When Not Looking at Menu Prices Goes Completely WRONG!

When Not Looking at Menu Prices Goes Completely WRONG!

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The Back Room Alex Breen and his wife Lindsay Breen got   the shock of their lives when they attempted to  pay for a little snack while on their honeymoon in   Mykonos. On the Greek island, they wandered into a  restaurant called DK Oysters. They were pressured   into making a large order, but Alex and his wife  stuck to a small meal of just oysters and drinks. He was escorted to a backroom, suitably away  from the public, where he was shown the bill.   Despite their modest order, the restaurant  blindsided Alex with a nearly $600 bill!   Alex was completely shocked, so of  course, he asked to see the breakdown.

The manager pointed him to a computer where the  bill was all nicely laid out. But it was in Greek.   There was nothing to suggest  it was even the breakdown. Alex, like any normal person visiting a foreign  country and has been pulled into a creepy back   room to pay a bill, got some bad vibes.  Since he’d probably seen the movie Hostel,   Alex felt like he was about to be in  a situation. So, out of intimidation,   Alex paid nearly $600 for a plate of oysters and  a couple drinks and left with all of his organs.

DK Oyster If you visit the website of DK Oysters,   you might be impressed by how the restaurant sells  itself. DK Oysters claims that it has won several   awards and is all about the best food and the  best entertainment on Mykonos. The restaurant   is located right on the beach and is a prime  location for parties and nonstop fun. There's also   a bar for diners, private rooms for guests, and  the place also doubles as a venue for weddings. However, one thing is conspicuously  missing from the website.  

And it's a menu. The DK Oysters  website includes everything about   the restaurant without including  the most important thing: a menu. Judging from the experiences  of many unhappy guests,   the omission of an online menu is intentional. Francisco Tejada Francisco Tejada visited   the restaurant for a modest meal with friends  and ended up paying almost a thousand dollars   for the food he ordered! Tajeda had been walking  the beach when he was cajoled by a hostess from   DK Oysters to visit the restaurant. Tajeda and  his friends reluctantly agreed and went inside.

They settled down and asked for a menu. However,  the server played the part of someone with hearing   problems and instead repeatedly asked  Tajeda and his friends what they wanted. They got weirded out by the servers' odd behavior,   so they just ordered a Caesar salad and a few  drinks, then planned to vamoose. In any case,   none of the waiters ever gave Tajeda and  his friends any hint about what their food   would cost. When it was time to pay, and  that's when things got a little bit feisty. The group was charged nearly a thousand  dollars for a few beers and salads.  

Tajeda furiously lit a cigarette to  calm his nerves, and paid. After all,   they were foreigners in Greece and they didn't  want any trouble. Everyone knows about Hostel. When they left the restaurant, Tajeda  and his group showed the receipt to   other locals. The locals informed the group  that not only had DK Oysters scammed them,   but they had also been given a fake receipt. Restaurant Defense The owner of the restaurant in question, Dimitris   Kalamaras, has defended the operations of his  restaurants several times. He has argued that the  

prices of meals are written on a board outside the  restaurant. He even went on to say that customers   who order even after a waiter has refused to  give them a menu deserved whatever they got. According to Kalamaras, the restaurant  offers combo meals that are cheaper than   the normal meals on the menu. Therefore customers  

who can't afford the more expensive  meals should go for the combo meals. Finally, Kalamaras compared his restaurant to a  luxury spot that charges high-end prices for an   exquisite experience. His advice to people who  can’t afford to dine in DK Oysters is simply not   to come. Of course, this is odd advice, given  that the restaurant has a hostess out front,  

aggressively trying to get  people to come in to dine. So, if DK Oysters was so horrible, why  haven't they been fined yet? Isn't the   government aware? Well, the government  IS aware and had made some moves. Ministry of Tourism The Ministry of Tourism   instructed the Cyclades Regional Tourism Agency  to proceed with a thorough investigation into   the entire DK Oysters operation and get to the  bottom of that Oyster. During the investigations,   the agency found around 7 violations, and the  restaurant was fined over thirty thousand euros. The entire investigation was instigated by a  lawsuit brought against the restaurant by a   mother and daughter duo they had scammed.  The lawsuit claimed that DK Oysters had   criminally misled them and forced them  into paying an illegal price for a service.

The aggrieved duo in the suit claimed  that they had ordered just snacks and   drinks but had been charged around six hundred  dollars. After being coerced to pay the fee,   Brenda Moulton, the mother part of the duo,   told everyone outside the restaurant that  DK Oysters was a fraudulent operation. The manager charged out the front, accosted her,  then warned her to stop shouting. But Brenda,   going full Karen, didn't back  down, and only shouted harder. DK Oyster's response to the suit was that Brenda  and her daughter had expressed no dissatisfaction   while they were at the restaurant. They even  said that Brenda tipped, so she must be lying. And that would be believable if they were the last  to complain about insane bills. But they weren’t.

