Found the Unbelievable Place Which is Natural Wonder S06 EP.115 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

Found the Unbelievable Place Which is Natural Wonder S06 EP.115 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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We have now reached the coast. Look at this sand... It's a white desert. This view is worth all the effort of today's ride.

What a wonderful looking beach this is... Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Mahout. It's a small village along the coastal highway from Muscat to Salalah. Almost half way through as both Muscat and Salalah are about 600 km from here. We got here yesterday after a rather tough ride through the desert.

A very tough ride indeed. We are gonna try something different today. An Omani friend told me about a beautiful camp by the coast, owned by his friend. I also saw some pictures and videos of the camp and loved it. So I thought to give it a visit. The only problem is that the way to get there is a 50 km long off road section.

So I've prepared my motorcycle accordingly. Because I understand that getting stuck in sand would be catastrophic. There's no network coverage there and no other means of getting help. So, we are taking only one bag and have left the rest of the stuff at the hotel. Because we are going to come back here anyway to go to Salalah. Let's hope to have a great ride today.

Hopefully the camp will be as good as it looked in the videos. Our aim is to share the beauty of Oman with all of you. Lets get going... Bismillah... In the name of Allah...

*Prayer for the journey* We pray to Allah for a safe and memorable ride. It's still quite windy in the desert. Let's hope it's not as sandy as our previous ride. Don't wanna suffer again like we did yesterday. Today we are going to travel inwards.

So it's gonna be head wind. It was sideways yesterday. To be honest, it's equally difficult from sideways or head on. Sideways wind makes you ride in a tilted posture. We are gonna enter the desert 50 km in this direction. Then we'll reach the white beach on the coast. It's gonna be a pretty nice place.

I mean that's the motivation of today's ride. God willing, everything will turn out fine. I've put my phone in the front. To keep an eye on the route as we have the coordinates of our destination. So that we have a trouble free ride.

Man... do these guys drive fast... They drive past you like a speeding bullet. These are true desert cars. They reach all the remote and far off places easily. And they have amazing driving skills. So this is our route for today.

I'm glad that I left most of my luggage back at the hotel. Someone in those cars won't realize how tough the track is. However, you get the real feel on a motorcycle. There's a lot of sand around. Particularly because of strong winds since last two days. The sand here looks fresh and it's making the path slippery.

Oops I need to take my mobile off the motorcycle now. You can see that there are multiple paths here. You need to have the exact coordinates or have an idea about the correct path. Only then must you go...otherwise there's a good chance of getting lost.

There are more speeding cars approaching from the front. Wow... These are some wild cars. They have their own tracks. Some are coming from these directions... Some from here and others from here. Without our luggage, this desert ride is turning out to be fun.

I have just left two bags. And you can say that... We are almost 25 kg light. I don't have very good riding skills on sand. Not just sand... I don't have very good riding skills on off road in general.

I just make do. Right now it feels as if we are gliding off this sand. Skidding off the sand. Just a minute... One was going that way. I was watching other cars as well.

One can actually get lost here. It's better to check the phone for the correct path. I have downloaded this app called Gaia for maps.

I put the coordinates of my destination in this app. And I need to follow this red line. And this way, we'll get to our destination. The place is called Bar Alhikman.

So, all we need to do now is to follow this red line. The road has seemed to be gotten better now. Road... or track... whatever you call it. This off road has been so far so good. After this ride, I've come to this conclusion that...

I should reduce my luggage as much as possible. So that I won't have to worry about going to any difficult place in my future tours. This ride could have been much more difficult if I had all my luggage. A whole fleet of 4x4 vehicles incoming... Looks like there have been quite a few visitors here last night. We have now reached the coast.

Looks at this sand... It's white desert all around. Not really a desert... Just the sand by the coast. We still have to find our destination. I can't see any camp here. Looks like we are a little off direction.

Abrar... Go get it... Lets turn on the coordinates once again. Check out this beautiful and really fine sand. The tracks show that someone was here just recently.

I think the tours may be using this side. These tracks look rather fresh. Where to go now...?

This ambiguity is the problem. Possibly someone was just camping here. Let's keep moving along the beach. Ooops... We shouldn't have stopped over the sand. We are now gonna ride along the beach.

That's it... This view is worth all the effort in this ride. What an amazing beach this is..! Ma Sha Allah.... Too good. Rangeeli (motorcycle) and me are both enjoying this view.

I was wondering if the GPS wanted me to swim through this water. But I think this track is for the low tide. So that people can comfortably use this track instead of getting stuck in sand. So... our destination is now in front of us. Some people are busy camping here.

But we'll keep going. There it is... the camp... The camp is beautiful indeed. This location is pretty amazing too. Look at these cars...

These are pretty awesome 4x4 vehicles. Assalam Alekum How are you? Fine. Thank you. Do you speak Arabic? English. Where are you from? I'm from Germany and Pakistan. O... How do you do? (in Urdu) I'm good.

What about you? No. Not yet. I'm actually a friend of Muntasir? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. He called in the morning but I couldn't get his call.

Salim received the call. He saw the call and said I don't know why Muntasir is calling. But when I called him back, I got no response. He's probably in the Dokum desert. I feel like I've been given a chance to experience this little paradise here.

This camp is called Whale Heads Camp. There are some other camps too. Undoubtedly an amazing place. They have closed most of the activities because of windy conditions. I'm told that in summers they have full house here.

Even though it can get really hot during summer. Nevertheless, people come here for kite surfing. There are a couple of Germans here as well.

Let me introduce them to you. He's Mathias and she's Anja. I just met them here.

They were interested to know how I film everything. So I showed them all my equipment. This right here is my whole equipment.

The two bags that you are seeing here, have all my camera equipment. They were amazed to see how much stuff I had. I think they are gonna go to Saudi Arabia from here. This is my room for a night. I'm not sure if anyone is already inside but we can check.

