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Watch Celebrity Interviews, Entertaining Tips and TODAY Show Exclusives | TODAY All Day - Nov. 10

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hassles to serving at unforgettable holiday feast. Most importantly, we're going help you celebratehe season by maximizing your buying power during these tricky economic times. >> It's a holiday season like no other as consumers face record inflation, with 70% of shoppers saying they're wary of holiday spending. Nearly 33% of shoppers plan to buy fewer gifts this year. While roughly one-quarter said they would opt for cheaper or more practical gifts, such as gas cards and when it comes to toys.

>> Item you're only looking at maybe a 2 to $5 increase. But when you're looking at your erall toy shopping. >> And buying for multiple kids that can add up really quickly this year, the pressure is really on to snag those deals.

Retailers are responding by early ING up holiday sales and discounting excess inventory caused by last year's supply chain issues. A lot of items are kind of unexpected like so much casual clothing we're seeing furniture receiving TDs. >> About a quarter of Americans e ready shopping for Thanksgiving and theoliday season. And there's a lot of momentum goingnto this time.

>> And despite aectic summer for airline passengers saw 4,0 flights have been delayed. More than half of ericans plan to travel over the holiday seasonith 30% >> Americans are preparing to crowd the nation roads and airports again for another busy holiday season >> But the journey may be rockinas travelers faced fewer flight options, high fuel sts and staffing shortages. Prices for holiday travel expected tbe the highest we've seenince before the pandemic.

>> Gerally speaking, last-minute fares in one direction . >> But consumers are kping spirits bright, taking vantage of more flexibleork to travel during off-peadays and finding ways to retch their dollars in the hopes of making this the most wonderful me of the year 2. >> We'll get to those travel hats and holidayeals in just a moment. But first, l's focus on finances, staying on

during the holidays is aays a bt challenge. And this year with inflation is probly going to be even easier to overspend. So we have with money expert Kristin Keeffe Merrick. She is with keep finanal partners. She's going join us and ve us some gre tips to have you see the so fit stano question. What is your numbe one piece of advice before we help urain in our spding? eveno strategy. I lo a good check

o list, I ink and I've already done this. You kno sit down, have or you ke your list, has foyou and make a full who you're buying gifts for. Ru enttaining. Are you thwing little party r the kit? Is whatever that look like thathen yowant to be thoughtful about cayou mapped this out er the next couple of months, rit? Wdon't have to end all the money and all the mohs, ght? Right itsts November. We cld think about the thoughtful abo buyg wrapping per n or during a Christmas card. Now thinking

about buying a few gtsere and therwhen you're at the store and really bei oughtful about wn the spend is happening so that your t rat crush, you know, I like that. re it out. And als you'reight. You t to make a comprensive list. So you know extly what you'rin for and who cafa off the list of Ki Fahd. How do yodo that wiout e feeling guil

signaling friends and family ie little dferently this ar?ere ga Exactly. I tnkt's tough to dof your kids, rht, especily if Santa istill actively invvein gift, ging that I thinyou have to reallyhohtful about how u mage expectations th your chdren. be it holds, heywee doingBut, n res a jar of jam me fortmas. At you cause it's fromy heart has opposeto sweater that I had to spend $70n. And I thk that's where manag

imrtant both, you know pey ifour spouse is ur parents, youribngs, peoplwho e wi not getti a b fancyyo finand beirect, have thatOK cstage. Thas eat advice Talk to us aboutsing cashme see the terest rat. rsuse ey're going up and uanup. ThFehas signaled there going toonnue to go .Where do? Justith cash.

ca. That is not to be ke Yeahf det card wheyore walkingt arou as opposed tosingou The rrthat the worthy u wake uon Jua 1st in de omhristmas ia ally big bumm. It's a bumr tota 23 that way, rig? So if you n behohtful abou spenng, like I sai ch throughout and if y can avoid cret,o so for thlo of d do so. u know, rates ar2.80,

ulbe up to for 25%That'sditar s Ansohat adds uthatot a smal. compounds. T oer thing i u can make payntto your Sohat terest down. Sye,edit car.

$100 at . ah. Once a week d thy bill com, 's less than youhaane >> O lt quick question What do coums need to know . Plant thpot of sale in pern. What se anpay later. Yeah, Ihink w y nopay later in ourif >> tnk I would recomndf you use itor big tict item that yr instanceifou have to reaca refrigerator o wyou can utile y now pay ter cause whatapns ist, it sets u on payment pn.

And, these nowlayers do t accum, t portwhich is increbly imrtt to know. Andhey also catpayingheright on te. t Analso lake, whahappens? thoue Yo3 loans gog atnc What if yohave 4? Don't bu boots .

bu. No doubtSumety >>e good Save it for theig Isl. Alright money exrtristen y to gd to see you. Thk u so much.ithighinflationy beme a popul oion r presentshis year, but bur >> For holiday shopps in aried . seasonf gh inflaon're online markelaces can be a grt place toinbargains.

Unrtately, police say pe to peer siteli Facebook marketplace d offer up are soeing used smmers and vient crimins. times out of 10 anyou see a deal ito goodo berue in the.S Chicago police a investiging zens of roeries over the past w months. Thsuects using lineistings toaun >>efenders of contact em via cell pne uil the mdl ather location. A wn they go tohat area for multiple offendersill show up display guns andaknot only the moneth they have in thr pockets, butometimes vehicles wates, you know, wa that type of thing. It's a enforcement ofcials say he's

been growi nationwide. >> In Housn, police releasgthisr this year. They sathe suspec posed on Facebo marketplace as penal car buyers in orida and Detrt. cud of robbing individl Sims seinAir Jordans and iPnes. Authoriti say designer purses, all-terrain vehies, scooters, Ape,ke ad and watches to stay safe. Officis say always use safe exchange locaons, including se cities inside the lobby ofhe police stion.

