EP 118 Phuentsholing to Thimphu | ഭൂട്ടാനിലൂടെ ഇന്ത്യൻ വണ്ടിയിൽ | ഇനി ഞങ്ങൾ 5 ആളുകൾ

EP 118 Phuentsholing to Thimphu | ഭൂട്ടാനിലൂടെ ഇന്ത്യൻ വണ്ടിയിൽ | ഇനി ഞങ്ങൾ 5 ആളുകൾ

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Hello. Where are we? We are at Bhutan It is our first international country trip with our Toyota Fortuner We have come to Bhutan now We have a lot of plans to visit many countries now Today we are going from Pheuntsholing to Thimphu, Bhutan's capital It is a 5-6 hours trip We are going up the mountains Now we are at sea level We have to now get on to that mountain. You cannot see it from here. It is on the other side So we are going to cross the mountains and go to Thimphu It is cold You can enjoy the heat now. After this it is going to be cold

Tashi is with us. He is our all in all in Bhutan He will be with us the coming days One boy here is felling sleepy Welcome to a new video of Tech travel eat Let us enjoy Bhutan We put out many things and still we have lot of things in the car Is Abhi going to drive? Let me drive? You wont let me drive, is it But I am the one who drove into Bhutan The route looks like Kerala The flat land you see down is India We have reached our first immigration point If you want to see Bhutan without paying any fees, You can come only upto here. If you want to go beyond this, you have to show your permit This place looks awesome. Look at this. We have to enter our details and our car details in their website Our passport details will also be uploaded You get a QR code after you enter all those That is what is shown here If we dont do all that there, we will have to do all these manually here You have to show your passport, permit etc There will be many check posts like this again We have to show all there Since our guide bro is with us, we dont have to know much Hair pins have begun. Our car is going to a hill station for the 1st time We had to come to Bhutan for that As we drove up, we saw a beautiful scene That is Pheuntsholing city We drove up from there The flat land after that is India We have to climb these mountain ranges to reach Bhutan We are going on climbing them Now the weather is pleasant Abhi cannot overtake the car in front.

All coming here learn to have patience When you order food, they may go to buy chicken. You learn to have patience that way too The rule here is that car should give left signal. Only then we can overtake That is how a descent rule is But there are people who overtake too You will see a lot of view points on the way Orange, watermelon, pineapple.. What is this?

Is it tapioca? I think it is tapioca. They have bananas too Lot of local grown fruits here Rishi has gone to Tashi. Who is carrying you? He is in half sleep but he cannot sleep too You can see India on the way often At many places, when you look down you can see India Pheuntsholing is what you see far there You can see a lot of landslide areas here and there Nice smell of orange Do you want some? My nose is blocked. Isnt your nose ok yet? They are in a net. Many of them. Will we have all these?

Shall take one anyways It is green. Is it sweet? 200/- It is from here. It should be sweet. Open one and have. See if it is sweet

Nice Bhutan orange Give that. They will take it. Why wont they take it? We have only our currency and nothing else Abhi, look at this frame. Its amazing It is the beauty of the sky. Apart from Ocean reflection? Less pollution No cloud and very less pollution That is why the sky is so blue He is so sleepy Look at him sit on him He is sitting in comfort Tachi has a 9 month old baby and 3 year old son. Both are sons

See how comfortably is he sitting Their dress is very soft It is like cushion Abhi would be thinking there is a person to carry Rishi now Look at the monkeys at Bhutan Monkeys in Bhutan Look at Rishi looking at the monkeys Tell the monkeys to come The monkeys ran when they saw Rishi Bhutan is so peaceful You really experience the peacefulness in Bhutan The roads are so peaceful. No rush, no noise. You can relax and go I think the population here is around 7.5lakhs Just that many people in this country When you go to a place where it is less populated, you feel so different We have again stopped our car on the way This is a local market for people passing by to buy vegetables It is from here The villagers here cultivate them here and keep it for sale You have nice washrooms here They are very neat. It is really great of them

You can see a lot of fruits and chillies kept for sale Locals passing by here are buying them too People do their business as family Yes Looks like something like our spinach Are these apples? Yellow apple Golden apple We already bought oranges. We shall buy this tomorrow They have potatoes also here Carrots, varieties of beans, pumpkin Look at those nice red chillies and green chillies They use these kind of chillies to make Ema datshi These are big chillies That is locally made cheese Brinjal and carrots You have lot of shops like these here Looks so good They keep the things in plastic bags like this. Nice oranges You feel like buying them But where to take them to I feel like buying all these. That is my problem That is what I also tell you Buy only when things in the car are over This is a type of local tomato. We have seen this at Idukki