They were telling me that... Okay... Let me give you a glimpse. So this is the room...

You can see the arrangement of beds here. We'll get one of these beds; whichever gets vacant. Some people have just left. We'll get the room after they have cleaned it up. I'm now gonna show you the camp from down there.

A number of people are doing their own camping. It's not compulsory to stay in this camp. If you have a tent or a caravan and you want to stay in that, you are allowed to do that. That's what most of the people, who come here on 4x4, do. Looking over to this side...

The vacant space that you see is where people set up their tents. The black tent you see down there could belong to this camp or any other camp. I think it belongs to this camp as the other camps are a little far from here.

So this tent can also be taken on rent. Let's go downstairs now. I wanna show you how it looks like down there. Assalam Alekum Is it okay to film here? So, I'll do it later, then. This is the kitchen.

Some guests were sitting there having their meals. So I asked for their permission because there were families sitting there. It's always better to ask first.

So this is the kitchen area. Let me show you from inside as they have already cleaned it. That's where our lunch and dinner will be prepared.

Hi. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. Welcome Thank you very much. It's not clean yet because... Yes. The guests just left. I already mentioned it in the video.

OK. Thank you. Here we have ...? Machboos. Ah.... Machboos or Makboos? Machboos with meat. This is a dish from Oman. Majboos or Machboos? Machboos.

So, we are gonna have machboos in some time. The guests who have been staying here for a day or two are now leaving. You can see my motorcycle down there. So, now I'm gonna have majboos. Majboos... Meat with rice.

I've Saeed with me. Saeed knows Urdu as well. I'm Saeed Al Sadi from Jalan. So, how do you do? (in Urdu) Good. Alhamdulillah. Your name is Abrar? Yes. Nice to meet you.

Mixed Urdu, English and Arabic. And German? Yes. How do you say 'one' in German? One is 'eins'. Zwei... Drei... Okay. That's enough for me.

Let's eat our lunch now. I'm Salim. And you...? Abrar Welcome to Camp Bar Alhikman. My Camp. Thank you so much. Are you the owner of this camp? Yes, I'm the owner.

Nice to meet you. And here's our Baloch friend. Hi guys.

I speak a little Urdu. But I don't speak any Balochi. Nice to meet you and drive safely back to Muscat.

You have a nice journey. Thank you very much. This is an idea place to relax. If you are tired and don't feel like doing anything... This is the best place to connect with nature. But we have to make a video for you all...

So we will indulge in some activities. The water is a little cold. So I though to at least do kayak. This is a lagoon... Let's take the kayak to the places where the water is a little deep. So... let's take it to deep water.

Let me hop onto the seat first. Gradually... We are going in that direction... But you can't just sit idly in such windy conditions. I'll have to paddle. You can see that the boat is slightly drifting towards this side.

Just see how white this sand is. And take a look at this wonderful looking water. Such pristine water.

This place is awesome. Right now I'm walking in this lagoon. As you can see, this water is shallow. There must be much more water here during high tide. But for now, it's a fun place.

Once you have spent enough time in the water, its temperature starts to feel normal. Although at first this water felt really cold... Since I'm walking in water, it doesn't feel odd anymore. Such a wonderful place! And they have developed this camp really nicely.

There are some really cool places to sit. For instance, you can sit here and comfortably enjoy the view. If someone wants to relax...

Or read something... I can see some people on this side as well. Looks like they just setup their camps on both sides, wherever they find space. The wagon that you see there belongs to the German couple we just met.

The yellow-orange vehicle there... The camp must have at least a dozen tents. The sunset was simply marvelous.

As they say... Such places are not well known and you find out about them through locals... And when you visit those places...

And get to see such pristine nature... and culture... It could be anywhere. One doesn't plan such outings. Even if you travel solo or in a group... But stay open to the possibility of meeting locals.

And follow their recommendations to visit different places. So... I can call it one of my best evenings in Oman. I mean wherever I go... The bar keeps getting higher and higher.

Lets hope for this pattern to continue in coming days as well. Anyways, this is an amazing place. I tried to take some drone shots. And also some action shots on motorcycle. I hope you must have enjoyed whatever I have shown you from here.

You can still twilight in the background. You can see the happiness on my face. You can imagine how much I have enjoyed my evening. Anyways, filming does require some effort. The lights are gradually getting turned on. Let's see how the rest of our evening unfolds.

I'll make sure to share that with you as well. They are preparing our dinner here. For today, our chef is Mr. Omar from Jordan. Welcome What are you cooking, Omar? Ah... I don't know. Something with meat, vegetables and rice. Okay and here's Saeed. Yes brother.

This is a new dinner today. Normally, Saeed is the one who takes care of the food. I'm the boss for the kitchen. Yeah Today we have... How many people do we have here? 4 or 5 people? 6 people.

And yesterday? 25 So it's relatively quiet today. Lets see... Looks promising though. Our dinner is ready but we don't have enough light here. You can see that ... We are using the light from the camera. Lets show you our meal.

Master Chef Omar made it for us. I think it has... There's tomato sauce in it? Yeah... While this one has cream. Onions and potatoes...

Looks pretty delicious... Lets start with the one with tomatoes. So this is our dinner.

A very peaceful place indeed. It's almost 11:30 in the night. Here, you can see so many stars in the sky... It's an attraction for so many people. Because they can't visit places where they can see so many stars.

And enjoy such a peaceful night. Or maybe they are afraid to camp alone. In my opinion, this is one of the best places in Oman for all such people. They charge 25 Omani riyals for this. Lunch, dinner, food, snacks... everything included.

Totally worth visiting. Undoubtedly a wonderful place. Do remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

2023-03-01 11:40

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