>> And the police are okay with that. >> That's what wwant them to . Escially now t holidays are quicklapprching. We don't want anyone to tre their. marketplacesre also target >>e by hackersnd scam artistwho use fake accounts and listings to steal youmoney. Common d flags include the seller

resing to meet in person or let you see e item before purchase. The seer's profile shows the same item located in different states. The seer asking f gift cards instead of ch. Facebook says he takes the threat oscams seriousl and has specialized detectio tools and ained enforcement and revi teams working to remove bad actors fr the platrm. OfferUp sa it also has a team of investigators who oked to remove bad items and users from that site and provides in app tools for identity verifation. Facebook meeting planned withinhe appala that can be shared with a group trusted friends. All to

ensure your huntor deals doesn't put you in danger. >> And Facebook says you should also be are of the buyers who are pushing you make that sale quickly or if they try to contact you outside of the app. Always t to meet up during the day in a public cation and another way to protect yourself. Experts say use a secure a credit cardr pay pal

option whenever yocan. Those offer additional fraud otection. And remember, if someone is offering a price >> Cing up, we'll have the 4, v1, 1, on holiday travel frag. finding des to dealing with crowds and cancellations.

What you need to know about going home for t holidays later, can splurge or swap out of all of thatnforgettable feast without goinbroke. You're watching consumer >> This year 113 million travelers are expected to hit the road and the skies for holiday trips. That means busier airports and higher travel costs due to inflation. Here to help us navigate the season ahead is Alicia precautions, the associate editorial director at Travel and Leisure Magazine. Alicia, Welcome. Thank you for being here. Thank you for adding that. Everyone wants to know what are your top tips to make travel this holiday season as stress? Free as possible? >> Yes. So these days, new travel regulations and

short-staffed airports can really lead to long lines when checking bags are going through airport security. So I always say it's best to err on the side of caution and arrive at the airport early. And, you know, getting to the airport, at least 2 hours in advance is always a good idea. But that's especially true during the holiday season to avoid any added stress. A similarly, if you're driving to see loved

ones, you know, you'll want to allot extra travel time for traffic apps like Waze can be incredibly useful tools for gauging traffic conditions. I'm not only before you hit the road, but once you're driving. So definitely recommend downloading that as well. Now, if you haven't already booked your flight com, I do recommend opting for an early morning flight on as well as a direct flight. This will help

you avoid any delays with layovers. And in the event that your flight does get canceled, there will be hopefully plenty of options for the U for you to rebook on throughout the day. >> A couple of questions. We're all going to be together. So any tips for dealing with crowds specifically and then what happens if your flight is delayed or canceled? Walk me through the process of getting your money back.

>> Sure. So if you are truly looking to escape those crowds this holiday season, it pays to be flexible with your travel date. So, you know, looking to arrive a day or 2 earlier and returning a day early early can really help you save money as well as avoid those crowds and don't want to peak days. Exactly. You might also want to opt for a smaller airport that's nearby rather than a hub. So, you know, for example,

fly into Long Beach Airport instead of LA ad, these smaller airports tend to have less demand. So they offer lower prices and fewer crowds. But either way, if you're flying, download the my TSA app which offers information on airport security wait times. So, you know, you can monitor

for the hubs that you'll be flying and then plan accordingly. What people need to know when their flight is delayed or canceled. Yeah, great question. So, you know, hopefully all runs smoothly. However, first and foremost, you'll want to consider 3rd party sites like flight aware to monitor your flight for any potential delays or cancellations. You know, in the event that your flight is unfortunately canceled, your airline will likely rebook you on a new flight if for some reason that route doesn't work for your travel schedule, though, call your airline, you know, talking to a customer service agent really provides you with flexibility to get the rebooking that you want. And one tip I really love is Kyle your airline's international hotline. And most part of that, yes, most U.S.

passengers will call the main line up. And while that's a great option, you'll likely indoor longer waits. And so try calling your foreign office and, you know, the agents there, you'll likely get through faster and agents there will be able to help you. >> Just the same rate, they speak English. What's going to talk about here? What are the best of pieces of luggage or bag when Elijah travel with? >> Yes, well, first and foremost, all say I am team carry on. So if you can pack a carry on a lie to reduce your

chances of losing any luggage along the way, you know, it's also a great idea so that you can buy pass the baggage carousel on your way out. So you can breeze right through the airport when you land. But if you are checking a bag, take a picture of your suitcase on this can really help you get compensated in the event that your bag does get lost or, you know, does arrive at your destination but arrives damaged. I have about 30 seconds. What's your best tip for booking hotels? Yes. So I would say if you having a

pup to hotels, compare prices on sites like booking dot com and Expedia to find a price that's right for you and your budget. Interestingly, the platform you use can also make a difference. So, you know, if you're on mobile weather app or browser prices might appear lower there, then they would when you're on desktop interest. And yeah, and that's because some aggregator sites will offer app only promotions in order to entice their users to download and use their apps and definitely consider that as well. Alicia precaution with Travel Leisure. Thank you so much, Alicia. Thank you for having me.

