The Hustle is Real in Tunisia (El Jem)

The Hustle is Real in Tunisia  (El Jem)

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we have four baby yeah you have four baby four oh  man yeah big you spend you spend a lot of time in   the room you need to leave the house bro Safran  is more expensive than gold how do you have so   much yeah Tunis not expensive fun times in Tunisia  man you got to respect the hustle everywhere you   go in the world you got to respect the Hustle  Man people are just trying to make a living   you know oh that's Tunisia team yeah Tunisia oh  okay how much is this one this for I I thought   it was red how much for the cam you like that's  photo here okay okay okay it's lovely yeah it's   right here right here sit down sit down sit  sit down yeah what's the Cel name kise Mike   yeah Mike the camel so I decided to turn the  camera on again and start filming while I'm   still here in lgm now right now we're actually  going to go on a little market hunt I'm going   to buy some souvenirs and I figured this would  make for a little entertaining video because all   of the vendors right outside of the ampi theater  here in lgm are incredibly kind and there's some   amazing um items that we can get our hands on so  these here are like a few of the little different   uh souvenir shops Boutique shops that lie on  the outskirts of the amphitheater and yeah I   want to take home some souvenirs with me but I  figured why not let's share this experience with   you guys because I know how much you all love the  bargaining video so yeah why not let's kick this   off oh this here is saffron you know saffron  is actually like the most expensive spice in   the world right saffron yeah but saffran is more  expensive than gold how do you have so much yeah   Tunisian expensive oh this is Tunisian saffron  Safran Tunisia not expensive where where's the   expensive one from Morocco Morocco ESP oh Morocco  and ESP expensive not expensive okay so how much   does one of these bags of saffron cost one pet  yeah 25 oh 25 this 5 what do you make with saffran Tajin okay okay well you know what um oh less price for two packet three packet okay  well what's a good price give me what's a what's   a good price for me special price how much P one  two three no just one I don't I'm not going to use   I'm not going to use just to buy give me 20 okay  give me 20 okay 20 okay 20 for some saffran okay   safr can I smell yeah yeah yeah natural can you  open Can I Smell problem yeah I don't know what   saffron smell like anyway safranal good okay is  this your store yeah you got an amazing view bro   you have beautiful view yeah not s yeah I don't  know what it smells like it smells not the best   but smells good okay what else do you sell what  else do you have you have this your shop shaan   your shop yeah oh can I see yes please let me see  what else you have in your shop oh your clothing shop thank you you sell um Tunisian  football jersey no Tunisian football   Tunisia shirt Tunisia yeah yeah Tunisia oh  that's Tunisia team yeah Tunisia oh okay how   much is this one this I thought I thought  it was red red color no there's two colors   green and red Tunisia this black that's  black you know what that's original you   don't have bigger bigger size XXL no I'm big  man too much couscous yeah okay to ex to XL   oh okay big yeah yeah let me you know what  no safron Jersey okay no problem no safron Jersey or you you want to sell me both how  much for both good price give me 60 for 2   okay 50 for both 60 55 okay sold all right  hey it's cuz in Tunisia you have to bargain   you know you know it's true no Mafia Alibaba  Alibaba Mafia me too I'm Alibaba Mafia Mafia   Alibaba everybody says I'm Alibaba I don't  look like Alibaba I look Tunisian huh yeah   maraba Tunisia thank you so much okay well let me  give you 55 you like cigarette no no cigarette no   no bad for you man cigarette makes you cough  beer beer I like beer you have beer yeah beer I mer oh no no no thank you so much hey bro thank you thank  you so much thank you where are we going where   you taking me is this your shop yeah oh let me let  me look at your shop okay just okay you have beer   I have beer oh yeah let me get one yeah we have  deia Cela exactly can I get one Cela yes okay we have okay oh they cool yeah but umad oh okay alaria sud the Sahara the Sahara  algia Sahara Morocco okay so these come from the   Sahara yeah original okay in in in Chad in Mali  in ner in Morocco in Algeria Africa is so big huh   yeah okay you know what um what are the prices of  these this 30 G is 50 50 50 yeah but that's it's   expensive for me though I I don't I don't wear  jewelry you know what I want I want one of these no no no it's okay I want to buy  something over there yeah no no   jewelry no jewelry wait what are these  these little boxes look nice what is it oh regalo gift a gift how much let me see you're going to find me a  good one are you from you're from gy you yes   beautiful place I have four baby you have four  baby four oh man big you spend you spend a lot   of time in the room you need to leave the house  bro big one is is I'm 28 I could be your son two   you look Max 40 no how old up 45 really 45 50 55  60 no 56 wow hey I have more gray hair than you   look my hair is more gray than you 56 three uhhuh  November 19688 wow wow you look good man