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Jolie Holland On New Album

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[Music] about true cats now  with their Bell draw Blitz   get ready to listen to your favorite art artists [Music] how's your day going aside from talking to   Media people because you know some  people love it more than others um it's fine fine well what's not fine  because it's great is your new record   which is out in a couple of weeks  when did you actually finish it um I I don't remember um you're you  used to do you still manage people   I have managed some people I consult more so  um are you and what's this you I read your   are you a private investigator oh boy yeah I  I am uh that's a cool gig well I mean I'm the   private investigator who also does his interviews  and syndicates the content and all that I don't   want to be boring just like you you're not boring  and by that I mean a lot of people who have albums   album every four years tour that's it but you're  always popping up on other people's projects as   well so you're pretty interesting yourself well  I'm not I'm not just a musician either but um but   uh yeah one of my dearest friends is uh is a pi  so I see I see that side of things and it's really   interesting did you come in through like a law  enforcement background or like I know it's kind of   to go in without a law enforcement  background is like a little bit more work   no uh yeah without a law enforcement background  I came in as an entertainment industry person   who managed and consulted and went hey you know  what the jobs are drying up in this field uh I'm   gonna go into the writing and researching and  somebody who saw my skill set and went oh you   could do this and you train you get X number of  years under your belt and you can get licensed   in a couple of states and you can do it that way  cool yeah hey uh we'll we'll recruit you to the   field but I don't think you need that because you  know you're this great music person oh you know I   mean from being in management you know it's really  hard to get paid but um yeah no one of my one of   my best friends uh is she has ADHD and she has  one of those Minds that's just like go down the   rabbit hole you know like one of those dogs that  just will like dig to the Center of the Earth you   know she's amazing and um she like was friends  with a pi and and um they were like he would be   so good at this yep yep that that is mine as well  now is your friend one of those people who sits   in the car does a lot of surveillance or they  desktop she's just badass I mean she was plus   she knows everybody so she's a um uh and she's  super multi-skilled too she's like a beautiful   um uh whatever she does all kinds of stuff really  careers you wouldn't think of and I won't out her   but um like uh I think it's all the ways  because she knows so many people too and   like she's a good uh exterior kind of personality  like that you you wouldn't necessarily know like   how [ __ ] smart she you know she's like has a  cute like ditzy Persona as well so like she's she   slays she's so good when you go to a pi convention  it's it's like 80 or 90 former law enforcement and   military people yeah it's like 10 eccentric people  who possibly like the same bands you like who are   laughing at the law enforcement and military  people for all kind of being the same yeah well   you can see them coming you know they got the  builds you know they they you know who they are   no matter no matter what they're wearing uh yeah  and and then you can also go well if these people   are following the same thing they investigate the  same way so they take the same approach yeah right   that's the power of diversity right there for sure  yeah so I mean I I find so many ties from the pi   stuff to the music stuff because in music I'm sure  you encounter this all the time the people that go   oh record companies used to give you big advances  oh there used to be this and sales rather than the   people who evolve and I look at your career and  you've evolved with the times and I say that in   a good way well I mean a big advances also a  [ __ ] noose around your neck too like um like   I know a lot of people who never ever recouped  [ __ ] um and uh and a record deal is always a   bad bank loan yes exactly even a mortgage at its  very best it is a bad deal and like do you are you   into like working class history do you are you  into like um radical politics at all I am aware   of it uh okay I know about your Emma Goldman's  that kind of a thing but tell me more song um yeah so there's a song and I think about it  whenever I think about like you know somebody   talking about a good record deal um or their  relationship with the record company like it goes   um it's a song called Hallelujah I'm a bum and  it uh it's like I love this this one verse comes   back to me I love my boss and my boss loves  me and that's the reason why I'm so hungry   it's like yeah you know you could have us this  most wonderful relationship in the world with   them and like what good is that gonna do  with that what good is that gonna do you   yeah eventually it's going to implode I I  think the vandals also have a great song called   Behind the Music from about 20 years ago where it  details the ascent of having the one hit and then   ultimately the person's working in a video store  uh after they get dropped and all that yeah and   um you know I mean you know mo Tucker's story  yeah yeah working in a grocery store um but yeah   an island hero Mo Tucker I love her you