>> And when we come back, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, those are bargain hunting days. But are you really getting a deal and scam splurge or swap where to go big at the grocery aisle for your holiday feast, consumer confidential is coming right back. If you have started your holiday shopping, chances are you have already seen signs for deep discounts, but >> she just snap up those deals right away. Kevin Brasler is

the executive editor at Consumer Checkbook. It's a nonprofit with a mission to help consumers get the best service and lowest prices. Kevin, that's music to our ears, especially right. Welcome. So let's talk about this study that you all did. It's not even Thanksgiving, but we've been seeing since October that many stores have been comparing their deals to Black Friday sale saying shop early shop off and you're going to get great discounts. What do

you actually find when you compared prices across? >> A bunch of stores actually. When I woke up this morning, there were 2 junk e-mails waiting for me. Same Black Friday starts now. A few major retailers. I really urge folks to not worry so much about the timing of these things. Don't think I'd better jump on this quote, unquote, deal. Now we're going to go away. We've been tracking prices at major

retailers for years. We recently completed a study where we look that I mean, 25 major retailers over 33 weeks. We checked in on their prices wound and found that almost all of them these days are guilty of holding what we call misleading sales, where, you know, the sales, these supposed discounts never. And this week after week when we checked in these prices that these products for were listed as being on sale. But what they're doing is essentially they're crossing out a price, a list or regular price that they rarely if ever charge out so that they can tell you that they're selling it for 20% off, 40% off 60% off.

>> So it's like a per must sail. It's always happening and you think McCain getting a better deal. But in some cases it never was at that regular priced. Right? And in many cases, the stores never charge that list. Price for only charged for 10 minutes or for a few hours or something. If these are misleading sales and fake sales for temps to get you to not shop around. Thank you. Think oh, yeah. Now I buy

now. And by that, you know, if it's if it says it's 60% off, what's your your inclination is to say, well, they're actually giving it away. Why would I bother shop? There is a real psychology to its case. You found that you look at 25 stores, 33 weeks. What is the best way then to know if a sale really is the sale? And if this really is the good time to buy that item. >> Right. But don't be pressured. Don't think okay.

If I don't do this right now, this deal is going to go away because that's really the case. We rarely found that, you know, prices dipped below a certain threshold for very long and that the relief you just if you have jumped on something, you would have lost out, you know, stores, some of meat on their websites have countdown clocks. Now that you too, to turn things it to make sure that you need to you by then and there without shopping around. So the key is to shop around what? Make sure you can't get a better price somewhere else to it. Do a quick Internet search to see if if other major retailers are offering it for less. Sometimes I'll just search it right there in the store. There you go.

And if you're in the store, you can even use apps that let you scan barcodes and we'll do some shopping for you. There are price shopping bots out there. There's a few that that we've tried that seem to work. OK? Price grabber has one Yahoo. Shopping as one. There are, you know, extensions. You can add to your Web browser that what I called honey, it will look around to see if their coupon codes comply or maybe better deals, other places. I'll tell you, none of these things are perfect, but none of them work great. But overall, the key is to just make sure

you do some shopping around before you buy, especially if it's a big ticket item. >> Ken, what are you finding in terms of stores and their willingness to do 2 important things? One price match our stores generally willing to price match. You find a better price. You can show it to them and to are they willing to do price adjustments more now than they have in the past? >> Yeah, both those things, yes, especially if you're in a store and you find that a competitor is is charging less money for that item and most stores will price match and it sounds like a pain. But we found our researchers have found that when they've tried to do it, it's quite easy.

Got somebody at the register can do it. Sometimes it's good customer service. We found was a pretty simple, straightforward process. Another thing you can do is and this is you also kind of a pain is that after you bought something of prices go down and so you could have bought it for less of that retailer. You can usually go back and they'll go ahead and make an adjustment here. You're building up and

goes a long way. It does. Yeah, you know, and a lot of these stores they're set up. They're used to it surprisingly. I mean, I just don't think many people did this, but it was all right now to to get these adjustments.

>> Kevin Brasler with consumers check with. Thank you so much for your time, Kevin C? Well, next up, take the pressure off of your holiday meal. Enjoy the feast without the bus. We're going to show you how to save time and money. Consumer confidential comes right back. Well, it sure can feel like you have a lot on your plate when it comes to planning that holiday meal, especially this year with food prices going up, have no fear. You can have that

feast without the fuss. With me now help walk us through it all is real simple editor-in-chief, Lauren. I not. Lauren Welcome. Thank you so much for being here with us on consumer confidential. So let's talk a little bit about the big holiday coming up. Yeah, our Turkey is the star and Turkey

prices we know are up 73% from last year. It's expensive. So what are your best tips and terms of how you can save on the staples and still have a wonderful meal where Tillis camp, where should we splurge? Where should we swap? >> Sir, I don't buy the b*****. Don't buy the whole bird by the legs. So we actually our main event this year. I know it's a

little bit crazy. And I remember talking with the directors like this is not a flex. They're much cheaper because they're less than them. And they're totally delicious is. Yeah, I mean, yeah, absolutely. And we have a great recipe for them and they can be just as delicious as anything else. I'd just say if that's where you're going to save right there, if you go for the legs and also they're also like a pound each or panic. Yeah, it's basically takes what some

of the hard matter right here. You know how many people it's a light one life or personal. I love that. Okay. Stuffing. Don't worry about using dried spices. You actually can use

right ways. You can use the spices that are you're covered right now. Just anything I know. A lot of recipes call for fresh, right? And you feel like I got now you can use drive one tablespoon of fresh people's one teaspoon of dried. Got it. I was very careful not to people voicing their relatives has actually so. And if you want to get fresh, absolutely,

don't worry about wasting because there are ways to preserve them and say that he basically cut them like fresh cut flowers, the one left overs and put them in a glass on the counter and they can stay for a couple of days. Just change the water every day. And then, you know, if you're worried about still not using them to stop him up and put him in an ice cube tray with all of this trip track, put it in the freezer and then you've got these little flavor bombs you can put in soon and stews and sauces. Yes, okay. That's a great set. One about beverages. Those tend to add up to get pricey. What are your tips on saving there? So don't feel like you have to have of arrival of one for every single person like Uncle Doug really looks like to run well that he can bring it here. Job is to get one red and one white crowd pleasers.