Honeymoon Nightmare The story of Brenda Moulton is a lot   similar to the story of Alex Breen and his wife  Lindsay Breen. In fact, it followed roughly the   same pattern. The Breens were on holiday in Greece  minding their own business and walking on the   beach. They popped into DK Oysters to get a quick  meal, and that's when their troubles started.

The waiter offered Breen and his wife  oysters, so they agreed- afterall,   it’s an oyster place. The waiter  then asked if they wanted a dozen,   so they yes as well. After all, a  dozen was a regular order of oysters. Through all this, Lindsay Breen kept asking the  waiter to see a menu. The waiter danced around   the menu request before finally agreeing  to bring the couple a poor imitation of   a bar menu. The menu in question was simply a  laminated piece of paper that listed the drinks   the restaurant had. More importantly, none  of the drinks had prices attached to them. Lindsay eventually got tired of the silly games,   and just ordered drinks from the makeshift  menu she was given. The waiter then returned  

with comically large drinks. The drinks  were so large that Alex and his wife   believed that they were practical jokes  that the restaurant played on customers. But it wasn't a joke, and it  was about to get uncomfortable. While the couple enjoyed their oysters and drinks,  the waiter asked them what they would like for   dessert. At this point, the Breens were tired  of how pushy their server was and just wanted   to leave. So they told the waiter that they don't  want anything else but he simply wouldn't let up.

He continued to ask them to order desserts,   and he even rolled a large trolley of cakes  and dessert over to their table. Alex and   his wife stood their ground and refused any  more food, despite his outraged insistence. The real ordeal began when it was time to pay  for the meal. Instead of just giving Alex a bill,   they took him into a backroom to show him what  he had spent, which was over four hundred euros. Alex asked for a breakdown of course,   but all they had to show him was a  computer screen that had only Greek on it. This felt quite intimidating to Alex and he  decided to just pay the bill and let it go.

When they left the restaurant, the couple  informed other shop owners about their experience,   and the shop owners told them that DK Oysters  was known for that kind of fraud. The shop   owners in the area weren't the only ones who knew  about DK Oysters' scammy business practice. Many   other customers had similar experiences, and  they made their feelings known on TripAdvisor. But DK Oysters doesn't care about those bad  reviews and often replies mockingly to them. DK Oyster Response Dissatisfied customers have   made serious allegations of fraud against  DK Oysters for a while, and at one point,   the restaurant had to speak up and defend  itself. However, instead of defending itself,  

DK just went on a mudslinging mud fest.  First, Dimitris Kalamaras, the owner,   claimed that all the bad reviews weren’t  from real customers but from influencers   trying to steal a meal. You do have to watch those  influencers- they’re ALWAYS trying to steal meals. His reaction to the Alex Breen case was also  more of the same. He blamed the couple for   not seeing a menu before ordering and  argued that it was all their fault. He also claimed that the bad reviews on  Tripadvisor have bothered the restaurant   so much that they now place a blackboard  with their prices written on it outside. Kalamaras ultimately argued that all of  the bad reviews weren't DK Oysters' fault,   but the fault of broke people who couldn't afford  to eat at the restaurant. His opinion was a lot  

like Paris Hilton’s- they should just stop being  poor. It's odd to accuse people being scammed of   not being rich enough to afford getting scammed,  but that was the story Kalamaras ran with. And finally, for the icing on the cake,   Kalamaras has claimed that the multiple bad  reviews on Tripadvisor were fake anyway. So here's a rundown of the excuses Kalamaras  gave. The bad reviews are from meal stealing   influencers, that people who get scammed by  waiters unwilling to provide a menu deserve   to get scammed, that people leaving bad reviews  are broke anyway, and that the reviews are fake.

Dimitris Kalamaras should work for a PR firm. Another Trap Regardless of the changes Kalamaras claims   to have made, another couple fell into DK Oysters'  trap. This time it was Theodora McCormick,   a fifty-year-old lawyer, and her husband. The  couple had innocently wandered into DK Oysters   and asked for a menu. As per usual, the waiter  refused to give them one so they just ordered a  

dozen oysters and drinks. The drinks were served  in large glass boots- like you’d expect from   high end dining- and after getting their meal the  couple discovered that their bill was around $500. Before the couple could even object to the  bill, they had been surrounded by large and   muscular male waiters who intimidated  them into paying up. So they did.

