What is happening with BilDev Tours and the situation in Ecuador? Update August 2023

What is happening with BilDev Tours and the situation in Ecuador? Update August 2023

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Hello World! I am Luis Velazquez. I  am a National Tour Guide in Ecuador.  If it is the first time you're here,  then this is BilDev Tours’ channel.  BilDev Tour’s is a tour operator located in  Ecuador and our focus is to promote Ecuador to   the world and that includes Ecuadorians as well. However this video is not about tourism,   this video is not about promotion, this  video is not about business. This video   is about something else, something that  many of you may have been wondering lately,   and about an event that happened recently,  or well many events that have been happening. 

First thing, those of you who have been to the  channel previously, you already know that through   this window here that YouTube offers me, I have  tried to show you Ecuador. What I have also showed   you or spoke about things that happen locally. Either protests or political events and to reduce   that on this channel I opened another Channel,  and the link to that channel I will leave it on   the description, however many of you are new so  I just will make this video here for those of you   who would like to know about this part of Ecuador. Remember to subscribe to the other channel because  

I do plan to post more videos there,  especially in with my personal opinions.  On this channel I try to be as non-biased as  possible. That's the idea of BilDev Tour’s,   because I want you to have a general  idea of Ecuador, the nature, culture,   but also in the demographic aspect: about what  people here are what people here see the world   like, and this video is a little bit about that. First of all I need to let you know about what has  

been happening with me because it's been three  months without posting a video. That's a lot of   time, and I appreciate you who are here, who have  stayed here and keep watching the channel, the new   people who have arrived, and many because of the  Visa video. That was the last video that I posted   here I will try to add more shorts, but you know I  like to post long videos where I explain things in   detail and I'm a little bit of a perfectionist,  for a lot of things, and that's what delays   me even more, because it takes a lot of time  to edit. However, I have other things to do.  YouTube doesn't really pay me anything for this,  I don't have the requirements for getting any   credit for, I mean not direct credit at least,  no direct payments for YouTube, because I need   to have at least 4 000 hours of play in my videos  during the last 365 days. I don't even have 2 000. 

Hopefully in the future I will, hopefully in the  future I will monetize this channel because my   idea is to show you Ecuador to be able to speak  about Ecuador, so that you learn more a lot and   that that pays, that YouTube gives a payment and  that also I can save time to not work in other   things but work on the videos, and also pay an  editor for that. But that will come eventually,   I won't surrender so someday it will happen. Anyways, I've been working on the Visas of course   that's something I am doing, I haven't stopped  doing. I'm also a certified translator, so I've  

been working with the translations, a little  bit of interpretation, but mainly translations,   in different aspects: for people coming here who  need their documents in English to be used here   in Ecuador for different processes, but I am also  doing translations for people of Ecuador who want   to emigrate to leave this country. So I do a  little bit of this and a little bit of that.   The other thing, which is the reason why  BilDev Tours is BilDev Tours is tourism.   However these days I haven't worked as much as  I would like to with tourism, for many reasons.  Well, finally the… well no. two more reasons  why I haven't posted any video lately:  

one is because I am taking a course -un  curso- of National Tour Guide specialized   in Heritage: cultural natural heritage. I am a national tour guide, however there   are different types of licenses. My license is of  National Tour guide so I you can tell I know the   basics of tourism in Ecuador, but I'm getting  or I'm working on getting a specialization for   knowing about the cultural natural heritage of the  country. I know of course, especially about the   cultural heritage, those of you who are here since  a while you know that, but at natural heritage I’m   terrible at this. I've been improving, classes are  really hard I have to read a lot I have to explore  

a lot, and well those are the advantages or  disadvantages of living in a biodiverse country.   Ecuador is one of the 17 Mega diverse countries  in the world and actually is the smallest one,   which means that we have a lot of species here.  Because we have different environments. We are in   the equator of the planet, we have the Amazon  to one side and to the other side the ocean,   and well, the Andes in the middle, and of  course the Galapagos, however Galapagos   is another world and I haven't even gotten  yet to know the Galapagos. Hopefully soon,   hopefully not that later, that much later,  and the final thing which is the main thing,   and yes, it would be the most important,  it is because I have just become a father! I've been working hard in the things  that give me money, like right now,   which are, visas, translation, a little bit  of Tourism, but that has left me without time.  My baby was expected to be born in two weeks… … Well I am recording from BilDev Tours’  office, which is the dream we have been   building since over a little bit over one year  ago. Well someone just came in, so I’m sorry, I   lost what I was saying for a moment. But well, I  was talking about the most important event that  

