Your Deepest, Darkest, JUICIEST Questions Answered | Vulnerable Q&A Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

Your Deepest, Darkest, JUICIEST Questions Answered | Vulnerable Q&A Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

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- Hi friends, how are you today? My name is Bailey Sarian and today is Monday, and I wanted to do something a little different this week. Ah! So, hi. I have been doing "Murder, Mystery & Makeup" for about four years now, which I just looked up and I would've bet money that it's only been like two years, but I guess it's been four. All right. With that being said, I kind of assume that everyone knows me because I've been uploading content since 2013. Like, I've shared a lot of my life and stuff, so I always just assume everyone knows who I am and like what I do and why I'm doing it and blee, blah, bloop.

But the reality is many of you came on, found my channel during quarantine. Yes, quarantine. And you got questions. Who am I (laughs)? So I thought, wouldn't it be fun if I do a Q&A? So I went on my Instagram and I was like, "Hey guys, I'm gonna do a Q&A, and ask me questions. Like, what do you wanna know? I'm an open book. I really am."

Am I? I think so. Sorry if you don't phone me on Instagram or anything, you totally can if you want to, you know? It's @baileysarian, and so I got a bunch of questions and I thought, "Why not do a Q&A? Wouldn't that be fun?" I'm not gonna do makeup this week 'cause I thought this could be a time to be very personal, one-on-one. You know, get to know each other. No distractions, right? So, I pulled some questions. Actually, I just took a bunch of screenshots. I was like (vocalizing), and then I was just go from there.

But I saw a lot of repeat questions, a lot of personal questions as well. So maybe I'll add the personal questions like towards the end or something. Start with crime related content. So I hope you enjoy this little Q&A.

Let me know in the comment section if this is something I should do when every like couple months. I don't know. So one question I get asked the most, the most, I kept seeing over and over and over again, "What's the one story you've done that's stuck with you?" I got a bunch of these questions all kinda worded differently, but asking the same thing. "What's that one story that really messed you up, Bailey?" And you guys are dark. Why do you wanna know? But I'll tell you. I thought about this real hard (laughs).

I think the one that stuck with me the most was The Toy Box Killer. So, The Toy Box Killer, it's an older "Murder, Mystery" I had done on my channel if you haven't seen it. It's about the guy who lived in Truth or Consequences. First of all, I could not get over that name. Truth or Consequences was this town's name.

I know. This older man, he looks creepy as hell. Weathered. Ugh, he looks like just tired, okay? He had this like, he had this trailer on his property and he would pretty much pick up different women, drug them, take 'em to his toy box, aka this trailer, put them in there, tie them down to like this, it looked like a dentist chair almost. He would tie them down and inside the toy box, "Toy box," was all these contraptions and tools that he would use to torture and just torture women, okay? And I think this one stuck with me because the guy gave me the creeps.

The inside of this trailer is horrifying. It's just something of your nightmares. The third thing is this guy, The Toy Box Killer, he had recorded himself giving this long message that he would play to his victims on like a recorder. And he would play these long messages about how he's gonna like torture and kill them and how they're bad, and it's just so creepy and so dark and just so ugh.

I think that one has sat with me for just a little too long. And also (laughs), I could go on and on about this because also he like allowed his animals to come in on the assault and rape and all that. Yeah, dogs. He was like, "Your turn."

Come on. And then on top of that, they had like a lake nearby called Elephant Butte. And it's believed that there's like bodies in this lake, but no one will search this lake and it just doesn't make any damn sense and eventually The Toy Box Killer guy, I forget his name right now, I apologize, but he did get caught and then he died shortly, like after getting caught, which is so lame. But it's just, I don't know what it was about that one. It was just, ew.

Torture, that part like really not... Yuck (laughs)! So I think that one is definitely one that sits with me. Yeah, you win Toy Box Killer, you win. Pippikart? Is that your name, Pippikart? "How many hours would you spend preparing an episode? Do you practice beforehand in the mirror?" That's a great question, Pippikart.

So, for a Monday episode, so usually I find a topic, sometimes I'll find the topics in like the comments section. I actually, as of right now, have a long list of topics that I want to further research on and also potentially do stories on. I usually find them in the comments section or just browsing the internet. I have a lot of different serial killer types of books. I know. And so I just have this list that is never ending first of all.

But usually I start with somebody. Who am I working on right now? I'm workin' on right now... Well, I don't wanna give it away. So like, Albert Fish. Okay.

So then you just start, you just start. You just start Googling and you start going. My favorite place is to find or look into research, which is another question somebody has so I'll answer two in one. Hillary Griffie, she asked, "Do you have a favorite or go-to source for a "Murder, Mystery & Makeup" research?

Ancestry, surprisingly is pretty good. JSTOR, Google, different news articles. I'll watch interviews if there's interviews available. So, I kinda get an understanding of the story and the situation. Usually that takes a full day because it's like gathering all the information, all the stuff I found, kinda compiling it into one place and then the next day it's like start with the story. So the story will be like from start to finish, who this person is that I'm talking about.

Now, if you know anything about me, which you've been watching me for awhile, you should, you probably know, I like to always start with a backstory. I feel like a lot of true crime stories and whatnot, they kinda just start with the crime itself but me personally, I've always been more curious about like what it goes on in somebody's brain to just wake up one day and murder your whole family. Like, what's that about? I got questions. So I love a backstory because it can give you an understanding of where someone comes from. And in a way, at least for me, it kind of puts into perspective like that's why they turned out the way they did.

