Visiting Shopper's Paradise of Beijing, China (3 TIMES CHEAPER)

Visiting Shopper's Paradise of Beijing, China  (3 TIMES CHEAPER)

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This Apple store is located inside the shopping mall. These are very amazing facts! 99% of the Indians wouldn't know about these facts. I have come to the flagship store of MI. I have come to a DJI Flagship Store. These are all the latest models of drones.

It is three times more expensive in India. I have come to a Buddhist restaurant in China. I came out from the emergency exit. Hey guys very good evening and welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu.

Currently, I am in Beijing which is the capital city of China. I have come to Wangfujing Street in Beijing. This street is also known as the commerce symbol of Beijing. The time is 7:00 pm.

Today, I am going to explore Wangfujing Street or also known as Commerce Street. All the brand across the world has their store here. All the brands across footwear, electronics and apparel. You get items from all industries and category items. This is the most Popular, prosperous and busiest Street in Beijing.

In terms of shopping and Commerce. Many of you might not know and many of you might be shocked to know this. The origin of China is traced to Sanskrit. China got its name from a Sanskrit word called 'Cina' Many resources tell this. Some resources also tell about the Persian language.

In ancient India, China was known as Cina in the Sanskrit language. Since then, this country has got its name as China. China word has also been used in Many Hindu scriptures. It has also been used in Mahabharat.

China was the fastest-growing economy from past 30 years. The economy was growing by 10%. Now, it's not growing that fast. China is also known as 'The factory of the world' China is the biggest exporter in the world. All types of goods.

If any country in the world is exporting their items more, that is China. China exports a lot of electronic items. Many apparels and clothing are also exported from China. China is the largest electronic and apparel exporter. All the international brands have their showroom on this street. More than that, Chinese brand showrooms are there here.

China has its version of all the major big brands with has a presence across the world. From apparel, electronics and all the services sectors. It is very difficult to visit all the stores. I will show you the showrooms which I feel are interesting. I will show you the main prosperous and busiest streets in Beijing. China has removed a lot of people from poverty.

A few years back, the poverty rate was very high and now it is almost zero. 30 years back, that is in 1990, more than 66% of Chinese used to fall under the International poverty line. In 2018, the poverty rate in China is 0.3 %. Almost the whole country is now above the international poverty line.

In the past 40 years, even after adjusting the inflation, the per capita in China has grown more than 7 times. It has grown 7 times. In the year 1990, the Indian per capita GDP was more than China.

After 30 years, the per capita income in China is five times more than in India. An average Chinese earns 5 times more compared to an Indian. If we take the conclusion GDP of purchasing power parity, China has the largest economy in the world. More than the USA.

If we look at the nominal GDP, China is the second largest economy after the USA. People tell that India is growing rapidly. China is growing exponentially! It is developing very fast.

So many anti-China campaigns are conducted in India. It is being done from back then. Even after that, If India is importing more products from a country, then that is China.

China is the biggest importer of India. But India only exports 25% of products which is imported. On every year, India and China have a trade balance of 75%.

This difference is very huge. No matter how many campaigns are run in India, today also India is dependent on China. But China is not at all dependent on India. China is the largest importer of India. India doesn't even come in the top 10 importers of China.

The 80-20 trade deficit balance is the highest balance in the world. Very less people know these facts. After importing and exporting, China is the second largest Trading partner for India after the USA.

We can just imagine the economic growth and development of China. No other country is growing as fast as China. These facts are very shocking.

99% of the Indians might not know these facts. All Google services are banned in China. All Apple services are open in China, including Apple maps.

This is another reason for the growth of Apple in China. All the Apple services run here and services of Android doesn't. This is a multi-level Apple Store. This is the first level and there are two levels.

There are laptops and iPad here. There are phones on this side. There are some iPads here also. Some of the Apple products may be on the next floor. Apple watch and AirPods.

There are some laptops here also. Look at this. You get all the models here. I will compare and tell you the prices here. I will compare the price of the Apple 14 Pro Max. This is on iPhone 14 plus.

