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greetings and salutations YouTube this is Sage AKA Sage the urban witch and I'm coming online with you guys to do a pick a card reading in my own special way of a one card quickie so please do it this time select a card between one and three or you may choose more than one if you like also I want to let you guys know for those of you who are new to my channel that again my name is Sage AKA Sage the urban witch and I am an empath an introvert A Healer a starseed a Mystic a magician and a witch and I do read for this special Collective so chances are if you come across my channel and you see or hear a message that resonates with your spirit chances are you are either a magician or a witch or you consider yourself to be more spiritual rather than religious also want to let you guys know that I do have a spirit jar here with pre-written and pre-channel questions and whatever question that I pull from the jar that will be the message of the day that spirit and I would like to impart to you guys as my viewers okay so I haven't said that guys let's get right into it do hope that you guys are doing well today okay you and your families okay hope that all is well see what do we have here this one says what is their karma for minding your business rather than their own interesting what is their karma for minding your business rather than their own uh-huh this is a very very interesting and a very important question for those of you guys out there my fellow Mystics you magicians and witches okay those of you those of you guys out there were you know it's no thing for you guys to mind your own business because you know you got to do okay a lot of people rely on you guys okay you guys are that proverbial Superman Superwoman for those people in your lives those people that lean and depend on you okay uh because you are that star you are that a factor not only outside of your family but inside of your family so you guys you know you're oftentimes you know uh putting out a lot of fires for people you're oftentimes the first one that is called when someone needs help or someone has an issue so you know by default because you are that type of person I'm hearing that strong friend okay uh the strong one that everyone comes to and caveat you guys uh make sure that you keep balance on that and maintain that so that you won't wear yourself out okay but um as a result of that you know you know it's no thank for and shall I say it's a little bit normal for you guys to be in other people's business not because you're nosy not because you're envious or jealous okay but simply because people pull you into their business because they see you as the uh the solution they see you as the problem solver they see you as someone that can see you know Beyond the Veil you know you're spiritually gifted you guys are very practical you know you may have uh education your book smart a lot of you guys are street smart and then you know um you know hey you are a triple threat because you're also uh spiritually Discerning and uh very spiritually gifted and smart as well okay but you know unfortunately dear one you know even though you go out of your way to help people and you know you're not in their business because you know you want to be but because people drag you into it you know uh that's just the way that it is however unlike you uh where you mind the business that pays you unfortunately other people around you dear one uh and even those that you guys tend to help ironically you know that's a topic for a whole nother video but you guys would be surprised you know it's usually the main ones that you have come in uh you know giving hugs love praise you know trying to uplift and motivate and Inspire those are the ones they want that will try to you know take your head off okay because of their envy and their jealousy it's the ones that you try to help a lot of times unfortunately will be the ones that one that will betray you and stab you in your back and so you know for the purpose of this reading dear one we're gonna focus on Karma okay uh Karma as it relates to what is their karma whomever they are okay okay what is their karma dear one for minding your business rather than their own because we know that when people mind our business you know they're up to no good okay they have a some type of Nefarious agenda okay they have some type of a secret Saboteur or a secret uh sabotage or undermining that they have planned okay this is their intention or they wouldn't be so worried about trying to track your moves okay so we're gonna tap into Spirit you guys and we're gonna find out what is the what's up okay uh and speaking of what's up spirit says uh listen up okay uh for the messages all right let's tap in foreign Spirit can I get some Channel messages please for what is their karma for minding your business viewer rather than their own what is their karma whomever they are what is their karma for minding your business rather than their own that was real deep and sharp okay uh death I just heard death uh yeah some of them they're gonna have some mothers if they're still living they're going to be uh wearing those black dresses Okay yeah there will be some uh slow singing and flower bringing okay because your ancestors alarms kept ringing and they tried to warn whoever this was to get out of your business and to mind their own but they could not do it dear one this is a person uh whose energy I'm tapping into very very pathologically envious okay of some of these um individuals did one you would be shocked okay uh because of their title they may call themselves mother they may call themselves Uncle uh-huh they may call themselves niece nephew cousin um shame on them okay and for some of you guys dear one these are people that you guys don't even know from a can of paint okay uh they can be you know online trolls okay people that are in a similar Niche or field as you and you know they're all trolling your uh you know social media accounts you know trying to stop you block you some of them you know trying to hex you send evil eye okay just all kinds of crazy stupid some of them dear ones uh these particular individuals uh death is