i found the COOLEST sims builds on the gallery

i found the COOLEST sims builds on the gallery

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I want to show you some really, really cool Sims  builds that were made by members of our community. I do these little things called shell  challenges sometimes where essentially   I make a really weird shaped box  that is the shell of a Sims build. There's not anything on it,  it's just a big empty box. Usually they're bigger than this,  they've got like two stories,   sometimes there's basements, but  this time I made a really tiny shell. It's almost like just one little tiny room and  the idea is that I put this on the gallery and   I challenge you all to download it  and turn this shell into something.

The rules are really open-ended, you could  take this and you could make it into a house,   it could be a park, you could make a museum. I mean you can literally do anything, the only  rule is that these existing walls have to remain. So at the end, we've all built  something using the exact same box,   the exact same shell, but there's like,  thousands of different takes on it. This is one of my all-time favorite things  to do. It's just a fun community thing for  

us and it's also such an impressive  showcase of people's creativity. There's something kind of magical about us all  having the exact same starting point and like,   I made a little off the grid cabin, you made  an alien house, somebody else made a ship,   you know, like there's just so many  different ways that you could take this. And so with that being said, I want  to show you a few builds that I've   seen on the gallery that I think are pretty cool. Before we get started I want to give a  little quick disclaimer that obviously   despite my best efforts, it is literally  impossible to show off everyone's builds. I did a stream on my Twitch channel where  I toured a bunch of these last week and   in the stream we like, randomize  it and picked the names randomly,   and literally like 3,000 people redeemed  the request to have their build toured,   and that was just from my Twitch stream, let  alone like, everybody from YouTube that did it. So I want to apologize if I didn't get a chance  to see your build. This one is harder than usual  

because it's so small, it's like, easier to  enter and sometimes enter more than once. So there are a lot of builds using this  shell on the gallery. The whole goal of   shell challenges is for it to be fun and  for it to inspire you, so I really don't   want anybody to be sad if I didn't see their  build or if I didn't put it in this video. And also I want to say, please don't   feel bad about yourself or your own build  because of how the builds in this video are. I know it's really easy to look  at these builds and think like,   oh my god, I suck at building, but the  thing is nobody is a bad Sims builder. Your build is not worse than  anybody else's, I promise.

I don't want you to watch this video and  have the takeaway be like, oh, I suck. I want you to like, take away  ideas and inspiration instead. This should be fun, right? The goal  is for it to be a positive experience,   so I want to show you what I built first. I made a whole video on this that I can link  down below for you if you want to watch the   speed build, but I took that shell and I turned  it into like, a tiny little off-the-grid cabin. It's very overgrown, you can see it's  very wooden and like, handcrafted.

We've got planter boxes and woodworking  tables, stuff to do laundry outside. There's a lot of outdoor stuff because the  inside is so small so we kind of have like,   an outdoor kitchen almost with  a grill and a picnic table. Around here we've got a fire pit.  And then inside the house it's got  

the off the grid lot trait so  electricity doesn't work here. So there's candles everywhere to light  up the place, we've got a fireplace. There's a little teeny tiny kitchen  because technically sinks and fridges   do work off the grid, but you have  to keep adding ice to them and like,   collecting water from the lake and stuff  so there is a counter and you could like,   make a salad if you wanted to, but most  of your cooking would have to be outside. We have a tiny little bathroom with  like, a handcrafted toilet and tub,   and then a tiny little bedroom as well.

I had so much fun building this and like,   thinking up the story and it's always so  cool to be limited by the shape of the shell. It was especially hard to figure  out what to do in this weird little   corner so it's really fun to see  what you all did with the layout,   how you made your floor plan, what you put  in this little corner, how you roofed it. So the first one that I want to show you  is actually like, completely opposite. This is the Pink Flamingo by my friend  LittleDica. This is not a house at all,   instead it's a restaurant and you can already  tell the style is completely different.

So here's what he did with it and you can  see he used a lot of platforms to try and   expand the roof, but the main building  is still the same little tiny shell. So actually inside there's  kind of like, a check-in desk. There's also a disgusting bathroom in  this building, like actually horrifying. I do not want to set foot in here. And then there's a little tiny kitchen as well,   fully functional so you can  use this as a restaurant.