1-star reviews A cursory browse   of TripAdvisor would reveal even more incredible  stories about this scammy restaurant in Mykonos.   One of the reviews tells a story of a piece  of fish that was worth around $300. Of course,   this customer was also intimidated into paying up. The interesting thing about this fish is that the   restaurant priced it at about 24 euros on the  menu- no scamming THIS customer! But in the   fine print, it was written that the pricing  was per 100 grams. Therefore a piece of fish   that weighed 500 grams would be worth times five  that amount. Crafty DK Oysters striking again!

This same predatory pricing strategy  was used by the restaurant to inflate   a child's meal from just 30 euros  to over three hundred euros. There are so many angry reviewers  of the restaurant that some have   even set up a website called  DKOysterScam.com. The account   was set up to warn other tourists about  the predatory pricing of the restaurant. In DK Oysters' normal fashion, the  restaurant defended its pricing on   TripAdvisor. It claimed that the policy of  charging per gram was clear for everyone to see,  

and it wasn't their fault that people  didn't read the menu they were given. The restaurant even tried to shame  bad reviewers by saying that they   were simply complaining about being  broke and that was no one's fault. Pressured Again Despite the clear PR   disaster that DK Oysters was managing, the  restaurant continued to create extremely   dissatisfied customers. One such customer was  a couple from Montana. Jessica Yarnall and   Adam Hagaun were just strolling the beach when  they casually walked into DK Oysters. They sat   down and soon had to endure waiters who pressured  them to order something. The waiters were pushy,   and the couple didn't want to be rude so they told  the waiters that they would think about an order.

It seemed that there was a language  barrier, and the waiter believed that   they had already ordered. So they started  rolling food toward the couple's table.   Jessica and Adam didn't want to argue with  the servers, so they just took what came. On the menu that they were provided, a Mojito had  been listed as 25 euros. However, unknown to the   couple, the 25 euros Mojito was a tiny portion to  be served in a shot glass. But the waiters didn't   bring shot glasses to the couple. Instead, they  brought their signature comically large glasses. And those large glasses of Mojitos were worth  hundred euros, not the 25 euros like was on   the menu. What made the entire experience even  more awful was that the food apparently wasn't  

that great. The mint in the Mojito was basic and  the rest of the food was completely unremarkable. The couple wasn't the only ones freaking  out about their bills in the restaurant.   There were multiple customers all getting  angry at their bills at the same time.

Today, so many bad reviews about DK Oyster have  flooded TripAdvisor that the site now gives an   additional warning about the restaurant.  The warning reads that the reviews on the   site aren’t necessarily indicative of the  experience one might get at the restaurant. If you’re enjoying today’s video, be sure to stay   tuned on this video to learn more  about the worst doctors out there,   especially this lady who pretended to be  a doctor giving out Brazilian booty lifts! Latest Reviews Despite all the complaints, DK Oyster   continues to rack up bad reviews on Tripadvisor.  The most recent reviews all complain about the   same intimidating tactics and predatory pricing.  Even Tripadvisor has made its own statement in the   review section for DK Oyster. However, if we must  talk about the bad, then we have to talk about the   good as well. All the reviews of DK Oyster on  Tripadvisor aren't horrible nightmarish tales.

Some reviews of DK Oyster are rather excellent.  Some customers have praised their dessert,   the ambiance of the restaurant and many have even  posted that they would be back at the restaurant. But they’re probably fake too, right, Dimitris? Click to watch one of these next videos! Let us know in the comment below what  YOUR worst restaurant experience ever was! These scamming doctors are the exact type of people you don’t want treating you or anyone you know! Let’s dive right into their stories! 5 - All Tired Out Oneal Ron Morris, also known as the "Duchess", was a transgender con-artist and self-proclaimed doctor who injected various industrial substances into people's behinds in order to give them a bigger caboose. Morris used a "cocktail" of various substances, including cement, Super Glue, and Fix-A-Flat tire inflator- giving new meaning to the term 'having a flat butt'. Morris had already been caught once before for practicing medicine without a license. However, she continued to operate illegally, often using fake names and advertisements to lure customers.

Morris’s biggest scam was  injecting industrial-grade  silicone into people's behinds as part of an enhancement procedure. Even performed under a doctor’s care, medical grade silicone is a dangerous substance that can lead to serious health consequences and isn't FDA-recommended for beauty fillers. This is also a rare instance where contracting authority overlaps with the FDA, and they also recommend against using industrial grade silicone as beauty fillers. Finally they both agree on something! Morris was injecting her victims with silicone she purchased at her local Home Depot since they probably had better prices than Lowes.

