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Watch Celebrity Interviews, Entertaining Tips and TODAY Show Exclusives | TODAY All Day - Nov. 11

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try. I'm shop today editorial director Adrianna Brock and I know shocking crime. I seek out new and notable products and you don't have to in editor's.

This is shop all day. Both passed. I checked the Post are back today with a new episode of Shop All Day, all about multitasking. Now, these are the items that literally do none most. You know, the fashion pieces that take you from one outfit to the next the makeup must have really do the work for you. Wait until you see what made the list from the jump suit that I just love to win. 3 in one makeup must have and remember, see that QR code

in the corner of your screen. You can use the camera on your smartphone, the scanner for instant access to products on the show today. Or you can text shot to the number below to shop all the products for sharing with you today.

>> OK, let's start with fashion. I found the best closet staple you can wear all year long. Meet the Mango pop T-shirt, bodysuit and I am a huge fan of our first multitaskers. You can pair it with virtually everything in your closet and bodysuits in general have become sick.

Such a big trend. We've seen them everywhere and they are the perfect modern foundation piece there so flattering. And here's what I like so much about this bodysuit from angle cop. It's not that crew neck T-shirt. Look, so it's essentially an elevated take on your favorite food and T-shirt.

It's got a little stretch to it and I can vouch for the comfort for this bodysuit. A lot of people get hung up on the snaps what I own 3 and I got to tell you, it's really comfortable. Another thing I love about this, bodysuit it infinitely versatile. I mean, you can wear to work with a mini skirt or pair of trousers. You can wear it for and night on the town

with a pair of high waisted jeans heels. Maybe a statement earring or also you can wear was short and they come in so many great colors, both neutrals that you're going to use again and again. And that comes an inclusive sizing extra small to X X l, okay. Another major multitaskers and

essential the perfect player to throw over your body suit. If you've been looking for that perfect classic buttoned down, I found the one for you. Now this button down is destined to become the workhorse of your spring and summer and fall wardrobe. Yes, we all need an easy grab and go shirt in our closet that he's ready for every occasion. And this boyfriend buttoned down is it? And I got to say what I love so much about it is past this schoolgirl, effortless 5. It's a boyfriend silhouette, which means that slightly oversized. So it's not too big, but it's still really

flattering. And this Limon like fabric, which is super light. Now, there are a million ways you can wear the shirt. So where does a button down buttoned up? You know, tuck it in to that half to that. You're seeing everywhere where an top sort of like a tunic and it's got that great shirt tail him, which means that's longer in the back, which makes it a great church wear with leggings. One a little bit more

coverage now. You can also wear just layering piece when you wear it on. But so where it over a tank in shorts, you can even wear it over a bathing suit. Now, my favorite thing

about the church behind details. It's got this classic >> Barring style. So it's got the 2 chest pockets. It's also stuff. got a convertible, sleet. You can wear the sleep all the way down or you can cut it with this cute but and tap which I think gets it. I know a little something extra.

>> This great to see the detail in the back that comes in so many fabulous colors. I love the Army green, but there's a color for everyone. So next up is a must have for the person on the go, the jumpsuit. This trend isn't going anywhere soon because it's just so easy to throw it on and your time jumpsuit just might win the award of the host personal item you could ever wear in your closet. It can go anywhere. You can dress it up. You can dress it down. You can wear to work with the blazer and a loafer in flats. You could wear it out to

dinner to a party with some layered necklaces and heels. You can wear lounging around your house. It's like your wardrobe BFF. This jumpsuit is also but a bleak comfortable.

I have one and I never want to take it off. It's perfect for travel and it comes in lots of colors. But if you really want to make a splash out this bright cobalt blue, it's one of the colors of the season. And I feel it is so fun to mix in a pop of color into your spring wardrobe. So next, we've got a shoe that I'm so excited about. If you're looking to upgrade your shoe game, the springs, then you're going to love these fabulous mules. And I think that these are just so incredibly stylish.

Look at the pointed toe. Look at the buckle detail. These are posts way they come in 2 styles, a kitten heel and also last slide. You will and I love these hot pink. If you're looking to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, I always feel like excess. Trees are one of the most affordable ways to experiment with trends. And I mean, hot pink buckle mules. But you this next. You're not going to believe this. The perfect 5 for

the person on the go. Take your regular lunch bag and upgraded. So check this little back out. It's from Pell Pack. When you look at it for she might think. Isn't that an adorable bucket? First, guess what, if actually and insulated lunch bag? Yes. I mean, what is she

waited? Carry your lunch. I think these heart such stylish options. Now, the brand says that these are water resistant and the interior has lots of great pockets insulated. And how fabulous are these wonderful colors and patterns? A level, a little poke dot, as you can see.

And I love the lavender. They also comment and a leopard. Lots of great new trolls are great for taking your lunch to work or caring snacks around town.

Fashionable picnic in the park and the speck. So cute. You may even be tempted to 52 when you're not packing. Okay. You've made fashion simple and functional. So on to multitask. And you did so this is the play Pinto trio from Kasia and it took 3, 1, stackable compact that packs of cream bronzer powder blush and highlighter all in one to forget putting multiple makeup items in your purse. Just pop

this one and you're ready for any touch up. It's so fun to open in close, like a little bento box. And a blush highlighter and bronzer are the only 3 items that you're going need this summer for the sun, kissed flow and choppers and all the help we need. The texture is means the brand says they're actually in queues with mango, see better to help her land help. Also to meister eyes. And the last we've got a beauty products that is so useful.

