First Impressions Kathmandu, Durbar Square & Stupa's! Nepal

First Impressions Kathmandu, Durbar Square & Stupa's! Nepal

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I love it I'm so excited It feels completely different than India Be careful! I'm so excited I almost went to cry I'm so confused right now You don't have to be worried I feel completely safe The people are so sweet Wow, I actually see people doing this all the time Hello! Good morning! Welcome to the first Nepal Vlog We just woke up here in our room We arrived yesterday in the night If you haven't seen that video.. ..make sure to check it out But we are in Nepal now as you can see This is the view from our room I am so excited Because it's like the orange vibe That we also experienced in India We packed our bags I am actually wearing a long trouser and a thick top It's actually quite cold This night was as well really cold.. ..when we arrived yesterday in the airport OMG, I was not used to the cold anymore This is our room There's Susan Good morning! This is the cafe, this has really good reviews on Google and the coffee looks so good I'm so excited Let's see where Wishnu is Because the room is open Let's go - Good morning! - Okay, so let's explore Nepal I am so excited It feels so good to be here It's our first time actually Look how cute I'm so obsessed with everything and this morning I did some research for..

..some nice things to do So we are going to talk about it during breakfast I'm going to show you guys everything in our Napal trip So we are staying in Yala Hotel and they have a cafe as well We just ordered our breakfast It's egg with toast and they have really good coffee here So we also ordered cappuccino and I will show the outside area This is so cute and yesterday, really late in the night We have arrived here and everything was closed So we were a little bit scared But now everything is open and look how it looks OMG, Yala Cafe and the prices are really good as well So I can't wait to have our food We ordered the Sunny Morning Power Look at this I'm so excited I just said already that I'm so excited I almost want to cry Because I love the feeling of being in a new country and seeing new things *Do you know that feeling as well?* *First coffee of the day* This looks so nice Oh my gosh, I'm so excited Can I move to Nepal? I really want to go here more often Thank you so much Our food has arrived and it's so sweet Because everyone is like, "please enjoy your breakfast" Enjoy! *The coffee was so good, we ordered another cup* We are done with eating and we're walking now to our room and the sunshine is here We are taking our bag and then we're going to go to the really famous square and we're going to go to a temple today and actually during breakfast There was an older woman I also filmed her and I actually had to cry *this lady right here!* Because she was so cute and she... I don't know maybe she is 60 or 70 years old and I love it that she is really traveling on this age and just enjoying her breakfast It was so cute when I focused on it I started crying immediately Because it's so inspiring for me and I really hope I can be a grandma.. ..who also travels the world and enjoys her life even when you're 70 or 60 It doesn't matter You can just still enjoy life I am packing my bag now My camera bag and I'm so confused what to wear Because I have a pant But I have a legging under it Because it's actually cold and all the locals are wearing like a winter jacket and I have sneakers with me But I actually don't like them so much So I think I'm going to go on flip flops and we want to buy new sneakers anyway and I'm going wearing this jacket So if I'm too cold I can take it off, right? - Right I didn't know what she said but yes It's so funny because I'm wearing a legging under my pants But I'm still wearing flip flops We made it outside It's time to explore Our hotel is here Yala Peak Hotel and Cafe and now this is the street We're in the middle of the center actually There are so many things here Look there's like a bicycle tuktuk thing OMG, this is the first time, Nepal I'm so excited We are going to go to Durbar Square 12 minutes walk *But you already know it's not going to be a 120-minute walk with us* Oh, we have to go this side Look at this I'm so excited about this It's cold It's a whole new country We're 1 minute further Hello! I don't see any new things *First stop in the first minute of walking* I'm so curious about the mangoes in Nepal Hello! I'm so excited! *let me know in the comments how many times I say 'excited'* Okay, it's safe It's safe and here as well I wonder what everything is I think we're now in more like a touristic area Because those shops are always a little bit touristic Look at the sunlight! This is coffee, I think That's my favorite - How are you today? See you! I found this pants *another stop in our 12 minutes walk* and it's 800,000 Which is like 5-6 euros and I really like it Are you open every day? - Yeah - Okay, maybe we come back later today Because we're first going to go to the square But I really love it I really want to bring this - If you comeback I will give you discount - Oh okay, that's really nice I also love this one This is so beautiful You sell it as well? - Yeah - You have it? I love it I really love zebra print So I will come back One of the few days Maybe tonight Thank you and I want a cap like this - Yeah, you should - I try I really want this But it's a bit too big maybe How much is this one? - 600 Look there are so many options OMG, I am so excited I can cry again now I don't know why But I can't control my emotions Here's the bow We also had that in India and the sunlight... Oh my gosh and so many cool caps I love this one so much How nice is this! I love it What do we think? That's perfect on you How much is this one - This one 900 *NPR 900 = EUR 6,17* I'm so confused - I make it a little bit cheaper this morning for good luck - What's the good price My price? 500 - Little more than that - I really love it also with your outfit and your style - But I... - There's a mirror - You have knives? - This is again the weird Susan thing Oh my gosh But guys, look how cute this and this and this cap... - You get that one - How much? - 600 *NPR 600 = EUR 4,11* - Wait, I need to calculate 600 Because I don't know Bless you - Thank you 70k. Okay, I will think about it

