Shocking Culture of Shanghai China

Shocking Culture of Shanghai China

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She's said it will bite me... Now what is this, it looks so dangerous. Oh man... they are selling everything. They are buying snake.

I'm asking them why are they buying this. He's gifting me this... He's not taking it back.

I'm in China's biggest and most popular city Shanghai. This is also most developed and advance city in China. There are a lot of kids here, seems like it is a school. It's 11:00 am, I don't know if they are coming to school or going home.

People ride cycles and electric cycles a lot in this city. There are a lot of them. We are in Shanghai's or even world's most unique market.

This is the market of birds, insects, flower,... Only local people know about this market. Now I'm entering the market. There are many plant shops in the starting. This weird noise is increasing as I'm entering this market. I'm sure you can also hear it.

There are many insects here. She is feeding them also. She is putting food for these insects in this cage. They have come to shop here. They are here to buy these insects. I don't know what this insect is but this looks very dangerous.

She is telling me to hold it but I'm afraid. He is saying it will bite me. Does he know you. He's trying to talk to me but because of language barrier, we are unable to talk. This is why I said in the beginning, this market is very unique.

Many people are here to buy these insects from Shanghai and all across. They are of different price. This is very local to the people of Shanghai. It is a traditional market. Very few shops are left now. You can hear how much noise these insects are making.

There are two different size of insects. Smaller one is of 2.75 USD and the bigger one is of 3.5 USD. He has bought this insect. You can also buy these cages for your insects here. People here buy these insects as a pet, as a mode of entertainment.

In the ancient times local kings used to conduct fight among these insects. It is written in history books that they use to do this for their entertainment. Many insects and animals used to die in that game. Many people are visiting this market to buy these insects.

People are looking into the cage to select their insect. Hello! But I don't find any difference in all of them. This lady has bought that insect with cage. She got scared of this insect. This is the food that these insects eat.

This looks like some vegetable or sausage. The insect has been transferred to the bigger cage. She is very happy after buying this insect. Older people still get themselves entertained by these insects. Now she is paying her. Now she will hang it in her house and hear the music it makes.

In 1980s and 90s this market used to be so popular that people used to come here from all over China. Close to 100,000 people used to visit this market in a day to buy birds and insects. This market used to be the place where people used to socialize before internet. I've never seen such market in my lifetime anywhere in the world. I'm in shock after visiting this market.

People here want to buy the insect which is loudest. There are many different kind of cages, double decker, triple decker... Many different types of Chinese cricket and cockroaches. As big as you want and as small as you cant even see from close. She told me not to touch any of them, their bite can be dangerous. Although it is in this container, I'm still afraid to touch it.

This looks so disgusting but still people keep these as a pet. These small insects are fed this. They insert these capsules filled with food for these insects in their container. All of these insects are from the same family "crickets". Yes, this name is same as the "Cricket" game.

The noise is so loud that I'm unable to hear anything but myself. Hello! They are also selling some exotic insects here. There are statues of Gautam Buddha in different shapes, sizes, color, ...

They are selling some things from ancient China. Imperial dynasties used to be here. The king used to be here. People used to fight here. For their entertainment.

Bloodshed used to happen here. It's written here. Animals used to get killed here.

By fighting each other. There are many buyers and shoppers here. They are coming to buy. People are enjoying by peeping inside the cage. Nihao. They are enjoying.

Which one should I buy? Look at this. Aunty has bought a real cage. A fancy, big cage. Look at this. Aunty is scared.

Look at this. This is animal food. I don't know what it is. It looks like a vegetable. Maybe sausages or meat.

It can be. It has been transferred. Look at this. Aunty has bought it. She is very happy.

Old people still have this type of time pass entertainment. They are exchanging money here. Bird.

It will make noise. It will make noise. Okay. In 1980s and 1990s, this market used to be very popular and big.

People used to come from China to this market to buy birds and insects. 100,000 visitors used to come here in a day to shop in this bird and animal market. In 1980s and 1990s, there was no internet or social media. This market used to be a social gathering point for people.

I have never seen such a market in my life. I am very surprised. I am shocked to see such a market. How can it be? Really? Is it a mobile phone? How is it in Chinese? I am tourist from India. I am tourist from India.

Look at this. There are many shops here. People are asking for animals which have loud voice. You can hear it from far.

There are many small, big, fancy, double-decker, triple-decker, different shapes, sizes, colors, Chinese Jhingur, Chinese cockroach, etc. There are many big and small insects. You can't see them from far.

Look at this. I am afraid to touch it. It is a pack. I am afraid to touch it. It is very dangerous. People keep it as a pet for entertainment.

It is for time pass. These small insects are fed like this. These small plastic boxes are filled with food. They are very small. They are very small. They are kept in it.

All these insects are called Jhingur. Jhingur insects are called cricket in English. Cricket game is called Cricket in English. Cricket. As I am coming in, there is so much noise that I can't hear anything else, I am just listening to myself. There are many insects here that are called exotic.

