong people their real daily life place their their daily life their day and night Go up to the foot of the mountain The sound of running water is already very loud.

lingering in my ears You look down from high in the sky This terrace is particularly beautiful Green hillsides oops I'm very careful on this trail. Today in 2024 You can no longer use words like a hundred thousand mountains. Because he often goes to TV stations or TV stations It’s also good to have online platforms in China Make some promotional videos Promote their local scenery Same as before Push forward A dozen years ago The poverty and backwardness of twenty or thirty years ago are no longer the same In my mind, is the poverty and backwardness mainly due to living in mountainous areas? His road is not smooth Road is blocked Then he does logistics and materials. It’s inconvenient for pedestrians to walk There's not that much turnover So he is poor He was poor when he arrived Including the place we went to Hunan before You said it turns out there were bandits? Strong folk customs He is also mainly because of his lack of transportation Often when you talk about revolution or rebellion, They all arrived very late in the area Like I said before, in Zhangjiajie I've repeated it before It is said that this kind of bandit suppression can never be wiped out. In the end, you and he escaped into that mountain forest.

Those homemade gunpowders? Short gun, short cannon Hide in the woods you can't find him You can't destroy him either You can't just set fire to the mountain. Right, it's hard to control even a large wildfire, right? so This kind of geographical location is not suitable for people's customs. The impact on local living habits is very intuitive. you can feel it I've come down Wow There are already street lights on the hill we just climbed. This, this, Wudong Village Wudong Miao Village Then It's more comfortable to walk here than when I went to Jidao Miao Village. I went around other people's houses and came down.

But let me see how I can take the main road back. I came down here I should still go back Go around here Go around and around to the end Ah, this air is so comfortable Very fresh I, I, I just arrived at the place where I got off the bus When Fang is at the entrance of the village There is a large LED screen It shows the negative oxygen ions on his side The air here various indices Then be very confident Let's go Walk It's time to go downhill now The way back Clean up and rest at noon Then I will go see the waterfall There are also rapeseed flowers here Very pretty After finishing this trip to Wudong Miao Village, that is Here I have been particularly able to determine Next time I want to go to that kind of original ecological village. Haha I don’t want to go to those tourist attractions anymore There is a subtext So what is the subtext of the attraction? Just come, come, come, come and send money. Send money, send money That's the feeling Then when you go you take the money Do you feel the feeling of being handed money? Especially when arriving in Hunan I, I, go back, I want to list an issue I want to take those of those scenic spots I'll give you tickets for the first phase of the attraction. Charges or something? In fact, people come out to play just to find some comfort, right? find some relaxation Then live a happy day It’s not about taking RMB and spending it When you go to spend time, why don’t you go to those particularly high-end shopping places? Comfortable Then he's like this What do you call tourist attractions? The kind of propaganda Just spending money to buy the pain It's right over here You can pass here You can go forward from here Look where you have been Open a navigation and go there Let me walk to the entrance of the village first.

I've gained weight by eating these past two days This these two days The local food cooked by the B&B owner is so good Wow, this dinner is so sumptuous Then I ordered a dish The boss added another dish to me Look I'm right This is what's behind villages on the edge Can I go down here? You can go down right I now walk to the entrance of the village Let me compare here Because I have been to several and that The difference between this and Langde Miao Village is quite big. I'm not sure if I can go through this Miao women walked in Miao women carry poles No, no, no No, the path I'm taking now is leading to someone else's home again. Ah, can you see it? It's directly opposite me then on the other side of the river Go here with a pole is their daily life To return keep walking back Go back and see if you can get out on the other side. Then I checked the walking time shown on the navigation screen just now. Well It's different from what they told me.

Oh before There is a pheasant here oops two I'm a little hesitant to leave. You go Yes, yes, you go I want to go down Because walk quickly Go quickly oops Go, go, go, go Walk oops Can you still understand what people are saying? Go forward He ran into someone's yard gone This is This is the way to Qianshui Rock I now start from Wudong Miao Village begins to march It showed it was 4.6 kilometers. ah Walk The rain here is also very interesting After a while, it stops and then Well, it’s been drizzling a lot for me these two days. From time to time, the rain suddenly comes Then you hold up the umbrella Sometimes I haven’t even opened it yet. Then the rain left Because it’s windy here After a while, the wind blew the clouds around Although he This village is relatively original But there are many B&Bs inside I saw that it was still small and large-scale.

Because there are many such floor-to-ceiling windows I can see that inside his curtains And bedside Then it’s quite livable relative to that I went to Germany Those B&Bs in Hangzhou Grand Canyon Of course, the one I stayed in was pretty good. There are more B&Bs Well No no Not so comfortable I can say that Look here, look behind me Wow I have now passed his stormy bridge Then he arrived at this location at the entrance of his village Swimming in the pond is strictly prohibited Basically, the cars I saw on both sides of the road were local cars from Guizhou. The car with the Guizhou Province license plate And now I am walking from the village entrance to the village where there is his place above A place with big emissions almost two kilometers Then We'll talk about it later

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