How is Life of Muslims in China | First Impression of Urumqi, Xinjiang | UYGHUR PEOPLE

How is Life of Muslims in China  | First Impression of Urumqi, Xinjiang | UYGHUR PEOPLE

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Hello everyone, welcome back to another video You must have guessed the place where I am by now by looking at the title and thumbnail I am in China's fast east region, Xinjiang province's capital, Urumqi I was getting a lot of comments from you guys, to go to Xinjiang province, show us their culture, the cities there How do people live there and everything else Just to fulfill your request, I am here after travelling 5000 kms In the previous video, you saw I was near North Korea and Russia's border From there I came here to Urumqi, which is 5000 km away To reach here I have travelled via every mode of transport First I took a train, then a bullet train, then I changed 2 flights and reached here only for you I am travelling since 36 hours It was a tiring journey And the main thing, I was supposed to reach here around 12 at night But my flight was delayed by 4 hours and 50 minutes So I reached here around 5:30 That's my hotel One special thing about here, you'll find things in Arabic as well I am paying 2000 INR It is a bit expensive here it is outside the city center, that's why it is for 2000 Around the city center it was for 4000-5000 one more thing, It took me an hour to check in because there is a lot security issue here And I had an interview with the police, I'll let you know about it later They were very friendly, I'll tell you as we go on let's start this journey Let's go to the city center first, I am very hungry I'll have something first I'll show you how the food is here And the culture too I am very excited You'll see a different China here I'll have to take a taxi from here This is the first glimpse of Urumqi The cleanliness is very well maintained here They have green taxis here I was waiting for a taxi here, I couldn't find one but this brother came to me The place where I need to go, I don't know it's name but I showed a picture to him he's asking for 70 Yuan, I'll bargain a bit 70 Yuan is too much, I'll say 35 We are bargaining here I won't argue much, as you can see there isn't any taxi here There isn't any taxi here here you can see, on every sign board you'll find Urdu words too He is also a uyghur muslim Indian Indian Indian Indian If I talk about the first impression, it is pretty good You'll find a lot of good building here and cars too, just like the rest of the cities in China The environment is pretty good here, it will be a lot fun to explore One more thing to mention, On the sign boards you'll see Arabic like language The uyghur muslims they write in Arabic you'll find Chinese as well as Arabic It is very unique You won't find this in any other city of China Let's go to the city center and see their culture and everything I am hungry, I'll have something It is going to be fun You can see how pleasant the weather is and look at the clouds There is a mountain covered with snow right there, I wasn't aware of it the temperature here is 28 degrees but There is a mountain covered with snow right there We have almost reached at our destination There is Al Baik in Urumqi I never thought that there will be Al baik in china You can see there is a mosque right there, it is so beautiful There is a lot of traffic the taxi driver dropped me here I am here at the city centre I can't believe I am in China I can see different people here The people here are not at all like Chinese You can see, they seem to be like Central Asians People like those from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Turkey, they seem to be like them This is such a different place What a first impression! You'll see huge mosques here, because majority of the population here are muslims This is nothing like China And on the boards you can see, it is in Urdu Look I never thought that this will be the scene here Look at the people and the atmosphere here Some seem to be Indian, some Central Asian, some Turkish Wow Let's go and explore, it will be fun to explore There are various markets here, you'll find different types of things here Food is going to be amazing First lets go and have something because I am very hungry And it is very crowded I never thought that it would be so crowded And there are so many markets around, we will explore them Wow, I have never been so shocked after seeing any place I can't find ethnic Chinese people here You'll get everything here, they have kurtas, dresses for women, spices and all It's going to be a lot fun to explore here But first I'll have something to eat Let's see how is the food here I'll show you everything around, we are going to have a lot of fun in today's video After many days I am listening to the sound of horn No other place in China had so much traffic, not even in Wuhan I am seeing so much traffic and so many people after so many days It is crowded everywhere I am walking randomly, let's see if I can get a good restaurant, I'll have food there Look how developed this city is The language here is very similar to Turkish It is a very underrated place, I think Most of the people don't know how this place is You can see the atmosphere is pretty good It is very developed Here we saw there were many markets, let's go and find something to eat but I am willing to try the traditional food of Xinjiang Province I am entering a market here And look at the crowd here It does not seem like I am in China Look at the people, they do not look like Chinese You'll find everything here Just like the markets in india There are different types of things here From food to clothing you'll get everything here It is so crowded People are very curious People aren't giving me much attention here because I look a bit similar to them In other parts of China, people were clicking photos with me, but here the case is different Look at this They have t-shirts too here I want