We took a ferry to Hel

We took a ferry to Hel

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Hello, Dzien Dobry. We are in Gdynia now, It's the last city in Tri-City and it's our last day as well. And today we're going to just do, we're thinking about doing the boat ride to "Hel". Is it called Hel? So we're going to Hel and back, basically. The boat doesn't go until 16:30, so we have a little bit of time to to kill. So we're gonna go down to the harbor and we're going to look at one of the old frigate frigates from World War 2. A British ship.

That's the first thing we're going to do. Yeah, so let's go. Gdynia isn't really that big of a city, so it's fairly easy to get around here. I've been here like once before, many years back, but. We just, me and a friend, we just took like a pit stop here, went around a little bit to the shopping mall and then we went back. So I have never really been down at the harbor before and I'm actually pretty interested in seeing this ship.

That's like the most Polish thing that you can say. it's uh. This way or this way, it doesn't matter I think.

We can go here. So basically it's apartments. People live there, yeah. We're at the harbor. We finally made it.

And right down here is the frigate. The World War 2 frigate called Thunder or Lightning. "Błyskawica"? Yeah. You know, there's some sense of familiarity here. Towards where I'm from, Bergen, Because Bergen is also.

A Harbor city. And it's filled with old boats like this, you know, And it kind of gives me a vibe of what it is at home. OK, we're going to go get a ticket for tickets for this boat because I really want to go in and see it. You look so excited about it.

I am actually, because I love old World War 2 stuff. "Błyskawica" = Lightning And there it is. OK. She said that we should go this way, Yeah, I kind of understood that, so.

"Prawo" yeah, I kind of understood that. So... I don't know when it was created, but in 1937 it was commissioned. It's a British boat. It was commissioned in 1937 to Dunkirk. This boat was one of the boats used to extract British soldiers from Dunkirk.

And yeah, basically from getting bombed and shot. And it's also been in the Pacific Sea, So it has seen a lot and it still exists. It's one of the oldest boats of its kind and it's stationed here in Gdynia, Poland. OK, so the boat was produced in an English shipyard in 1935. And these are deck outfits.

On deck outfits, This is a "Mosin Nagant". I know that they used this weapon later on in like the Vietnam War, for instance. A lot of the Vietnamese troops were using this weapon as well. And there's a very old construction of an AK47.

This one is very stylish. It's very stylish. They also used this one in the Vietnam War like the Vietnamese troops used this. Cool.

Here, it's cold. I also like the smell, yeah. Yeah, this is like a boiler room and the crew, it's like a six man crew in here.

They had to go through a decompression stage to get in here. It was like a way of maintaining flames, I guess, in the engine rooms. I totally get why they have railings on the stairs. Imagine if it's bad weather.

Yay, that was it. Yeah, so that hill up there, I think that's what I was thinking just to go up and get a view of Gdynia. Yeah. Should we do that? If we have time? If we have time, yeah.

It's like one and a half hour till the boat goes. Or one hour and 20 minutes, yeah. What do you think? Yeah, it was cool. Something new for me, yeah. Yeah. History is important.

And I guess this is where the ferry leaves to Hel. It's so weird saying that. It's not weird for Polish people.

No. Honestly, this place kind of reminds me of Blackpool, in England. It's full of like kind of carnival ish type of. Vibes and...

this is like standard I'm not going to try it, though. I'm not going to embarrass myself on camera. I mean, I used to do boxing, but still, yeah. Yeah so this is obligatory when I'm in any Polish cities to get these magnets, right? So. These are really nice.

This is Gdansk though, right. OK, so where is Gdynia? This one. I'll get that one. All right, cool. So I got my magnet from Gdynia as well, yeah.

"Magnes" is that magnet in Polish? Yeah, like I said, it's pretty much the Polish Blackpool. All right. I guess we're moving up to that hill. We'll see if we have time. This is the prettiest beach in Poland.

Probably, we have to walk up there, yeah. Should we get some Frykti (Fries) or do we have time? There is a big line. The battery on this camera is useless when it's warm outside, unfortunately, So I'm gonna have to charge it when we're on the boat. Right. If we will even make it, yeah.

We got a little bit lost, but we're back just a little bit. We took a detour, which is OK because these streets are quite interesting. But we're going over to this "Punkt Widokowy" (Viewpoint) which is just point observation.

Is that what it means? Yeah, with a view of Gdynia. This is it punkt widokowy So this is the free shuttle up to the top here. We should do that right? Yeah, we should take that down. And they will have to wait for so long. That's true because it's seven people Max. And now it's time to charge the camera, go get some food and go to the ferry to Hel so this is the boat that we're going to take to Hel so tickets We will only have like 15 minutes.

15 minutes? OK, that's fine. So Asia, Are you ready for 2 hours and 10 minutes of... A ferry ride? Yeah, I think I am. Out on the Baltic Sea. It's so hot today.

I think it will be really nice once we get out on the open ocean. The open sea We'll get that sea breeze on our face. And we're going.

That ship is stationed in Gdańsk. I think. I've seen it many times. I remember being on it as a kid. Yeah? Now it's not that hot anymore. So now we are getting closer and closer to Hel, but unfortunately we'll only have like 20 minutes.

To spend there, yeah. Yeah Like, I wonder how it is living here. Like, I would assume that most people who live here are fishermen or fishers.

Because if you're like working in Gdynia or Gdańsk. you would have to take this ferry in and it would be two hours and 20 minutes every day, back and forth. And even like driving in from this island along the coast here takes like 50 minutes to the closest city.