You will not find them in the world or very few will be found because they are on sale here. There are many statues of Gautam Buddha here. In different shapes, different sizes, different colors, different forms.

I don't know what items are on sale. Old ancient China. Now look, apart from insects and birds, there is an animal market here. There are many different types of animals here. Oh brother, such a market, brother.

I am saying it again and again, brother, it is very shocking, it is very surprising. Look here, there is also a tortoise here. Now the tortoise is not of one type, the tortoise is also of many varieties. Small, big, different shapes, different sizes of tortoise.

Look at the size of the tortoise, adult tortoise, teenage tortoise, baby tortoise, infants, everything is on sale here. The shell of this tortoise, the outer body part, has been colored by people. The parents have made a different design, very unique. I don't think there is such a place anywhere in the world, apart from China. The shopkeeper is saying, don't go too close to the animal, it will bite you.

Look at this, a live snail, maybe it is called a snail, with its entire outer shell. The girl has come to buy with her mother. People are very friendly, super friendly people here, everyone. Oh, the girl is buying her favorite tortoise, which is colored.

The shell of this colored tortoise has been colored, painted, a different design has been made. The girl left the knife in front of the tortoise. I am afraid to touch it, they are picking it up so easily. I think a bargaining is going on, this aunty is the shopkeeper.

People have come here to get their children. They are getting their children to like. Look at the small mice of the chicken.

The culture here is that the child will go and play at home. Here you are getting rabbits of all colors and sizes. And I don't know what is being sold here, mice, white mice. There is a white mouse, brown mouse, colorful mouse. Oh, brother, which animal is this? Is it a lizard or a fish? I don't know, I am seeing it for the first time.

This seems to me to be a hybrid of a lizard and a fish. Here I am seeing a lot of parents are bringing their children. Here they are getting their children to like insects. Take whatever you like, go home and play. Look, what a cute child.

Now look here, frogs are being sold, small frogs, big frogs, adult frogs, the most unique market in the world. Now what is this, so dangerous, what is this? Jhingur, look at this, they run away from their own Jhingur, take them out of the house, they are being sold here. They are not flying anywhere, they are not going anywhere, it is all open, look at this, Jhingur. Maybe something else is related to Jhingur, something related to Jhingur, far away. Oh my God, this is the next level, so I never thought that snakes would be sold here, lizards would be sold, look at this, crickets are being sold, look at this.

What is being sold here, brother, I thought a little and came here, I crossed the limit here, brother. Every insect, animal in the world, everything is being sold here. What are the varieties of lizards here? Here such a big snake is being sold, snakes are eaten here, I have heard a lot. Snake soup is drunk here in China, people buy it from here. First they play, jump, eat a lot.

What variety of lizards are here? Such lizards can only be seen on Discovery Channels, in photos, but here you can see them in real life. Look at this cricket, the red one is very big. Now the kids have come to buy it. Look at this cricket, these are the food of the lizards. They are fed this bread, it is not open inside, I thought I put it inside, someone bit it, it is sticky. This is a small bread, even humans must be eating it.

Now look at this brother, he is buying a big snake. I accidentally touched it, I thought it would be someone's hand. I screamed so loudly out of fear that people started laughing. People play here in the morning, keep it here.

The general public is keeping it, buying it, playing with it, getting entertained with it. In our country, kids are feeding it, playing with it. Now the kid is learning how to play with it, how to keep it at home. Mothers are like this, who have brought their children to shop for snakes. Some kids have come here and they are buying it. Look at this, is it a cricket or a lizard? It looks like something.

It is for 15 yuan, it is for 150-180 rupees. I will ask her what she will do with it. I will ask her what she will do with it. I will ask her what she will do with it. Buy it and keep it. I told her that I will keep it as a pet.

I will play with it. You play? She will play. Nihao. Different types of customers are coming here to shop. The kid was scared in the beginning.

She trained him in 15 minutes. It is written here, are you purchasing this snake? Yes. Yes. I will ask her what she will do with it. What will you do with this snake? Pet, look at this. She will keep the snake as a pet.

Look, she is also saying. Nihao. Nihao. Nihao. Nihao.

Yes. A boy from school came here. I will ask him what he wants to buy. I will play with fish. Oh. He came ahead of me.

He came behind me. He said, I want to gift you fish. He said, I want to gift you fish. He said, I can send you some. No, no, no.

Thank you. Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. He is a strange boy from school. He is giving me fish and animals as a gift. There are thousands of varieties of fish here. I have never seen so many fish in my life. They are found in the ocean on Discovery Channel.

Look, there are some fish in it. He is giving me a gift, but I will not take it. No, no, no.

No, no, no. Take the betta fish. He is giving me a betta fish. What will I do with it? This is very showy. It looks good.

Oh. No, no, no. Thank you. He caught it, but he is not taking it back.

What will I do with it? Thank you. No, no, no. Thank you. Thank you. No, no, no.

