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It's 12 o'clock in the night. Do I look Filipino? Yeah, yeah. I thought you will not say.

Madam says it's not safe. Be careful. This is Bajaj's City 100. They have converted it amazingly. There's a massage shop here. Look, Massage Spa. This massage shop is open 24 hours.

They're drying clothes outside the house. I don't know if they're selling it or drying it. Take a picture. Take a picture.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I asked one person. A lot of tricycle people have come.

Everyone is telling me to come to them. So many people are sitting here. No. No? Yeah. No? Okay. Hey guys, very good evening and welcome back to the new vlog.

My name is Tourvasu. Right now, I'm at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Which is China's biggest city, Shanghai's international airport.

In the last video, my China series ends. My plan was to go to a lot of other places, to travel and explore. But I didn't have visa for long, so couldn't do much. My next country is going to be a country that very few people know about. Very few people go there.

But to go there, there's no direct flight from China. In fact, there's a direct flight from very few countries in the world. So I'm going to the Philippines from China first. Philippines' capital, Manila.

So this vlog will be from the Philippines. I've already been to the Philippines a lot when I wasn't on YouTube. So I'm not going to go there again. So I'm going to stay in the Philippines for 2-3 days. I'll go to that country.

The vlog of that country will start from the next vlog. Right now, it's 4:55 PM. And I have a flight from Shanghai to Manila at 5:45 PM.

So Indian passport holders need a Philippines visa. If you've visa, like a powerful visa, US, UK, Schengen, Australia, Japan, even Singapore, then you get a 14-day on-arrival visa of Philippines, free of cost. Right now, I have a valid Australia visa for 3 years.

They gave me a boarding pass. Then I came to Immigration. Immigration asked me, where did you go in China? I said, I went to a lot of places. They asked me to tell all the name. So I told them that. Then they were questioning why I went to Xinjiang.

I told them I went to travel. I'm a traveler, a tourist. I went to travel.

I have a lot of African visas on my passport. So they were questioning why I went to Africa. Which country's visa is this? What's your purpose? I said, "Why do you care"? Why did I go there? I'm surprised, why are you asking me this? They questioned on that a lot.

There were some countries that they couldn't recognize which country's visa is this? Like Togo's. They were asking, why did you go there? What was your purpose? How many days were you there? When did you go? Then after questioning a lot about African countries, they finally gave me China's access stamp. Then the security clearance was done. Finally, I've come to the gate.

Boarding is about to start after 5 minutes. This is my flight to China Eastern Airlines. I booked it around a week ago.

It cost me 12,000 Indian Rupees, including 25 kg checked-in baggage. It's a 4-hour flight. The time between the Philippines and China is the same.

We'll reach Manila, the capital of the Philippines, around 10 PM. Apart from that, when I went to Xinjiang, China, I took a lot of cash with me. Because I wasn't sure if the ATM would work there or not. Right now, I have 1,300 yuan left.

That's about 15,000 Indian Rupees. I have to go to the next country after China. So, I have to book two separate flights.

China to the Philippines, and a separate flight from the Philippines to that country. Now, we're going to Southeast Asia. The Philippines is in Southeast Asia.

We're almost near the flight. So, this is China Eastern Airlines. Hello. Hello. Hello.

So, this is China Eastern Airlines' international flight. They're giving me a low-carrier seat. There's nothing for entertainment. The seats are comfortable. So, guys, it's 10 PM right now. We've taken a 4-hour flight from China to the Philippines.

Let's go towards immigration. We'll talk after that. I won't be able to talk much right now. So, guys, look at this.

He's vlogging with his luggage. Nice setup. Yeah.

Yeah. There's immigration in front. I'll see you after immigration. So, guys, we've entered our Philippines country. Right now, we're at Manila International Airport.

Manila, the capital of the Philippines. I've selected this bag. Immigration was very smooth. They only asked me which visa I came with. I said I came with an Australian visa.

