Touring an Italian Villa in the Mountains of Beverly Hills!

Touring an Italian Villa in the Mountains of Beverly Hills!

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(birds chirping) (mellow cheerful music) ♪ A little different than all the rest ♪ ♪ A quieter fashion, wear a hat sometimes, play chess ♪ - Hey everyone, welcome to Beverly Hills. City known for its attractions, celebrities, amazing weather, and of course its homes. Well, today's video encompasses all that because we're touring an incredible estate located in a guard-gated community, situated over seven and a half acres with breathtaking views. I'm really excited for today's tour.

Once again, welcome to Beverly Hills. And let's go have a look. (cheerful music continues) (stirring minimal music) (mellow jaunty music) (mellow jaunty music continues) (mellow jaunty music continues) All right, everyone, we're gonna start our tour on the exterior, we have these beautiful iron gates opening up to the property. Driveway takes you all the way to the front door, and the same driveway splits up to this side where we have a smaller courtyard for all the garages.

Coming here, additional parking on the left-hand side. House is nicely hedged. Landscaping looks beautiful. Super private setting. Property is on my right-hand side. Front facade is covered with Ivy.

And then we have the motor court here. Beautiful day, front door is located here. What can I say? I am excited to be in Beverly Hills. Now let's talk about the house itself for a second. Beautiful Mediterranean estate. It's around 13,000 square feet.

I love the way the exterior looks. It's covered with Ivy. We have these red roof tiles. It's very cozy, estate-like feel.

You have these mature trees, and this Rolls-Royce just complements the scene. - [Mikey] It looks nice. Why don't you tell us a little bit about it? - 1982 Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible. Weather has been amazing lately. And when Mikey and I were planning this episode, we were like, it'd be so nice to get an old-school convertible.

If it fit the house, it will fit the scene. And that's why we got this car for today's tour. - [Mikey] Yeah, and we're gonna take that for a little drive later tonight.

So, y'all stick around for that. - It's gotta be fun. Now before we leave exterior, I wanna talk about a couple more details. Number one, on the other side of the property, we have a really cool surprise, which we'll cover later in the tour. Coming back here, we have a stone-carved bench that was craned in.

Behind that, you can see the steel-cased window that opens up to the screening room. And coming back here, we have the front door, two gas lanterns, these iron gates. But before I go in, I also wanna mention we have a really cool courtyard here with a water feature that opens up to the formal dining room as well as the bedroom on the first floor. Now let's go this way. These double doors open up to the grand foyer. Even just from walking into the entry, it's very obvious that this home is gonna be very tasteful.

Design elements, finishes, we have this curved staircase going up to the second floor, brass railing. And look at the beginning of the railing here. You have this hand figure, you just grab it and go upstairs. Mikey, can we pan up to the ceiling? Look at the light fixture with all these bulbs, brass details, ceiling is also reflective, so it just creates this very interesting ambiance. Then you come here, you have this curved wall covered with wood paneling. Each one of these pieces are different size, different patterns, different thicknesses.

And then on the floors we have beautiful marble installed in herringbone pattern. Definitely a great entry that sets the tone for the house. Now let's go this way. We have the center point of the hallway.

Hallways in this house are incredible. This wing takes you to the kitchen and the family room. But first I wanna go this way, so we can check out the formal living room area. Great volume, gorgeous chandelier, fireplace is on this side, minimalist seating, hardwood floors, again installed in herringbone pattern. We have the bar here, dual elevation, with some glass shelves on the back.

I love the front section here with this patterned tile. And this room gets ton of natural light because we have this massive steel-cased arched opening with French doors flowing straight to your backyard. Views are fantastic. We have the infinity edge pool here, which we'll check out in a bit. And coming back to the space, I just love the volume here.

And you can see this really nice trim detail that separates the walls from the ceiling. And even though we have great ceiling heights here, room feels very, very comfortable, very cozy. You have the fireplace on this side, these arched openings, all these millwork details. Really nice space. Now, before we move on, I wanna talk about the specs of this home for a second.

Nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 13,000 square feet of interior space, 7.58 acres, on the market for $27,995,000. And I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Branden Williams, Rayni Williams for making this tour possible. It's a stunning home. I'm really excited for this tour. - [Mikey] Yeah, I know Enes has been looking at this house for months, wanting to tour it, but we have obviously been very busy.