This is iPhone 14. This is iPhone 14 Pro. This is iPhone 14 Pro Max. The price of the iPhone 14 starts from 6000 Yuan. It is almost 840$. iPhone 14 Pro starts from 8000 Yuan.

It is almost 1125$. You can compare this with the latest prices in India. Apple store is located inside the shopping mall. This is a shopping mall on Wangfujing Street.

This is a very beautiful multi-level shopping mall. Many electronic brand showrooms are present here. There is Xiaomi and DJI showroom also, let's go there. I can see the DJI showroom, it's on the next floor.

But I am not able to find the Xiaomi showroom. There is a help centre here, I will ask here. This is the MI Flagship Store.

All the MI products are available here. All the MI manufactured products. Many products have not even been launched in India. Even if the product is launched, it will be delayed by a year. All the flagship mobiles are sold here.

I don't know the exact model, but many of you might know this. These all are the electronic products of MI. The latest MI 8 band has been launched. It might be displayed here.

This is the smart band and this is very cheap. This is the latest smart band 8. This has been launched this month or the previous month. This is not even launched in India and not sure about launching it.

Even if this is launched in India, it will take more than a year. This is available in two colours, black and Gold. The price of this is 239 Yuan.

This is almost 33$. This is the price of Mi band 8. Xiaomi manufactures all electronics products. Refrigerator and kitchen appliances. Washing machine. Air conditioner and air purifier.

All the electronic products are available in Xiaomi. This is one of the largest electronic companies in the world. I don't want to buy anything. If I want to buy also I cannot carry it to India. This is the Xiaomi Mix fold 2. The price of this starts from 1220$.

There are many models which will go till 1510$ This is a folding Smartphone and you can open it like this. I don't even know some of the brand names. But I don't have any interest in the brand which I know. Today, I am going to the DJI showroom.

China has made a copy of all the original costliest sports and other brands. With the same quality but very low cost. We have come to the DJI Flagship Store. Let's see what we get here. I can see the Drone and camera here.

DJ I is famous for its gimbals, Drone and camera. The showroom is very small compared to MI because DJI has a very less range of products. But these products are very popular throughout the world. 75% of the Drone market share in the world is occupied by DJI. I will look for a Drone and I will buy one if I find the price interesting. All the latest models have been displayed here.

Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 3 Pro. Mavic Air and Avatar. All the models have been displayed here. All the models have been displayed here. He told me to sit here because this is the main cash counter.

DJI manufacturers various drones. I thought of taking a mini 3 drone. I have never brought or used a Drone in my life. I will buy and learn to operate it. I will compare the prices of India and China. Mini 3 and mini 3 Pro are drones which come under 250 grams.

The price for a Mini 3 Drone is 4800 Yuan. This is almost 665$. The price of this in India is more than 1510$.

It is three times more expensive in India. Mini 3 Drone is 3000 Yuan. It is almost 425$. In India, the price of this is 1100$. It is three times more expensive in India.

This is 249 grams. For doing anything or travelling in China, you will need your passport. They have taken my passport. How will I pay him if he is not accepting my card? I think have to withdraw by going to the nearest ATM. It is very problematic to use a card.

China also has a payment system just like UPI in India. Chinese also have their own payment method. I will pay here. They never use cash and card is also used very often. I don't think the card works, I have to go to the ATM to withdraw the money.

He is telling me to get my Chinese card. I have come to the nearest ATM to withdraw the cash. I tried in different ATMs, but the cash was not available. At a time you can only withdraw 2000 Yuan.

I entered 5000, but the money did not come. I put 4000, then also the money did not come. I put in 3000, then also I did not come. When I put in 4000, the money came.

I withdraw 2000 Yuan 2 Times. The time is 9:45 pm but shops closed at 10 pm. I have to run and go to the showroom. I will give 3000 Yuan to them. I will be left with 1000 Yuan. The showroom is about to close in 10 minutes.

My work is done. They have taken my passport to prepare a bill. Withdrawal charges did not deduct from my bank while withdrawing money here. My card was only working in the supermarket and not in other places.

You have to use the local method or you have to use the cash. Finally purchased the drone. I am paying 3000 Yuan The cost is 2988 Yuan. He is opening the drone. My Drone is ready.

