Review Honda CB650X Touring Bigbike คันเดียวในโลก

Review Honda CB650X Touring Bigbike คันเดียวในโลก

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How much is the budget? The whole car. The whole car. The whole car doesn't include it. I have to say that labor is not included. Yes , it does not include the cost of the car. Yes, it does not include the car,

all accessories that I'm just sitting and thinking about, but it's not all included. It's a little tricky. It's almost five hundred thousand. Wow, almost five hundred thousand, four hundred thousand eight, four hundred thousand nine. This is it. Haven't posted it in a fussy way yet. What did I pay for this and that? Yes,

almost the whole car was converted, really limited edition. Yes, wow, if it's in this condition, what about the mileage as well ? I think it should be the only car in the world because if it were just Face five hundred Now there are ten cars in total. As I said, yes, I'm the fourth car. Um, yes. To be honest, it's called common language. Yum, yum, yes, put together, put together, in order to find the filling that is Touring can be done. Um,

tear it in and take it out. dismantle in dismantle The oil set is there. Ping . Hello, welcome to channel mike mike. Right now I'm with What model of car is this again? This time, at the end of the year? I'll take everyone to see. Touring is a better approach. Let's look at this one as an example. Now I'm with the car owner. P'Phot, hello. Hello. I have a headache right now. Is it like this already? I don't know which direction it will go. 65 Zero FF, it's CB. CB

65 Zero F, same as before, but now it 's become Hey, ah, actually I already have another five hundred But it's boring in the two-cylinder style. Oh , yes, I've only seen cars that sometimes have two-cylinder styles and they all sound the same. Yes, that's right, so I want to play with four-cylinders. Hmm

, yes. I'll just make it like a model and put in something normal. Ah, yes, yes, yes, I think that if the CB six five center F is Attach the shield to a box like that and it can work. Yes, but it still doesn't answer the question. Yes, right? P'Pot, it's like it's evenly matched. Ah,

so I want to take it to another level. Go X and go touring. Yes, because if, as I see it, If it's CB The handlebars will be lower than this. Ah , that's right, P'Poj, that's right. When P'Poj goes to make an X like this, the handlebars go up. The handlebars go up for this thing again, come up again, let it come towards you again,

lift it up again. Oh, it. The more comfortable it becomes to drive. I think I'm riding 500 baht and want to upgrade. Oh, but when it's time to ride a BMW, Crossing that way, it's high. Oh, mostly just parking. Oh, the 800 rbm one means it's for going abroad. Oh, it means going to Laos, Singapore instead of something like that. Oh, I

have to say that P'Poj is a touring type. travel Is it the real thing? Yes, it's like playing. Oh, and I only use a motorcycle. That's right, I just go on trips.

I only use a motorcycle. Um, yes. Then I went to Phu Thap Boek. It's five hundred and I want to upgrade. Oh, I saw one passing by. It's a CB with some kind of shield. Oh, okay, I want it. So I looked for a car that day. And plus there's someone from P'A Project, um, ah, it's a customizing office, yes, they took their own car and converted it first, um, converted it to a five, to a six, five zero Okay, how much? No matter how expensive it is, buy it. That is, we can find it within that day in order to convert it. Yes, let's convert it to a page first.

You have to change your face first. Yes, that's right. Then, when the day came, I told P'A and said, "Oh, I'll look for a car right now." The person who had it was the styling agency that changed the face for me. He didn't think about it. I'll get the car at 1:00 p.m. Well, I'll talk to him at 9:00 p.m. In the evening I took the car for service. He was confused as to why he was looking for something like that. What office? Phi A Project, A Project, A Project Design. It's in the Bangna area. Oh,

behind Mega Bangna. OK, I'll put it up on the page. Can I get it? P'Pot, yes. Friends, I want to follow you, I want to follow you, I want to do it. Yes, I can. Changing your face means changing your face. Convert all the faces,

all sets of faces, to CV500X. Did you put in a Five Hundred X item? Yes, it's a Five Hundred Just like this, let's say just the front of the mile. Oh, oh, oh, yes, just the front. Yes, if you take off this bird's beak, that's it.