We've been wanting to get in here and we finally are. - Absolutely, I mean, all the details. Look at the marble work here. You have the darker marble on the front.

Then you have these beautiful slabs coming here. Look at the patterns and details. This wasn't a spec home. This home was built for the owners. And it shows everywhere you look. Every detail you capture, it's stunning.

Follow me this way. Now we have this small hallway, beautiful chandelier. That's the opening for the bar. And then we have these double doors opening up to the office. Same hardwood floors are also here.

Ton of natural light coming in. I really like these leather-wrapped walls. These are leather panels. And they also have these brass details on the corners to just give it a little bit more flair.

Double-sided fireplace, beautiful marbles around. Then we have the desk here, Steel-cased French doors open up to the backyard. That way you have a really nice flow. Lacquer paint on the ceiling. And I'm really bummed out that I cannot show this detail. But Mikey, can we pan to the side for a second? There's actually a slot right here.

That was for a projector because they were projecting images of flowers here, and they also had these vases before they staged the home. So it was perfectly aligned. Imagery of projected flowers here. - [Mikey] I told you all, Enes has had his eyes on this house for a while. - This is such a cool property. All right, follow me, these double doors open up to the screening room.

Without a doubt, my favorite room in this house. Such an impressive space. Great volume, ceiling heights. Look at the patterns on the ceiling, Mikey. And then you have the perimeter lighting, recess lighting.

Room has such a cozy feel. Then you have this double-sided sofa, ton of built-in cabinetry. That's the steel-cased window that I pointed out up front. You have your TV here, cabinetry runs all the way to the ceiling.

And if this TV is not enough for you, push of a button, they have a dropdown screen. You actually have a slot for your projector up on the other side. Just a beautiful space. - [Mikey] I feel like there's a very French aesthetic to this house.

We've toured a lot of homes in Europe now, and I feel like they're always very detailed, and very well thought out, and planned with their finishes and designs, and artwork. Like I love this book artwork we have in the corner of the room. - Such a cool piece, right? - Yeah. - So they have these books, these are real books, by the way, but they had an artist paint over the books to create this figure, and it's just part of the design now. You cannot, well, I guess you can still pull the books, but you don't want to, you don't wanna mess up the painting here.

Again, cabinetry extends out to this side. You have multiple fridges here, really cool sink design. More of these massive windows, bringing great light to the space.

Pool table, I really like this house. And like you said, I feel like I'm in Europe right now. You know this house, even though we're in Beverly Hills, because of where we are within Beverly Hills, it's a totally different feel. - Yeah, for sure.

- All right, let's open up these French doors so we can take everybody to the backyard, which is just stunning. Off of this screening room, we have this elevated deck, outdoor seating area, glass railing. Look at the pool, it's massive, infinity edge. Zero edge, has a massive baja shelf with built-in seating. Even the built-in seating has an umbrella.

So cool, and this pool also has fiber optic star lights, the ones that we see in Rolls-Royce ceilings. - [Mikey] When we first started touring houses, I thought we were gonna see a lot more of those. I always saw those in magazines and different real estate videos, and that kind. - They're not cheap. - They're not cheap.

But they're really cool. And at night, y'all will see, they look great. But I always thought we would see those at like every mega mansion. - A lot more? - I hear you. Well, also what I like about this pool is the fact that it's very contemporary, but yet, the way it's designed really complements more of the traditional lines of this home.

Again, I love these steel-cased windows. Those doors open up from the office, second floor balcony, which we'll check out in a bit. And now I want to bring everybody to this side. These doors open up from the formal living room that we just toured.

If you look at the patio, it has this patterned tiles. So these are not just random pieces. Even with the floors, the designer here wanted to create unique patterns throughout the house. And, Mikey, I just realized this detail, so we gotta show it to everyone.

If you look closely, the tiles from the patio extends out to the pool coping. And it's all aligned, it all matches. - Wow. - It's a cohesive design. How incredible is that? - That's pretty cool. I don't know how you plan for that.

I guess you just have to be meticulously organized. - Yeah, I just saw it as we were talking about the floors. I was like, wow, that's really interesting.

