Hello Sydney! Arriving at the Vivid Lights Festival. Falafel with the Boys in Downtown

Hello Sydney! Arriving at the Vivid Lights Festival. Falafel with the Boys in Downtown

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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ We've arrived in Australia! Third time! First time was in Melbourne Second time was in Sydney and this time also Sydney This time it's more spacious and we've arrived to the airport A Lebanese guy opened the door and looked at me and asked me what I was doing here I said who are you? He said I'm a staff working at the airport He's Lebanese and Arabic and I still haven't reached the gate We just left half an hour ago The flight was in Sutle, watch the previous video Who will wait for me at the airport? I don't know who will see it first We'll see now They sent me a schedule a while ago Oh my God! I needed 10 people to wake up So stay with us, a video every day from now to the next 25 days Australia Here we come! Music playing I've been here for a long time I remember this down the crowd half of them are Lebanese I entered in less than a second no questions Welcome! She's from the US and she's from England Who's coming? Carmen is here! Do you remember her? Carmen is my childhood friend we toured together before and now she came to pick us up Thank you so much Impressive welcome The whole Arabian generation Lebanese, Iraqi, airport, Beit Toukbe in Becharreh Wow! Really I come here once a year I feel like I'm at home The connection with the motherland is very nice You don't feel like you're in another country like here What should we do? We left very fast today We left very early Amazing We entered 10 times I remember last time we left at 9 and we were late so we won 4 hours Perfect! Stop! I am going to the airport. Right, left, no wind. Of course, we rest tomorrow. There is time.

It is 6.30 a.m. and we should go down and start seeing the city and discover it. Carmen reached me. Thank you so much. It is amazing. I will see it again. You will see it again during the whole trip.

Now it is time to meet David, who you know, we toured together. In Lebanon, in Hadchit, and here in Australia in the previous trip. Hoda did an amazing job.

Really, Hoda, I will thank you face to face. But also, everyone should know how much you worked and how much you worked. The Excel sheet and the people we will meet, and the super complicated program. Imagine, we have almost 26 days. 4 cities, a tour from here to here. Every day, we meet 4 or 5 people, companies, restaurants, and others.

Hoda has been working maximum for 2 months. I will go down and meet them. Here we go. Who is rolling? You or me? I missed you. This is Hoda.

Hoda is not here. She is not here. I am a YouTuber who can't stop eating. Oh my God.

Hoda, where did you go? You keep running away from the camera. Thank you for everything. I am sure you are. Thank you. I bought you something tasty in the bag. Are you from Iraq?

Yes. You speak Arabic and English. I speak Arabic a little bit. A bit. You have been here for 40 years? 35 years. Since 2015. So how many?

35, 40. Perfect. I told him that I will continue to go to Iraq and you will see amazing episodes outside Baghdad. We will do all Iraq.

Very good. Thank you so much. We will finish and go back. David, where are you going? I don't know. I am walking you in the city. I missed the city. I want to see it. Let's go. Wow. That's a great start.

They say that the end is a musk. I will say that the beginning is a musk. This is how the trip starts. Vivid Festival.

3D mapping on the opera house. I have been searching for 10 minutes for the projector. Where is the projector? Until you turn to the other side. Projectors on the other side. The light is from there.

The other side is here. So imagine what is this projector. Vivid Festival.

It is almost 2 weeks now. People are all going out. The movement is very nice. Food trucks are everywhere.

And definitely the harbor bridge is all lit up. Enjoy yourselves as if you are in the mood of the end of the year without the party. You are not filming. What are we talking about? No, no, no. What are you making us do? About the night, the lights and everything. The event is amazing here.

Vivid in Sydney is amazing. You should come in Sydney to see Vivid. It's like everywhere in the city and it's free. And you can see amazing shows. 145 0:10:17,620 --> 0:10:02,000 What's your documentary about? Rahim Al-Ashab is the new Jimmy's. Most of all Jimmy's is the new one.

What do you want to know Anthony? How are you? My name is Simon. I'm from Jimmy's Falafel in Sydney, Australia. Born and raised in Sydney.

My family is from Zgarte. Zgarte or Zgarta? Sorry, a little bit embarrassing. My family moved here in the late 60s. I've been cooking for about 25 years now.

And it's weird because it took me almost 20 years of cooking to realise my actual passion of cooking was Middle Eastern food. So we're here at Jimmy's. Enjoy Anthony.

Welcome to Jimmy's Falafel. I don't know how much the rain will help us today, but I can tell you that this place is amazing. What an inspiration! What an amazing inspiration! Coming from the Levant, from all the countries, whether it's Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, probably up to Iraq, he created a concept that has never been done before. All the crowd that you see, the music, the pub style, club style, the seating, the people are happy, the sound, the noise, it's very loud, and the music is amazing. Pictures of Lebanon, and

all of our Lebanon, and all the old pictures on all the walls, and then what? An open kitchen doing falafel. An open kitchen doing falafel. Falafel as a concept. Grill, you can see the grill, there's no smell. Almaza beer very proudly, in the country of beer. Oh my goodness, what a concept. What a concept. Creating such an amazing thing around falafel. And what are you doing here? I'm waiting for this falafel to be ready.