Wow, I love it This is Wishnu's hat You should get it - It's like cowboy In Mongolia! - Look, here are gloves I want this! OMG, I really love this I'm going to get this later How much is this? - It's 500 *NPR 500 = EUR 3,43* - You give me 500 - We first go to the square and then we come back later Thank you so much - You're welcome - What time do you close? - I'm closing at 9:00 - Oh, perfect Oh, it's okay Now we have someone who wants to show us a shop Look at this I know online if you twist this You can make a wish But I don't want to do it now Because I don't know the rules and no one else is here and I don't want to mess anything up and look at all the wires actually I really love this jacket I want this one I love green The North Face This is perfection Okay, there are so many nice things But we're first going to walk to the square Because otherwise we're so distracted *get's distracted* I love those necklaces here Hi! Thank you so much This is really nice They have really good place and here like Kashmere blanket But we're first going to go to the square It was a 12 minute walk I think we're already 12 minutes on the way Yeah, we're not even halfway yet I love it I'm so excited It feels completely different than India so far Of course We're now in more touristic area oh look at this There's juices and everything I really love this Milkshake mango juice - Hi! - How are you? - I'm good - Vlogger? - Yes - Where are you from? - I'm from the Netherlands - Oh nice! I have been Netherland twice - Really? - Rotterdam and Amsterdam - What did you do? - I'm just traveling like you - Traveling, where do you come from? - India - So nice! we're going to go to India after this - Oh really? - See you later thank you It looks really nice - Yeah, well nice and clean We stay nearby We will get it later Thank you so much, see you! All the cars are so old school I'm curious what it is? *gets distracted again* I think this is chicken But it's also with the egg Dumpling Wow, guys look at the light here as well Oh they're filming I love it when I see Susan walking, just looking around It's so funny - Stay there and looking around - Stay there and looking around Wow, I think this is like the salt stones Oh there's so many things here I actually want to buy Himalayan Salt.. ..if I go back to Bali I wonder why he makes the street wet I don't know why I've never seen that before I know in Bali they do that sometimes But I'm not sure why they do it here We actually wanted to walk.. the really famous square But we found this on the way There are actually many of those kind of temples There's so many pigeons There's so much life here! I think this is a temple or something Oh, there are monks Okay, I really don't know what it is But it looks really cool Look they're even kids Wow, I'm so curious about this Maybe I should look on Google But I don't know what it is But it's really cool and here is one of the temples, I guess I don't know if you can feel the vibe on the camera But it's so cool It's like the sunlight is there Wow, look at all the pigeons here What are they doing? They're eating, look! I don't know what's going on here Hello! What is this? Sales, NPR 30 only Yeah, this is so cute But I don't need this and it smells so good Hi! They have all the incense here Actually I want to bring a few typical Nepali incense.. ..back to Bali Because it smells so good Here everywhere on the street Okay, I think I'm going to get my camera and I'm going to make some nice shots Hello! Susan just got some corn for the pigeons - Yeah, you have to feed the little ones, you know - Always I'm so curious about it There's so many pigeons by the way Look at this! I don't know what this is I think here's where they do the prayers and worship the God *As always if you know better than mu, let me know!* I don't know if you can tell But I really love it here I love the temperature I love the people I love the vibe, the smell It's so nice here Look at this already Are you going to run into it? OMG, what was that? Look at this... This was so scary Okay, we don't know what exactly happened But it was like maybe some construction or something happened But all the birds flew away It was so scary It actually reminded me of a gun shooting But I think everything is fine Because everyone is really chill and no one is freaking out and if other people are freaking out You have to freak out as well Okay, if you don't follow my Instagram yet I'm also posting reels about Nepal I got here a tripod and this is going to look really weird But I always put my camera in my tripod and then I'm going to film 0.5