coming to them okay that becomes you is what I'm hearing uh from Spirit okay I love it when Spirit gets poetic okay yeah um these are some of you guys these particular individuals are lovers okay ex-lovers uh-huh some of them dear ones are wannabes those that wish that they would have been a lover some of them they're lying on your name okay lying and saying that you know they are a love of word lover you're this sneaky link you know you and they have history it's a lie okay uh this person the only history that they have which you did want uh as I'm tapping into the energy they have a history of being obsessed with your ass over the years okay they have a history of uh stalking and lurking both on and offline but some of them okay and uh you know uh Death Becomes them is what I'm hearing from Spirit these particular individuals are pathological and you know it is time for them to be purged a lot of them are going to be purged year one uh because they are blocking uh your peace they are blocking your destiny they are blocking your four movement and this goes beyond the opportunities and blessings that Spirit and the most high in your ancestors have for you uh you guys are called to a lot of people a lot of you guys uh who are at the sound of my voice okay who are a part of my Collective Vibe tribe okay not your cross watches okay not you okay uh but the uh Soul tribe here that I am assigned to and that is assigned to me even if only on an energetic and on a soul level okay a lot of you guys you know you're called to the masses okay there's a global calling over your life and so you know it's when it when someone blocks you and tries to stop you and abort your destiny and your purpose okay that's a causes a ripple an abdominal effect okay not only in the ethos but in certain timelines okay that causes Ripples and that causes changes to other people's Destiny who are tied to yours because there may be something that you say something that you sell something that you create something that you sing something that you produce come through Spirit something that you write okay something that you orchestrate something that you choreograph come through Spirit something that you build something that you resurrect that is assigned to their Spirit to their soul to their purpose okay and when you up someone else's uh you know path when you try to get in a way when the enemy tries to get in the way to one of your path they are essentially getting in the way of hundreds of thousands and even potentially millions of souls out there who are called to a higher purpose and you know the most high does not take kindly to that okay that's when he leverages off his leg and kicks off in the ass of your enemies and so this is a very serious offense here for whomever this particular uh idiot is okay who has been constantly minding your business dear one rather than their own uh karma for them spirit says Point Blank period death okay and I'm not hearing you know death in terms of a dream death in terms of you know their fantasy or or Illusion of taking you down or being with you uh he said death okay uh you know get that black dress uh flower bring in slow singing you know um if you dance in the street with the casket okay if that's your style of funeral okay or if you just cry and fall out you know at a Baptist or Pentecostal Church okay or you know if you're more dignified with it you know if you are of a Catholic origin or Presbyterian okay uh and you just sit up straight very dignify okay whatever the case may be okay this person their karma uh is death and I'm also hearing from Spirit um they will recycle back reincarnate into another timeline okay okay another lifetime uh on the bottom down on the bottom down okay is what I'm hearing from Spirit yeah lots of karma would be on them so if they were an abuser a perpetrator a game stalker in this lifetime okay the next lifetime they would be the Target or the recipient of that type of abuse okay is what I'm hearing from Spirit if they belong to some type of karmic family that were that was a part of the black bootleg skull and bones okay uh Rose secretions you know uh the Kabbalah okay uh the dark side of the Nation of Islam of a Muslim of uh you know the um mega churches you know of uh Brotherhood Sisterhood of the military they would be targets or victims of that very same type of uh family okay where it would be done unto them as opposed to them being a part of that and doing it unto other people you know wreaking havoc in the lives of other people okay they would be a a part a character in someone else's Truman Show okay when they reincarnate back again okay to uh pay off that karmic debt okay is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay very very serious business here so we're going to come out of the channel messages you guys into the reading and there should be very very interesting so spirit says pay attention and let's continue to tap in now for those of you guys uh who chose card one and you want to know what is their karma whomever they are okay what is their karma for minding your business rather than their own all up in your Kool-Aid and don't know the flavor who this Papa who this woman who this right here uh-huh we got the page of cups in Reverse we got the page of cups in Reverse okay yeah spirit is saying you know they will be able to get nothing off the ground everything that they start it would be like some type of a false start okay I'm hearing whatever type of uh creative project whatever type of business plan whatever type of whatever whatever type of relationship that appears to have some type of budding you know um romance or you know it appears to be going somewhere all of a sudden it would fall to the ground okay the business will not get off the ground the Friendship the relationship uh will not get off the ground it will fizzle just as soon as it fizzled up it will fizzle out is what I'm I'm hearing from Spirit okay also dear Juan as part of this karma for this person I'm hearing um they will cry rivers of Tears I'm hearing from Spirit they will cry rivers of Tears okay this is a person dear one that's part of their karma they would be so tormented that you know on the days where