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Exploring Old Manila

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Dale. Hi, how are you? - Hello. So here we are, the Intramuros Walled City of Old Manila, guys.

This is where it all started. It all started right here, guys. The Walled City, check it out.

And it's a big wall, right enough. You'll see here, this whole city, surrounded by this big, sturdy wall. This whole area, fortified by the Spanish colonialists who set up a city here back in the day, more than 400 years ago. Aye, the Spanish colonialists, they came here led by Miguel López de Legazpi, Hello, Dale! the Spanish...

Hi, how are you? ????. - Hi. Legazpi, the Spanish conquistador, he came here about five or six years after conquering Cebu. He came over to Manila, had a big fight with the Islamist rulers, who were settled here.

There was a Muslim guy who was the big ruler, Lamborghini. - the big boss. Hi, bro. Lamborghini?! Yeah, Lamborghini. - Oh, wow! Good. Okay. - Oh, wow.

He's got a green Lamborghini. But, yeah. They took over from the Muslims, and they settled here. They built this all up.

There's churches, there's homes, there's a whole community. To this day, more than 400 years later, there's still a big community here, inside the Walled City. So, yeah, this is the second time I've been here. Seven years ago, I was here. I just thought it was a really nice place to, like, walk around and stuff. All these old churches, all these old colonial buildings.

Check it out. And they keep it very nice. I mean, look, it is very nice. Maybe what would be nice is a horse ride. I've got that on my mind.

The last time I took a horse ride, it didn't go so well, back in Karachi. But I have faith. Hi. Hello. Hi. I have faith that this is all, like, legit and stuff.

I think there's no scams here. I think everything is, like, organised, like they have professional tour guides. They're all, like, licensed and stuff. You have a customer already! No, no, nothing.

My son. - You have a customer. My son, my son. Oh, your son? Ah, okay. - ???? to my horse.

You tour guide? - ???? Yeah, what I want to show you, all. - Ahhh. I just want to walk around on my own. You cannot see, that's 64 hectares, but if you want to... - Oh, expensive!

One hour. Yeah, one hour. Oh, my God, 1,000?! - Filipino and tourist, same like this because every place we'll stop, take photograph. I want to explain. - Ah, okay. What about, - And... what about just half an hour for 500? Just go around, horse ride? Okay, I give you discount because you are first passenger.

Yeah? - 800, senior citizen. - I'm the first one? Already 3 o'clock. Eh, because changing my, the shoes of my horse. - Oh, beautiful. Okay.

Beautiful boy. - Senior citizen, 800. What is his name, his name? Ben, Ben. Ben? Hi, Ben. 15 years old. - Okay. Come on, sir.

Ah, beautiful. Ah, okay. - Ben. Yeah. - I'll drop you there,

finish, Fort Santiago. - Oh, Fort Santiago? Yeah, that's right at the, - Yeah, yeah. at the end, yeah. - At the end, the end. But I want to see, ehm, Ah. San Augustin. - San Augustin Church.

I will bring you. - It's... Do they have the... That's where they buried Miguel López de Legazpi, right? They, they buried him there. Buried at the left altar of the San Augustin Church. The founder of Manila. - Yeah? Ah, but... - Do they still have his grave? I know, I know, I know.

His grave is there? - Yeah. Ah, okay. - The tomb, the tomb. The tomb? Oh, he has a tomb? - The tomb. The tomb, the tomb. - Ah, okay. Okay, so let's go and visit his tomb. Tomb. - And then go to Fort Santiago.

And then go to Fort Santiago. - Yeah. 800, okay. That's one hour? One hour, okay. - Ah, okay. You gave me a discount? Senior citizen.

Senior citizens. - Okay, I'm getting old, guys. I'm getting the senior citizen discount. A discount. - Okay.

Are you father and son? My son. My son, no English. - Ah, okay. No English? Ah, okay. And every tour guide here is a licensed tour guide, yeah? Every tour guide, yeah, yeah. - Yeah, it's good. From ????. - Yeah, it's good.

Yeah, the government are doing well here with the whole area. They've got all the tour guides licensed. Everything's all good. So we're getting a horse ride with...

Name for the horse? Huh? Name for the horse? Ben. Ben. Oh, yeah, you've told me. Okay. How did I forget that? Yeah, I forgot already. Okay, okay. - Ben. I will bring you first at the Okay. - tomb of the, the founder of Manila, Miguel López de Legazpi.

It was dying on... - Yeah, 15, 1571-1572, right? He was dying on 21 of August, 1572. He was buried on the left altar. - Yeah, only, only, he was only here for, like, one year or so, and then he died.

Yeah. So, about a year after he conquered, like the... - He conquered. Yeah, the Spanish conquistador. - Yeah, yeah, exactly. Con Con-quis Con-quis-tador. Yeah. - Yeah, I know.

He took over from the Muslims who were here, right? Oh, yeah, yeah. - Before, Muslims were here. Muslim and including to Chinese pirate attack, like, Lin Feng / Lim A Hong. Yeah. - Lin Feng / Lim A Hong.

And the Spanish came and they fight Yeah. - for about one year or so, right? They were fight, big fight, and they take over. And they built all this big city. Intramuros. - And also... Hello. Okay, good. - I watch your vlog.

We've got some vlog viewers there. Dale Philip! So this Intramuros, it's actually Latin for "Inside the walls," right? Eh, do you know the meaning of "Intramuros?" Yeah, "Inside the walls." - You don't know? Oh, "Within the wall." Yeah, "Within the wall." It's Latin language, right? "Within the wall." Ah.

So they have a night market as well. This is a night market? No, no. That's already bankrupted. - Old? Ah, okay.

It says, "2018." Already bankrupted. Ah, it's bankrupt? Bankrupt. Already bankrupt. - Ah, okay.

Yeah, he said, there's no more night market. Maybe that stopped during the COVID times, or something. Intramuros named by the Spanish, - Okay.

meaning "Intra," within the wall. Moro Muslim, are including the Chinese pirate, that is the enemy of Spain. "Muro," that is the "wall." Ah, okay. - That is the wall. Yeah, it's big, right? - They built... They built... - How many square kilometres?

64 hectares. 64 hectares? Ah, okay. - So total, 4.5 kilometres. Ah, okay. - Total measure.

This local people, or tourists? Hi. Oh, they're not friendly. Why not friendly? Hi. Okay, I got a wave.

I got a wave from one girl. They local people? Local people. No English. No English? Ahhh, that's why. Okay. - No English. ????... - There's a university here, right? Oh, university, we have six.

Six universities? Inside the Intramuros? - All inside the Intramuros. The first one, City College of Manila for Scholarship. Then the next one is Manila High school. The 3rd one, Mapúa Institute of Technology, College of Engineering. The fourth one, Lyceum of the Philippines University And the 5th, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, 2nd oldest university in the Philippines.