But yeah, look at these views also. It's breathtaking, mountain range that's in front of us. You're looking at multi-million dollar homes here in the city. And this is a very peaceful setting. And we're in Beverly Hills, but we are a little bit high up in a guard-gated community. You get seven and a half acres, 7.58 acres specifically, with this home, with this offering.

And you can do so much with it, it's just incredible. Build a guest house, expand your property. And yeah, you're getting lot of land.

- [Mikey] Yeah, and the property goes on for quite a ways over there behind Enes. And yeah, we'll see that here in a little bit. - Absolutely, all right, covered patio, outdoor dining area. I love those light fixtures. They have so many space heaters here.

Again, French doors opening up from the family room, kitchen, straight to the covered patio. Another outdoor seating area here. These curtains are chains, by the way. How cool is that? Another interesting accessory. Again, more space heaters.

Coming this way, we have another outdoor seating area with a fire pit. And I wanna take everybody to this side, to these views. It's fantastic, it's so peaceful up here. I love this home. Like if I were to be able to afford it, which I clearly can't, I would love to buy this home.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I do really like the design of this home as well. We tour a lot of modern homes because people on YouTube seem to love them. - Yes. - LA has a lot of modern homes also, but this is kind of more my style as well. - I hear ya.

Now this is a raised hot tub. That's your cold plunge. And this is also a unique design because a lot of times, the hot tubs we see are incorporated into the main pools. This one is quite separate.

I like that it's raised. That way you can sit on the edge, enjoy the views a little bit more. And also with the tile choice, it has a nice contrast against the rest of the backyard.

- [Mikey] Yeah, another little feature too, or detail, people online won't know this, but a lot of times these hot tubs that are incorporated into pools never really get as hot as they should get because- - Good point, Mikey. - [Mikey] There's cold pool water just constantly getting in there. - Good point, Mikey.

All right, let's go this way. This is part of your backyard. I mean, this is amazing. 7.58 acres, it's nicely hedged. Super private, I'm pretty sure that's the chicken coop back there, which is just nice.

- [Mikey] Do they have any chickens? - They don't, I checked. - Okay. - Earlier today. Mature trees, again, this is a phenomenal space. Perfect for families, perfect for your friends.

I feel like you can have couple hundred people here very easily. And check this out, the grounds don't end here. Right across from the home, you'll also own this space, which is a sports court playground for kids, comes with additional parking.

It's essentially a separate lot that comes with this offering, which is just mind boggling. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is probably at least, what? Like another half acre or so? - I would assume so. I would say this is probably worth eight, $9 million. - Yeah, just the land. - This alone, yeah. - Yeah, It's crazy. - It's another property that you can probably build on.

And Mikey, can you pass me the ball? Thank you, all right, let's give this a shot. I've been getting lucky lately, so. - Oh wow. - That was pretty darn good. - We are two for two. If y'all saw our Texas episode, Enes made a shot at that house, that was the first time he's ever made a shot on camera.

- I'm feeling good these days, you know? - Yeah. - All right, Mikey, let's walk around. Now, I don't know what these things, these games are called. I asked Mikey, he said seesaw for this one. (electronic beeping) All right, what is this thing called in English, Mikey? - A teety-totty. - Teety-totty? - Yeah, it's a teety-totty. - That is a teety-totty.

I'm not saying that on camera. - [Mikey] I'm kidding, it's called a seesaw. - Seesaw? - Yeah. - Teety-totty? - I really want to set you up for failure, something like that (chuckling). We got a teety-totty over here. - I would've said it.

All right, ready? And you said merry-go-round? - [Mikey] I don't know if it's a merry-go-round. It kind of kind of, it resembles a merry-go-round. It's just like a- - I mean, these things are fun. - It's like a spinny thing. - You just get on it. - There's a lot of videos online of people doing dumb stuff on those things. - I hear ya, there's a trampoline on the other side.

You said jungle gym for this one? (electronic beeping) - [Mikey] Guess what that's called? - What? - A jungle gym. - Really? (Mikey laughing) I guess I never needed to know these things. And then you have a kids' playhouse. Amazing views, I just think it's super cool that you have a detached sports court, playground for your kids, for your family, and it just complements this home really well.

Now moving on, we have an outdoor staircase here that takes you up to the second floor of the home. So you have an easy access. Living wall, few planters. Let's go have a look at this outdoor kitchen. First off, this light fixture is super cool. I'm gonna assume this is brass.

