Indian Man Brings The Ash Of His Mother To Lahore | Scatters Ash In Lahore

Indian Man Brings The Ash Of His Mother To Lahore | Scatters Ash In Lahore

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Today our friend Atul Hajila has come from India. From Delhi. To scatter his mother's ashes in a village near Lahore. She belonged to Ibn Wali village. I knew that as a man grows older, he begins to look more fondly at his past, but that he wants to be the fragrance of his soil after rising from it, to smell in the leaven of this soil. , want to bloom a flower together in this soil Maybe I didn't know This feeling is echoed in the stories of migration at the time of partition in Punjab.

Atul Hajila works at American Express. Grew up in Delhi. Studied there then went to Australia. He speaks Urdu very well. Learned Punjabi from grandparents. His maternal grand mother belonged to Lahore۔ There are very few Indians who can pronounce khay as khay and gaaf as ghain Atul is one of them He has come to Pakistan for the first time. Scatter your mother's ashes. Village Ibn Wali Gujranwala. Taimur and Shahbaz are his guides. Atul has had a good tour.

I was contacted by Atulji on email, I could not check the email but somehow we met. And I am thankful to Atul that he waited for me for two or four days that when I meet him, he will go to the village to spread the ashes of his mother. Where his mother and aunts and others used to visit. Here Ibn Wali has come to scatter the ashes of his mother. Who is not familiar with Khushwant Singh. He was a great writer of India, a very intelligent person.

He belonged to Hadali, a village in Chakwal. That is, he was born in Hadali. Who is not familiar with Khushwant Singh? A Train To Pakistan. He was the author of many books including A great writer of India. He migrated to India from Hadali, a village in Chakwal He spent his whole life in India. He saw the whole world.

Wrote stories. Earn a name. But never forgot Hadali. After his death, the children picked his ashes in the school wall of Hadali. According to the will of Khushwant Singh. He could not come in Pakistan. could not come to Hadali , but his ashes came. What kind of love is it with own soil? I am trying to understand this feeling.

I always ask the people who live away from their homeland that it has been 37, 38, 40, 50 years since you settled away from your land, are you prosperous and developed So how do you feel now when you people think about your homeland? think about your soil? Lahore will always live in our memory. It is very difficult to forget the memory of Lahore. I think that Lahore was very open during our time and now it has become very expanded. You can see how big it has become, looking north-east-west I have not found a single person who has said that he is thankful to have escaped from here. I don't remember anything like that.

Mandra Nair, granddaughter of India's famous journalist Kuldeep Nair, brought his ashes to Lahore from India and washed them in the Ravi River. Mandra said Kuldeep lived in Delhi but his soul wandered in Lahore. Today, Atul Hajila has arrived here with the ashes of his mother in Lahore to scatter them in Ibn Wali. Wants to see those streets, neighborhoods, intersections that their mother used to mention, what their grandmother used to do. Atul Hajila heard a lot about Lahore. His aunts are still alive, Mashallah.

That is why he is familiar with the every corner of Gujranwala Lahore after hearing about them Atul has to take Shabhu's mutton tikki and Khalifa's khatais to Delhi fromTaxali. So we are going to Taxali Ok tell me when your mother used to scold you, did she scold you in Punjabi language or in Urdu? She used to scold me in Urdu and Punjabi as well as in English My grandmother used to say that you people are Indians, we used to say, Grandma, who are you? If we are Indians? good To the end of her life, Nani did not believe that she too was Indian. Atul's mother belonged to the Sikh religion and father to the Hindu religion but both belonged to the Arya Samaj.

Atul himself has a secular mind and considers religious buildings and personalities as a chapter of history. His idiom is also beyond religious symbols, signs We have come to Shabhu's shop. To eat halwa puri, gram and mutton tikkis My situation is like that of a person who sees a banana peel and says, "I will have to slip again today".

Sir, it is said that Pathoras cannot be eaten more than two but we eat 6,6. When some of my friends used to invite me to eat Pathoras, I was told that you should eat something from home but when you are invited, you have to eat from home too My hand does not stop at eating. I tell Rasheed that the problem is not about food but about stopping the hand. Puri Chane Halwa. Every day I say forget you. I forget this thing every day. On the front wall, the introduction of Shabhu's shop is written like a title note Shahabuddin Shahabu Beautiful fruits from the shop, Seth Shahabuddin Halwai Sweets made from desi ghee The plate is sitting Crispy Patisa and Balu Shahi Mix pitha, miso and rasmalai Katlamas of mince Shakarparas in the evening See the view of Lahore Halwa puri is very good.

Our friend Ali Bhai is a Food vlogger. He along with Tipu Bhai had fed tikkis from here some time ago. Sometimes people ask me about food points, but I am interested in food. Telling about it and then comparing, eating from different places is difficult for me. I only go to tried and tested places.