It's got multipurpose its name. This is the doctor. Pop multipurpose soothing balm. And you can use this for almost anything. So the brand says is actually packed with Kyle Pa or

papaya fruit, all of oil and aloe vera. And it's designed to it. Helps soothe and moisturize used on. >> Lips. You can sit on your face. You can use on your hands on your body. The brand says can actually use that on your nails and cuticles. You can use it on your hair. You can put it on your dry ends. You could even use it to help tame your

brows and get this. You can also use it to highlight your chief phones and your brow bones. Plus, it comes in 2 formulas, the original and the Shea butter and again, not reportable side, the road near Baghdad go. >> So let's go through these products one more time and you can use the QR code to get instant access to these items.

We've got some angle pup T-shirt, body suit button down shirts, the jumpsuit from pretty garden of post. We knew Cal Pack insulated lunch bag. The played them to a trio from caused her. And doctor Paul pause multipurpose soothing balm? Well, just so, you know, today we're at the affiliate partners and earns a commission on purchases. Faith you are >> At today dot com. And that's it for Style finder. Up next going.

summer House star in Tech founder Danielle, all of their will share her favorite multitaskers with My Co in Hi, Welcome Back. I'm a con job and this is influence a trend probably talking to industry insiders and they'll share their favorite products and the must have items to shop for right now. And don't forget the QR code on the corner of your screen. Use the camera on your smartphone and scan it to shop these products or you can text shop to the number below to shop all the products we're sharing with you today, Danielle. All of their is somehow star and tech bound are some house airs on Bravo TV, which is owned by our parent company, NBC Universal Danielle. I'm so excited that

you're here today. I'm very happy to be here. Okay. We're talking about multitasking products before we do that. Can we talk about some house a little? Yes, we can. But you also work in tech as well. Which is amazing. How do you balance the 2? I don't very well. I need all the help I can

get. It's a difficult keeping. The 2 separate. Yes, very. It's more like a mental thing. And if you just prioritize right things and he's a lot of fun tools to help you along the way I'm doing, OK, the ultimate multitask. Yeah. Those summer house airs every Monday. What we have to look forward to this season. Oh, my gosh. So the wedding, the big wedding between Kyle and and I think they've been through a lot this season. So it's going to be really great to see

that love and that fun back on the screen and also the reunion tours which might not have as much love but all spice. I'm here for that. I'm here for all the spices. Speaking spice. You're actually working with something really cool. You have this new app.

It's a fashion. What were some of the challenges that you sort of face in getting it up and running? Honestly, just being able to get the right resources, get the right people, funding all of that and still have 50% to go. So I think it's all about just getting funds. Yeah, let's talk

about with the app. Actually is what does it do? So it's a platform that will be a one-stop shop. So you know where you're getting inspiration for style. There are having shoppable moments and you're urging a closet in many different places. Yeah, I want to bring it all in one place. One platform that you thought, OK, I love the sound of that. Super excited for it to come out. So let's talk

about the products that you brought with this. By the way, we're all about multitasking. Why's it important to have products that multitask? I think because we're constantly on the go. There's always something going on and the more time you can devote to what you actually want to do in the last time educating what you need to do, the better so that you could focus on what action has were busy girls and guys, so yeah. Okay. Let's start with the first product.

Why do you use a tense of moisturizer? Because Alec may look at the about it. We'll use it. I actually used it this morning. I'm to be honest. I use it as like my base. So because it has SPF. I like to start with that as it might sound like a foundation. I build a little bit on top of that deal. But I do use it. I'm so if you've ever use the

Sierra as your base, this is a good substitute or alternative to that. I love that spring and summer right around the corner. Yes, but most arise and you need that has absolutely. Let's move on to the next product. Another multitask early of this cheek and lip duo firms. You weigh. How does it enhance the makeup? Look, I think a creamy blush actually last a lot longer. And when you're on the go all the time, it's nice to have something that's long lasting and that you can do multiple things with them. So not only is it for

your cheeks, but he also used to oh, yeah, how creamy it is, too. And I love that. You can use it in multiple places. That's really, really nice, OK? Let's move on to the next product that we have that let's talk about all the different ways that we can use this laptop. Okay. So I am a travel and I'm constantly working while I travel. So this is 3 so that you can put your laptop right here at stores it safe.

But also you could use it as a stand. So when you're traveling or on the go, your desk, this have a desperate I like how light week it is to my husband has this big chunky one. I like that. This is all lightweight. This is so yeah, I list. Okay. Let's move on to another type of fact. They're crossbody get now. What is good moments to use a cross body? The

airport a lot for what? You're going shopping when you're running errands, there's a lot going on. You have your phone right in there and then you could use your on the other side for your ID, for your credit cards for literally anything for your seats. Right? And I love this for traveling to like just a great little exam. Hello bag to take with you, OK? So these tank tops, Daniel have seen all over social media and I just absolutely love them. Why do

you think they've taken off? I think you could dress them up, dress them down and everyone loves a power shoulder have like work overtime for that power shoulder. Anything with a good shoulder. I'm all about it makes you just like look powerful, confident. It's very flattering. It's flattering, but it's great that you can layer of glaze on top of it. But you can wear it as is. I'm so into these speaking of different ways to wear this these pants. These are so cute.

Talk to me about how you style them. So I would wear them with a sneaker, just dress it down every day, go to work. And then maybe if you want to elevate that a little bit with a loafer or if you want to go out at night, throw he lot. But it's so versatile. It's so comfortable the pockets, his love of hockey. That and I just think it another flattering piece like that waste is just.