they're not crying it will be like you know a good day it would be a miracle because they will cry so much they will cry in no pain they will no struggle they were no opposition everything will take you know uh so much uh struggle so much pain so much trauma so much hard work so much Blood Sweat and Tears I'm hearing they will toil uh for everything that they get they will toil for every penny that is made okay for every penny that they make they will have people surrounded by them dear one that would be trying to uh steal it from them okay it's as if okay for every dollar they will be in debt a hundred dollars they will be like a Perpetual slave an indentured servant come through spirit always trying to figure out how can they get back on the upswing instead of continuing to fall and spiral out of control okay everyone that they have known that they have called friend family member brother sister will turn on them okay they will have no allies around them they will be surrounded by the wolves and she's clothing just like them they will come to understand it when I'm hearing from Spirit on a fundamental level that there is always someone that's bigger and better than you there's all always someone that can punch harder there's always someone that can snake you deeper there's always someone that can you know uh you know help you depart from your money steal your money from you rob you okay set you up and trap you and snare you okay this person will not be able to uh sleep with any degree of Peace okay I'm hearing every person that they have done dirty every person that they have really um exploit it okay that they have really sabotaged undermined black male blacklisted gang stalk to rest a bully oh I'm also hearing trigger warning sexually assaulted rapes okay violated stole from uh whoa like you know the Pandora's box of this particular person has opened up on him or herself okay uh the Wrath is on their ass okay not only will their uh so-called foes and supporters rise up against them but also uh their foes uh I'm also hearing the ancestors of the ones that they slain this particular individual dear one uh for some reason this is a very very heavy reading so this may be tapping into those of you guys who have gone through extreme cases of people minding your business to the point where it has caused you guys a lot of setbacks a lot of trauma a lot of pain some of you guys are suffering from PTSD as a result of it some of you guys are on medication because of it okay some of you guys are running um and you are in a state of uh almost living like a refugee okay running from City to City to state to state because you're being stalked the gang starved harass bully black ball blacklisted King get a job get a job lose a job you know find a friend lose a friend betrayal all around you okay so these are some very serious situations for those of you guys who are part of my vibe tribe okay as I'm tapping into your energy so the karma for these okay uh is very deep and very heavy indeed okay I'm hearing that song Cry Me a River comfy spirit I don't know if that's Timberlake old school yeah uh they will definitely be crying a river okay no one will come to their rescue okay some of them dear ones they will end up on Skid Row I'm hearing the streets knew their name this is a particular person they're one who was a constantly minding and meddling and your business dear one because they were literally trying to destroy you some of them did ones they were trying to set up a trap for you uh for you to be uh set out on the stroll you know uh sex trafficked okay uh they tried to get you on the pole or on the stroll okay yeah some of them did one they wanted to uh get you strung out they tried to get you uh addicted to drugs okay and it wasn't a sample for some of them dear one that came up into your life simply to destroy you and to be that uh devil masquerading as an angel of Light masquerading as a lover but they were really a hater and the the worst sense of the word it was it went beyond oh try this uh line of cocaine oh let me uh lift your arm up let me uh give you a shot with this needle one time you know it's a hide that you know you never had you got to try one time don't knock it till you try none of that type of thing where it was like you know persuading you where you at least had the free will to say yay or nay um we're talking this person dear one uh who was around you who was in your life okay who tried to set you up in some way shape or form this is the type of person they want now for some of you guys this has happened to okay some of you guys this was meant for you and because they continue to keep trying to keep trying to set you up okay uh death will be their karma okay uh your ancestors and uh spirit is tired of these okay and uh he's about to purge them he is about to do away with them Spirit uh you guys is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay uh but but going back to the drug scene going back to how this person you know was so diabolical it wasn't a matter of them trying to turn you out Dear one by you know at least presenting it to you and then you know tempting you or seducing you but you still have the power to say no these would be the type of that will spike your drink uh-huh they would crush up Rohypnol aka the date drug roofie in your drink okay so for you to pass out so that they can violate you and have their homies run or trained on you and then tape your ass and put you on the dark side of the web and then continue to make money off of your assault off of your violation we talking about this type of low down dirty gutter rat mud duck ass trash here okay uh that's why I say as I'm tapping it to the ethos here or why their karma is so heavy dear one is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay yeah uh they will cry rivers of Tears okay nothing that they do will work for them okay the more that they reach out to touch something the more that it will turn uh to okay it won't turn to Gold it will turn to okay it's like everywhere they go enemies will rise up against them dear one uh this particular person they're going to be hunted okay I'm hearing Bounty Hunter they will go from City to City okay and