know I  mean yeah she went she went tea party but you know   you can still come back sometimes you don't  know if the people went tea party because   they thought that there was a marketing angle  to the whole thing like um I don't think she   did I think she was sincere I feel like her heart  was in that well let me let me go let me explain   what I mean there's a certain band whose name I  don't want to say out loud because I don't want   to get flagged by certain religious cult that  has a lot of Hollywood actors in it I think you   can telepathically know who and what I'm talking  about oh did you know I'm in the anti-curl world   no oh yeah I I'm in the inside oh you know  if you ever watch like a if you ever watch   like a anti-cult documentary and there's some  person with like a bunch of degrees shows up   and they're like actually let's talk about  this [ __ ] and like you know describe you   know how it works I know those [ __ ] like those  those some of those people um I got their phone   number does that mean you know Dennis Hill from  face to face no that that is somebody who after   this I'm gonna have to introduce you to the lead  guitar player in face to face and other punk bands   he works on documentaries as a producer and  Associate producer related to cult stuff oh cult uh overlap is great but  unfortunately we're learning   some of the punk people are in the Cults  yeah I mean everybody is susceptible it's it's totally yeah so if I can keep complimenting  you here because I don't know if you're   uncomfortable with compliments here uh I I love  how your career has evolved in that you've got   your singer-songwriter path after being in the  band stuff but you're all this also this like   go-to collaborator for really great artists when  they decide I'm gonna do a solo record in other   words they go I'm now an individual let's go to  an individual like who are you talking about Greg   Grafton uh you worked with the guy from elbow  Booker T Jones I mean do I have to keep going   about the greats that have gone yeah we'll  get Jolie on this I think those three people   okay fair I'll go to Wikipedia to get  more names but uh don't believe Wikipedia   it's [ __ ] okay well also like um I'm pissed  about Wikipedia too because um I I founded this   band called The bigotanyas and I I was the  first songwriter in the band it was me and   Samantha Parton were the first songwriters in  the band and we tried to claim that we were   like the original songwriters and um this other  person that took over the band was like just go   back and like rewrite everything and you know it's  just it's just an open source thing so it's like   don't believe [ __ ] on there uh yeah there's on  my Wikipedia page there's a person who's updated   it claiming that they're me and I know that  they're not me I'm so sorry my page is flagged as   that I'm updating my own page you need to stop the  hell out of them because you have those skills you   gotta like you freak the [ __ ] out of them you  know just like pick and choose your battles that's   what I'm learning yeah yeah you pull you pull  the toolbox out at the right time yeah Wikipedia   gets you see one of the things I've learned in the  past couple of weeks Wikipedia gets all the trolls   but you know the least trolled platform out  there is only fans and the reason I say that   is only fans has been having all these people do  reality shows and comedy specials so only fans   is weirdly funding the Arts more than like  any record company I guess to to whitewash   what it was originally associated with and  the horrors have always taken care of us so so uh back to here this this solo record  is out in a couple weeks I see there's the   jam in Java date there's the Genghis cone date  Etc are there plans to do a lot of touring or   is it just more one-offs and weekend warrior  stuff well the problem is you're not looking   at the front page on my website like there's  like a there's a blip we're trying to figure   out how to make it work but like no I have there's  a bunch of dates on the front page of my website   it's like my web designers is working on it yeah  they shame on me for reading the press release   oh my God I gotta talk to my publicist so so  what I'm learning from you so far is don't   read the press release don't read Wikipedia if  you want the real story you go to your website   I gotta talk to everybody this is too many you  know this is too many that's why people need   managers I mean and I have a great manager but  like um there's just too many things going on   like I'm you know I'm out here I'm trying to run  this campaign to fund my record and I'm also on   tour and like it's hard to get even Wi-Fi you  know to work yeah uh when I am interviewing   people on the road you never know if the Wi-Fi  is going to be a grand slam or it's going to be   the buffer every 10 seconds one because yeah the  extra two dollars for the extended Wi-Fi I'm I'm   glad I remember to bring these because the um  the speaker is on my my computer are messed up   got it so with this record done and the tour dates  plan are you already thinking ahead to the next   record are you one of those ours that starts the  next record before this one's out or are you going   I'm good for five years I'm I'm super prolific  and like I've got lots of things going on like   um the second song on the record feet on the  ground is an anti-patriarchal dance song and I'm   I want to make a record of anti-patriarchal dance  music so we're working on that idea my friend uh   who made a a video for [ __ ] Riot