>> It really is and feels so good to okay. You mention sneakers and I feel like the 90's are coming back in a big way. Could you tell me about these platform sneakers? I love a platform. Sneaker. You know why? Because I love some height, but I don't want to wear the heel. I know you I

want the high without having to work so hard for it. And I think he's a perfect kind of elevates to look a little bit more. And my mom would love for me to say this because those in the washing machine and they will come out just as I love that teenagers young tells. I love that. That's what you

can. Where in your 30's, they are age let yes, multitasking, ageless shoes. But thank you so much for joining us. This was so much fun. I loved it. Thank you for having me on. My pleasure. All right. Now let's run through all the products. One more time. The L to empty SPF 10 to face

sunscreen. >> The blushing bloom. She can lift to firms you the laptop sleeve case and stand the cell phone crossbody bag. The shoulder pad t the paperback, waist pants and the sneakers from some part. And just so, you know, today works with affiliate partners and earns a commission on purchases made through our links at today DOT com. Up next, our editors picks with

Adrianna Brock who has more star product to simplify your life. Don't go away. >> Hey, everyone. Welcome back. I'm Adrianna Brock and we've been sharing our favorite multitaskers. And it's finally my turn to tell you our editors picks. We found the best beauty and home. These favorites will multitask just as much as you

can. And remember, see that QR code at the corner of your screen. You can use the camera on your smartphone, stand-in for instant access to the products on the show today, or you can check shop to the number below to shop all the products we're sharing with you today. Let's start in the kitchen. The less dishes we have to watch at the end of the day, the better and this genius panned makes its way with off a vacant hand vegetables all at once. And you only have to watch one pan is so cool. Reviewers love it for its form and function. According to the

brand heat evenly on all types of heating surfaces, including induction. An electric stove tops thanks to the uniquely designed and the fact that it's a non-stick pan also makes it really easy to clean. All you have to do is fight for a priest with a paper towel and use a little bit of soap and a sponge to finish the job. Okay. I love this next one, especially for those quick weeknight dinners. If you are hoping that they made a version of the non-stick pan for the up and you are in luck because these dividers can help you get the most out of your she pans and cut down the time in the kitchen with. But these eat dinners with entrees and sides

all in one pan, according to the brand that can be reused over 5,000 times and out of an air fryer. Safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. And once you're done cooking, you can toss them in the dishwasher. We love a good, cheap and recipe and these dividers make them even easier. This next one is something that truly does it all. It's another space saving must have for its a 5 in one from the makers of the viral press Tech station. You can use it for everything

from herbs stripping to julienned vegetables and avoid shuffling through your tours while making dinner. It doesn't take up too much space there. So you can also caught fire in the kitchen. And we can't forget multitaskers for the home investing in your lane. And as always with these Turkish

towels look and feel so luxurious. And according to the brand, they get softer with every wash, becoming a bunch of different colors to match your existing decor in the kitchen or the bathroom. And they also add a little bit of elegance to your space. You can also tie them around your waist. Is a beach coverup. Use them to dry your hair, bring them on your next vacation as a beach towel or as a park blanket. And once

you try them, you're never going to want to go back to terry cloth towels. These Turkish towels just dry so much faster, according to the brand. Okay on to make that I'm constantly running around for work. So I need my makeup to do the work for me in a pit and this one promises to get the job done. One shop today editor said this is the ultimate lazy

girl product in her beauty arsenal. It's for milk makeup to use it on your cheeks and lips and you'll be ready to walk out the door. It comes in 8 different states that provide a natural finish for a fully flushed left with minimal effort. And it's not just about a pop of color that the stiff actually made with hydrating ingredients such as mango butter, avocado oil and avocado oil. According to the brand, these are all need to hydrate, your skin. And this little

stick is and all around winner in our book. Okay. So I love make a fresh from a cosmetic. And here's one. That's a 2 in one brush. So makeup brushes tend to take

up a lot of space in our makeup bags. So this 2 in one tool is a space saver. And so can be the smaller and flawlessly blends out your concealer to cover up dark circle, blemishes in a pinch and the larger and actually boss at your foundation for a natural airbus la. It can be used liquids, powders and cream products. And you can use it with all the

products you already love. So this next one, I'm sure you guys have heard of. Yes, we are putting Vaseline back on your radar. Take talkers made us look at the drug store. Find in a completely different light. After we discovered they were using it as an eye cream, though it won't get rid of dark circles. One dermatologist who spoke to told us that the

formula helps of oyster in. So the delicate skin around the eyes is protected and it's not for everyone. No. So sensitive skin. You may want to hold off on using it under your eyes, but you could still use it on your elbows, lips and other dry spots on your body. And last in must have. Right now, this

brand has been changing the game of sunscreen and we have their latest. There was never really a one size fits all solution for some protection until we discovered this new launch from superglue, according to the brand to space lotion is suitable for all skin types and all skin tones. It doesn't leave a white castor receive finish. You can

seamlessly incorporated into your skin care routine because, yes, dermatologists all agree that you should wear sunscreen every day. And not only does this product provide SPF protection, but it also protects against blue light. According to the brand, let's run through the products. One more time. The divided grill pan the prep DEC 5 in one multi-tool the sheep and set the Turkish towel. The milk, makeup lip and

cheek stick the concealer and foundation brush from a cosmetics, the Vaseline and the sunscreen from superglue. And just so, you know, today works with affiliate partners and earns a commission on purchases made through our links at today dot com. And that's a wrap on editors pick and for our show, it's been so fun showing you our favorite tune in next week for a special Mother's Day Episode of Shop All Day >> the 2 nations >> the 2 nations >> A big hello to all of you out there watching on kids. Simmons here in London with a very special additional pumps topless. We're talking about one thing today. The prime yet of the crown, the highly anticipated season 5 debuts today and I'm so excited to bring you a hard foul, a field with everything you need to know about. The popular series will have some of my favorite interviews possible dive into some crown nostalgia as we revisit the previous seasons.

