Weekend breakfast in Bande dare | IRAN

Weekend breakfast in Bande dare | IRAN

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This is " Shaghayegh " My nephew @hasti : What will God do with you? We froze Is it cold?! :) @shaghayegh : not at all , its summer We are walking... but... Our family goes by car That is, they drive exactly where they want to camp Take a little walk!!! :)) i and shaghayegh go on foot, others go by car @shaghayegh : We walked here from Birjand, see the sweat on our foreheads there... They are our family that... We came on foot, but they came by car And they arrived early @arash : Javad, look, there is a good place to sit The gas light of her car was on and she was grumbling all the time.

@arash : Did you come here with the gas light on?!!! Yes ! We came here with the flashing gas light! Picnic in my hand let's go Let's find a place to sit It is also good to sit here look... Look what a good place we found It also has a barbecue The wall is drawn Okay . We came here to have breakfast I don't know when are we going to have breakfast? Because I am really hungry We call this " hookah's Ca'eb " We pour the necessary amount of water into this.

and... We put the middle part of the hookah inside that it can be used Please give me the water from there shaghayegh Pour water into it :) @shaghayegh : I obey, master :) She is my assistant who never does her job right :)) The right size... Enough!! ok... We put this inside this Now there is too much water in the glass ( ka'eb ) But for now there is no problem, we will adjust its water later @parisa : Why don't you set it right now? ok... come here... she is expert in all kinds of hookahs I apologize to you Well, whenever you set it up, let me test it We blow inside the hookah hose so that there are no bees inside :) ok ? We put the hose inside this part parisa shame on you ! You reduced the water too much Because...

It does not make any sound @arash : The water should be exactly up to his throat. did you hear ? to his throat @parisa : You brought the water up to your throat Okay. Please leave it in place i think its Enough . Dear Arash listen to his voice This sound is almost good and it is characteristic that there is enough water shame on you parisa, We adjusted the water ourselves Is it good Let's go to the next step @my sister : do you want tea ? @Shaghayegh : Yes @my sister : Everyone keep their glasses, please My sister is preparing breakfast... What is your opinion about today and this area ( bande dare ) we came to? As a tourist, someone who sets foot in this area for the first time @arash : It is a very good place, the weather is also great, we have a good group too Let's go see what Adrian is doing? my dear, what are you doing ? @Adrian : I'm breaking what do you break ? @adrian : I will break this Are you breaking the wall with that? @adiran : Yes, I am breaking the wall Do you want to destroy the wood or the wall? @Adrian : break down the wall I don't think you can destroy the wall with that stick Isn't it hard? Isn't it hard? @adrian : No, it is not hard Ok uncle, keep busy It's a good day. Last night the temperature was minus 5 degrees below zero

But now it is about 10 degrees above zero And the weather is bearable This area is very green, but because we are now in the winter season The weather is very cold and dry, Birjand has very cold winters Trees are also hibernating Why is this place called Bande Dareh? Because there is a dam that I will show you If you like this video so far, please like it now And sub my channel because it gives me a lot of energy. in this video... I want to show you how an Iranian family living in the city spends their weekend.

Most Birjand residents, maybe 99% of them, go to the villages around Birjand on weekends And they spend their weekend in nature Let's see what the kids are doing The breakfast you make is different! Look, this is our simple breakfast that we came to eat outside The important thing is that... @Shaghayegh : Do you want to say poetic sentences? yes, wait...im thinking @shaghayegh : The important thing is that we are having breakfast in the mountain good job ! @shaghyegh : With the taste of soil good job ! And what is important is the purity and intimacy that is making waves in this group. See how much purity and intimacy is flowing in this group ! @shaghayegh : Mexican wave @Parisa : Javad, Don't you have any manners? Everyone is eating, you are filming ! I want to film an Iranian eating for you so that you can see how an Iranian eats :)) @shaghayegh : In this way, you make your hands in this way and go inside the eggs When zombies want to eat brains, they don't eat like this In our country, spoons were made several thousand years ago, so please use spoons bah bah !! See that... See the purity and sincerity that is flowing in this egg pan. My sister : my dear, this is not an egg, this is a pre-born chick.

You see our driver, the one who brought us here. His car's gas light was also flashing. And she brought us out of the city in the same condition. She is trying to pour herself a cup of tea Yes, she will succeed! Encourage her! @Parisa : Don't bother me so much, Javad! You won't let us eat something easily. bah bah Your place is empty... Eggs in this space are very delicious! look....

Our hookah is also ready... @Parisa : Javad, you won't let us smoke a hookah What a tuned hookah! dear arash, How is the hookah? @arash : Perfect ! @arash : Thank You I'm going to look for girls "shaghayegh" and "Hasti" have gone hiking Now they haven't come for a long time, the family got worried about them and I came to find them They went from this side, it is not known where They are young and like to play, this is normal. Let's see where they went @Hasti : What are you filming? :) Where were you two? @Hasti : We went to the end and came back It was fun ? @saghayegh : Yeah ! What was going on above? @Shaghayegh : It was very good, it was a round place that was perfect for sitting! @Shaghayegh : It was surrounded by trees and there were no stones. was it quiet ? @Shaghayegh : yes was very quiet. We also took pictures too ! @Shaghayegh : Take these so I can show the pictures Let me see the photos you took oh ! What good photos! @Shaghayegh : The background is bad, but I will fix it with editing Beautiful! OK, I'm satisfied Guys, what do you think about shaghayegh being in my videos from now on? Leave a comment please With shaghayegh here, we found a family that is coming here and destroying the environment... They are also smoking hookah! @Shaghayegh : They are polluting the air! Now let's go see this family...

They smoke hookah, gossip, destroy the environment :)) give me your hand Don't be afraid, you won't fall Well, go, go to your father @Adrian : Why did the fire go out? Because there was no one to put wood on the fire. go go go .... Go safely Go, if it hits somewhere, it will call, go Well, from the place where... @parisa : God damn you ( Parisa does not like that I am always filming ) We left our campsite... We are going to the dam ( Bande dare ) Let's take a video of that part too Have you ever seen such a good driver? @Parisa : I will drop you off right here As you can see, here is the dam, the name of this dam is "Bande Dare" When the weather is warmer, people come here and sit around this dam. Recently, these platforms have also been made for sitting Look, this amount of energy has likes, comments, and subs This is the Birjand Bande dare , as you can see Of course, there was water until here, but now there is a drought and the water is less.

Rainfall is also extremely low From that part we can reach the main wall of the dam In the same dam that you see, in the last 10-20 years that I remember, unfortunately, many young people have committed suicide. Either they were in love or for other reasons, I don't know, only God knows Many stories are heard about people who die here, everyone says something and you don't know which one is true. Almost every few years, a person drowns in this dam This is a very difficult path and if we fall, we will fall into the water.

hello... Take Hasti's hand and help her Here Birjand, you can hear our voice from the Bande dare :) Presents.... It is written on the sign that entry and swimming are strictly prohibited! but.... These two people do not notice at all and entered. @Hasti & Shaghayegh : You said to come here!!! :)) @hasti : you are very naughty We are now exactly on the main wall of the dam See this side @Shaghayegh : Has anyone committed suicide on this side? No, no one killed himself from this side Do not go forward See this view... Our cars are there, we came all this way to get here Uncle, it was not more than two steps, why are you making it so big? :) See here that there is a well in the middle If you come here at night, be careful not to fall into this well This was the Bande dare that you saw. We came here with our family on a day off

The weather is very very cold If you like this video, like it and leave a comment. And subscribe my channel because it gives me a lot of energy and makes me make more videos for you. I love you very much, you are one of a kind, God bless you

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