Eating BRAIN and making friends in Alexandria Egypt | vA 11

Eating BRAIN and making friends in Alexandria  Egypt | vA 11

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good evening my friends, from somewhere in the  market in alexandria, so let's explore the market from france yes yes nice... as soon as i turn on the  camera the welcome starts... anyway so let's explore wow   yeah so for this video let's explore a little bit  the market of alexandria, here in downtown area   i'm back in downtown, and then we'll go for some  food, hopefully we can film the food as well how are you my friend... hello uh... how are you how are you... i am fine, thank you very good... he does not understand you... but you say zayek, no

in egyptian arabic, right how are you... very good okay see you later i actually love the camera effect,  it brings the place to life yes, i want to drink... how much 3... 5 dollars

5, 5 for the camera, okay tamarind juice nice to meet you, cheers he said, one picture, ah one picture for him, okay, i will take a picture thank you, mr president, mr president, mr president  for this street okay, nice okay france street   okay, where are you from... france, france yeah the  street is called france street, this is   france street, like france street, like my country so here i am at home, so i'm allowed  to go in the street mr president yes, i can go, okay okay, thank you, see you, thank you and we have a tamarind juice on the way ah it's so good, i love the  middle eastern tamarind juice okay let's dive a little bit  in the narrow streets, see what happens in the cloth section always the fancy cloth for women, which is funny...  there are always a lot of stalls with uh some clothes for women, but that you  actually don't... you actually don't see often  

women wearing this kind of cloth on the  street actually, i guess it's more for in the house oh yes, i came  here before, and i know there   is a very narrow alleyway at some  point, and i found it, look at that and here we are, in the middle of the jewelleries  and nail cutters and all the things for the eyes i love this part of the bazaar of  alexandria, it's very very narrow, very funny what's that... ah, that's some buttons some fancy buttons and actually it's funny because it really  looks like i'm the only guy in this section well i'm not interested in buying anything, i'm just  interested in the local cultural landscape somehow   but what's interesting is  it's only... well only women   come to buy here, but a lot  of shops are owned by guys ah beautiful jewelry shops here, they  really like those rings in the middle east   i have several of them now, one  given by a policeman here... welcome photo, okay you're from alexandria right yeah okay you see always... right okay, thank you it's very good to see actually how   how nice egyptian people are, it's very  different from the reputation they have actually picture, yes... film

welcome, thank you i just crossed the eyes of a guy from the  army... quite lucky he did not say anything and it seems he's not following me that was close and we arrive in the section for the furnitures,  oh and there is music, and actually uh the fact   that i crossed the eyes of a guy from the army  made me remember what want to tell you... it's   quite an experience to film here in the streets  actually, it's quite a very intense experience   actually, because you have many people, the vast  majority who are very happy for you to film   they make... they say the welcome... they  they open to you. they want to be in the camera   you have a small minority that really uh... and  even quite aggressively tell you not to film  

and uh, but that's a very small minority,  but and then there is also the issue of...   as you can see all the furnitures around here   and then you have also the... yeah of course the  problem is uh... if the wrong policeman catches you,   then they're gonna bring you to the police station,  and you're gonna have to delete all your footage   so then you're always scared of that basically,  so it makes it quite a... quite a special experience  

to film here, because you always have this,  this fear on the way basically... look at that all the chairs ready to get bought look at all this beautiful work they do... no no no and i think i found what i wanted... look at that that's stuffed pigeons can i... can i eat pigeon... hi hi hi, hey how are you...  can i help you... yes, can i... you like pigeon,  

yes but i want to film also, is it okay to film, i  want to film also... after cooking, after cooking yeah   just like this yeah yeah, not the cooking... uh above  65... huh after cooking above 65 temperature, ah okay   okay above 65, okay okay, we take care of the temperature... okay nice, how much is one... one piece hundred pounds, hundred   pounds, and one piece is enough for one person  no, as you like, okay i'll take one piece yeah eat here, can i eat here, yeah please okay we get one pigeon... actually there is no   there's no one in the  restaurant, it's a little bit sad okay he's calling me, let's see what happens what happens... you warm it up  or uh... yeah yeah you put in the oven oh   okay, nice samsung, sony sony, sony 4k, yeah, okay yes  if i can have salad as well yeah please, yeah   great, and uh and water, or do you have juice or...  as you like... oh water, i will take water, water yes okay