I hope   I hope I look as good as you when I when I get  65 I hope I look as good as you yeah okay okay okay so these are like little jewelry boxes gift boxes with the camel okay yeah beautiful jewelry  beautiful shop what is this   a bag pipe oh bag pipe oh it's a instrument oh okay you know what oh okay okay you can put the the ver  E green the green inside there no souvenir   souvenir okay all right no you know what here um  oh sorry sorry sorry no no problem this one you   you say 10 okay I buy this one and then I want  um how much are how much are one of these small one okay no but you but but I heard you say I  heard you say cheaper price earlier okay 20   not 25 you you said four I no no no 10 okay no  50 only 10 okay it says LJ this is the this is   the amphitheater right yeah okay okay l g okay  no no no just two it's cuz I I'm traveling man   small backpack look look I tell you what look  these two yeah those and beer and beer braet   no bracelet no bracelet thank you maybe  one day I come back inshah in inshah okay here oh behind the juice  oh very nice thank you meru alol luxury alcohol alcohol oh very nice alol okay   5.5% like yes just one one beer  one beer one water water yes one Uno a small one small one because  I have to walk still all right I'll   take one water and those how much  do I owe you okay no no no no oh no problem no bracelet no bracet no no no  it's okay I don't okay no it's okay sir   thank you no no no just those ones okay  no no no no no bab no no no no no no it's okay yes put it in there he got me he  got me cigarette no no no cigarettes okay 55 55 how's 55 10 price no no no 50 all right  no no no no no let me see my bag again 10 10 10 30 35 yes man you're good you're that's why  he looks so young that's why you're young   cuz you you bargain you know in Spanish we say  okay you know you know how you you got to say   you got to learn Bueno uh Bueno Bonito I Bono  Bonito when when Spanish people come you say buen yeah Bueno means good  Bon beautiful cheap cheap yeah yeah hey nice meeting you brother take care okay see let me see no noo I don't have Euros I'm  from the United States I'm sorry americaas and   no Euros I'm sorry thank you bro take care  man thank you byebye thanks for selling me everything yes it's okay right now though thank  you bro not please I I don't cook I don't cook man   thank you brother byebye take care huh no I have  car yeah I'm Sor come on I have taxi yes yes okay   come on beer beer this is controll oh okay okay no  no no drink just in bus or in Auto okay drink here   no no all right okay contr thank you so much all  right and I'm sure what he said with the um with   the beer but hello wow this smells delicious  hello what are you what are you making here a sandwich poette poette chicken  or shama with chicken or no shama very good huh chicken  yes one please how many how many din three din five thank you all right we're going to get  a little sandwich here because I'm   hungry oh this is Booga Booga no no  no more bua F CA Fanta and CA um one Fanta yes one Fanta thank you oh man that guy  got me hungry but you know what I'm going to   enjoy this shwam right now and then um we'll  continue on with our with our shopping spree   you know what can I sit here yeah we're  going to sit right here I have a feeling   that the gentleman's going to come back  out of the shop and try and sell me more oh sh that's Co thank you um I owe you more huh m okay wow this looks amazing so we got  some chicken onions tomatoes and then   here comes the wrap H spicy little  little spicy little in Tunisia you   guys like spicy yeah little little  little mayonnaise please lots of manise in my country we call this  burrito burrito shama is like a burrito today is very hot huh salad salad  yes please oh yeah salad thank you cucumbers   Tomatoes what a place Good Vibes out here so  yeah this is why I decided to turn the camera   on again I figured why not this is going  to make for an entertaining video so you   know what I'm going to enjoy enjoy my sandwich  as soon as this comes out and then we're going   to continue spending some money as we make our  way back towards the taxi what a place though   what a place to enjoy a little meal and drink a  Fanta I do have the beer but I think he said if I   drink it on the street I could get in trouble  so probably not going to um open that right now everything tastes better when it comes in a   bottle everything wow that's a lot of  chicken oh papa FR nice french fries too you see see yes okay right here all right  well I'm going to put the camera down and I'll   see you guys once the once the food makes it here  oh I'm so hungry this is going to be good look at   the vendor good salesman man he even sold me the  bracelet at the end fun times in Tunisia man you   got to respect the hustle everywhere you go  in the world you got to respect the Hustle   Man people are just trying to make a living  you know all right shama should be up here shortly oh man this Breeze feels  super nice here right now so the   food's almost done the uh the shop owner  actually just came out and um was trying   to sell me some more items but I had the  camera off oh man funny times dude I love it I probably should have drink my water first  but that Fanta is absolutely hitting the spot I   wonder if we're going to be able to ride the camel  