MOTORBIKE ROAD TRIP Across WEST SUMATRA Indonesia [Episode 21]

MOTORBIKE ROAD TRIP Across WEST SUMATRA Indonesia [Episode 21]

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We got a good feeling guys. We have a good feeling that West Sumatra is gonna be the best stuff that we've seen so far. In this video, we're taking you on a motorbike road trip across West Sumatra. Yeah, but I'm never gonna go like this. We'll be exploring a village with the traditional Rumah Gadang, stopping by the beautiful Twin Lakes and dealing with a little bit of craziness on the road.

What is going on here, dude? We're starting our trip from Kerinci and we'll be traveling 204 kilometers all the way to Padang. So join us on this chapter of our journey as we drive our motorbikes from Jakarta to Sabang across the sixth largest island in the world, Sumatra, Indonesia. Good afternoon, Selamat Siang, everyone. We just got down from Gunung Kerinci. Had a pretty exciting couple days, pretty tumultuous hike. But now we're on the move heading towards Padang. We're gonna be stopping outside near Lake Diatas and Lake Dibawah.

GPS says we got about a four-hour drive today. Dealing with a little bit of rain today. Hopefully we get a nice clear drive. Don't know if that's in the cards for us today. If you look to the left, that's where Gunung Kerinci is, but it's covered in the clouds. This area is pretty unpredictable with the weather and it rains quite a lot. We're gonna stay optimistic and hope that we don't get rained on, but being a realist, today might not be the most exciting and enjoyable day of driving.

Oh, please. Oh, I hope I'm wrong. Say goodbye, Gunung Kerinci. All right, that's it. We're officially out of Kerinci. This is a wild road, guys. It's got steep, steep turns and curves here. Look how steep this is.

Such a sharp turn. This guy's directing traffic. Terima kasih. Feel the rain a little bit. Oh, yeah, we're in a cloud for sure.

This looks rough. I think we're about to get pissed on and there's no warungs in sight. Here comes the rain, guys. No place to pull off and take shelter. Oh, no, guys, it's coming down and we are in the middle of nowhere.

Oh, no. It's starting to get a little bit heavy. This is, this is not good.

Oh, man, come on. I gotta get something. Come on. This sucks. This sucks so much.

It's so cold. This is a mistake. This is a damned mistake, bro. I'm just going to let it rip until we find shelter here.

I don't know if we're ever going to find it. There's nothing, man. There's farmland. Please be a house or something, bro. No! Our current situation under a little pondock.

That was not fun. It was cold. But the situation is because we start to ride at 12. True And yesterday it started raining at 12. Every day. Fun, fun, fun. Oh, no, man, it does not look promising out there.

Even there is no coffee. This is the worst part. There is no coffee. All right, folks, let's try that again here. Had a nice little break in that, I don't know, that's not a pondock. We'll call it a small little farmhouse.

Sky's looking a little bit better now. So the fingers shall be crossed. Back on the tarmac.

Still a light little drizzle. Going to run through, push through some air, dry off a little bit and keep it moving. Good indication, we're in West Sumatra. See the Gadang houses Looking forward to seeing more of this was we explore West Sumatra Google's taking us through a small little detour.

That always ends well. We're now off the main road and into a back road. Let's see how this goes.

But it looks like we've got clear weather. A little West Sumatra Kampung. Beautiful, beautiful farms. So far, this is panning out to be a good decision. Beautiful, man.

Lots of rice paddies. Looks like some corn over here. Some corn. Beautiful palm trees sticking out everywhere.

Oh, man, this is what the driving's all about, guys. We got a good feeling, guys. We have a good feeling that West Sumatra is going to be the best stuff that we've seen so far. We're going to pull into this village here.

It's supposed to be 1,000 of the traditional Minang homes here. Hello. Do I go stop here? Do I stop here or can I keep going? Can I continue? You can continue. Okay, thank you.

Wow, oh my God, look at this place. This is really cool, guys. This is getting a real first taste of West Sumatra culture.

This is wild. Oh, look at these ones. Silver roofs.

And it looks like there's this tower up ahead, which you can go up in. There you go, you can see it. So we're going to drive towards there, head up there and try to get a really nice view of this village. So we've pulled over to the village here, Desa Saribu Rumah Gadang and the tower's right above there. But this area around here is stunning.

This is a river that shoots out to the mountains there. You can drive along here. Hello, sir. What is that? Rolled egg? Rolled egg.

Oh man, I knew it. Rolled egg. It's really good, right? Okay, thank you. Okay, okay.

They're just asking for a small donation because they gotta keep the area clean. So we told them we're gonna go up, check it out, and then when we come back down, give them a donation. Okay. Okay, thank you.

