Option Trading से कितना Profit या Loss बनेगा ? Binance Option Trading Complete Tutorial Hindi 2023

Option Trading से कितना Profit या Loss बनेगा ? Binance Option Trading Complete Tutorial Hindi 2023

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This is part of the joke but it is a good thing that if you first learn how and how much loss can be ours, wherever you want to invest, then your profit will definitely be there. Because wherever you think of investing, first comes to your mind how much our profit will be, but you do not think that how much we can lose there, you have done the loss in advance that what mistake we will make that how much our loss will be Maybe after that the second part of the profit will be a profit, in today's video we are going to understand about Buenos option trading, how much loss you can have there, you should understand the loss first and along with it I I will tell you how you can calculate that if this price will come, then we can have so much loss, so much profit , basic this is the basic of balance option trading, I am going to learn you the advanced thing, which is when you should take entry It becomes advanced because if you have taught the basic that we should call when we should exit. You should take that if you have already learned, then there are many such opportunities in the market, where option trading is such a feature that you can lose $ 50 to $100 even after putting $10 and if you have a loss then $10 There can be no more loss than that, so option trading right now I am going to tell you on balance, how you can do option trading on balance and what would be its feature because the interface that is there is not understood by most of the people. It comes that you have clicked on option trading but there is strike price, break and price means so many things happen that we do not understand where we have to take call, what is the meaning of put, then all these things I will cover here and how do you calculate how much profit you will make and where will the price go then how much loss can you make and this will be basic then I will tell you if you are not connected on our telegram channel then join the group I will give you the description in the billing of the bill, you can join the future in the coming time. I can also give a call of r and option, which will be free, many users are saying sir you take some charge, we give this signal, but I don't like prime if at present time in 4 days, will see in future Dude, what happens then you guys can join there, so let's take my supreme, Han, the video I make on my tablet, you get the option on your mobile too, many users tell me that sir Whatever you make on a mobile, what is the problem on mobile, you see people even small things, after that it is not easy to explain what is there by driving there, you will see from all the other options, let's see the place. It happens that there is a slight stretch from both the sides and from the top side as well, so if you want to understand it, then you can understand, then I have already entered the account with your statement, if you have not signed up yet or your If you already have an account then you can sign up with my ling, in that you will get 20% discount, you can also create another account. No, there is no problem in the name of any other family members because

they get me a little reverse etc., which you guys do trading etc. Plus you also get benefit of 20% discount, then you guys telegram and ask for some support etc. If I am, then it happens that because of you people, I am earning a little, then there is no problem in helping, that means you can understand that if I am giving you some time, understanding means solving your problem. If I am, this is my right, I will take it from you, if you understand, then you guys will sign up, so what you have to do here is to deposit funds, you have to go to the future option, here is what you have. You get an option of future trading, so many videos are going to come in the coming time and along with this, if you people will say that option trading in the stock market, tell me how we can do option trading there. Because since you will get the feature there, then if you

people say that you can also opt for the stock market. Teach us trading, nor will I tell you everything from very basic to advanced, there and some users are asking because sir, who you tell this technical analysis, candle stick and chart button about all those things. So is it what it is that does less in the stock market or even in the crypto market, brother, then the chart that is there, it does less everywhere, there is no doubt in what I am teaching you the chart pattern, then you can teach You can apply it in crypto also but not on newly launched tokens because there will not be less technical analysis which fundamental stock is running from time itself, there are many users there, whatever technical analysis you will do, collect a little bit. You will get the result there, so here I have paid on the option of the option, now it is like you open this option, then people do not understand the interface given here, what does it mean here is 1225 here Strike is written, tax is written, put is written, now if you see here, all the dates are written then its See what it means , let me explain to you from the very beginning, here is an Ethereum option, if you click on it, then here you will get which players are available to trade which options , this blank of BTC There is only two option given here, so there is no problem here, now your timing is increased given the expiry time, well, whatever premium you buy here for your art foot, it will expire. Till these dates, you will gradually understand here, see here is the call and here you will get the foot call means that whatever price is going on now, the expiry time given here means it will be seen by you. So it is 22 October, it is 23 October, it is 4 November, it is 11 November, here on 25 November, after that in the last 30 December you get it, by this time the premium you will take will expire, here I am telling What is the meaning of tha call as the price is moving, the meaning of call is like the future training you do, so what do you do there? If you do long then call here also means that the price should go up, the higher it will be the profit, your put means that if the price should go down then your pay will be profit here, so you have to clear the basic It is yours in the future, it is long or short , here there is a call and put, it is so clear, now you see the option, let me explain to you the basic thing like here it is your price, but here the pay option gives you Let's find that the exchange is that you have one therium for $1,200 but gives you only one therium of $10 $20.