This one is P'A's. Oh, but if you take the bird's beak off immediately, inside it's all five. Oh, oh, oh, yes. It's from the nineteen-nineteenth year. Oh, that's right. And the first time I made this. It's going to be the mileage of six five zero F. Yes, it's not this mileage yet. Well, this one will go in. This one is the mileage. Mile five hundred It's six-five-zero R. Oh, six-

five zero-R? Yes, it's the same as five hundred It's all the same block. Oh, that's right. I'd say that this one is more extreme, right? P'Mod, ah, thirty-nine thousand baht. Thirty-nine only gets the Five Hundred X fairing. Yes, and they are. It will be another kind of shock absorber. It will be the same shock absorber as before. In the beginning, it used an inverted head. Oh, that's right, an upright head. Ah, yes

. You will get LED headlights. For the year five hundred years ten, sixteen, seventeen, which was the first LED. I have to say this first. Ann Mai has five hundred Step Thirty Nine Nine has a windshield, but it's not this one. Ah, yes, ah, yes, it has a windshield that looks like that of a Five Hundred X. Yes,

it has a mirror, yes, a normal mirror, not this mirror. And the hand guard, um, will end up at 30,000. After that, these things, P'Poj brought them in and added a lot of fanfare to them later again. Yes, this car is the first car of mine that I converted,

because all the cars that I... No one I ride is the same. Oh, yes, that's right. No one is the same. Then each car was decorated little by little. I understand, Brother Poj. But no matter how expensive it is, buy it. The timing is to cram as fast as possible

. Oh, cram as fast as possible. Hurry and use the car. Ah, yes, hurry and use the car. I want it now. Expert and how is driving like this? What P'Phot has translated in a very stupid way. Driving is like that. Oh, but the final result when we convert the episode He changed the make-up, but the driving position was not possible. Oh, it had to be. What kind of cushions had to be made, so that they had to be added to make it our sitting position ? Correct and correct, oh, until our sitting position was comfortable.

Something like this? Oh, P'Poj made this at P'A's shop, just the front. Just in front But if you change it to something else, this will be another mechanic. Oh, yes, and then I keep looking for a shop to do it and whatever. He's going to be my brother. He's doing it. Oh, that's right. Only one person will own this car.

Well, P' Tee is a big bike repair shop. Oh, it's in Ekkachai Thirty-four. Oh, the face is just for him to wear. The rest is all of Tee's. They're all my brothers. If this one is the southernmost, then it's Betong. Ha, yes, the northernmost, Chiang Rai, is expected to be at the end of this year. Oh, yes,

and Chiang Mai, three or four times, and oh, yes, Betong, Betong, one time. I just went this past April. Hmm. It's the only car. It's the only car, sir. It's the only car. Oh wow, I'm getting goosebumps. It's only one thousand baht. P'Poj said it weighs three hundred kilograms. That's right. Oh wow,

if it was the original, if it wasn't modified, it would be the original car from the center. Yes, it is . It's two hundred and ten kilometers already. Two hundred and ten, yes, because I have to say cb six five zero f, this is the era, it's the first, the first, it's considered the first, yes, the first model, yes, it's a little heavy, yes, and the more P'Poj puts it in a box and puts it in something like that. That 's right. In total, it's

more than three hundred. Over three hundred, two hundred ninety, five, ninety-six, including luggage. If you leave for more than three days a week, that's it. I'll take off the back zipper. Oh, and put in two waterproof bags. Oh, that's right. I'm a tent-camping type, no. Only national parks. Oh, that's right. Not a resort type. Um,

just an adventure type. There's no problem with converting it. No, no, no, no problem at all. That is, everything uses the same anchor point. There is no welding. Oh, nothing at

all. Yes, all of the original mounting points of the car are used. Then build the legs up like oh, P'A's way did. But if we're really serious at this point, there are ten cars in total. There are ten cars. Yes, in our country. Ah, yes, in our country there are ten cars. Oh, I'm the fourth car from Thailand. is miles like this too And this size should probably be the only one in the world. The only car in the world.