I've already booked a flight for the next country I'm going to. But no one checked. No one asked. I told them I'm going to the state.

But if you want, you can give me an entry for 14 days. 14 days is allowed here. I don't know. They've given me an entry for 15 days. They've put a 15-day passport deal. You can stay in the Philippines for 15 days.

Other than that, they didn't ask me any questions. I'm coming to the Philippines after 4 years. I've come to the airport's arrival hall. Let me see if I can get a currency and a SIM card.

For those who don't know, if you want to travel to the Philippines and get a 14-day free visa on arrival, the easiest way is to get an e-visa for Singapore. You'll get an e-visa for around 2,000 to 2,500. You can even enter here with an unused Singapore visa.

There are a lot of ATMs at the airport. There are also a lot of money exchange kiosks here. Let me exchange the remaining 1,300 Chinese Yuan.

Let's see what I get on this exchange kiosk. This is 1,300 Chinese Yuan. I've checked on the internet. I'm getting around 10,000 to 200 Pesos. He's giving me 10,000 to 150 Pesos. He's only giving me 50 Pesos.

I've never seen such a good rate at the airport. It must be very rare. I'm getting almost the same rate on the internet. They're not taking any commission. They're giving me almost the same rate on the internet. The currency of the Philippines is the Philippines Pesos.

It's also called PHP. At the present time, 1 PHP is around 1.5 Indian Rupees. I've got 10,000 to 140 Pesos. It's a very colorful note. Each denomination has a different color. This is a 20 Pesos coin with nickel on top.

It's a very fancy 20 Pesos coin. It's very shiny. They're not exchanging Indian Rupees in this kiosk.

There's another money exchange kiosk at the other end. They're exchanging Indian Rupees directly in Pesos. If I hadn't brought my Chinese Yuan, I would've got the money from the ATM here. I got the money from the ATM last time. That's why I came here.

I'm done with the currency. Let's take the SIM card and leave. Two telecom companies are the most popular in the Philippines.

The first one is Globe. It's written Globe. The second one is Smart.

Free, smart, 5G SIM. Yes, sir. You can choose your favourite. Unlimited data.

4G or 5G? 5G. 5G? What is your name? Sai. Sai? Sai from Manila? Yes. It starts from 1500 Pesos. It's around 2200 Pesos.

The SIM card is a bit costly here. Even Globe is the same price. It starts from 1500 Pesos for a month. So, what is your name? Maricel.

Maricel? Yes. Okay, you work for Globe? Yes, sir. And this kiosk is open 24 hours? Yes, 24 hours. Shifting. 3 shifting. 3 shifting? Yes.

8 PM and 10 PM. So, you work here for 8 hours? Yes, 8 hours. I saw on Klook. There is a website and application on Klook.

They are giving a plan of 500 Pesos for 14 days. Maybe for 15 days. And there is 29 GB internet. 4G, 5G. I told them that I am booking it.

You give it to me. Don't book it. I am giving it to you directly. They keep it inside. But they don't show it here. They are giving me a plan of 500 Pesos.

Passport? Passport in your cell phone. Okay. I used my brain. I saved 1000 Pesos. Instead of 1500 Pesos, I am saving 500 Pesos.

Okay. My phone. Are you from Manila or some other city? Province. Province? Which province? Pangasinan.

Okay. Is it close to Manila or far? Far. 5 hours. 5 hours? Yes, 5 hours. Your friend is calling you? Yes.

Maybe not. There is a SIM card worth 730 Rupees for 15 days. Which is a good deal.

If you ask for it directly, they won't give it to you or show it to you. They are booking it through Klook. Then they will show it to you. What do you say? Thank you? Salamat? Salamat. Salamat. And how do you say hello?

Kamusta. Kamusta. Kamusta. Okay.

Where is your passport? My passport is here. Sorry. SIM card is 5G.

But there might be some band issue in my phone. So, 4G is supporting here. And I am getting this speed in 4G. 139 Mbps download speed.

