Without STOP LOSS Trading Kaise Kare | क्या Trading में Stop Loss लगाना जरुरी नहीं है | #StopLoss

Without STOP LOSS Trading Kaise Kare | क्या Trading में Stop Loss लगाना जरुरी नहीं है | #StopLoss

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So welcome to all of you which topic is looking back how to do trading without stop loss before starting the video disclaimer disclaimer this is what I am going to talk about without stop loss in this video today it is actually trading rule I'm against this strategy I'm not going to recommend that you should do it There are some terms and conditions that I follow Sometimes I do it How I do it [MUSIC] Right now I'm in front of you all I will share then you people will decide whether you should do this or not , I told you all my old videos that you should apply this top loss, but today this video remains in the minds of many people , isn't it? That whenever we put stop loss, we lose or profit, then some criteria are such that even if you don't put stop loss in that condition, you will lose [music] First of all, you should start trading with stop loss. And trading with without stop loss, what is the difference between the two, see Whenever you are trading by applying Yasir, if you are new then you must have noted that we have applied the price , what is the stop loss hit, your loss is made, from there the price goes to the place where you have placed it, after that Then the price returns A, you must have seen that if you do 10 straight, then you get eight times the stop loss seat, once or twice the man moves, there is a little profit, then you get this rate that somewhere this profit This return is happening a little too much, I go there, I book profit, then and if you see that you lose, if you are training with stop loss, then you must have experienced this face and If you don't apply this topless and if you are new then what do you think we applied now we have profited eight times from that you started with $1 you must have seen that you trade without stop loss means in applying stop loss You think that our cut will be loss and without stop loss your profit will happen , but you take a trade which You have made 300 dollars, it makes it zero only one trade, maybe you can continue profit 15-20 trades, but one trade will go in such a way that it will destroy your entire portfolio. I want to give a suggestion , like your initial investment, let's go to your budget, it is 100 dollars, so what do you think, what is your thinking that we should spend 100 dollars in such a place or trade in such a way that Where you give me ₹ 1000 so that I get such an income, you keep this meaning in mind, don't you think that according to my daily expenses, if I have to spend ₹ 1000, I am getting income from here, I am trading 100 If I am withdrawing from dollar, it means for me that everything will become easy, my life will become very busy, my work will start running well, then there people make mistakes, now that thousand rupees which is the target, I have to leave today. There your $1 will sink see it is easy if you give 1% 2% or 3% maximum if you leave it is three dollars so man Let's go to the man, if it is ₹ 200 , then it will not be less, in the beginning there will be a problem for you, but you will make a small profit, when you will make 100 dollars to thousand dollars, if you make your entire capital, then you will not be there. Even if you get 2% 3%

of thousand dollars, then you should understand that your income will be of paying 2000 rupees, so if your amount is small, then try to increase your capital by making small profits, after which Right now you are dreaming and not at the initial stage itself, the retirement that you have started getting fulfilled is not possible, you make a little profit, when your capital becomes big and there will be only a little profit. So, whatever your retirement is, it will be fulfilled and your capital will also increase and your income will increase, so whatever you have in the starting, think very small, if you make it and think together, then tell a hundred percent or a thousand percent. If you understand that your loss is bound to happen , then you go here on the screen and here I tell you that stop loss How can you do trading without stop loss, after watching this video, don't you think that without stop loss, we will also start trading now, what happens when you become a trading trade? Means trading, when you start your trading journey, then you should put a stop loss at that time, what is it that while trading, you get so much experience, don't you think that we definitely need more stoppages? No means I also sometimes do without stop reading but sometimes it means that I feel that the market from where I am thinking is telling me from the price that if the market goes from here to here then the same would happen. It is possible that for a while the price does it to hit their stock loss till there and then it returns where I was thinking the price has to go the same then it is your experience that when it will go to you It will be known that here without stop loss we can play here means we can trade but No if you people are new business then you should put stop loss most stop loss now see here come to ring then what do I see if I have to trade without stop loss then what do I do first of all whether n If you want to invest, first of all I make support and resistance here, like here is the chart of Therium, you have to make support and resistance first, when this market came here, then I took this big strip which you are seeing.

