Incredible First DAY IN OMAN (Dolphins & Fjords in Boat Tour) EP.107 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

Incredible First DAY IN OMAN (Dolphins & Fjords in Boat Tour)  EP.107 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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And they have a great seating arrangement over here. Looks like you are sitting in their drawing room. He's making coffee for us. That's Arabic qahwa. Thank you. As soon as a dolphin is spotted... All the boats gather at a point.

Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Khasab, Oman. It's our first but wonderful morning here. I'm sitting at a breakfast table. I'm gonna show that in a minute. I'll have to finish my breakfast rather quickly.

There's a lot of food. But we have our boat tour today. We'll go to the sea and visit some islands. Also includes snorkeling and swimming. But the main attraction are the dolphins.

That's what that's been promised to us. Don't know if we'll see all of it. As you can see, I've got myself some fruits. And I was also able to get my hands on whole grain bread.

An omelette. I think this is melon juice. Here's some yogurt along with some almonds. Let's start with the name of Allah, finish our breakfast and leave. Check out this amazing view... with light clouds in the backdrop. It's neither hot nor cold.

Best temperature... Around 25 degrees. There's a light breeze as well. I think we are gonna have a good time at sea today.

Here we have Sadiq. Are you from Kerala? Yes I am. How long have you been here for? Almost 11 years.

He's gonna take us for the tour. How long will the tour be, Sadiq? It will start at 9.30 am and go up till 4 pm. 4 p.m. Okay. And what are we gonna see today? Dolphin watching, swimming, snorkeling...

How's the snorkeling here? It's good. Let's see. We'll see two islands.

Sleepy island and telegraph island. We have reached our destination. The boats you are seeing right now are the ones that take the tourists to the sea. There are some fishing boats as well. You can easily differentiate between the two. The ones that are decorated are for the tourists.

It's rather lively out here for this early in the day. Probably because of the high number of tourists. The big ship at the back is another reason. He must be our captain. How are you, Sir? I'm good. Thanks Sadiq. See you again.

Need to place our shoes here. That's because they have carpets on the floor. And it's preferred to remove the shoes before sitting. And they have a great seating arrangement over here. Looks like you are sitting in their drawing room. I've never experienced such an atmosphere in any of my boat trips before.

They have given it a touch of their culture and tradition. It looks really nice. It's beautiful. Feels like sailing in comfort and luxury. Another eight persons are coming to this trip.

I came to know that there are about 10 people in this trip. Hopefully we are gonna enjoy. I was told that we could do a kayak ride. That would be splendid. This is a double decker boat.

Let's go upstairs and see what it's like there. Looks like they have got full kayak gear. That's the upper floor. Quite similar. There's plenty of room here.

I think this space must be enough for 50 to 60 people. That is if we combine the capacity on both floors. There's a cruise ship in the sea. That's why the place was more crowded than usual, today.

He's making coffee for us. This is Arabic qahwa. Thank you. Such a luxury tour. Good thing is that there are not too many people here. That's why I'm making this video more comfortably. Imagine trying to make this video in a boat full of people.

Since we have our drone, we can request them to let us fly it. But I feel that it may not be allowed here. I mean, Iran is nearby ... and it's sort of a sensitive area. So flying a drone may not be a good idea. Anyways, there's no harm in asking. You never know what happens.

Till then, let's enjoy our qahwa. Finally our boat has sailed away. We left at 10... although it was supposed to happen at 9:30. So it took another half an hour for everyone to get here. That's when we started. There are almost 10 of us in the boat.

The half day package is till 1 pm. Whereas the full day package is till 4 pm. The third one is overnight camping. You sleep in the boat. But that's mostly for private tours. I did try to get that but it wasn't available.

I mean why would they do it for one person only. That would have been really expensive. The full day package is between 15 and 20, depending on the activities you opt for. I'm talking in terms of riyals; not dollars.

Because riyal is stronger than dollar. You can say it's almost 50 dollars or so. That's when you go for all the activities. It also includes lunch. I'm gonna enjoy the trip.

If I see something interesting, I'll share it with you all. As you can see, there is an island on our left. The one we are coming from is on our right. So now..

That path goes behind the island. There's a small village back there. And that's where we are gonna make a stop. I noticed that all the boats here are going in that direction. There are at least another half a dozen boats sailing along with us. Two of them are here.