You see the premium means the premium. You can rent one ethereum which is spoof date at some point here at $10. There is a premium of 3m so what do you do, you pay $10 and the exchange gives you the same therium, the same thiam has gone to you, what are you taking that ethirium for because you think the price is up from here i.e. you want to go for the call which is not right for the call then the price for ethereum one ethereum is currently running at ₹ 1200 Yes, you have paid $10 premium and you have got the same ethereum for $1200 now let's take 100 dollars ethereum price increases to 1300 dollars then how much profit will be yours 1200 dollars was earlier now here pay The price is going up to $1300, so how much is the extra $100, then your profit will be $ 100, although it does a little, he takes the exchange, okay now you paid $10 here and how much did you profit, 100 dollars profited in the same way From what you mean if you want to go for Put ie if the market will go down you think that is what you will pay $10 premium ok, the premium you pay is for some particular time means premium for one day will be two It is for 3 days as much as you will see the pay time here, now I will show you here in Mintoo it runs for 5-10 minutes, here there is a premium, that means it is the price within the time itself. It means that the price that you are going for, you want to go, it is not gone within the time so whatever is yours. Here the premium you

paid will expire and you will be completely lost. You understand man, I was telling you that what you have is going to be $1200 for the put, here Hume's price you paid $10 for the put That is, you think that the market will go down from here and how much is that expiry time, it is only one day, that means after one day it will expire, then within a day the price of Ethereum should come down because you have put here. ok put buy and put 1200 here on my own, had put this put, understand that and the price has just paid 1100A here within a day, ok here there is a difference of 100 dollars so if you If you close there then you will get a profit of 100 dollars and here how much premium did you take empty $10 profit how much did you get a profit of 100 dollars and if the loss happens how is the loss when the price from here if you have coded It is taken that if the price goes up as much as it goes up , then it will be your maximum loss of 10 dollars, ok if there is a loss then there will be a profit of $10 So the more the price which goes down, the more your profit will be that within a day, the price of four 500 dollars which is dumped, you have taken the put, then 4-500 you will get profit only $10 , and vice versa. You have taken a call, if you have pumped $ 4 500 within a day, you will get profit

, now it will be cleared to you, now I will show you by doing practical also, here pay is now selected on call and here is pay put now I am telling you about the call, here is the time to pay, it is 22 October i.e. tomorrow, 21 October is a day one day, here is the pay time and here 23 October is again 28 October, so here you will have to decide. On which expiry date do you want to take trade means you want to buy call output now I take MAN or whatever it is on 22nd October, now pay is already selected here and here you will see this is the strike price ok that is what you are paying here Let's see, this is the strike price i.e. 1200 dollars, 1225 is 1250, 1275 is 1300 dollars, okay this is the strike price

and Here this is the breed and ask price, this is also the price and price is going on here you can see the average price you take man whether this is the market price, whatever it is, you can see it here but when you see it If you go to buy then you will have to pay so much that means 82.6 you will have to pay the same for you, how long will it be empty which is empty that it is only till 22 October i.e. tomorrow, you have time till tomorrow and how much premium you have to pay here Dena has to pay premium around $82 and here what is the pay strike price of $1200 and now you want to take a call here i.e. what is the price, how much will it ever last, you will see here the price of 1279 is also running fine and here How much premium did you have to pay for a day, it has been a term to pay a premium of $ 82 for one day means it will expire tomorrow ie it will expire on October 22, how much did you pay for 83 and what is the pay strike price here because it is this You can see it here, you are paying this 83, you are looking at this person here. I am $1200 strike price and how much premium are you paying here

82$ price is going on here you will see this live price 1280$ price is going on ok now here what you did Here pay is selected on call you want to bike here for call now 1280 is running market price right now strike price of ethereum you have seen it is 1200$ ok how will your profit profit will be then so that one day Inside , before the end of October 22, the price which is going to go as high as 1280, let's say that it has reached $1300, it has reached $1300, now how much is the profit, then what is the tax on thyroid date or at the time you close Will do that trade that profit - strike price i.e. market went to $1300 and here 1300 - 1200 then how much your profit is $100 will come in your wallet is clear to you i.e. when you closed the trade or it has expired, even before you expiry Can close it 1280 live price is going on now 1300 went there 1300 of dollar and how much premium have you paid 83 market price of 83 is going on here 1280 is going a bit lendy i know but you will get clear understanding and till expiry i.e. end of october 22 or else you are closing