They don't have to be expensive. If you talk to use the your winds up, they'll have the bottle is for like 12 bucks a bottle and the more you buy the cheaper it is. If you get a case if you have a big crowd by one red onion body read that goes nicely with your turkey. One white, let's say a sponsor.

This is 6 on Sarah's of unemployment because they say the attorney and they get to choose and you're done. I like that. You know, people did that for weddings, too, because if you have an open bar can be really crazy. But if you just

use a few select rings, nobody really even feels like they're missing out. Totally. Let's talk about the grocery store. Where can we cut cars? What should we be keeping an eye on when it comes to pardons? So the big thing about saving other grocers are, you know, it's it's it's tough out there. I mean, and prices are skyrocketing. So plan early

play. I like to say stop early. Stop off at that. First. Set your menu. Let's stop what you're not. We're going to have to buy. Perishables was non perishables not hospitals are going off on right now. We're talking about we've got a

couple of so Thanksgiving. We're talking about looking out for sales. If you have time you can comparison shop and ran. So you look for things on sale. Sign up for stores gross to place a part of the loyalty program. Yeah. The roar does get that. If you want to know you've been waiting for many

have not. Yeah. Now go get deals, the let you know about deals that others don't get. And then there are also apps that you can sign of worry you can sorry load up on your phone and its basket. And the other one we're Lakers flip with. Let me ask you what's up. You can and they will do the

comparison shopping for you. They're like you're you're going through your circulars for you. Basically tell you where the best deals are and how to get. I got 20 seconds.

What about cooking best of their? Oh, my God. I'm against make ahead. Yeah. So like I mapped out and I write it down here, actually, my best at this rate it down because that we don't have to keep deciding over and over again. You know, you're making on Wednesday and Thursday, got to spread it all out. Because make sure you're preparing and making things ahead and you'll have the best Thanksgiving up. I love it. Great tips. Lauren Eye on it with Real simple. We appreciate

you. Thank you. Thank you very much for having me. >> That is going to be our time for now. Catch an NBC news now weekdays from 12 to 2 eastern for all of us here at NBC News. I'm Vicky when they sure to join me for another edition of Consumer Confidential right here on today. All day >> A big hello to all of you out there watching on kids.

Simmons here in London with a very special additional pumps topless. We're talking about one thing today. The prime yet of the crown, the highly anticipated season 5 debuts today and I'm so excited to bring you a hard foul, a field with everything you need to know about. The popular series will have some of my favorite interviews possible dive into some crown nostalgia as we revisit the previous seasons. But first up, my visit with the newest cost Imelda Staunton Place. Queen Elizabeth Jonathan Pryce's. Prince spent it on the west is Prince Charles and Elizabeth to be King plays a breathtaking die at and Lesley Manville is in the role of Princess Margaret. >> Window into the private lives of the world's most public 5 opening. Once again,

we remain loyal to this family didn't sign it. I know some of the season of the crown pretty added on that overnight. >> I'm before the new royal couple hit the top. We go to Your Royal Highness. Haha. That's good. Dominic West plays

Prince Charles. Please just keep going up. >> And that means that is I wouldn't mind. But he doesn't do that on the phone that. >> The events of the last 12 months I have moved to reflect on the list.

>> Season 5 portrays a rocky time for the Royals. The 99. We spoke to the breakdown of Charles and Diana's marriage. How did it come to this? >> The prince and Princess of Wales separate.

>> 1992 her majesty has self describing it to go out as a horrible. Yeah. >> It just turned out to be an annus horribilis. >> Why in some of the most famous people in the world is high pressure. No more so than for Elizabeth typical who is

portraying Princess Diana. Do you stand in front of America and kind of trying to get the my name is right or is that not the right way to go about it? >> I think that when people were asked about it, we feel a lot of responsibility what we do as hectic as actors in the show. But we'll so know that we're not trying to get a like trying to capture the >> This is how the crowd depicts the moment. Charles and Diana told the Queen it's over. This is really what you want. I heard you saying that you haven't actually seen a lot of the episodes. I'm saying the scene, if you so. So I have.

And Jonathan Pryce plays. Prince Philip has great his son, Charles, as saying with pressed the self-destruct button, the Queen Imelda Staunton looking on in silence on Is that the first on the scene? Yeah. >> These a tumultuous times within the family and that's very units which is frost play these the difficulty is.

>> I have been difficult months for Netflix openly criticized. >> But the line between fact and fiction, including but people close to King Charles and Queen Camilla, like acclaimed British actress Dame Judi Dench. I think that public are well aware that it's a drama is on a documentary.

Some of the criticism is coming from people who are friends of Charles and Camilla. But they also has put those particular criticisms came from not having same a second all film. Yeah, this is why it was like speaking out like that when the I mean that the assumption is that they didn't that friend the Prince Charles would be damaged in some way. But we're presenting the crown is what happened.

>> I'm in this office. He happened to meet it as we've been senstive since the Queen's death. Of course it has you. Everyone's been affected including office and when the queen died, we were filming. That's why I think people are

hyper sensitive at the moment. I think that this was coming out if this had come out 2 years ago, I didn't think that would be on these comments. >> Your rhetoric on a royal Ghana and you come face-to-face with the king will make up the creek as well. What do you think fast? My has about season 5 re imagines in summit and scandalous details from the adulterous affair between Prince Charles and Camilla. >> But there are certain things that that unavoidable that not such a big events that they and that's begin people's imagination and memory that that not too tackle them would be that would be people who I think would would feel cheated.