Ah, okay. - 1620, originally built by Spanish. - 1600? Oh, wow. And the last one, Colegio de Santa Rosa, exclusive for girls. Ah, okay. All within this Intramuros.

And the oldest... Oh, yeah. - Okay, so it's a university area? And the oldest university, UST, (University of Santo Tomas,) founded in 1611. The former site in here, Ah, okay. - In Intramuros, Yes? - before transporting in the, in the Dapitan. Ah, okay.

Spaniard, Spanish. And what is this big wall here? Oh. That is the original PMA. Philippines Military Academy Barracks. Oh, it's the original barracks? Academy? - Barracks. Oh, yeah.

1901, American soldier it was stay there until 1904. 1908 already restored and abandoned, and moved to Baguio City, close to Camp John Hay. But this is the original former site. - Ahhh. Okay. Of the... - Yeah. The barracks.

Cuartel de Santa Lucia. - Cuartel de Santa Lucia. Constructed in 1781. So the Spanish were using it as barracks, and then the, the Americans were using it when they were here. The Americans, in the early 1900s.

And because of the Japanese bombing everything was destroyed and still broken, but it's not anymore. Ah, so after the Japanese came, they destroyed everything? Oh, yeah. That was already abandoned and moved to Baguio. - For this area. Okay. Ah, okay. - Moved to Camp John Hay. Ah? - Ah.

Another beautiful horse. Beautiful horse. Yeah, the horses here, they're they're very good condition, right? Very - Oh, yeah. nice coat. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

They look like they're well looked after. Look, they've even got, like, a bag for it's dumpings there. So it doesn't go all over the street. - This is for dumpings. Yeah. - Ah.

Yeah, got a bag for it right there. I want to show you the San Augustin Church, huh? Yeah, the San Augustin Church. We'll see where Miguel López de Legazpi, his tomb. Yeah, yeah.

The tomb. Yeah. - The tomb. The tomb. The tomb. (x2)

The tomb. (x3) The tomb. (x4) So how many people still living now in Intramuros? How many local people living here? We have five barangay. Five barangay in this one Intramuros? In Intramuros.

And I do not know how many population. Yeah, but thousands, right? I I believe 1,000 of families. Yeah. Okay, I want to show you inside.

This is the San Augustin Church? San Augustin. Okay, so we're gonna visit the San Augustin Church. And see where Hey! the Spanish conquistador Me, every day I subscribe you, huh. - is buried.

Every day? Yes. - Okay, good. That's a good video. - Nice one, bro. Nice one. Thank you. - Like Simon Wilson. Like that. - Like Simon Wilson? Better than Simon Wilson! - Oh, much better you.

No. Better, better. Yeah. - Okay, yes. He said yes. Okay, better than Simon Wilson. Good. Okay.

So this is the San Augustine Church here. On the left, on the left altar, the tomb of the founder of Manila, Miguel López de Legazpi. - Ah. Okay. - Ah, you remember. He was dying on 21 of August, 1572. 72, yeah.

So it's to the left of the altar, his tomb? Oh, you go straight. Ah, okay. Hello! Hi, how are you? - Yeah. All good.

Where does the tomb for Miguel López Ah, I show you. - de Legazpi, his tomb? Yeah. His name is Adelantado Miguel López de Legazpi. - Oh, it's in here? Ah, okay. - 1572.

Ah, okay. Can I go, or no? I have to stand here? - No, no, no. It's not allowed. Because... Before, allowed. Ah, but not now? Okay.

Inside, also, they got a museum. Ah, okay. - You able to see the most interested artifacts inside the church.

Ah, okay. Thank you. Yeah, I see.

Yeah, the tomb is there. The tomb. I can just, basically, see. It looks like there's a statue of him on top, and you can just see his feet there. Okay, getting a selfie.

Shout-out me, Justin Bieber. You're Justin Bieber? - Yeah. Okay. - Pinoy ???? Okay, good. - Yeah. But you can enter. You may,

you may talking to the ???? Oh, thank you, thank you. Yeah? You may look. What is that? You may look. Menu? You may look. I may look? From here? I can go inside? Go.

Go? This way, yeah? It's okay? Okay, he says it's okay. I can have a look through here. Okay, so no service today. Oh, that's good. I didn't think I was allowed, but my tour guide said I am allowed.

Okay. He gave me this envelope for some reason. I don't know if it's like, to give a donation or whatever.

But this is where he's buried right here. Miguel López de Legazpi. "21st of August, 1572." He was put in this tomb. And that's a statue of him on top of his tomb right there. Wow.

Incredible. The history. Check out the stained glass, right there.

Incredible, isn't it? Wow. This ancient church. Check it out. ????.

What's she...? Oh. - She's telling you off? It sounded like she was telling him off for letting me go and have a look at the, the tomb. I dunno. Anyway, let's get back out.

That is the house of Spain. That is the original. "Casa Manila." - Casa Manila. Right here where it says "Barbaros?" - I want to show you. I want to show you.

Okay. So this was the first house that was built here, in Intramuros. But this is a replica. It's been recreated. The Japanese, apparently, during the Second World War, they destroyed this, so... They've used the same design.

It's the same design, but recreated, right? Oh, the same design. Same design, yeah. But... The structural is Spanish. - Yeah. But all the bricks and stuff are new.

Oh, but this is not original. Not original, yeah. Ah, okay. - Only imitation.

But the Fort Santiago, that's original, right? Oh, the Fort Santiago. - Yeah, 'cause it's well fortified. Fortified. This only, original. On the, on the ground surrounding by cobblestone. - Oh, the cobblestone road.

That's original. Aye. Like this. Yeah.

It's the original road that's been here for more than four centuries. Oh, similar in Vigan. Yeah. - In, Vigan. You... You've been there in Vigan? Bagan in Myanmar? Bagan? Vigan, in Luzon. - Yeah, it's in Myanmar. In Luzon. - In Burma.

In Luzon? No, no, I haven't. Yeah. Yeah. - But, similar like this. Ah, okay.

That is the original. Oh, the bamboo bike. Ah, they've got bamboo bikes.

Bikes, they're called "Bambikes." Bambike. Yeah. Made from bamboo. Bamboo's strong, so it should be safe. - Strong.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe different kind of bamboo. Because it's strong. Okay. - This your one? Okay, this is Ben right here. Hi, Ben. - You want to go. Can I take a selfie with Ben? Okay.

Okay. (x2) Okay. (x3) Okay. Okay, Ben. - Okay. Oh, you've got his food for him right there. Ah, okay, that's good.

Green, green grass. Blue, blue sky. Well, it's not quite blue. But we've got the green, green grass. Bro welcome to Manila.

Welcome. - Thank you. High five. Okay. Yeah.

Friendly, huh? Yeah, everyone's friendly here. It's good. And how is tourism now? Many people are coming now, this year? Compared to last year? Oh, coming here, because of summer season. Yeah. But now, no rules about COVID. Before, very difficult for people to travel to Philippines.