Dubbed the “Toxic Tush Doctor,” she was convicted of manslaughter after one of her clients passed from complications stemming from the injections they received. Extra Lumps During her trial, it was revealed that Morris had placed ads on sites like Craigslist and Backpage, offering quote, "buttocks enhancement services." Her victims would often pay upwards of $2,000 for the procedure.

Many victims came forward with stories of  how Morris had injected them  with the industrial-grade silicone, often without anesthesia. One victim spoke of how she was left with lumps and bumps all over her behind, and another said she was in so much pain that she couldn’t sit down for weeks. In total, Morris is believed to have injected more than 50 people with industrial silicone. Morris began her "career" sometime around 2006, when she injected a woman's butt with a combination of cement, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, and super glue.

The woman soon developed necrosis, which is basically that part of the body decaying or dying. She had to have surgery to remove the injection. Combination Glues Another of Morris’ victims stated that she had received injections from Morris on three separate occasions.

The first time was in 2007 and it was a mixture of silicone and an unknown substance; the second time was in 2008 and it again was silicone and an unknown substance; the third time was in 2009 and it was a combination of Krazy Glue, Super Glue, Liquid Nails Adhesive Remover & Cement mix. Unfortunately this victim also developed necrosis and had to have surgery to correct the damage done by Morris' "treatments". In the end, Morris was sentenced to 10 years in prison, though she will only serve four years due to a plea deal. However, many believe that she deserved much harsher punishment considering the seriousness of her offenses.

Her victims were left scarred both physically and emotionally, but at least they can rest assured knowing that the "Toxic Tush Doctor" is now behind bars where she belongs. 4 - O, B, G, Y, NO Dr. Javid Perwaiz was a well-respected OB/GYN in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for nearly four decades. But it turns out that all that time, he was preying on his patients just to make a quick buck.

Dr. Perwaiz scammed Medicaid by billing for procedures he never performed. But the true horror came when Javid actually did enter the operating room. Over the course of a decade, Dr. Perwaiz performed irreversible hysterectomies, sterilizations,

and other surgeries on his patients—in many cases using broken equipment— giving atleast 173 women life-altering surgeries. According to prosecutors, Dr. Perwaiz would convince women that they needed certain operations by telling them exaggerated or outright false information about their health. In some cases, he would tell patients that they had cancer or were at risk of developing cancer if they didn't have a hysterectomy or some other surgery immediately. In many instances, the surgeries occurred within days of the false diagnoses.

Sadly, these surgeries were  completely unnecessary,  put the women's health at risk, and changed their lives in a way that can't be undone. Irreversible The equipment Dr. Perwaiz used was often damaged or wasn’t sterilized, and he regularly reused single-use gloves. As a result, many of his patients suffered complications from the surgeries- some of which were life-threatening, leaving many with irreparable damage. 25 of Dr. Perwaiz’s patients testified at his sentencing hearing sharing their stories

of how Dr. Death, as he'd been dubbed, had ruined their lives. One victim shared a story that on Dr. Perwaiz’s recommendation, she had a hysterectomy in order to avoid potential cancer, only to learn that the surgery was unnecessary and that she will never be able to have children of her own. Another victim said she also thought Perwaiz was acting in her best interests when he told her she needed a hysterectomy as well.

She has since experienced  a myriad of complications  due to Dr. Death's handiwork and now has to take medication to control the symptoms for the rest of her life. Jailed Many of the women who testified against Dr. Perwaiz said they kept him as their doctor even after their procedures because they trusted him.

It wasn't until they started hearing news reports about his criminal activity that they realized how badly they had been harmed. In November 2020 - following an expert opinion which deemed a staggering 52 surgical procedures performed were unnecessary - a federal jury convicted Dr. Perwaiz of 52 counts of health care fraud and false statements. In total, Dr. Perwaiz was responsible for over $20 million worth of false and fraudulent billings for both himself and the hospitals where he performed the surgeries. What did he trade his victim’s ability to ever have children for? Lavish gifts for himself and others, including luxury cars like Bentleys and Ferraris.

In April of 2021, Perwaiz was sentenced to 59 years in prison, which means that at 71 years old, he will likely spend the rest of his life incarcerated. While that may provide a  small amount of satisfaction  to his victims, no amount of prison time can undo the damage that Perwaiz has caused. 3 - Doctor Staged Dr. Sady Ribeiro was a pain-management doctor and surgeon. He’s facing up to 10 years in prison for his role in an insurance fraud scheme that bilked millions of dollars  from poor and vulnerable  patients. Ribeiro pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with the scheme.