in this video you know I wouldn't I wouldn't um   normally mount an animal in this heat but come on  camels they're made for this I've ridden camels   in the Sahara deserts plenty of times now I think  four times I've been to the Sahara and um I think   that'd make for a good good little a good little  experience here in elim especially after a nice   shama man I have a feeling that thing's going  to put me to sleep on the taxi ride back home   though let me know what you guys think of this  video If you guys watched the previous one where   I explored the amphitheater um let me know if  you guys appreciate me turning the camera back   on and filming all these little uh shops along the  outskirts I think it makes for good fun and good   video right [Music] oh man the food just came out  look at this shama with the fries if you guys are   here in L gem you got to come visit my friends  thank you wow this looks amazing exactly what   I needed um right about now now I just put  some hand sanitizer on with this big meaty Shama it on wow this is dank it's so good they even put  fries inside all right I'm going to enjoy my   lunch and then um we'll continue on with  our little market Hunts okay I absolutely   destroyed that that was so good one of the best  shamas I've had here in the country so far Shan   thank you all right now it's time for us to  continue because my taxi driver is waiting   for me oh man that hit the spot this morning I  woke up after you know a long night drinking a   few beers I woke up uh this morning had just  a few eggs and now I'm super hungry what's up bro kids are always good vibes all right let's  see what else we can't get our hands on at some   of these shops before making our way back  to the taxi hello sir hello how are you   fine thank you yeah let me look let me look you  have magnets magnets magnets which one oh these   are the magnets this one model this another  model this this is this is Ceramics oh okay   this plates and how much are the plates the  plate five din five din these two din honest   price man I like you this five din okay and  what about these shoeses like what how much   are these ones how much are these this 25 okay  20 20 20 and um it's made by hand all with hand   all with hand huh with hand not my wow that is  beautiful that's ceramic huh look all with hand one wow yeah everything looks super beautiful  this is letter r yeah those are all beautiful   di this here this one for that's the Olive  Tree yeah three soas oh okay coasters how   much this is 15 15 15 15 the same one oh okay  so it can you can hang it or set it down okay   you know what um I take this one yes um I'll  take that one and a magnet I'm not going to   choose yeah let me see maybe one like this  this one's a gem huh yes oh yeah that's El   gim Tunisia Tunisia you know what I take one oh  yeah I like that one no no no this one this one   this one this one have another model and one  more L gem okay how much three 15 on 50 30 30 30 for all 30 for all honest price good  price good price he's a good man thank you   very much thank you bro how's business today  slow good business good business is good okay   look it's cuz Corona Corona no business bad  Corona bad Corona right now is better if we   like one big uhhuh I give you not 35 give 20  no just that one I got little space in my bag   very little thank you so much bro I wish you  good business today no I don't like Saun thank you all right well I got some magnets we did a  little souvenir shopping now we'll continue on   walking around now it's been quite eventful  actually I mean we've only made it to a few   shops but um yeah the the bargaining that we got  in the first in the first two we're definitely um   um well it gave me the energy that I needed  to continue on okay here's one of the camel   but I don't see like the person that actually  works for the camel anywhere around here camels   are so beautiful but yeah there's all kinds  of little cafes restaurants around here the   problem after you do like one or two like um  market Hunts in a country is that everything   starts to get really repetitive so um it's  hard to find items that are just completely   completely different than you know items that  you might have found elsewhere so yeah like magnets I think this here is like Coral  hello how's it going is this your shop oh   let me have a look look wow it's beautiful  how's business today slow no no business no   business no business no much tourist no business  yeah not much tourist not much business I bought   some of these already let me see what you have  outside what are these sir what is this this is   the FL from Sahara flower from Sahara yeah  this is not that oh what do you mean it's   it's like Coral no this sand this is called  small sand this called big one oh it's sand   yeah oh okay this is not what's the price  2 5 10 oh really it's cheap okay smooth you   know what let me buy I never bought one of these  before it's very popular people like oh let me see I this nice one oh that one's nice okay how  much that one three din three din yeah okay this   one this five din that is oh that one's beautiful  that is beautiful okay let me do the five din one   five din let me keep looking I want to look  out here see what else you have have 5 D9 for   that one okay wow these are beautiful too what  is this nice nice