Oh, yeah, during the times of COVID. Yeah, but now, no problem, right? - Blogger! - No problem. Hi, how are you, brother? - Hey, hey. Hi.

They are friendly, huh? Yeah, it's good. You are a famous blogger, huh? A "little bit" famous, not too famous. Medium, medium famous. - Medium? Medium famous, huh? - Yeah. So inside this big building is the Botanical Gardens, right? - Ah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. - Of the Father Blanco's.

Father Blanco. Yeah, so Father Blanco was a priest, who was famous, and he... - Priest, yeah. Oldest priest in the Philippines. Oldest priest in the Philippines? Oldest... - Ah, and he, he discovered some things about herbal medicines, and stuff. - Like guava leaves. Discovery.

Ah, okay. Yeah. Okay. Still working at the San Augustin Church. Okay. - Father Blancos.

So by the position of this gun, it certify that during Second World War, no land outside. Oh. That is the exact location.

Is... - Ah, okay. So there was no land outside this. So this was the sea? Oh, the... This was water? Oh, oh really. Only reclaimed, long time ago. - Ahhh, so this land has been reclaimed? All sea. - Ah, okay. So this was just water, yeah, before? Ah, okay. - Water, water, water, water.

And this gun was pointing out at, for the ships. - Ah, they pointing to, to, not the ship, Yeah. - to, to American embassy. Yeah, okay. So the Japan...

That's a Japanese gun? It was used by Japanese. - It was used by Japanese? It was used by Japanese. - Ah, okay. The small part of the wall, original built by Spanish, look.

Oh, yeah. So this is original? Oh, you can see bullet holes, as well. Bullet hole. - Yeah. There's like plenty of bullet holes. And during the time was build by Spanish, no use cement.

Instead of cement, it was used by egg yolk, and mud. With molasses and ????. Oh, but strong because it's still standing. It must be strong, right? And really thick. Yeah. - And really thick.

Yeah. But the original build... - So this is new and this is old. I can see this is different.

Right? - Oh, yeah, yeah. So, these are, like, reconstructed? Oh, that is the imitation. Ah, okay. - Imitation. But these ones here, Original. - a little bit worn out, and have bullet holes. So many bullet holes. Bullet holes.

Yeah. And the prison cell of Japanese, eh. Look at the tomb. Yeah. - Door of the tomb. Can go inside, or no? Maybe from the other side you can get in. Yeah. Okay.

You want me go there? Eh, I will go on my own, when I come back. You can drop me at Fort Santiago, then I will walk back this way and look. Okay, okay. - Yeah. I'll have a look.

Prison cells. So that was right next to the water, and then the water would come up, and sometimes they would drown. - Oh, coming up. Evening time, in the evening time. - Yeah. Wow. That is the first Department of Labor and Employment building, huh.

Okay, so, a government building right here. - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So this, Intramuros city, we have universities, we have government, and also, ordinary people living. Yeah, ordinary people living. - Local residents. Yeah, just living here. And the Manila Bulletin office.

Since 1901, President Marcos built. Okay, so this they, they print, and then they have the offices for the Manila Bulletin newspaper, right here. Yeah.

And it's still, every day, they are still making? - Oh, it's still working. Still working? Ah, okay. - Still working. Still working.

Yeah. Oh, wow, they even have a Culinary Institute, right there. For people to learn culinary skills. Okay, and this is the Bastion right here. This is at the end of the...

At the edge of the fortification, the Bastion. You may look. Yeah, okay. Yeah, I can go up and look.

Okay, good. - Oh, yeah, this is really nice. Yeah, okay. - Very nice and beautiful. Okay, good. - You may look, you may look.

Okay, good. - There are 14 cannon, ah? You may count. - Oh, 14 cannons are up there? Okay. From Spain. - I'm gonna have to check this out then, guys. There's 14 cannons. Hi, Dale! Hi, how are you? 5,000. 5,000. 5,000? No 5,000, only 1,000.

Yes. Okay. - Just joking. Joking with you. - He's joking with me. Hi, blog. Hi. - Hi, how are you? Okay, he's joking with me.

He's telling me I have to pay 5,000 for this. - Hey, where are you from? Scotland. Where you from? Ah. - Manila? Manila, Binondo. - Good. Good.

He says he's from Binondo, which is the oldest Chinatown in the world. I might go there after this, actually. So check this out, guys. This bastion right here.

He said, I think, 14 cannons. And this would have been facing out onto the sea. So let's have a look.

One of the main points of the defense for this Fort. And as you can see now, guys, it's all land, but my tour guide did say, this is all reclaimed land. This all would have been facing out onto the sea.

So, yeah, these cannons would have been there to defend against ships who were coming to invade. Yeah. Wow. And you see the guys pulling golf carts over there. That is because this is now a golf course.

You can see, there's the bunker right there. Yeah, it's an actual golf course, and then the local kids just running all over this. A little bit dangerous, but yeah, I was, I was doing stuff like that when I was a kid as well. Running and jumping over big walls. How are you guys? It's good. - Yeah.

"Sun, please." You like the sun? Yes. Okay, the sun, it's this way. Go, fly.

Wheeeee! What's your name? My name is Dale. What is your name? Angelo. - My name is Dylan. Dylan? Yes. - Pleased to meet you, Dylan. Nice to meet you. - And your name? Angelo. - What's your name? Angelo? Uhuh. - What's your name? - Ah, okay. I'm Dale.

Dale? Nice to meet you. - Good. Nice to meet you. Dale. - Yeah, Dale from Scotland. What is your name? Kurt. Kurt? Yeah. - Like Kurt Caz? Yes. - Okay, good.

Yeah. Eh... You guys speaking good English.

Yes. - Yes. Okay. You're learning in the school, yeah? Yes, yeah. - Yeah.

And you're living in Intramuros or another place? - No. No. - No. Ah, no. - Other place, other place. Other place? Ah, okay. Somewhere near here? You just come here to play? Yeah. - Yes.

Ah, okay. How are you guys? We're okay. How about you? - Good. Yeah, good.

What is your name? I'm Gay. You're what?! Jay. Jay? Ah, okay. I thought you said something else. I thought you said something a little bit progressive. - I see you on YouTube. Okay. - Yes, yes.

Yes. You're too white in person. I'm what? You're so white in person. I'm so white in person? - Yes.

Yes, very handsome. - I'm white... Apparently, I'm white on, white in video as well. - Yeah, so whitening. You're handsome. - I'm so whitening?

Yeah. - You're handsome. - Okay. I see you on YouTube. You're the one that - You've seen me on YouTube? explore the area, right? Explore the... Explore, yeah. Exploring, yes. - The explorer! Yes, like... - What's your name in TikTok? - I see you, you are eating food in

Indian. Yeah. And now I'm... - Pay 10 rupees, 10 rupees, right? Yeah. Now I'm exploring and eating food in Manila. - What's your name in TikTok? In TikTok? Dale Philip. - Yes.