manually Till then, if you close on 1300 dollars then 1300 - 1200 because here, how much will you get here, now because you paid 83 dollars for premium then it will come to you plus folder then how much actual profit Happened, this will be your profit, $ 17 is so clear to you, now what you have is that the price goes down from 1280, due to man, ₹ 1200 A would have gone here, so what did we know how you will calculate profit, then here on 22nd Till the end of the expiry time or the price at which you have closed that mines strike price i.e. 1200 a gone price 1200 - 1200 how much will it go brother zero how much will you get zero rupee will mean you have lost all means zero price Yours is gone i.e. if the price is reached then you will be 1200 - 1200 that means the whole Your loss will be what you have paid the premium here, it will be a complete loss, if you show this price, then how much $ 50 would have gone to your account because you had paid $ 83 there, now how much new in your account $50 so how much is the loss, $33 has been lost here, it is clear, you must have understood, now let me tell you about the put, well here you tell me a little more, if you look here, it is of 1225 If you take the pay here, then you will have to pay empty 59, if you take this 1250 one, then you will have to pay $ 36 blank, if you take the strike price of ₹ 1325, then you will have to pay empty $ 1.4 and this theory we You will get this also I am telling you because it is cheap, more people want to go cheap, they will not take the big one for $ 83, so what is the cheap one here at $ 1.4 what you did, you paid $ 1.4 market price now $ 1280 this is going on here let me write in 1280 it is running and which one did you take this 1325 one here you have 1.4 dollars Here

you have paid the total is fine, you got it in three, now how will the profit be calculated here, if you have taken for the call, then the price should go up, here the price has reached 1300, it is okay when the foot will be done i.e. 22 October When it will end or when you will close the trade $1300 price is reached and profit should be how much profit you will calculate how will you calculate it - 1325 because here the pay is 1325, so if you do 1300 - 1325 here, then the mines will be 25 because how much you have given here , you have given only 1.4 dollars, so here the mines are 25a, then your second valid will not go to your empty Empty so much loss will be so clear you will make your profit when this expiry price stays above this strike price i.e. 1325 here is the price which is 1400 when dollar goes and 1400 - 1325 you are ok then you will get 75 total here Comes to your wallet because you paid 1.4 here for $4 you have a total of $75 If you go, your total profit will be $ 73.6 here, the price which is from $ 1325 rises to 1400, one dirty day i.e. till October 22, then you will get so much

profit, how will the loss happen when the price goes down Means if it is below 1325 then your loss is definitely your loss, now you have understood this for call, now I tell you here for pay put, this is put, you have to go on this what you are Here you want to take the time till November 11 for premium, then you can see it here, call it, then you will have to pay premium according to November 11, the strike price will be yours here for pay call You will have to pay the market price ₹ 296 i.e. the more time you want to hold, the more premium you will have to pay, if the time is less for you there, then the company will take more premium then the expiry time is more because you are here at number 11 If you are asking for time till then you will have to pay 296 here and tell you in profit. I am here because if you have more time here , then if you have more time , then the market is not that it can go longer, whether the long goes down or the long goes up, okay so how much will you have to pay the premium here $296 How much is the strike price of ₹ 1000 you want to go for pay call here because of man the pay price is going on right now 1280 $ it is 1200 $ 80 premium you are paying 296 your premium here Now the price is going to be here, due to the man ending by November 11, the dollars will come in your account because if you have given 296 dollars there, then your pay profit will be approximately $ 204 here means 500 - this is 296 then 204 You will get the profit of the dollar here, it is so clear, you must have understood, now I tell you here for the pay put, the opposite is the opposite of this, I click here on the foot, here I see only on October 22 So here the strike price is 22, 1200 and here you have to pay a premium of $ 1.3, now here the pay price How much has gone is 1279 so here I write it 1280 like this for free 1.3 Now here you want to go for foot means market should go down then

your profit will be here market came down how much man walk A went down from 1280 here at 1150 ok $1150 went to A so how much profit did you make here so now what do you do here when you take the call then mins the strike price from the expiry price but when you take the put If you are going, then you understand the strike price - expiry price, that is, how much you have to mine from 1200, you will do 1150 i.e. 1200 - 1150, then how much profit did you have A 50 dollars because you paid 1.3 premium then how much will be your actual profit 48.7 You will get the actual profit of the dollar, it is so clear to you, now let me explain to you one more time how the loss is, this is the market price is $ 1280, this price is going on, you paid a premium, the strike price of $ 1.3 is the market has come here now Here from 1280 till today i.e. 22nd October, the price kept going on here