There are many stories where they have the perfect upbringing and you're like still no idea. So it's like, okay, day one, what's the story? Getting all the information, as much info as you can. Day two, now I'm gonna write the story. I write a script and it's pretty much start to finish, what's the story I'm gonna tell on my Monday episode, right? And then normally I'll go through that and I print it out.

(Bailey laughs) Did you want every little, little detail? I'm sorry. So then the next day it's more like editing, okay? So I have a certain amount of pages that I know like, if it's like eight to 10 pages, I know it will be like a 45 minute video. So it's like, okay, can I make cuts? Can I add stuff? Is there anything I'm missing? Is there anything more that I want? And I'll do extra research and then it's like, okay, then I should be done by day four usually. A lot of the time though, I'm a liar, it takes me sometimes longer just because I like getting into the nitty gritty of the stories. I like finding as much information as I possibly can. Like, I wanna know every little detail.

It doesn't mean it goes into my story, it's just like I personally wanna know and then I decide, "Okay, this is how I'm gonna tell it." And then from there, usually filming. So it takes about how many days did I say? Full days and then I sit down and I record. Usually for the makeup looks, I just go, I just start going. I don't plan my makeup looks because by that point it's like I just need to be done with this because it's gonna go live in a couple of days. (laughs) Like, I always try to get ahead, but I fall behind every time.

So, it's like I only have five days to make it happen baby, and I try my best. So then I do the makeup and then I have new editors and stuff, so it's like now, yeah, pass it off, get it the edit, upload all that jazz. So I would say honestly, to feel good about one episode, I like to spend a solid, if it were up to me, I would spend five whole days. It's like I have to constantly like, okay, well next week. Okay (vocalizing). So it's like, I don't know what to do with all this information I gather, but you know what? Like this isn't me me complaining at all because I am fascinated.

I don't wanna say murders and stuff 'cause that sounds bad, but it's the brain that gets me. The why, the when, the how, the why. It's always the why. I'm just trying to personally find an answer. Don't know why, but I wanna know. Did that answer your question (laughs)? This is a good question from Belllllla_.

"Have you ever been contacted by upset or thankful family members of victims?" I have been contacted by family members before, I would say on two different occasions I have. One of them, they did not want to be like mentioned anywhere or anything, 'cause like they're related to somebody bad. So they're like, "Please don't ever talk about me." But this person was like, if you're ever in town, you should come over and we could like meet or something. Like, this person was very friendly and actually really had positive feedback about the video I did about their family member who was really awful and it was very unexpected but I definitely wanna take them up on their offer of meeting.

I think that would be really interesting. I would love to do that, but can't say who it is. Just, they don't want to.

And then there was somebody else. We need to have a talk. Okay. There was somebody else who had reached out to me who was very upset because the comment section was going in on somebody, on a certain story that I will not mention, but the comment section was going in on a person who wasn't even involved in the story.

It was like somebody I had mentioned because they needed to be mentioned in the story, but a lot of people focused on this person and were just like making fun of them in the comments section and they saw it and they were very upset, I would say for good reason but yeah, I mean (chuckles), for good reason they were upset. And I completely understand, I completely understood. I've mentioned a handful of times in previous videos that like, "Hey, you never know who's looking at the comments section 'cause you never know."

And it's like sometimes there are victims family members who do read the comments section and if you're saying something that's really rude and inappropriate, you're probably gonna hurt some fucking feelings. So, that part really bothers me 'cause it's only happened that one time but it really bothered me (laughs) because like damn, I see the comment section sometimes and I'm like, "Damn, you guys. They're like real people that died and stuff, right? So it's like, don't make fun of something that they cannot change like a face or hairstyle or a outfit." It was just really stupid. But I felt bad for them because common section was gettin' outta control with this person. So, I think...

Did I take it down? I might have taken it down. That video. Shelbyraybeauty_ asked, "Are there any cases you'll never cover because they're too much?" Probably.

I mean, I've come across a couple stories where it involves just a lotta kids, ya know? I don't really, they're, mm. It's just, it... Mm, you know (chuckles)? That's all I have to say. It's just sad. It's all sad but ya know? That's all I have to say.

Oo, Talia (stammering)... Girl, I can't say your name. I'm so sorry, Talia. Mm hm. "Does creating "MMM" make you worried on a day to day that these things could happen to you?" Well, didn't now.

No. I do get asked this question a lot. Like, does doing Murder, Mystery & Makeup" affect my day-to-day functioning? Am I paranoid? Are you okay? Yes, I'm okay. And I think I don't let fear control my day. So like, yes, these awful things could possibly happen to me.

Okay, you know? Like, there are some things that you just can't control. I can't control what happens to me. I can protect myself, you know? But like you can't live in fear that these things are going to happen. You can be alert and aware of your surroundings and do everything you can to protect yourself, right? But like, you cannot let it control your life. You just can't. Like, I really just don't think twice about it.

There are bad people out there, there's always gonna be bad people out there. And God, if something ever happened to me that would suck, but like, you know? (chuckles) That's life. It's just, actually I shouldn't say that 'cause I'm not trying to welcome like any type of murder or anything, but just don't let fear control your life, really that's it.

Like no, it doesn't make me paranoid. When I hear like creaking and stuff in my house late at night when like I'm sleeping, yeah, I get a little paranoid and I don't even think like there's an intruder. I think there's a straight up ghost. That's my first thought.

I'm not worried about getting hacked to death. I'm worried about a ghost. (laughs) That's how opposite my brain works. I'm more afraid of a ghost than I am a murderer.