Yeah. - Dale Philip? You can find TikTok, Facebook, YouTube. - Dale Philip, search for. Oh, Dale Philip. - Yeah. - The Dale Philip.

Okay, let's, let's quickly get some subscribers. Yeah. - Okay, who's gonna subscribe? TikTok, YouTube, Facebook. Okay, maybe we can get one there.

We've got one phone here and one phone here. I'm getting at least two, guys, I'm getting at least two. Maybe three, maybe three. Me, me, me, me. Oh, yeah, four. Okay, four.

Me, me, me. It's so hot in here. Oh, yeah, I know.

Dale Philip.... And he likes the sun. He's got "Sun, please." - Yes. He likes the sun for some reason.

I'm dying. I'm dying here! You're dying? - Yes. Luckily, I have a horseman. He's taking me around so I don't have to walk.

It's good. Dale Philip. - Where's the horse? Okay. Horse? He's just waiting right there. His name is Ben. My horse is called Ben. Yeah, he's taking me around.

Ben, Ben 10. - Yes. ????. - Did I get one subscriber, or no? Me. - Me, me, me.

You subscribed? Yeah, yeah. TikTok? - Me, me, me. - Me. - Yes. Okay, good. Me, me. - And you? Subscribed. - Okay, good.

Thank you, guys. Okay, I'm gonna go take my horse back. Yeah. - My horse ride. See you, guys.

Okay. Thank you, see you. - Bye. See you. - See you again last week. Take care. - No, see you next time, not last week.

Okay. I think he's just being funny. They speak good English. He's just, he's just being funny. Dale! - Okay, let's get back on the horse. - Dale! I know you from somewhere.

Oh, good. I've seen you vlog... - Oh, that's a very strange Mario you've got. Yes, very. - Okay. Give me coins! - Yeah. - I saw your YouTube. What?! No, you give me coins. What? Asking me for coins. - Please.

You give me coins. Please. - Okay, see you, bro. Bye-bye. What is this? "Give me coins." Okay, my horse is waiting for me. Yeah, good.

And this is... This used to be the sea? The cannons were pointing at the sea, before, right? At the ocean, the ocean. Yeah, so this was the ocean before? Oh, yeah. - Yeah. And now, a golf course. Now, now, now, golf course. - Yeah, now

used for golfing. Okay. Oh, so hot. Why is your country so hot? Oh, it's because you have four seasons in the Philippines. Yeah. Oh, no, no, no.

Two s... Two season in here. - Yeah, you have dry season and wet... Wet and dry, right? Six months rainy season, six months summer season. Yeah. - There are two season, compared to in your country. - Yeah.

Scotland, they have four season. - They have four, yeah. Now rainy...? Now rainy season, or no? Starting rainy season? Oh, May to December. May to December is rainy season? Ah, okay. Six months.

But today is dry. ???? season. - It's good. Yeah. So about half the days are wet and half the days are dry, so I'm just planning for a long time in each place that I'm going. So, it doesn't mean that I go somewhere, and then it's raining for, like, three or four days, and I can't do anything, so...

Like, I'm in Manila for nine days. The last few days have been raining, I haven't been doing much. I've just been in the malls and stuff. Today, nice and sunny and dry.

And this is the number one tourist place in Manila, right, Intramuros? Oh, yeah. - Every tourist is coming here. This is the historical place in the Philippines. Yeah.

Lyceum of the Philippines University. Ah, okay. - Former President Duterte studied there, 1962. - Oh.

????. - Oh, Duterte was studying there? Oh, 1962 he studied Political Science. - Ah, okay. He studied political science, Oh, yeah, oh, oh. - and then he become the president. Oh, oh. - Yeah.

Yeah. And now, your president is Bongbong. Bongbong. - Yeah, he is the president now. Presidential son.

Hey, my friend! - Oh, yeah, his father also was the president before. - He's powerful. Yeah, very powerful. And, and the presidential daughter, powerful, also. - Ah, okay. And the original Chinese barter trade, and a small Chinatown before move to Binondo or Ongpin. But this is the original. This is the original here? Ah, okay. So it was like a market?

Oh, it's a market. It's a market. - Yeah. Okay.

And now the Chinatown is in Binondo. In Binondo. Moved. - And it's the oldest Chinatown in the world. Oh, yeah. - Yeah. Ongpin, Ongpin. - Binondo. Ongpin.

Oh, wow, there's McDonald's here. McDonald's everywhere. - Wow. Yeah, McDonald's everywhere. Even in Intramuros. - Yeah. Starbucks anywhere. And you also have Starbucks here, right? Oh, yeah. - Yeah, there's a Starbucks here as well.

Oh, there it is right there. So we've got a Starbucks and McDonald's. You've got the old, right there, and then you got the new right there. Cool.

Another small part of the wall, original build by Spanish. Oh, so this is original? Yeah. "Mur..." What is "Muralla?"

"Muralla" means "wall." Wall? Ah, okay. - Wall, wall, wall. Yeah, that's why "Intramuros," (Within walls.)

Okay. - Wall, wall. Yeah. - Wall. And all these bullet holes, they're from the, the Japanese time, right, the bullet holes? The Japanese bull... All American bullets. - Yeah, Americans shooting to overtake the Japanese.

So that's why the bullet holes are there. They're from that time period. Yeah. We've got the Bureau of Immigration, right there. So, if you need to extend your visa, that's where to come, right there.

Bureau of Immigration, guys. Queen Elizabeth II statue. - Oh, Queen Elizabeth II? Okay, they've got a statue of Queen Elizabeth, right there. Yeah.

????. Yeah, very nice. Okay. We're going to Chinatown? No. That is the way, I want to show you only the new bridge, but not in Chinatown. - Ahhh.

Yeah, just on the way. - The bridge, bridge, donation for the president of Spain. Xi Jinping, to, to, to, - Oh, China? to the Philippine Government.

It was... - The president of China? Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, you said Spain. - Duterte,

former President Duterte and Xi Jinping, before. Xi Jinping? Xi Jinping. Yeah, China, China. - Good, good, good, relation. Ah, okay, so he donated it? - Donated.

This bridge? How many years? Three years before pandemic, and the pandemic, after pandemic, so three years. Ah, okay. Good. Nice and beautiful bridge. Only for cars, or people can walk across? Oh, across. That's a light vehicle. Ah, but I can walk across, or no? Huh? - Walking, or no? Oh, walking, no problem.

Ah, okay, good. Yeah, maybe I'll walk over there later, to go to Binondo. - It's around there. And you can go to Binondo this way, across the bridge, yeah? After the Fort Santiago. Yeah. Good. Oh, yeah. So got the, - Oh. the Chinese and Filipino flags there.