I am getting 5G speed in 4G as well. I have come out of Manila International Airport. This is an airport like this. You can take a bus from here to city center. It's 11 o'clock at night. I have booked a hostel for tonight.

I don't know where I will go. It's around 4 km from here. Hello, sir. Taxi? Taxi from there? Okay.

Hello. Hello. Kamusta. Kamusta.

Mabuti. How are you? How are you? Very good. Police came to me. They told me to take a Grab from here.

There is Ola and Uber in India. There are many apps like Grab. He is a blogger. Hello. What is your name? Kara.

Kara. From Manila? From... I am from Oman. Oman? Yes.

Oman? Yes. Where are you from? Oman. You don't look like Omani. No. I am Philippine. You live in Oman? No.

Working. You work in Oman? Yes. You are Filipino? Yes. Okay.

Do I look Philippine? Yeah. I thought you will not say. I have made an account in Grab Taxi. I have ordered a taxi from Grab app. My car has arrived. Okay.

Okay. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Enjoy. Bye-bye. Let's go, there's no one. Look at the taxi number.

D.A.D. Good evening. It's night time, so he's saying you won't get a normal taxi, you'll get a big one. What is your name? My name is Joseph. Joseph.

Philippines is a Christian majority country. In the Philippines, around 90% of the population follows Christianity. Look at this, it's 11.30 at night.

So this is the kind of locality. We've reached our hostel. It's written Airport Hostel up there. Airport? Yeah, are you from Airport Hostel? Yeah.

Okay, okay. Thank you, thank you so much. Enjoy your stay, sir.

Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

He's coming. Yeah. This location is 5 km from the airport. Hello. Hello.

5 km is around 200 Pesos. It's around 300 Rupees. Taxi is expensive here, and it's more expensive because the car was quite big at night. Airport Hostel Manila. Hello. You have booking, sir? Yeah, I have booking.

And look at this, it looks like a hotel. They've given me a room like this. It's a private room here.

I'm only going to stay here for one night. Then I have to go somewhere else tomorrow. 789 Pesos.

It's 783 Pesos per night. For one night here. It's around 1100-1200 Indian Rupees.

It's 12 at night, and I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I haven't got anything to eat for a long time. I got snacks on Friday, but I haven't got anything to eat on Friday.

I don't know if I'll get anything to eat outside or not. Madam is saying it's not safe at night. Be careful.

It's safe during the day, but not so safe at night. She's saying be careful. Someone might come and do something. It's quite dark now. Maybe it's not so clear. Look what I'm getting here.

Hello. Hello. I'm getting corn here. Sweet cheese corn. This is good. I can eat this.

Sweet cheese corn. Okay. Can I see it? Okay.

No problem. How much is it for? 30-40 Indian Rupees. Okay. 30-40 Indian Rupees.

Okay. You will add cheese and corn. Okay.

One. 40 Indian Rupees. At least I got something to eat. If I don't get anything, it's 12 at night.

A lot of people have come and are asking for money and food. They are bringing cheese and corn. Do you want to eat? Okay.

Give him one. What is your name? Lino. Lino. Okay.

I gave one to a kid. A lot of kids have come to eat. Oh, oh. Black glasses.

Sir, one more. More people have come to ask. Let me feed them.

One more for them. This one. Big one. Thank you. Okay.

How is it? Good? Okay. Thank you, sir. Why are you wearing a black glass in the night? You like it? Okay. Okay. Bye-bye.

There is another shop here. Let me get a drink. Let me get a drink. Hello.

What is it? Is it a burger or something else? What is it? Cheese. Cheese and semolina. A bread. Cheese and bread. Yes.

What is this? Pork. Pork. Pork dumpling. Sir, I am getting a lot of dumplings here. It's like momos. He is saying it's a pork dumpling.

So, I have got this. I don't know what it is. It's round. It has bread, cheese and cream. I have got this soya drink. Soya chocolate drink.