to but them because I got very few with me You can see they have t-shirts The people look like this here That's the traditional cap here If it's inexpensive I will buy some, it looks good Let's ask how much it is for There is a huge language barrier here, it is a big issue If someone ask me which super power i'd like to have, I'll gladly want to know language of every place You'll see how much I am going to struggle because of language barrier It is expensive it does not look like for 900 INR And this does not like for 800 INR I'll ask for some discount, if he'll agree, I'll buy 1 You can see, I tried 2-3 of them. I like this one And he is ready to give it for 50 which is 550 INR, which is ok it is similar to India's price, quality is good too I'll but this one And the one I was wearing, I'll put it in a bag and go ahead I purchased this one, it is quite good Comment down and let me know how you like it I liked it, that's why I bought it and the one I was wearing I am carrying it in a bag let's go towards the end of the market And go to a restaurant and have something There isn't much to eat here They have chocolates and clothing items here And other accessories, mostly you'll find clothes here it is priced reasonably They have dry fruits too Here they have chocolates, dry fruits Xinjiang province is really massive It is China's biggest province It is 1.6 million square feet wide If it was a seperate country, then it would've been 17th largest country Which means it is bigger than 180 countries And talking about the people here, 71% are Uyghur muslims and 23% are Han Chinese And the rest of 6-7% are Hui people I forgot to mention one thing, it is crowded here because it is Eid tomorrow It is Eid tomorrow that's why it is so crowded, now I understood Even I was shocked to see so much crowd It is Eid tomorrow that's why it is so crowded or maybe it is the same always but because it is Eid, it is more crowded I have just exited from this market There is a restaurant right there, lets go Where do I cross from I am able to know which language a person is speaking, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic or any other But the language here is so similar to Turkish, that's why I wasn't able to understand It is very similar It always seems like they are talking in Turksih There is a restaurant right there, let's go and try it I am here, you can see there are these restaurants here It seems like I am in Azerbaijan or any country like Turkey So I am at this restaurant, it is very well built The menu is in Chinese, I'll have to translate it Let's see what I can get here I'll have somethng and continue to explore the market Food is here, I'll have it I got it for 30 Yuan, which is 350 INR which is a bit a expensive, but its ok I have had food and left from there I'll share one suprising thing, its 8pm right now and it's still not dark here It is mostly dark around 10 pm I have witnessed this for the first time, or else usually it is dark by at least 8pm but here it is dark around at 10 pm You saw that boy, does he look like Chinese? I was telling you that it is dark around 10 pm the reason is, that China is huge, and it follows only 1 timezone that too of Beijing Beijing is towards east and this is 3000 km away from Beijing But they follow the same timezone America and China are same in terms of size But America has 4 timezones and China has only 1 I went that way but I had to go to this market, you can look at the stuff here It is quite good And the main thing I saw here, which I like a lot, you must have seen in Afghanistan's video And that's pomegranate juice, I'll have it But why do these look dead And where is the vendor This kid is selling it It is for 10 or 20, I'll but it I'll give him 20 I have bought the juice It is quite fresh, I thought it is quite old But the juice is quite fresh It is really good And they have breads as well I'll have this juice and go ahead Women sell fruits here i am quite full Normally, China does not have much options But here there are many options People are preparing for Eid You can see they are buying stuff, and preparing for Eid And I have already told you about the cap You'll find fruits and everything, it is an amazing market You'll find fruit juice, street food the police is very curious here The policemen are really good I'll share my experience with them at the end First lets explore the market They came to my hotel in the morning and took my interview, I'll let you know more about it They are selling chocolates here, I think 20 Yuan for a kilo And here's an uncle, does he look like Chinese? You'll get so many fresh fruits here And the issue here is, they have two official languages 1 is Uyghur language and mandarin Chinese They speak two languages I think these are different types of sugar You'll see things of all varieties People are very friendly People are in a rush because it is Eid tomorrow Here there are very few people with beard That uncle had a beard, and you'll find a lot of women wearing Burqa Here the muslim population is the most Around 71% Here you'll find naan (a type of bread) which you'll mostly find in Central Asia and India I have come away from the market, and here you'll see a big mosque It is quite old, I think it is 500-600 years old here is a lotus right here, there's something written on it in uyghur language on this side And on this side it is in English It written, that the lotus you see here is a white lotus which is very rare and only found in Xinjiang region It resembles that the ethnic minority people are really good and wish them the best for their future You can see White lotus, I had never heard about it they are making my video They were making my video sneakingly, I saw them Looking at this view, it seems like I am in Saudi or Dubai If someone would have told me earlier that I'll get to see something like this in China I wouldn't have believed Look at the buildings And on every building you'll find something written in Chinese