You know why? 'Cause I got a .45 in a shovel and I never miss a shot. So, I know I'm okay. Rachelcaroline88, "What inspired you to start "Murder, Mystery & Makeup" Monday?" That's a great question, Caroline. No, sorry Rachel. That's a great question.

So, if you go back to my very first "Murder, Mystery & Makeup," I talked about Chris Watts. Do you remember Chris Watts? Oh, bitch! So, I've been interested in true crime for as long as I can remember. I remember being a kid and the JonBenet Ramsey case was like on the TV, and that was the first time I realized like death and tragedy can happen when you were a kid.

Like it was just such a, it had such an impact on me. So I had been doing makeup on my channel since 2013 and when the Chris Watts case was happening, when was that? 2018? 2019. when a Chris Watts case was happening once again, like always I was just invested.

I was like, what's goin' on? 'Cause we didn't know anything yet. If you don't know, Chris Watts murdered his whole fuckin' family, point blank period. This guy would psycho one day. The kinda freak that you don't ever wanna marry because they might snap on you one day.

Like, there's no red flags with this guy. It was spooky. So I was watching TV, I was watching all the interviews with Chris Watts, I was staying up until like three or four in the morning, just like web sleuthing and trying to solve the mystery. And I just had like so much like useless knowledge about this case, but like nobody to talk about it with. So I was like, okay, what if...

Idea, (bell dings) what if I like did my makeup and talked about what I learned, and I really thought like, this is not gonna go well. It's probably gonna backfire in my face because I'm doing makeup, I'm talking about people dying. Like, oh my God. Bailey, what are you doing? I know, I know. I was like, I don't know.

But I did it anyways. And the main reason I did my makeup was because one, sitting in front of a camera like this, just staring at a lens can be very intimidating. So, to keep myself busy, I like to just do my makeup. Plus it's like I get ready for my day, I'm doing my makeup anyways. So, I did my makeup so I didn't have to sit here awkwardly like I am now staring at the lens.

And I told a story. I was so surprised by the feedback, honestly. Like, people for one were just like me staying up all night trying to solve this mystery. And we all knew, if you're familiar with the Chris Watts case, remember when he gave that interview on his porch and we all knew in that very moment that he was guilty? You know you know, I know, and I know you know, you know I know. Yeah, we all saw that. And it was just like, oh, it was so cool to have like this community in the comments section and all of us just like trying to solve like, ugh, just goin' on and on about just our theories, our thoughts.

Like, this guy sucks and the mistress. And it was like, at the time I had gotten like 60,000 views on that video in the first couple of days and I was like, "Holy shit, I think I'm onto somethin'." So then I ended up doing it again with another true crime story I knew. So I did it again and I had the same results. It was like people were into it and I was like, "Okay, I'm gonna try it again (laughs)." And I swear to you, here I am four years later trying it again.

Ah? Okay. Like, I'm literally still surprised (laughs). Like, it's just crazy.

I just never imagined that this would lead me to where I am today ever in a million years, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. And still to this day, I'm like, are people gonna, I hope they like this. Like, I hope they like this video, I hope they like this topic I picked. I don't know, I just wanna, I don't know. So, I guess sadly Chris Watts kind of inspired my Monday episodes, but I don't wanna give him credit. God damn it, that nasty man and all of his nasty fan girls.

Are you guys still out there being little thirsty bitches for this Chris guy? Nasties. 6bug bandages. Hey, hey 6bug. "Whatcha think about the Murdough case?" Listen, I was watching the trial and all that stuff and I just (slurps), oo, their family's nasty, nasty family. And I'm so glad he was found guilty and I'm so glad he'll be spending the rest of his life in prison, but it's so unfortunate that it had to be at the cost of so many different lives. Like, fuck that family, fuck that system over there who didn't put 'em in his place, fuck those police officers, fuck everybody who allowed that to happen in the first place.

I cannot stand, I cannot stand rich people who just are like this. They could do whatever they want. They could get away with whatever they want. No rules apply. Like I...

That keeps me up at night 'cause I just can't stand knowing that there's people on this planet who exist like that. And there's a ton unfortunately and rarely do they get caught. And it really, really pisses me off. And now that Buster kid, like he's still outright and like, his name is ruined. Good luck trying to find a job and stuff.

Hope he doesn't because I think he was involved for sure in that, it was Stephen Smith? I think he was involved. Any type of death that happened in and around the area where they lived, I think they were probably involved with, you know? Just nasty people. Can't believe... I just, ugh (laughs). Money just is disgusting. I mean like, money just ruins people and makes some, no it's not even money.

This guy was just fucking disgusting. I hated him. Oh, this is my favorite question.

Macken.zie_, "Do you recognize some subscribers from the beginning?" Absolutely, 100%. Some of you all have not changed your YouTube icons and your YouTube names and you never should because I swear to you I recognize them.

There's a lot of you out there who I recognize the name and I recognize your little picture and I don't, I just know you (laughs). So you can't change it. And if you do I won't know who you are, so I'm sorry but you're trapped, unless you wanna change it, it's totally fine. You could change your icon and all that stuff, that's fine.

But I do notice, and some of you have been here for a very long time and it warms my heart. It really does. I'm like, aw. I see you, I see you, you.

I love that. A.m_brown wants to know, "How did you first get into true crime?" That's a great question, A.m_brown. I had mentioned it a little bit earlier that the JonBenet Ramsey was like, as a child first introduction to like, holy shit, you could die when you're a kid? Like, that's weird.

