Koh Samaesarn with friends Part1: Sunset Park Resort & Spa Tawanron Beach NaChomThian, Sattahip 2023

Koh Samaesarn with friends Part1: Sunset Park Resort & Spa Tawanron Beach NaChomThian, Sattahip 2023

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Hello, today is just an ordinary weekend without any extra holiday, we are now on Motorway Route 7 (Bangkok−Ban Chang Motorway ) on our way to Chonburi Province I got an appointment to Snorkeling in Samaesarn Island with my friends. We have made an appointment for a very long time but we don't have the opportunity to go all present. Even this time still missing one. Our plan apart from going to Samaesan Island is relaxing in a nice resort which We booked at Sunset Part Resort & Spa, it's located in Na Jomtien. Chonburi Province further away from Pattaya and Jomtien.

cause our priority is to go snorkeling in Sattahip the next day. We have to be close to where we are going so we don't have to wake up too early. After we done snorkeling then we going to have lunch and finish the trip, that's the brief plan.

We're now already checked -in Let's take you to see the room. The room that we choose is a Brook type , which is next to the canal. This one will be a bit more expensive than the cheapest room. But a little bit here is almost a thousand. It looks like a piece of wood.

This one is for washing feet. Come in behind me, this is the bathroom. There will be a sink, then a mirror, and hand towels, towels. Next, this will be the toilet. And there is a part that blocks the door to open.

Once opened, open it again and it will be a bathtub. This is a dedicated bathtub room. The back is a SHERA siding. And there is a translucent roof above.

Let's go to the room. The room is a wooden type. I'll close the door first.

because there are mosquitoes here And there is a small TV in front of the room service vanity. Here, the food, the menu looks good. It's like a real restaurant , but the price is probably fifty percent more expensive.

This one has an old leather sofa. It doesn't match at all. There is a curtain that I forget to open. This room is not private at all because which side is open? will be able to have people looking in from all sides Probably the worst room in this Catagory because it's a room next to the road. It's not a public road.

It's the road of the hotel. Let's have a look outside. Probably the best part of this room. It's a front porch. which has a boat below This one can really go down to the pie. But I won't post it now. Next time,

today I will end the review of the room here, but that's all. Let's go see the other facilities of the hotel. The food was fine apart from it got too much MSG in all the dishes. We just finished our lunch. Now we have moved to Mahan Coffee which is in the military area. have to exchange the card to enter

It's not far from our restaurant, it's a small cafe, but right now it's hot. You can only sit in the air-conditioned room. You can't go out. You won't melt . This is the atmosphere around the cafe. The menu is limited. But we didn't come here for the deliciousness. After finishing here, we will go back to our hotel in order to use the facilities to be worth the price that we paid a little more than four thousand.

I'm not sure if it's in the same category or not. Because this one looks better. There are about three or four rooms on this side. Below there are very large fish. But the camera probably won't see it, see? It's swimming underwater. Now it's about half past four. After we finish going to the cafe, we come back to our room.

This is my last chance to use some of this here on the balcony. And then there's the house. Let's go down for a swim first. Let's go. There are life jackets in the room as well. The boat looks a little scary. Because it's very wobbly.

Really can pie Not just a prop But whether it can come back or not, I'm not sure either. Look at my rowing skills. It's not difficult to paddle. as the boat is very light

It's really just this. I'll take the camera back and take a picture for you to see. Think the mic should still be able to pick up the sound. How to sit and look good? Because now it's very sluggish I just finished eating. Now put the camera on the boat. very difficult One hand holds a camera, one hand paddles.

This is the view of our room. from the front canal actually it can You can paddle under the bridge to the other side. Ask if it's worth it. As for staying in the canal, it's more expensive. It's bigger, I think, but the room isn't that good. If staying the cheapest Shouldn't be much different, that's it. The first room is our room. And after a while, a guest came to stay in the room. Got to stay in this room,

this one is the road, driving right away, we will immediately see our room. Then the front left hand side is the reception. That is the corridor to the reception and next to it is the room. That would be a better room.

And this canal will also be longer. In fact, our room is not just over four thousand. It's five thousand. This is the resort map. This is the bridge that we point out when we come up.

Now it's about 5:10 a.m. which is a beautiful sunny time very beautiful light But it's still hot anyway. There should be 2 pools here. This one is one of the 2 pools. Let's look here first. This pool will be seen as a view.

Pattaya city in the background. It's beautiful And we're about to walk to another pool. Now I'm at the hotel's restaurant. That is, it is not necessary to be a customer who stays here to come in. You can look at this view. If you are a customer of this restaurant It looks very good . It's like a big villa.

These rooms are likely to see the sea. You can see the full sea as well. Do you want to play in the sand? Have you ever seen the hotel's add during the COVID period? which the price is quite cheap Unfortunately Now there's no chance like that again. And the more this period is Open the country in the month * April where there are many tourists.

will raise the price for it as high as he can And then there is a small children's pool. Right here too There are 3 pools, 2 and a half pools, looks good, but secretly, I don't want to sit here. Because the sun shines fully. This is his beach. The beach is beautiful. You can use it. The sand is fine. And clean, no garbage because of the fact that it It's the beach front of the resort. So there will always be someone to collect. It will be clean like this.

This one has been coming and going for a long time. This room. It is a room on the beach that does not have a swimming pool. We may come back to stay here again. Give me more time. who is not coming to make an appointment with a friend and must leave early tomorrow At six or seven hours, we have to leave the hotel to go to Samae San.

The water is clear, right in front. It's not clear like an island. clear for being on the mainland Staying in Pattaya like this I'm pretty unlucky. Always come to this bar

The sky will be like this. I've never been here when the sky is clear so I heard the news that Sriracha is raining. friend in line But this time, it's not raining. And it's very hot too. This is the area in front of the hotel's restaurant. The sand here is light orange. with resolution mixed with coarse sand This side is more sunny than the other side.

The pool here is the same as the one over there. There are two pools, one small of iron. And then another big pool But big in here is still small. Now it's evening time, the sun is shady and the atmosphere is much better than before. because it's not hot

The weather is good now. different from an hour ago I'm not sure what the name of this beach is. I will go up to the bottom of Tawan Ron Beach. In the past, Pattaya was like this. before being hit by a wave And then the beach disappeared until the sand had to be sucked up again. The sand that was sucked up was not as good as before. This is a neighboring hotel. We also looked at this hotel,

but it was more expensive than ours. which is already expensive for us This one is even more expensive . The name is Andaz . because he saw that many guests brought in dogs to raise For example, in front of this Now the sun has set already. In the morning, this pool should have a good atmosphere. because the sun shines on the other side But tomorrow I will go to Samae San Island. In front of this is the restaurant of the resort.

2023-04-19 22:00

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