Italy, Campania Tour 2023: Meet Marc Nissan and Dori Jalkh. Traditional Lunch in Aiello Del Sabato

Italy, Campania Tour 2023: Meet Marc Nissan and Dori Jalkh. Traditional Lunch in Aiello Del Sabato

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Our story starts here. I got used to the Lebanese tour in the end of the year. But this trip is very different. Where are we in Italy? We're going to have lunch in Rome and the trip starts from here. We met almost 3 years and 2 months ago. I met a person, or I met a person again called Mark.

Mark Nisan. Or Marco Pizza Lover. Does the name tell you anything? On this basis, you will find it.

I came to find it. Marco broke the world. No one in Lebanon doesn't know him. He welcomes you to a pizza in his house. We met again and said, you know what? Why don't we tour Italy and go to the origins of pizza. Mission Italian Pizza.

A 10-day trip starts now. In Ghouta, in the airport of Rome. From Rome, we go all the way down south to show you where the pizza is from. Where? Who made it? Why the tomato sauce? The dough, how it puffs. Is it the pizza or the Manoucheh before? This is the great question. I am joking, they are related.

You will get to know Marco later. He is a self-taught person. He learned how to make pizza at home. He welcomes you for lunch or dinner in his house. We met when he told me that he has an idea and he wants to start. He used to have a follower on Instagram.

Today, he jumped in thousands and tens of thousands. This idea started in Lebanon and we decided to start touring the pizza in Italy. How the Lebanese Italian pizza in Lebanon left Lebanon, and you will get to know it later, and came back to Italy. A 10-day trip starts now, in the first episode. Trip to T1 The thing is that we are in T3, which means international.

We want to go to T1. Until now, there is no sign telling us where is T1. No one tells us where is it.

Okay, T1, T1, T1. Information desk. Trip to T3 We are now in T3. You will have to walk and go out and go, if you go out, you will go to the north. You will walk for 3 minutes and you will reach Terminal 1. There is no sign.

Terminal 1 Terminal 1 Terminal 1 Easy and fast. We moved from one place to another. T1. A quick check-in.

We reached T1 Internal, which is amazing. Italy, on the first floor. Let's look for something to eat, because I am hungry.

T1 I am hungry, I am hungry, I am hungry, I am hungry. We started with a pizza and Rapala. Marco, this is the first time I meet you, but before we go back to what we are going to eat, tell me a bit about our program for these 10 days.

Our program is to look for a pizzeria in every corner. Wherever there is a smell of firewood, we go. That's it. It's done.

Marco, who are you? What year did you start? Why did you start? How did you evolve? And where did you end up today? I started 3 years and 2 months ago. I evolved through the experience that I am gaining through my daily work. My pizza is evolving every day.

It doesn't grow at all. It is always evolving. Why did I start? For love, for cooking in general, for Italian cuisine, for pizza in specific. You didn't study it.

I didn't study it. You left your job. I left my job. In the pizza oven. I became a baker in the pizza oven. What areas are we going to do in these 10 days for people to watch us from now until the end? Wait for us.

The program is very nice. We won't tell you everything, but we will be in Salerno, in Napoli, and in Sorrento. We have a mission. You should watch us on YouTube to see what it is. We will start with lunch.

The scammers. The bread. We saw how much he is working on it.

How relaxed he is. Look. He closes his eyes and does it by hand. Can we taste it? Of course we can taste it. We are at the airport. For the airport, the experience is excellent.

For the airport, the experience. Potatoes with cheese. Very soft bun. Bread, crust, like focaccia.

Here, margherita, a bit wet. The smell of tomatoes. Nice crunch. Juiciness.

Okay. We came to Italy to eat pizza at the airports, but you reach Italy and eat pizza at the airport. Hopefully, soon, in Lebanon, we will have shawarma at the airport. Or falafel at the airport. Manoucheh.

Yes, manoucheh at the airport. But for the mood, we will start with a commercial pizza at Italy, one of my favorite brands. Done right. People are waiting in line.

Let's go. From here, Mise en Bouche. An hour by plane. We will cover Napoli.

Napoli. I'm impressed, especially the airport, all of it, really impressive. The amount of food, the amount of restaurants, shopping, duty free, and the call to the gate. Oh, we're late.

What do you want to eat? I don't know, we're cold, but I don't know. I'll get you... I'll get you corn. Now you eat corn and you forget. What's important is that your cup stays cold. My cup is cold.