And then as I got a little bit older, like I've always been a little curious and a little bit morbid growing up. Say what you will but I was always a little dark. But then when I got, I don't even know how old I was, like early, maybe preteen, my mom was a 911 dispatcher and she would sometimes take me to work with her and I would get to like put on little headphones and I would listen to 911 calls and I was just a kid. And looking back definitely would not recommend doing that. But now I could laugh about it.

Like we laugh about it now, but like don't do that to your kids because no one's calling 911 to say, "Hey, I hope you're having a great day." It's a lot of bad. But at the time I was like, oh, like it was wild to me.

It was wild that these calls were coming in and like there was so much going on in that very hour that none of us knew about, it was such a weird thing. Anyway, so I would say that's definitely where it started for sure. And I have to say 911 dispatchers are like the true first responders. They're the first one to get phone calls about the situation. They usually talk to the victim or sometimes even like the person who's doing something bad, the killer. Just all of it, the things they do, the things they have to go through, 911 dispatchers, it's a lot.

They're very overlooked. Put some respect on it. Tarotcharlie, "How do you find the energy to create all your content?" I'm hearting that one. It's funny you say that because a lot of the times for me, I feel like I'm, could be doing so much more. I never feel like I'm doing enough.

I always feel like I'm falling behind. I'm just constantly, not constantly, but I feel like I need to be doing more. Ow. (arm thumps)

You know what I've been doing more of? Sleeping, setting boundaries, learning when to turn it off, turn it down as far as like my computer, my work mode, which is wanting to like stay up all night and research and stuff. Like I can't do that anymore as much as I want to. It's like I need to make sure to go to bed, to shut down, to stop, to like make sure that at seven p.m. it's no more murder for me after seven p.m. Like, I have to go home and watch something else. What have I been watching? "Judge Judy."

I just watched a lot of "Judge Judy." So it's like making sure that you're, I'm not spending my energy, wasting my energy I guess, when it could be spent... When am I even fuckin' talking about? I don't know (laughs).

I just like, make boundaries. You have to shut it down. You have to make sure like, okay, I like set hours for myself. 10 a.m. to two p.m., it's like murder, research, whatever.

And then the next half of my day is like, I don't know, switching to something else so I don't get burnt out. And then at six or seven p.m. shutting it down and going home, setting boundaries, and I think if you really wanna do something, it's kinda easy.

I'm a very curious person. I say this all the time, but it's very true and I think I get the energy to create all the content because I'm so curious and I wanna know everything I can, whether it be about true crime or whether it be about history. I know, I love learning. So, I think that's also how I find the energy is the fact that I'm researching and finding stories about stuff that I'm really curious about. It gets me excited.

I don't know why I'm gonna cry but I'm feeling emotional. It's just history and true crime really gets me, okay? Nico? Nico_the_weirdo. Sorry if I said that wrong. "I know you get help with "Dark History," but do you get any help with "Murder, Mystery & Makeup" Monday?" Yes. So now I do. Yay.

So look, with "Dark History," I have a lot of help behind me with that series because it's a lot (chuckles). History is a lot. It's right, it's so complicated. So it's like how do you take this really complicated history story and make it understandable and all that stuff? So I get, I have writers who help me. I have researchers who help with "Dark History." When it comes to Murder, Mystery & Makeup, it was just me, myself and I for a very long time, and I was very protective over it because it's mine.

Like, it's this thing I started and I do and I didn't really wanna anybody else in on it. Like as far as help goes because I don't know, I was like, I just wanted to be in control of it, okay? I did. I was like, it's mine.

I know what I like, I know my voice. It's scary letting other people in control of your voice and your image and... 'Cause like if the editor wants to do me dirty and they could like piece this together and make me look real dirty, right? But I know you won't hopefully (tongue clicks).

But what I'm saying is, it can be scary. But I got to a point, especially last year, remember when I wasn't really uploading "Murder, Mystery" consistently, it was 'cause I was going through a hard time, but it made me realize that it's okay to ask for help and it's okay to get help. Like, yes this is my baby and what I really love, true crime and stuff, you know? Like, or I'm interested in. And it's okay to get help with it.

Like, there's nothin' wrong with that. So now I have researchers helping me with "Murder, Mystery," I have editors and yeah. So, I have help now, but for a long time I didn't and that's why "Murder, Mystery" was inconsistent and "Dark History" was thrive...

Well, it was like consistent every week because I had so much help, and it made me realize too like, okay, I need to get help with "Murder, Mystery," or it's just gonna... I can't do it all, you know? Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense. Suicidebysuicidegirl wants to know , Thoughts on true crime tourism." I don't have any thoughts, really. True crime tourism. Do you mean like going to visit like, "Oo, Jeffrey Dahmer used to go to this bar, let's go."

Is that what you mean? I'm gonna say that's what you probably mean. Look, if that's something you wanna do, not you personally, but like you as in as general in general, that's what someone wants to do, do it. Like, I'm not here to judge.

Do whatever you want in your life as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else. For me personally, I find true crime tourism is gimmicky. (chuckles) Like usually they wanna make some money, okay? I don't blame 'em but like maybe if I'm in town and they're like, "Hey that's the bar that one guy murdered everybody at," I'd be like, "Oh, shit!" And then I'd carry on with my day.

You know what I'm saying? I just like, I don't know, it's whatever. If it's there, cool. If not, well, whatever. But I wouldn't like go out of my way. Well, that's not true 'cause I kinda wanna see who's grave? Ed Gein. I don't know why I'm so infatuated with this guy, but didn't his grave get like moved and shit? Anyways, thoughts on true crime tourism, I don't really have any.