But first up, my visit with the newest cost Imelda Staunton Place. Queen Elizabeth Jonathan Pryce's. Prince spent it on the west is Prince Charles and Elizabeth to be King plays a breathtaking die at and Lesley Manville is in the role of Princess Margaret. >> Window into the private lives of the world's most public 5 opening. Once again, we remain loyal to this family didn't sign it.

I know some of the season of the crown pretty added on that overnight. >> I'm before the new royal couple hit the top. We go to Your Royal Highness. Haha. That's good. Dominic West plays Prince Charles. Please just keep going up. >> And that means that is I wouldn't mind. But he doesn't do that on the phone that.

>> The events of the last 12 months I have moved to reflect on the list. >> Season 5 portrays a rocky time for the Royals. The 99. We spoke to the breakdown of Charles and Diana's marriage.

How did it come to this? >> The prince and Princess of Wales separate. >> 1992 her majesty has self describing it to go out as a horrible. Yeah. >> It just turned out to be an annus horribilis. >> Why in some of the most famous people in the world is high pressure. No more so than for Elizabeth typical who is portraying Princess Diana. Do you stand in front of

America and kind of trying to get the my name is right or is that not the right way to go about it? >> I think that when people were asked about it, we feel a lot of responsibility what we do as hectic as actors in the show. But we'll so know that we're not trying to get a like trying to capture the >> This is how the crowd depicts the moment. Charles and Diana told the Queen it's over. This is really what you want. I heard you saying that you haven't actually seen a lot of the episodes. I'm saying the scene, if you so. So I have. And Jonathan Pryce plays. Prince Philip has great his

son, Charles, as saying with pressed the self-destruct button, the Queen Imelda Staunton looking on in silence on Is that the first on the scene? Yeah. >> These a tumultuous times within the family and that's very units which is frost play these the difficulty is. >> I have been difficult months for Netflix openly criticized. >> But the line between fact and fiction, including but people close to King Charles and Queen Camilla, like acclaimed British actress Dame Judi Dench. I think that public are well aware that it's a drama is on a documentary. Some of the criticism is coming from people who are friends of Charles and Camilla. But they also has put those particular

criticisms came from not having same a second all film. Yeah, this is why it was like speaking out like that when the I mean that the assumption is that they didn't that friend the Prince Charles would be damaged in some way. But we're presenting the crown is what happened. >> I'm in this office. He happened to meet it as we've

been senstive since the Queen's death. Of course it has you. Everyone's been affected including office and when the queen died, we were filming. That's why I think people are hyper sensitive at the moment. I think that this was coming out if this had come out 2 years ago, I didn't think that would be on these comments. >> Your rhetoric on a royal Ghana and you come face-to-face with the king will make up the creek as well. What do you think fast? My has about season 5 re imagines in summit and scandalous details from the adulterous affair between Prince Charles and Camilla.

>> But there are certain things that that unavoidable that not such a big events that they and that's begin people's imagination and memory that that not too tackle them would be that would be people who I think would would feel cheated. >> With some and Leslie Manville plays the Queen Sista market. >> I didn I do as Queen note as you'll system.

>> Ditch the relevant. The print edition is built home entered by royal you the cage stent. You get the preventive trinity of.

>> Seeing them as human beings, which is really the gift of the crown and the gift of the scripts. You know, we can say, look at this person, they may be this enormous, the famous public image, but we can absolutely hone in on them now. And this is what they might be feeling. >> The most recent events we do have to wait until season 6 same cars is filming back on the night. It really was a pleasure to talk to them. And coming up, we'll have even more with this exciting new cops. We're

sticking to it. pumps topless with more from the season 5 cough. They spoke to us recently about what viewers can expect it. >> Views of the crown can expect in season 5. It's the 1990's and the Mauna Kea was going through it time. Various members of the royal family were finding it difficult, their own a bit old inevitably and yet that coming up against it in terms of the way that they're affected by some of that private lives, personal decisions.

>> You must do to king duty. >> We will never understand how it straight up. >> Well, I think this season 5, what people will take from the SoCal behind the scenes is that these are all events that happened in the early 90's that the the world knows about and sending British society knows about. And part of the fascination of the crown is that they do go behind closed doors, provide some kind of understanding of the royals and how they dealt with these issues that practically or emotionally. And that's the new reason the crown exists is to show you behind the doors. >> I think empathy is very much in this series and has been from the very first season. But they did.

That's the point of the drum. If you show encounters with the they're real or not sure you're inviting the audience to look at it with kind eyes or at least try to understand the dilemma is of these characters. And I think the 2 movies, right? He knows that to happen.

>> For years I've called for Mauna Kea that reflects the world outside and things might behavior that's threatening its survival. >> What is love? How does love exist in in a system like the royal family? >> I think it's not obvious in any family in should be in every family. And I think that when you think of the royal family, it's kind of sometimes you can so to think that somehow different and separate and most like a different breed of Paris, but then all to know that that the human beings with with hossam feelings and broken hearts and regrets and pain and grief exactly the same as you and I are the causes that it's sometimes we have to remind us that that's what the the Crown scripts can do. They can take us into the thoughts and feelings of them and show them as people separate from being royals is a lovely scene late running at when Prince a small been Queen. Elizabeth have a kind of a bit of a showdown together.

And you know, that is that is not a scene about a month and a princess. It's a scene about 2 systems. What counts a presentation incident, the yuan not now extending to add that is different. How is it different? I'm not swaps crucial about to end that. That's a full would seem to go dramatically to a lot of very interesting places as far as the queen is concerned.