Because no one is crazy to sit and convert the miles again. Oh, yes, put the speedometer on and change everything. Yes, because if normally it has to be cut, it will be cut. When we have miles of six and five zeros. It must be cut into the fairing. There will be loopholes.

It's going to look like it's not like work, so I thought, it's going to be, ah, yeah, it's not going to be smooth. It will just be an eyesore right there. So I went and opened YouTube. Someone did it. Oh, yes, someone did it. In the end, I tried to follow him and was unsuccessful. Oh,

I had to buy a six-five-zero R car, right? That's right, Brother Oat, in order to copy the whole car in order to see where each wire goes, where it goes, where it goes, what goes where. Yes, and then sold that one. Yes, and then sold that one away so that the wires were indifferent. Look at the wires and just ignore them. That's right. No matter how I chased them, the signal wouldn't send and couldn't be found. I'd better come and look at the details of the whole car now . After looking at it, it should be long, P'Pot. Probably quite enough. Fair enough. What is this?

Oh, a camera, a camera. Oh, there will be a front camera and a back camera that can be opened. This can be separated, it's up to us. We'll keep it as evidence in case. Yes, there is travel today. This one isn't expensive, four thousand. Over a baht Over four thousand baht. Yes, over four thousand baht. There is this one. It will be a tire pressure gauge. Oh, yes, a tire pressure gauge. There's also a tire pressure gauge. Yes, this is the front tire, how much air is in the rear tire? Oh, what is the temperature of the tire? If you have time, um, and there's another battery meter.

Yes, yes. And that will be added as a USB. Um, found a battery charger. Yes, yes, oh my gosh, for charging camping or power banks. Oh, oh, oh, yes. When camping, just set up a tent. Yes, is there a car that can be used here? Yes, if you use it here, that's when you use it all night. And when we travel to another place, I just plug it in and charge it. There will be another bag. Oh,

that's on the tank. Oh, yes, it's for plugging in the charger and connecting all the charging cables. Um, and then there will be, ah, a battery charger from Robo. It's a wireless charger. Yes, it's a hand charger. Hold a mobile phone charger. Mobile phone charger. You can put it in. Oh, there's this one

that tells you the outside temperature. What is the temperature? Oh, that's it. Oh, thirty-five degrees. But this volt measurement is good. I don't know if the wire is broken or something. Oh, so I just used the temperature first. After all, I already have this for measuring volts. There's already one above. Yes, sir.

Oh, this is Sai Toli. We have it all. We really must have it all. There's a lot of equipment because we're going far. To go far with many things, everything must be ready. Not like a car It's not like a car, right? The mirrors are from Z-Pan. Um, it's the same as Z-Pan. It seems like I got a second-hand one. Oh, yes, I can't buy a new one.

Nearly ten thousand. Almost 10,000 baht? This is the mirror because what I like is he. Hmmmm. And when I adjust this, it will be inside. Oh, we press like a car. Oh, oh, like a car. We can just press on the lens. Flick. Shake, Olin. Um, Olin or Erlin, depending on who you call him. Yes, yes. I see there's a debate about olympine

olyment, something like that. Oh, yes, there's debate. Whatever. Yes, it's a new one. Yes, 10,000, 25 hundred, um , yes, sd, black center eight, um, yes, and then the handle is newly built, it 's fixed straight, right, right? The front frame of the car, the mane, yes, it's on the frame, but this one is the front. It's all been changed. There's an offset lift, something with

it, so it's stuck. Um, so it has to find a position to move up. Yes, it's put there because when we... It's a carrying vehicle . Yes, it's heavy at the back, but the front is a bit light. Yes, so it had to be helped with this. Um, there's a hand guard. Hand guard. Ah, yes, it's SW Motech's. That's right. Yes, Tee. At that time I bought it for about 6,000 baht. Oh, that's right.

