EP 1 BTS Delhi to Prayagraj (Vande Bharat) Rajapur to Chitrakoot | Uttar Pradesh Tourism

EP 1 BTS Delhi to Prayagraj (Vande Bharat) Rajapur to Chitrakoot  | Uttar Pradesh Tourism

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Hello friends ! Welcome to Harish Bali Travels As of now, from New Delhi Railway Station, I've left for Prayagraj Today, we're going to Chitrakoot Vande Bharat started at 6:00 AM It's only been 5 minutes since the train left Around 12:10 PM, we'll reach Prayagraj From there, we'll go to Chitrakoot So, Firstly, let's drink tea Then breakfast will come in a while Delhi to Prayagraj= 725 KM This train takes 6 hours 10 minutes There's one halt in between i.e. Kanpur Central Then comes Prayagraj & then Banaras This train reaches Banaras at 2:00 PM I share with all of you, which all places we'll visit in this tour. After reaching Prayagraj, After stopping there for 2 hours, we'll head towards Chitrakoot Our tonight's stay will be there Tomorrow, we'll explore Chitrakoot Day after tomorrow, we'll go to Kalinjar After visiting Kalinjar fort, We'll go to Mahoba Then from Mahoba, We'll go to Orai We'll have night stay at Orai And we'll see confluence of 5 rivers ..which is few distance far from Orai I'm unable to recall exact distance as now Then, after reaching Jhansi, We'll end our journey there Through the Bundelkhand region, as we're travelling, U.P. side of Bundelkhand, Our entire tour is of around 7 days Right ! I'm very excited because.. I've wanted to visit Chitrakoot for long But due to some reason or other, My program was getting delayed Breakfast has come Our train has arrived Kanpur Central Its short halt is of just 2 minutes This last bogie is ours We got off just for 1 minute Now, let's get onto the train En route, our train got delayed ..by around half an hour Finally, we've reached Prayagraj at 1:00 PM Train stopped at platform no. 6 Its halt is of 4 to 5 minutes After going outside the station, we'll have our lunch first To have our lunch, we've reached Civil Lines Are you seeing this restaurant in front? Bati Chokha I liked sitting ambiance of this restaurant Cots have been placed at this side Dining table is in front Family sections are separate Like the way we're sitting at one side How beautiful the painting is Nice For myself, I've ordered this..

Special Baati Chokha Cost= Rs. 220/- In it comes Paneer Baati and.. Sattu stuffed Baati With "kheer" served as sweet dish Let's wait for 10 to 15 minutes Then we'll enjoy "Dal Baati" here Let's wait for its cooling It's Sattu Baati Oh, lovely Brother, give us little ghee A little bit, not this much That's it It's sufficient I liked their serving style You're getting Baati on Pattal (Leaf plate) And in the earthen utensils, ..has been served Chokha & Dal In this beautiful presentation, Water has been served in kuhlar (pottery cup) Lovely ! It's nicely made If Dal, Baati, Chokha are nicely made, Then, main taste of Chokha It drives the whole taste In Chokha, basically 3 things are added Tomato, Aloo, and Brinjal, And mustard is poured over it They add mustard oil and .. Garlic, ginger impart their great aroma Some people add whole garlic I'm not perceiving the same in it I still remember, In Varanasi, when we ate Dal, Baati, Chokha It's an old episode That was awesome experience to me Cheese has been stuffed inside And the outside covering of Baati It is of flour Manager at here told me.. They've prepared it on roasting grill When I asked them about their set up They said it is far from here They prepare there & bring it here ..to serve it to their customers This dal has a simple taste Nothing is fancy in it Simple means, that..