and Arabic like words which Uyghur Muslims speak The roads are pretty clean And look at the time, it is 8:38 and it seems like it is 4 or 5pm The women here seem to be Turkish Look You'll find residential buildings all around Look, here are small buildings and there, those are big buildings Wow And there are people all around Here you can find street food too After raoming around the market, I have been walking around for 1 hour 30 minutes and I am tired You can see I have sat down here It is around 9pm, and it seems like it is 4-5pm in the evening There is still 1-1 and a half I'll sit here for a while and see how is the atmosphere here at night I'll rest for a while and go ahead While I am making video, people are coming with a lot of curiosity, like everywhere in China as you saw They were watching me since a while, I said Hello to them This uncle is trying to talk to me since 10-15 minutes, but I am unable to understand But I am having fun while listening to him I was sitting there for a while, the weather is amazing And you saw an old uncle came to me there was language barrier but still it was nice It is around 10pm And still it is not completely dark yet Let's go this mosque, I'll show it you and pray as well you'll see big cars here That's the gate I am here on the 3rd floor I was sitting right there You can look at the view of the market from above The lights are switched off no ones here It is going to be prayer time in sometime I'll show you as soon as some people come I am done praying, the mosque is really beautiful and big Most of the people are gone, there are a few left The mosque is really very beautiful It is 10:30 pm But the atmosphere here is even crazier now People are selling some or the other thing You'll find different types of stuff everywhere Look at the way they are selling Look They drink a lot of tea, of different types They have spices too Look at the atmosphere here It was crowded during the day, but at night it is even more Wow They sell it while holding it You'll find ladies dresses everywhere It is so crowded Majority of the people here are women selling stuff They have dressed well and selling things You won't find the same in India I was exploring the market there and from there, I saw these lighting, and I thought to visit here To enter, i had to go through a security check You can see there is a security check point, they checked my bag and everything And only after that I could enter Let's see whats going on here I am so shocked You'll find many things to do here From souvenir shopping, to everything else What are they selling here It's their musical instrument Wow It is their local instrument, musical instrument And this is the traditional outfit and cap of Uyghur muslims Everything related to this you'll find here in this market On the carpets you can see it is mentioned about Uyghur history And i am very thirsty now I'll grab something to drink And I will head towards my hotel It is around 11pm And it is Eid tomorrow The prayer will be at 5:30 or 6 am I'll have to prepare for it What's going on here? This is for children to play Look at the environment There's a street here as well It is such a lively street And I haven't such an atmosphere in Beijing as well They have decorated so well And here you can see, ear cleaning is very famous here You'll see this everywhere I won't do it I am very confused as to what all to show you the markets you see in Middle East, India, Turkey, here you'll find a mixture of all those You'll find everything here I can see juice here, let's have it Is it juice or fruit. It is juice That's the menu right there, I'll have to translate I'll have watermelon juice I'll tell them my order I have translated and told them It is for 15 RMB The street behind me is light like the previous one, but I won't show much I have already showed similar ones I'll head towards my hotel and I'll tell you a little story And after that we will end this video I was at the market, and I was heading towards my hotel and was looking for a taxi And this lady came to me and asked, where do I want to go i showed her the map and she agreed to drop me for 50 Yuan And usually taxi would charge 60, as you saw while coming While going back she is taking me for 50 I'll let you know something, in this market there are equal number of women and men working The ladies are very hardworking It is almost 11:45 and she is still working So they are very hardworking I'll be there in around 15-20 minutes 15 km to go Let's go to, I'll see you at the hotel Now i will let you know about the interview with police I think if there is a foreigner in Urumqi in any hotel Then the hotel has to inform the police That there is a foreigner in the hotel So the hotel ha informed the police As I told you, I checked-in in the morning and I was very tired I was asleep, and around 8-9 am the receptionist came to me and asked for my passport I could not understand anything, but only that they asked for my passport. I gave them my passport

and after half n hour, they gave it back to me And after 10 minutes again, they came to me asking for it then after 10 minutes they came, and explained me via translation that there is police downstairs and they want to see you I went down and saw there was a big police car and there were 3-4 poilce men on the reception And they were very friendly and they spoke in English they asked me why was I here and What am I doing here and many such questions What are you doing here, Since when are you here and WHy here in China then I explained to them that I make videos I have visited 10-11 cities of China They asked me a lot of questions after that, when they were done, They told me you can explore and record, there is no issue at all And then they said, Have a nice time in urumqi I said Thank you This was the conversation Strictness is quite a lot, you'll have to see the police and this is the situation here in Urumqi

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