I don't think it's copper. - If it was copper, that would be crazy expensive, right? - True, and they actually have built-in lighting, they also have built-in mist, I believe, for this awning design. That way, during summer you can cook here very comfortably. This is a really big kitchen.

Dual elevation, stone countertops, plenty of cabinetry. Sink is on this side, few fridges here and an ice maker, warming drawer, your gas grill. And you have a pizza oven here, which is this very cool design. Island in the center. It's an impressive outdoor kitchen.

And are you seeing those wall sconces? Those copper wall sconces? So tasteful. - It's really nice. I feel like the kind of mix of metals and finishes is why I associate this with some European homes that we've seen. - Without a doubt. And I know you want me to do this, so I'm gonna do it. They have a bell here.

I guess when the dinner or lunch is ready. (bell ringing) You just let people know. - [Mikey] Yeah, dinner bell.

I haven't actually seen those in a house before. I'm assuming that's what that is. - I'm assuming too. All right, let's come this way.

Again, outdoor seating area that's covered. These double doors open up to the family room. Beautiful hardwood floors, L-shaped couch. TV's on this side.

And look at the design of this wall with these stone panels and these wood panels for cabinetry. Then you'll have a hallway that takes you to a powder bathroom. Cabinetry, marble countertops, stainless steel sink, which I thought was a really tasteful touch. And coming back here, great light coming in. Gorgeous chandelier above. This is your breakfast nook, chandelier above, very cozy home.

You feel very comfortable in this property. Now let's talk about the kitchen. Massive island in the center.

Two-tone cabinetry, marble countertops. I love these light fixtures with white and, I wanna say gold or brass tones. When you look at the kitchen, they really stand out. You have your paneled fridge and freezer here, and your freezer drawers have these stainless steel fronts.

Very unique details of this house. I feel like the designer had a very specific but very curated vision. - Well, I was wondering is the house designed like this from when it's built? - Yes. - Or do you think they're constantly adding things? - This wasn't a spec home, this was a custom home built for the owners.

Spec homes are properties that are built to sell, but this one was for the owners, and it looks gorgeous. - [Mikey] Well, it's just so detailed that as I'm walking around, I'm like, no way they planned all of this beforehand. They had to have been adding things as as they lived in it, you know? - You may be surprised. - Yeah. - I think they did. They had a very curated vision for the house, you know? Again, base cabinets, your sink, this reflective back splash. Two commercial dishwashers.

Again, we can see the stainless steel fronts here. La Cornue gas stove. This is gorgeous. I love these, it's like the Rolls-Royce of stoves. How ironic, we have a Rolls-Royce out front. In my opinion, another one here.

- [Mikey] I've never seen a La Cornue stove that looks like another one too, I feel like everyone is custom, and every one has a different color scheme. Are they made to order, you order the color scheme you want, I guess for each stove? - I'm assuming. I don't know that well, but I have a feeling you can change some of the handles, banding, you can go brass, you can go powder coated steel. Or in this case, they went with copper.

And the vent above kind of follows these copper textures as well, beautiful. This frame right here is just gorgeous. - [Mikey] Yeah, and I feel like we've seen these in all different colors. We've seen green, we've seen blue.

Those two were actually in the same home in France. - Oh, correct. - Yeah. But yeah, we've seen a lot of these. And I always really like 'em.

- Without a doubt. I also like this recessed in-section here for your spices. Again, more cabinetry, island in the center. Bar seating. Just a beautiful kitchen that matches the house really well. Now let's take everybody this way.

We have a few more rooms to see. There's a service hallway with an espresso maker that takes you to the formal dining room. But first, I wanna come right here. We're gonna walk a lot today.

This house is really big. We have this long hallway, wall sconces, chandeliers, beautiful marble floors. This is the secondary staircase that goes up to the second floor. Coming to this landing, on my left-hand side, we have the laundry room. These two doors open up to the garages, one of 'em to the courtyard, one of 'em to the two-car garage.

Then we have this door opening up to the gym that comes with a full bathroom. Now, let's go back to the hallway so we can go back to the entry of this home. We got a couple more rooms to see.

Again, look at these hallways. Look at the length here, pretty insane. This door opens up to a bedroom on the first floor. Bed is situated here, walk-in closet. Another beautiful bathroom, marble tones.