>> With some and Leslie Manville plays the Queen Sista market. >> I didn I do as Queen note as you'll system. >> Ditch the relevant. The print edition is built home

entered by royal you the cage stent. You get the preventive trinity of. >> Seeing them as human beings, which is really the gift of the crown and the gift of the scripts. You know, we can say, look at this person, they may be this enormous, the famous public image, but we can absolutely hone in on them now. And this is what they might be feeling. >> The most recent events we do have to wait until season 6 same cars is filming back on the night.

It really was a pleasure to talk to them. And coming up, we'll have even more with this exciting new cops. We're sticking to it.

pumps topless with more from the season 5 cough. They spoke to us recently about what viewers can expect it. >> Views of the crown can expect in season 5. It's the 1990's and the Mauna Kea was going through it time.

Various members of the royal family were finding it difficult, their own a bit old inevitably and yet that coming up against it in terms of the way that they're affected by some of that private lives, personal decisions. >> You must do to king duty. >> We will never understand how it straight up. >> Well, I think this season 5, what people will take from the SoCal behind the scenes is that these are all events that happened in the early 90's that the the world knows about and sending British society knows about. And part of the fascination of the crown is that they do go behind closed doors, provide some kind of understanding of the royals and how they dealt with these issues that practically or emotionally. And that's the new reason the crown exists is to show you behind the doors.

>> I think empathy is very much in this series and has been from the very first season. But they did. That's the point of the drum. If you show encounters with the they're real or not sure you're inviting the audience to look at it with kind eyes or at least try to understand the dilemma is of these characters. And I think the 2 movies,

right? He knows that to happen. >> For years I've called for Mauna Kea that reflects the world outside and things might behavior that's threatening its survival. >> What is love? How does love exist in in a system like the royal family? >> I think it's not obvious in any family in should be in every family. And I think that when you think of the royal

family, it's kind of sometimes you can so to think that somehow different and separate and most like a different breed of Paris, but then all to know that that the human beings with with hossam feelings and broken hearts and regrets and pain and grief exactly the same as you and I are the causes that it's sometimes we have to remind us that that's what the the Crown scripts can do. They can take us into the thoughts and feelings of them and show them as people separate from being royals is a lovely scene late running at when Prince a small been Queen. Elizabeth have a kind of a bit of a showdown together.

And you know, that is that is not a scene about a month and a princess. It's a scene about 2 systems. What counts a presentation incident, the yuan not now extending to add that is different. How is it different? I'm not swaps crucial about to end that. That's a full would seem to go dramatically to a lot of

very interesting places as far as the queen is concerned. >> And for kids, Phillip, when they met with the new ways to manage me, but the they were very much in love. And I think that was very lucky. But they both knew the responsibilities that they had it going forward in their lives as the queen and Prince Philip said to have none of us has a very good baseline, I think helps them lose. >> I think it's the only way they could have existed for so long jet actually being loud problem. Just be tolerating each other for 70 is you make a better person.

>> And you with me, it's not the point of marriage. >> You through these these difficult times which was seen season 5 of so many people on lives have difficult periods. These highlighted because in England to the queen and Prince Philip in the Moore family been in our lives are all lies and you just taken for granted and they say, oh, yeah, they do this to do that. And it was you didn't really look at them seeing these will consider what they're going through, what their lives are. Not really. Peter Morgan's trying to just give a little glimpse

into what it might have been like to be faced with tragedy with divorces with various situations. That's what's very exciting and about this particular season. Great to hear from more of them. And we just getting started coming up. Some terrific crown memories from today. Vote. Don't go anywhere it. Each season of the series showcases the Mauna Kea a different moment in time. I was lucky enough to visit the

set back in season 2 going behind the scenes of the show at the time. That's where we met craft boy and the rest of the cost. Take a look. >> It was the winning the cold front out of its wartime blues. We created in the Netflix hit series the Crown Queen Elizabeth and Quinn spending. But to the West, this more for cow finds in season to go to see things >> Filmed in this state, the home of the British countryside. We caught up with the cost. He was shooting the royal couple's 10th wedding anniversary dinner just hanging out at a bank rate. The queen, a family affair with a

conspicuous late arrival. But the queen's rebellious young, the system out. >> Woman for the modern age 8, she was. >> Princess Diana before Princess Diana. Yes, many ways the same kinds of struggles. Yeah, she is real but doesn't

get to be the bus. Yeah. >> She hates. Haha has changed beyond recognition. Setting the tone for the next decade of the Queensland different market continues. Its prewar routines that nothing is happening when the Park rumble.

>> With this system and it gets into the spirit of the 60 S marriage comes on the serious strain and that we find ourselves in it. >> Isn't the story of the second season as part of the story of working their way through difficulty in to help your time again with them. >> There's new possibility of my forgiving you.

>> One said Claire Foy and Matt Smith testify. Haha. We replaced in season 3 is the current is they're portraying age. But now you might just be by Your Royal Highness is not the right way to address. Yeah, that's correct. Fulfill he developed that will challenge phrases like and rights to kind of start conversations and I see is a good one. I see. >> That we and that that she is the queen and some unexpected challenges for Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. You have a special kind of work that you

do that is that you can have it. Well, he he walks in his hands. Rice is box. It's not down in from Greece. Haha, I love that. He's going to live spiders in rooms, ready a little too much. Perhaps peoples. It's a function first. >> How to make all the heat and how to deal with visitors from America Missus. Can Jay that cuts? And that's who haven't.

But the protocol notes. Good evening, new or majesty. >> I want that went wrong. About 10,000 different ways. A seamless. I'm not sure when the rules will change it. >> We have no idea if we know too much in the cream of the stuff. Is that the, you know, some fish and chips? >> I believe that not witnessed by that. Never done that.

Oh, yes, she did. >> I think we need you back and think that, yeah, people Princess Margaret was given to me now. But how good is that? How was so fun to be possible next? Let's revisit season 3.

Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter and Tobias Menzies spoke to Joe Fryer in 2019 about taking on bad royal wrote. >> A new cast has been corps in a great many changes. Queen Elizabeth is now played by Olivia Colman stead of any winter Claire Foy, Tobias Menzies Street. It's tackles Prince Philip following in Matt Smith's footsteps. And Princess

Margaret is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter replacing Vanessa Kirby. >> Here we have this immensely popular show that everyone seems to love up to now and you guys get parish. What could possibly go wrong. Haha.

>> Before filming season 3, the newcomers met with behind the scenes, folks who worked on the first 2 seasons, including creator Peter Morgan. >> And he just said, well, you're not used to always P. It's always be some pretty now the issue we've been employed because well to but on the inside. >> There are no strangers to royalty. This year Colman won an Oscar for playing an 18 Th-century Queen Queen Anne in the favorite. Now she's a listen. It's been a hard to

>> help to do than could hand mainly because I quite emotional and I was working on the fun. So exactly right. That is which is the cleanup. Say everyone is a critic. Everyone knows what she looks like everyone's to. Everyone has seen how okay. >> This show is a drama but she is essentially a no drama Queen. >> Yeah. Castille's party. She's an absolute hoot. She's a

great many yeah. The law Office of G. >> How much did you study the actual person to try it might imitated her or did you want to add your own flair to it? >> It's a big process of taking on these roses. Oversee them. That's a much which isn't this a famous well-known you want to see to get close to the use of that. Wanted to be like a active in a creek is the thing that would be kind of irritation to watch for 10 hours probably.

>> So I signed Mungia messed up. One does like to thank you. >> You have this unusual situation where there is actors who played. >> These roles before you go to calls for that, you study them at all and how they tackle these roles. Or do you say now let's move on when I was a huge fan of the show. And so I was sort of trying to go.

>> I definitely think some ideas from the ash. >> Helena Bonham Carter actually played the mother, Princess Margaret in the King's speech, preparing her to portray the socialite cyst. >> And I did meet and real-life ones. And she did say he was getting better. Jack touching on 2?

I think it's hilarious because it's in our interests. Gulf last last haha. >> The new season covers real-life events that happened between 1964 77. A deadly mining tragic Princess Margaret's tour of the U.S. including a visit with

President Johnson. Prince Philip's appearance on Meet the Press. We see a young Prince Charles when he first states Camilla.

>> Or the stories get maybe a big way, too. >> It's history. That's dramatize still. It's a bit awkward when they see real life point. Yes, you you met Prince William recently, right? Last year. Yeah. Yeah. And here you are doing this. >> I mean, it's heating up yet again on what you do. And you

know, I know it today. >> Haha. Sorry. Haha. Do watch it. >> And while the show was about the crown, both actresses admit their focus is sometimes what's on their feet to walking in high heels without any kind of how to shoot one I find and still kings. But you know, that head is now a good time. He was, you know, but we want to do. >> What? Bambi on ice, you know, much better it coming up next.

>> We'll give you a refresher on season for Diana and Charles. crash in 2020 season for was about to be the 3rd out a code talker and just work on a new play. Prince Charles and Emma Carr who played Princess Diet.

>> See, you're going to bring a deep and lasting joy to the nation. And if I lease it absolutely. Whatever in love means. >> It feels like the whole world watching waiting for your world to come out. Joshan image join us now. Good morning to you or good afternoon to you guys. And when that, first of all, congratulations. I mean, I mean, that's sincerely

everybody I know of everywhere. Even a little at family than other countries were all waiting for this. Want to show our viewers this side-by-side photo. It is amazing. Emma, can you see this? We're going to put this up. Is it true that

at first you were just brought in as a stand-in to read lines with Josh? I mean, this is amazing. >> Yeah, that's true. I was and us to come in and help read opens it. The goes dishing to come in and just as there as well say about the first time we met and then yeah, kind of crazy thinking back. >> Was meant to be. And Josh, this is not your second season playing Prince Charles. Is it true? You make a scrapbook for

each character you play. What can we find in your Charles scrapbook? >> A muchos 6. It trickier because the only that seems to be a kind to well, which I feel closer to understand that. But I think what what is quite hard to get zone gold. I'm all and nothing to read to them right up. But I found I have no Cummings of material because he was into his seat since eating and then, yeah, the other thing was I've mothers to get some so too some old schools can because that feels very English. Haha, rich kids, so good that says that Macy just

kind of research and writing about them. >> I love that. You know, so what's interesting about this season as opposed to earlier ones is that now so many people have lived through this time period so that we've lived through the history. And now we're watching you guys. It acted out. I mean, Emma, you have the opportunity to even ask one of Diana's private secretaries about her, right? So what what exactly did you learn? >> Yeah, it was a package at Sun which was amazing.

I think would have been a while since I've met the people who Matt have will have known high every time I do. It is so strange because I have no living memory of a so it was kind of bittersweet for me to do people who your case to. But I remember him just saying how happy she was. And yeah, and that made like how she was kind of re not going to nations with happiness and he knew while UAE's come come off in an instant and which was so nice. Yeah, must be nice to hear. >> Some of the stories first hand. And and Josh, you know,

after 2 seasons, it's that time in the crowd where it's time to pass the roll on to another actor as as we see happening. So what what will you miss most about playing Prince Charles? >> I think that the miss specifically, Charles moments, to be honest, I think the thing I miss most is the unbelievable crew that went behind the camera and the call. You know, we we Craig's family here and we still have what a great meal still kind of stay in touch. I think just missing out on the kind of camaraderie of being on set with this group of people is he's going to be hot as for someone else taking on Ike.

