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foreign [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] thank you for jumping on it appreciate each and every one of you for being here wonderful day to be alive follow me on Twitter at crypto live for 33 I'd greatly appreciate it on our way to 10 000 followers we're so close I want to hit that Milestone want to hit that Milestone what happened to the Mega Millions last night I did not play the lottery I never do it I just don't do it um you know I believe I'm gonna make a billion dollars on my own I don't think I'm gonna have to win it so when I go play the lottery it makes me doubt myself that I can make a billion so it's like yeah I'll bypass that billion I'll get my own billion that's how I look at it shout out to everybody here on the live let's take a look at what's happening so Bitcoin is in this symmetrical triangle in my humble opinion some can believe we broke out some can believe we can't I believe it's not because that was a resistance area and we still have a band here which we're trying to get above you see my green zone is Big Boy resistance we can't seem to get above it and hold 17 000. I said many times that I don't really have faith in the rally until we can close above 17K you know that's what I'm looking for 17K is gonna be what I want so if I can't get to 17K then I'm Gonna Keep a short open now we did get a rally let's talk about it I did see a short-term rally let's break it down yesterday we saw this flag and as we broke in kind of was even gentier broke back up into the flag there was a bullish Divergence there too as well on a smaller time frame like the 15 here see this was a flat actually let me see maybe the seven there you go so you had to swing to the downside sharp but if you looked here on the seven minute time frame it was like slight even if you took it from here yeah it was a sharper bullish Divergence let me see trying to think oh there it is I was like I knew I found it see this uptrend in this nasty downtrend I mean it's not easy to find but that is bullish Divergence right there swinging down to swing down but you're swinging up on the RSI hard to find but you'll get better at figuring this out over time that's also a shoulder a head and a right shoulder that would break to the upside so he had an inverted Head and Shoulder with the Divergence bang bang nothing does it without without knowing what it does you know what I mean point of the story is that measured move would take you all the way here this is the length of the pole from Wick to Wick this measured move would take you to approximately 17 100 area maybe a little bit above so we got the move to the upside we got the blast because Bitcoin looked tasty we're able to trade all coins let's talk about Gala X usdt.3l the biggest gainer of the day yesterday biggest gainer in the entire kucoin's base made the most gains of any coin in the game all right um You can see it looks like it's down and out but this was a huge move for Gala to the upside and we called it we had it beautifully done I had been watching the markets and I had seen this channel it looked like an ascending triangle to me my mind had caught it I was we were just going for 40 gains off the measured move like this this thing would erupt it become the biggest gainer of the day Gala now what's interesting on the seven minute it's technically in a bit of a flag here too as well starting to somewhat flag out I do see bearish Divergence in the one hour time frame as this is swinging up while that's swinging down something to think about but we've got the biggest gator and we had EFX and we had another one we had three of the four or five top Gators yesterday on kucoin so shout out to my entire team we work tirelessly every single day when you join my Trading Group not only did you get me but you get the team and the team has just been developing stronger and stronger but you look at the gains on gains we hit Gala hit California way more than that Sean we got to fix that that was 100 Gainer um EFX for 24 agix for 29 and I think there was another one too as well but gains on gains yesterday were flying into the market I saw a bunch of different people taking games on a bunch of different things all right I want to take a look at Matic in a second but we got to break down Bitcoin so look what I like to do is I like to show you the bigger idea this also can be kind of like shoulder a head and a right shoulder like I'm still not convinced that we're out of the hot water yet I gotta see the Bulls put in certain areas of support break through certain resistances or I'm I'm just not convinced that we're out of the hot water yet this is a different blue shirt than yesterday I just want to make that clear you can see it has texture the back actually changes here from there to there different blue shirt just want to make that clear all right not wearing the same shirt I knew you thought that I know that's what you were thinking but don't go there on me don't go there on me I'm not gonna do that all right so look look at the rising wedge here right we're gonna now zoom into that area and show you what I see happening this is what I love about my channel and it's what I love about technical analysis the zoom in effect I want to see this area and now I want to zoom into this area one thing I want to teach you when I when I see moving averages get tight and I see the 21 starting to curve like this price action gets above it it does tell me there's a move coming up to the 200 SMA so it's interesting like I have to say and we've been trading this way for the last few days and it's been happening over and over again when moving average get tight and the 200 is the outlier price actually loves the bounce to it it's just like when you're when you're pumping like I teach when you're getting into a trade you're pumping price gets really far away it separates the 200 and the 21.