he almost made  me a video for for um feet on the ground but um   he lives in he lives in Texas and it was like  literally too hot for them to work they were gonna   make they were gonna make a dance video um and  like his team on his team like was one of the one   of the dancers for Big Frida and I was like super  psyched about this video but it's not gonna happen   well that's why I recommend any time you you think  something's a good idea in Gmail you just hit that   little clock looking hourglass thing you set  the date to remind yourself so in three months   when the weather isn't so hot in Texas make it  happen well yeah I mean it's not a it's it's not a   it wasn't a single anyways so but but it's  hard to get people to cover videos that are   not before you know after they've already  come out because the record's coming out   um on the 6th October 6th so you sound  like you should be writing books as   well is anything like that in the works I I  really appreciate that as a author yourself   um I have a I have a hundred thousand word  manuscript that I mess with every once in a while sorry you were you were talking about somebody  from some some ridiculous organization that   only probably has about 20 000 members left  really it is that's the facts that's the facts   I did not know that well so there's a new  super group Punk group where it looks like   three of the five members come from that  and then the other two members come from   not wanting to get a vaccination I think if  you put those identifiers in you'll figure   out which band this is I've never heard of this  band I don't even know what you're talking about   I'll send you more info uh not verbally  because I don't want them to start going   through my mail but uh long story short you  can get them back where it hurts you have   the skills you have the license no you pick  and choose your battles because you never   know if there's uh one on a licensing board or  there's one on your Co-op board or yeah yeah I mean I mean bottom line is you Google me you'll  find out stuff but I don't want them to find out   the wrong stuff I saw you have this unboxing  project oh geez you really looked me up yeah me   and the wife unbox things for the Paltrow box now  the question should I be Googling you more than   your music I don't know what you're gonna find I  mean you plus you got the skills you can find out   anything what I don't know well when are we gonna  see you live in New York is that on the website   is that in the near future I already shredded  everybody's face off in New York I um we played   at this awesome new venue called The Francis  kite Club it's run by my dear friend kit Malone   who used to be in TV on the radio ypkip yeah not  not a band anymore and uh my dear friend Laura   Hannah who's one of the debt Collective people um  and some other [ __ ] and they're I love them so   much and yeah it's this new venue we played three  nights it was sold out it was we had gem white the   great drummer played with us and um my uh bandmate  Adam Brisbane who I normally don't get to play   with because he's in [ __ ] me expand and um Ben  boy on piano so it was an amazing residency and it was so great I've already shredded this town  got it but hopefully you'll be back for more   shredding in the near future yeah it was so fun  as an LA person your shredding is a lot different   than the kind of shredding that I'm used to the  LA shredding is more the Eddie Van Halen stuff I love Eddie Van Halen but I don't I don't shred  like him his shredding is very pristine I'm from   the like I'm from the like Jazz World in a way you  know like even though like an experimental world   like yeah different different type of shredding  well that is tremendous and the last question   I have for you before I let you go is you're  obviously a person with taste what should we be   watching on television it doesn't necessarily  have to be a show that has a sink of yours in   there do you have a TV recommendation to pass on  because I like to ask the people who know stuff   and Jolie Holland you know stuff I mean did you  watch I'm a Virgo yet I've not is that a Netflix   original it's not I think it is no I think it's  Amazon it was made by my friend boots Riley oh   boots Riley from the the musician turned filmmaker  from the sorry to bother you that film yeah yeah wow okay so I the more I learn here  You've Got Friends in high places   um you're not afraid to call them out  you got a lot of Music in You You got   a manuscript that hopefully will eventually see  the daylight you shred when you feel like it at   the venues you feel like keep checking your  website in the Wikipedia is there anything   else that we should be knowing or checking  about you the end you do your research um I don't know I'm trying to do a uh you know  records are expensive it costs about thirty   thousand dollars to put out a record  and that's not even making it you know   um and I think about her dog like he's got some  quote about like um it's so you know like that he   all the money he makes he just puts into his films  like he does it's just it's all in the work and um   and yet he is treated so beautifully when he goes  around the world he's like people love him more   than heads of state which is real that's totally  real um but yeah so I I have a crowdfunding   thing up on my site so if if y'all like my music  if your stomach Centric is zillionaire my I have   a guitar a 1947 guitar that I'm auctioning  off so we'll see what happens with that

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