Most of the seating is outdoors,   so underneath this cool covered area with  like, a glass roof, there's some tables. Each of these tables has a lava  lamp on it which is pretty cool. There's some more outdoor seating over here  and like a little performance area with a bar,   so there's like a dance floor,  we can play some music here. I'm really impressed by the lighting on this lot,   like all the different colors of the  lighting I think work really well together. And I like this story that it tells.  In the description, he talks about how  

the place was going to be closed and  replaced, but everybody kind of like,   rallied around it in fear of missing  out and now it's a celebrity hot spot. And then he goes, don't go to  the loo though, dot dot dot... Yeah, no, do not go to that bathroom. I want to try and get through as many builds  as I can so we're gonna move on to the next one   and this one is actually also a restaurant, but  it's not just a restaurant, it's a food truck.

This is by Art801 on the gallery, so  they turned the shell into a truck. This is one of the most creative  things I have ever seen,   and you can tell the shell is right here. We have like, the back of the truck,  they turned that weird little corner   into an open door and they just sized  up a debug car and put it in it. They decorated the inside with like, a bunch  of stuff in the bed of the truck, and then   attached to it there's like, the kitchen part,  the functional kitchen part of the restaurant.

So your Sims can come here, they can walk right  up and order, we've got some outdoor seating. They made a fake Road and they even put like, some  barriers and stuff here so Sims don't drive there. I mean not that you have any problem with that,   um, Sims just don't drive,  but they made a fake road.

And then they kind of built the rest of the  lot into a park space, so there's like statues,   we have some benches, we even have a  bathroom and some picnic tables over here. I just think this whole idea is so clever,   I don't understand how people can look at  that shell and be like, oh, food truck. It's just amazing to me how  people's minds work and like,   how differently we all saw the exact same thing. Like, you would never look at this and know that  it was the same as the cabin that I built, right? But it is! It's the same box, just  used in a completely different way. And by the way, I'm gonna have all  of these builds listed down below   in order so you can find them on the gallery.

This next one is a house, it's the Lil Lake  Base Game House by madamredo on the gallery. I really like how it's so modern and it's  completely base game, there are no packs. So on the outside we used a  lot of platforms with the roof,   I was so intrigued by how they roofed this  part because I had the hardest time figuring   out what kind of roof to put on top of  this weird triangle bit that I added. I really liked the combo of the  platform and the gable roof.

Platforms are a good way to add some  more dimension to these shells because   you can't really add full walls, but you can  do like, half walls and platforms and stuff. This one is amazing because they've  turned the entire thing into a lake. There is a lot of terrain manipulation happening  here, there's some fish, we've got out here kind   of like a deck, it's almost like a dock to  be honest, so you can paint on the easel. You can fish in this water as well. In the front  they've put a fake car and a mailbox so there's  

kind of like a driveway, and then around the  back we have like, a little back patio almost. We have some planter boxes, some lounge chairs,   they put a pool and I really like this, like the  pool kind of backed up into the lake right here. When you actually come into the house though,   obviously it's very small because  it's like, a tiny, tiny, tiny shell.

We've got a little kitchen right here, we  have a dining table and a full living room. They've decorated this so it could work for  an infant, so we have like, a high chair. I really like these two coffee tables layered  together. Back here we've got a bathroom,   which is honestly huge. My bathroom was only  two by two, they made theirs really big,   but I guess you need it because they  need to have a bathtub and stuff.

So they decorated it really fancy, we have  like, some clutter back here in the corner,   we even have like, baby things,  like the wipes and the diapers,   we've got a toilet and a sink  and everything right here. And then over on this side is the bedroom,  so we have the main bed, we've got a little   tiny office space, and then in this corner  we have like, a little nook for the baby. I haven't used the orange swatches on this yet   and I'm kind of obsessed with how  this fox rug looks with that crib.