He's the creative guy, creative brothers. A gathering with the guys. Why did I raise my hand? I'm trying to focus on the music, and not blow into the microphone, and show you our sound. A gathering

with the guys, what a place, what a place, what a place. And then the food comes to the table. The food is a Lebanese arabic Mezza, you can call it what you want. Potatoes, sweet things, calamari, the sea, and everything in between. And the music is

still playing, and people are drinking, and beer, and alcohol, and all the people are together, all the nationalities of the people here. I so super love this concept. We want to walk between the tunes of the night. Hummus with garlic or not, I don't know, Falafel of course has garlic, but it's well done, it's well done, it's crispy, it's amazing. Wow, it smells... I really want to walk in the woods at night.

We have the kebbe, why not? So we can make raw kebbe, olive oil, garlic on the side. Wow. Good stuff. Wow, very good stuff. Very good food. Indeed.

Indeed. Top. It's unbelievably good. The lemon on it is amazing. They told me that the hummus, we will squeeze them. Some meat. Okay.

Jimmy is all about the vibes, and Jimmy is all about good food. It's good food indeed. It's time for the real deal. A lamb inspired by the Lebanese lamb, this roastery.

I will eat it as it is. A whole piece of lamb. Look at the skin. Oh my goodness. Oh my God, they are looking at me. Oh my God, the fat.

Oh my God. The salt, the fat, the meat. Please dig in man. It's so amazing.

It's so freaking amazing. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. How much love, how much richness, how much fat, how much flavor, how much proper cooking. How much, oh my God.

It's good. Man, oh my God. I will tell you who he is in an interview, but I am out of the frame. I am standing outside, under the street light, and I am telling him, remember who you are. I will see you in a bit. Thank you.

Alright, I will see you. Appreciate it. Thank you so much. This is Joe Eadie's Beard reporting live here on George Street. We are about to cross over with No Onions, No Garlic, and head chef Simon Zulua of Jimmy's Falafel. Come on, let's do it.

I am excited, but I want to talk a bit more seriously. There is music inside, they are talking about the food. First of all, I want to tell you that the food is very delicious. Unexpectedly, sorry, as it is, but super delicious. Let's talk about the lamb, one of the best I've ever had.

The hummus is good. I couldn't taste the falafel, but its crunch was clear. The small spinach is oof. And everything. Amazing. Let's go back to your place. You were born here.

Yes. You got inspiration, let's call it Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Yes, so my background in cooking was Asian food. So from the time I was 18, which was in the early 2000s, for about probably 10 years, I cooked Asian food, fine dining. And then something about 10 years ago, I don't know, it was like a lightning bolt moment that said to me, you know what, why don't you discover the food of your childhood? And that's when it clicked to me that I should start investing time in cooking the food of my childhood. You came back to Lebanon, learned Lebanese food, went to Baalbeck, toured Lebanon.

Did you feel Lebanon? Yeah, look, I've been to Lebanon many times. 8 or 9 times now. And every time I still go there, I get inspired.

Of course, my mom's an amazing cook. She came to Australia when she was 16. So I've gotten to learn a lot of stuff from mom. And a lot of the recipes in Jimmy's is actually my mom's. So that connection between mom's heritage and our heritage. Where is your mom from? From Zgharta.

Zgharta. I didn't say Zgharta, let him say it. Zgharta. Have you ever made them Kebbeh? No.

Have you ever made them Zgharta Kebbeh? No. The tray? No. The Kebbeh, the head and the head.

No, not yet. Not yet. Really? Unbelievable.

Do you remember in the first video I told you that the most people who are stuck in their heritage are in Australia? It's still called Arous, they were still born here. It's still called Zgharta, they were still born here. I am very happy to meet you tonight. Thank you guys. And come and taste his food. You have an amazing team.

Yeah, they are amazing. Maybe none of them are Arab but they give you an Arabic taste. Yeah, they give you the heart and soul of the kitchen. It's the group of people in that venue. Today is the first night that I travel.

I have been coming to the airport for an hour and I am very honored and blessed. We are very honored that you are here. 318 0:20:25,580 --> 0:20:01,280 Amazing. Thank you. We've obviously had a few drinks together already. So hopefully the night gets even better from now. Woohoo! Well done! Thank you. Every time we meet he keeps asking me, he goes, Who are you? Who are you? I want to show Australia who you are.

Alright. Listen, the whole of Australia needs to know, no onions, no garlic. Thank you. Doctor, let's go for a walk. Let's go, let's go check out some people.

I will tell you quickly to get into the mood. They are the Knafeh group, the brothers of the beard, they have containers and they can go anywhere. They spread happiness and share joy in their way as we do. We love each other in an unbelievable way, as if we see each other every day. But we see each other twice a year. And we are preparing a surprise for you.

Hopefully we will meet soon to do the show together. I am very happy that you came. In the meantime, welcome to George Street, Sydney. Welcome back to Australia. It's good to have you here.

Thank you so much. See you tomorrow. 10.30 am, the traffic is still on the road, the crowd is still on the road.

The atmosphere is very nice at night, and the event that we are seeing, which is the lights and so on, is almost 2 weeks left, so you can meet us from Lebanon to here. Anyway, the atmosphere is very nice, no matter how you turn on the streets, Hi, how are you? To all the people who speak Arabic, Anthony and so on. Really, it feels good to feel home. This is my feeling. To be honest, I don't think he is spicy enough. He was trying to get home as quick as possible. Next stop.

We didn't catch up with the ice cream, and the day ended. We will meet you early tomorrow morning, because in the next video, we will start with a Manoucheh. David got used to it. We have Manoucheh of the day, ice cream of the day, and everything that comes in between.

Ice cream of the day, but the dessert is for the night. Ok, now. Good night. Osnabrück day 2. We will meet you tomorrow.

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