Sorry, I can't answer that more like straightforward. It's just (sighs), I don't really think about shit like that. It's just if you wanna do it, cool. If not, cool. Do I wanna do it? I don't know. Cool. If not, ah cool.

Get it? (Bailey chuckles) I don't know why I'm feeling emotional right now, but this question like really made me think. Mary.morris16, "What are you most proud of?" I think just a lot (chuckles). I sit around and I think about this a lot 'cause I try to be a very grateful person and I'm just really proud of breaking the cycle. I'm proud of working on myself and I'm proud of the sense of community I feel here on YouTube.

I feel like I've made a lot of friends. That's why I started on YouTube. I started on YouTube in 2013 'cause it's like, I just wanted a community of friends and stuff. Like, I really just wanna talk about makeup and anything and everything and it's like, it's cool that I've made something (chuckles), I've made something and I have this sense of community in my comment section from my subscribers, from my, I don't even like saying, from you guys. It just, it means a lot and I'm very proud of that and I'm so grateful.

You just don't understand (sniffles). One day I'm gonna write a tell-all book and then you'll understand that sometimes life isn't easy, right? But you can like accomplish things (chuckles). That's my life advice. I'm already, I should've this for last.

I'm just proud of myself for not giving up on myself. Yeah. Okay. Okay, now that I'm done crying.

Jasmin? "Was there a murder you understood the reasoning behind?" Yes, and no I do not condemn murder. Condemn? No, I do not condemn murder. Nobody should murder unless you're absolutely have to.

Meaning you're a victim trapped somewhere (chuckles), and you need to get the away. For example, Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Is she out yet? I wonder if she's out. Oh look, I just see right here. She got married in prison, huh. Anyways, if you don't know Gypsy Rose Blanchard, girl, what are you doing first of all? Second of all that one I could kinda, look, I can understand and I'm sure we all could because her mom was straight up abusing her, making her believe that she was sick, stuck in a wheelchair, shaved her head, constantly take her into the doctors, you know, poor thing.

This girl has been sick all of her life and told that she's a baby when in fact she was like, how old was she when she was arrested, like 20? And everyone was like, what? If you don't know that story, I did do a video about it, but she didn't kill her mom, she got her boyfriend to kill her mom but like they were both in on it. But like, you know? Not that I, again, not saying she should have died, I'm just saying this poor girl couldn't get away from her mom. That's all I'm saying. Man, all of these questions, sorry, I'm just looking at, they're all like, "What was the story that kept you up at night? What's the most disturbing case that you've researched?" I think because I've been introduced to true crime or like all that from a young age, I feel like I'm really good at disassociating myself from these stories because if I did take these on emotionally, every single story I've done, there's no way I'd be here right now 'cause it would absolutely destroy you, right? So it's like I know how to shut it down and see the story for what it is, and not get emotionally too attached to it. That doesn't mean I don't have any emotion, but yeah. And some people say like, "Well, that's inappropriate."

Like, I shouldn't be doing that, but like if you wanna work in a true crime field or I mean police, like you have to, you have to become desensitized to these things. And in long term I wanna work in the true crime field, I wanna work in criminology. Like, come on. Bunnyblips wants to know, "Who is one of the most interesting/creative killers you've researched?" If you know me, you should know my answer, Ed Gein.

Man! He fascinates me, that one. You know why? Because I have yet to come across another person so far, there's probably someone else, but I have yet to come across another person like Ed Gein because Ed Gein was a body snatcher, he was a grave digger. So he would dig up these people's bodies and then he would cut off their skin and then make arts and crafts out of the skin. Ugh! He made chairs, table lamps, wall art. He was trying to make a full on body suit out of skin. Allegedly he would wear the body suit around the house 'cause he actually like did a like a good job.

He made gloves all outta skin, all outta skin. His whole house was decorated with skin and sewn together and it was just like, what the? And this interests me because what the fuck is that? That's new. You know, like I haven't heard that one before.

It makes me think like if you would've put him in the right setting, let's say we sent him to fashion design, he probably could have succeeded, maybe thrived, but instead he was bored. And you know what they say? The devil's got work for idle hands, and his hands were available, unfortunately. Just because I'm fascinated with Ed Gein does not mean like I'm hanging up posters of him and stuff on my wall. No, it's just again, it's the human brain.

What is that? What is that? Why? Like there's no internet and stuff back then when he's doing this, so it's like how did he think of this? And with that being said, let's put him in art school (laughs). Let him thrive in the fashion industry. He probably could have made some cool pieces. Just sayin'. So, Ed Gein for sure hands down always wins because I've yet to come across anyone like that.

Like again, what was that? What was that? Okay, this isn't really a question from vill3_999. "Lizzie Borden and the whole story behind it, I'd love to see your take on it. Love you." Love you too, but I just wanted to giggle for a minute because for the longest time, like I'm talking an embarrassing long time I was getting Helen Keller and Lizzie Borden mixed up.

For the longest time I thought Lizzie Borden was Helen Keller, really. So I was like dang, she's deaf and blind and she killed her family (laughs). Anyways, so when I learned that Lizzie Borden was not deaf and blind, wasn't as impressive, not that it should have been, but I'm just saying, I was like, "Oh, this makes the story a little not as interesting." What is it, the fascination with Lizzie Borden? How come people, like why? Why do you think it is? That one, Lizzie Borden and Jack the Ripper I get asked to do all the time. I'm working on Jack the Ripper, don't worry.