so i came here the support was formed the market went till here then came here so i went long here ok after that when the market returns from here came till here then went from here so i went long here This area was made a support, after that the market went up, went up, here also I made support, now here we will see what I made support from here, I reduced the props here, then I clove here, and whenever I I went long, I did not put stop loss, I am telling my experience which is mostly in time. I do that stop loss sometimes I am telling you here after that what is here when I made this one then the market is running here now I will not take trade here until it is either Show it well, if it doesn't go up, then it has come down and has worn support here, when it breaks, I can short here, can I short this line or when the price goes up, I can think from here To go long, if it comes to this point, once again I will sort from here, this is the price, if it goes here, I will sort here again, without stop loss, I will not put stop loss, okay, see what happens in the market, whatever big fails There are trades, there are exchange ones, they all hit the stop loss of maximum people, if you see like I made a range here, then maximum people will make range like this. Bear can see the market here. Had come or was making bare supply, when you came here, you have given break down from here, so what will people do here, they will short now. Will know the price has

gone up till here and has almost settled over here it must have been clear after that what people would have done when the price came up to here they must have sorted what is there then what happened to move the market from here to here For such a long long week, the stop is clear, if you see here also, the stop loss must have been hit here too, how many people must have been hit, after that this candle, you can see all that is there to stop This is how the candle is formed here but when you get experience then you will understand that means I should not put stop here because sometimes maximum time is such that your stop loss is your hit and your Loss happens now see as if I pay it here in 4 hours what is the time now see what is a range here this is the upper range if you see here I mark the whole here like this This is the range, ok what is the price now, it is doing moment in this range since many days, it is visible to you, when can I put stop loss? I will start when the stop loss starts going above this range n I will do that first you have to decide a range you can try it in the range without stop loss now I am telling you one or two more ways you samjhiega will understand you ok now see like what i am doing right now it means crypto in etheria see first of all you have to do chart analysis of the asset in which you have to trade how to do it in long term have to see like ever i Here I open a day's chart or I open a weekly chart, here what is the weekly chart, it is running too much down , so this weekly chart you are seeing here is the market which is not the highest No matter how much pay down is going on here and there is such a feeling that when you keep watching the props completely , you will keep doing market canalsis, you will focus on news etc. , you will pay attention and keep analyzing all the things, then you will understand. If it comes then what is it in this case that now see if it is of crypto then the market is I have to go up from here, if seen it may take 4 months, 6 months, then a year, but I have to go up from here, so what do I do, mostly open long if I have to If I don't have to put stop loss then I always open long in maximum time [music] You understand if I open this price if I don't have to put stop loss where I will open I am showing you what I am here Like when I get the news when the price will come on some support then what will I do from there I will open long, understood that after breaking the support, when it will go up after breaking the resistance, then when it will come down from here, then what will I do here again open long Will do means open long book profit slowly you will understand then what I do in most of the cases open long is a very major factor along with it you have train line chart pattern candle stick patterns sleep all they do is guide you give you an instruction instruct what you need to do here What should be done, you will become perfect slowly , now the price is going on here and when you feel that like here now, I will not take it here, when the price will go up then it will come down, then what can I do from here and I can open a long of how much amount is my budget 10% of the amount I will open long from here how many librate is maximum five years maximum I am telling you to open long here by taking maximum 5x average I do yes ok now there is no stop loss ok if you are a beginner you do n't have much idea about all these things price section whole market what do you mean behavior there are lot of news which you don't know because you don't watch news etc What can happen in the market, if it is possible that there can be such a big movement here, then there will be a big loss for you, you understand what I will do, I will open long there with 5x 10% By doing this amount, now if the price goes up from here, then I will profit up to the maximum which is 10% 12 15%. I will book it means if I open long then how much the market will go up 2% 3% if the market goes up from there as if I walk from here I open from here which is from here you understand this two three percent so here If the price comes from here till then what will I do there I will close it 12 14% profit 15% profit if it is mine then I will book it 10% we amount it means man's will work we did it and $1 15 How much is the profit, then it is approximately your thousand ₹ 1200, so when I was telling you that if you keep your account, you will make a profit of 3% from there, if you hajardol pahunchaiye hajardol pahunchaiye Neither give what you have but 1000, you can leave from here, small-small, now see one more thing, let me tell you that there is a trading, here everyone cannot generate regular income, it is said that irregular income is generated from here. It is possible that sometimes there will be a small loss, sometimes there will be a huge profit , sometimes you will not get the trade, there will be no fluctuation in the market. It means that if the market becomes so stable , then you do not have to take a trade, it is understood that unless there is a break out or breakdown from somewhere, then if you do not take a trade, then some day you will have to sit empty, then overall, if your month 's If you are withdrawing 25-30% from trading, then it is enough brother, you can make a big amount by taking less risk while making small income , but now by taking a lot of risk, your amount will become big, but in Everything will end in one stroke, then we don't have to do that thing here, if you understand, then it is okay to advise, will there be another situation, I am telling you what the market will do, from here it will come down, it will come down, we had taken 5x, then the market If 20% will crash from there then we will have 100% loss because here we are not doing stop loss, pay attention, this topless is made for this only, you should do it, I am also recommending you stop loss You should do that in case sometimes it happens to me that I take such a trade I don't always take without I feel disturbed, but I feel that I don't think that friend, don't put stoploss, but sometimes we too have such experience, but you child will eat, you can be cheated, so what does the market do from there that you If the market starts going against then if you have placed 5x pay trade then 20% market if it is from here that if 20% will be how much I will show you and 20% means a very big amount I will tell you the meter from here hoon 20% how much will this be 977 if you have invested then it will be a complete loss understood what will i do if the market starts going against us from here the market goes i delete it from here the market came here but actually i did it here earlier If the support is maintained from here then what will I do then from here I will open a sell a long from here I will open 10% of the same amount for 5x I understood then what is our reason because of the support it bounces back What happens is the market goes up from where it is, our average is going to be this one and if the market goes up even a little bit from here If it comes then I will show you how much your profit will be if it goes from here to old level then it is 2% 5x you had taken then overall your pay here is around 3 to 4% according to total 1000 dollars I am telling 3 4% of your profit will be done because the average is paid here and your amount is more than 20% total here in the account of $ 200 $ 200 here your trade is done so what will happen your profit will also be big I understand [ Music] And you don't have to bet early jaldibaji if you do then it will come down a little then put it let it come down sometimes it happens that people set stop loss and the price goes up so you wait a little early If you make a bet then you will place a lot of trade means 50% 67% you will place a trade means you have longed from here what happens if the price goes a little down further up otherwise you don't have to bet quickly let it come when there is a good support But when you come to Shillong, apply a small amount there and then apply it, what is there to do in a hurry, it is okay if it comes down from here too If I can see in the support then what can I do and open on this support also because there is a lot of gap from here to here then I will open long from here only 10% if I open long from here which is our Average will go where will it go, it will go almost on this area, our average will go here, if I take it here, if the price starts going above this, then our profit will start, I understand, because I believe, believe , lady, it will be so much down. I have done and can go further but there is an experience right