has happened recently my baby, my baby's birth.  We were expecting him to be born by late August,   but it happened earlier, and well that's  life, the Miracle of Life. Everything is   good. So far so good with the baby, in case  you wonder. Thank you for those of you who   have sent me messages through other means  as well, and who have been following up.  By the way, that's why during this week I have  been very very delayed in emails. I haven't  

answered emails like from the last four days  because of this and I will use today's -August   11-Friday holiday, but I will use this weekend  to catch up with that. Send emails, that's, if   you need to ask me something, feel free do it or  you can enter through the website bildevtours.com   and you will find a form. Send your message  with your email address and we will contact you   if you want us to advise you when the website  is fully ready, when we have the tours there,   or when we release a Blog. Please also enter  the website, leave your email address your name,  

and say please add me to the newsletter. That's what has been happening with my   life. I've been working on BilDev Tours, on  other things: studying, developing myself   in knowledge, culturally, to provide a better  service, to provide the best of what I can   regarding Ecuador. To provide the content  best and of course to my family the best,   and that's why I'm making this video, to let  you know that I simply haven't, I have not left,   I am doing this and I am committed to this,  and I will continue doing this until I can.  That's for the personal part. Thank  you very much, I really appreciate   that you're watching this video. But maybe you want to know  

more about the situation in Ecuador. Please subscribe to the other channel:   “Luis of Ecuador”. I will be making more  videos there and I plan during this Sunday,   it is Sunday the 13th. There will be a debate  of the candidates for the presidential,   for the president's position, for the office,  and I will do a live stream talking about the   debate live, so that we can, I will inform you  who is who, what they will be talking about,   what they will be saying at that moment,  and we will have some highlights. 

So, if you're interested about living in  Ecuador, or you're already living in Ecuador   and would like to know about the politics and  what's happening, well, then stay tuned to that   other channel where I will do this live stream. Here on BilDev Tours’ Channel I will do the   first live stream once I reach the 1.5K  -1500 subscribers-, maybe in one month,   we'll see. I have a lot of videos, I  have like 12 videos in a row to edit,  

but I'm not producing the income to separate  some for making videos or for paying an editor,   and that's why, as I told you before, I would like  that YouTube pays itself, that YouTube generates   some income that I can use for, to hire an Editor,  so for the moment that's not possible, and I don't   have enough time for that. I need to put my effort  in the things that give me cash at this moment. So well, many of you or some of you, may have  heard about the situation in the country,   about what happened two weeks ago with the  mayor of Manta: Agustin Intriago. He was   killed. And what happened this week,  just two days ago or two nights ago,   which is the murder of Fernando Villavicencio,  presidential candidate. He was one of the   top candidates. I mean he could have been the  next president. He was in the second place in  

some of the polls, very serious polls, and yeah,  he did have a chance to become the next president.   Now because of the situation of drug  dealers, gangs, Mexican narcos and   the Ecuadorian narcos and Colombian narcos,  everything that is happening here in Ecuador,   and this guy was facing them. He said “I'm not  afraid.” “I'm protected by people.” “I don't   even have a bullet vest.” A kevlar, I don't  know how you say it in English: “chaleco”. 

“I'm not afraid”. But this is what happened, well  it's a series of events, he was saying “I'm not   afraid”. He wasn't with the private guards and the  police that were guarding him were very very badly   prepared to even say that that's very suspicious.  But if you live in Ecuador, you know that many   of the people in the police are not getting good  training, that the management is very very bad, so   we don't even, we don't even know. Hopefully we  will know. At this moment there are six people   arrested for this murder one of the main people  involved, he was injured, that same evening of the   event, and then when he was taken to the Attorney  General's office, he died because of this injury. 

This is very weird because he had to be taken to  the hospital, and not to the Attorney General's   office directly. But there are many things to be  investigated here. These other six people that   were arrested, they are not Ecuadorians, they were  hired from overseas. Well, now the president Lasso   asked for help to the FBI, the Federal Bureau of  Investigations of the United States of America,   to help in the investigation about this. Also  for people here to believe in the results of   the investigation because there is so much  corruption that people here won't believe   too much what the local authorities will  say. About the candidate, may he rest in   peace: “Que descanse en paz” as we say in Spanish. He was not my favorite, I have to tell you that,   but I don't think he was a bad guy. I think he  was honest, he was not my favorite because I  

don't think he was the best qualified for the  position, but I think that he was a an honest   guy or a clear guy about what he wanted to do, and  well this is a consequence of that. What happened,   the thing is that in Ecuador the violence has been  increasing exponentially in the last two years.  In Cuenca where I am the situation is way  different than, in Guayaquil or Esmeraldas, for   example, where the crime is at a top leve. Here I  can record on the streets. Here we have tourism,   we can go out at night, without really being  concerned. And many many things that in other  