and then I'm going to hold the camera far away So I have a really far shot But I made it myself It's so nice I actually got this one from Amazon Okay, let's do it I look like a crazy person if I do this But I do it all the time and actually I don't care anymore I love it Check my Instagram if you want to see it I got some really nice shots and I'm so happy Thanks to this amazing tripod and now I will put it like this in my bag I am so excited to be here Like, actually we wanted to go to the square But we just found this place and we were like, "okay, let's check it" We're now here you know - There you are, what are you doing? - I have some really cool shots I'm so happy - Like, with your phone? - GoPro, camera I have everything - I love it So here is the incense It's sandal wood Is this what they always burn outside? Because I love the smell on the street It's this one or it's another... - That is exactly the same one Lots of people in the shop and the worshipping time They mostly use oud - Wow really nice So how much is this pack - That's 120 - Can we do 100? - 100 is my custom price Because from the inside No margin So really that's a natural one If you buy 10 Then I'll give you 1,000 - What do I need with 10? 100 is okay for me and maybe I will get tea How much is the tea - That's a 490 for the 100 grams That's organic and if you like the normal one We have too, 250 Okay, so the tea is not really cheap I will only get it for 100 Okay, then yeah Sandalwood for 100 *NPR 100 = EUR 0,69* Okay, so this is the money It's so beautiful by the way So I got it Thank you so much - You're welcome From Germany? - No, the Netherlands Nice, okay see you! Have a good day! Thank you! Okay, this was so spontaneous But I reeally love the smell This is interesting True meaning of life - I want to have that one Look at all the dogs just chilling here in the sun We only have to walk like 5 more minutes.. ..until this square Where we really want to go The dogs look so sad actually - Yeah they are Hello! I don't know why But there are so many place with food on the street I don't know if it's like an offerings *I also found another worsipping place* Look at this We just found those cute kids here - Where are you from? - The Netherlands You want to say hi? High five! Yeah See you tomorrow! Wow look at all the electricity cables People are so nice and sweet here - Hello, how are you? - Good! Look at all the electricity Look at this dog Hello! I have never seen this Thank you! Oh, here's another dog with clothes Yeah, I think it's because of the weather actually Okay, so we are still not at our first location But we're having so much fun It is really nice here In 5 minutes we will be at the square where we want to go So yeah let's go Look how many cables there are So we have arrived at the square.. ..where we wanted to go in the first place But we got distracted It's here and then to the right...

to the left Yeah, let's see what it is Wow, I can see the white temple already Here, Durbar Square 1,000. So it's 1,000 for per person *NPR 1000 = EUR 6,85 For a foreigner which is like 8 euros We are going to see the living goddess I'm so excited I did a lot of research Okay, let's go there straight away Wow look how busy So this is really famous and the living goddess is inside here So in this Temple is the living goddess They are really special and this is only exist in Nepal So I don't know if it's appreciated If I'm talking here really loud But the living goddess is a kid.. ..who is chosen when she was 4 years old To be a goddess and so people worship her They give her gifts She cannot show any emotion I've seen a lot about it on YouTube She is the goddess into her first period and it means she can also not touch the floor.. ..with her feet Which is really interesting and after she get her first period It's like a party and then she's like a normal human again I don't know exactly how to describe it Did you see her? - No Let's walk inside Oh, she's inside here and actually there are many guides here Who try to sell us a guide It's okay, we are fine thank you The Netherlands It's okay I don't know what's going on, like.. ..there's so many people It's so quiet and I don't know where they look at But we don't know where the goddess is and he's trying to sell us a guide I'm confused I'm really confused Let's see where the goddess is Everyone here is just walking around and looking at something But I don't know where they look at We cannot see her Oh, she will come at 12 Okay, she will just enter She will be coming any moment She will come around 12 and yeah the guy said he can from that door But I'm not sure So everyone is waiting until she will arrive Okay, so the living goddess, the kid was just there..