I also really like how this floor plan  is laid out. It almost feels big inside. I don't understand how this happens, but  with these shells, so often we'll all have   the same thing, but like, one person will  have four bedrooms and then somebody else   will have one and it's just so interesting  to see how people use the space differently,   and I love this like, little nursery nook  for the baby, I think that is so cute. I think a lot of people get discouraged because  they're like, oh, you know, I only have the   base game, but sincerely, you can do some  really impressive builds with the base game. This obviously is a perfect example. Believe it  or not, this next one is also base game only. This is the "Simposter" Film Set by IMaePlay.  They turned the shell into an entire film set.

There is so much on this lot that  I have literally never seen before,   but to do this they used a lot of debug. If you type TestingCheats  on, bb.ShowHiddenObjects,   and then bb.ShowLiveEditObjects -- I  know, it's a lot, I know -- you can   access the debug menu and this is like, all  the stuff that gets used in the environment.

So that first debug cheat  unlocked all of the like,   collectibles you can find,  think like the frogs and stuff. And the second one unlocked all of the  environment items, so even like, these   shells in the back of Newcrest, things like this  little tree cage, the fire hydrant back there,   those are all items that exist in the game,  but they're not like, made for our use. Think like, the cars that drive down this road,  you can find all of that in debug so they've gone   through here and they have found so many cool  things and they used it to make up a film set. I'm so impressed by the creativity on this lot,   so you can see over here we've got this  sort of like, abandoned section going on. We have like, the old building  shells, they placed stuff everywhere.

Even like this table and chair set  is from debug. We have this cool van,   there's some cameras, it's kind of overgrown. It's actually so big that it's going off the lot,   like the shells are too big for the  lot, you can see, it's kind of cool. And then over on this side is like,   more of the actual film set stuff so we have  like this tent, it's got some seating areas,   we have these vans in the back, there's a  grill and like, some tables for sitting.

This trash can even has an  empty pizza box next to it. And then this building is the real part  of the shell, the like, real building. So when you walk in, it's like a dressing room,  all of these little makeup pieces are from debug.

They don't actually function, it's just like, you  know, fake decor, but there's even like, lipstick. I'm telling you, I've never  even seen half this stuff. In here we've got a bigger kitchen so  you can cook and everything on set,   and then we've got a bathroom and shower. I just think this is such  a good example of how many   cool things you can find in this  game if you go looking for them. It's kind of a nightmare, it takes some digging.

I mean, it's really, um, dedication is  required to go through and find all this,   but things like this tent, I mean I didn't  realize we had that in base game debug. The mailbox for the street,  I mean these street signs,   all of this is just so cool and I'm so  impressed by the story that was told here. Again, I ask the question: how  does a person look at the shell,   that weird little box, and say  oh, you know what? Film set. I mean, I just find that so impressive. And I cannot imagine how much time went  into this. That could be said for every  

single one of these builds. I know you  all put so much time and effort into them. This next one is completely different again,  this is the Simsie Lil Shell by TinyDevelopments. They made it into like, an eco Home.  Here's what the outside looks like,   and on this one they really took advantage of the  roof and tried to make that into usable space. So in the front we have this staircase  and the front door, and you know what,   the staircase looks really cool. It's like a kind of cool architectural feature   almost. Also around the side  we have this beautiful pond.

In the back there's some more decking  and like, some seating and a grill. Whenever we do these shell challenges on stream,   I make a bingo card of things that I think  I might see in those randomized tours. And we had this running joke about the  three P's: ponds, pets, and perish,   because I've noticed that so many  people put ponds in their builds.

Either like an actual one they made  with terrain tools or that like,   shark pond from Get Famous because  it's you know, like a death trap. Which you know, accounts for  the third P as well, perish. A lot of people put a lot of you  know, deadly things in their builds. Sometimes there'll be like,  hidden graveyards in the back,   so many people have like, some  weird little creepy section. They'll take like, the little corner random  bump out and like, hide a skeleton in there.

I mean people do some scary things. And then pets is because a lot of  people make like, dedicated pet spaces. Not just like having a dog bowl, I mean  like a cat café, the dog has a bedroom,   like people make like, pet spaces,  so we kind of joke about that. And this one, I mean, P for pond. It really  does look so good though, doesn't it?