This is a 250-gram Nano drone. There is no need to register this to fly in the various countries. It is also available with a combo, but I have purchased it without a combo. My Drone has been unboxed. That's my phone and not the battery. The time is 10:15 pm.

But they have opened the shop because of me. Otherwise, they would close the shop by 10 pm. Most of Chinese have two names.

They have a native Chinese name and an English name. Both names are different. I don't know anything about drones.

He going to show me how to fly the Drone inside the showroom. The Drone started to fly. This is the my drone, I will take this and go back home.

The time is 10:45 pm. The showroom is supposed to close at 10:00 pm. They had closed the shutter but they are opening it again for me. The entire Mall has been closed.

I was late in coming. The time is 10:45 pm. How should I go down? It is from there. Some Metros are closed by 10:30 and 11 pm. I am not sure whether I can catch the metro or not. If I don't get the metro, I have to take a taxi.

A Weird food items market will be put in this Wangfujing street. Different animals and insects are seen there. Very weird animals and insects. After the pandemic, the Chinese government has closed the market.

Now, you only get the normal food like anywhere else. You might get in the other cities of China, but not here. I am going to the metro station by walk. There are very less chances of me finding a metro. I was exiting the mall, but all the entrances were closed. It took 10 minutes to come out of the mall.

It took me a long time. I had to ask people and I have come out through the emergency exit. The entire Mall has been closed. This place is very silent there is no one except me. I am going down, I will get the metro if I'm lucky.

If the time is past 11. There is not even a single person here, the entire metro is empty. I think it is closed. I can see some people here.

I just want to get inside the metro. It will be good if I can even reach my locality. People are moving here, so I think Metro is still available. Everybody is running, I will also Run.

The metro is about to get closed. Everybody is running. Did I end up on the wrong line? I ended up on the wrong line! I was lucky.

I came to my host house is in the last metro. That was the last metro. When I came to China, I was staying with the other host. But now I have come to my second host place. But the house is no lesser than a hotel.

The time is midnight, but I will show you the house. This is the Guangyao apartment. This is exactly in the City Centre.

There are more than 25 floors in this building. When I came for the first time, I thought I am in the wrong place because this looks like a hotel. It is not looking like an apartment.

After reading the name, I got to know that this is an apartment. This is a very modern apartment. This looks like a hotel. Tony will be here. He knows English but is not here today. This is the Reception area.

New receptionists come here daily. Yesterday Toni was here. The time is 12:15 am. The clock has been put. I will go inside.

This is how the apartment looks in China. This is a very high-class and high-society apartment. To access anything in this apartment, you will need this card. You cannot do anything without this card. I have come inside the lift, but these buttons don't work, until I insert this card.

I have to go to the sixth floor. There are 29 floors, this is a 30-floor building. I thought this has 25 floors. I have to use this card even to enter the house.

I cannot do vlogging inside the house because the time is 12:15 and the people might be sleeping. This is the corridor. This is my host's apartment. He has created this gym inside the house. He has opened the private gym inside the house. All the gym equipment has been kept here.

Since it's dark, nothing is visible. I have come inside the room. I am going to a very popular and unique restaurant in Beijing. I will go and show you the restaurant. This is the exterior of the restaurant.

The name of the restaurant is 'Suhu' It opens at 5:30 pm. I have paid and till now I was receiving one Yuan note. But now, I have received a 1 Yuan coin. This is a Chinese coin of 1 Yuan.

There is no official religion in China. 75% of people don't follow any religion. If they follow, they only for the ancient China Folk religion. 20% of the population follows Buddhism. The remaining 6% follow Christianity and Islam religion.

I have come to a Buddhist restaurant in China. This restaurant is very near Tiananmen Square. This is how the restaurant looks. This is a very big and unique restaurant.

I will show you and tell you about the restaurant. This is open in the morning and close that 2:30 pm again opened at 5:30. I came here at 5:15 pm.

I was waiting for 15 minutes and the restaurant opened just now, not many people are here. I had come here the day before yesterday. I had come at 8 pm and the restaurant was very crowded.

There was no place for standing also. The majority of the Buddhists here are vegetarians. This is a pure vegetarian restaurant. You will hardly find any restaurant which has these many vegetarian options.