nowhere where they begin will they be able to make a life for themselves every car that they purchase will be a limit okay uh every place that they go to will be a money pit okay money will pour out of their pockets like water dear one they will essentially only be making money just to lose it because you know that is how uh deep the karma goes okay it's one thing to just be poor and you just don't have no money it's another thing where every dollar every penny that you make you lose or you know for every dollar dollar you make you end up on ten dollars for every you know hundred dollars you make you end up on a thousand okay this is a type of karma dear one I'm hearing will compound interest at uh is happening uh to this particular person dear one who just continued to mind and meddle in your business rather than their own for some of you guys this was a work uh situation a work environment you guys may have a type of pattern here unfortunately where you know you would go from job to job you know job only lasts three months six months didn't last long enough for you to get any type of benefits or anything you know any type of uh you know uh sick leave medical leave or anything like that okay no type of benefits and then as soon as it was time to kick in up you know something went down you know you lost it it didn't fall through uh something you know Shady was placed on your evaluation reports okay or you know they're the uh workplace mobbing and bullying began okay all because people are so goddamn meddling and so triggered by you and your lighting what you got going on that they can't mind the business that pays them but they damn show all up and you all's business and then and then in the midst of that minding your business they're trying to stop your pay uh-huh they're trying to you know block your first and 15. they're trying to you know block your ability to you know be a blessing to be of service to other people you know heavy heavy karma for these interviews visuals is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay also some of them dear ones um they're going to part of their karma would be a drug overdose it would be a drug overdose uh-huh they dipping and dapping in the Molly and the Ecstasy and the Percocet okay uh abusing their um their their Pharmaceuticals that they need to balance their hormones and balance they brain and get their mind right okay but you know they're using it as some type of a drug of Escape okay and uh they will pay for that daily they will overdose is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay some of them are going to be publicly humiliated everywhere they go people would be like oh my God Tony is that you bro what happened to you see what's happening to these particular individuals now do one what I'm hearing from Spirit is that wherever they started the they didn't uprooted and you know trying to move away to another city to another town uh but I'm hearing you can run but you can't hide okay that karma is following they ask wherever they go also some of them dear one they have some type of demonic attachments to them these P these uh entities these Spirits are like servitors so whomever sent them out on this person it follows them like a monitoring Spirit wherever they go so it doesn't matter if they go across Seas on the other side of the globe okay it doesn't matter if they move from house to apartment to a Goddamn van life okay uh they can run but they can't hide they gonna get that Karma they gonna get that smoke okay is what I'm hearing from Spirit and see a lot of you guys spirit is saying you guys won't even have to get your hands dirty okay you won't have to do any return to send us okay it is all in the oh wow I just heard it's all in the Master's hands come through spirit yeah uh there's heavy wrath and uh the most high is not pleased the most high is angry and that is the one being the one entity you do not want to get on uh the most highest bad side you know that's a wrap for your ass because he will unleash uh all of the darker entities that work beneath him under him that must bow down to him he'll unleash them out on your ass and you won't have any protection and you'll call out to him but he will not answer okay I'm hearing that sacred text come come out from among me uh come away from me I never knew you okay don't call my name I don't know you okay that's very cold that's cold-blooded when you know you call out to the most high but he does not hear you and he turns away from you you know you you you gotta love you all you know shit's creek without a paddle there as they say uh-huh and so uh that is definitely did one some of the karma or that I'm hearing from Spirit this person will be tormented some of them will try to off themselves but they will not be able to do it okay some of them did one they're going to be incarcerated and that is where the uh they would be gang stalked in the prisons okay uh uh their life will be toyed with gambled with played with okay oh wow their body parts will be played with okay all right Spirit uh some of them do one they will have a enter into a psychotic break some some of them would be um institutionalized is what I'm hearing from Spirit and they they too would be uh tormented by those uh and tranquil Spirits uh that are have been Unleashed on their ass as they have opened up that Pandora's Box I'm hearing they have one last chance to turn away from their Wicked Ways to repent uh to essentially to leave you alone because they're meddling in your business there one you know it had a very Sinister agenda to it it wasn't just about you know being in your business and to aggravate you it was being in your business to abort your destiny being in your business to offer you up as a sacrifice being in your business to you know um everything that you try to do you try to have babies you know they you know casting uh anti-fertility spells and you guys are having miscarriages and this is happening you get into a relationship and you know uh the person goes ape because they have some type of black magic casted on them and you know they beating you and knocking you upside the head you know they've turned into a mad dog and you know we shoot Mad