and what happens Bryce has to dump back to the 200. it's the same idea but we're just upside down and that's an inverted it's interesting did The Head and Shoulder get negated already there's a chance you got to be open-minded to all possibilities and just take the highest probability of the one that makes the most sense that's how I trade see it takes a long time to get into the real true mindset of a Trader like five to seven years really in my humble opinion you begin to trade but your brain slowly changes you're changing the actual thought process in the brain and even though you know ta for four to five years the brain still is molded and molding until eventually you become more computerized like you look at things more as data you're able to extrapolate emotion and you're just looking at things exact and then so when beginners watch your channel they have more emotion attached so it takes a little longer for it to absorb all right but it'll happen over time take a look here at Bitcoin now now what we're going to do is we're going to zoom into this Rising wedge see we know that we have a bit of a rising wedge here we're going to zoom into this Rising wedge shout out to the love thank you for subscribing thank you for jumping on in and I just don't like you know the alcohol reference so look let's go in here to the one hour time frame so this is that Rising wedge that I'm showing you you know we're inside this bigger Channel this is a falling wedge that broke out too just showing you some smaller things we haven't I you know there is an idea here that we got a bit of a Sammy kelp and handy to the upside you know I've been showing this for a long time Randall on crypto love just kind of talked about it I kind of want to have on the channel to talk about this I think uh I'm gonna reach out and see if we can get Randall we'll do a pre-recorded he doesn't do live streams we'll do a pre-recording and get him uh back on the channel if we can shout out to Randall crypto love in the house if anyone knows him tell him I love him so look the one hour in the rising wedge okay up down up down fell out of the wedge in my humble opinion made to feel like we were gonna dump hard all right hey I felt like a rising wedges break down 60 of the time likelihood was us coming down here we got a Divergence we gotta bounce to me that was unexpected I'll be honest like that was boom but the four hour got overbought uh oversold and we got our bounce see the four hour came down and if you play stochastic stochastic said that we were getting lack of momentum and so I'm always open-minded could we get back in the channel we did we broke back in this then once we were in this flag I stay once you're in a flag I just see that's what's great about like being a data a date like like being like a bot if I was emotional we came back up like oh my God we're just like what's gonna happen now we're just bouncing all over the place oh my God like price is down prices up I pick up with me I just say if you go back in the flag the flag's valid against him and I just stay to the same scenario so the second Bitcoin broke back inside this flag I then immediately grab my measured move and played this as if it was a flag again and said okay you want to play Flags let's play Flags baby you know and um that can can change like the way you trade for life so basically every time you if you have a really good pattern you believe in it it makes sense you're working it like this was a you know a flag from the beginning from behind here came down jettison down out but look we got saved by what a high volume node you see this on the vrvp and you can see there was also traction here in here resistance resistance resistance bit of a chop so there was some chop there to give us a little bit of a place to dig in it's kind of like a place if you're rock climbing it's a place to dig your food in it's a place for liquidity to grab a piece you know hold its own so it doesn't drop further to the downside uh some you know something cool to think about so then we break on up now we're making another flag I have to be honest you know I just I just play the flags exactly like I'm supposed to see them what I'm going to do is I'm going to get rid of this to me it looks messy this line here is Bears Divergence swing down and swing down swing up the swing I have to point that out some bearish Divergence is forming right off the bat okay hands down can I open up this a little bit there's a g i could do this and bring this down what I'm trying to show you is like you get you're starting to make this this tighter Rising wedge for sure all right then I'm gonna hit you with this could we be making a right shoulder in a slanted up trending inverted Head and Shoulder which I've seen which I've seen all right this is my bullish so bullish scenario is that with low liquidity on a Saturday in this flag resistance resistance resistance we break up we Sr flip 16880 we stay at sixteen thousand nine and we break to the upside here right and so what we'll do for you is just remember all this right but what I want to do is