Oh. - China Aid Bridge project. Oh, yeah, good relation. - "Binondo - Intramuros Bridge." Yeah, so it connects Binondo and Intramuros. Oh, yeah. - So, after I've been in Intramuros, I might walk over this bridge and go check out the old Chinatown.

So before this bridge, you have to go a long way to go across the water? Ah, no, no, no. - There's another bridge further down? There is the bridge, only use... Oh, the old one? Oh, the old one, that was called, eh... Jones Bridge.

Ah. How are you?! I"m good, how are you? Skater boy! Hey! - Heeey - Skater boy! ????! Yeaaah, yeah! Okay, good. Friendly people. Friendly people, here. The skater boys, just chillin under the bridge.

Ah, yeah. - The new bridge. The new bridge. Yeah. So this is the Fort Santiago here? Oh, yeah. - Okay, good. So, he's gonna drop me off here, then I'm gonna go have a wander through there. - I will drop you there, on the corner. Okay, Dale.

Thank you, so much. - Oh, no, thank you. Ah, ah. - Thank you, brother. Thanks for your time, ah. - It was good.

No, thank you for your time, and for your... Thank you to Ben, for all his work. And, Dale, thanks for your kind. - Okay.

Dale. Okay, a little extra for you. A little extra for you, okay? - Extra? Oh, no tip to my son? Yeah, you can give him the 500. - Ohhh. You take, you, - Tip to my son, no? you take the 1,000, and give him the 500, okay? Thank you.

Tip no, to my son, no? - Yeah, give him the 500. Okay, thank you. It was very nice, okay? - Thank you, Dale. Thank you, thank you. - Okay, see you. Bye-bye, bye-bye, and bye, Ben. Okay.

Take care of yourself. Ah. - Thank you, and you take care as well. Be safe on these roads. Okay.

Okay, Dale. - That was fantastic. I enjoyed that, wee horse ride. It was a good way to get around. Looks like, maybe, medical students there.

That was a, a good way to, a good way to get around these streets. I've basically circled the whole Walled City, and I'm feeling fresh, you know? I'm not feeling tired, so it's good. This says "Exit Only." I think I need to go around this way. I might have to pay to get in.

Oh, yeah, there's an entrance fee here, but it's small. It's only, It's only 75 pesos to get in. 75. - Yeah. 75 pesos, just, like, $1.20 -$ 1.30, something like that. Hi. Hi. - ????.

What is this? - Old coin. Ah, it's okay. Huh? Old coins, yeah, really? - Old coin. Yeah. Old coins. - Can I look? Yeah. Old coin, same old coin.

Ah, how much? 1,500. 1,500?! Ohhh, okay. No, thank you. - How much, tell me how much? Ah, I don't want. Thank you. Okay. He's got old coins.

I thought he was gonna say, like, 100 or something like that. Yeah, he said 1,500. That's like Hello. - $27. Hi, how are you? - Hello.

Hi. - What is your name? She's... - Are you a vlogger? Yeah, are you a student? Yes, I'm student. - Ah, okay. What is your university? Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Ah, okay. And it's inside Intramuros?

Yes, yes. - Ah, okay. Can I ask what's your name? Dale. Ah, yes! Yeah. And... - She,

she said that she saw... - I watch your, all your vlogs. Ah, okay. And... I'm sorry. So you're studying today? It's the weekend.

Yeah. - Yeah. - It's Saturday, it's Saturday. Yes. We have, - We have classes Monday to Saturday. exam. - Really? Ah, wow. - Ah, yeah. So you're studying hard. Okay.

But today you're having a break, you're going inside the fort? - Yes. We just took a major exam. - Ah, okay. Ah, okay, good. - Both of us.

Okay. Nice to see you. Thank you. - Okay.

We've got a queue. This place is popular right here, the Fort Santiago. "1584," that's when they started building it.

So it was during two governorship periods, "84 to 90 and 90 to 93," that this was built, over nine years, and still standing to this day. Check it out. That is definitely original, right there. The original stone. Four, almost four and a half centuries old. And what is this? "Plaza de Armas." Ah, they're saying this was a big open space that they used for military drills and suchlike.

And this fort was also used to store the arms. All their ammunition and all that. Even up until, like, the Japanese were here, they were still using this fort, Fort Santiago.

It's just so well fortified, isn't it, that if you're gonna invade the country and take over, that's probably what you're gonna use as your military base. And what is through here? Oh, it's a museum. So there's a bunch of museums here, guys. Inside the fort, outside the fort. I'm probably gonna come back when I'm not vlogging, and do the museums.

It'll just take too long, and probably won't be that interesting for the vlog. Who is this bloke right here? There's no sign. Doesn't tell you who the bloke is. Yeah. He's apparently important enough to have his own statue, but not important enough to have a plaque next to the statue. That's very strange, isn't it? Oh, they're saying that is, José Rizal's, "Last Walk to Martyrdom Trail."

So they've marked out a trail, where Rizal was led to the firing squad, I assume. Yeah. Right at the end of the Spanish colonial era, he was fighting for freedom.

He was the Filipino nationalist, and the Spanish didn't like that, so they led him to his demise by firing squad. And here is the ocean. So this part is still out onto the ocean. The other parts of the Walled City, they are facing out now onto reclaimed land.

This is facing out onto the... Well, I guess a river that's going towards the ocean. Look how filthy it is. You wouldn't wanna go for a swim in there, would you? Oh, no.

And the new bridge right there, so... Yeah, after I'm done here in this fort, I'm gonna head over into the Chinatown, there. Right. Let's get back into the fort. "Baluarte de Santa Barbara." I believe "Baluarte" is the Spanish name for "Bastion."

I believe. Let's go in and check it out. Ah, it's nice and cold in here. They've got air conditioning.

Maybe I should just chill out here for a bit. I think they're... Hi. Oh, they're playing a video. Yeah, maybe I'll just, maybe I'll just sit here in front of the AC and pretend I'm, pretending I'm here to watch the video. I'm not.

Just here to soak up the AC. Ahhh. Okay, so, it's just like, it's just like a little museum in here. I thought you could get up onto...

I think you could get up on a ledge or something like that. It's just like a, a museum with toy... It looks like it's made of Lego or something. Yeah, it is made of Lego. It's a Lego version of "Saint Michael's College Laguna."

And a Lego crocodile. Okay. This was kind of a waste of time.

Hi, how are you? I'm good. - Good. There's a lot of big tour groups around, so, yeah, that's what's happening here. Eh, oh, yeah, that's the museum in there. I'm not gonna go in there. But there's a big, a big queue to get into the museum. Hello.

Hello. - Okay. It's so funny. She, she was, like, dancing around in front of the camera, and then as soon as I looked at her, she was like... Looked like I'd caught her doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing or something. But, yeah, this fort, it's just nice to walk around.