Thank you. This is pretty brand new they were saying. Hasn't been here that long. I wonder. Looks new.

And just like that guys, we're at the top of the tower and the views here are stunning. This is pretty good, huh? This is pretty incredible. In like every direction you look.

It's beautiful. Oh my goodness. Got the village here.

The beautiful mountains on this side. The valley leading in. This is stunning with the river here. Look at this view guys.

Beautiful. Oh man. When we come down, we'll go there.

What is there? Boiled banana? Boiled cassava. Momentarily. Down from the tower.

Coming back here behind. Where the women we're offering us the boiled cassava. Get some cassava and some interaction with the wonderful women of West Sumatra. Hello how are you? My name is Antonio. You're Indonesian is good. You can speak English.

See you next time. It's just a shirt in English. Sampai jumpa waktu berikutnya.

Have some cassava. Thank you very much. So good. It's sweet. A little bit of brown sugar on it as well. She was saying they like it better than with cheese. Delicious.

It's good. It's like syrupy. It's like liquid brown sugar.

Delicious. If you're doing farm work all day, That's what you need. You need that energy. You need those carbs. That's farm food right there. We're woman farmers.

Making a farm for hydroponics. Hydroponics? Yes. That's good. Tomorrow we'll work here too. All women. I want to plant hydroponics.

Vegetables. I didn't know they did hydroponics in Indonesia. Vegetables.

What kind of vegetables? There is Brazilian spinach. Vegetables. Oh my God.

There's turkeys. Huh? Oh my goodness. Rarely see turkeys here. There's three of them.

Happy Thanksgiving. Do Indonesians eat this? I don't know. Yes. In America, we eat this often.

Hydroponics and turkeys. It's a very... Interesting combination, huh? Usually things I never see in Indonesia. And they're together at the same place. There's a lot bigger turkey over here, guys.

Check this out. Oh my goodness. It's big.

It's a meaty one, bro. Oh my goodness. This thing looks mean. We're not getting out of here without a quick group photo. We got the whole squad. We're making our way out of the village here, guys.

Taking the river route. Look at this. How beautiful. We're going to head up on here to the main road.

Get back to it. Coming up on the later part of the day here. The sun is starting to go down. We're getting that nice light. This should be a nice finish to the drive here.

GPS says we got about an hour and a half to two hours. Going to get there before sunset, hopefully. Get a beautiful sunset on the lake. See the beautiful mountains.

The beautiful scenery. Come on, guys. Look at this. Look at this.

This is amazing. This is so amazing, guys. Man. The mountains up there. The terraces go up there as well.

Damn, dude. This is unbelievable. This drive just keeps getting better and better, guys. Now we're just completely in this right now. It's green on all sides. Up ahead, we're just whirling, baby.

We're going, dude. The sun is up ahead there. Look at this open valley over here. Oh, man.

Getting my first look at the lake. I think this is Top Lake. This is huge. It looks like an ocean. With the landscapes, it looks like New Zealand. The mountains are just solid green.

Now we're driving through some beautiful, beautiful farmland. We are getting very close to our accommodation. We made it. We made it. When you take the top of the road and see the lake.

Wow. The light was perfect. The sunset could be nice. It's going to be right behind this cabin here. Maybe from here you can get the sunset.

Got the coffee. Kopi mana kopi? The coffees here. Walking in here. Back door, take you to the front.

This is where we stay. Beautiful front deck. Got our fire pit here. Look at this view, guys. It's beautiful. It's beautiful and quiet.

I'm sure you'll get a nice sunset over there. Check out the digs. Check out the cabin. Oh my goodness. Wow, this is so nice.

Wow, this is so beautiful. This is crazy. We don't stay in places like this very often, but we are very fortunate. Come on in. We've got a proper couch with a flat screen TV.

This smells like a proper wood cabin. A nice dining room table. A mini fridge over there. A pretty complete kitchen over here. This is so nice. This is beautiful. Bedroom one over here.

A nice big comfy bed. With a view. That is crazy. Waking up to that, that's insane. There's more.

A little loft. Beautiful little loft. Look at that. This is crazy. And again, a beautiful view.

The mountains, the hills, the farmland. This is crazy guys. Twin Lake Villas. Shout out to Dini and her family. We met her in Pagaralam. We're now getting a pretty fire sunset.

You can see behind me, there's actually more fire than it is by the lake. There's a little fire there. And then there's a lot of fire up there. We just spoke to one of the guys who works here. He's about to bring us some food to eat out here.

It's going to be some Soto. It's going to be nice because it's a little chilly up here. Man, what a charming place. It feels good to be here. Thank you.