And these French doors open up to that small courtyard that I mentioned at the entry of this home with a water feature. It's just a nice, cozy frame. Now we got two more rooms to see.

Coming back here, formal dining room, another gorgeous space. I really like the curved ceiling here. French doors open up to the backyard.

Dining table, great light coming in. Connects to your formal living room. And you can walk to the kitchen from this side. Now one more room left. And it's an interesting one. It's a powder bathroom that starts here.

I love the vanity, the marble selection. And how they use that same marble as the wainscoting on the back. Brass fixtures, this looks beautiful. Marble floors, this really unique mirror.

This is peacock feather wallpaper. I don't think we've ever seen that before. - It's very cool. - And look at the mood lighting above. Lacquer paint here, chandelier above.

This is a very chic bathroom, very chic. - [Mikey] It has this kind of bohemian feel like we toured this home about two years ago called the Paramour Estate. - Yeah. - And it really has, it reminds me of that a little bit, you know? - This is way more contemporary.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I mean, just this room, really. - And I just realized, look at the baseboards that are marble. And they even have these carvings, or it's the trim work. - Yeah. - So beautiful, all right, Mikey, let's go back to the entry.

So it's a full circle. We toured the formal living room, screening room, office, entry, kitchen, family room, the entire backyard. And here we are at the entry again.

I'll see you guys upstairs. (mellow jaunty music) All right, second floor, again, look at this light fixture. Then we have these windows looking towards the other side of the home.

And you can see the mountain range there. Super cool view. French doors open up to a really cool Juliet balcony. But first I want to take everybody this way.

This is the yoga room, hardwood floors, beautiful ceiling treatment. Right in the center, we have this gorgeous chandelier. Mikey, can we get a closeup? In fact, can you get right underneath this light fixture? There's a really cool pattern there.

- [Mikey] Oh yeah, that looks really cool. - And we have windows above bringing natural light. More French doors.

I don't know how many times I said French doors, but yeah, these doors open up to a private balcony for this room. Again, amazing views. Backyard down below. I really like the setting out here. - Yeah. - It's so peaceful, relaxing. It's 4:00 PM right now.

Look at the light coming in. Really like this one. - Really nice. Y'all might be noticing in some of our recent videos as Enes and I do his part, it's getting a little bit more dusky every day. We haven't fully adjusted to the time change yet, you know? - And it takes a minute to do these tours, and get all the shots we need. All right, moving on. Look at this hallway.

- This is wild. - This is wild, right? Chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling treatments, mood lighting, wood paneling on the walls. Then you have these Juliet balconies, these small courtyards. And this door opens up to the first bedroom that we have on this level. Full size bed. Very spacious room.

Really unique carpet, by the way. Walk-in closet is on this side. You have the full bathroom here, marble tones, vanity's on this side, marble countertop. And this mosaic back wall runs all the way to this side where we have the built-in tub. We don't see these tubs quite often. It's little bit shorter, but little bit deeper.

And it fits the space nicely. You have brushed nickel fixtures. Really nice bathroom. Now, before we leave this room, I gotta show this to everyone. Mikey, follow me. Look how charming this is.

- Yeah, this is really cool. - Beautiful. - [Mikey] They have these all on the exterior of the house. They have one we're gonna see in just a minute. I like that one even more. But this is still very nice. - Without a doubt.

I feel like we could have told our viewers that we were in Italy touring a home and it would've been fine. That's how scenic this place is. The location, the setting.

Even though we're in Beverly Hills. Now, coming here, this is the secondary staircase. And look at these hallways. Again, light fixtures, wall sconces, these brass screens. Super cool. - Love it. - All right, now this is the second bedroom.

Come on in, walk-in closet. Bathroom is on this side. Again, marble tones, built-in tub, vanity's on the other side. And coming this way, another spacious room, full size bed. Really unique wallpaper. There's actually a disco light on the other side.

And you guys may be seeing some of the reflections. French doors opening up to the courtyard where we have the four-car garages. Now I really like these Juliet balconies. I think they just give so much character to this house. We actually have another bedroom on the other side with a Juliet balcony as well.

In fact, just hold on a second. And there you go, now on the other side, I really like these balconies. They bring a lot of natural light to the rooms. And we have the third bedroom right here.