..for like 2 seconds But we were not allowed to film it We were not allowed to sit on the side She just showed her face and you have to give like the respect sign That's it I'm a little bit confused Because I have seen.. ..whole documentaries about this on YouTube But we are not allowed to film So I don't know exactly what happened But maybe we will see it again in the upcoming days and then we can show more in detail about it But the point is that it's a girl who is wearing makeup and she cannot show any emotions and you can pray to her You can worship her and then you can get good luck I think I should explain it like that But I'm not sure So we made it outside again and apparently every 4 minutes the goddess shows her face But you're strictly not allowed.. make any photos or videos and this place is actually really touristic Wow look how beautiful they are There are many tourists I'm not the biggest fan of really touristic places But I understand why Because it's so beautiful here Okay, we are now looking for a cafe and I've actually seen this on YouTube This is like in the middle of a touristic square Susan always loves knives They're actually really cool But you can't bring this Do you remember in Jogja Susan bought a weapon and she also couldn't bring it Yeah, I love it I just cannot bring it Be careful - Don't worry Okay, I'm walking away from this guy But I've actually seen this place on YouTube Many people go here to buy some souvenirs and I understand because it's all really cool But we just found a cafe up here with a rooftop We are going to go there and it is getting really hot So I'm going to take off my legging under my pants and I think I will take off my jacket as well Because I don't want to sweat This is so cool There are so many things here Actually I want to tell you a story in India Last year Susan bought a necklace with an elephant and always when she wore it She felt really bad So I'm actually curious If it's possible that like a bad vibe.. ..can stay into a product I'm really curious I'm a little bit scared now - Scared? - No, I'm not scared - Don't be scared, be happy - How are you? - Yeah, I'm cool What are you going to be scared of You're in a no... - I'm explaining a story that a friend of mine..

..bought a necklace last year and always when she wore the necklace.. ..she felt really bad - Why does she feel bad when she... - I don't know, just when she wore the necklace she felt bad So that's what I mentioned, like I'm a bit scared now - No no no no I buy something there energy... - Completely nonsense I mean like just because she felt that maybe it's a... She put on that onto herself So all these necklaces, they have thousands of years..