Now on the inside, the house, again, not  very big, it's a very, very tiny house,   but they split this up in such an interesting  way so when you first walk in, there's kind of   a hallway, but there's also the main living  space so we have a little tiny living room. They did this really cool thing that I saw  a lot with these Eco Lifestyle Windows. These are like the triangle windows  and they put them on the triangle,   so from the outside it almost looks  like it's a square, but really it's   just triangles on a triangle, it  looks really interesting though.

Then we have a little teeny tiny bedroom,  they've got an office space and a bed in here. Through this door we've got a bathroom which  is actually quite big, and do you know what,   I have never thought to use these  Dream Home Decorator cubes as like,   bathroom storage, but that is so perfect. Especially with all the bathroom clutter we got   from that clutter kit so I'm  totally gonna use that idea. I swear when I'm touring these builds, I'm like,  oh my god, write that down. Write that down too. You just get so many ideas  from people because they   use items in different ways that  you had never thought of before. Through this archway, we have the  kitchen and the little dining space.

I really like the pink stove, that accent is so  cute, but that is pretty much the whole house. They made the roofline so interesting with all   these different platforms and  different angles and stuff. It's almost unrecognizable as  the shell, but it is the shell. I mean, you can see it right here. Okay, speaking of unrecognizable as the shell,   the next one that I want to show  you is the Saint Isla Castle Ruins.

As if you're gonna look at this  and know that it's the shell. This one is by NoRemorse16 on the  gallery. Look at this, they put all   these giant ruins pieces everywhere  to make the ruins of an old castle. And deep in the middle of it, believe  it or not, is my shell challenge. This little part in the center is the shell.

This is just so cool to look  at from like, every angle. Around the sides we have like, a little fountain  part. Look at this, even this is a pillar and   they like, rotated it using the TOOL mod  so it looks like it's been knocked over,   and they put the little dig side things from  Jungle Adventure so it looks like it spilled. We've got a woohoo bush. Around  the back we even have a grave. I'm telling you, the three P's. This  one's got ponds and perish back here,   but they've got a whole graveyard section.

There's kind of like a courtyard  in the middle with some seating. Around this way there's a wishing well.  If you wanted to come visit this lot,   it'd be quite cool actually. They've even like, made little  seating parts around here. I don't know if you can tell, but there's  like a tiny glass roof section in this area.

So in just this little part, there's a  functional kitchen. Over here in this   corner there's a bedroom, and it's all  kind of like, hidden inside of the ruins. There's even an upstairs part that  has like, an art studio almost. This corner back here has like, a library,  so there's some bookshelves and a piano. We have like, some creepy portraits  of perhaps the previous owners. And once you make your way back into the  middle where the real shell building is,   you can see the main part of the shell  is right here in this section and they   did a kind of sneaky thing which is  totally fair game with the rules.

They wanted to add some extra sections, like  almost an entryway so they could fix the roof. Do you notice how these aren't  full walls? These are half walls. So in the shell rules, you can't  add full walls because the point   is to have the shell be the main part of the  building, so a lot of people add half walls. These half walls are like, just about  the height of a real wall so from the   front you can't really tell, and  look at this, they even put like,   some of these ruin pieces to  like, hide the seam basically.

And they made the inside of this into like,   a small living room bedroom  and little tiny bathroom. There's even like, an upstairs attic  space that they hid in the roof,   and again with the skeletons, there's  like, these creepy things hidden up here,   but it's cool because you can see some  of the storage from the windows outside. I cannot imagine how long it took  them to do this. The way they like,   pieced together and like, hid all these things. I don't get it, this is miraculous. Like,  it is so so impressive how they made this. Imagine how long it must have taken to place  all these little individual things here.

How do you get this idea? Like, how does  a person -- I just, it's so impressive. Moving on to our next one though so  we can get through as many as we can,   this is actually a restaurant again. I noticed that a lot of people really like  to build restaurants and I gotta be honest,   restaurants are one of my  favorite things to build too.

I think it's just really fun for  me to like, set a custom menu. I don't even play with restaurants that  much, but building them is so fun for me. This is the Mediterranean Restaurant  by jennybsweeney on the gallery. Look at this, their first completed shell   challenge. They built this in San  Sequoia on that cool lot by the water. Obviously this main part of  the building is the shell,   they've just used a lot of platforms to  try and make it look more interesting.