I dont know its name. Do comment if you know This looks like a banana stem. But it is extracted from this Rishi you have to sleep now Wont you sleep? He says he wont sleep. He wants to see Bhutan What is this Swetha. How can he sleep when he is in Bhutan He wants to see Bhutan. That is why he is not sleeping

He had slept on my lap earlier Abhi spoilt his sleep Abhi is taking the kids picture and showing them Harrier in Bhutan Swetha look who is behind you I saw Give it a biscuit Saw the dog? Let us give the dog a biscuit? Saleeshbro used to give biscuits to all the dogs he saw here when we came Swetha is giving the dog biscuits. You dont eat. Look at the dog Look at him laughing Only if you throw it up, it will catch You dont know to catch. Very bad He didnt get that too It has begun to get cold When it is windy, it is cold The temperature now is 17. It was 24 when we were down This is like Thamaraserry churam. Lot of shops at each hair pin bend You can see Indian Army vehicles go with Bhutan Army vehicles here Indian Army plays a good role in helping the Bhutan army Indian army supports in a very good way here You can see the Indians support the Bhutan to develop roads too Our guide said there are a lot of teachers from Kerala and South India Last time also we had heard on that. Many know Kerala and Malayalam

Many people from South India work in Government schools here You can see the Tibetan flages tied at most of the turns and other places The flags and the blue sky look so good. You have beautiful view points like this. You can take awesome photos Let us see what is here Look at the road go It is so dangerous You fall from here, then you are done I feel scared looking at it You can see Torsa river flow there We have come up but still can see India from here. The flat land is India These mountains are Bhutan We have begun to see the beauty of Bhutan If it rained and we used umbrellas, it would have been a different vibe We will get. Dont worry We can see few Stupas here There are 8 of them which represents Buddhas life history You can see many stupas like this at many places in Bhutan Never try to climb over it All that would put you in big trouble Not only beaten up. You wont be able to get out or come to Bhutan It will turn out to be a case and big issue Stand close to it and take photos and nothing beyond that We have reached Gedu in Bhutan.

It was a village where very few people lived A business studies college began here The village was developed and now many students stay here See how pretty it is. The blue sky is so attractive The university here is Royal University of Bhutan They have done the picture using tiles You have a stupa over this too We left Pheuntsholing. We saw a village after 1 hour That is Bhutan. You have alto, sandro, switft and many more.

They look good with the red number plate Black harrier and red number plate was an awesome look We drove and reached 7000ft above sea level We didnt know it at all. That is how we drove up It is cold outside. The temperature is now 17 deg C You have another check post here. They are asked to show their permit and others All the check posts look awesome now. We have to show our passport, permit etc and verify it here again We can show the QR code We showed our passport, QR code, car permit etc Our guide did all that for us and they said we could go You dont have to get out of the car too They will do everything for us We stooped at a good view point There is a hydroelectric project too. You can see the river and transformers here

On top of the mountain there, you can see some villages You dont have anything this side 70% of Bhutan is forest The main income of Bhutan is electricity made through Hydro electric project India funds a lot for the hydro electric project making The electricity they get is more for what they need India buys 80-90% of electricity they make here You can see the relation between India and Bhutan at many places You can see a lot of hydro electric projects and dams in Bhutan There is a restaurant here It is written that they have all type of Indian food We are not having from here. We will have later Look at the petrol pump there We shall have Bhutan food later. But this restaurant is good Last time I had masala dosa from here I remember this place We can stick our sticker here Awesome. Let us take it and come People stick stickers like these at many places. We have made stickers to stick like them This is a memory to a road trip done long back A small poster sticker of a team that went from Kanyakumari to Malaysia Go ahead. Stick it Abhi is sticking our Tech Travel Eat sticker here If you come here and see our sticker, do take a pic and tag us on instagram We stuck a sticker. Now let us have tea and go

We ordered tea. There is something called Suja here I shall show you when I get it. This is their traditional dress. It is so colourful It is the same dress like our guide has worn. Ladies and Gents wear them This is a family pic of them wearing it. Look at the happiness on their faces You have the King and Queens photo too. It will seen everywhere