..of like Mantra on them, you know Which is really positive So your friend knew nothing about it - No, we just it India - But she knew nothing about it So if she knew about the story Then she would have got to understood that Actually it's a very special.. ..really wonderful necklace, you know It's completely the opposite way around.. ..of you thinking it Yeah, completely I'm Indian and English It's completely opposite, you get me? You're Dutch? I know.... It's my favorite word in Dutch - Do you own a story here or no? - I've been to 92 countries So I'm an inherent traveler So what are you doing, you're a traveler? I'm building a house here in Nepal For the earthquake victims - and you live here? - No, I live in my heart and I've been 92 countries How can I live anywhere when I travel so much - So you're fulltime traveler - I just do that I've done that for 55 years and it's very nice and I want to carry on doing that, you know and I have a really cool handshake You should take a picture of this - I'm filming - Close your hand, keep it tight It's strongest handshake in the world and it feels really nice, doesn't it? What is that Ow, it hurts Strange - I'm so confused right - Don't be It's okay This is just like a nice loving handshake Yeah, it's like your mommy's love Very gentle and very strong Pull pull pull Yeah, you see how strong that is? So this is the nice way to hold hands - Okay, nice to meet you This is the friend where I'm talking about - Yeah, you don't have to be worried This is nice hand shake Keep it tight Now, pull see strong - I'm so confused - It's just the strongest handshake in the world It's just really beautiful way to hold hands We're going to have some lunch Thank you so much See you! Okay, the cafe is somewhere here I only don't know the entrance Here Morrison Cafe Let's go Hello! Rooftop Morrison Cafe It's here 1 more stairs Oh my gosh, there are mountains all around We made it to the rooftop cafe I'm going to take off my jacket It's so hot But wow guys, this place is so impressive I feel completely safe The people are so sweet This is only the first day So much more to come and everywhere here around us are mountains We didn't even see that yet Because we have only been into the city center We had to walk like 5 stairs to go here So I'm out of breath Hi! I'm looking at the menu now and it looks really nice and modern This is more like a western Cafe I think Look how nice this looks I'm going to go for a fruit salad Which is 320 and 150 is like 15,000 rupiah like 1 so this is €2 They have Nepalis food as well for sure This is really overwhelming for me Because there's so much paneer Ooh, that's what we always ate in India and they also gave us this Where it's information about all the things Oh, I'm so excited that we are sitting here Drinks has arrived A cappuccino and a lemonade with mint Wow, it's really nice and fresh and this coffee looks so good and the fruit salad has arrived It looks really nice They even have dragon fruit It is a little bit later We almost finished all our foods Susan and I have a local soup and we have some potato wedges and now it's almost time to go to explore this area again There are so many temples here 90 temples in only this square where we are and it's huge We are going to walk around and I really want to do some shopping So maybe we have to go to the ATM as well Because we need more cash But it's so nice and I don't know if I mentioned it already in my video I don't know if you can see it on the GoPro But if you see the white there Next to the cloud That's a really high mountain with snow on top So that's really impressive We made it outside of the restaurant and now we're going to walk inside this area Wow, look at this living God is Kumari Can you do it? - Yes, dancing puppet Woohooo Oh, very nice dancing You're so talented - You're so beautiful - Thank you Really nice thank you so much Your welcome Oh, this is chai tea Masala chai Really nice and I love that You see all those orange flowers everywhere It's so beautiful Here are shoes Hi! I am wearing my jacket again Because it's getting colder again Here there is also shopping things I really like this bag How much is this bag - 550 *NPR 550 = Eur 3,77* I like I'm confused about the prices Okay, thank you This also really nice and my mom will love this so much - You like? Yeah, thank you so much. Bye!