>> And for kids, Phillip, when they met with the new ways to manage me, but the they were very much in love. And I think that was very lucky. But they both knew the responsibilities that they had it going forward in their lives as the queen and Prince Philip said to have none of us has a very good baseline, I think helps them lose. >> I think it's the only way they could have existed for so long jet actually being loud problem. Just be tolerating each other for 70 is you make a better person.

>> And you with me, it's not the point of marriage. >> You through these these difficult times which was seen season 5 of so many people on lives have difficult periods. These highlighted because in England to the queen and Prince Philip in the Moore family been in our lives are all lies and you just taken for granted and they say, oh, yeah, they do this to do that. And it was you didn't really look at them seeing these will consider what they're going through, what their lives are. Not

really. Peter Morgan's trying to just give a little glimpse into what it might have been like to be faced with tragedy with divorces with various situations. That's what's very exciting and about this particular season.

Great to hear from more of them. And we just getting started coming up. Some terrific crown memories from today. Vote. Don't go anywhere it. Each season of the series showcases the Mauna Kea a different moment in time. I was lucky enough to visit the set back in season 2 going behind the scenes of the show at the time. That's where we met craft boy and the rest of

the cost. Take a look. >> It was the winning the cold front out of its wartime blues. We created in the Netflix hit series the Crown Queen Elizabeth and Quinn spending. But to the West, this more for cow finds in season to go to see things >> Filmed in this state, the home of the British countryside. We caught up with the cost. He was shooting the royal couple's 10th wedding anniversary dinner just hanging out at a bank rate. The queen, a family affair with a conspicuous late arrival. But the queen's rebellious

young, the system out. >> Woman for the modern age 8, she was. >> Princess Diana before Princess Diana. Yes, many ways

the same kinds of struggles. Yeah, she is real but doesn't get to be the bus. Yeah. >> She hates. Haha has changed beyond recognition. Setting the tone for the next decade of the Queensland different market continues. Its prewar routines that nothing is happening when

the Park rumble. >> With this system and it gets into the spirit of the 60 S marriage comes on the serious strain and that we find ourselves in it. >> Isn't the story of the second season as part of the story of working their way through difficulty in to help your time again with them. >> There's new possibility of my forgiving you. >> One said Claire Foy and Matt Smith testify. Haha. We replaced in season 3 is the current is they're portraying age. But now you might just be by Your Royal Highness is not

the right way to address. Yeah, that's correct. Fulfill he developed that will challenge phrases like and rights to kind of start conversations and I see is a good one. I see.

>> That we and that that she is the queen and some unexpected challenges for Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. You have a special kind of work that you do that is that you can have it. Well, he he walks in his hands. Rice is box. It's not down in from Greece. Haha, I love that. He's going to live spiders in rooms, ready a little too much. Perhaps peoples. It's a function first.

>> How to make all the heat and how to deal with visitors from America Missus. Can Jay that cuts? And that's who haven't. But the protocol notes. Good evening, new or majesty. >> I want that went wrong. About 10,000 different ways. A seamless. I'm not sure when the rules will change it.

>> We have no idea if we know too much in the cream of the stuff. Is that the, you know, some fish and chips? >> I believe that not witnessed by that. Never done that. Oh, yes, she did. >> I think we need you back and think that, yeah, people Princess Margaret was given to me now. But how good is that? How was so fun to be possible next? Let's revisit season 3. Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter and Tobias Menzies spoke to Joe Fryer in 2019 about taking on bad royal wrote.

>> A new cast has been corps in a great many changes. Queen Elizabeth is now played by Olivia Colman stead of any winter Claire Foy, Tobias Menzies Street. It's tackles Prince Philip following in Matt Smith's footsteps. And Princess Margaret is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter replacing Vanessa Kirby. >> Here we have this immensely popular show that everyone seems to love up to now and you guys get parish.

What could possibly go wrong. Haha. >> Before filming season 3, the newcomers met with behind the scenes, folks who worked on the first 2 seasons, including creator Peter Morgan. >> And he just said, well, you're not used to always P. It's always be some pretty now the issue we've been employed because well to but on the inside. >> There are no strangers to royalty. This year Colman won an Oscar for playing an 18 Th-century Queen Queen Anne in the favorite.

Now she's a listen. It's been a hard to >> help to do than could hand mainly because I quite emotional and I was working on the fun. So exactly right. That is which is the cleanup. Say everyone is a critic. Everyone knows what she

looks like everyone's to. Everyone has seen how okay. >> This show is a drama but she is essentially a no drama Queen. >> Yeah. Castille's party. She's an absolute hoot. She's a great many yeah. The law Office of G. >> How much did you study the actual person to try it might imitated her or did you want to add your own flair to it? >> It's a big process of taking on these roses. Oversee them.

That's a much which isn't this a famous well-known you want to see to get close to the use of that. Wanted to be like a active in a creek is the thing that would be kind of irritation to watch for 10 hours probably. >> So I signed Mungia messed up. One does like to thank you. >> You have this unusual situation where there is actors who played. >> These roles before you go to calls for that, you study them at all and how they tackle these roles. Or do you say now

let's move on when I was a huge fan of the show. And so I was sort of trying to go. >> I definitely think some ideas from the ash.

>> Helena Bonham Carter actually played the mother, Princess Margaret in the King's speech, preparing her to portray the socialite cyst. >> And I did meet and real-life ones. And she did say he was getting better. Jack touching on 2? I think it's hilarious because it's in our interests. Gulf last last haha.