more nice in there all right   let's go look those little mask uh my brother  was actually oneing one one oh yeah you have   one there this one and you have that one oh I  like that one how much that one 35 that 20 20   this one can I see yes 20 is like my budget  that's perfect one oh how much that one 25   25 you do 20 okay no problem 20 okay I buy that  and that all right thank you no more money now   I only had 25 thank you this is yeah that's so  beautiful okay yeah I buy those two thank you Shan I have I just bought one over there thank  you what is the price of these ones because you   have t 10 give it to me let's do it you have  this one 10 that one 20 no just a 10 din yeah   that way I just spend spend the rest of my  money here in your shop I take the my maybe   a dollar or okay I have the bracel after that  oh it's beauti the okay bracelet earrings here 4al no the earrings are really beautiful  this color like this ring yeah you have   another color oh you have another color  earring this color oh pink this color Yes   this one this one okay thank you wow the your  your Shop's beautiful I really like it this oh   yeah those ones are nice too huh I think pink  pink yes I'll do the pink ones can I see one yes wow yes those are beautiful yes pink okay 20 five 35 let me see if he'll do one more  you do one more and I give you 40 no can't 45 45 okay let  me see let me see if I can do 45 41 okay you know what we'll do 45 45  deal you're honest man you know what I   like this man because when you go to the  Medina and stuff they try and tell you   oh but this one's not silver this one not  this he just sells it to you thank you so much and more this one present oh you gave me  a gift this oh thank you bro thank you thank you I wish you good business [Music] big  price yeah I like your price honest price   thank you just a minute maybe no it's okay  it's okay car I leave right now yeah thank   you what minute okay okay different  bag different bag light back okay okay you got to love a man that  takes good pride in his work thank you this two thank you this oh that's the bank in the bank no the big CH  the money small change huh and that 5 is p shran   sh my friend I wish you good business thank you  sir all right well we've officially splurged here   oo I just poked my eye we officially splurged  here outside of the ljm amphitheater and yeah   we got our hands on quite a bit of items a lot  of uh beautiful items those little um Sahara   flowers I've noticed are extremely popular and  it was nice to get you know one of those little   mosaics and no no not I I just spent my money  thank you thank you thank you maybe later thank   you bro is that your your camo yeah how much for  the camo you li that's photo okay okay okay lovely   yeah it's right here right here sit down sit down  sit sit down yeah okay sit turn the camera around   yeah video video like this like this like  this there you go take here hold on oh no oh camera this way there you go video  yes it's video right now wow this is   cool huh yeah what's the cam name kise  Mike yeah Mike the camo yeah oh this   is cool nice camel huh Mike the camel  okay yeah Mike is a nice camo I like him okay right here's good for the  photo yeah me call a save here   I give you my phone ah give me take  we switch we switch yeah take give me sh on all right so now he's taking a photo of me one like this yeah like that like that thank you sh thank you all right well that was nice  we just got some photos oh you take me back   okay we're going back with Mike the camel now oh  man what a what a place what a time to be alive   huh guys all right everybody's laughing at me I  think it's a it was good fun why not and um yeah   I'm going to give him a little tip right now and  then we'll be bringing this video to an end thank   you guys so much for watching I hope you guys  enjoyed this he's still taking some photos of   me what's up bro thank you so much for watching  and hey thanks bro everybody's recognizing me   off of Tik Tok these days man what a place where  you from American yes American one for the sale I   I just bought bought too many stuff man thank  you I spent one din two din 5 different price   hey I have Mosaic mosa W it's scary to get down  thank you I have Mosaic the is foring yeah I'm   okay right now thank you bro I spent I I know  I spent too much money though dollar you pay a   dollar thank you man I appreciate it thank you bro  thank you oh right here one more picture give it PE look at Mike Mike the camel thank you  bro thank you thank you so much man here   you go no thank you thank you no that's that's  what I have thank you thank you thank you bro   bandito no bandito bandito hey thank you bro  have a good one all right I'm I'm I'm tapped   I'm out of money but um yeah I gave that  guy my last 10 now I got enough to pay for   the taxi but it's funny because he wanted more  um however I had kind of ease dropped earlier   and that's how much they were charging 10  din which is perfectly fine that's $3 for   you know nice little picture that's going to  live in your memory forever all right guys   well that's it from here in ljm I hope you guys  enjoyed these videos um see you guys again soon   for another one from here in Tunisia later  guys you always smart I was the one D Love

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