Only I can eat the foods mentioned by me. My friends used to say, "Don't talk about beauty, taste and kites". By the way, it was difficult to speak on any subject in front of them. However, tikkis and whole gram have been liked by Atul.

Sorry, Atul likes to be called Atul. That's why I'm not saying Atul ji. Haveli Dhyan Singh is also in Taxali which Atul wants to see. He has heard all this from his grandmother We have shown this mansion in great detail in a Vlog. A Mughal-era mansion with huge pillars that remained in the possession of the Sikhs after the Mughals.

This is the same mansion where the prison sequence of The Legend of Moolah Jat was shot. It was not easy to get to his basement because the floor is very weak. During my visit I was also stepped with fear. The children have a holiday. Actually, the headmaster is not there and it is not possible to visit the mansion without his permission because he has the key. Atul can guess something from the outside.

Therefore, I am making him visit this mansion from outside Sir, this is Dhyan Singh's mansion and inside it there is a hall very wide it has big pillars the prison scene of Moula Jat movie was shot here. Is this someone's residence? Yes, this is accommodation because people settled over time. 100 years old, this tree is still there.

School and yard used to be a part of Haveli Dhyan Singh. These children are playing cricket. Playing cricket with children has its own fun. Especially if you challenge them to bowl fast and they accept it, the child also accepts that challenge.

Wow, I did a great flick. Cricketers know that a good shot is as good as a good poem. A person works hard all day, cricketers understand this. Atul made the whole activity very enjoyable. You saw the children hiding their ball and collected money from Rasheed Ul Hassan. Haha.

But it is their right. Seeing the streets and bazaars of Lahore, Atul feels as if he is passing through the streets of Delhi. In some places, the streets are narrow and in some places it is difficult to walk due to the rush. I myself get lost in these streets. Qamar Ali Murad's navigation skills come in handy. Dhyan Singh Haveli is on this side? Of course Do you remember correctly? Of course Sometimes we go in opposite directions.

I don't remember those streets and houses anymore I don't remember who lived where Demonstration of beauty was that house, Whose names are not remembered now It was a lovely little house ، I don't remember who I saw there I remember like a ladder، Do not remember the door and wall Remember the humming spring I don't remember the noise of autumn Ahmed Mushtaq is one of the few great poets of our era Atul is also very fond of poetry. Haveli Naunhal Singh We have shown it to our viewers but every time we want to see his artwork. We came here at Haveli Naunhal Singh with Atul. The conspiracies of Dhyan Singh and Sindhiawala Sardars against the Sikh royal family killing Kharak Singh by poisoning, dropping the rock of Roshnai Gate on Naunhal killing Naunhal Singh's mother Chand Kaur with maids in this mansion cutting off the noses and ears of the maids, and threw into Ravi river Getting Sher Singh killed and then Dhyan Singh himself being killed by the Sindhiawala chiefs. Atul was very surprised to hear the torture in this mansion.

Three hundred years old stairs, ceiling still preserved in the upper rooms. The pictorial story of Krishna in this room. Atal is not a religious man but a dutiful son with a sensitive heart who carries his mother's ashes. In the street, in his villages, he has brought to scatter in the soil from which her life rose. Did the mother wish her ashes to be brought here? It wasn't that she (mother) had many wishes. But she had fond memories of this place in her heart and as she got older she talked more about what we used to do here, the house. How was it, what kind of things were being said about Gujranwala?

About Gujranwala. Born in Ibn Wali village, she went to school there, then came to Gujranwala city and continued her education. She had also lived in Quetta for some time, Abbottabad and Peshawar. She also went to Srinagar twice. Then when did she go to Delhi from here? Mother? She went to Shimla after partition. Her father didn't like the weather there, so she went to Delhi.

So you got your Punjabi style from your mother? From mothers, grandmothers and aunts, uncles etc. Grandparents were all from Gujranwala, Lahore. So dad? He was from Delhi. Father's family background was from Agra.Okay Mother's heart was longing for her homeland, so she came to visit here for that reason? I say that her (mother's) country was India and Australia too, but her original homeland remained the same.

Wow, very good, what is the difference between homeland and country? You can travel all over the world and take citizenship anywhere, but the homeland is the place where you spent your childhood and boyhood. After leaving Haveli left Naunhal Singh and now we are going to Mochi but through Lohari. Mochi to go to Khalifa? Want to go on foot? Yes, on foot. Proceed from this street, go straight and turn right and ask that you have to go to Mochi Darwaza near Khalifa Bakery, keep asking. Will reach. Hahaha Maqbool Bhai in Lohari has been selling syrup for a hundred years.

We come here to drink syrup and refresh ourselves. Maqbool Bhai also fed sweet phaki as an antidote to the congealed oil of the puris. If such things feed me as much as I want, I can finish them all. Hahaha So sir, how was the digestive powder? It was very good.

Pomegranate seeds, nutmeg, white cumin seeds and many other things are added in it. Because all the ingredients are given, people have to prepare them. Should be secret. Of course, the work that is going on from generation to generation should remain the same, that is, with the secret.