It's for 50 pesos. One liter of water. Sir, I have found another shop here. Look at this. There is a lot to eat here.

But I don't know when it was made. There is chicken, fish, sausages, rice, noodles and fried fish. I think it's made in the afternoon. There is an omelette egg here. I have got a one liter water bottle. How much? 35.

So, it's about 35 rupees per liter of water. Is it fresh rice? Yes. So, it's hot rice.

It's 12 o'clock at night. Your shop is open 24 hours? Yes. 24 hours? Oh.

The shop is open 24 hours. That's why everything is fresh here. Look at this. This is a motorbike. There is a motorbike here.

They have joined it like this. People are sleeping on the motorbike. Here is a joint of a tricycle. Look at this.

They have made it like a tricycle. Many girls are sleeping here. This is Bajaj City 100. I have seen Bajaj. This is Bajaj City 100.

This bike is made in India. Yes, Bajaj. They have modified it so well.

This is a tricycle. What do you call it? Bicycle. Tricycle.

They have attached this tricycle in Bajaj City 102. And you drive it as a taxi? Yes. Okay. They have made Bajaj's bike dangerous.

Let's go to our Bajaj's tricycle. This is a massage shop. Look at this. Massage spa. There is a lot of space here.

It's open 24 hours. Let's go and see what's there. Hello. Is it open or closed? It's open.

This massage shop is open 24 hours. Starting is 400 Pesos. One hour is 500 Pesos.

Hello. Hello. What is your name? Joyce. Joyce? Yes.

And what is your name? Edge. Edge? Yes. You work here entire night? Full night? Yes. 24 hours. 24 hours. Hello, hello, hello.

This is a client. He is leaving. He looks very relaxed. Okay. Bye, bye.

Bye, bye. So guys, welcome back again. Now I have left to go to some other place.

Look at the old tricycles here. They are so old. I think they are not even used. These people have converted motorcycles into tricycles. Oh my God.

Pedal tricycle. They are riding the tricycle with their feet. They have converted it into a tricycle. This is a rickshaw. Look at this.

This is a neighborhood of Manila. Local neighborhood. People are drying clothes outside the house. Are they selling or drying? I don't know. I think they are selling.

This is a shop. I don't know. They are drying. They are drying. Hello.

There is a shop here. Look at this. They are selling something. There is a snack here. What is this? Egg.

Egg? Egg. So guys, this is fried egg. This is egg fritters actually. So they are selling egg fritters.

There are some different items here. Look at this. Some spring roll type. They are selling some food items on the tricycle.

Amazing. Amazing. Look at this.

Philippines is a tropical country. So the temperature here is very tropical almost throughout the year. It is a kind of hot temperature. It is extremely hot and extremely cold here. There are some old people here. Hello.

This area is very close to the airport. Look at the houses here. Old houses. Hello. Hello. Look at this.

This house is amazing. People are living here. Hello. Is this a colony or what? Look at this.

Many people are living here. There is a shop inside. Hello. Hello. Hello. Where are you from? I am from India.

Hi guys. India. Hi. Spain colonized the Philippines for more than 300 years.

Spain brought Christianity to this country. Before that, they had their own indigenous religion. America colonized the Philippines for 50 years. So this country has two official languages.

Filipino and English. Almost everyone speaks English in this country because America colonized the Philippines. There is a lot of pop culture here. Hello.

Where are you from, sir? I am from India. India. Are you a blogger? Yes, I am a blogger. Nice meeting you, sir.

Nice meeting you. What is your name? My name is Tor Vasu. Tor Vasu. Yes.

What is your name? Ara. Ara. He looks like a boy.

He is a girl? She is a girl? Yes. Oh. Did you mistake him? Did you mistake the boy? Yeah, yeah. I thought it's a boy. Oh. Okay, okay.

From there I can get the tricycle? Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay. Okay, bye-bye. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Take a picture. Take a picture. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He is asking me to take a picture with him.