Guys, I wanna try and see if I can get up along the walls. That'd be nice. If there's like a wall you can walk along.

I think maybe here. Ah, it says, "No entry, temporarily closed." So, yeah, it looked like that's what this was. But now... Maybe that's a driving range or something like that for the golf course.

Yeah, it's all kinda fenced off. Yeah, it looks like over there is a way to get onto the, the edge of the sea, right there, but it's blocked off, unfortunately. Okay, guys, I'm dying in this heat. I just wanna find some refreshment and then get out of here, to be honest with you.

I don't know if there's any, like, cafes or anything like that inside this fort. There was definitely loads out on the streets, inside the Walled City. Either I'm getting something in here, or I'm getting something out there. There was tonnes of guys selling ice cream.

I'm getting a nice cold juice, I'm getting a sweet ice cream. I'm getting all that, guys. I'm getting nice and refreshed, that's what your man is getting. Hi. - Hi. - Hi. How are you? - I know you. Good.

Do you know where I can get a drink? Yes, yes! Okay. Good, okay. Hey! - Hi, how are you? Good. - Good? Okay, I'm just...

Yeah, I'm not standing around to talk to people, I'm just too thirsty, guys. I'm just too thirsty. I just don't know how they can do it, guys. I don't know how they can walk around wearing masks.

It is so uncomfortable without a mask, I just can't imagine. I remember the days when, like, I was in Dubai for a bit when they were forcing you to wear a mask outdoors. Thankfully, in Dubai, you don't have to be outdoors very often.

Yeah, most of the time you can... Everything's indoors there. But when you had to go outdoors and you were wearing a mask, it was just the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. So I've no idea how these people... I'd rather just stay in my house, to be honest with you guys. But, hey, if it works for them, it works for them.

Different genetics, though. Like, the Filipinos, they, they definitely sweat less than the Europeans. So, yeah, maybe it's not as... Maybe it's not as uncomfortable for them as it is for me. Got someone doing live music here.

Guitar, also wearing a mask. Ah, there's something. He's got some drinks from somewhere.

I think there's something going on here. Maybe this is drinks, guys. I see hot food. Somebody frying something there.

That's not what I want. I don't want anything hot. It has to be cold, guys. It has to be cold, refreshing, sweet and delicious. Okay, the guy's got Coke Zero there. I was hoping for something a bit more...

Ah, there we go, something like that. That's what I want, right there. Right there. In fact, that's got a big queue. Maybe I'll get something from here. They've got...

Oh, is it cold? Yes, sir. - Oh, ice cold. That's just what I want. One fresh mango juice, please.

What size, sir? Eh, big, big one, please. - Medium, large or jumbo? How much are they? 90. 90? Okay.

Hi. Hello. Okay. Thank you, so much. Thank you. - Thank you.

Okay, guys A vlogger. Ahhh. That's just what you want. That is just what you want.

If it wasn't for this cup, I would tank the whole thing, If it wasn't for the straw situation and lid, I would just tank the whole thing in one go. Ahhh. That is so refreshing.

We've got ice cream there as well. My hands are full at the moment. I think what I'm gonna do is find that McDonald's. Gonna find the good old Mickey D's, and then get an ice cream there and some air conditioning.

I think that's what I really need right now. - Sir! Guys, I've never felt this hot and uncomfortable for a while. My friend, ????. - Hi. Ah, you again. Where's McDonald's? McDonald's? - Yeah. This way, or this way?

Eh, there's, ehm, eh, many fast-food here. Jollibee. No, I need McDonald's Yeah. - From... In the end of this road, turn left. - Yeah? Okay.

And straight ahead, you gonna see McDonald's. - Oh, yeah. I remember, yeah. Thank you, brother. Thank you. - Lyceum. Lyceum, McDonald's. - Nice to see you. Thank you. Thank you, bro. - Dale! Okay. - I'm a follower.

Okay, good. Good, he's my follower. Okay, thank you.

Okay. I've got the directions to McDonald's, guys. Up here and over there.

In fact, there's something in here. It's a wee cafe or something. Ah, McDonald's, that's what yer man wants. And this over here is the second-oldest church in the Philippines, right there.

Ohhh. In fact, on the way to McDonald's, I've just passed this KFC, I just noticed that's a KFC. That'll do. I'm only after some ice cream and a nice, clean bathroom, guys. Ohhh, there we go. And some air conditioning. That's lovely.

Where can I throw my garbage? I don't see the bin. It's okay, sir. In here. - Ah, leave it? Ah, okay.

I'm gonna get ice cream. Is there a bathroom here, or not? Yes, sir, we have. In the other side. Other side? Okay, thank you. - Yes. Okay. - Okay.

Good. Everything I need. Garbage for the mango drink, ice cream, restroom, air conditioning. It's all I want.

Okay, good. Now, just to get myself an ice cream. Probably that, the "Strawberry Mango - Super Summer Kream Ball."

Oh, look what they have. You can get a Coke Zero float. A Coke Zero ice cream float. I think that's what I'm up for. Hi, brother. The Coke Zero ice cream float, please. - Coke Zero?

Yeah, ice cream float, please. - Ice cream float. Thank you. - For here or take away? Yeah, I will eat it here. Thank you. - For here. Okay. Anything else, sir? That's fine.

So it's like, a drink and a dessert at the same time. It's good. Two in one. Only 55 pesos as well. Yeah, it's only, like, $1. - Only 55 pesos, sir. It's good. You know it's cheap when you can pay for the whole thing with coins.

Ohhh. - Yeah, Philippine money. Yeah, good. Oh, fantastic. That's mine. Okay, thank you. - Thank you. Thank you so much, enjoy and you have a good day. - Thank you. Okay,

Coke Zero float. This is gonna be just the treat, guys. Just the treat.

Now, if I remember... Oh, there's a quiet area through here. I don't know why this is closed off, but everybody's through here. And then... Oh, I think it's like a...

You can book this for, like, a birthday party, or something like that. I'm just going to use it as my own private, VIP area for yer man. For the VIP vlogger right here. I don't know if you're allowed to, because it wasn't blocked off or anything.

And then everybody's sit... Look, there's like 100 people sitting out there. But this is nice and quiet. I'm gonna enjoy my Coke Zero float in peace. Oh ho ho.

I feel like I need a spoon for this as well. In fact, I'm definitely gonna need a spoon for this. Let's give it a slurp. Oh, yeah, delicious. I've been drinking Coke Zero vanilla flavour they have in Philippines. They have vanilla flavour Coke Zero.

I've been drinking Sir! - them plenty. Hi. No! No video is inside. No video inside? - No, no. Oh, I just video myself.

Yeah. Only me. - No, no, no. No, I'm not allowed? Okay, I'll go outside. - I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

It's okay. I accept your apology. - It's for privacy. Privacy. - Privacy? Yeah. - But I'm videoing myself. Look, nobody here. Yeah, I will give you chance.