Spices are minimum in amount Only cumin seeds are added, We're sensing its subtle taste I was thinking, Just like as Baati was hot, So if Dal or Chokha were hot, It'd have been even tastier Ok, no problem Rest I'm enjoying my food here I'm liking its taste Overall good U.P. tour started on positive note With "Dal Baati" After finishing it We'll taste Kheer "Kheer" has been made nice Milk has continuously been boiled ..making it too condensed Taste is nice It is topped with cashews as well Very good Now, it's 2:00 PM I've planned a meet-up at 2:15 PM Meet-up place is just at 5 minutes distance So, we'll leave within 5 to 7 minutes And We'll talk to our subscribers.. for around half an hour It's my habit, wherever I go, I surely plan a meet-up Unless, I'm very short of time, that's a different thing, Though, I always try ..to spend minimum around half hour or so, with my subscribers Hearty Laughter Share your coach number By sharing coach number will ensure ..we won't lose our way We'll directly get onto that coach Hearty laughter When your message came, Then I wrote, tell me your coach number Actually, I & my team both see messages Some messages are read by me Some messages are read by them At times, what happens, At this time, say, somebody writes a message to me from Chitrakoot I'm a tourist staying tonight at Chitrakoot I'm returning tomorrow morning Suppose, if I want to meet you now Today Where are you staying? If he writes like this But, I'll see message when I All time, my mind is preoccupied already We've covered 80 KMs from Prayagraj Now, we've reached Rajapur The purpose to come here is We want to visit birthplace of Tulsidas Ji Is Tulsidas Ji temple in the front? Ok This street is a bit narrow So, we've parked our car outside We've walked for half a km We've almost reached the temple Maharaj Ji We've visited Rajapur first time At this place We came to know, at this place In the "Ramcharitmanas" written by Goswami Tulsidas Ji's one chapter "Ayodhya Kanda" is here We want to get divine sight of that See, my brother, There's only one "Kanda" left, One vault is put up for its safety Our nation got independent in 1947 1947 First ministry was formed in 1948 So, Dr. Sampurnanand Ji

He's associated to entire state's education By the department of education, ..in the year 1948, This Godrej's vault was granted for its safety This vault was earlier in my... ..Kuchha home located next to it When this temple was built, this vault was shifted from that.. ..kuchha home to this temple People pay respects here In the lineage of Tulsidas Ji ..in Gotra, there's no one Ok Tulsidas Ji was Dubey His father's name was Atmaram Dubey Mother's name was Hulsi Dubey His wife was Ratnavali His in-laws were across the river He crossed this river to reach other side When he received flak from his wife Holy Verse Why have you come here? Putting your own life at risk Had you drowned, What would have happened to me? If crocodiles have eaten you, What would have happened to me? Crossing over this overflowing river, and risking your own life, You've come here What do I possess? Holy Verse Kind of love you've shown to me Putting your life at risk had you done similar love to Lord Rama, We both have got liberated Inner eye of Tulsidas got opened Deeming his wife "Guru", ..and bowing to her, He went straight to Prayag He didn't even return here He gave up his own home , adopting a hermit life Considering his wife "Guru" There's no heir in his lineage "Shishya Vamsha" (Guru-disciple lineage) Our 11th generation is now in service See it It is his handwriting 'Pandulipi' These are same holy couplets & verses, which you all usually chant But, you can't even read its one single.. ..verse in its original form Reason? The reason is These are 500 years old letters Letters Ok I don't know English Letters These 15 are old letters Ok 15 new letters are replaced them And you all know these new 15 letters You mean, 500 years ago, These letters were in use Yes, this is my meaning See, First verse of Ayodhya Kanda is open Holy Verses Every page contains 7 lines He writes on both sides 7-7 lines If there is space for 1 letter only, Then, Baba Ji has written that letter there only 2nd letter written on 2nd line or 2nd page Where did Baba Ji write from? Holy Verses 18 Puranas 6 Shastras Agam, Nigam Shruti, Smriti, Gist of all of them he'd written We're unable to read even one scripture Having thoroughly read all the scriptures, He wrote their core essence in total "Ghee" was said How was "Ghee" made & where? You keep on searching it It's a very noble act See, today, you're in service to it We came here and met you We got divine glimpse of those pages of "Ramcharitmanas" which he wrote by his own hands Everything all around is Lord's large form Who is in which form can't be told Owing to Lord's blessings, we're getting love of people like you ..getting to see such people Otherwise, who comes & visits you I've one query in my mind The ink he'd used, how he used that? Oh my dear, There's one Bhringraj tree ..in the fields Its juice is squeezed out People use it to dye their hair black Juice of the Bhringraj For so many years... Listen to me first..