Whatever place it may be, this photo will be there We saw nice masala dosa there Nice masala dosa sambar and chutney are sold inside Seriously There is a bathroom inside I shall have tea and carry him. You can go to the washroom then This is tea and now I shall show you what Suja is This is Suja We thought of our teacher when we saw this Our physics teacher was Suji teacher She was my class teacher in 11th and 12th The name of the tea is Suja There is a tea in your name here It is butter tea It is a salty tea Look at this one in a t-shirt Someone has put a t-shirt for him to stay warm in the cold He is not minding us much So cute West Bengal registration Safari goes. We saw very little Indian vehicles this time Very less Indian vehicles Many may be finding it expensive. They would think it is better to take a taxi than pay 4500 per day Taxi per day is 3500/- We have to pay 4500 and fill diesel too That is expensive So very less people come here with their car That is why they have made it expensive too They dont want more people Rishi has woke up after his sleep Hit and say hi-fi Nice waterfall. Looks like a shower People are taking their cars there but you shouldnt do that Look at the rainbow colour down there It is a good bridge to take photos. Lot of bridges here But you dont get a view to click while driving But there are a lot of new bridges like this now We are now going through a by pass. It is a new road

This road has reduced the distance to Thimphu by 40km You can see India Bhutan board saying it is done by funding If it was just the 2 of us, we can drive like that But if we drive like that, the people sitting behind will jump or roll They will sway too Thinking of them, we are going on a slow and soft mode Mileage shown is 9-10 that too on top of a mountain We got a nice view point restaurant and bar at a beautiful place. Here everything is common All the restaurants here will have a bar All the hotels will have a bar All those are very common here This is the way to go to Paro and other places We will be going there the coming days Not now but later All of us are feeling hungry After going there we will know how long we will have to wait. We actually did a blunder We should have gone before we felt hungry Swetha, never wait to be very hungry Find a hotel before that itself Only then it will work The construction here looks so nice All look the same. Doesnt it look like the ones we saw at Ladakh? I was going to tell you that Same like we saw at Ladakh These are a common design Why is he crying? Your uncle has gone to wash his hands They have placed rock stones in tact All in a good shape This is how they have done it Let us go inside Who asked you to take this? Look at what all they have in the cupboard All premium brands here Even I cannot understand what these are I think Bhutan Grain whiskey is their main here You get varieties of beer and wine Sparkling wine, juices from India and other countries Druk beer is what is famous here. You see it at all the shops

They have pepsi mirinda coke etc in all the shops This is the situation at most of the restaurants. Just us They would be beginning to prepare food only when we order I think they just put rice in water to cook That is what I meant We did a blunder Got food. Oh this is the potato curry What are all these made of? Just like the make Ema datshi, they made it with potatoes Is it cream that they use? Cheese All these are Bhutanese curries Where is Ema Datshi.

That one. So little. Then order one more I am going to have all the datshis with the curries. They brought us dal too

Let me see how the chicken curry is Food is good. We should have noodles next time. Chicken curry is awesome. We have noodles and lots more to have the coming days Awesome. You can have the green chilli curry as it is This isnt spicy as yesterdays Curry made of spiceless green chillies They have a region where they make these kind of green chillies Only that will be non spicy Others would be spicy It depends on how you select and buy Sometimes you get stuck at shops. This is their egg curry. It looks like the ones we make

Almost like that. Swetha is struggling to feed Rishi. Look at his face He will not have Time to give him nicely He is just lazy to chew He cannot take the pain to chew But if you stuff it in his mouth, he will eat Swetha is doing that now Look at him. Once you put it in his mouth, he will eat If he doesnt want or doesnt like it, he will spit it He will eat it but cannot open his mouth. He spat. Dont say about spitting He will begin to spit then Then what do we do. We feed him again

He is licking his fingers after having food If you want, take more. We shall order again I shall take little more Order 1 Ema Datshi He liked it. All five of us had and the bill came to 1000/- We had lot of varieties and filled our stomach We bought food for the guide too That is done. I dont know how many hours we will take now We are going to Thimphu. I shall drive for sometime now On the way we stopped. Look at this river

Nice green colour water. You can see people having food there They have parked their car and having food from there Awesome vibe Nice and green You dont find any waste on the sides of the road The place is very neat. People are happy You can see them enjoying their peaceful life Where is Rishi? What are you doing here? Dont you want to see anything outside? You sit there turning the steering He is taking a reel. How is Bhutan? You come here and enjoy the greenery, peacefulness etc Finished shooting the reel? If you fall down, then you are gone. Look at Bhutan cow Can you see Bhutan cow? Where is Bhutan cow? Can you see it come? Look at the cow Look at Bhutan cow Cows are so neat here We drove Bhutan mountain ranges and got mileage 9.3

That is RBG. Royal Bhutan Government No. It is Royal Body Guard. Army vehicle. Those are royal guards vehicles Different kinds of number plates. All are in red.