Dogs over here we don't play that you know uh uh we do that work too because we understand on the fundamental level that you know there's always people that's jealous and envious of what you got okay if they ain't in no relationship that's high vibrational and happy and harmonious they want yours okay and so you know you always got to you know uh operate knowing that you know people are constantly coming for you because that's just how low vibrational and retro that they are so you stay on the post okay you pray without seasoning you stay on the post okay and you commence to do that work you know that's what you must do to protect your family to protect your loved ones to protect your marriage okay uh you know your husbands you know they protect you financially and they protect you you know physically but you know the Divine feminist is your job to protect him you know and you all and your the sanctity of your marriage or your partnership uh spiritually okay you call down that fire from the heavens okay you put a cloak of protection around yours you and yours okay that's what you must do well you know this particular individual did one that was constantly minding you all's business okay you know it wasn't just about you know him being a homewrecker uh this particular person just did not want you all to have any love okay they will definitely um you know a hiring practitioners readers okay bone throwers okay uh shell diviners and all of this and all of that okay uh trying to tap into you guys as akashic records okay and really just trying to abort every seed in your life that would bring about some type of uh productivity peace happiness and fulfillment okay so this person was essentially trying to play the God in your life that's serious business and for that that's a serious consequence okay and so uh the consequences and the karma this mofo will get okay is what I'm hearing from Spirit uh-huh yeah also I'm here from Spirit uh part of their karma too is uh you know why they're so busy minding your business dear one you know they're going to be contracting all types of uh sexually transmitted diseases I am hearing a combination of herpes and HIV that's gross because I'm seeing some blisters that that I'm stuttering because it just looks horrendous that spirit is showing it to me yeah I don't even know how to describe it it's like cauliflower bubbling up under the skin it's like a cystic acne on steroids it's just very gross is what it is and it I guess spirit is telling me that it kind of feels very painful like shingles so it's kind of like everywhere this person moves okay it's like pain that shoots all up and down his nerves that's how painful it feels okay so if you got it on his ass you know I don't know half the time he might have to kneel might have to lay on one side of his ass okay uh cause them goddamn blisters that break out there from the combination of uh AIDS and herpes is so painful spreading all over and all under his body and all inside of his body that all he knows is pain pain it hurts when he cries it hurts when he breathes it hurts when he pisses it hurts when he does the number two the Jew the doing the do it hurts uh-huh yeah and so whoa spirit said uh that's not the half of it this is some serious ass Karma right here I've never I've never had a karmic reading come through like this uh like this one so far okay but we're gonna move on you guys because I'm already at the 20 Minute Market we got to do number two and number three okay so for those of you guys who chose card one and you want to know what is their karma for minding your business rather than their own okay you're this particular person could very well be a Taurus uh heavy Taurus heavy Virgo heavy Capricorn uh-huh Aries cancer Gemini Libra and I'm also hearing Scorpio Rising Capricorn Moon as well and Sagittarius Rising thank you Spirit that's for the an aquarius Rising thank you Spirit that's for those of you guys who chose carb wine um you know it's one thing to make uh someone's ancestors mad it's a whole nother thing when you have to deal with the Wrath of the most high it sucks to be you for those uh that chose card one you lost enemies okay uh they're karma for being unable and unwilling okay and stuck on stupid for not knowing how to mind their business instead of you all's sucks to be them all right let's move on for those of you guys who chose car two and you want to know what is their karma for minding your business rather than their own uh-huh we have a fool we have the full comfy Spirit I'm hearing that you know every trap that they set for you they gonna fall in because they're just dumb and stupid okay every lie that they tell okay it's gonna be hard for them to try to cover up that line with another one and it's going to snowball out of effect and so part of their karma J-1 is going to be public humiliation some of them dear ones I'm here for Spirit their fakiness front and pretending as though they haven't made they are in some type of a beautiful uh marriage where it's like wealth and you know they get fluid out and they have this Prestige and oh don't you want to be like me don't you want to have this perfect beautiful life don't you want to make this type of money okay some of them do what I'm hearing from Spirit for those of you guys who chose car two they are definitely in the industry okay it could be Sports industry music industry uh film industry heavy film industry as far as Atlanta should I say this spirit I'll give the initials those who may be affiliated with that studio in Atlanta by that dude TP I just leave it at that okay yeah um spirit is saying that um part of their karma did one is public humiliation a lot of them is going to be their cover is going to be blown dear one that uh they were with their wife and their wife was just a beard okay they were on the down low on the low note okay but it goes beyond that okay this is a type of public humiliation where some of them they got tapes on their ass and not the type of tapes that they want to get put out so that they can make millions of dollars and build some type of Empire off of a sex tape it goes beyond that this these are the type of tapes that you know they wouldn't want