just make it even neater for you just nice and neat and complete I'm also watching this flag on the one hour for Gala you know if Bitcoin pumps you're going to see the market just get another move it is what it is and Bitcoin loves to surprise everybody and do things you just never thought it could do so always be ready oh yeah coinbase has tether now so just see it nice and Light you can just sit here like so and and it to me it's it's attempting to break out it has a very large flag and again I just take the flags the way they're given I don't question them the algorithms play the zones and do what they do okay it's a slanted up trending cup and handle as I've seen shabby cup and Hattie to the upshot yes but you know it has that feel it has that feel no guarantees but it has the feel moving average is getting somewhat far apart too which isn't great but it has the parabola feel too Rising wedges begin Monumental moves uh can Bitcoin make this little mini Parabola back up to 18K 17007. all right so we shall see right now I remain bullish on the one hour time frame because we're in a beautiful flag we're holding Above This resistance area so it is what it is all right resistance resistance bounce 21 move day moving average lack of bearish momentum on the macd in a flag here even on the RSI which is flipping up and you want to flip up here in the stochastics oversold so you know and again always look out for the M pattern the lackluster move could even be slightly higher slightly lower something like this but the lackluster move in the m and the break to the downside we are still at heavy resistance remember that okay which uh yeah I'll buy Nancy so we still have this major resistance that we're dealing with right here we gotta get the Bulls half the closed candles above seventeen thousand to remain bullish all right so remember if you join my Trading Group would have experienced possibly 100 gains with us on Gala if you knew the education and we're able to use it um it was amazing we get you started we scan the market show you the most probable things that are happening by the oscillators and what we're looking at and then if you can apply your education in the knowledge it's all there having a group of positive people every single day to push you tell you there's no excuses and keep you moving we'll really get your grinding and getting to the next level I work every single day seven days a week here on YouTube you see me every day I work at like a real job I love it it's what I do for a living I wouldn't change it for the world God bless each and every one of you for being here that is your Bitcoin update for the day all right what I see is a possible move for Bitcoin on the one hour time frame to the upside to the upside because we're oversold and I see some indications that we're gonna get a move all right watch out for the M pattern we have to get the resistance I'm not bullish until we can close candles above seventeen thousand seventeen thousand three and even eighteen thousand three hundred like there's a bunch of hurdles for us to get to my most bullish scenario is if we can get above this point of control here hold above it really hold close candles we can move all the way back to this point of control there's a huge gap of liquidity here we fell down so fast we can move up so fast there's not a lot of resistance in this area besides this previous one that we just made at about 17 880 and then I guess the wick to 18003 also the the 200 SMA is important the four hour we need to get back above the 200 SMA right now we are um I like to long when I'm back above the 200 the 200 SMA on the four hour time frame it's it's substantial right here it could just be a little dip most likely when you get above it I can back test this for you here you got above it yes you may have played games but from here to here you had a win okay one for one here you got above it right came down a little bit got back above it so you went along this one maybe it would have been a dud you might have got stopped out or hit a break even on this one get into this one it would have been a monster move right so bolt wouldn't have hurt you that one would have paid right this one would have paid nicely this one would have paid nicely kind of came up and came down but the one candle closed then one candle didn't that might have been a dub but that would have paid that would have paid a little bit too just opening along once you get above the 200 SMA that would have paid that would have paid substantially from the low point that would have paid substantially and then opening shorts when you go below it you know would have paid substantially would have paid substantially would have paid substantially would have paid absolutely substantially here uh if you open the short when you break below the 200 SMA right there right there would have paid a little bit over time here would have paid on the long so it just it doesn't mean every time it's going to be amazing but in general if you have patience in understanding holding above the 200 SMA is a good sign so if we can hold above