What do you want to say? I want to eat sugar. And this is the black can. I love it a lot, I don't travel without it. I'm telling you, taste it. We don't have change for the whole trip.

Every time I travel, I still have a lot on my mind, because the plane is so tight, sorry. I'm taking it with me. There's someone I visit, I keep having fun here and there, and he goes to the plane. I think this aperol will give us a very nice atmosphere. But this trip is very short. Don't take small things.

And see you in a bit. We arrived to Napoli. You know, everyone tells you that when you arrive to Napoli, be careful, they steal from you. That's right, 3 of my friends lost their phones, even they are putting them on their phones. So I have 3 phones. All the history.

I'm thinking, where do I hide the bag, where do I put it, I think for an hour. I consider it one of the most dark places in the world where there is theft. Napoli is a nice airport, nice atmosphere, fresh vibes, as if you are in the village. From here, we will walk and find our bags, if they are still in their place, and say goodbye. I am hungry.

I will have lunch. I will have pizza, 100%. Retiro bagagli. I learned Italian.

I am hungry. Village, as I told you. The atmosphere is great. I am really enjoying the village. Napoli! Camilla! Hey! Hey! You're back! You're back! You're finally back! How did you get back? I don't know! I've just come back from the hospital. I'm so happy to see you! I'm so happy to see you! I'm so happy to see you! I'm so happy to see you! I'm so happy to see you! I'm so happy to see you! Okay, first impression, where are we, we are in Dori, we'll see if Dori will let us in or not.

Let me tell you where we are. Aiello del Sabato. 40 minutes from Napoli. And this is how we start, we are in front of his wife's family. In a small village, very small. Tourists don't come here.

I didn't pass any car in the last 15 minutes. We are here. This is homemade? This is not just homemade.

This is a salermitano buffalo milk. It's called La Tizona. It looks like a kilo of beans.

Oh my God. It's a spectacle. Mozzarella is not put in the fridge, it is made the same day, it is consumed the same day.

There are no preservatives in it and there is nothing left until the next day. Huge. This is treccia. Treccia is made with buffalo mozzarella. Majdouleh is made with mortadella and pistachio.

Pistachio. A big story. Did you see how the milk is coming out from everywhere? We are talking about another level. We are talking about elasticity.

We are talking about hardness on the inside and softness on the outside. We are talking about a very nice sourness. We are talking about the taste of milk. It is dripping from everywhere.

We are talking about something amazing. Oh my God. A taste that I have never tasted in my life. The milk is dripping from the outside. On the inside, it is a bit elastic like Halloumi. All in all.

The taste of buffalo milk. It doesn't look like a goat or a sheep or a cow that we know. Oh my goodness. If this is how we start. Oh my goodness.

The cheese is in the center. Wherever it is made. Do you know what is the feeling? It is like eating a Manoucheh outside Lebanon. Because a Manoucheh in Lebanon is something else. For Treccia. Look at the size of the camera.

Oh my God. Wow. Wow. What is this? Mortadella pistachio. Amazing.

This is something. Something very big. Italian food is more than pizza, more than pasta, more than what we reached. This is a croissant from the Italian kitchen. Pasta, pizza, risotto. What is this Mortadella? What will I say to my mom this week? Paradise.

This is 4.5 for a Vivino. I put 4.6 for it. Probably one of the best wines of them.

I was thinking of drinking a rose on the plane and it is more delicious than this. And then comes discovery. I was thinking of a ricotta. Exactly, I am making a comparison again.

I should stop them. Like the local goat cheese in the village or the local cheese in Lebanon. It is the same here. Let me allow myself to tell you the texture is like cream cheese. The taste is amazing. It does not have the feeling of sand, it does not have dryness inside it, it does not have air inside it.

It is spreadable but standing. The feeling is under the tongue like labneh. And then comes ricotta flavor. It is like Arishe with honey.

But it is creamier than Arishe. It is denser than Arishe. It is heavier than Arishe. You can eat it with honey or salt.

This is chestnut honey. Honey. This is chestnut honey. This is what you are waiting for this week. Come here.

This is chestnut honey. It is produced here in the nearby lands and we eat it with beef ricotta. What is the importance of the area with chestnuts? Now, behind us, they are picking the nuts.

Because here, in the season, they pick the nuts. The chestnuts. A machine passes by and shakes the chestnuts. The chestnuts fall on the ground.

Then another machine comes, like an aspirator. It separates the leaves from the nuts. Now, you are hearing the sound of the aspirator.