. Man let's go down a bit if we take man here 1100 not 1250 if man takes man then what I told you now how will you get profit 1200 - here it turns upside down if you go for call then expiry price means Out of this price you ghataenge the strike price but when you go for put then you ghataenge the expiry price out of the strike price i.e. whatever price you are closing is the price you will do 1200 - 1250 then how much will your mines 50 i.e. $50 you are in loss because you paid a premium of only one decimal $3, so the maximum loss will be yours, you can not lose more than that i.e. overall it is that when you go for the put, your expiry from the strike price If the price or what you have closed will be below, then your profit will be understood, you must have understood this, now I will show you this by looking at the live example of this, like here I go on call and I am this man. Let me show this below, I click on it on 4.5, so here you have a I have to go see this transfer means how much

money is lying in my wallet, then spot here I make the confirm transfer, so our fan is already valid in this option, now it is open here, it is closed when your first will be open then You can close that means if you want to close the trade before the expiry, you feel that we have got so much profit in the present time then you can close it, while the pay is fine, now here is the limit. Let me keep the market, let the market be limited The total cost that you will be charged will be your cost of $ 4.95, that means you will have to pay so much premium, you have to click here, it has been successful, now you can see it here, then show your loss and profit here It will look ok here you will see everything that is proper, this style price hai this time tu expiry means even today 20 hours 9 minutes left will expire ok and if i want to close it here i will go to close position here and it is 100% i will confirm it here then mine here If it will be closed, then here you will see, it has just gone pending, as here it means I had bought the option here, I had bought the call option here and what should happen here if I am selling then there in the party in front There should also be a biker, so when he buys, then I will be able to execute and sell, well, till then we will be pending here because there are not many users in which there may be a little bit of your pay time in selling here. It may seem that as you have

seen here, this means that you can do option trading here for a few days, it means premium bike here, but if you want to hurry here, fifth 10-10 minutes For this, you will get the daily option here, you have to click on it, then you have to see the option of 5 minutes here in front of you. You will get 10 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour 4 hours 1 day means you can also do pay option trading here for fifth 10 minutes, how to do you have to select here in 5 minutes then now take 10 minutes like there pay time a little It was more but here the whole game will be happening for only 10-10 minutes, the price of bitcoin is going on here right now I do this therium because till now I was making these 3 videos, these three will come here for us. Now live price is running live price of 1275 is running and here pay is 5 minutes select, here pay will see, it is call, it is put and this is VOL, which means you are together and not hold both positions Can mean you can put the call up for the output at the same price for the bottom so what if man take here we have 10 dollars which is if one also makes our profit 20 or 30 dollars then both of us Even though we will remain in profit, then here you have given this option i.e. VOL, you can hold both call and put together, go to this option

. If you want to go for single call then you will go here, it will go for put, here it is right here I explain to you here I am selected for 5 minutes and here I put quantity bye ithe is how much ethirium i have to buy man play man if i do only one therium then i don't have fund here for same therium i have 0.5 here i do 0.5 here it is showing available zero so i will pay it here I will click it, I transfer it, I go back, it is complete after replacing the spot here, I would have reversed it, you support the option, confirm transfer, now here I go to the future, then here on the daily option I go, now the available balance will be visible in front of you, then you will have a total show here, now here I pay $244 here in quantity 83, then you will see only one thing I have, if I want to take 5 minutes So here the premium of $ 16 is $ 17 , it keeps going up and down a bit, okay this is $ 17 to pick me up here. And for 5 minutes I will have only one three hum A. You can do whatever you have here for 0.1, so for 0.13M you will be charged $ 1.7 for 5 minutes here I call here click now Let me explain to you here how everything is cleared will see here for 5 minutes I want to call buy market price whatever is going on now whatever is going on now I will show you here for pay break and price break and price means $ 1293 i.e. want to go for call, then

within 5 minutes if it is below 1293 then our loss will be ok and the more dollar goes up to $ 1293, the more I will make profit there, how can I calculate Here you will see an option of target price which is not there, on this you have to click here then you can calculate here this is the strike price plus you have to enter the input value here, the strike price will show you here. There is this type price of $ 1275 i.e. how much price will go up from the strike price, then how much profit will you make here In the input value I give the team, let's man, if I do 10 dollars, then how much profit will I make, then only I will have a loss of 0.76, how much is the strike price Babu