Because it's the right model. Because if it was a job that he would have There are many camps that do it. They all follow different styles. This one is to hold it and avoid the pump. Oh, yes, they will hold it on the bottom and it will be very hard. There is, ah, a hand warmer, a travel cord, yes, a winter travel cord, yes, from Robo Panha, which is a plug, it will be like The body is wrapped like a bat. Oh, oh,

yes. Then the time to use it has come. It's like cloth. Ah, that's right. It's some kind of plastic cloth. Yes, there's a coil inside. Well, if I'm not going in the winter, I take it off. Yes, that's right. It's a handlebar brace. Is that a handlebar grip? Biker. Yes,

I saw that a touring bike must have one. Yes, I do. What do I need to help you with? P'Poj. I see that it doesn't seem like there's any benefit for being beautiful, right? There are a lot of benefits. It's for protection when we fall over. Um, on some cars, if you don't have something like this, when you fall over, the handlebars will close in. Oh, yes, this one is a guarantee. Oh, don't let him close up,

don't let him lose his angle, don't let him lose center. Meaning that if we were to fall in the forest or something like that. We can keep going, we can keep going, the handlebar doesn't have to be crooked. You don't have to sit. Yes, ride like, yes, yes,

crooked on one side and something like that. Touring people will know this. The accessories will be something like, um, a cocaine clutch. The new one is fourteen thousand baht. Oh, just the clutch. Is it a new one? Yes, a new one. Make it softer, right

? Yes, a softer grip. Yes, the brake pump is number nineteen. Oh, yes. And it's a decoration. The differential pins are from Koken. Oh, yes. And there's a gearbox, a gearbox, a brake pump from Rizoma, and a big fish tank . All together, just the brake pump above is over 20,000 baht. Wait, how about touring? Fast touring. Yes, it's racing touring. I stood on the floor, 100 six hundred, 100 seven, um, 100 four, this is the minimum, 100 four, 105, 106, something like this. And it looks like our car is heavy too, right

? So it needs a good braking system. Um, a windshield copied from gf thousand two, mother ship. Oh, if the mother ship were the same, it would have, there would be an interceptor here. Yes, that's right, so I built one.

Um, where is the wind block? Yes, that's what I noticed. This one is for myself. That is, if I don't have this one. The wind will push the shirt open. Oh, oh, oh, I understand. Yes, it will push the shirt open. But at this time it will prevent you from pushing the shirt. Oh, that's right. Push the shirt to open the air. If not, then The shirt is always open

. Yes. And then there's this. Thep. Um, Sai. That is, it's the best. Oh, right? Because it can be adjusted up and down. Adjusted? Yes, it is. That is, rotate this one, lift it up and down, look up in front. Look up straight, look backward, and yes,

it catches the wind the best. And it's also strong. Yes, I'm strong. This one is the front camera. Oh, yes, this is the camera. The front camera will be like this. It's for Brother Yai. Ah, yes, Brother Yai Bama. Um, on the back and bottom, yes, that's what's used to make the beeper. But, ah, Brother Yai. Makes 20,000 baht,

20,000, yes, um, it's the only work in the world. The only one in the world, yes, because it looks like this shop looked at our car, yes, and then designed it. Let us tell, we tell ours first, ah, wait, but don't draw lines for him.

Yes, he doesn't. Make, um, he will pretend to be him. Oh, I'll take care of it for you. Yes, he will take care of it. But I let Big Brother do it because of one thing. I, ah, it

's a design that I think must be Every piece can be removed. Well, I have to take it all off. That is, I ordered the big man to do it so that when I service the car, um, whatever I do with the car, I don't have to sit and disassemble the whole car. You don't have to remove the whole car. Yes, it will ruin the bolt holes. The frame mounting holes are broken. Um, P'Pot, that's right, the front shock. Oh, the front shock, P'Pot.

What kind of shock is it? CBR Six Five Zero R. Um, it 's a CBR six, and then came to paint it and dry it. New color, then finished, new set, I went and tricked inside. Oh, yes, went and added something inside. So that the shock has more travel, um, one more point, five inches, oh, let it, let the front of it lift up a little bit, lift it up a little bit, and then have more travel, um, if you see that the same old car will have more travel. Just a little bit. Yes, that's right. P'Tee made it for me. Oh,

yes, Technician Tee. Yes, P'Pot trusts me the most. No mechanic will ever touch this car. There's only P'Tee alone. Um, just changing the engine oil. Even though I can change I let Pee Tee do it all, that is, do it right away. How much did you pay for the choke? Oh, this is it. Ah, number one draws 10,400, 40,000, yes, one pair, 10,400, yes. And then do the coloring.

