Yemen Border Crossing Gone Wrong S06 EP.120 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

Yemen Border Crossing Gone Wrong S06 EP.120 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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So we've got some over here. Some in this bottle. While some over here. Assalam Alekum Hadramaut.. Adan? Adam. No. Hadramaut... Mukalla...

Along with motorcycle? Is it difficult? It was very difficult to park it over there. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Salalah Oman. I have never been so nervous before entering any country as I am today. I remember going through a similar state on my way from Jordan to Israel.

And then anxiety, fear and total lack of information about a country. This is the only country that gave me all these feelings... and it's Yemen. One of the reasons behind spending so much time in Salalah, was to gather information from the people and plan accordingly.

But every person gave me different info. I was very close to the border but I had to come back from there to Salalah. There are a couple of more things that I will share with you as we go.

But before anything else, let's finalize the plan and start our ride. The plan is to cross the Oman Yemen border, which is along the coast, 165 km away. After crossing the border, we'll ride for another 100 km ...

to get to the first city of Yemen, Al Ghaydah. We are gonna spend this night there. Our ride is gonna be almost 4 to 5 hours long. I don't know if I'll be allowed to cross the border or not. There's a reason for that but I'll share it in some time. For now, our motorcycle is all ready to leave.

Let's get going... Hopefully it's gonna be a great day. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a safe and memorable day for us. I pray for a trouble free border crossing.

I'm having mixed sort of feelings for this border. I'm leaving a few things on Allah. I'm okay with both possible outcomes, that is if I'm allowed to enter the country or not.

Many of you might be wondering why I want to go to Yemen. If I can name one country in the Middle East that fascinates me the most, it's Yemen. Hopefully, if they allow me in and I make videos of the country for you... I'm sure I'll be able to change your views about Yemen. You can say that the cultural hub of Middle East is Yemen.

The houses there.. and especially the culture... I'll try to share that with you. Coming back to the question of why I came back from the border yesterday...

Many people who travel to Yemen told me that I can go there. The two Yemeni provinces that touch Oman are Mahrah and Hadramaut. Both these provinces are safe and that I could go there. And these are the two places that I want to visit. We'll probably visit Socotra Island as well.

But more about that later. If you ask the locals from the nearby areas, they forbid you to go there. That's why I returned from the border yesterday. I decided to leave the motorcycle here. I can travel on bus or taxi just like locals.

Let's see what happens after we reach the border. We'll discuss it as we travel. Let's bid farewell to this beautiful region for some days. We'll have to travel through this city on our way back from Yemen, anyway. We can't go to any other country after Yemen.

I think only the borders of Oman are open. Or may be one Saudi border as well. But most likely tourists are not allowed to enter from there. However, I'm not going there anyway.

I'll return to Oman as Yemen is my last country in the Middle East. After that, I'll get my motorcycle shipped to some other country. Will keep you guys updated as soon as I get to know it. Because, right now, I have no idea myself about what to do next. We are almost 40 km away from Yemen border now.

We've now stopped at the second check post. I don't think the motorcycle is properly parked. Have to hold it. It is liked to fall down due to wind. There's some issue with its stand. Let's see what they have to say.

They have taken my passport and documents of motorcycle. Is there any problem with Yemen entry or not? Bye... thanks. I was told that there are only two check posts before the Yemen border. One we had already passed and this was the second one.

As soon as we cross it, we find ourselves at these bends. I think we are gradually gonna touch the coast now. This area is at a considerable height. I felt a little cold here. The ride has been well thought... But it was tiring.

Notice that as we are getting close to the border... This area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOman seems quite different from what we have been seeing so far. Look at the villages here. The influence of being located close to borders... That is quite dominant and hard to miss as you get close to a border. You can feel that here as well.

Let see... Lets see if we get to cross this border or not... This is the only country about which I'm unsure what to expect.

Don't know what will be the security situation. Can't say anything at this point in time. Will see what happens after we get there. And then we'll share that with you. We are hardly 15 km away now.

Have to get the tank refueled from here as well. I'm also considering about storing a couple of liters of fuel with me. Don't know about the situation in Yemen.