anyone to see okay they didn't want they wouldn't want to get out to the light of day uh these are type of tapes you know where it's some type of bestiality going on yeah uh wow you know the pastor not only has a boyfriend but the pastors uh got a pet dog that's his lover ew this is some sick ass that I'm tapping into yeah we talking about public humiliation where uh it'll be discovered that you know um when they say rain and showers I mean a totally different thing it's a totally different connotation okay they're going to have a tapes be publicly exposed recordings okay streams of them giving golden showers and receiving them okay is what I'm hearing from Spirit and some of those nasty disgusting ass sex rituals where they are um spirit is showing me a vision I where they are kneeled down with a uh what is that thing you guys over their eyes blindfold thank you Spirit uh they have handcuffs behind their back they're on their knees thank you Spirit they are surrounded by uh yuck nasty ass uh men in a prominent high places who are naked some of them they have their boxes on but you know they have something out I'll just leave that to your imagination and they are chanting and they are uh spirit what's the way that I can say this that's PG unloading thank you Spirit they are chanting and they are unloading on this particular person as he is inside of some type of circle this is some type of sexual orgy some type of ritual sacrifice and spirit is saying this kind of feeds some type of lower dark principality arconic demon uh that feeds on this type of uh spirit cooking type of sacrifice here where there's all types of bodily fluids being exchanged semen blood urine it's wet adrenal crawl spit this is some sick ass okay but not only does it feed the principality dear one but it also inhabits this particular person and it inhabits all of those uh who are a part of this sex ritual this is going to come out and this is going to cause some type of big Ruckus In on the media I'm hearing a public TV News Network social media and radio uh Network okay wow this watch for it spirit is saying some of you guys watch for this now because some of y'all gonna get an opportunity to see this play out okay and you'll remember that whoop Sage said something about a person being publicly humiliated and some of those dark tapes from the Dark Side of the web coming out and being exposed and a person literally being demoted uh right in front of your eyes these are people who are politicians these are people who are a part of the religious sector these are people who are part of the spiritual uh herbalists uh holistic healing sector you know you know they talk about you know herbs and things of that nature and Kundalini and you know uh keeping the pineal gland open and decalcified and having all types of sex orgies and rituals and when they go to Resorts and spas and Retreats at the mountains you know on the mountains you know on the Retreats of Mount Shasta and you know Retreats you know near Mount Everest and Retreats around uh some place around Arizona Sedona some of these places where they have a lot of portals and uh heavy uh Galactic enter and extraterrestrial activity is where they'd be having these goddamn orgies and a lot of this stuff is going to be coming out and they're going to be exposed but what does this have to do what you didn't want this has something to do with you because of something about you through six degrees of separation or less you either know somebody that is a boy or a girl that gets down with this with this ranking janky ass you know it's a very very small world sometimes you guys could just be a mind of your own business you know you didn't popped up and you doing well in the business you didn't opened up a beauty salon you didn't opened up some type of yoga studio you didn't got a loan to open up a business to do hair and uh there's people like this that be lurking around you all okay you just doing your own lotta thing and you know they got their eyes on you you know they want to recruit you they're trying to put spells on you and okay and they're sent out to you guys to uh you know as honeypots as a particular love interest you know it's particular friends that's particular mentors okay that's the connection because they're drawn to your life it's not that you're in this dark CD shadowy world is that they are and they are attracted to you which is of the light okay and through some uh type of transaction or six degrees of separation or less uh you guys ventured into their um their target their uh their radar okay through something that you were doing producing creating okay and uh that's how you know they set out to lay eyes on you and Target you okay they try to play you for the fool okay I'm also hearing here for those of you guys who chose car two okay part of them um minding your business and instead of mining their own dear one uh was definitely having something to do with money okay having something to do with money okay uh trying to uh strip you guys of your businesses okay uh I'm also hearing money dealing with insurance policies money dealing with identity theft uh fraud okay I'm also hearing love fraud okay I'm hearing insurance fraud and scams okay foreign I keep seeing the word policy policy has something to do with policies and contracts okay something that you have that they want okay is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay and I'm also hearing uh blacklisting these particular people didn't want they think that you guys are so stupid so naive they think that because you don't they assume shall I say that you guys don't know anything about the dark side of the world the dark side of the spiritual World spirituality the Dark Side of business and commerce the Dark Side of government military industry uh they thought that they could play you guys for a fool okay they thought that you would be easy target okay I'm hearing fresh meat fresh meat okay and I also just heard Silence of the Lamb so uh this person may either might either like that old school movie or he's just a crazy or she that has this type of energy of that person Hannibal Lecter on them they have a Hannibal Lecter Spirit dear one okay and see