nice... i'm gonna try... finally i'm gonna try  the famous egyptian pigeon, and look at that   i'm going to show you something, oh on tv you have...  i don't know if you see, look at that, on the left   that's a very young omar sharif, the most famous  egyptian actor ever, that's omar sharif yeah   from lawrence of arabia and you are heka, ibrahim heka chief he's the boss okay i think the salad is coming this is toom... okay, and this, tahina sesame, no... potatoes, no just this, thank you so this is tahina this is toom, oh, i love it let's try the salad first very good, the salads are  always good in the middle east let's try the tahina that's so good actually, wow  the tahini is really really good   a bit different than what  i'm used to, let's try the toom wow, really good as well, the toom is like a  garlic mayonnaise basically, i think wow wow wow fantastic, wow it looks awesome, unbelievable,  so it's a pigeon stuffed with rice, as you can see   some.. i guess that's a zucchini,  eggplant... i don't know, like sausage   you still have the head... here i  think it's the head of the pigeon  

i don't know if there is... i don't know if  there is a lot of meat, but wow unbelievable   let's try the... the rice is so good, let's  try the sides first, let's try this one so you see it's vegetables  stuffed by with rice and herbs very good, there's so much rice very good, so let's... wow but  actually there is... where is the meat   because i cut it, and it was rice immediately there is a bit of meat here. i  guess that's... that should be pigeon meat  

probably for the first time in  my life, i'm gonna eat pigeon meat it was really good really really good how is the food very good, very very good, so let's show  you... so to show you, you see inside... maybe there   is meat somewhere here, because all these parts  inside you see it's like stuffed with rice   and um, i guess i'll have to eat with my fingers at  some point, but there is some meat actually hidden   so the meat is actually hidden here, you  see like there is a bit of meat here   a bit of meat, oh that's the liver pigeon liver very nice and let's... okay there is a bit of meat very small bones very nice, the skin, pretty good there is actually a bit of meat, but not so much...  i will definitely need to eat somewhere else after oh look at that, what i found... a nice big  piece of meat,

and there is the head here that's the wings very nice neck i think that's it, i'm done... photo, okay you're welcome, okay bye, let's  go... we're done with the pigeon, let's   go to finish the meal quickly, with another  restaurant that is very interesting nearby and there is a small fair on  the way, wow it's only for kids go go go go no no no no no no, i don't  know if he says no for the camera   or not, but anyway, that's the quick view  at an egyptian fair here in alexandria you see all the columns, it's  very typical from alexandria,   and here i arrive at the restaurant, i have  something to show, hopefully they let me film hello how are you, good, how are you film okay, okay, thank you paris... oh psg... 3... paris saint germain 3 who scored, messi, mbappe, neymar neymar, hakimi, captain salah salah no, salah, liverpool here it's mo salah, but you like psg yes, psg good, okay so here what i want to get is, they make sandwiches  with brain, so i want to get a sandwich with   brain, but i'm not hungry anymore because they  gave me too much rice there, so let's get only   one sandwich, so we have some brain at least, do you have  um... do you have the brain, yeah yes yes okay okay good how are you, fine, thank you can i get one sandwich with brain, the brain  is from sheep or from cow, what's the animal   like like this... yeah a sheep, like big oh like a  cow, like with horns, yeah okay okay so it's brain  

from cow, okay so it's good okay... i can sit here  okay, but just one sandwich, just one okay one okay one brain, and one kidney i'm happy that they're all happy with the  camera, oh i can sit here, okay perfect let's sit here and uh let's get a sandwich  with cowbrain, fantastic,  i'm always cautious because here sometimes they... some  places they don't want you to film at all and let's film a little bit the process   so this is for the brain, this is okay... so he's  frying the bread, to put the brain inside after very nice, one of the best  places in alexandria okay let's put it here, and i need to pay actually so i have to eat first thank you very nice, look at that, so they gave  me of course tahina, some pickles, and   that's a kidney sandwich, and that's the  beautiful brain sandwich, oh my god fantastic   let's start with the brain,  so you see this is brain that's very good, so you see  the bread is fried fantastic it's very hard to describe, it's  um, well you can see it there is a...   there's a lot of viscosity... it's not liquid,  it's not solid, and it's quite fat i think i don't know, but it has a good taste with the...  

they put a lot of pepper, i like it, i don't  know how to describe it but i like it let's go for the kidney sandwich, very full i love kidney very good so i guess from this very nice  street restaurant, here in alexandria   in downtown alexandria, that's the end of the  video, so see you for the next adventures guys, ciao

2022-11-20 22:59

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