They do so me vlogging and now I gave my card Hi! Hello! - I'm from Vietnam - I really want to go to Vietnam Are you on a holiday here? - Yes - So nice - 3 months - Is it your first time? - Yes, I want to go India - Oh beautiful That's really nice Okay, well nice to meet you! Are you going to try? - I'm going to try I have no idea what it is But it smells so nice - It smells really good I don't know the name of this as well It's all written in Nepali - What's the name? - Samosa chai and this is the other thing We also have in India I remember Jordan tried this first time Okay, we are still walking around here and now we entered to this part and I don't know if you've seen the movie But this kid plays in a movie called Karate Kid and I really get the vibes of that movie here It's so cool It actually reminds me a little bit of China I've been in China with school before So uh it's really cool Okay, I just booked a taxi again.. ..with the application to our hotel It's really nearby Because we walked for like 15 minutes or something But I think with the car it's only like 5 minutes So it's underway now This application is so nice My phone is my tripod by the way So I highly recommend if you are going to Nepal.. download this application It is called Pathao and like the good real price They don't scam you Okay, the taxi is on the way It only doesn't go to our side So I hope he's going to come on time But I'm now sitting here Because it's quite overwhelming and so busy here and look how beautiful this is here I think this is like the really busy part But also many locals It feels touristic But there are many locals as well So I'm not sure about that situation So I had to cancel the driver Because I think they're not allowed to come here He texted.. I'm waiting for you I don't know what it means But we're now going to go to a more quiet area Where the drivers can just pick us up Because we're now in a really big square and there are not many cars So I kind of understand Okay, we found our taxi We're now in the car back to our hotel It's really close But it's so hectic here I think this is like one of the main streets of Kathmandu It really reminds me of India So now we're going to go back to our hotel and then we're going to go to another Temple The really famous one After a really quick stop in our hotel room We found a car again and this car is so small It's really cute and we're now going to go to a really famous temple It's a 15 minutes drive and if you look on Pinterest.. will always see the temple If you ride down Nepal *stupa* So I'm really excited This is the situation I think I've never been in a car like this Like, it's really small and look at all the details I don't know if you can see it But it's so cute and old If you know me a little bit You know that I really love to just sit in a car and look around What's happening Yesterday we arrived in the night So everything was dark and now there's so much to see There's so many stores The traffic is crazy But it's not as crazy as India But there is so much to see I really like it We have arrived This was the car Thank you! So now we have to walk here to the left To the temple There are so many people here This place is huge I definitely didn't expect this Wow, I've seen this online But then you don't see how big it is of course But now in real life I can see that it's so huge I actually see people doing this all the time I think it's for good luck Look they also do it I don't know exactly what it is I'm going to search for it and I want to know I think it's like you can make a wish or it's for good luck But I'm not sure I actually remember I've watched a video about someone Who went to this place as well and you can only walk clockwise If you don't do that They say you get bad luck I'm not sure about it But as you can see Everyone is walking clockwise Which is so interesting and you can do a praying here as well We walked a little bit further The sun is so beautiful and you can see all the moving through the way It's really peaceful - It is We are now going to walk.. ..a circle around it as well, clockwise Wow, the sun is shining from this side So you can see the shadow there This is so beautiful - It's so epic and it's so big - That's what she said - This is so big We are now here in the other side and as you can see many people are praying here and there are many shops Especially art shops This is so cool Wow, look at all those details I think this is printed I don't know if this is made by hand Maybe it's made by hand one time and then they copy it - It's a print - It's a print, yeah But someone ever made it by hand, right? Oh yeah, and then they made a copy of it - This the handmade Do you maybe know why people walk clockwise? Can you can you make a wish if you walk clockwise? Because I just spoke with a guy and he said if you walk around it It's good for inner strength and then I asked him like, "oh is it for good luck?" and he said, "it's for good luck for others, because if you give others you will receive back as well" That's how they do it in Buddhism He told me and if you've seen my India series Maybe you remember that I got a bow like this in Kerala When we just arrived and actually this is the flag of Nepal and it's so interesting Because this is the only flag in the whole world..