Władysławowo 50 minutes, yeah, But from there to Gdynia as well, it would take another hour or so. Alright, so we're in Hel. Yeah.

So I don't even know if we have time to go. To the city at all? We got stuck in Hel. Yeah... Asia found like a... found out

that there's actually a railway here and it goes back to Gdańsk. So we will have like an hour. We have like an hour and we're going to take the train back instead of the boat. Which is fine. It's about a two hour train ride and that means we get to film this city a little bit. It's yeah, that's perfect for me.

I'm super interested in seeing Hel. That sounded really weird. You belong in Here.

Yeah, I belong in Hel. This is my home. And also I can go and get one of those magnets of Hel. Because you know that I get Mag...

It doesnt really look like Hell, right? It doesn't look like Hell. It actually looks really idyllic here and peaceful. So it looks like heaven. They should have changed the name to heaven, yeah. These over here are really nice.

I don't know. They they kind of have like a. 90s vibe or like a, I'm sorry to say, but like a Soviet vibe. Yeah, yeah, because that's great. Yeah, That definitely looks like something from the Soviet era. I like these ones here because they look similar to the ones that I already have, Like the one of Sopot has this style alright, yeah? This one, yeah.

Right. Is that a church? Looks kind of like it. And there's a statue of a naked man. Its a statue of Neptune, A Greek God. These kids were talking about his Penis, All the time. that's what they like, right? No, it's fine.

It's going to be kind of hard to walk there and... Should we go eat something and get a beer? Yeah. But maybe, lets get a little bit closer to the train station. Yeah. So we're going to do like a small little tour.

In the streets of Hel. Still just as funny every time I say it. Its not funny. But yeah, like, it's a very charming city. I'm really glad that we figured out how to stay here for an hour longer with by taking the train back. But, yeah, we're like walking in the.

The main streets of the city, and it really reminds me of some parts of Denmark, honestly, like. I mean, most of Denmark is like coast coastal, so it reminds me of the coastal cities, like the small cities along Denmark. And yeah, I would go there a lot as a kid, so I get kind of nostalgic of seeing this. It's really nice. Train station Mhm So we can just find something to eat, yeah. Lets do that.

Because I'm starving. I'm starving too. We got our water.

I would like something to eat and I would really love a traditional "Hel Beer" If we can find that. That would be awesome, yeah. So we're on a hunt to find a place where they have Frytki (fries). Yeah or anything to eat Anything to eat.

Anything else than Waffles, And Ice Cream Maybe here OK. But The thing is that we only have 30 minutes, only 30 minutes left, right. Frytki, frytki.

Do you want to eat some fish maybe? Just French fries. Let's not make it complicated. Do you want to risk? No. We have a train in 30 minutes. Yeah, its just 5 minutes. What do you want to drink? Maybe this one, Neptune? Looks like local Beer.

Do you want to try it? Sure, sure, yeah. Your Polish is very good. Do you want to sit outside? Sure. Just here in the corner. I said it correct right when I said we're filming for Internet or YouTube. Yeah, don't worry about it.

It's not like we're in "Hel", right? True. So let's try the Hel Beer. What was it called? Neptune.

OK. That's awesome. I like that guy. Yeah, that was weird. The beer is good. I mean, it tastes.

It tastes very similar to like the other Polish beers that I've tasted, but still like. I guess every type of beer has a distinct flavor in some sense. So this is the. Yeah, it's a "Greek God beer".

Na zdrowie (Cheers) Na zdrowie How was it? Well, it tastes like beer. Tastes like beer. Shocking, yeah. Well anyways, we have like a train in 30 minutes, but it's right down the street, right? So it's not a problem. Ohh, it's been such a good day today.

The best day ever, Yeah. Another "best day ever". Another best day ever. Yeah. Yeah. So what we have here is a very nutritional.

And... Well balanced meal, traditional Polish meal. Mhm. Ohh wow. Yay.

Yeah, so we didn't have time to finish our food at the restaurant. Because our train is leaving in what like 10 minutes now or 15 minutes, so we just kind of have to hurry. but I'm so glad we got to see this place. Is it good? Are you enjoying the nutritious meal? Yeah, I would love to have some Ketchup on the side but someone didn't put it there.

Ohh, it's my fault. Galeria Rzeźby Kaszubskiej Kaszubskiej I read it like "skiej". Every train here goes to Gdynia? Mhm yeah. We made it. Alright. So we we managed to.

Go To Hel and back. Go to Hel and back, yeah, but we were supposed to take that ferry back, but we managed to stay here an hour by taking the train which or which is going to Gdynia. And then we're going to transfer from Gdynia back to Gdańsk. And it only takes like 2 hours.

I'm surprised it takes such a short amount of time. Yeah. What do you think about Hel? It's great.

I was scared my whole life of Hel. But now I'm no longer scared. The same.

Yeah, the same. It's it's been a really good day. Yeah it's such a magical place, right, Magical place.

Magical place. And we, we actually thought that this video would be about Gdynia mostly. Yeah, it's like a mix. Honestly, I would say it's mostly about Hel. But anyways, like this is like the last video of the Tri-City trilogy. And it's been a really busy week or weekend and I've enjoyed it so much.

We've seen so much and and I can't wait to make more videos of Poland. I don't know where the next place will be but we'll figure that out and we'll make more videos, and it's going to be so awesome. So thank you and.

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