What's your name? Rudi. Rob. Thank you. Let's eat Soto. Rudi just brought us some amazing smelling Soto. All the sambal you could ever want.

Big portions of rice. Look at this view. Incredible.

Beautiful camp lights. I can't believe it. Let's eat.

Good morning everyone. We are getting on the move. It's currently 10am. We are leaving Twin Lake Villa. We've had a beautiful stay here. This property is just stunning. The whole area.

Beautiful views. It's so nice to be here 3 days. So beautiful. The area is so amazing.

And the carrots are really nice. But now, we are finally making our way to the long anticipated Padang. We're about two hours out. Just short of that. And we think we're going to make a couple stops on the way. Let's see what we get into.

Maybe it's a little bit cloudy there. Let's see. And we'll get rain again. We're tired of driving in the rain.

All the days we were here, we had no rain whatsoever. It was wonderful, wonderful weather. But as soon as we get on the road, it seems like the rain is following us. The rain has picked up a little bit. You can see, it's not heavy, heavy.

But it's, you know... The small rain, for lack of a better word. We stopped here for the rain. And this is a superhero. It's a new superhero.

It's a purple man. Look at this guy. Let's try again.

Like the Power Rangers, bro. Where's your suit, bro? Where's your suit? I'm the green one. You need the pants, bro.

I need the pants. Yeah, but I'm never going to go like this. Because I have a reputation. People know me, bro.

People have a good feeling for me. Look at you. Let's go. Trying this again, folks.

Post rain, still a little bit hazy. But we're getting those beautiful dark greens under the clouds. That's the best part about the rain, guys.

Is after the rain. The rain has stopped, guys. And now it's so beautiful. This is amazing.

The color, everything. This is my purple friend. I've got my beautiful purple suit on.

Everyone's jealous. Even if they don't say it. Even if they don't say it. And would you look at that, guys. We've got some sunny skies here. Finally.

Wow, it is crazy how much the sun and the weather and being cold can affect you. You know? This area is beautiful. But if you're cold and rainy, it makes it just a little less beautiful. If you're warm, it is sunny out...

We are back in paradise. I can see clearly now the rain is gone. Man, it is busy, folks. Maybe everyone's going to Padang to eat some Nasi Padang. That's what's going on here? Everyone wants to eat Nasi Padang? I guess it's that good. We've got so many of these guys navigating traffic.

There's a little bit of a traffic jam... But the view is amazing. There are these big monkeys again. Like the ones in Bukit Barisan. Just like the ones down in Lampung, man.

Here's some big boys. I don't want to go. Oh, crap. They're jumping off the sides, bro. I've got to get on the inside. I've got to get on the inside.

Oh, crap. This is so hectic. This is not fun at all, dude. This side is okay, but that side, there's no railing, but if you're on this side, you don't know if a car's going to come. There's trucks.

There's all these random people directing traffic. What is going on here, dude? And you can just smell the brakes from these big old trucks. I imagine they have to pull over every now and then and let the brakes cool down. There's so many. It just never ends. It looks like us three got a little window here now where we can cruise and soak it all in.

The boys in front of me. There's Barney in purple, and Antonio in green. Are we turning off? Going off the road here.

I guess we go up here just a little bit. Okay, we're parked guys, right outside Bukit Parakur. This is how we get it done on the bikes. Get the shirts off. Unload. It's hot now, but it's so good.

Yeah. A little bit of sun. And this is just off the main road. I thought it would be a little bit deeper.

There's a beautiful area back here. The entrance to the river is right next to this nice woman's house. Hello miss. Terima Kasih ya. Right through here. Antonio's already in.

Looks gorgeous. Yeah, it's gonna be cold, huh? Coming from the mountains. Who would think... That within 30 minutes, we would go from cold, rainy mountains to burning up hot In the sun, getting in a beautiful, beautiful river to swim. And the color of this water is beautiful. Let's not do that.

The water is so clean. It's like green and blue. It's not too cold. No, it's gonna feel good.

The water is colder up in the crunchy valley, bro. Especially the rain. It's super slippery here. So fresh. Look how clear this is.

My goodness. It is so beautiful. And then up here, you have the main road. That's the road we were driving on. Absolute hellhole. Robs getting a little bit of sun, a little bit of rays.

Antonio's out exploring. And I've yet to get in. So I guess it's about time for that, huh? It looks deep enough right here.

I'm gonna get a good spot and just plunge in. He wasn't kidding, It's slippery, bro. Jesus.

Man down. This one looks much deeper. It's much deeper. Yeah.