..that isn't rectangled So we walked up a place and now we can see the temple from here The sun is slowly setting and I can even see the moon I'm not sure if you can see on the GoPro Because it's really wide angle But here you can really see.. ..that everyone is walking clockwise This is super cool It's only a little bit crowded up here and behind us there's like a temple and people are praying and they play like the sound and everything I don't know what's going on But it's you're not allowed to film inside Okay, it is time to go to the exit again We're going to book a taxi and we're going to eat at our hotel Because we really like our hotel We are not walking clockwise at the moment We're just going to go into an alley.. see if we can find a taxi there or book taxi It's actually getting pretty dark Okay, let's find a taxi This is really cute We call it pot Yeah, we also call it pot OMG, I love this It's actually not so expensive I know, let's have a look They also have really cute cups Hello! Okay, 550 that is like 3 But like, how are we going to bring this Let's be realistic and not buy like we can't bring this We are looking a taxi I think this is our driver Hi! For who Janine? Yeah That was wild But nice I really love this experience - I (me) too - I too - Wow, your English is improved - Yeah right my English improves daily I too So now we're going to go back to our hotel Have dinner there and then we're going to do some shopping this morning..

We saw really nice things and we all don't have a really big jacket So I'm really excited for shopping We made it back in the streets from our hotel and we have the best street Oh look, this is all like hiking stuff 1,000 it's like €6 here North Face I want the green North Face jacket OMG, I found what I want This jacket I love I'm going to try it Okay, let's give it a try My camera is inside all the jackets now and I actually really want.. get a North Face duffel back as well I don't think they're real But I actually don't care I just want to have a duffel back Because normally they're waterproof and they're so hard to get and here I see them everywhere I think it's too small I like it really oversized What do we think? Can I see? - I think it's too small Maybe size bigger Yeah Excuse me, how much is this one? This one is 7,500 *NPR 7500 = EUR 51,4* Oh, this is all 7,000 Okay This store got me because I have things for 1,000 and now it's 7,000 I think it's too small anyway OMG, I love it How much is this one? 2,400 Yes I can give you discount and do you have a white one or cream? like this color It never is in that color - It will be dirty - I understand, they have the duffel back here I'm so excited Look at this bag OMG, this is also really nice I'm a baby Baby bag for baby girl Is it possible to use it as a backpack Oh my gosh, this is amazing and it's waterproof? - Yes, 100% waterproof This is my dream bag Okay, you can take You can take I want it, but I don't know what to do.. ..with my other backpack then Okay, I am still in the same store and I found a really beautiful green bag I just tried it But she put it now back in the bag It's the North Face It is this one But then in green yes this uh 600 But give me two six double z Okay, what if we do 2,000 - No, it is not possible - It's possible? - No - Okay, so what's the best price? and I also want to get this one for my drone It's a waterproof bag It's really small and cute Okay, so what's the another best prize - This one is the best price What if we do 2,000? No, it will not okay 2,200 I'm giving the last price Okay, I will think about it I will look in some other stores and then I come back up Susan is going crazy here Okay, so I have this color now It's with blue It's blue and then this would be the outfit with the shoes and this - Then you can try this out Yeah, this is better I think this looks better It's cool You think so? So how much is this one But I need this 6,000 What's happening here? - We're having 2 times already I give it 10 /10 Me too But we need a good price Yeah, this is too expensive The other one I could get for 4,900 Quality different What about 5,000 5,800 I think we sell 7,000 like that quality Is this is how it goes? Okay, we made it into a really nice store and I saw this wallet outside Look at this It's so cute and if you remember in India I bought a wallet in Kerala and I'm still using it till today So I think it's time for a new one and they have so many cute ones I actually really love this color as well I think I like it with green This looks like a palm tree I think I want this and this - You want this and this and this and this and Susan brought the shoes by the way Yes, what do you think Nice really nice Yeah they don't have a laptop - I have laptop bag, you want? - Yes, can we see Yes, I have some I make also myself Hello! How are you? Everyone He's the owner from the place who sells this See this is my laptop Have a look This is for laptop But it's way too big Not like a laptop case, small one Hey I only laptop This is still too small My laptop is 17 inch Oh this is then, you need bigger one No, but it's okay This is for 14 inch So 200 in total - No, this is bigger one This one 150 Are you happy? - I'm always happy person No problem Business is always you know happy That's if you do happy Then it's always happy - That's true Look this is the one where I'm talking about That I bought in Kerala last year and now it's time for a new one I'm really excited We found a really nice store Look at this They have all like those things for in the snow and up the mountains and everything and I like the white one more But I also love this What do we think? Is it nice? I think it's really cute Do you have different sizes? I like XXL, you like I like oversized Okay, oh you like big one huh This one we have big one No problem and this one this is more white This is more like gray So I got this one Because I always like my clothes white and light As you can see trouser That's wild They even have a trouser like this OMG, can I open it? Yes, what's this? This D jacket or Jack I know I can be a set I can be matchy I have a trouser and a jacket Wow this is cool I love it This is like what you see on Pinterest This is trouser same and you put in to and how nice I'm in love Okay, we made it now in the cafe from our hotel I am so happy I bought the green bag I will show it to you in the room But my battery died So I'm now filming with my phone and I'm so happy I just changed my wallet for this one and I have this one as well So maybe I'm going to change it later to this one But we just ordered food I ordered a pumpkin soup and a cola zero So I'm really excited and it's really cozy here Look at this and this is part of our hotel So if you're going to Nepal make sure to..

..stay at Yala Peak Hotel It's really nice I'm this is the best Maybe I made a wrong decision Thank you Going get one of this It Was the first Nepal Vlog I hope you like this video I'm now going to shower This was so nice I really love it I cannot wait for tomorrow and all the other days that we're in Nepal We're here total for 3 weeks So I'm going to end this video here Don't forget to subscribe down here If you don't want to miss any of all my other videos and then I will see you in the next one Buh-bye! Can you maybe stand here... So this guy cannot see me... Yeah, I look like a school, like a boy... I can give you this one for you as a gift... As a gift? I can almost CBE Because this is so....

That is so nice Here look at this This is a drama dream This is the drama I did it again I'm sorry but this is so overwhelming.. it is spicy

2023-12-15 19:18

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