Around the outside we've got  some beautiful outdoor seating,   we have this really cool fountain and it's  surrounded by some nice tables, there's a bar. And it kind of has this really nice  like, pinky, peachy color scheme. When you actually go inside the  building, again it's very small,   but this indoor part is like, the main  interior of the restaurant so you can   walk in, you check in right here,  they've got some menus and stuff.

I liked this idea of putting these little bars  in front of the counter and the check-in desk,   it's a nice way to make it  look like, it's one big piece. I always kind of have a hard time with figuring  out where to put this because you need it,   you need this host station for the restaurant,  but it just is hard for me to fit it into   things sometimes because we only have two  and like, the swatches aren't that good. I love this part though. This with the plants as  a backdrop and the logo above it is beautiful.

We have a couple little pink indoor tables,   there's a bathroom over here and it even  has a changing table for the babies. I gotta be honest, after playing with infants, I  am not planning to bring them literally anywhere. It's The Sims 4, we got free  babysitting, leave those kids at home. You take your time at the restaurant,  you avoid those kids at all costs,   but if you did want to bring  them, there is a changing table.

And then we also have a kitchen through  this door so your Sims can eat here,   it's a full service restaurant. And they set like a full custom menu. I'm  telling you, this is like the most fun part   of restaurants is getting to pick what  they serve, but how cool is this idea? I just -- I think it's so fun.  I wanna bring my Sims here,   I want to eat dinner and like, sit  out at this table by the water. It really is a beautiful job. I'm sorry if it feels like I'm going fast by  the way, I just want to make sure we're like,   giving adequate time to each of them and  these are obviously in no particular order,   I mean you can't even really  judge or compare Sims builds.

Everyone is so different, they're all so good for   different reasons and this  one is enormous, by the way. This is the Off the Grid Family  Farm by ChrissieYT on the gallery. They also made an off the grid build,  but this one is a farm for a huge family. And this one is quite cool because they used  the shell multiple times around the lot.

Now this is also off the grid so it  means there's no power or water here. I really like how all of these buildings  look like they've been built by the family,   with like the log cabin walls,  the metal roof, stuff like that. I don't even know where to begin with showing  you, so for a quick overview of the whole place. It's pretty coo,l we have like  an entrance to the farm up here.

We have the animals over in this area so  we've got some chicken coops and a barn. There's a huge pond right in the middle  and this is is fun because you could like,   fish on your own lot and get food. We have a little fire pit here. Around the back  we've got a wishing well and a huge farm section. I really like this idea of putting  the trees in between the garden plots. I never know where to put the trees, like when  I'm doing farms. I kind of like how this looks.

We also have bees and like,  bugs from Eco Lifestyle. Back here there's kind of like a  playground section for the kids. This item is from Island Living  and your Sims can cook on it.

We got a table. This is kind of like, the main building,   and then we have a bunch of different  smaller units so let's start here. This is really cool because  you might not realize it,   but it is actually also the shell, there's  just two of them attached by a roof.

So over here on this side, we have  kind of like a living room section,   we've got a piano, there's a fireplace, some  stuff for the baby, a place for your shoes,   there's bookshelves, we even have  like a dart board and a chess table. And believe it or not, this lot is  completely off the grid so there   is no power, all of the light that  you're seeing is just from candles. If you look closely, you'll see candles  everywhere, even like, hanging from the ceiling. In the middle we have like, some more  gardening, we've got a candle maker,   flower arranging table, stuff for the pets. I love like, all the storage, I cannot imagine  the amount of time that it took to do this.

Kind of back here there's  like, some outdoor seating,   a big table, we have a grill so you can cook. Inside this area there's some more seating  and we also have this little kitchen section,   I love how they put some stuff  in the sink, like dirty dishes. This stove also does work off  the grid even without power. And speaking of power, back here we have  a water collector which is pretty good,   this collects rain so your Sims can use water. We got space for laundry and a lot of it  because such a huge family lives here. And then the rest of these little  cabins are more like, bedroom space,   so we have this bedroom here, we've got a  bathroom, there's a little nursery for a baby.