Jump in. This is like a pool. Deep right here. This is me standing. So it's almost 6 feet. But the current! The current is strong! Look at this guy! No, no, no, no, no, no! There's a rock right there! Yeah! You go up the river, about 100, 150 meters, you reach another beautiful, beautiful pool here.

Good lord, this is stunning. The water. It's an amazing color all the way through. Up there on that rock, there's a little butterfly. It's one of the biggest butterflies I've ever seen. Alright folks, we're leaving the river, leaving this small little kampung here.

Getting back on the main road now. Back to the madness that is this road. But it's leading us to Padang, and we're only about 20-30 minutes out. So, not too bad. Feeling good after that fresh swim, man.

That was nice. Let's get on the move to Padang here, folks. We are almost there. And it looks like we are in the outskirts of Padang here.

First impressions, it's really hot. I mean, we've been up in Jambi and Kerinci and then in the mountains for the last couple weeks. So this is a big change. This is beautiful so far. It's so green. There's a fair bit of traffic too, guys.

You hear those beeps going. A lot of stuff, a lot of people. Everyone cutting people off. There was quite a bit of traffic in Palembang.

But of course, Jakarta is the most traffic. How are you doing? Awesome, good to see you. I have to give the boys a shout out. You feel me? Back in the city, huh? Loud bikes and traffic. But oh man, look at that.

Passing by so much Padang food. And you can smell it from the street, man. Smell that? See it? Rendang, bro.

I smell the rendang. I also smell the durian right there. The durian too, but the rendang also, bro. And that belado, you smell that belado, bro? What? You smell that ayam belado, bro? We are all checked in.

Nice little room, enough for us, one mattress here, another mattress there, good for three of us. 250, not bad. 250k, not bad. It's hot here in Padang, we're hungry. Yeah, we're hungry, we're gonna head towards the coast.

Hopefully get a good sunset, it's shaping up to be a good one, maybe get some food. What's up guys, we're approaching golden hour now, it's a beautiful sunset hopefully approaching us. We waited out the rain for a little bit, if you look back there, it's kind of dark, but there's this beautiful mosque behind us. There's a beautiful sunset over there, hopefully pretty soon the two are gonna combine and it's gonna be fantastic.

Second time in Padang, yeah? Second time in Padang, second time here. First time? First time, one year and a half, 2021, October, November. Before we met. And it wasn't raining like today at all. Normally the sunsets aren't very good here. Who told you that? You.

The sunset here is amazing. Yeah, I have photos guys, in case that someone says, I have photos. Amazing days. We're gonna take a stroll down the street now folks, maybe get a coconut, maybe find a spot to sit.

Got a little Padang charm here with the lights. Oh man, once the sun goes down, it looks like people are lining up this whole walkway here down the beach. It's a vibe. Different color, different warung. Oh, okay, you know. No, I don't know, but it looks like it could be.

It could be true, it could be true. The sunset is not the best, but look the other way, bro. Look the other way, bro. Oh, there we go.

That's nice. Sometimes you gotta turn around, bro. You never know what's on the other side. You feel me? Stay there with the rainbow, bro. Oh yeah, look at this guy. I'm a rainbow guy, bro.

Yeah, you are. What do you put on it? Cheese and chocolate sprinkles. Some grilled banana. Negotiating the price. With no cheese.

Not negotiating the price. Negotiating do not put cheese on my banana. Negotiating the cheese, bro. Yeah. That's a non-negotiable.

No cheese, bro. Non-negotiable, no cheese. And is that possible or not? It's possible, it's possible. I'll pay as much as you want. Don't put cheese on my banana.

Give us a flip. Oh, she teased us. Where are you from? I'm originally from America. Oh, America. How long have you been in Padang? In Padang? I just got here in Padang. Maybe three hours.

You're originally from Padang? You speak Indonesian. A bit, *Bahasa Minang* Ambien? One banana. Ambien Pisang Satu? What does it mean? Take 1 banana. Ambien Pisang Satu. That's Padang language? Almost fluent.

Ambil Ambien. Oh, with Ka. Ambik. Ambik.

Ambik. Ambik. Ambik Pisang Satu. You'll be fluent soon.

We got misis and kental manis. This is not grilled banana anymore. This is pancake, bro.

0.3 seconds, I'll make a giant mess. I thought you're going to say 0.3 seconds and it'll be in my tummy. It's good. It's good.

It's good. She's smiling. She knows. She knows. She knows what she has. No low balls, I know what I got.

We're now back in front of the mosque, guys. It looks really pretty with the colors and the pillars there. And we got a decent sunset.

Not the best, but we want to thank you guys for following us on our journey from Jambi To West Sumatra. We've got more stuff coming out from Padang, so don't forget to like and subscribe, and we hope to see you in the next one.

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