We have reached a bridge. This is the way to Paro province The airport is at Paro This is the way to Ha province Province is like district in our state We came from that side Pheuntsholing side. That side is Chukha province If you cross this bridge and go to the left, you reach Thimphu, capital of Bhutan This is the place where 4 provinces join together This is the bridge that divides them I shall show you an intresting thing here Distance is mentioned here. We drove 120km form Pheuntsholing It has been so many hours On this bridge it is written India Bhutan friendship project BRO does the roads here BRO has a project Dantak. They build roads in that project You can see the names of people behind it here India contributes so much here in Bhutan They are building roads and funding a lot here The name of the contractor is mentioned here An engineer from Pune did it is what is written here Just 24km to Paro You have an entry point before entering Thimphu. You have the King and Queen photo there Abhi is coming over Wangchu bridge Bhutan is giving us a special feel Now we are going to Thimphu You can see water there What is the name of the place? Thimphu If you can say atham you can say Thimphu too Look at him looking at the water Send the boat ride boy behind 29km to Thimphu The police here use Toyota HILUX That is the car our RDO in Kerala said that cannot be registered You can google on it.

RDO said Toyota Hilux cannot be registered in Kerala Not only Kerala but also Tamil Nadu Karnataka and other 2-3 states register it Due to the rules in our Motor Vehicle Department, We are not able to register it privately. They say it can be registered only as a taxi Just imagine people spending 50-60lakhs on Toyota hilux. How many would like to use it as a taxi? So that is how it is Finally we are getting into Thimphu city Abhi, were you sleeping? Who was sleeping? I slept off slightly And asking me if I slept I slept off because you drive so well We are now in Bhutan's capital Thimphu Rishi, look at that elephant The speed limit here is 50. We cannot go more than that. Drive slow No signals. Policemen show signals with their hand You have to see that too Thimphu is at the banks of Vanchu river Wangchu It is Thimphu Most of the important cities would be at the banks of some river Thimphu at Bhutan is at the banks of Wangchu river You have buildings here that are used at offices, apartments, hotels etc You see more of 4-5 floors buildings All the hotels wont have a lift Only some places will have all the facilities You have service centers for car in Thimphu here Toyota service center is here Tata will also be there All the companies are there Look at those old buildings These are Apple stores You see more of Hilux. Land cruiser. Prado etc here You have a lot of huge vehicles Buildings here look so good Have you noticed that all are built the same way Most of them are in the same structure That is what makes the city more beautiful There is a rule that all the buildings should have Bhutanese Architecture When you go for the building permit, if the element is missing in the design, They will not approve it Such a rule is implemented to keep Bhutan's culture.

We see that in many countries. You can build any how you want in India. But here, you have to have the Bhutanese look when you see the building That is what makes us feel the pattern of all the buildings look similar It increases the beauty of the city too We ae now at Thimphu main city area We have booked the hotel in the main city Our guide called many, bargained and booked the hotel the for us He tells everybody that we are vloggers, we will be shooting at the place It is 4.15pm. We have reached our hotel at Thimphu. This is Khamsum Inn hotel. We will be staying here

What is this? Are you happy that we have reached Thimphu? She is half asleep I saw that Have you come to Bhutan to sleep? Do you know how much money I have spent for you per day? This is a cold country Take your winter jacket and things. It is cold outside Let us take our things and go to the room You have to park your car on the road But it is safe and nothing to worry We reached the hotel, gave our id card and did our check in You have many books and things here at the hotel We got the room for 2 days at 9000/- Let us have this before we go to see our room. I had ordered for without only I had said I dont want sugar You have the sugar.

We got tea as welcome drink This is our room They have given us a suite room We bargained and got it All the credit goes to our guide The actual rate for this room per day is 6500/- We got it at 9000/- for 2 days including tax and breakfast Guide bargained it a lot and got it for us at this rate You have a big living area here You have a sofa here. One person can sleep on this comfortably You dont need an extra bed actually This is our bedroom It is a wide bed where 3 people can sleep comfortably You have a room heater too This place is cold at night. We may need the heater then Now itself my hands are cold after touching water It is very cold. I shall show you the washroom now Good one.

You have a big heater, shower, soaps and other amenities are provided Nice. When you look outside, you can see our car parked there You can see mountains up there Thimpu lies below these mountains Get ready to see Thimphu soon Take Rishi. Let us end the video We are at Thimphu, Bhutan's capital See you tomorrow with more about Bhutan We plan to explore the night There are nice Pubs here It is cold This is how the cold water is All are freezing me See you tomorrow. Do comment on your suggestions If you are watching our channel for the 1st time, do subscribe Those who havent subscribed so far also do subscribe We will be hitting 2 Million soon See you tomorrow with awesome videos Until then bye bye He will not say bye now. If you want, he will give you a kiss.

Will you give a kiss? He is full on demand now.

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