There are so many vegetarian options and you cannot even taste all of them. Most of the items are made either from Tofu or mushroom. There are many varieties of Tofu and mushroom. There are more than 50 varieties of Tofu and mushroom. Tofu and mushroom are consumed here for more than 2000 years. I will take the plate and show you all the items.

You will be amazed to see the dishes. This is the kitchen. Many items have been put here. This restaurant is so nice that I have come here for the second time.

There are so many varieties, you just have to take one. You don't understand all the dishes. This is made from the filling. This is made from corn and I am not taking this. This is a local mushroom pizza and I am not going to take this. What is this? Let me see.

These all are Tofu. These all are made from Tofu. This is made from other varieties and this is just like paneer. This is Tikka, I will pick this.

These are something like momos. These are just the starters and this is the main course. This is the soup and I'm not going to take this. There are varieties of soup and I am not going to take any of them. This is a different variety of Tofu. This is very similar to Manchurian.

There are so many varieties that you cannot take more than one. When I came here a day before yesterday, my plate was full but I did not taste all the dishes. This is made from beans and potato this is also a type of Tofu.

These all are the varieties of Sweet dishes and I will show you at the end. This is a mushroom. This is brinjal This is a Chinese-style brinjal.

This looks like potato masala. These are two different types of Mushrooms. They are of a different variety. This is pasta. This is fried tofu. I think this is a mushroom.

This is Cauliflower. There are so many items and I cannot eat all of them. There is salad, burgers and pastries.

This is a white sauce salad. This is groundnut. Different types of salads.

This is beans. Noodles are also available and I cannot eat all of them. This is a very special dish. This is prepared from my very hard Chinese gravy. This is a very spicy dish.

There are different types of vegetables, Tofu and mushroom. It is available in these sticks. You can pick your favourite ones. There are many vegetables and I don't know the names. I am not able to understand all the items.

This is a mixed vegetable soup. This is a type of gravy. This is another type of noodle. This is fried rice. These are cheese balls filled with cheese. I think this is a fried dish.

Beans are filled inside this. Chinese eat a lot of beans, red beans are filled in this. This also looks like Tikka. There are so many varieties of items. This is made from Atta flour. Red beans are filled in most of the dishes.

Very similar to Rajma. Different flavours of beans are filled inside the items. There is Namkeen and also sweet.

There are varieties of fruits. This plate is empty, but it will be refilled. There are different types of fruit drinks, you can choose your favourite ones.

These are cool drinks. This is a hot Soya drink. I have picked so many items and my plate is already full. I will eat this and I will pick some more if I am hungry. This is a Buffet system. This is an unlimited restaurant, you can eat how much ever you want.

The cost of the fluid is 68 Yuan i.e. 10$. Unlimited food for 10$, which is near to the main square. You know that the Chinese eat a lot of meat and non-veg. There are many places where you can also find vegetarian dishes. There is a lot of importance of Mushrooms and Tofu in China.

It is said that Tofu was discovered in China 2000 Years back. This was introduced in the western world and Europe 100 years back. It is consumed in China for more than 2000 years.

Some items are very normal and some are very spicy. This is a mushroom dipped in Chinese gravy. This is very tasty.

This is brinjal pakoda. This is a very crispy brinjal pakoda. When you come here at night, Many Buddhist lamas come here in Buddhist attire. Special Buddhist gurus.

They sit here and eat food. The momos were also very tasty. I don't know what was filled in, but it was tasty. This is a tofu but it looks like Paneer Tikka. This is a Tikka filled with onion, potato and Palak. Soya is also there.

This is a palak and Soya tikka. This is an item very similar to an Indian dish. This is a very popular street food in China. You get this in all the food carts in Beijing. There are many types of Sweet dishes. I have taken these five dishes to taste.

These two are pastries but I don't know the flavour. These three are very different. I don't know what is this. This is ice cream.

This is made from red beans. I will end the lunch by having a Nescafe iced tea. I did not show you most of the dishes. I have just shown you 60% of the dishes in the restaurant. I never showed you the remaining 40% of the dishes. I will end this video here.

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