Doing this and that is almost ten thousand more. Um, another set for Pee Tee to do. Yes, that's all. Just the front set and the mane are already worth 30,000. Thirty thousand, brake cables, earrings, but they're released. It's from hyb. Oh, yes , front and back. All together, it's worth 30,000 baht. Oh, yes, 30,000 can be released. Helps thieves steal things faster. Some people are the exact version of the letter R.

But it's the long one. Well, I don't want it. I don't want the one that fits exactly. I ordered from China. China has it just right. They made it in the long version. Um, no need to sit and continue. Don't be afraid to fall off. There is no need to be afraid of anything at all. There was no need to drill and ruin things, so I went and covered it with more Kevlar. Oh, yes,

the total cost was about 4,000 baht. Wow, yes, the brake pump will also be from Mambo M5 Zero. M500, yes. Two thousand two thousand and two thousand, please go and withdraw again.

I didn't take it from them. I didn't buy second hand at all. That is, I want to build this car as quickly as possible. I really don't want to. If I were already a merchant and asked, At that time, we didn't have anything. Oh,

we bought everything new. Which one can be withdrawn? Which one can be withdrawn? Yes, as quickly as possible. Then there will be a normal Chinese air trap, over two thousand baht. If I'm not mistaken, I bought it a long time ago. Um, I just got it, I just got it, and there's a front wheel crash guard of some sort. Yes, at the front wheel, uh, a custom ABS plate. Yes, this, this,

this. It's the tire pressure gauge. Oh, oh, oh, oh. It's here. Here. That's what I'm going to tell you about the screen. It's up. Oh, it is. Is that right? Yes, sir. Oh my gosh, this uses an electronic system. It's his mother's talisman, yes, but his mother's ship will be buried in joox. Oh, his mother's ship will be inside. They won't show it. Yes, this one is like, uh, lights, spotlights, and they're not very expensive.

Yes, these two stars will fall no more than 10,000 baht. Hmm, four stars. I looked at it and it was an important thing for Loei Mai, right? Very much. Because I also go out at night. When I leave, I leave at night. And go on the morning of arrival. Oh, because it's not hot either. Yes, but when I go,

another thing for me is to set up a tent and go into the national park. I have to go into the forest and into the mountains. Oh, regularly. Yes, these kind of spotlights, yes , because I saw what I said. We have them all. Yes, um, wow, there are many more of Thep Thep Fire, right? The price, wow, they're all expensive. Um, yes, the pipe head is titanium, it's full, it's full, it's from TR2. Oh,

if I don't remember. Wrong, 10,500, 60,000 baht only for the neck. Yes, that's enough. Not including the slip-on. The slip-on is for Mai Safari to do. Um, yes, 5,000 baht. Um, the lower chest of a genuine H2C CB-6-5 Zero-R. Yes, that's right. I bought a new one for more than 6,000 baht. I brought it to sit and cut and play.

Sitting and cutting off the valve, cutting off the valve, yes, cutting off the Kate Bar. Pipe, yes, it's a pipe, ah, akrapovic from Z800. Yes, I said that. In the past, I used to put the Akra with four holes on the model that is under the belly.

And it's my view that if We went for a ride and it stuck. Oh, so we changed to mori. Today it's a genuine Waki ​​model. It's a bit quieter, it's quieter again, so on the last day I wanted an A-car, and it was hard to find a style I liked. In conclusion, it ended up at 800 baht. Um, yes, I got 10,400 second hand. Yes, second hand, then I went to get the slip-on. Yes, P'Mai Safari made it for me. Yes, P'Mai Safari made it new. Yes

, and there's a brake pump. Bo back, red logo on the side, um, with FV legs matching the model. Yes, it's around nine thousand baht. If it's the gold nuts for the entire car of Uncle Khom, oh yes, the nuts, yes, no more than 10,000, oh, the whole car, approximately, yes, the whole car, the shock absorbers, ah, this one is the one that says it takes three trees to come together, yes, people think that, oh. It's a normal Erin six-five-center shock absorber