Juice of the Bhringraj (Eclipta prostrata) Juice of the Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) Gum of the Babool (Acacia) And the Kohl mothers make for kids Dry kohl All these were mixed & crushed for months Then only "INK" was made Despite being submerged in water for 6 days, Look at it There's no difference in the ink It's not got spread over This side is reading more clear Are you seeing it? Yes Very beautiful Government of India working in sync with Archaeological Survey of India ..preserved it with spices & chemicals For the next 200 years in future, no worm could destroy it It's completely preserved Very nice Maharaj Ji, thank you so much This is my holy duty Only because of you, we're getting.. ...divine sight of this holy scripture Ask me if you've any more query, I'll try to impart you soulful satisfaction Is this the same place.. ..where Goswami Tulsidas Ji was born? This idol is of "Goswami Tulsidas Ji" Ok It is his Birth Place "Prasav Kaksh" means.. Birth Place In this room, mother Hulsi, gave birth to Baba Tulsi Das Ji Like, at your or our places, When a baby is born, His umbilical cord is left in the same room In the same way, Swami's umbilical cord was buried in this room Called as "umbilical cord" Place where you're seated right now It belongs to paternal side of Tulsidas ji Father of Tulsidas Ji, Shri Pandit Atmaram Ji Dubey.. ..has a 'Kuchha' mud house located at this place Entire area in which this temple is made.. Idol of Swami Ji And idol of Lord Mahadev Ji It's name is..

Shri Tulsishwar Mahadev Its name is written above These both idols ..are not made by any sculptor Both were first spotted in dreams ..then were found from Kalindi (Yamuna) From where? Kalindi is another name for river Yamuna After he left his mortal body, His "Ramcharitmanas" His own ancient footwears One Narasimha Avatar Idol of Shaligram to whom Baba ji himself worshipped Can we see it inside? After observing the prayers, he placed it in his lap, and kept hanging around his neck That is also present here The dent you're seeing in it It signifies attack made by Aurangzeb to destroy it When he made dent in it Stream of milk erupted from it Leaving it as such, he then moved towards Baba Ji As a result, he lost his eyes He couldn't see anything So, this ghat He offered to make up for his sins Thereon, he went to Chitrakoot In Chitrakoot, when he made Balaji Temple Only then did he get his eyesight back Ok, I got it Thank you Pandit Ji We came here at 5:30 PM in evening There's complete light everywhere As we stepped out of the temple, Near to the Ghat bank, Within 5-10 minutes, it'll get fully dark There's a little visibility as of now The front bridge you're seeing It connects to Prayagraj And It's quite peaceful here Tourists are not here at the moment Because most of them visit it daytime Chitrakoot is around 40 KMs from here Let's go from here now Since, our car is parked outside, it'll take us around 10 minutes to reach there Around 8:15 to 8:20 PM, We'll reach "Chitrakoot Dham" Come To have our dinner, We've come to Vinod Lodge Here it's written in front Vinod Lodge & Restaurant Some distances are written.. on that front board We're 284 KMs far from Jhansi We've come 133 KMs from Prayagraj After travelling further, we need to visit "Banda" "Karwi" is left behind Ram Ghat is nearby So, At the moment, We won't go there But, we'll go there tomorrow morning I think it's in the front Let's go here for our dinner Brother, do you have Thali system here? Please sit and tell We offer 2 types of "Thalis" In one type, we offer simple meal Hmm.. You get two vegetables, Dal fry, rice, roti and salad It is special thali called as "Annapoorna Thali" Our restaurant is also by the same name You order this Thali for us "Annapoorna Thali" That costs Rs. 190/- Brother, tell me, the names of all the items Aloo Palak, Mix veg Bhindi ki sabji Bitter gourd vegetable Rajma Dal fry Kheer Curry Curd Is this curry? Yes, this is curry It's curd What's it? It is Paneer ki sabji Though, I wasn't expecting Thali would have so many food items Nice Besides being homely, little sourness Bhindi has, Means, sourness imparted by.. ...adding "Amchoor" Very good Along with frying it, Obviously frying makes the dish tasty Good ! Bitter Gourd is also tasting nice By the way "Karela" is generally bitter Its taste comes by frying it Good preparation Lady Finger & Bitter Gourd Fried ones They're tasty But, since Aloo Gobhi is also fried So, I'm enjoying it that much Three fried items It gets little over rest, Of all items I've tasted so far, The most edible item I found was.. "Rajma" "Rajma" and "Lady Finger" Pakode (fritters) in Kadi Pakoda They're delectable This type of fritters I feel I've tasted never before Ultra soft They are too soft Nice Rest Usually, the sourness curry has in it I'm not finding in it at all Due to fritters, I liked the taste Overall, I liked the food here From here, let's go to our hotel We'll keep our luggage in the room And then..