I can't say Lizzie Borden 'cause I kind of forgot, but Jack the Ripper I'm working on. But it's like what is the fascination with that one? Well, Jack the Ripper, I could actually understand. Actually, maybe I don't even know the Lizzie Borden story, obviously.

Obviously I thought she was deaf and blind (laughs). Anto_666. "Have you ever sympathized with any serial killer?" Oh, absolutely. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. There's, like hello, we're human beings.

It's okay to feel, like two things can be right at the same time. A lot of these serial killers have some fucking horrid upbringings and it's okay to feel bad for them and acknowledge that their upbringing was bad. And also it's okay to acknowledge that they grew up to be a shitty person who killed a bunch of people. You know? Like, two things can be right at the same time. And I hate that it's kind of like pick a side, but really it's like you can kinda see where it derails, you know what I'm saying? And like for that, that makes me sad because at the end of the day, it's like comes down to parents and how you're raised.

Like, in some of the stories, I'm not a doctor, you know, whatever. But it's just sad. You just feel bad. I feel bad. I feel bad for everybody. You're allowed to.

But yeah, for sure. A lot of them are just have horrible lives. And there are some people like Chris Watts who it's like, fool had like a pretty great upbringing and stuff. Not saying it was perfect, I don't know him, but like how did that guy go from again, zero to fucking murdering his whole family? Like, those people freak me out and those people I don't feel bad for, 'cause I don't know what that is. If I don't understand something, I try to figure it out, but sometimes you just can't, you know? Oh my God, it's so funny that you bring this up. Urmakeupisnotterrible says, "Are you 100% sure Scott Peterson did it or didn't do it?" (vocalizes) Okay, don't come for me at all.

Look, listen, ideas. I don't know if Scott Peterson did it or not. I mean I don't fucking know.

I'm not God. (laughs) Like, I'm just a girl on YouTube. But like, if you kinda look, dig a little bit deeper, you'll see that Scott Peterson didn't necessarily get a fair trial. He was being raped to shreds in the media because everyone was like, he did it.

But when you look into actual physical evidence, there wasn't any. There wasn't any. There wasn't any. And at the same time that Lacy Peterson was murdered, there was also a serial killer on the loose who was murdering other pregnant women. A lot of people don't talk about this because I mean, they don't know if there's any correlation there.

But I mean it kinda makes sense. Also, there was a neighbor who spotted Lacy Peterson with her dog. I think it was like she was going into the house or something where this eyewitness, her statement would throw off the entire timeline. And for some reason police didn't want to include her statement in any of the documents. So, I don't know, I think Scott Peterson was shady, cheating on his wife, fled down to Mexico for some damn reason, dyed his hair, acted hella suspish, right? But then when you look into the physical evidence of adults, like where is it? I don't know.

So again, two things could be right at the same time, right? Like, he might have been a really shitty husband and he might be innocent, or he could just be a plain murder and everyone... I don't know. But I feel like, I don't know. I just feel like by now, okay, listen, there's a couple of feelings I have about Scott. I feel like by now, if he's in prison at San Quentin, by now he would have said something to somebody in the prison like, yeah, I did it. 'Cause they brag.

They have to brag. It's how you get your status in the system. You gotta let people know what you did. But he hasn't bragged about what he's done. He's always has said he's innocent, okay? I just feel like if you're holding onto a lie that long, he would've cracked at some point. We all crack, right? I don't know, don't come for me.

Again, he's in prison, I don't give a fuck (laughs). Like, his wife was murdered at the end of the day and I hope the right person was locked up. But when you look into evidence and whatnot, it's kinda like, mm, did they make the right choice? I don't know. (sighs) That one upsets people a lot, but I'm like, I don't know. I don't know. What do I know? I don't know.

Maddiefellows98 wants to know, "What was mentally the hardest "MMM" or "Dark History" episode, hardest for you to film?" There's so many (laughs). Like, I think on "Murder, Mystery..." Oops, sorry. I didn't even see I had that. On "Murder, Mystery," I would say the hardest one to film is not because of the reason you're thinking, it's like the Charles Manson one because by the time that I got to film, I had done so much research on this mother fucker, I was so sick of him.

I was so sick of Charles Manson and that one was hard because it was like, I went in because there's so much information available about this guy. Sometimes you come across true crime stories where there's really not a lot of information to go off of and it's like really, those are difficult. With Charles Manson or with high profile cases, sometimes there's too much information to go off of and you're like, "Now what do I do with all of this?" I had too much Charles Manson in my system and that was just, I was just so sick of him by the time I sat down and filmed, oh my God.

And plus there was still so much that like, I left out because it's like useless knowledge. It doesn't really add to the story, but it's always stuff that I find interesting. So, I don't know, maybe one day I'll write a book where it's like about maybe true crime related and I could just share all of the stuff that I didn't get to put in my videos. I think that's a goal of mine. That way I feel like all these hours I've spent learning about these sick freaks, I could put it into something. Do you know what I'm sayin'? Wow. I know.

So, I don't know. That one was hard because I hate him truly. I just was like so sick of him. As far as emotionally hard, probably Tulsa Race massacre for a couple of reasons. One, never heard of it.

I felt like a fucking idiot. Sorry for my language, but I did. I was like, how come I didn't learn about this in school or anything? And like I just felt, I was like, this is horrible and I never heard about it. But in a way it was kind of one of those moments where it made me feel bad, but at the same time it made me want to know more and that's truly what started "Dark History" was the fact that I felt like there's so much I don't know when it comes to history, there's so much I didn't know. And the Tulsa Race massacre really showed me that there was a lot to learn and I was open to it. Like I wanted to know, I wanna know everything.