The Philippines is the 5th largest English-speaking country in the world. So many people speak English here. Almost all the boats are in English in this country.

Hello. This is a tricycle stand? Yes, sir. Okay, this is a tricycle stand. People are sitting here.

In one tricycle, there are 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5 people sitting. I will sit with my bag and the tricycle will open. The tricycle goes everywhere here.

Hello. Hello. Hello. Fine, fine, very fine.

Hello. Where are you? Huh? Where are you? Straight, then left. We are here.

I have to go here. You will take me there? It is covered. How much? How much? How much? 200.

No, I gave you just 3 kilometers. I gave you 50, okay? Okay, I sit here? Yeah. Oh man, everyone is calling me There is a tricycle standing here So many people are sitting here So our tricycle has started I don't know what is the exact rate He asked for 200, I asked for 50 and he agreed Maybe I look less than him, I don't know So this is Manila, the capital of the Philippines Oh man, he is riding a tricycle It's so small and congested My head has hit this rod 5-6 times My head is feeling like it's going to explode Do you speak English? Yeah, I speak English You also speak English? Yeah Oh man, everyone here speaks English The kids, the local workers Even those who haven't gone to school or studied here They also know English What is your name? My name is Glen Glen? Yeah A lot of people are riding a tricycle There are not a lot of cars on the road There is a lot of hustle and bustle I have reached where I wanted to go Let me give him the money and then I will tell you He wants to give me 50 I searched on Google Maps this morning There are a lot of Indian restaurants in Manila There are at least 15-20 Indian restaurants in Manila This is an Indian grocery store near my hostel There is also an Indian restaurant here It's written on top Incredible India There is also an ABS next to it It's name is Bombay Biryani India's No.

1 Favorite Meal Let's go inside Incredible India It's a store like this They are selling Pani Puri It's written here They also have Samosa Pani Puri is also being sold in this box There are a lot of Indian brands here Amul, Dabur There is a lot of food here All Indian food? Yes Are you a tourist? Yeah, I just arrived in the Philippines Are you from Gujarat? No, I am not from Gujarat There is a menu of Indian food along with photo and price This is chicken? No, vegetable Oh, this is vegetable This is chicken and this is vegetable Aloo Gobi What is this? Rice for Biryani There is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food There is a lot of food What is your name? Nadeen Nadeen? Yes Neresa Neresa Whatever you want Indian food There is a lot of food here I am not going to show you the details There is a lot of food There are a lot of spices, snacks I think there is a lot of Indian community here Are there many Indians in Manila? Yes Many? Many What about Indian students? They study here What do they study? Medicine This is mushroom sabzi Which one is better? Mushroom or Aloo Gobi? Mushroom You can taste I will taste Aloo Gobi Our Aloo Gobi tastes good Our cook is an expert from India But he is Filipino All these dishes are made by Filipinos? Yes But he learned He learned Indian food We are from incredible India Incredible India How long have you been working here? 5 years 5 years? Oh my God This one is more than Maybe 8 or 10 years? 7 years We enjoy also You enjoy the store? Yes This is Gulgappa This is Pani Puri We have our own food Do you have plain yogurt or plain curd? This is curd, 70 Pesos Aloo Gobi with rice The quantity is equally sufficient The taste of food is completely Indian And very mild spicy Some local Filipinos have come here They are asking for Biryani Hello Hello brother You like Biryani? Indian Biryani We love Biryani You love Biryani? Amazing No No? No Okay He is speaking a lot of Hindi words You learned Hindi? Yes I want to try Pani Puri Pani Puri from Philippines From Philippines? You like it or you love it? I love it You love it? This is Pani Puri Thank you so much I just had the food Thank you so much Their Biryani has arrived This is the gravy item This is the sauce Chicken sauce How is the Biryani? Always good I am a regular customer Namaste The food was 150 Pesos And the yogurt was 70 Pesos They took 220 Pesos from me

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