so from here I am opening long if I open sort then problem for me because sometimes when market exits it will exit very fast you wait If the market goes up, then it is okay if the market starts coming down , how much will you do, 25 to 30 percent loss is going to happen here, then what to do, there will not be much loss and the second thing is that if the 100% loss is not done . About how it is done, I will give you a link on one button, you should explain well how to do that heading . If you have to close it, you close it , if the market rises a little bit, you will close all the positions that you had long, even then you will remain in overall profit. If you close in the middle, if you close in the middle, then you have booked your profit, but the one you had opened long is still going down, it is going down, then there will be a problem for you. Will practice a little bit , when you will be engaged here, then you will gradually understand what is there, before proceeding further in the rest of the video, I show something here, Bitmart's campaign is going on here, which is Christmas Mystery Box. But you can see if you do trading here , you will have to do future trade, then you will get some reward here, okay now I will show you the timing, how much time is left for 22 days. Hua which is running here from 20th December and will continue here till 15th January ok

this campaign is now here on beat You will get a description of its billing from the side, then you will get some mystery boxes here, in which you can get some rewards, okay, here you will do some trading etc., then you will get some running, you will read the terms and conditions here . So if you want to do it, you can do it, I also do Bitmart, sometimes I do trading on it, no problem, okay, there is a campaign here too, so I thought I'd tell you about it here. so you can do it here you can do beat mode rest i have prepared btm contract for future trading So there if you see then it has a range means you can see here from 800$ to 18$ it keeps trading open will open up down and in between you can take any trade means this Range means it is very difficult to get up and down, so here it comes in this range. If you can do trading comfortably

, brother, there is also a request from you people, there are 476 subscribers here, till this year, if you try, then you will get 50 thousand subscribers, I request you, if you want to do it, you can If you want to do it, you will have to do it, I understand, you will do it, okay till this year, the target of 50 thousand subscriptions is to be completed, which you guys will please do, then friends, overall the conclusion from this video is that if you stop You should stop it, ok, when your experience will be experienced, then you will start to realize yourself that where should I put stop loss or not, because the maximum time is to hit the market by hitting stop loss. Which is that it goes against you and your stop loss becomes a loss. Okay, so here you will get the first experience by making small profits gradually, when your call becomes big, you will have so much experience, will you not? That then you will feel that it is necessary to put stop loss here only then you will put adervise without You can also trade with stop loss but the trading rule says that you must put this top loss no matter how big you are, that is 30% stop loss, you must do that, okay, I was thinking for a few days. Live trading can also be done by coming on live stream, if live trading is done then it can be a little more fun, learning for all of you also in live market means a different experience, when we practice live market, then we do things Let's learn that the market is getting price section from here, support, resistance, rail line, many indicators , etc. that your moving average is indicating that you are making support

here, making resistance here So many things happen, then it is better to understand the meaning in the live market, then what will you have to do for that, at least two 3000 3000 likes will be done, then I will come on the live stream of Main Jo Hai to learn all of you. I will try to analyze trading charts, see you again in this respect topic From to next video till then Baba and take care [MUSIC]

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