Ah, you give me chance? - Ah, Oh, that's very good of you. - Yes. Okay. Only me, okay? - Only me, yeah. Okay. He said, "For privacy, for privacy."

I'm only videoing myself. Okay. Eh, I was about to... - Please shout-out me on your YouTube channel. If I shout you out? Yeah. My name is Allen Iverson.

Iverson, like the basketball player? Yeah, Allen Iverson. Like the basketball player, Iverson? - Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, okay. Shout-out.

Yeah, shout-out to you. Okay, good. - What's your name? Dale. What?! Dale! Where you from? Scotland. Okay. - What country? Scotland! You don't know?! - Asian country? No, European.

Beside England. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Beside England, but better than England. Do you know Nikola Jokić? (Center for the Denver Nuggets, NBA.)

Huh? Do you know Nikola Jokić? No. From Serbia. Serbia? Ah, we don't like basketball, we like football. Ah, yeah. - Football country. Football country.

Football country? - Yeah, you know Andy Robertson? Liverpool. Yeah. - Yeah? Okay, yeah. We're football country, only.

Thank you. Yeah, nobody in Scotland plays basketball. I don't know anybody who plays or watches basketball. I don't even know if we have any teams.

Mmh. Oh, yeah, that's delicious. Okay guys, thank you. - What is his name? Tandanmon, this is Tandanmon.

Yeah, Tandanmon. - Ah, okay. Okay, nice to see you guys. My name is? Iverson. - Iverson. Yes, like the basketball player. - Yeah. Allen Iverson. - Yeah, thank you. Okay, thank you so much for this special VIP room. - Thank you. Yeah! Yeah, yeah.

It was very nice. - Yeah. Yeah. - Thank you. See you guys. - Have a nice day. Have a nice day. - See you. Okay, that was good of him. Gave me special permission to film. Hi, how are you? Dale Philip. - Good.

Hi, how are you? I'm follow you. - You getting some KFC? Okay, good. Okay, that was lovely and refreshing, that Coke float.

Now I'm all cooled down. Maybe I can walk all the way to Chinatown across that bridge. Let's, let's go for it. I think the bridge is over here. In fact, this bridge, It doesn't look like I can walk across it, to be honest. Look, it's just vehicles, here.

It says, "No entry," and then it's just vehicles. Huh. I dunno. Can walk? No, sir. Okay. Thank you.

Ah, I see over here there's a footpath over the bridge. Fantastic. Yo! Yo, what's up, bro? What's up, bro? - What's up, bro? - Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! I found some of your videos.

Really?! Yes. - What's my name? But I don't... I know you. Yeah. - Ah! I know, you're lying. You're lying to me. - No, no, I'm not. Ah, really, huh? - Yes.

Where you see my videos? You're travelling Philippines right now? Yes. - Yes. Okay, good. Okay, see you guys. Okay. - I will watch your vlog. Okay, thank you. - And comment on your video.

You don't know my name, so I don't know how you're gonna watch my vlog. Caught him out. Okay. Hello. Hey, how are you? Hi, sir. - Ah, beautiful doggie. Hello. - Hi. I think this is actually like a place for couples to hang out or something.

Or young couples. That seems to be what it is. It's like, a lot of, like, young couples who are coming here to hang out. Got a guy here, in the sea who looks like he's collecting plastic. It looks like he's collecting plastic bottles for recycling. So, yeah, as you can see, he's just picking up bits of plastic, and then storing them in these big bags.

I guess it's one good way to get the river a bit cleaner. But he's picking and choosing. It's not like he's cleaning up all the garbage, obviously. He's obviously just looking for the... - Hey! Hey, man!

What will give him profit. - ????. Hey, how are you, skater boy? I'm alright. Good. Is this Binondo this way? Yes. Okay, so I just walk, and then have to turn right? Yes, yes, yes, yes. - Ah, okay. Chinatown, right? Yes. - Okay, I will go have a look.

Okay. - Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too, skater boy. Okay. Yeah, so skating seems to be a popular sport around these parts.

They're into basketball, they're into skating. Football, not so much. Every country I go to, I get myself a football top.

Like a local football team top. Either the national team, or one of the local teams. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do that here in the Philippines. I've never seen anybody wearing a Philippines football shirt at all.

Or even any football shirt. I haven't even seen, like, Manchester United, or Chelsea, or Real Madrid, anything like that. So, we'll have to see, but that is perhaps on the next video, that will be my mission.

I'll go to some big market and see if I can get myself one of the Philippines national team football top. Hi, Dale. - Hi. Dale Philip! Hi.

Okay, guys, I'm here in the Chinatown. Looking for a food street. I just seem to see a bunch of, like, commercial buildings around here. Hi, guys. How are you? - Hello. - Hi! Hi. - Hello.

Hello. People are friendly. That's good. - Hello. People friendly everywhere.

Hi. Hi. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello. Where's, like, a food street? Ah, food st... Ah, around Ilang-Ilang Street. Ilang Street? - Yeah. Okay, I will have a look. Thank you.

Ilang Street, apparently, is a food street. Oh! You're scared of me? Okay, I'll look for Ilang Street, which, according to Google Maps, it's not this one, but the next one. And I'm already starting to see some, some food. That looks like a bakery right there. Ilang-Ilang Street? Ilang-Ilang? Ilang. This one? Ah, okay. - This. It's food street? Yes. Food, I can get food there? Yes. - Okay, thank you.

Okay, so this is it here. Eh, Ilang Street. It doesn't look like a food street to me. It looks like some backstreet. It looks like some total, total backstreet. Where are they sending me? Ah, so there is the Ilang-Ilang Restaurant, right there.

That is where I'm gonna go if I don't see anything else. I asked for an actual food street. And this is just, literally, the only restaurant on this street.

Maybe I should just jump in there, guys. I don't think there's anything else up there. Yeah. Okay, I guess I'm going in here then.

The Ilang-Ilang Chinese restaurant. Hello. - Hello. One person, please. Yes, sir.

Okay. Yeah, I need cold. Somewhere cold. With the fan, yeah. This one has. This here? Okay, they're gonna bring the fan over to me.

Okay. I don't think these AC units are on. But that's good.

Oh, good. Yeah. That's what I need. Okay. Thank you.

Ohhh, this nearly flew away. Okay. This is the menu, here, in English. That's good.

What is the best one? What do you recommend? This one, sir. These are all the specialities. Yes. - Okay. Lomi, what is lomi? Eh, the big noodle.

Big noodles? Ah, with meat, or no meat? With. Soup. Oh, it's like soup and noodles, and meat? Yes. - Okay, I will, I will take that, the lomi. I will take that and something to drink. Yeah, Coke Zero, please. - Yes, sir. Okay. Thank you. - It's enough?