I wanna understand, I wanna hear and understand everyone's stories. And yeah, so that one was hard too 'cause it was like just such, all of it. All of them are hard (laughs). They're all hard 'cause someone dies in the end, somebody always dies. They're all hard.

Oh my gosh, cute. I like this question. Ang_lina, "Is anyone else in the room with you when you film "Murder, Mystery & Makeup? You're so natural." No, just me and you (laughs). I like to do it alone. I feel like I could be myself.

When there's other people in the room, it makes me very nervous. I can't, I feel like, I don't know, I just, I feel comfortable, you know? Usually it's always me. "Dark History" though, I have some someone in the room to make sure that I'm staying put 'cause I like to move around a lot (laughs), and I tend to get out of focus.

_kimmi_baby asks, "What are your coping mechanisms for after you learn all this heavy stuff? Teach me." What are your coping mechanisms? Therapy always helps. I do therapy. I've been doing therapy since I was 18, so I feel like I've been preparing for this for a long time.

Honestly, again, I kinda mentioned earlier, but learning to shut things down has helped me tremendously. Like I don't, after a certain point of the day, I turn it off, I turn it down and I make sure to watch, like let's say I research, like Albert Fish was a really heavy story. So it's like making sure that I watch, when I go home, I'm watching something that is uplifting or I'm just on my free time finding something positive to do because yeah, it can definitely pull you down. There's been a, it's natural to be like, "Oh my God, everything's bad (vocalizes)," and just spiral. But just learning that there are bad people in the world, but you gotta have hope in faith in yourself and other people.

I don't know, I don't have an answer for you Kimmi. I just know that it can be really hard and learning to shut it down and shut it off is ideal. Oh you know, what's another big one that's helped me tremendously that a lot of people don't like this answer, but I'm gonna tell you anyways, Here I go.

I put a limit on my screen time. Yeah, I do. So, on your iPhone, I don't know if you could do it on Android and stuff, but on your iPhone you can actually set limits on your apps.

So like on my social media apps, I only allow myself 45 minutes a day on social media, 45 minutes a day. And that prevents me from wasting four hours doom scrolling. It's been a tremendous help. It really has. And I highly recommend that you do this too. I'm not gonna lie, it's hard because a lot of us don't wanna admit that we're addicted to our phones and social media and screen time and stuff, right? But we are, and it's okay to acknowledge that and say, "You know what? I need to cut it down and try."

That's how I've been able to read so much. If you follow me on social media, like, you know I was reading books like crazy. It's because I cut down my screen time and I was like, now what do I do? I started reading like crazy (laughs). Yeah, I mean just that alone is like (sighs), it's just you have to limit the screen time and the amount of trauma porn you are receiving. There's a lot out there. So you have to limit it.

You have to, and I say a lot of people don't like that answer because a lot of people don't wanna limit their screen time, you know? I get that. But if you're serious about it, I highly recommend that you should and it'll help keep your head clear, your energy up. You're not cluttered with everyone else's thoughts, opinions, ideas and stuff. Which is good in a limited time, right? So Kimmi, I think that's the answer really. Okay, this is an interesting one. beau_botanics, "Please research the crazy stuff going on in Oklahoma.

Skinned cats, drowned dogs and body remains." First of all, I have no idea what you're talking about. Second of all, let me google this really quick.

What is going on in Oklahoma? Skinned cats? So I got a lot of questions asking me why 2022 was such a rough year. It was a rough year for many reasons. Personally, where do I start? I'm telling you, one day I'm gonna put out a book and I'm gonna come for everyone's throats. I swear to God (laughs). Point blank period because for now I can't talk about certain things because unfortunately, sometimes you sign contracts that say you can't talk about shit for awhile and you really can't and it's so stupid.

It doesn't make sense, especially... I can't talk about it, so let me shut up. So, what's the question? Okay, so last year it was kind of like, I got taken advantage of a lot and I had to cut those... Was that last year or the year before? It was like the last couple years like this has been happening.

So it wasn't just last year, it was kind of like the last couple of years. Like, things were great on YouTube, but in my personal life it was just like, sometimes you just have bad people in your life and you don't see it until you see it one day. And then you're like, and then you gotta get rid of that. (chuckles) And then many of you of you know that I was in a relationship and that relationship came to an end.

We were together for eight years, seven years, eight years, and we broke it off and it was really hard. And we had a dog together and he has a dog right now, Saint. So that's why I see a lot of you asking about Saint. He has Saint and it's okay because at the end of the day, Saint's happy and healthy and doing well and that's all that matters to me.

Of course, I miss him dearly, Sainty. Oh, I cry all the time. Ugh! Ugh! He's such a good boy. He's such a good boy. But yeah, breakups are hard no matter who you are, right? So it was like a lot of loss was happening, a lot of deaths as well.

I lost a really, really good friend that I'm not ready to talk about, so. Damn, you guys made me cry twice. So, there's just some things that were very... The Lord was testin' me.

Oh, shit yeah. (chuckles) Oh, yeah. Like, "Do you want this?" That's what the Lord was saying.

"Do you want this? If so, you're gonna have to keep goin' girl." I kept going for some reason. Yeah.

So, this should just be me crying for an hour. Okay, so it was a rough year (laughs). A rough couple of years, honestly. So I'm single now. I was never married. We were not married.