I'm so excited to see whoever it is. Will they do with that? And I'm sure that it would be a terrific job. >> It's funny. I was just going to ask you apparently do a pretty good Charles with Josh's I and you work what we were trying to learn different words. What we learned last week, yes, is instead of saying years they can use it as saying yes. So it's it's a yes you say is I can't even do it is.

Yeah. Yeah. Is there anything else you can t just really quickly. One word. >> My what to do about the way is right. Alright? Alright, alright. Alright. Alright. >> All right. We'll practice. That was the crowd. You're

probably better. All right. >> Wolf, an impact and laces cost to those thing? That wasn't right. Special edition of Pop Star Class. Hope overview crowned finds out that enjoyed it. Happy Page watching. Thanks for joining. Have a great day. >> Who's our with the sights and smells that. >> Haste I come on. It's a food show.

Now nothing says autumn. >> Quite like Apple, whether it's a trip to an orchard like this warm slice of apple pie or cheering with site. But when did Apple become the apple of America's eye? I love the Big Apple and I'm here in Massachusetts where America's history with Apple's actually began. So today we're going to get to the core of how Apple's became a home grown hero. How do you like that? Time to head out of studio one a and hit the road for a new kind of culinary adventure. Follow me as I take some of the most iconic foods around the country and meet the families behind together, we're going to learn how a good meal has the power to connect this to our past our future, my family. And then coming here, the hilltop orchards in

Massachusetts for the past 20 years. That's right. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a better fall family activity. Then apple picking and especially the apple cider doughnuts. And of course, what also pairs well with a trip to orchards and cider and they make a lot of it here at Hill top that mentioned the doughnuts. >> The David and Sarah Martell High school sweetheart who reconnected in their 30's together, they run hilltop Orchards. >> 3 top million Apple Orchard.

>> David handles the operations of the Orchard and Cidery and Winery with Sarah focusing on guest experience. The orchards. Historic cider were David played as a kid was renovated in 1997. Now they call it home. >> I started coming to this orchard when I was about 6 years old. My father worked hear them.

>> David left the Berkshires and worked in construction for several years. When he decided to return home, he really went back to his roots, taking a part-time job at Hilltop. I've been in the orchard business for about 12 years. Now, David's the 3rd generation of his family to work on the 100 something year old Orchard. Did you ever think that you

would be running your return? >> Not in a million years. I quickly come up with these apple trees and decided that's what I'm going to do. Diving in and learning about all the different apples in the history of apples and then history is pretty sweet. >> I like to think of myself as an 100. >> My name is Amy Traverse and I'm the senior food editor at Yankee magazine and the author of the Apple Lover's Cookbook.

>> Crab Apples are the only variety indigenous to North America. Sweet Apples were introduced to America by early colonists. >> In the 1600 sweet apples have their origins in this area of western China. Sort of the border between Kazakhstan in Ferguson called the tension Mountain range. >> Those apple, she came over with the Jamestown expedition and trees were planted at Plymouth.

But in the early days, columnist worth making pies and tarts. Most apples grown in America at that time were more likely to be turned to decider that Heat. >> Apple's played a very important role when those people coming from England, as they say on the boat, they would make hard cider because that's later with last where water might spoil when someone gets sick. >> This trend continues states by 17. 75 10% of all the wind farms had a cider mill.

>> Today I'm at the F Clyde Cider Mill in Old Mystic, Connecticut. >> The ad Harrison and her daughter Sarah Month 5th and 6th generation owners o'clock. >> We're the last original steam-powered site on the United States. Back in. You know, the 18, 100's early, 1900. Everybody had a so the male that had a farm, we use

the same press, the same male and not many people get to go to work and put their hands on a lever and say, you know what? My great great grandfather did the same thing back in 18. 98 Snyder was really important to early America because it was relatively easy to make. People had apples in abundance and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams famously loved it, drink it everyday children drink it because it was low in alcohol but it was often safer than water. Water pick off and

decontaminated at that time. >> These days Americans don't drink as much side of the founding fathers. >> 2 things happened to kind of bring the Apple to its knees. We had immigration from Germany and Czechoslovakia which were beer bring regions fear took over as the major American tricks. Another reason behind siders decline prohibition.

Apple's repair east finally associated with cider at the time they were really seen as a source of alcohol. My great great grandmother was arrested twice, never convicted but arrested twice for llegan. >> In the 1930's, Apple's simple image was reborn as shipping methods improved. Sweet apple from Washington

State could be transported all over the country and the industry group. >> Apple's then had to be free market has just a desert thing as something you bake with. 38 fresh from your hand. And so Apple's they went through this rebranding emerges, the sort of innocent sweet fruit that was looking to get you drug could do anything D this is going to make a nice. >> Now even hard cider is making a comeback due in large part to the craft beer boom in the late aughts gluten is having a moment.

>> So people are shying away from a lot of beers, ciders fermented apples. And that's it for a lot of other beverages or mixed drinks or anything of that nature. We could have a lot of conservatives and different things added to them. >> Today Americans are drinking 10 times more shy than a decade ago. And that's been big business for hilltop. >> Let's ask our Seder enthusiast that are relatively new to the site or increase.

>> Hilltop making around 1500 gallons daily and I got a chance to give it a try or >> it's a time to make the doughnuts. It's time to make the site. So here's some gloves. I see. You brought your votes. I did it. >> The process starts with freshly picked apples that are washed through next up calling as Benjamin Franklin once said the rotten Apple spoils his complaint. >> They're sorting through what's coming down. The

conveyor this apple has some things and bomb. >> The good apples are sent to the grinding what? >> And they will get round up. Apple sauce, consistency.