So they had like 7 or 8 specialities on a list of, like, 100 things on the menu. So I just tried the one that was number 1, it said "Lomi." And she said that it's like a thick type of noodle, so... Never tried lomi before. This is the, the first time.

Good. I like to try new things. Okay, so this is my lomi.

So it's thick noodles. Yeah. - Egg noodles, right? Yeah. Okay, and this is Filipino dish, or Chinese? Chinese. Chinese? Ah, okay. I Googled it and it says it's Filipino.

Hopefully, I didn't come all the way to Chinatown in Manila, just to eat Filipino food. That would be kinda crazy. Ah, a little bowl. Okay, thank you so much. Yeah. - This is... Yeah, so most people in Chinese restaurants, they share the food. So,

ordinarily, they would put, like, this in the middle, and everyone would take, like, a small bowl each. That's usually how it works in Chinese restaurants. But, yeah, I'm here myself. So check this out.

It's these thick, thick noodles with this kinda thick soup and chunks of, I believe it's beef. She said there's meat in there. Yeah, it's little chunks of beef in there as well. These thick noodles. See that, right there, how thick they are? It looks like shreds of egg.

Like a, a thin omelette and some kinda cabbage, or something like that. Ho ho ho. And the portion is huge. I'm gonna be absolutely stuffed after this. I was hoping to come to Chinatown and, hopefully, there was a food street with vendors on the street and stuff and try, like, a bunch of different things. I think I'm just gonna eat this bowl of lomi, this huge bowl of lomi, and then that's gonna be me, finito.

Mmmh. Oh, yeah, the soup, it's more like a thick gravy. It's more like a thick... Mmh. A really nice gravy. And the noodles, very chewy.

Mmh. Oh, yeah. Thick, chewy noodles and then that shredded cabbage. I think it's cabbage.

Shredded cabbage, or, yeah, I think it's maybe, like, Chinese cabbage or something like that. That's giving a little bit of crunch to it as well. And the meat, oh, yeah. Ho ho ho. These thin slices of meat. Look at that.

These thin slices of beef. What a portion. It said on the menu, this was only like 200 or something.

That can't be 200 pesos for that, surely. If so, that's a bargain for the amount of meat that you get in it. Mh. Mmh. The broth, it's so flavourful, so thick, so seasoned. It's like, it's like a British-style gravy mixed with, like, a chicken broth, or something like that.

I don't know exactly what the flavours are. It's just very nice. Very peppery. Mmh. Those chewy noodles, the thin slices of beef. Everything's perfect about this.

I like it. This is definitely something I would eat again. Especially when I'm hungry, Especially a big bowl like that, would be something satisfying to eat when you're hungry.

Now, I wonder if I should be eating this with a spoon. I wonder if it's gonna be easier than the chopsticks. In fact, maybe a combination of the two. Like that, to tidy up the spoon. Mmmh. What's your name?! My name is Dale.

What is your name? Dale! Your name's not Dale, my name is Dale! I asked her what her name is. What is your name? Shy girl. Okay.

I'm making light work of this bowl, actually. I'm not full yet, at all. It's a big old portion.

A big old portion, but I'm making light work of it. What's your name? My name is Dale, what is your name? Oh, Dale. She keeps asking my name, then running away. What's your name? My name is Dale. What is your name? Keeps doing it. Keeps doing it. (x2)

Asking me my name and then running away. Hi, how are you? What is your, what is your name? Mine is Thomas. Thomas.

Ah, Thomas? Ah, okay. - Yeah. Picture, please. - Oh, picture? Okay. I'm just eating the lomi. It's nice. One, two...

Thank you. Okay, no problem. - Thank you. Are you eating here, or you're just... - Yeah. - Yeah. Oh, you're eating here as well? Okay, good.

Thank you. - The food here is very good. Thank you. Ah, yeah. Do you know, is lomi Filipino or Chinese? Chinese. - It's Chinese. Ah, it's Chinese? Ah, okay. So Google is wrong.

I'm just making sure. Google is t... Google is normally right, but everyone is telling me it's Chinese. So, I'm gonna believe, I'm gonna believe I'm eating Chinese food, and it's, it's very nice. Mmh.

Ahhh. It was good. Very good. Yeah, I cleared it. Okay.

270. - So it's 270. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you, sir. - See you next time, okay?

Okay, guys, I will take a wee stroll with my Coke Zero. It is... Ooh. That was nearly a twisted ankle. It's nearly nighttime already.

In fact, it is nighttime. It's dusk right here. And I'm gonna go for a wee stroll, because sometimes, well, a lot of times when you're in a Chinatown, it becomes lively at nighttime. There's all sorts of street vendors selling food and suchlike.

It's like that in Chinatown in Bangkok and such places, you know? I'm gonna see if I can find a street like that. Wow, that is a lot of oranges. A lot of oranges.

Okay, now I actually feel like I'm in Chinatown, guys. We've got the red lanterns, we've got the dragons on the lampposts, in this nice, wee park right here. So, I just checked with Google Maps, and apparently I was right on the edge of Binondo. And it's this huge area.

It's a huge, huge area. I was just basically right on the edge of it. So, yeah, I'm just having a good 'ol explore right here. We've got more skater boys here. Skating, a very popular sport in the Philippines, it seems like.

I'm seeing them everywhere. This is nice, a wee place for people to chill out. A bit noisy.

We're in amongst, like, - Hi. Hiii. four lanes of traffic there, and four lanes of traffic there. Hello, how are you? What? Okay. No touch, no touch. What's your name? - Okay. My name is Dale, what is your name? Anna. - This Anna. Oh, good.

Justin. And you like the Boston Celtics basketball team. Boston. - Yes. Okay. Not really...

That wouldn't be my choice of team, if I supported any basketball team. And who is this over here? What? Hello. Who is this? Who is this? (x2) Who is this man here? Looks like a religious figure right here. But again, no, no plaque, so you don't know who it is. Okay, bye-bye, guys.

Bye-bye. See you. Okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna... Oh, wait.

Okay, no traffic lights, so I'm just gonna have to be brave. The magic hand, the magic hand. Hello. - Okay. This looks good to me.

The Lucky Chinatown, The Lucky Chinatown Mall looks good to me for some air conditioning, guys. This area, according to Google Maps, is like the north area of Binondo, and it's all, like, malls and stuff. And I think it's more like local stuff down that way. So, yeah. I'm not really in the mall for anything other than the AC, guys. I'm just gonna walk around for 5 minutes and...

Hi, brother. I'm going to soak up some AC. Aye.

Look at these ones, they've brought their dogs to the mall. At least they've put, like, a diaper on it, so it can't, like, do dumpings all over the place. Oh, wow. What type of dog is it? Chow chow.

Chow chow? It's beautiful. Look how chubby and cute. Look how chubby and cute it is. - Hello, hello.

Hello. Ohhh, you're adorable! It's a boy? No, girl. - A girl? Wha

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