. Originally, it was a six-five-zero Orin shock. It was born for cars and sports. Well, the distance from the era was only less than an inch . The distance from the era was very small. I put it in at first. The shock sits all the way. Oh, all the way to the shaft. Is that all the way to the shaft? Yes, so a new shaft, making a new shaft longer, and the shims inside. I had to take two more shock absorbers that I bought second hand from Japan . To be honest, it's called local language, yum yum, put them together in order to find the filling that is Touring can be done. Um, tear it in and take it out. dismantle in dismantle The oil set is there. And then it added this one

. It's an "I" to press the spring. If any day I carry it on a trip, now I use it to turn it into a hydraulic press. Oh, oh, oh, oh, like this. Let's take a look and see. It will start to press. Yes, yes, yes. Do you see that? When we turn the ear, it will begin to push down continuously. Oh, yes, this one is hydraulic like this, yes, yes, but when I'm not going on a trip, I turn it back to make the spring softer . I took something, ah, from a ducati. Oh, yes, from a ducati. I saw it on YouTube so I clicked on it. It's over ten thousand baht. Oh my gosh,

just to get this one. Haha. It's a biker footrest. Well, at first it was red. I came to paint it. Gold means I bought a red one and went. Yes, at first I planned to decorate it with black and red. Yes, I went with a new drive. Go for a new color drive. This one is over five thousand baht,

left and right, rear gear, biker, 10,000 baht. Oh, I went for a new colored drive. Because the first episode was black and red, yes, so when I saw it, it looked like P'Poj would Make it more of a black and gold color. Yes, because of the red black line, I think it's a lot. Um, it's a lot. There are a lot of people making it. Yes, there will be a lot of black and red lines. A little black and gold line, not a lot, right? Yes, there are also other gearboxes, Isuzu gearboxes. This is a small fish tank.

They have a full system of braided cables, including all the rams. Original jab And then this braided strap, made from scratch, the real strap, the real strap, must have, must have, to hold the yeti yeti cup on long, hot rides. If you're thirsty, you can grab it and eat right away. Um, because you're using a hat with your chin open. Oh, that's right. Oh, I forgot. Forgot to tell you, this is a switch. A light switch. Lazada lazada over three thousand baht. Um, yes, over three thousand baht.

But, but I have a reason why I want it. One is at night. Yes, it can have lights on the edge of the edge. If you can see that? Oh, yes, colored lights. Ah, yes, that would be another kind of awesome. That is, ah, every car has a lot of switches. Yes,

so I use this one. Oh. It's on and off. Let's put it all together. Yes, it will be a separate white and yellow light. Oh, when driving, it's easy to turn it on and off. You don't have to reach out and turn it on here or there or something like that, because as you can see, this wire is a switch. There will be a lot. There will be a lot. His light switch. But I'm the least, and yes,

but it looks good. This one is from 65 Zero R from the year 1990. Wow, yes, over a thousand. Oh wow, put it in 65 Zero F, yes. Six Five Zero F But I converted the cable to send a signal to the box. Oh, into the Tayaka box, cover it again. Um, but if it's the same model. He will have a plug to plug in. Oh,

if it's the right model, he can just plug it in. Yes, it can be plugged in. That is, it works with his ECU control box. I converted it into another one. I'm going to cut the throat one more time. Hmm. And how is it? It's soft. You can kick it. Yes, it's there.

The place I picked this one up is because it's durable. I think it's better in the future. Hmm. Its lifespan should be better. Longer, yes, cover, cover, please. Please make the chain tighter. Oh, make it look bigger. Let it look a little fuller. Yes,

originally it was silver. I don't like it. Oh, but originally, yes, yes, yes, there is this one. Um, yes, sir. And this is the So EK X Ling chain, yes, yes, to withstand the force of a pull. to get better Because we carry a heavy load. Oh, yes, and the rear sprocket has a reduction of forty-four. Oh, yes, because we carry a heavy load. The car doesn't have torque. The car has four cylinders, and it doesn't have torque.