we'll go to do circumambulation As of now, we're at Arogya Dham We're going to have our night stay here What's your good name? Kamlesh So, brother Kamlesh is caretaker here To stay here, you can't book online You make a call here With advance payment, you can book it How many cottages do you have in total? 16 cottages This property is run by a trust They've in total 16 cottages He just told us At first glance, this place is looking good Tariff of cottage: Rs. 5500 /- + GST In which we're going to stay And, we're finding this place nice Because, as I entered their complex, I personally was getting good vibes with peaceful ambiance We're finding it nice standing here also In darkness, not much is visible Yet, it is imparting good feeling By the way, accommodation is nice Yes, sir I was once feeling like You've also provided us cooking system Yes, sir Yes sir, it's available but at moment, ..utensils are not available Kettle and water Everything is made available We also have a small kitchen If you want to drink tea or coffee, We prepare there and serve it to you Whenever you need that in morning time We serve it to you In this accommodation One room is on this side Other room is on that side Means, 4 people can easily accommodate Also a kid can easily be adjusted ..as a 5th person And next to it What's it? Your associate can put up here It has separate toilet and bathroom He can be stayed here Total it is for 5 people then Nice By that calculation, it's fine then Tariff as per 5 people is reasonable So, I've changed my program a little In the last half an hour, I talked to some people I tried to figure out, We're circumambulating in night, People said it can be done anytime in 24 hours But as you reach there around 10:30 PM There'll be less visibility Though lights are there yet You can't visit inside the temple Ropeways also get closed then Portals of the temple get closed Yes, keeping that thing in mind, We thought, it'd be better, We do circumambulation in daytime So, what we do, Postponing today's circumambulation ..till tomorrow We'll try to start early morning And.. Before the end of the day, we do our circumambulation around 7:00-7:15 This is what we're thinking Weather also remains pleasant Would it be pleasant? In the morning, weather is pleasant Around 6:30 AM, after having tea It takes 1 hour to complete ..

the circumambulation of 5 KMs It takes around 1 hour That's the main point in Chitrakoot Significance of circumambulation Yes, it holds a lot of significance Yes, very right Yes, he's also given us his advice We, ourselves, were feeling ..it to be a better option So, we end our day here I'm seeing the time over there 10:20 PM When I'm at my home, then at night, I tend to sleep at around 9:15-9:30 PM While having my tour, my entire schedule goes for a toss I try to sleep around 10:00 PM, 10:30 PM.. ..or maximum at 11:00 PM But, it doesn't happen Because, now even you know.. At times, I share the same thing, Data copying process takes 2 to 2.5 hours

It means, if we start now, It'll end around 12:30 AM for sure Till, we go to sleep Ok, no problem Brother, we'll trouble you in morning for tea No problem sir We're in 24 hours services Ok, thank you Right Very nice We're finishing our episode here As of now, bye bye to all of you Thanks for your time

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