they're meddling all in y'all's business because there's something about your ability to manifest and to create okay it has something to do with money money I keep hearing policies and contracts policies and contracts okay uh so yeah they're gonna have some very serious karma is what I'm hearing from Spirit I heard death for uh someone also as well okay I also heard uh sexually transmitted diseases and demons okay they're gonna have freak accidents some of them dear one some of them are going to have I'm hearing a fatal car accident somebody is going to have a stroke where they're the right side of their body spirit is telling me it's going to be immobilizer going to be wheelchair bounds okay spear says uh some of them are going to be uh sacrificed for an insurance policy sacrifice for a contract a contract a hit a hit I also heard gang stalking uh-huh some of them are affiliated with uh and have ties to gang activities that are tied to police forces police force and gangs that combine together and they work together on the low low um and it's like people in that vicinity or that area when they get business contracts and loans and buildings they have no idea that who they're getting the money from and who is a part of that contract are people that is part of this Shady dark cabal and for some of you guys they're they're one this is how you guys got caught up with this particular uh these people here or this particular person that is definitely trying to uh they're meddling in your business because it's something about they're trying to strip you of your money they're trying to strip you of your wealth a business a contract a deal policies policies okay and uh they have their eyes on you and they think that you're a fool you're not the wiser but they're sadly mistaken because you guys are heavily protected uh by Spirit your your spiritual ranking is very high and you may look naive but you're not naive at all okay this is just a cover okay but some of you guys got those baby faces and you don't look like where you came from okay and uh people don't know about looking at you you know the the type of spiritual initiation by fire that you guys went through you a tear a up in the spirit Realms and in the natural Realms you are protected okay yeah um some of you guys I'm hearing that you're kind of like this may be a little offensive to you all but this is the vision that I'm seeing in the spirit it's like you're being dangled like a carrot in front of these ravenous wolves and it's a setup they think they're setting you up dear one but they're setting themselves up setting themselves up for demise okay and I just heard buried alive buried alive someone is going to be tormented where they're literally going to be put in a coffin and this also I'm here for spitters a part of their trauma-based mind control as well okay they oftentimes get simulated they get traumatized and abused by being placed in cages and then being placed in coffins and whoo literally being buried alive this is a part of their trauma based mind control is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay heavy heavy Karma that is taking place here this has a heavy industry component on it is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay yeah that's for those of you guys who chose car two okay yeah um they they're gonna be too busy trying to um get out of the the wrath of their own creation they're trying to escape the Pandora's Box that they open up on themselves dear one for with you all and for minding your business instead of their own okay you know you guys have gone into business about to go into business you know somebody around you uh is in some type of business or there's something on you guys in terms of a contract or a policy and these particular individuals are all up in your business because they're trying to take it from you okay experiences they also may be trying to lock you in one okay it could go both ways all right that's for those of you guys who chose car two uh U of these ratchet ass people here could very well be allele cancer scorpio Pisces Aries Gemini Taurus and Virgo I'm also hearing Capricorn rising Leo moon Virgo moan thank you Spirit that's for those of you guys who chose car too and look at here I got five minutes left on my timer uh number three we're gonna get to you right quick and see what Spirit wants you guys to know okay and so for those of you guys who chose car three and you want to know what is their karma for minding your business rather than their own uh-huh we have the king king of Pentacles and I just heard Kingpin Kingpin uh someone did one they will be uh have some type of Kingpin Unleashed on them uh-huh they will be submitted onto some type of Kingpin okay they will be tortured by some type of Kingpin okay this is a drug-affiliated gang Affiliated Mafia Affiliated okay I'm also hearing Brotherhood um I keep hearing King Kingpin Kingpin okay this has something to do with drug trafficking sex trafficking this has something to do with a contraband um wow yeah this person's definitely going to get caught up is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay this person whomever they are dear one and they could be in the industry uh the people that they roll with roll with okay they have ties all the way to uh different Islands okay different ports travel ports so you know they have connections anywhere where there's by water so you know California you know by the water they have ports okay Cuba uh Brazil okay I'm here from Spirit New York okay by the water okay Chicago the Chicago River by the water okay uh New Orleans uh by the Water by the Bayou by the Mississippi River by the ports okay they set up locations in those particular parts of the states okay uh Detroit because Detroit is close to Canada and it's also by the water so they have ports and all of these type of metropolitan cities that go all the way out to different ports to different um parts of the world where they do trade Cuba Brazil um I just heard also Aruba okay Mexico heavy Tijuana uh-huh I heard katso coaxial okay yeah they do a lot of um cocaine heroin Fentanyl Rohypnol ecstasy Molly meth thank you spirit and they got drugs that they are manufacturing