We are heading to the NORTH COAST of SULAWESI | Motor Travel Indonesia [S2-E44]

We are heading to the NORTH COAST of SULAWESI | Motor Travel Indonesia  [S2-E44]

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Wow, what a pretty area here! Wow ey man. What a beautiful Bay. Good morning everybody and welcome back in the hotel Griyo 3d, in Kotaray on the island of Sulawesi. Today we're moving on. Our plan is.... so we are here. We want to cross the mountain range up to Tolitoli and then follow the coastal up to Buol. Good bye.

Good morning everybody. Welcome to Kotaraya. We are making a move today. We are heading to Buol. Buol is a city nearby the  border between Central Sulawesi and Gorontalo.

It's about seven hours and five minutes or maybe like seven and a half hours and 280 KM away from where we are now. We're gonna pass through a mountain. It's a mountain range of Tinombala I was told it's gonna be really  really quiet here. Oh wow, look at that, babe. > Wow!

Pretty. Wow, it's so beautiful here. The  view, the ocean, the paddy fields. Look at these trees. Yeah, crazy right? The roots are out. We've seen it a lot.

Yeah, it's looking very special. A bit of like upside down. Yeah, it looks like the roots are sticking out. And then grow outside the land, the ground. It`s really cool. And then this area here is a bit spooky.

Because our friend Nana Suryana from Palu... he was riding with his crew, like he said like three of them. And then, they were riding together and suddenly two of his friends were gone in the corner. And then he was getting warped... Oh look babe! That`s Yaki, that`s Yaki!! Yaki (monkey) is indigenous from Manado here, I mean... Babe, quick! Uh, I`m scared! I'm afraid they're gonna jump to me.

You see? I said "hey monkey" and he looked like he said something too. I know. I'm still traumatized by monkeys. Because I was fighting for the food in Sabang.

Okay, going back to my story about our friend in Palu. So he was riding with his friends, three motorcycles together. He was all the way to the back.

And they took a corner and suddenly right after the corner, the two of his friends were gone. And then he tried  to speed up but he couldn't caught up onto them.   And then suddenly, when he thought that he was supposed to be down the mountain, he was warped back to the top again.

So, I don't know, the story is pretty crazy for modern society maybe. But in Indonesia things like that maybe happen. Because the magic here in  Indonesia is still quite strong. Yeah, because they practice a lot of magic here. Black magic. > Yeah. I think that`s how they kept the magic strong.

Because in Switzerland, I do not feel any magic there. > Neither do I, when I was in New York. But in here, the belief is strong and they`re practicing well. Yeah, you could feel the presence sometimes. Even though you don't know what you're feeling but it's still a bit different. Yeah, I think there is more than we actually know, but I don`t want to know more about it. > Neither do I.

Because that`s too crazy stuff. I think between our world and then their world  is co-existing but we are not interested to it. We're not looking for it. So let us stay in our  world and then they could be happy in their world. We are getting closer to Tolitoli. > We got out from the mountain about like half an hour ago.

And then the road has been like this, a bit damaged. But the street bike, like in front of us,  still going through here. For our bikes this is just fun, this is pure fun. Yeah, I`m missing the mountains already because up there it was nice cold. > I's getting really hot now and drier too. Yep, we're thinking to take a lunch  break in Tolitoli. And from there we still need to go for  about like almost four hours to Buol.

Ui, look at that. > Looks like waves here. Puddle. That street bike must be  hating his life going through here. Wow, look to your right. It`s a swamp. > Looking pretty cool. Oh my God. I cannot imagine riding a  street bike here or like a Sedan.

yes I'm glad we're traveling with a dirt bike.   Oh my goodness! Filled with water, that's  like a half body deep there. Oh there you go, a nice tarmac again. Finally I can open my goggles because it was too  dusty otherwise. But it's really hot in goggles. Here you go, you get to see my pretty face again. This time without mustache and without beard. Yeah, finally.

I was planning not to shave to  do this Merauke project. But it's getting too hot and too gross, so I shaved. Selamat Datang Kota Tolitoli. We are in Tolitoli.

We're in the North Coast of Sulawesi. Finally! Okay we're definitely on the  outside of the city now.   I don't think the city is big  but it's already a city and not a village anymore. Oh, Ayam geprek (spicy chicken) perfect.

Nasi Goreng (fried rice) there, they have it. Your rear wheel is wobbling, does the rear bearings break? > Yeah, I got into an accident. Huh? Where? > It's been a while Does it wobble much? > Yeah.

Welcome to Tolitoli everybody. So we right now just met the blanksack members  and we gonna have a little chat and some lunch. Waiting for the rain to get better. Hello everybody! Blanksack found us again. Another Nasi Goreng today, what else.

We are leaving, Srul. > Ya! Thank you. We are leaving, bro. Thank you. > Bye guys. One of the blanksack is going to ride us all the way out of the city. > Oh wow, nice!   When we were eating, I felt there was an earthquake and nobody realized it.