Taryaq means antidote Antidote is for poison, but cooking oil is no less than poison. The oil that you have eaten has been frozen to make it easier to digest. That is, drinking cold water on your chest will not cause oil to accumulate. So Churan should clear this accumulated oil. May your digestion also be fine. It has felt completely cold. There are fennel, nutmeg, chicory flower in it. It is being recorded. Hahaha. Secret. No problem.

The fate of the Lohari gate is about to wake up once again. Renovation work is going on. Not flower stalls, not peddlers, not a rush of vehicles, not a crowd of people. He has spent thirty years of his life in Delhi. Nothing is new for Atul. But the mood of Lahore is different.

The way of life is different, the color is different, Lahories look carefree from above but very smart from inside they do not become bold in front of women, they become lions in front of men. They are saying from above that he is dead, but they are playing games from inside. I remembered a tribute to Ustad Daman that he wrote for Lahore Live O' my city Lahore Live. Your every person is colourful and naughty

There is no other city before you, let there be a light within you, seal the saints everywhere, you are called Data ki Nagri, there is nothing beyond you, Long live my city Lahore, the festivals are coming. Along with some periods, fairs are everywhere, 9 festivals in eight days, Cows and buffaloes at every door، eat butter and drink milk lassi, Long live my city Lahore, flowers are smelling all around, beautiful birds. They are smiling, the angels smile at you, there is brilliance inside you, never be dark here, Long live my city Lahore, you are the hope for those who come from far away, You are like a parent keeper of those who are tormented by hunger. Guard of the beautiful flag, let there be happiness in your yard, laugh and play daughters and sons, Long live my city Lahore, your job is cheerful youth, wealth is a thing that comes and goes, the story is being heard in every city, Daman if someone has not seen Lahore What did he see again? Long live my city Lahore Atul wants the Khatai biscuits of Khalifa to be taken to India.

Just as we are crazy about Haldi Ram's snacks, the Khatai of Indian Khalifa. Built in 1643, Masjid Saleh Kamboh, Atul was left stunned. It looks modern from the outside, but the inside has been preserved from the 17th century. The glory of Mochi is different. There is a market equipped with fireworks. The mixed aroma of sweets, kebabs and pickles is fragrant

Atul was told about Lal Kho where King Jahangir imprisoned Guru Arjun Devji. He told about his friendship with Hazrat Mian Mir. Chowk Nawab and Muhammad Hussain passed through the library and reached Mubarak Haveli In order to give shelter to Shah Shuja, he was told to come and exchange turbans, then both of them exchanged turbans, so the Koh Noor diamond in Shah Shuja's turban came into Ranjit Singh's turban. The British looted India very grandly and brazenly. We reached Khalifa's bakery in front of Katri Jwala Singh.

Atal liked Khatai Biscuits, so packed 6 boxes to give as a gift in India. Going From Mochi to Akbari. Along the way, the scent of spices, herbs and spices wafts into the soul.

The looting of the East India Company was here. Now there is another kind of looting. People bring black money from here and there and buy old havelis, which are later converted into godowns. Legal method may also be used but there is a way to buy properties with tax free income.

Now we are going to a village Ibn Wali where Atul will spread the ashes of his mother. Reached here after a forty minute drive. It is a small village with fields and old houses. Not knowing which soil was the soil of the homeland Dust in the eyes and dust in the liver. Atul scatters the ashes of his mother as if he is immortalizing her.

As if he is handing her over to someone of his own. As if he is fulfilling his desire to meet his soil without ashes. Empty the bag full of ashes like the ashes of seperation and it will become the flowers of meet. Lala and Gul are also born from soil in the same way. Atul's mother used to sit with her sisters and used to talk about Gujranwala.

She belonged to the Arya Samajh. Married for love. When I was 20 years old, I saw a play in Delhi. Whoever has not seen Lahore was never born. Wow After seeing that, according to Munir Niazi: The city is wonderful, may your doors and roofs be blessed So what he heard means everything that was related to Lahore has been attractive to us Your mother, aunts played a big role in this, they told things and kept the memories alive, it was a very good thing. Then the mood of your poetry was also born I don't know.

Because you haven't studied in a regular Urdu school. It's exactly like that But as your lips and tone, as you speak and your taste in Urdu Actually, I have a bit too much taste. His mother married with a man, despite family opposition, as they studied together. This marriage was a combination of Punjab and UP. They have come back to Balwala's office while talking.

Atul wants to read a poem on Heart to Heart Indo-Pak. We are strangers after so much hospitality Then we will become acquaintances after a many meetings When will the spotless green spring appear? How many rains will the blood stains be washed away? There were very painless moments of love There were very unkind mornings after kind nights The heart wanted, but the defeated heart did not give respite Some even hug after prayers Life gave charity to those who went to ask him, Faiz After all that was left unsaid Give your opinion Your feedback and comments are very important to us

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