creating that they don't even have a name for yet well what does this have to do with you dear one did you date somebody two two on my timer now you know no judgment did you guys date somebody that's uh into this type of Thug World Thug Life okay uh did you date someone dear one well you know you just you asked no questions you just enjoy getting food out you enjoyed uh someone uh putting you up in a condo there in Miami or another part of town uh-huh uh you enjoy just being that you know person on the side uh no questions asked ass don't tell type of policy you have with somebody y'all didn't know they was into some here you just like them because they look good because they was popular uh Prestige Cloud maybe put you on did they help are they helping you guys get in the studio there are they helping you guys with a modeling contract are you representing their brand or one of them how do you know this person some of you guys spirit is telling me as I'm about to time out one two three on my time I come through Spirit uh y'all know this particular person now through six degrees of separation or less for some of y'all I'm hearing three or less because you have either dated this person or this person was a love interest or this was a a one-night stand or a situationship I'm hearing it's complicated well you know now they meddling and minding your business did y'all try to pull away did you try to ghost this person did you break up with this person uh-huh uh did you relocate from this person did you give this person an ultimatum and say you better tell your wife or I'ma tell you better tell this or tell that you better give me what you owe me you better give me what you told me you was going to give me you better give me this contract whatever the case may be now remember you guys I do read for I tap into a lot of energy here and for some reason you know I get a lot of from the industry that love to watch your girl I don't know why because 99.9 percent of the I don't like but you know they love your girl I don't know if they love to they love to watch me they love to hate me and they hate to love me but they always tuned in and tapped in so I can tap into the energy so some of you guys you know you are associated and Affiliated uh with these types of people okay um you know they're Mining and minding your business they're one because they want to silence you they want to shut you up they want to force you to comply one way or the other is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay um I'm hearing some of y'all unfortunately may have been dancing with the devil there and you trying to walk off the dance floor and they're like no no no no we're not done yet okay that might be for somebody maybe one of you guys may have had a child by this particular person okay uh that if it's not him that's into the he's around people that's into the and then by default you caught up in the too because you know when they have hit the fan uh a lot of times you know they hand loving people around them they'll try to make an example out of them and they'll go to the ones closest to them okay yeah that's a topic for a whole nother video that's why a lot of these people in the industry they prefer side they prefer side dudes you know they don't want no Mane because you know uh when it's time for them to you know offer up a sacrifice or you know if they do something and they get into the you know uh fall out of Grace with somebody and they gonna come for those that they love so they try to you know just deal with random so a lot of them know that you know it's not meant for them to ever get married because they married to the game that's a topic for a whole nother video some way shape or form y'all might have gotten caught up into some of this okay Kingpin I keep hearing Kingpin okay well their karma did one is that they're definitely going to uh be caught up okay the pit that they dug for you guys and they're gonna fall in but some of this some of this backlash you guys may kind of rub off on y'all a little bit and so spirit is telling me to tell you guys to really commune the spirit in your ancestors you want to come away from these type of uh people and from this type of lifestyle and be righteous is what I'm hearing from Spirit okay some of y'all y'all getting a green pass and uh I just heard don't try or don't test the Spears in other words um your ancestors are not going to continue to clean up y'all's mess clean up your this is particularly for those of you guys who are attached to the enemy wow I meant to say industry but I said enemy that was a Freudian slip it was meant to come out some of y'all was Sleeping with the Enemy there okay you kind of got caught up in some there your ancestors are trying to unravel y'all and so when they get you out of this mess don't go back in okay I'm hearing don't test the spirit don't be no fool now okay just because you want the team alike don't mean that you won't get God either you must be obedient unto spirit all right all right uh spirit giving those of you guys who chose car three he gave me y'all a little spank spank a little tap tap now some of y'all didn't got beside yourselves and you're gonna have to come back come back unto him okay because the alternative you don't want to deal with that all right and so for those of you guys who chose car three uh you of these particular individuals could very well be a Pisces Aries Leo Gemini Aquarius Libra and Virgo salmon Rising I'm also hearing Aries moon and Aries rising and Capricorn Moon thank you spirit and Sagittarius Mom thank you Spirit that's for those of you guys who chose car 3. all right so thank you guys so much for participating by watching my video please do like share and subscribe Don't Be Afraid leave a comment down below still show me Visions I'm trying to focus on the ending okay um and until next time you guys stay blessed not stressed do your part and allow Spirit to handle the rest there is one person that is listening to me uh spirit wants you to put those pills down someone else put that bottle down before it puts you down I don't know who you are all right but you do all right peace

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