And then from one of the guys there told me: Oh yeah there was an earthquake before because he checked it on the phone. Crazy! It's looking pretty. > It`s really beautiful here. That`s a big boat. > Oh shoot, right! That's massive! And there, another one.

Wow, what a pretty area here with a lot of  traditional boats and they're so big, oh my God. Look, the span from one side to the  other maybe like 10 meters maybe more. So many of them too. They'll  be really safe with that huh.   because it's even on the left and the right. Yes but if there are big waves, I don`t know.

Oh yeah it gonna get flipped. This is the type of the traffic jam in this area. Hello Sir. Thank you.

Hi guys. Let us through. Thank you.  Oh look, there is a little baby one. Isn't that a cute traffic jam? I think it is. > Yeah. And we are still two hours 50 minutes from Buol.

It's really nice here, still no houses. > Yeah, I love it! And then bam! Damn. Wow way man! What a beautiful Bay! Here, we can go  here. Oh the boys told us about this.   Yeah, the guys told us about this. Stop here? > Yeah. Where? > I don`t know where.

We wont be able to go out here. Too rocky. So beautiful! What a beautiful Bay! Maybe they just need to put like a parking area. > Yeah, a parking area would be nice. We found a place for a coffee break.

I hope it's safe because you can see the abandoned house here. It`s abandoned because there's a landslide there, I mean there.  The ground is losing. You can see it. Here.

Scary! And that's a graveyard here. I hope we're safe here. We're gonna have some coffee because we  brought our own one. And my Boyscout Ryan, he's putting some air in my front  tire because it's way too soft.

Yeah, I don't want to stay here too long anyways. > Yeah because of this, who knows when! Scary. A car is coming. > Yeah, I'll wait for the car. So nice, he was waiting for me. The car was waiting for me to go. So nice. Nice. Uh, another landslide. I didn't even see it.

Until you said something, I was like oh boy. Wow, look at the beach on the bottom. Wow, huh.

Wow this one! I haven't stopped to say wow for two different things.  One is the beauty and then one is the scary thing. Danger. Oh look, a lot of monkeys babe. Are those monkeys? Yes those are monkeys. Wow they're big! Hi monkeys! Wow so many of them! Those are Yakis. Cool yeah.

It's been a really nice ride today, yeah babe? > Yeah. I love this road. Yeah, not many houses. > Yeah, it`s amazing! Sometimes some villages. Yes, that`s how it`s supposed to be. Yeah, it's nice like this. Not just like houses all along the way. This way the animals can still  enjoy their place too.

And us. Is amazing to ride this road. > Yeah exactly. We get to enjoy the nature. Even the monkeys like it. That's  why they were out and chilling. Oh, I can hear the sound of the jungle. It`s actually not bright anymore but I`m still wearing my sunglasses because of the bugs.

Yeah, I'm already planning to drop my goggles on. Because when the sun goes down, the bugs are out. Yeah, wow! So pretty! Scary hey! I wanted to see the beach there but  the wall here is scaring me through.

Better be quick. Watch out your left. It`s so amazing! Maybe we can stop here really  quickly. Wanna stop here? > Yeah, just a quick one. Look at that. > Oh you guys look at that!

So beautiful. Amazing Bay and nothing there, literally. > Yeah literally. What a beautiful gem, this area. Oh wow and now I get to see this.

My God man. And that island in the middle  there. Uh and I was driving in the wrong way. For you guys that is traveling in Sulawesi right now.    And then you haven't made it to  the northern part of Sulawesi,   Forget the other East Coast  part of Sulawesi, man.

Ride on the west coast of Sulawesi. After Tolitoli, it's really beautiful. The road is not like how you guys heard from people. The road is nice, only some area is not that good. Overall it's beautiful here, the road I mean. But the scenery, oh my God.

Oh my God, really! Our GoPro will not do justice. Yeah, highly recommended! And if you guys are planning to travel Sulawesi and then you come across with this video, check out our Channel. We always show which road we are taking at the end of it.  it will be really helpful for you guys, you know.

We've been inside this jungle for the past like, what... a half an hour, babe? > Yeah. But we almost got out and back to the ocean again. Watch out your right., babe. It`s a very thick forest.

Yeah, it's a really really thick forest and really  healthy and then they have a brand new road too. Yes, so in a few months the whole road will be very smooth. Okay, we got out from the forest here. Selamat Jalan.

Right that's about like 40 kilometers of forest. 56 more kilometers to get there. Unfortunately we drove into the night we drove into a beautiful jungle and we followed again the coastal which was amazing! I think it would have been beautiful if we  could have ridden there during the daytime. Because we could see the ocean and I think it  would have been beautiful, but yeah it was dark. And I'm going to show you now on the map  where we drove through.

We started our day in Kotaraya. We drove somewhere here through  the mountains and then to Tolitoli. And from...

The camera just froze. But from Tolitoli, we  followed all the way the coastal up to Buol. And that's our checkered flag tonight.

That's it for today I hope you guys like our today's video. If you did, then give us a big like and subscribe  down below and then see you in the next video!

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