Hopefully we'll somehow get it from the black market anyway. I think this is the last petrol pump here. Let me check on the map. We are 10 km from the border now.

Let's get fuel from here. Assalam Alekum I'm good. Alhamdulillah. Yemen? Yeah. Wa Alekum Salam How are you? Good. Alhamdulillah... Al Ghaydah... Mukalla...

Sayoun... Not San'a We have these two bottles. Gonna get them filled to keep with me. Please fill these after motorcycle.

Fill the bottles? Yeah. Where are you going? Yemen. If you are going to Yemen, don't you have a bigger, 5 liter, can? I don't have a 5 liter can... Don't they have petrol over there? They do but it's not of good quality. We have got some fuel in this one.

Some in this bottle. And some over here. I have tied it with double protection. I've got this green colored tie. They are quite helpful in tying stuff.

Let's put it somewhere in the luggage. It's the first time that I've kept so much petrol with me. And I'm going to a border crossing. Or a different country for that matter. Before today, I just keep only 1 liter spare petrol with me. Let's go.

May Allah make our border crossing problem free. We are hardly 4 to 5 km away. This is the last town/village before border crossing. That guy told me that people traveling to Yemen take petrol from here. I hope we will get it from there anyway. Black market works everywhere.

We may not get the same quality as here. But it will make do. There's nothing special in this village though. Just a fuel station and a couple of grocery stores.

Other than that... nothing else. Didn't see any hotel here. There are some, back there in Dhalkut. I think that the building over there at the top is the border. It looks very similar to other government buildings here. I think we are already at the border. Assalam Alekum I was somewhat unsure whether he was asking me to stop or keep going.

Since, it's border area, I can't afford to just keep going until they ask me to stop. 'Way to Yemen'... it's written over there. Let's see if someone is sitting at the booth. Nope. No one is here. Let's keep going slowly. Will slow down if I get some signal.

They are building something here; a lot of construction is taking place. This looks like a really huge terminal here. That means there's a lot of movement through this border. That's why they are making such a huge terminal.

Because the upper section is quite large. The problem is that there are no directions here as in where to go. Assalam Alekum He told me to go over to the other side behind that truck.

My nervousness and anxiety are at peak. Assalam Alekum Germany Germany Right there... Inside... The processing at Omani side took only 20 minutes or so. They have cleared the motorcycle. They also stamped the Exit stamp.

They did a brief investigation as to why I want to travel to Yemen. For how many days do I plan to stay there. They also asked about my travel plan. He also told me the two safe provinces where I could go. Other than that, they didn't charge me anything.

The procedure was really simple. I'm good. Alhamdulillah... Speak only a little Arabic. I speak only a little Arabic.

Thanks We are now in the No Man Zone. You can see that... They had such a nice and large setup back there. While the other side is in front of you.

Let's see how we are welcomed here. I'm being called to come forward. Assalam Alekum Al Ghaydah Al Mahrah... Hadramaut. Adam? No. Hadramaut... Mukalla.

Good Lord... It was quite difficult to park it back there. We have to remove our helmet here. We've been trying for almost an hour to enter Yemen but in vain.

We are not being allowed to go there. I'll share the details shortly. I'm afraid I feel that ... All I can show you from Yemen is right in front of you.

That's it. Looks like we are gonna have to turn around. I have already requested a number of people. I'm continuously checking my Whatsapp for tour guides and other people I know... If somehow... any of them could help. Let's start the return journey then.

What can one do... if these people are not willing to let me in. Thank you. All these guys are nice... except for the visa officer. He was the only one here who was not allowing us.

He got quite irritated eventually after I had tried to convince him a few times. Assalam Alekum I didn't get entry. They don't allow Germans.

So... we are back here. We can try our luck further while we are here. Because all the people I know who came here were given entry stamp. Even though they didn't have the visa already. That's why it makes no sense to me, that's why they sent me back.

I was told that the rules have been changed. They just had to change the rules when we wanted to visit. I have been gathering info till yesterday and there was nothing about rule change.