Obsessed with the decor in this one  and like, all the clutter everywhere. Over in this one we've got another bedroom,   I love this area with like, all  the knitting by the fireplace. They have their own bathroom  and a bedroom area and stuff,   they also have like, their  own little private balcony. And over here on this side we've  got like, the kids space almost.

It's cool because they each have their own like,   exterior door into their bedrooms, and then  they share the bathroom right here in between. I just think this whole lot is  so clever and it's enormous,   I mean how does a person see my tiny shell  and think oh yeah, I'll use it six times. Right, I mean that makes perfect sense. It's  just so cool, I'm so impressed by this one. You know I love this sort of like, off the grid,   simple living lot challenge, like I  think this kind of thing is so fun. Moving on again to another  completely different style,   this one is a little bar in Oasis Springs called  Pour Advice, it's by cporter1997 on the gallery.

And, "Pour Advice is the best place in town   to go for a mediocre night out."  Sounds like a great time to me. I love when people make things  that are like, bad on purpose. And not bad as in a bad build, but like,  this build is a bad place, you know? Like, the first one with the disgusting  bathroom, this one is a mediocre night out. I really like the lighting on this  lot, I think this is super cool. So obviously the main shell is the bar, but  kind of around the lot, over here we have like,   some old newspaper stands and then around this  driveway towards the back there's some parking.

This is pretty cool too, look at this. So these  are debug lights, we talked about debug earlier. These lights in live mode, like  outside of build mode in game,   will disappear so you won't see this square,  but they use these and then turned them blue   so in game there's kind of like, some eerie  blue lighting coming out of these lamp posts. They also put all of this like, little  pieces of grass in all the gravel back here. The back has some nice outdoor  seating with some fairy lights. I mean, I don't know if it's nice outdoor  seating, but it's outdoor seating. These little Firefly things are actually VFX  so in game, there'll be like, little fireflies.

You won't see this box,  you'll just see the lights. They also put drinks on all the tables,  like there's some empty glasses around,   there's a dumpster back  here with trash everywhere,   which is good because there is a woohoo  spot if you um, if you so desire. From the front, these tables also have  some glasses on them and then when you   actually come inside the building, there's  a couple more tables with some glasses,   we've got like a TV in here  kind of like a sports bar. And they've decorated the walls so  nicely. Again, nice is a strong word. I mean like, I wouldn't call it nice,   but they put all these little decals and  stuff on so it looks dirty and gross inside.

There's like, cracks and  stains and mold in the walls. I love the neon lights and the vibe  that it gives with the lighting in here. This is the actual bar, we have like  a money sign and a broom behind it. There's all kinds of stuff hanging up, like  some sports banners, we got a fire extinguisher.

This is kind of cool too because they made  my weird corner into the main entrance and   they used that cool triangle window  again, but they put plants in it. And then we also have a couple bathrooms  back here, both kind of gross, but somehow   not as gross as LittleDica's from the first  build, which is good. That is very good. I also love this, this item is  from the Industrial Loft kit,   it's like a bunch of different pieces  that you can use to make a vent. I feel like the ceiling is  kind of underused decorating   space so it's quite cool to put that in here.

I love this bar, I want to  bring my Sims to this bar.   It just feels so lively, if you know what I mean. And now we have one last  build that I want to show you,   this one is the VoidLand Splash  by sorryimmeara on the gallery. And this one is intended to like, go hand in  hand with the splash pad from the new pack.

So many of these lots that we've  seen today are so big that I like,   don't even know where to start with  showing you, but you can kind of tell   from the color scheme this is meant to  go along with the splash pad right here. They've classed it as a retail lot,   so it's got a bunch of different stores  on it, it's kind of like a mall almost. My god, okay, where do we even begin? Let's go left to right, shall  we? So this blue area over here,   we've got this like, outdoor  little ice cream parlor section. These ice cream machines, your Sims can  use to make ice cream and there's like,   some cute signs and everything with the menus.