Another full size bed, spacious room, seating area on this side, comes with a full bathroom, just like the other bedrooms, walk-in closet. Beautiful light fixture here. And coming back here, we're now at the end of the right wing, another bedroom here with another full bathroom.

Lot of bedrooms in this house. Coming here, this door opens up to the outdoor staircase that we mentioned at the backyard. So you can come up here straight. Another landing point, another hallway. There's this door opening up to the office, which can be another bedroom. Comes with a full bathroom, faces the backyard.

And now let's go check out the primary bedroom suite. Why do you think of the house so far? - [Mikey] I think it's great, it's very tasteful, very elaborate in its design scheme. - I feel like- - It's eclectic. - [Mikey] It's eclectic, I feel like we don't usually see homes this kind of above and beyond in- - So many details, huh? - Yeah. - Look at these doors. I believe these doors were brought from Bali, from a temple.

- Really? - Yeah. - [Mikey] Well, again, above and beyond. - And it leads you to the primary bedroom suite.

Stay right there, Mikey. Look how big this room is. Amazing, look how little a king size bed looks. Then you have cove lighting, chandeliers, beautiful fireplace clad with travertine.

TV's nicely recessed in. You have more mood lighting on this side. By the way, this is all staging. It doesn't come with the house.

I think Vesta is the company that did this staging. They did a great job. And great volume. Hardwood floors installed in herringbone pattern.

And let's actually go this way, Mikey. So we can check out the first bathroom and the closet. Walk-in shower, entire corner is glass, so it feels very open. You have your vanity here, marble countertops, wall-mounted brushed nickel fixture, even the vanity. Look at this, how the countertop is kind of recessed in.

It's not sitting on top. - Very cool. - And then you come here, your water closet. This is the first walk-in closet.

This bedroom comes with two. It's very spacious. You have ton of cabinetry, open shelving, shoe racks. And on the other side, there's another closet that I'll go into a little bit more detail. - [Mikey] I'm confused, how did we get back here? - It's a really big primary bedroom suite.

We're back at the entry. And let's go have a look to the second bathroom. Bathroom starts here. Can we go into the closet? Again, shoe racks, LED lighting, mirror fronts, island, chandelier above.

These are big closets. And again, very unique carpet choice. Now let's go check out the bathroom, which is on this side. Marble tones everywhere.

Spacious walk-in shower with a rain head and a steam feature. Then we have the built-in tub here. Vanity's on this side, you have a big sink.

Cabinetry, cabinetry is more of the darker tones. Then you have these really unique wall sconces. And I gotta show this detail to you, Mikey. Well, to our viewers. They have definitely committed to this marble look.

In fact, not just this one, this one also. So it blends, and you see even the graph lines are matching. - Very cool. - How cool is that, right? - Yeah, that's awesome. - There ya go. Very elegant bathroom.

You have some built-in cabinetry here. Dressing table on this side. And let's go check out the massive balcony for the primary bedroom suite. Come on out. Look at these views.

This is awesome. Look, on our tours, I never tell everyone what I think about the value proposition of the estate or the offering, but I feel like considering the location, guard-gated community, the amount of square footage, and the land you get with this house, I actually do think it's a phenomenal deal. Views are great.

You're about what, 10, 15 minutes from the center of Beverly Hills? - Yeah. - But you live in this amazing, peaceful setting. What a beautiful home. (chill mellow music) (chill mellow music continues) (chill mellow music continues) (door shutting) (door opening) (door shutting) (engine starting) (stirring music) As I drive through the streets of Beverly Hills at night, I can't help but feel grateful for where I am in life. The past few years have been a journey, full of ups and downs.

But I'm thankful for every experience that has brought us to this moment. As we travel the world touring these beautiful assets, I can't help but reflect on the experiences that we get to be part of, and the journey that brought us here. It's a reminder that no matter where we are, it's important to be present and appreciate the moment. Looking ahead to the new year, I'm filled with excitement and hope for what comes next. I wish the same for everyone, that 2023 will be a year filled with joy, health, and prosperity. So as we enter this new year, let's be grateful for where we are and look ahead to all the possibilities the future holds.

All right, everyone, that's it from Beverly Hills. Hope y'all enjoyed this tour. I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Branden Williams and Rayni Williams for making this tour possible.

And as always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (stirring music continues)

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