Anyways... Lets park the motorcycle here. We are back in Oman. It's the same fuel station that we got fuel from, earlier today. We couldn't get coffee from this coffee shop before.

Now the coffee guy is here and he has made nice coffee for us. Personally, I'm a little shocked. Never before have I reached a border with incorrect information. Many of you might be wondering why I didn't get the Yemen visa before going to the border. There is no fixed law regarding this, in Yemen.

Every region has its own government and its own law. When I got back to the Omani side... Those guys have been really helpful... Even they were a little surprised.

They told me that all the travelers who come here... They only need to get the entry stamp there. No visa is required. They just charge a fee.

They even joked about it and asked me if I refused to pay the fee. But I told them that they didn't even ask me for the fee. I won't have refused if they had asked me. As the tour guides told me, a fee of 60 Omani riyals has to be paid. I'm still trying. My contacts from Yemen are also trying.

We may come back to the border tomorrow if the issue is resolved. If that's not the case, we'll gradually conclude our Middle East tour. Lets finish our coffee... I'll stop here for sometime to have a chat with the people. After that, we'll decide if we need to spend the night in the area near the border... Or should we go back to Salalah.

I've just got some authentic visa info from a Yemeni tour guide. He told me that the system has actually been changed. Now you need one month for security clearance and visa issuance. Previously all you had to do was to come to the border without any visa... They'd just charge you a fee of 60 Omani riyals and give you an entry stamp. Now, one will have to apply through some tour guide.

He will take care of your entire procedure before you get the visa. We are gonna resume our return journey to Salalah now. We may stay for the night in Salalah or somewhere even further. Because we still have to visit a few places in Oman. It all depends on you guys as well.

If you've been following my videos and you think I'd explore more places here... Especially the Nizwa area that we haven't explored much. I mean I haven't even gone there. So I do plan to go there...

In case you want it, I'd like to explore those places before I finish my tour. Otherwise, I'll just explore them without my camera. In that case, you won't be able to see that. Because I only make videos for you guys. And the interest of audience is the only motivation behind such a toil. Otherwise, just focus on the places in which the audience has any interest.

For personal experience, one can always visit and enjoy those places. Visiting a place with camera and without camera are very different. With camera, it's more like a proper job. Unfortunately, not many people realize this. Anyways, if you have liked this video so far, please press Like.... that you normally don't do. Yemen didn't allow us but at least your Likes can make this video rank higher.

I have worked really hard for this one as well. Anyways, we'll keep on capturing this area as we go. We can stop if we find some nice place. So we are back to Salalah after a two way trip of 400 km. Let me come to the slower lane. Better to let the traffic flow.

I make sure to get to the slower lane when I'm talking with you guys. It's also good for a clear recording of voice. We are gonna go back to the same hotel again.

Apparently they have cast some sort of spell on us. That's why I'm going back to stay there after an unsuccessful day. Overall, I haven't seen too many traffic jams in Oman. They are more likely to occur near round-abouts. At other places... not so much...

Looks like it's some tea shop here... Whereas that smoke suggests there's a burger shop there. Here we have Naseer and Mahmood. Yaseen... Sorry I took the wrong name. I ordered a camel burger... Where's my burger?

It's still being prepared. Looks fresh. Take a look... It's very trendy in Middle East that people in their cars, have their meal and leave. This is very common in most of the cities.

Let's see what becomes of our camel burger. We've got some tea here as well. After that, we'll go to our hotel. I hope you must have enjoyed this vlog. I'm not sure at this point in time whether I'll go to UAE or some other part of Oman...

Or I'll go to Yemen... I'm still trying to get entry into Yemen. In case we get it, we'll go to Yemen in next couple of days. You may get to see that in the next vlog.

Otherwise, you'll still get to see whatever we are up to, in the next vlog. Here I have a friend from Bangladesh. Yes, I'm Bangladeshi. What's your name? Bilal. That was Bilal and here's Burhan. Burhan is busy taking pictures.

Allah Hafiz from our side, guys. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Why don't you give this message... Like and Share the video please. I don't know what more to say... Alright.. Then please Like and Share, guys.

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