I am obsessed with these round counters and like,   the little ice cream decal and they've  sort of used the voidcritters everywhere. I mean it is VoidLand, isn't it? So  we've got like, voidcritters here,   voidcritters here, just voidcritters everywhere. And each voidcritter is kind of like,  the theme of the different section. So when you go upstairs, we have a little  cupcake stand. There's like, some cupcake   lights around. This in-game will literally  sell you cupcakes if it's operated by a Sim. There's even a cupcake sign, I've never  seen this, I didn't know we had that.

And you can walk across the upstairs, am I getting  ahead of myself? You can walk across up here. This is so cool, these are like the little  glass floor pieces from Island Living,   you can walk across them to get  to this like, playground area. There's a ball pit. We have these really  cool like, sized up kids toys. You can  

keep going and there's some more  voidcritter like, gaming areas. These two are from the kids room pack and  your Sims can actually use these to like,   play with the voidcritter cards. It's kind of like Pokémon cards,  but you know, it's The Sims.

These are also games tables so you  can like, do puzzles or play games. Inside of the blue building, we've got a little  store right here so you can buy some things,   there's also kind of an employee section back  here, and we have these bathrooms right here   and these are quite cool because they're split  leveled, but they've got showers so you can shower   before and after you use the splash pad, there's  a toilet, we have a changing table and everything. Kind of coming around the back this  way, this part I think is my favorite. So I assume you have to pay for entry,  right? That's what this is supposed to be. And then you can come down these stairs and they   used platforms to make a custom rainbow  staircase that your Sims can walk down.

We've got all this voidcritter decor.  Down here we have some lockers,   you can buy like, sunscreen  and stuff from this stand,   there's places to sit and eat, we've got  murals, there's like, vending machines. Coming back around this way, around the back, in  here we've got another store, this one sells like,   all kinds of posters, there's like, some  cool robots and toys and science stuff. This is cool because it's got  a lot of tech, there's like,   all these speakers, there's like, tablets.

I have literally never seen these  computer glasses, I'm not kidding. I don't even know how to get those.  Like, is that from -- I don't know. I don't know. I've never seen them.  There's headphones, there's game consoles. And then around this way, we've got some more  rainbow stairs and these take you into like,   another collectible sort of toy store. Look at how cool all this is, I've never  thought to use these shelves this way,   but they're full of like, all  the Simmi capsules and stuff.

We've got some clothes, there's some  makeup over here so this one sells like,   a bunch of makeup and everything. I really like all the different custom  desks as well for the sales stuff,   they even sell shoes in here. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, over here you can  access this top floor again from here, but you can   also come down into this little like, secret photo  booth section so your Sims can take some pictures. I mean, there's just so much  going on here, it is so cool. And each one of these little buildings is  the shell, so this blue one is the shell,   this orange one is the shell, this pink one is  the shell, and they connected them all together.

I just -- it's amazing. Every single build  we've seen is amazing and there are so   many more on the gallery, so I highly  encourage you to go give this a look. The hashtag is SimsieLilShell if you want  to go see some other people's builds. Obviously I could not show them all in in  the video, it's just physically impossible. There are so many that at a certain point  the gallery just stops loading them,   like it's pretty cool to see  all of your creativity though.

And you can see just from scrolling past  some of these how different they are. Look! Funeral and Cemetery, I'm telling  you, these people and their creepy builds! It's kind of iconic though, right? This  one's a shipwreck, we've got nightclubs,   we've got all these houses, I mean you all  have done so many, so many cool builds. I really hope this inspired you to try something   new. Hopefully you saw a cool idea  or like, saw some items used in a   way that you hadn't considered and you  learned something from watching this.

To me these are just such a fun,   like positive community thing to do so  hopefully you also really enjoyed it. We do these kind of about  every other month-ish or so,   so feel free to subscribe so  you don't miss the next one. And at the end of this video, I'm gonna link   another shell tour if you want to go  back and watch some other cool ones. All the builds I showed off are listed in order  down below too if you want to go download them. And on that note, I'm gonna catch you  all tomorrow. Okay? Bye everybody.

I am so curious: if you built for this shell,  tell us in the comments what you made with it. Some of you guys have such clever ideas of  things that I would never have considered. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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