>> The new season covers real-life events that happened between 1964 77. A deadly mining tragic Princess Margaret's tour of the U.S. including a visit with President Johnson. Prince Philip's appearance on Meet the Press. We see a young Prince Charles when he first states

Camilla. >> Or the stories get maybe a big way, too. >> It's history. That's dramatize still. It's a bit awkward when they see real life point. Yes, you you met Prince William recently, right? Last year. Yeah. Yeah. And here

you are doing this. >> I mean, it's heating up yet again on what you do. And you know, I know it today. >> Haha. Sorry. Haha. Do watch it. >> And while the show was about the crown, both actresses admit their focus is sometimes what's on their feet to walking in high heels without any kind of how to shoot one I find and still kings. But you know, that head is now a good time.

He was, you know, but we want to do. >> What? Bambi on ice, you know, much better it coming up next. >> We'll give you a refresher on season for Diana and Charles.

crash in 2020 season for was about to be the 3rd out a code talker and just work on a new play. Prince Charles and Emma Carr who played Princess Diet. >> See, you're going to bring a deep and lasting joy to the nation. And if I lease it

absolutely. Whatever in love means. >> It feels like the whole world watching waiting for your world to come out. Joshan image join us now. Good morning to you or good afternoon to you guys. And when that, first of

all, congratulations. I mean, I mean, that's sincerely everybody I know of everywhere. Even a little at family than other countries were all waiting for this. Want to show our viewers this side-by-side photo. It is amazing. Emma, can you see this? We're going to put this up. Is it true that

at first you were just brought in as a stand-in to read lines with Josh? I mean, this is amazing. >> Yeah, that's true. I was and us to come in and help read opens it. The goes dishing to come in and just as there as well say about the first time we met and then yeah, kind of crazy thinking back.

>> Was meant to be. And Josh, this is not your second season playing Prince Charles. Is it true? You make a scrapbook for each character you play. What can we find in your Charles scrapbook? >> A muchos 6. It trickier because the only that seems to be a kind to well, which I feel closer to understand that. But I think what what is quite hard to get zone gold. I'm all

and nothing to read to them right up. But I found I have no Cummings of material because he was into his seat since eating and then, yeah, the other thing was I've mothers to get some so too some old schools can because that feels very English. Haha, rich kids, so good that says that Macy just kind of research and writing about them. >> I love that. You know, so what's interesting about this season as opposed to earlier ones is that now so many people have lived through this time period so that we've lived through the history. And now we're watching you guys. It acted out. I mean, Emma, you have the opportunity to even

ask one of Diana's private secretaries about her, right? So what what exactly did you learn? >> Yeah, it was a package at Sun which was amazing. I think would have been a while since I've met the people who Matt have will have known high every time I do. It is so strange because I have no living memory of a so it was kind of bittersweet for me to do people who your case to.

But I remember him just saying how happy she was. And yeah, and that made like how she was kind of re not going to nations with happiness and he knew while UAE's come come off in an instant and which was so nice. Yeah, must be nice to hear. >> Some of the stories first hand. And and Josh, you know, after 2 seasons, it's that time in the crowd where it's time to pass the roll on to another actor as as we see happening.

So what what will you miss most about playing Prince Charles? >> I think that the miss specifically, Charles moments, to be honest, I think the thing I miss most is the unbelievable crew that went behind the camera and the call. You know, we we Craig's family here and we still have what a great meal still kind of stay in touch. I think just missing out on the kind of camaraderie of being on set with this group of people is he's going to be hot as for someone else taking on Ike. I'm so excited to see whoever it is. Will they do with that? And I'm sure that it would be a terrific job. >> It's funny. I was just going to ask you apparently do a

pretty good Charles with Josh's I and you work what we were trying to learn different words. What we learned last week, yes, is instead of saying years they can use it as saying yes. So it's it's a yes you say is I can't even do it is. Yeah. Yeah. Is there anything else you can t just really quickly. One word. >> My what to do about the way is right. Alright? Alright, alright. Alright. Alright.

>> All right. We'll practice. That was the crowd. You're probably better. All right. >> Wolf, an impact and laces cost to those thing? That wasn't right. Special edition of Pop Star Class. Hope overview crowned finds out that enjoyed it. Happy Page

watching. Thanks for joining. Have a great day. >> I mean, I was almost going to wear yellow dress. That would have been a lot of Tom Joad and say, oh, we would really like we would have been like grills term champions. I'm some data. >> I'm a cookbook, author and recipe developer in the plant based food scene which is becoming more innovative every day.

I'm on a mission to see how start us restaurants and chefs are changing the way we see and eat plants. And I can't wait to show you had to bring more delicious dishes into your kitchen. Turmeric are holding in Hindi or Urdu is prized for its golden yellow hue and the warm earthy aroma imparts to a variety of recipes. It has a rich history in South Asian cuisine and culture. And it's always been a fixture in my own home. Recently, many of the wellness community have also touted termites potential health benefits, often labeling it as a super food. So I want to learn a little bit more about

one of life favorite spices. Are there any proven medicinal uses whether it's in route for ground or dried? How do you keep it fresh? I can't wait to share a comforting dish with to write that always transports me back to my mom's kitchen. But first, I want to get to the root of it all literally. So I love to farm growing tumor in a surprising place. Upstate New York growing up term, Rick added beautiful color and wonderful flavor to almost all of the dishes. My mom cooked for her a

solid veggies to hold the rights, but she only used to and it's dry ground for. I wanted to see just how my family's favorite spices fund and I didn't have to fly all the way to India. To me a little tour. Yeah. About 2 hours north of New York City is green. Our farms in Rhinebeck. Suzanne. Kelly converted her home to a working farm in 2013. Here she grows potatoes, squash in saffron, but her main crops are paramedics, namely, garlic, ginger, and of course, term or the timber plant kind of grows like a hand. Then it will grow