When we eat Nutella, it is from you. They are next to us. Taste it.

Nutella. Ricotta. With honey, it is soft like molasses. It is not hard at all. Very good. Wow.

What's happening? There is a feeling that moves the emotions more than fine dining. 3 stars Michelin. We have some cheese and some honey. Wow.

It is a small local enterprise. We only sell products from surrounding villages. This is the honey.

This is the chestnut. In this episode, there will be Italian, Arabic, English, and French. Cocktail. Each one will understand a piece or 2 groups together for 10 days.

The real traditional old Italy. They are very close to us. We are not far. In the Mediterranean Sea, the village looks like a clean land but it is the same. The same way of houses. There is a horse down there.

Many people say that we look like each other. Here, respecting the village, we are learning this. Anyway, the same vibe, the same atmosphere, the same smile, the same generosity.

They still say that in houses, people sleep and leave the keys outside. The same generosity, the same flavors, passion, colors, fruits, vegetables, milk, and so on, which we will discover in the upcoming days. I am trying to understand why this drone is not working. I am trying to understand why they are telling me not to take off in such scenes before the sun goes down. It is not possible not to fly a drone. Let's see if it will work.

I decided to buy a small drone as much as I take responsibility for the big drone. Let's see. There. Location error. That's it. It is new.

Let's go back. We are back. We are back. Did you think that we ate a lot? Yes. They sent me to eat. I don't know. They thought that they only invited us for cheese.

Dare El Manal, Rekbet Tanjelet El Pasta, we are still at the beginning of the road. All of them are appetizers. There is something hanging here.

This is called Cashew Caballo and Piccato. It is a speciality here. When we finish the meat, all the barbecue will take the wood. We get this ladder and put it on the barbecue. Now, it is called Cashew Caballo and Piccato. Piccato means Pond.

We put it on it and the coal starts to go down to put the bread. We have work to do. I came for the pasta. Salatelli Salatelli Salatelli is a pasta that is very... It is the pasta of the region here.

Salatelli is the pasta dish that we don't find outside of Jordan. Salatelli, when someone arrives, it is a large spaghetti that is made on purpose and the funghi guacini are attached. It is a short spaghetti. For those who don't know, each region of Italy has a pasta that looks like a tomato. There is a pasta that looks like a tomato where there is a large bacchiere to be stuffed more. Each region has its own pasta.

These are like tagliatelle but they are cut into small pieces. Why small pieces? Because the pasta is long and the funghi doesn't stick to the pasta. Another important thing is that the pasta was born in Grania, a village next to Sorrento.

It was born here in the region. All kinds of pasta. Then it spread and went to America. The Arab world is interested in pasta.

Before it went to other regions in Italy, it went to America where the immigrants were born. From America, it returned to Italy in the north of Italy. Since it is a dry pasta, it is not a fresh pasta, we put a thin layer of oil so that the pasta doesn't stick.

It is a handmade pasta. This is a normal pasta. These are the porcini. Where do they come from? From Monte Terminio. How long does it take to get here? One hour by car. One hour by car.

Then by foot another three quarters of an hour. When you walk in the mountains, how long does it take? I go in the mountains. I used to go a few times. Before I used to go, now I don't. You always walk. Once I went with Luizio and he came from the other side.

Do you go there every day? Every day. Every day I go there. At five in the morning? Yes. The first time I came here, we were with the brothers. Alfonso, what are you going to do? We are going to harvest greens. We are going to harvest greens.

I was young. I just got here. We went in the mountains. One hour by car, then four or five hours by foot. At the time we were 27-28 years old, we were walking, and Alfonso, who was the oldest, was 500 meters in front of us in a mountain like that. I was on Castrogena now. Alfonso was a former paratrooper

in the Italian army. He walks, we call him, we say Camila, like a goat. He walks like a goat. And I was the last time I was there. I can eat them here,

but I have to go up there. More precious, eh? Yes, it is on the mountain. Below, in San Castagnetti, it is darker. Darker, eh? More precious, eh? Yes, more precious.

Below, in San Castagnetti, it is darker. It's good, eh? Yes, it's good. How are you? How are you? I am fine. Pasta. Pasta should be eaten al dente. It should be eaten only al dente. First of all, you know it from the way it stands.

Look how it stands. It doesn't move. Al dente to the extent that it breaks.

It needs to be cut. Hmm? Mamma mia. Can you hear it? Please don't overcook pasta. Al dente. As it is. Very simple, simple ingredients.