Ribeiro enticed more than 400 homeless and drug-addicted patients to submit to surgeries they didn’t need so that he and his partner could take payouts from the insurance companies. Ribeiro is the second person to plead guilty in the case - Adrian Alexander, 77, who owned a litigation funding company that was behind the scheme, previously pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. According to a federal indictment, Ribeiro and Alexander spearheaded an extensive insurance fraud scheme through which participants staged trip-and-fall accidents and subsequently filed fraudulent lawsuits that enriched both men to the tune of $31 million.

Trip and Fall The patients - many of them homeless or addicted to drugs - were enticed with small sums of money to participate in the scheme, and then underwent unnecessary back surgeries and other medical procedures so that Ribeiro and his partners could collect insurance payouts. Patients were also instructed to receive ongoing medical care and chiropractic treatment from specific medical professionals - usually Ribeiro - under the guise that it was required for their lawsuit cases In some cases, the defendants even created fake x-rays purporting to show disk herniation stems to justify performing lumbar spinal fusions on otherwise healthy people as young as 20 years old. This greedy criminal offense not only took advantage of people who could ill afford it but put their lives at real risk. Victims often had little choice other than comply so long as they continued to receive benefits like food, clothing, or other assistance. Homeless Trick From 2015 until 2018 more than 400 people participated in the scheme, many of them recruited while receiving assistance at homeless shelters around New York City. Many were drug addicts or homeless with mental health issues.

Alexander typically funded each personal injury lawsuit by loaning participants 30,000 dollars to cover living expenses, court fees, costs related to surgical bills and other associated costs. Invariably those loans carried extraordinarily high annual percentage rates, often 100 percent upward. As a result almost all of any settlement or damages awarded went toward satisfying the loan leaving participants with little or no funds. Ribeiro admitted that he performed close to 200 surgeries on patients who were part of the scheme, and also paid kickbacks for patient referrals.

In addition to facing up to 10 years in prison, Ribeiro has agreed to forfeit more than $500,000 to the US government and make a restitution payment of nearly $4 million. Ribeiro is scheduled to be sentenced on January 5, 2023 and Alexander on November 30 of this year. 2 - Masquerading Sarah Caine was banned from every hospital in the UK after being caught posing as a doctor twice. Most recently, she avoided jail time by admitting to the charges of impersonating a doctor and theft of medical equipment.

Caine had been masquerading as a doctor for some time, even going so far as to post pictures of herself in scrubs on Facebook with captions like "Work can be a time for pulling faces." Neighbors interviewed after her guilty plea said that they had no idea she wasn't actually a doctor. One close friend described her as a "Walter Mitty" type- someone who is prone to wild flights of fancy because she was unsatisfied with her life. Repeated Offenses Posing as a doctor, Caine was seen by two nurses who recognized her from when she had been treated there before. She claimed to be training as part of her doctorate, but it quickly became clear that she didn't really know what she was doing. CCTV footage showed her wandering around the hospital for hours before being confronted by staff and eventually arrested by police.

When officers searched her house, they found a trove of medical equipment that she had stolen from the hospital, including surgical scrubs, bandages, syringes, and saline solution. Although she avoided jail time, Caine was fined £440. Thankfully, she never interacted with any patients, and just walked around the hospitals aimlessly. No harm, no foul? With all these shady medical professionals running around, the only ones we trust are Dr. Dre, and Nurse Slim. 1 - Off Brand Sanet Mari Brand was a bogus cardiologist who was operating in South Africa. She was arrested after it was discovered that she didn’t have the proper medical qualifications to be practicing medicine.

Brand was accused of advertising for house calls using the information of a registered physician, and also issuing fake prescriptions to people seeking medical attention. Brand could have easily put people's lives in danger had they taken the fake prescriptions or listened to her phony medical advice. Luckily, she was arrested before anyone was harmed. Police were first tipped off by a patient who grew suspicious after receiving a prescription from Brand. Many Different Stories Brand initially denied any wrongdoing, but soon began to change her story as inconsistencies were discovered- such as claiming an actual residence rather than crashing on a former cellmate's couch. Brand also failed to appear in court for one of her bail hearings, and a warrant for her arrest was issued.

On what was expected to be  her last bail application,  Brand suddenly announced her intention to plead guilty to all the charges against her. Seeing as she pleaded guilty, the judge found Brand guilty on 10 counts of violating medical practice laws and one count of fraud. Brand was sentenced to two years in prison, and her case has been widely publicized in order to warn the public about fake physicians.

It turns out that this name Brand is rather generic. Click to watch one of these next videos! Let us know in the comment section what you’d rather do, go to the dentist or go run a mile!

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