even more fingers off of that. Suzanne's love for agriculture began after college when she started growing vegetables from graduate school in Florida to teaching at SUNY New Paltz. She never stopped gardening. What was your journey to getting to this point? I would not condemn it for a little over 10 years yet teaching women, gender and sexuality studies and I was sort of longing to do something else. I had a big rambling garden. I was taking a lot of

agriculture at that time. Yeah. And just sort of decided to take a week since Ann's home sits on less than an acre. But after some extensive research, she realized she had enough land to turn into a farm. How did you learn so much

about all of this? It's mostly self-taught. Just really following what you know, what the experts have been doing. Learning from other farmers. Yeah, never worked on a farm. Suzanne picked garlic, ginger and turmeric has her mean props for strategic reasons. They can be grown without extra hands and don't mean much space to yield enough to sell at farmers markets. They can also easily be dried or ground up for sale

during the winter. So give us a little explainer on to write. >> So to make it to rise that is traditionally use and Southeast Asian, middle Eastern Indian cuisine, its use at spice. More people are probably familiar with it in its care reform, that it's all ground up and dehydrated and then put into jar. And then we Biden spice rack of our supermarket term. Rick is native to South Asia, specifically India,

known for its warm tropical climate. So how do you go to rake in New York? I've been inspired by lots of other small farms that have been doing this in the northeast for some time over the last. I don't know exactly when I started, but certainly over the last decade, I get my seat from.

>> From Hawaii in Asia, there are more than 100 varieties of term, right? Suzanne grows in Daraa, yellow and Hawaiian red, which fare better in cooler places. >> You need at least 10 months to be able to grow it to full maturity, which point it's how you find in the grocery store. Sort of with that hard, tough skin on the outside. >> Suzanne starts growing the delicate seeds for climate controlled basement. In late February, I visited the farm and early summer to help Suzanne moved the baby to Mark Outdoors. >> This is that 100 and I think 120 feet of >> a tumor said that we're going to last. I'm ready.

I've never been more ready. Term Rick arise. It's closely related to ginger. Both have big green stocks that grow upward above ground. The 5th knows in roots lie in the soil. The notes called Rhizomes are what we eat. So we're just going to loosen the soil like that and sticking it like that.

>> We're going to do a plan to about 46 inches apart. All right. So list, listen up that day. Well deeper. Okay. All right. So going straight in straight in. more of them. >> Okay. Okay. Maybe cancel. That may not have a new job.

>> By mid October, the young turmeric is ready for harvest. So we pick it young. You're sort of hustling to get harvested before the frost com us because by November by mid-November, you know, you might have snow. Yeah, but the short growing period before winter sets in Suzanne picks, the routes before the plant reaches full maturity has a kind of like fresh young, kind of yellow and in some cases red, depending on the type type of camera had he to it and that extra little bit different to its not as fibrous. It's more

sort of like an apple when it's picked on at the farmers market where Suzanne sells her produce. She also hands out recipe cards to customers who may be unfamiliar with fresh turmeric. Susan, tell me a little bit about your customers. Reactions when they see the tumor.

>> We start with the first reaction is what is this? Yes. And then if they know what to make it is yeah, I take that into pill form. Almost like a wellness angle. Yes, that really is about trying a new movie. Yeah. I think it's it's important to educate Ray on that on where it comes from. It's so interesting because I I really have grown up around turmeric.

>> For as long as I can remember, obviously very important and indeed in cuisine and Madison and all of that. But I've never planted it. So it's so cool. Thank you for this opportunity to literally soil. That's a great. It's amazing to have that connection right between something that up and something that actually goes. Yeah. The ground in India term RICK'S importance runs much deeper than its culinary use. It's a huge part of many traditions and daily

life to learn more about its cultural legacy. I met up with doctor Buss with the but the Sharia and empty who also practices. I read medicine. Her book on Ayurveda details. The history and methods used in the ancient holistic practice. What is our data? It is. >> The longevity, which is I you sure I you so long to get and how to live. Well

and of a that, which is the science or the knowing this the medicine of Ayurveda is that part of not just staying well and being healthy, but also the other side, which is when you're sick when you're disease, how to get out. >> Ayurveda is based on ancient writings that promote whole-body wellness to diet, physical activity and mindful practices. So those of us who >> practice ayurveda medicine, focus more on the food is medicine, lifestyle, medicine and and medicinal herbs and medicinal oils. But when you say what is Ayurveda I read is just a philosophy. It's not a religion, but it's a philosophy like organic living. >> We shared a meal at Tivy U.S. Kitchen in New York City.

Diffuse chefs apply the principles to all of the recipes and term Rick is used and many of their dishes. This looks so delicious. It got a kid. She classic. We've got a cashew curry. And but among the 2 in the traditional practice to make is considered anti-inflammatory. It's used to treat a variety of issues, including digestive problems, P** symptoms and arthritis pain. >> And so then pulled in a sense of term. Rick goes all

the way from being an anti microbial that protect the body to an anti-inflammatory. And this ad is that it is which is the body another use that is not a spice and cooking is what we now today called term or latte, which is the female and putting a teaspoon of turmeric and using that as an anti-inflammatory before bed. >> Many I have a big health claims are not supported by Western medical experts, but scientists at places like UCL a and John Hopkins are conducting more research. >> What is sort of the importance of tumor in Indian culture? It's part of the sacredness of is honoring our bodies on an online and it's it comes from the ground and protect us. There's a lot of cultural aspects of this. So there's a guy who'd which is where the bride and groom will have have their own family members before marriage cover their whole bodies in term or can get them back when Matt and there's variations of it in different cultures. But having that bath when just then gets them ready when we were kids, if we ever had a bubble, one of the prize things we can show our friends is that mom puts a the on our move right into the Band-Aid. You going show that it wasn't being

yellow stains spot. And so the golden sense of term, Rick, get really rich is the body. >> In ayurveda term makes healing elements, make it an essential spice for the whole body and even the mind. But I wanted to learn more about the latest medical research on its purported health benefits.