this and stay above it that's how bull runs begin that could be the beginning of the bull run right now right now we could be witnessing the beginning every time we get above it it could be the beginning and why would you if you look at me and you'd be like why are you saying that lifer you know you're such a like you know why are you being so hopium well I'm just telling you the facts of life when it comes to technical analysis every time Bitcoin gets above the 200 SMA look huge move there it could be the could it be just a little tiny move like you're just barely above it and then boom right here you're barely above it boom the last Bull Run began right here October 7th of 20 2020 like you know really started to get you know I'm gonna say yeah it's really really began and it began with a few candles in the four hour above the 200 SMA just like we are now look and one came back for a retest like we kind of bubbled up then we came back see that and no one got anything of it people just thought oh well you know I mean we did have this pennant do that it's all there every time in the TA it's amazing how it plays out over time anyway so it's substantial you you even though it could be nothing it could be something it could be everything so even though it could be nothing it could be everything and that's kind of trading in a nutshell understanding that concept and being able to work with that idea letting your brain absorb these Concepts and using them when they're needed all right so the 200 SMA 400 were back above it that's a bullish sign for me and I've said it before however there's some support and resistance we need to deal with and some serious resistance that Bitcoin just can't get back above let's see if the one hour can change that today out of this little flag here or do we make an M pattern and does the rising wedge eventually take us to the downside where it should want to go which is back to where it began which I've seen just many many times in my life I'm just showing you the probabilities here all right and that's so we're going to watch this one hour time frame 15 minute is looking to roll over it's not doing too well you kind of want to see more moves out of that stochastic that also gives me a hint that there's a lack of bullish momentum but anything could happen on a Saturday with low liquidity all right let's jump onto the book map real quick and show you what I'm seeing for book map uh bookmap is showing some even liquidity not a lot of crazy price action no insane liquidations some good buys coming in actually at 16 930. um a little bit of liquidity up to 17K an order stacked back at 17-3 we didn't see that before 1 100 Bitcoin we have nineteen thousand zooming together we seem to have kind of even Globs maybe a little more cell pressure than long than by pressure well basically a Saturday with some evil Infinity so anything could happen at any time a little more being built down here than up here right uh in the 15 minute is starting to kind of Wane but let's see probability in the one hour does suggest a pump so there we have it so my my basically overall idea for Bitcoin is see what the 15 minute can do see what the you know see if it can go sideways and stay in the zone and the one hour is suggesting a bit of a pump whether we make an m and get rejected by the same resistance or do we get back above here 17 125 and begin a new story is the question so we're you know that's kind of what we're seeing for the day can we get out of this flag to the upside on the one hour time frame when the one hour resets in the stochastic it can either slop flop or reset you know tooth is going to flop and get pushed down and pinned by the four hour that wants to dump on you and we can start our descent right or we could get a nice move to the upside right there's a chance because that's a flag kind of a falling wedge you have you have like a 68 chance this could break out to the upside Saturday though we had a really good trading week yesterday so you don't always have I don't always have to be into trade sometimes it's good just to observe the market it depends you know on how you feel and what's going on I never Force trades and after really monster good trades I like to take a couple days off or a day or two off just to like reassess so I don't give it back to the market you know but anyway do whatever you want I am not a financial advisor like I said you should be taken as Financial advice have a wonderful Saturday I'll see you tonight at 8pm we'll go over this right now we'll see if this makes an M or if this flag breaks out I can't wait to come back to you at eight o'clock so about 12 hours from now this will be determined we're gonna see what happens to the one hour time frame and you're gonna put this you know this uh prediction and uh projection to the test and we'll see what happens I love everybody here thank you so much and I'll catch you tonight for the next live stream be safe [Music] thank you [Music] come on [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music]

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