So I have to help here. Um, yes, let the torque pull better, right? Yes, there's this one. It's the expensive one. Beep Beep. Three blades. Oh, forty-one or forty-two thousand. If I remember correctly, oh. Oh, yes, that's a beep. Oh,

how expensive is this? P'Poj, the quality and the quality as well. Oh, yes, but it's also a lot more expensive than this, right? That's right. Oh wow, it's going to have a cable. It's a necessary item . It's a must-have item. I think it's a little heavy. P'Pot, it's not that heavy. Because it's a miniature. Oh, it's a minium. But it's going to be heavy. It 's heavy. Twenty kilograms, almost thirty kilograms. The car is heavier because of this. I'd like to see over 40,000 baht.

There's really nothing. I think there will be some additional pockets. There's nothing. There's nothing. But it's convenient. When traveling, yes, this one I chose to use is concrete. Conti Attack 4 The newest one It's the newest one. Yes, it meets every use for me. On straight roads, you can go and do it like that. It's

considered heavy because the car isn't much of a motocross tire. Oh, yes, but it pumps water and enters curves very well. That is, you can pour it all. Oh, yes, use a high speed, go into curves, no saggy tires, nothing at all. Um, P'Poj, this is truly racing. Racing. Yes, it's already racing. Oh wow, braking, opening, everything. They use all the good stuff. Yes . Or do they mostly use a brake system this good? No, not at all, right? Yes, most of them are more. Well,

they don't drive fast. Yes, most people focus on boxes. Well, they focus on beeps, what are they? Like normal, yes, those kinds of things, it's really tiring to play with, Boss. Touring, the most decorated touring that I've ever seen. Oh, I have to say escalate, escalate, and it must be a touring. It's a converted car. Oh, it's a converted car. But if something like this happens People who are born touring are the real deal. I think there are still people who composed it, yes, but this one is groundbreaking. It is a converted car,

meaning the whole car is converted. Really limited. Yes, if it's in this condition. And what about the mileage? I think it's probably the only car in the world. Oh, because if it were just a five-hundred-X face like what P'A did? Now there are ten cars in total. Like I said, yes, I'm the fourth car. Um, yes, but so I added something to it. Oh, how much is the budget? The whole car. The whole car. Not included. I have to say that it doesn't include Pee Tee's labor. Oh, yes, it

doesn't include the cost of the car. That's right. It doesn't include the car, all the decorations that I'm just sitting and thinking about, but not including everything. It's a fussy thing. It's almost five hundred thousand. Wow, it's almost five hundred thousand, four hundred thousand, eight hundred thousand, nine hundred thousand. It's still not fussy. What did I pay here and there? Yes, that's right. Friends,

didn't they ask, Why don't you just go to the mothership? What is this? Why? I want to go. I'm asking if I want to go to GF Pan Song. I want to ride it. But when I look again One step is that I like to ride only touring cars.

Oh, that is, some people, some people, some people, their vehicles, that is, they will carry them. Oh, and then go ride for fun, oh, oh, yes, just ride for fun in the mountains. The return trip is the return trip. He won't ride from Bangkok at all, yes, but both there and back. Yes, I ride both there and back. Oh, and I think that if it happens What really happened? Let's say it just crashed like that. Then the engine light shows up or there's some kind of problem like that. At least Honda ****

have them all over the country. Yes, yes, a local mechanic might be able to help us. Yes, that 's right , so I thought of that, but it's better like this. Well, everything has to match the model. You can't convert it, huh? There are a lot of computer systems. And another thing I like, um,

is that I don't want there to be too many things. When something happens, it's easy to repair. It doesn't bother P'Phot any more than this. It's great. A way for friends who want to play. Because at this time, the end of the year and winter, ah, wait, I'll go up north. This car will definitely meet in the north. Yes, when I see it I can say hello. Yes, yes. End of the year. Have

a safe trip. Yes, sir. Thank you, Brother Boat. See you again in the next clip. Don't forget to press press to give encouragement to my channel.

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