I don't have kids, nothing. Someone... One of my friends had Googled me.

She was like, "Look on Google, it says you're divorced, that you have a couple of kids and you're like 5'8"." And I was like, "Wow, who is she? Huh? Wow, who is that?" That's not me. No kids, never been married, 5'2". Sorry, I know, I broke it for you 'cause I give off tall girl energy, but I'm a fun size. Sorry, I am.

I'm fun size. I'm just feeling very sensitive today and I'm very vulnerable. I think because reading this has made me, giving me a minute to like stop and reflect, which I haven't done in awhile. And yeah, I just appreciate you guys.

"What are you reading?" That's a great question. I love reading. Currently I am reading, it's for "Dark History," though.

It's related to Stalin. Gonna do an episode of "Dark History" about Stalin. And so I just been reading about him and stuff (laughs).

It's not very exciting, but to me it's kind of exciting because this guy was like so dweeby and he got into like high power and killed so many people, and it's always the dweebiest dudes, right? Like, why is that? (Bailey vocalizing) Would I ever date a woman? Oh my god, I don't know. I don't like vagina, so I would say no, but never say never, shit. This will be the last question, how 'bout that? I feel like this is long 'cause this one, everybody asks me about the theme song. "The theme song, bring it back, where'd it go? Why'd you do that?" I'll just give you a brief rundown about the theme song. When I first started "Murder, Mystery & Makeup," I didn't know what the hell it was doing, okay? This was a news idea that I had and I was feeling a little uncomfortable. So when I was showing up, I was like, in the beginning, if you watch my "Murder Mysteries" from the very beginning, you'll see the theme song slowly progress because I told the audience, I was like, "This is so awkward.

I feel like I need a theme song or like background music or somethin' to kinda lighten the mood." So then I just started making noises with my mouth, eventually getting to "Sanasa," which many of you recognize from "The Simple Life." Me and my girlfriend, oo, we would "Sanasa" all day every day. It was just like, ♪ Sanasa ♪ ♪ Sanasa ♪ ♪ Sanasa, sanasa, sanasa, sa ♪ ♪ Sanasa, sanasa ♪ It's just what we would do to each other. Love that show growing up too, when I was a preteen, mm.

But then it was kinda like just making fun of like what me and one of my friends would do, and it just stuck and I don't know, I kept doing it and the reason I stopped is because at this point I've grown so much, right? It's kinda like I didn't need the theme song anymore to kind of like ease me into the episode because I was feeling awkward. So I was just like, ♪ Sanasa, sanasa ♪ You know? I don't feel awkward anymore. I kinda know what I'm doing now. I come in and I'm like, "Hey, it's Monday (laughs)." You know? Like, I know what I'm doing now and I felt like it was kind of a crutch.

But also if you're new to my channel, let's say, let's say I'm talking about your family, like your family was a victim of the story I'm talking about and I'm, ♪ Sanasa ♪ I was like, oh, you know? Like, oh, I'm already doing makeup. I get like, that's kinda... It's kinda already pushing the line, but the sound effects, I wasn't, I don't know, I just wasn't feeling like, I was feeling bad about it. And if I'm feeling bad about it, I should stop, right? Of course a lot of you were like, "Bring it back," but it just, I'm unsure, I'm unsure, but I noticed since I stopped doing the theme song, everything just went downhill in my personal life (laughs). I'm just kidding. I am kidding.

But yeah, it was really a buffer that stayed for a long time and love the theme song. If you Sanasa me in public, I will Sanasa you right back, okay? I just don't know. Maybe every once in awhile when I'm feeling awkward, I'll Sanasa 'cause some...

I still get very nervous when I sit down to film. I really do. Like, it's scary. Hailey222, "Do you enjoy "Dark History" more than "Murder, Mystery & Makeup? Do you feel like "Murder, Mystery & Makeup" was more of a chore?" Ugh, no, not at all. I love, I hate saying love "Murder, Mystery & Makeup" because it's true crime. But I love what I get to do.

It's so, again, I'm so thankful and I'm so curious that this, what I'm doing, it feeds that curiosity that I have. You know? It's very, I don't wanna say fulfilling, I guess it is fulfilling and no, I don't see it as a chore. I don't like that, it upsets me.

Does it come across as a chore? I hope not. There are some days where it's like, yeah, I don't fuckin' feel good and I don't wanna film. But if I want it there to be a video on Monday, I probably should. So there are a couple times where I'm like, "Look, I got cramps. Deal with it," right? I feel like I tell you guys when I'm having an off day (chuckles). Keep the lines of communication open.

But no, not a chore. I mean, I don't know how long I'll be doing this. I can't believe it's already been four years. I don't know what the future holds. I just am thankful for where I am today and thankful for you guys. I appreciate all of you really.

I really do. I hope this Q&A (laughs)... I'm gonna cry. I hope this Q&A gave you a little bit of insight into me and how I work and all that stuff, but let me know down in the comment section, should I do another Q&A maybe every couple of months? I don't know. Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today. I hope I answered some of your questions.

Let me know down in the description box who you want, not description box, jeez, in the comments section if you have any other questions (laughs). Maybe I'll save them and I could do another Q&A sometime soon, depending on if this is something we like. Let me know. Next week will be a normal "Murder, Mystery & Makeup," but thank you for hanging out with me today and getting to know me a little bit.

And I also get to know you guys a little bit too by seeing what your questions are. Yeah, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. You make good choices, please.

Be safe out there, okay? And I'll be seeing you guys later. Bye. (upbeat music)

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