will go up to $ 1275 i.e. 10 points i.e. 1285 within 5 minutes when it will happen also i will have so much loss here so i pay 20 instead of 10 here i am seeing this ok here the pay price will not go that is a different matter if i pay 25 here then 25 dollars if i pay there I do that means 1275 plus it's 25 ok i.e. $1300 is reached within 5 minutes to ₹ 1300, then I will get profit of 0.74 team here, it's clear you canning here means $ 1293 this is break and

price is ok 1293 Dollar break and price means when it will go up then only your profit will be there then how can you get out here is 1275 and break and whatever is 1293 then it is fat and fat kitta gone 15 days 18 dollars then if you put 18 dollars here, don't you? So the loss you will have will be equal to 18 , so if you look here, then 1275 plus 18 will be approximately 1293, so your loss is not that one. Level pay will be level means there will be no loss or profit, that's all you will get is so clear that you should stay above 1293 when you are buying E3 here, within 5 minutes yours will also expire within 5 minutes If the price doesn't go there, then you will be completely locked, ok now if you increase the quantity in the same way, then you will have to pay more premium, even if you increase the pay timing here, you will have to pay more premium, now see how much is the premium for 10 minutes here 2.2 If you do it for 4 hours in the same way, then you will pay $10 here, if you do it for 8 hours, then it will be $ 16, you will go on filling it in the same way, if you want to go for put, then I have the same cream here . That $10 to 10 minutes is selected here ok so how much will I pay the premium 17 means it should go down ok let me show you pay put here now you will see pay break and price here this type your price is 1275 Break and price is 1257 i.e.

the more it goes below 1257, the more you will make profit here. It will be clear, how much time do you have, you have 10 minutes of free time, so now there is no fluctuation in the pay market, then if you don't have enough money in one 10 minutes , then overall you will also become lassi, you understand if the market If there is no fluctuation, then you will have a loss, you should do option trading only when the market is running well, then you can have a good profit there, if there is a loss, then your premium will go to profit , then good profit will be clear to you now Here calculate the target price click on this and here is how much I value here from the strike price because I put 50 here 50 points down ie 1275 because I will calculate here ie out of 1275 When we get 50 ghataenge i.e. 1225A, if the price goes to 1225 then I will get so much profit 12 31 The team will get profit on here, then in this way you can get your pay profit here, we will see here what is the break and price. If the price goes up to $ 1257 1257 then your no loss no loss no pay The profit will go below 1297, the more your loss will be 1257 Since 12 was not sorry 1257 , then the more you go above 1257, the more your loss will go below 1257, the more your profit will be for put ie if you take a call If you have been above the break and price, the more profit will be below the break and the price, then your loss will be, now in the same way if you want to put both above and below what is written, then how much premium will have to be paid here by adding both If you show me here, here I do one and see this in the cell and also in this , then it is about 40, so it is almost that which will be of both here and here, because here also there is one. Dollar is because there is quantity on here as well, then both of them got the call, both of you got the call here and you will pay both the positions together here, how will you click on the pay wall here, now you will see the target price here. Who is asking you what is not the immense price here and is

also asking the target price of the people here. That is, how much plus should the one here be, how much plus should it be from the strike price Okay so man let's put the value you want to put here to see what I am showing here it is okay to see So your profit will be so much, if you will make 100 dollars down, then both of these will also make so much profit, okay if there is an upper price ie the one who is with the call is 100 points i.e. the strike price is 1275 i.e. will go to 1375 then your profit will be $ 66 and down 100 i.e. put, if I have put it here and this is 1275, this type price will be 1175 here, then this will be your profit of $ 66, that means one profit will give you, the other one will give you a loss, okay so much to you If you have been cleared, then friends, now I hope that you must have understood the options trading, what are the options in the option, where are we, how much loss , how much profit can be made at what price, okay so much you mean in so simple. We don't think anyone teaches you on YouTube, all those people will show them by opening like this, we have put He put it but no one told you with such a proper calculation, if you think that someone has told or told, then you people will dislike it, it seems that if you learn something new then people can like our channel will subscribe brother People because without your support or without you people, I am nothing, whatever I am, all of you change, so I realize this thing friends, rest of us are very early now, not option trading, future trading By taking we are also going to give signals so that whatever your brothers and people together make money because basic you should come first only after that you dream of making profit without knowledge if you ghusenge in trading then your loss is defintely no one can stop So how long will it last for you, if you understand my point, then you should like and subscribe on this matter, brother, meet then in the next video with the topic inside, till then Baba and take care

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