>> My family in India uses term. I can almost every dish for many reasons, in part because they see this spice as a preservative in anti septic. They recently in the U.S. term work is being hyped as a health supplement. You can find him pills, powders and even beauty products. But what does the science really say about its

benefits to learn more about its many uses? I met with Spice expert and cookbook, author conch and Coy, who also happens to have a PhD in biomed us in from Harvard. >> So excited to talk about all things to meet with you. But I want a little bit more about, you know, the scientists paid training. My dad started to study the health benefits of turmeric in cancer. I grew up in India where to make is just a part and parcel of the everyday. And because I grown

up with it, I kind of rolled my eyes at all the obsessions around it. And then here I was doing my PhD. My lab is starting to break. And it was a moment for me that a lot of this ancient kind of ancestral wisdom around these places is bearing fruit when it comes to modern research and I was like, okay, maybe there's something to it. Conscience live city, the yellow pigment found in turmeric curcumin. So Kirk human is one of the compounds interim rate that has been best studied and it's a polythene all which is just a certain kind of chemical compounds that has effects in our bodies. Conscious research found that Kirk human didn't chemotherapy, making it more effective in treating cancer cells in b***** cancer patients. The reason I hesitate to sort of think of

Kobe meant as a cure all is because we don't have that many randomized clinical trials looking at the effects of Pokemon, you know, whole human on. That doesn't mean it isn't have benefits in the whole human. It just means we need more data. >> Different brands of ground turmeric have vastly different levels of curcumin. But the actual amount of the pali phenol isn't required on food packaging or supplement labels.

So it's impossible to know how much you're actually getting while ground turmeric is readily available in most grocery stores today. The whole route has been growing in popularity as home cooks and wellness duties. Learn more about the spice. When I was younger. I never come to that fresh. So I was excited to try and a new way. >> We're going to be talking all about your break and you're going to we have to make a fresh tumor team. Never use fresh from Reagan to try this to you. When I was traveling in

Vietnam, fresh term or grid isn't widely used in traditional Indian cooking, but it's a staple in Southeast Asian cuisine. So we're starting with fresh from breakthrough. And this basically looks like ginger. But once you cut it down the middle, you will see it as a very different. I think it looks really pretty thinly

slice. So I'm just going to make some thin slices and rains. Are there any benefits to using fresh over pounds? So, you know, it's not a simple this is better than that. I would say in a perfect world you should incorporate vote. >> Termite Potter is rich in vitamin C and B 6. Plus it contains magnesium and iron.

>> From a culinary perspective, they're very unique. The fresh has this sort of war by Grand Zs, the new kind of vibe. Where is the driest? Definitely this year, though, that more bitter and really amenable to adding to things like parties soups vegetables was this is really nice and tease brought soups and smoothies. Okay. So what are we adding in next? Okay. So next up we're going in with Ginger are. So next up is

lemon Grosse, which I think just adds a really beautiful flavor and almost like a glossy notes. Are we willing this to them as I like to boil the water, turn it off and then add the turmeric and that it's steep. And that's because I'm trying to preserve some of those essential oils that are really, really rich in the fresh turmeric.

>> The term it needs about 5 minutes to state. >> RT is hanging out. It's seeping. It's having a good time. I have so many questions for you about all things turn, right? So let's talk through all of these different varieties. There's actually so many. >> So here we have the real much memory that you can see is really, really vibrant orange. It's the one used in our team.

>> Next, the yellow and may go varieties of term, Rick. Both have a lighter color and more delicate flavor. >> This is crazy. I've never seen support is slightly different to right arrival. There's a lot of chefs

especially here in New York that absolutely love them till right because of this pine bend fall flavor that has a little So I think it's very supple. The cholera is not as much obviously as the other ones. >> Holt tried to recruit can be graded into dishes. It has a unique brightness compared to the powdered spice. >> What are your tips for buying to rent from the start? So my first it is to buy from a reputable spice friend and not from an open space on it. I love open space rockets,

but we do have some disturbing evidence now that sometimes children can be laced with heavy metals, specifically led chromate to make it look more vibrant, buy it where there's a clear package state and expiration date so that you can at least know when it was packaged. So what about fresh from or how do we store that? I would treated just like you would, ginger. So you would buy your fresh from the right. Put it in your fridge me for like a week to 10 days. If you want to store and longer and put it in the freezer, it's actually very easy to great. >> A common cooking technique, an Indian cuisine is blooming to park in hot oil and pairing it with black pepper. This helps bring out the flavor of those spices. So talk to me

about their relationship. >> And it's a totally should be doing that. So Kirk Humans, which is the main fire off to integrate, just obviously hacked with benefits, but unfortunately isn't very well. So I thought it's rapidly cleared by the liver. You really want to improve that by availability as we call it. And you can do that by pairing it with a lot to him. And

that's because black pepper has a compound called hyper and which can reduce that clearance of the car came in by the. >> In Western medicine. There have been few studies with limited participants conducted about the interaction between ground turmeric and black pepper the conscience. As the research looks promising.

I was so much and I'm very excited for some, but he isn't ready. It's ready. It's been seeping part of 5 to 8 minutes it to 4 and stream get. So this is >> almost ready to drink. And the reason I say almost because of the pepper point that we just covered. So if you really want to bring up those health benefits, especially from that right, just a little dash of black pepper is all unique. And finally, we want to add a little drop of a healthy fat and that's because Pepper will improve the viability of the company and so well.

>> That's what I'm just goin

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