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[Music] thank you   [Music]   thank you [Music] thank you [Music]   good morning everybody we're coming  to you from one of our possibly last   Caravan camping spots possibly possibly so we're  here to tell you about some exciting news you can   tell them we're putting our Bush tracker up for  sale and it's not because it's too little it's not   because it's too big or it's not because we want  to update the van to a different van or a prettier   van or a van even with more features because it's  got everything nobody's offered us a van I know   it's got everything you could possibly want for  promoter long-term living and off-grid travel of   course that's why we got it so we're here to let  you know that it's going to be put up for sale   the reason we're putting it up for sale is  because we can't afford both and we're having   a new adventure and a bit of change intact you  could say full change intact completely well   we've bought a boat and in our upcoming episodes  you'll understand exactly what we're doing but we   can't have the van and it's got to be sold we will  definitely continue on land travel in the truck   so don't be concerned about that whatsoever and it  will probably lead to more remote uh off-grid full   drive type travel but we'll have a little boat to  go too but a little road and a few other things   so so it's very exciting but it's exciting for  you too because if you need a van ours is up for   sale it is we will put some of the specs just  in the top of the comment section and all the   information about the van will be on our website  we'll put a link to that as well just so you know   boost tracker won't make our layout anymore  yeah that's the end of that layout I'm not   sure why it's what we believe anyway it's not  happening anymore so it's a unique layout and   we like the layout for long-term permanent living  boost you've got a separate bedroom area and a   separate entertaining and cooking area and so  on so we really like it yeah if we could keep   it we'd keep it yeah but yeah we can't yeah and  if it interests you you can always check out our   now what is it our run through our walk through  video everyone walk through and obviously it's   full history is there for everyone to see that's  right so it's been a great van yes bogged the   eyeballs and not we love it and still love it yeah  for sure we'll miss you but as we said we got some   super adventures coming up so keep watching stay  tuned yeah we've got some good stuff happening oh my God he's a low rider fat boy are you nervous we used to tell  you a little boat what can go wrong okay [Music] we hit the big race oh my gosh what's garment s okay I'm gonna be rap and you're gonna get swamped  yeah completely hey don't do that no moving around no to the left and the right of the vehicle  at the exits in the front of the water is there any issues please don't try and  hold on to me every man for themselves oh you're supposed to turn the  waves and things the right way okay seven we got [Music] obstacle number one we didn't put any meaty spray on I fight to Lira oh yeah Mangrove here we go think I reckon that'll do for today baby huh we're going to drinks are rising I've  gotta get shipped up man what I've got to   get [ __ ] done yeah but adventure comes first  then gets you down we're gonna have to stop at   the beach so that I can do something stuff  on the computer okay and I'll drink beer fish too right yeah you need to fish here I don't know like a bit of a pizza turn around oh you're just scared to turn around  because you don't know if you can do it on Adventure Time oh it gets shallow there you gotta find you which way do we go around four  different rivers in One backwards when you're in control you don't have control it's like stagnant right there oh yeah that's  muddy I don't know it's like Kroc Center does that come out I don't know no no no no no no no no hey you cannot kidnap me like this it's its shallow he's uncontrollable the same as a Victor lawnmower  a maxboard six all except it's   in a pretty cover and it's got no trumpet way we're gonna end up lost in the mangroves for days   because we don't know where we're  going ah we won't get lost boy challenging wow there's a lot of crab  action there or something yeah are we lost really oh that stinks very boggy I buy you now the boss told me to turn around  again finally turned around for what shall we well four hours later [Music] shallow on the left oh that's the river there look at it amazing yeah very shallow very shallow level [Music] yet good for seasick today it is a little rough don't feel pain I'm gonna sink it I'm laughing too much that's the adventure spirit stop it so everything's opposite is that right  what if I pull it towards the snow I will just goes into the boat oh did you do that on purpose no oh my God this is a Mad Mouse don't hit the rocks I don't think so none of this league oh my gosh what are you trying to do probably gone to the base all right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh that was fish want us to get out and catch  us before we fight away good job boss I'm gonna need a beer after  that oh my gosh anyway we lived   I need a little break we do sit and  have a sit and do some stuff and foreign thank you foreign maiden voyage run out of food foreign good job husband uh are you putting it up  so bung has to come out when we get it up good one okay now just with that just pull  on that and you should go   thanks for watching and don't forget to  subscribe if you want a reminder hit the   bell and remember we always love a  thumbs up [Music] thank you [Music]   if you'd like to be more involved check  out our patreon page or our website [Music] is busy but when I see you  on the street I know [Music]   far away to sweep you off the floor

2023-07-03 20:57

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