cities are like something, that is, almost  a “ROB ME”-thing, here you can do them.   You can go out on the streets, take pictures  with cameras, photos, I mean, normal things.  In Loja the situation is even calmer. In Loja  is perhaps the calmest city in the country now.   I just, I'm telling you this because you know  I'm honest. That's what you can see in all of   my videos, and I wanted to make an appearance,  a report, to tell you that BilDev Tours has   not disappeared. I'm not stopping making videos  because of the situation. I'm not making videos  

just because I don't have time. I would like to have more time,   but I will continue to do the videos. I haven't launched the Safety and Security   video of 2023 yet because I haven't had time,  because I recorded it, but since I recorded it   several months ago, I have to make updates as  I record, and I will record it again, or I will   record some parts again to make an update. I'm reading your comments. Please feel free   to comment because I read the comments. I have many videos to edit that I have   already recorded about Cuenca,  about life here, about culture.  About the legal aspects… well the last update  has just been about the extension of the tourism   visa and I have to make a special video about  that. It's something of about three weeks ago,  

so many things are still being clarified. Next  week I will post that video because it's only   for the extension of the tourist visa. If you are an American, or Canadian,   European citizen, for example, you come here  with a tourist visa of 90 days. I mean, a permit,   you just show your passport at Customs when you  arrive in the airport in Ecuador. They will stamp   it and “Welcome to Ecuador”. You will have 90 days  to be here but if you would like to stay longer,  

you can extend that. The process for the extension  has changed a little bit, so if you watch videos   that are over one month ago, or posts about how to  make the extensions that are over one month ago,   then that's dated, because the situation is now  different. Fee is the same, it's around $155,   but the process is a little bit different. Okay, again feel free to write me about, just   say hello, just to ask something about visas, and  I will send you the information, or about tourism.  I will be updating here about the situation with  the elections, with the Safety and Security. If  

you want to plan a trip for tourism now, you can  do so, no problem. If you are just planning to go   to Galapagos, then plan to go to Galapagos.  Galapagos is very far from Mainland. That's   another thing, nothing really happens there. And  they seize sometimes bad ships there. but not  

something like you have violence in the islands.  That doesn't happen. Feel free to go to Galapagos,   to plan there. And about plan to come to Mainland,  I will tell you plan. Read the travel advisories:   “UK travel advisory”. Look on Google like  this: “DOS USA travel advisory Ecuador”   and you will find the information of the  government of the United States about   coming to Ecuador. You can plan to come to  Ecuador because most of the country is safe.   Certain areas are restricted. I wouldn't recommend  you to go at all at at this moment to Esmeraldas,  

or to go to the Northwest, Northeastern  areas. Well Northeast is Esmeraldas, uhm,   Northwest, sorry Northwest, and Northeast is the  Amazon area bordering with Colombia and Peru,   except for Yasuni (and Cuyabeno)  and you go there with a hired tour,   with a purchased tour that organizes everything  and it's pretty safe. You will go to the Yasuni,   Amazon rainforest, to a protected area.  Nothing will happen there. Cuenca,   you can come to Cuenca. I will show you videos,  recent videos about people coming to Cuenca.   Also I will try on Instagram to show you from  the street how the life is here. Quito Historic   District, you plan with local guides there,  and if you don't want to come with guides,   you can still come to Quito, but you have to  increase your caution. And of course if you  

are planning now, it's not because you're coming  next week, I would recommend you to come after the   elections. That is, well, the first round will  be August 20, and then the second round will be   by October, if I'm not mistaken, or September,  yeah, so you can plan for winter or late fall.  Situation here is good in general. I'm talking  about the Andes Cuenca, Quito, Ambato, Riobamba.  

Maybe the train of Alausi will be soon  reactivated. This month they said that on   August 30, that's August 31. Let's see.  I will let you know about that if that   happens. I will go to record in Alausi.  I have already spoken with people there.   It's a beautiful area. It's a magic area of  the Andes. If you have heard about the train   of Devil's nose, well, we'll know about that soon.  From Cuenca is not that far -“not that far”- I'm   talking about three hours, three hours and a half.  There are many things here to see. Well, I think  

that's all for now. We will be communicating. I  will be posting videos with concrete information   or addition… because that delays me. I don't like  to post (incomplete videos)… I have already tried   to record another communication like this but I  didn't like how it ended up, so I didn't post it.   And I'm posting this now. Hopefully you like it,  you comment. Let me know in your comments that  

you're watching this, and that I'm not just making  this for nothing. Please also that helps the   channel and the famous YouTube algorithm so that  it can be recommended to more and more people.  See you in the next adventure!  Please stay tuned. Don't   get lost, “No se pierdan”, as we say in Spanish. And see you in the next adventure.  Thank you very much! Bye bye!

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