That's the third one. Another two are in front of us. The path seems to be continuing this way. Feels like our trip is gonna be more interesting now. I thought he was gonna stop at some location behind the island. Because he had mentioned a small village at this location.

But I don't seem to find that village anywhere so far. There may be one over there. But we are not going in that direction.

There are a few fishermen villages here. But they are really small with hardly 10 houses. I've been told that these villages do not have the road connectivity with Khasab. Only fishermen live here and use their boats to get to the city. There are no services like a school or hospital.

They say that they can get there in 15 to 20 minutes on a speed boat. And their kids go to schools in the city. I can see some sort of a castle here in the distance. Let me give you a glimpse as we get close. So this is our first stop.

It's called Telegraph island. These are shallow waters here. This could as well be the swimming stop. Give me the rope first. Sure it takes a lot of energy, guys. I could hardly stay in water for not more than 25 minutes.

I tried to stay close to the boat to avoid any unforeseen problem. It's not like our motorcycle that we can take anywhere. Since ours is a big boat, it can't get too close to the island. That's why we are not going to the island. Let's relax here for some time. They have given us some snacks.

They told me there looking for dolphins. Because, most of the people on this tour are here to see dolphins. We have a full day ahead of us. Let's hope for the best. One of the guys told me that due to more sea traffic today, we may not see any dolphins at all. But... one should hope for the best. Our lunch has been prepared.

As you can see, we have white rice and lentils. What's this? This is a different type of lentil. This, here, is chicken. And... what do we have here? It's fish.

Hummus ... vegetables ... Pretty nice menu though. Thank you so much. Thanks I'd like to start by trying the rice and lentils.

Let's grab a piece of fish as well. It's delicious. Isn't this amazing?? wonderful We are really close to the island now.

These are shallow waters. That's why it appears to be green. And the sand at the bottom is white. I still don't know why this place is not so famous. If you compare it with other places of this sort. I mean it's not too far from Dubai.

And you have seen what a large number of tourists it receives. But in comparison, the number of tourists here decreases drastically. I feel this is due to lack of advertisement.

Or could be something else. Because this place is easily accessible. Getting a visa is not a problem. Despite that, I see very few tourists here. And...

I think this is one of the most beautiful places that I have seen. For people coming to visit Dubai or any other place in UAE, coming here is not a problem for them. They must visit this place. After the lunch, we are being taken to another village. Since it's a full day tour, things are quite relaxed.

The guy was saying that we are gonna go to some village. And we'll get to spend another hour or so, over there to relax. What an amazing place this is. I highly recommend this place. I'm sure this place is gonna get a lot of shout out through social media in next few years. Better to come and see this place before that.

We are on our way back now. As soon as we see a dolphin, all these boats will get together at one spot. We are getting a glimpse or two.

But it's not like we can watch them continuously. However, we do get to see a dolphin here and there. We are back in Khasab now. This beach is right next to my hotel. It's such an amazing beach.

Check out how clean this water is. You can see that some people are camping at this beach. Here you can see that they have a full setup beside their motor home. With sofas and everything. There's a kitchen tent as well.

This whole area belongs to them. There are more tents on the other side too. If they need some privacy, they cordon off the area around the tent. And over here, there's this beautiful looking rock formation. There's a plane flying above in the sky.

That's probably headed to the airport in Khasab. There is hardly an hour long flight from Muscat to here. Overall, this is one of the best first days for me at any place. You can see the happiness on my face.

We got here yesterday and today we spent a full day properly. We had a sea tour today that we thoroughly enjoyed. I hope you guys like this vlog. The tourist company that I traveled with is called Dolphin Travel and Tourism. I'll put their details in the description. Just book a seat and visit.

You can mention that you reached them through me. I'm not getting any personal benefit from this, though. Nevertheless, these are really nice guys.

Let me give you a glimpse of the hotel where I've been staying. Not too far from here. It's a pretty amazing place as well. I highly recommend it to everyone; especially those who are living in UAE. You have such an amazing place close to your home.

Do give it a visit and enjoy yourself. Do remember me in your prayers. My drone is up now. Hope to see some drone shots in our upcoming vlogs. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

2023-01-28 22:36

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