And a lot of love. Homemade spices. Homemade cooking.

Thank you very much. You're welcome. Antoinette, we want to thank you. No, thank you. Thank you.

Thank you very much. I have to put another one. Or is it okay like this? Yes, yes. I'm going to eat this one. One, two, three, and four is yours.

Put that one in the fridge. This is Podolica. It's a cow from here, which is in the meadows of the region next door. You are going to taste a local meat, which is raised, and it only eats preys from the mountains that are just around here.

And what comes in this meat, is a meat that has 15 days of maturation. And when it comes after 15 days of maturation, it throws all the blood away and we only keep the flavor. First impression, there is no liquid. There is no fat.

The fire is not smoking. Its texture makes you want to play with it like this. But I won't touch it. Ricky is in the barbecue. He is still preparing. I thought we are going to eat cheese and continue.

It's still lunch time. It's 6.30 a.m. Yes. We understood cheese and pasta.

But what is this? This is Italian meat. Everything is Italian. What is this tenderness? What is this greatness? What is this liquid inside? Unbelievable. Character. It's not melted like Kobe or Wagyu that goes. It has character.

Not for me. Yes, for you. For me. Marco.

Marco is not Italian. I am cutting down on food this week. I am cutting down on food this week. I decided to come to Italy and cut down on food.

Marco is an Italian. We are still having lunch. We say Lebanese people sit for 6 hours. It's 7 now. We are still having lunch. What is for dinner? curiosity Arpegnio.

Grāzed. 40 days. It's the steaks.

It's not the fillets. I want to see the reaction of this one I wish I filmed it before putting it in my mouth Here, it's very thick It's definitely harder Full body Very strong texture It's very gooey It tastes better This one is tastier Go, go to know if I will be able to breathe with you to another place There's more? Where are we? What else do we have? Now, the Caciocavallo Impiccato This cheese is made in Erpina It's very famous And in all the parties here For example, Eid al-Sayed, August 15th In all the parties that take place in the summer in the villages One of the favorite stands is the Caciocavallo Impiccato So, Impiccato means Machnou It's a cheese made from fresh cow's milk It doesn't have to be aged Because when it's fresh, it stays more after the water So, it's more fondant So, it's put on a sieve like this one And on top of the fire Marco, this is going to be an exceptional thing For those who don't know It sticks a little bit higher than the fire And then, little by little, the cheese comes down Now, we're going to put some bread So, the deluxe version of the Caciocavallo Impiccato When the cheese comes down They put a pie on top That's the whole story So, this cheese We don't have a cheese plate We have the Caciocavallo Impiccato Hey! We're going to have a deluxe one Let's go A little bit of cheese Let's go Dog barking Dog barking Dog barking Dog barking Dog barking Dog barking It starts with its smell Roasted And then comes the smell of the bread Which is sourdough And then comes the cheese We're back We're back Where were they hiding all this? All this time Can I make an extra? We're still having lunch I'm telling you again It's getting dark We're catching up On the table, we have What's it called in Italian? Bagnola crema Which you know Let's eat it later Here, there's another one Alla nocciola What caught my attention Is the creation That they say is from here But it's not It's a store that started in France But it doesn't deny That it's a very important thing in Italy Neapolitan Baba Oram It's well soaked It's soft And spongy It's amazing Oh my god I want to eat something that's not good Impressive When you go to France Boom Explosion in the mouth Sugar, sweetness Oh my goodness Now you have an episode on one lunch Let's pack our stuff And we'll be back What do we have here? This is Limoncelle I don't know There's also Lemon cream Cream and lemon You can make it lemon from Amalfi this is a winner it's a lemon delight but to tell you the truth this which is very tasty I honestly I tried it everywhere in France I miss this like in Naples there are different versions but this is the classic the original version 2 glasses of wine top a glass of champagne because I didn't drink enough what a man you are thank you cheers and the first night and the first lunch and the first night I don't know how to say it 8 lemons of the coast you macerate only the skin after 15 days you can make the limoncello so you have to boil a liter of water a kilo of sugar after 5 minutes you turn off and pour everything inside and you close it and wait for it to cool then you filter it and you put it in the bottle then you put it in the freezer we are talking about this the limoncello of the country I don't know what she said if anyone knows Italian write it down in English what's important what she said I tell you that this limoncello I have never tasted in my life the thickness the texture the smell the lemon zest the feeling of burning the fire inside the lime the sound of the lime inside what she said I don't know I want to try it in Lebanon I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

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