Thank you. Thank you. No, no, no. Thank you.

Thank you. What will I do with it? Thank you. He felt bad and became angry with me.

He said, I did not take it. What can I do? Snake? Yes. You buy this? Yes.

What will you do with this snake? She likes it. She likes it? Yes. She likes it? Yes. Children's gift? Yes Oh, she like it? Yes It's very safe Very safe, huh? Yes She will play with the snake Yes Oh I have one Okay, okay Bye, bye Bye Do you want to play? Huh? Do you want to play? No, no Thank you so much Thank you Hahaha Try Huh? Try You can try Look, this is a snake Yes I bought it to play and jump No, no Thank you so much This is my fish Oh, your fish In the home, huh? It's so beautiful So beautiful Oh Okay, okay Okay, bye, bye Bye, bye Now, look at this cute girl She is buying a mouse She will take the mouse home and keep it As a pet Look at this Nihao Huh? Oh, man Brother, he left And he is coming back for the third time He is giving me fish again and again No, no, no What will I do? You go home and play Now, look here Cats are being sold There are different types of cats here Of different colors Look at this Every breed in the world There is a cat shop here Look at this This is a cat showroom, right? Nihao Cat showroom I am seeing this for the first time in my life A cat showroom Look at this Oh, man Kitten What do you call a kitten? Such a cute cat Look at this Oh, man For the cat lovers This showroom is a paradise If you don't want to buy a cat You can come here and buy a cat What does it mean? Your name Wu Zhong Quan Wu Zhong Quan Yes Nihao Hi How are you doing? I am fine, how are you? Where are you from? I am from India Oh, India Yeah Thank you, thank you so much Welcome Now, look at this This is a statue of an ancient god They are worshipping here Here, they have lit a candle Some fruits have been offered here Snakes are being sold Nihao They can't speak English Look at this They have come to buy snakes They are looking at different types of snakes Those who like it will buy it What's your name? Nick Nick Yes, yes This is a snake Okay, okay They like Pabla Pabla, right? Although it is exactly the same This is native to China Which one? Oh He is saying that this big cricket This is from China You won't find it anywhere outside China They have blue tongue Oh, okay, okay They eat insects Yeah, yeah, yeah They eat insects This frog, do you like it? Ugly, ugly There we are You go to school Which class do you study? Standard I am in grade 6 He is from class 6 You are very intelligent Let's go There are a lot of cats A lot of cats Welcome to Shanghai Thank you Nihao Nihao Say hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Now this is a dog showroom There are a lot of dog breeds here Look at this I only know a few names of their breeds I don't know the rest Nihao Nihao There are a lot of dogs here This place is heaven for dog lovers Some of my friends love dogs They will go crazy after seeing a showroom like this The price of all the dogs is also written here It is written here that it costs 4000 yuan That means this dog will cost 45,000 yuan Almost 5000 yuan That means this dog is worth 60,000 Indian rupees 5800 yuan That means this dog is worth 65,000 yuan Very big Very big market Welcome to Shanghai Thank you Thank you so much Do you want one? No no Thank you so much Whatever he sees Fish or plants He keeps asking me if I want one Do you want one? There are a lot of cat and dog shops here There is a lot of noise here A dog has come out Look It's open Don't let it run away Everyone is barking at it How are you outside? We are all inside What are you doing outside? Do you want to eat something? No no Ice cream? Yes Ice cream? I like it Let's feed it ice cream Show me where ice cream shop Okay Let's go There are so many varieties in this market I am not showing you everything Otherwise, the video will take hours I am showing you what is unique Whatever you can think of Everything is available here Demand here I am telling him that I will feed you ice cream He is saying no I will feed you He is saying You are my friend You are my guest From India We are best Always Always friends World peace He is repeatedly typing World peace World peace World peace He is repeatedly typing Tesla is going in front Tesla is so common in China It is so common Like in India All the green number plates are electric vehicles Look So many fancy cars All electric vehicles Let's go This Okay okay Let's go Ice cream I like it You like ice cream? Yes Take ice cream Whichever ice cream you want I want you! I want you! No no no! Take ice-cream which is your favourite I want you! We are always friends No no no! Please! He took Trump's card I have ordered Costa Tea It is coconut milk tea I think It is 8 yuan Then I went to see the most developed city of China, Shanghai. Shanghai is China's center of finance, also known as the center of fashion. All the development you see in this city has happened in the last 30 years.

More than most of the countries in the world, the GDP is only of this city. After that, I kept looking at the very beautiful and popular skyline of Shanghai for a long time. People from all over the world come to Shanghai to see it. The tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world is in China, which is called Shanghai Tower.

Then after visiting Shanghai at the end of my China trip, I felt that this city has gone beyond Europe in terms of development. And now with this video, my amazing trip to China ends. You will meet in a new country trip in the next video. So you guys tell me in the comments that how did you like my whole China trip? If you like the video, then like it and share it with everyone.

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