>> Now it's my turn to prepare the ground. Apples for pressed. Well, it's like an apple slice night for that said that the apples get pressed down to the last drop that 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch up until this point. The process for sweet and hard ciders the same accident and nobody got hurt. Sweet side. It would be bottled at

this stage. Hard cider. The fermentation process begins. >> So sweet cider becomes more popular once we can. Refrigerate Appleton is to prevent it from fermenting.

>> In the mid 20th Century Side are stands of Apple picking became an American pastime, a tradition. My family's enjoyed for more than 20 years. Each for there's just something about Apple picking that inspired my best badges. What Apple sings happy. >> And there's a lot of bomb. >> Insider sayings. Okay. I got was that they see the family that plays together,

stays together. The family, the pix together stakes. There you go. As far as my kids are concerned, my jokes are as much a part of our annual tradition as the apples themselves. It's like haha. My family's been coming to hilltop for more than 20 years even before my 2 youngest were born. >> It's something about the season when apples ripen and it's starting to get cooler and you're thinking about like comforts of home and coziness people have very intense emotional connections with apples.

>> Agra tourism in the United States started becoming popular during the industrial revolution when city dwellers look to nature for recreation, labor shortages during and after World War 2 so far is calling for volunteers to help it crossed by the 1960's. Enterprising farmers recognized America's love for apples. In the fall, the u-pick tradition became a profitable pastime at or treat all across the country. Is there a right winger and a long way to picking up a spoiler alert. There is a wrong way. >> The problem with twisting in pulling the Apple is that if it is not right, you're going to also get next year's Apple. Can you show me? I can.

So this is an apple that I know is not ready to pick. Yeah. So if we were to lift up on this if it was right to come free ride. So did not come free. OK? Right next to is some McIntosh, Apple. Okay. If you go ahead and lift up on one at a kind of it at an angle into the sky, it comes it comes to break. So that means that it's right. Okay. And the other thing is, well, that's the worst thing you can do. Working and apple.

We we treat things like eggs. Some in the bucket. There's sometimes little brown spots on them. That's for years old. So the worst thing you can do to somebody with a farm

stand or or fruit grower as rather apples and start squeezing. >> I do like the Honeycrisp Honeycrisp and I was gala but the I 200 with an empty-net. I thought this year's Roker family trip with good look pretty different. But then I heard from my boy it coming. >> Nick was very adamant about okay, you know, come pick me up so ago, Apple because I thought it would be the first year. We don't have anybody. The applicant.

>> Much to my delight. The family get together does stick together. >> Have is you? >> American pie is certainly an American icon. And in Southern California, one local families pies have achieved all Americans tax and this holiday season, they're gearing up to make over 50,000 of these each week.

>> I love apple pie. Every time I get up, I think and my mom just out of the park. I'm Dave Smothers. I'm temps, mothers and our mother started

the Julian Pike company in 1986. >> From a young age loose month developed a passion. And >> a knack for baking. She often tells a story of standing on a milk right next to her mom.

>> I was probably 4, 5, years old. I would crawl up on a box and take the leftover pieces of dough and put them in a jar. Lee had I would put the little apple my jar lid and cover it and she would bake in the oven just along with hers and I would eat it. I would say that if I had not had that experience, I would never be in the pie business.

>> In the early 80's, the Smothers family moved to Julian California, a picturesque mountain town near San Diego. >> Funds were tight. So I mama ended up taking our jobs. >> When we moved here, I had to go to work. The only place that a job was available was in a bakery. And I tell you, after I started working with high making that love just came right back. >> That love was mutual. Liz's pies were in high demand

that the local bakeries where she worked quickly gaining a loyal following. >> She built up a reputation, their stories that they would go in and go. I want to her pies. One point in my mom. >> A historic gold mining town. Julian Thrive. Thanks to agriculture, mainly its award-winning app.

>> But once we came out here to Julian and she saw the opportunity, she just never looked back. >> Wild horses couldn't have stopped me. Honestly, I was not thinking of how much money can I make are just dying to make a a good pie like my mother made 2 years after moving to Julian. >> Liz Open their own shop, the Julian Pike. She was 50 years old proving it's never too late to embark on a jury. >> My mom baked 125 isn't she sold out the first day? It's a great round open.

>> In this shot, there's an apple pie for everyone. >> What's up for prime for with vanilla ice cream that you see it and that's it for us. This is the most amazing high have ever had in my life. >> From Cherry Apple, Apple rulebook today. Julian has 15 unique apple pie varieties in rotation. Thank you. >> Most popular seller is the Dutch Apple. My mom's kind of

joke was that that that might run. >> Today, the busy bakers here make up to 10,000 pies a day high production beginning around 03:00AM. It's no surprise that fall is their busiest season. >> Thanksgiving's the Super Bowl and and Christmas is like a another Super Bowl.

>> The pies are primarily made by hand starting off with 4 degrees pie crust is just flower water. Shortening solve it. That's the way you handle the doe. She get a nice short red cross rather than to cross. The brothers say their mom had a gift for knowing just when to stop eating.

>> To make it perfect. If you don't get to do right, you might not have the business models were for my mom. He knows exactly the precise measurements of how to do things. We add a few 100 pounds of flour, Mary ice cold water. >> That when our mixture blends the do, that's what I think is Graham ice and the 400 pound batches go heads to the extruded where it's cut into individual portions. >> So 9.2 ounce practice balls into a pie. Shell matches the dough into a perfect shape. Then they go into our freedom

to use them as needed. >> Next up, assembling the pine on apples. Peeled sliced, then spiced. >> Cinnamon, sugar and salt. This is all my mom's original recipe. We'll be a little bit of butter

every time that I just keep getting like, yes, we get it out, mark. So the spies of all the impact there, nice and round like a mushroom that is going to get lifting which is separating the the across from the I-10. If you don't do this step right here that I will bubble over and have enough time on was a queen pfluger.

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