Der BMW M3 Touring wird umgebaut!

Der BMW M3 Touring wird umgebaut!

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Alright, are we making progress? It looks good! I just looked at the list and no part is missing yet. Everything is there. Take a look, this list is pretty long. Some of you might be familiar with this place. We are at M Performance. The M3 Touring is over here. It has a lot of M Performance parts just like the M4 Competition. Here is the M3 Touring. The guys of M Performance had a great idea. The M3 Touring will be excited. I'm excited as well. I also have bad news, I will talk about it later. It's partly your fault. My fault? It's a really important part for me. How should I start? You can tell about what you would like to do with the car. I checked every item on the list except the rims. Here are 20/21 rims in frozen gold bronze. Having other rims really make a difference. I like the lacquer in frozen pure grey.

I like the combination with the frozen gold bronze rims. The black 19/20 inches rims were nice but here are the new 20/21 inches rims. There is the beautiful M Performance chassis and the car's position will be lower. Let's take a look at a few M Performance parts. Where should we begin? At the top. At the top? What do we have here? Here are a few door pins. You wouldn't necessarily expect much from a door pin. You can see a few details like the beautiful M emblem.

The attention to detail is really impressive. What's this? Let's take a look. This looks like something from the interior. This is an arm rest which is important for Robert when he wants to take a nap. Take a look, it's so beautiful. It's made of alcantara, let's take a look at the difference. This part is made of leather. It sues the interior. You're right. This looks beautiful, take a look at these seams. Let's put a few things out and show them one by another. This looks like a tailpipe. Amazing!

The M4 competition had this component as well. There is a huge difference. It is made of carbon and they are wonderful. The standard end pipes are wonderful and the carbon end pipes are very pretty. This looks really beautiful. Robert, what do you think? I don't want to be a smart-ass but this is a tailpipe blend. I'm sorry, of course you're right. This is a tailpipe blend. It looks great with the standard carbon diffuser. Let's put out another 1-2 things before we talk about everything.

What should we put out? What else do we have? What's this? This looks like an antenna. Oh, you put it on top. Now, I know! It's not made of carbon, it's called aramid. I like the attention to detail. This looks sexy and makes a big difference. Now, let's take a big component. Oh yes! This looks good! This is the M Performance front spoiler. Take at this part right here. If I'm not wrong, this can be detached. This glossy black looks really good. And we can put it right here. Really nice! I would say, let's take a look at all the parts. Let's go! Alright guys, here are all the M Performance parts. The M3 Touring looks really sexy and aggressive. I think that the M Performance parts can make the car look even better. I think so too.

The car has 19/20 inches rims as a standard. The M Performance rims have 20/21 inches. Their design stick out more than the standard rims which are glossy and black. Let's see what else is here. I showed you the tailpipes. I'm sorry, tailpipes blends. Correct. Here are some flaps which you can put here. As you can see, this is a small detail and this makes a big difference. Here, I showed you this already. Take a look, a few carbon parts, they will make a big difference. You can detach the glossy carbon part and attach this part right here. It looks more aggressive. You see there are standard BMW M3 parts of the roof but there are also M Performance parts. They made it onto a nice combination. I really like the carbon antenna. Robert, what is it made off? Aramid? Very good. You paid attention. Let's take a look at the sides. We will talk about the interior. Now, here is an important part, the M Performance part. Now, let's talk about another part.

We can order all the M Performance parts at the BMW M car dealer. As you know, we collaborate with BMW M. We modified the M2 Competition with the M Performance parts a few years ago. We did the same with the M3 Touring. I think that M Performance does a great job because we don't lose warranty, we keep 100% of it. M Performance has a great quality. Today, guarantee and warranty are really important. We can order the M Performance parts at the car dealer and he will build in the parts and register the chassis. This makes a big difference. We also have the M Performance chassis for the M4 Competition. You still have the same comfort. It looks more aggressive because the car is lower. Take a look at the details. This is for the fuel tank. This is made of plastic and this is for the carbon. Here is the little details of M Performance I love. We can put it right there and that's how you look like.

I think that it would be better if we let the M Performance employees do this. Otherwise, the car will need another week until it's finished. Here is yet another component which is made of carbon. Let's continue. Here you can see the M Performance door projectors. Here is the dashboard and the door mats which Robert likes. They make Robert feel comfortable when he takes a nap. Here is another great part which is for the knee. If you have a certain way of stepping on the gas, this part makes you feel more comfortable.

M Performance has great ideas! I like the fact that this is made of alcantara. Robert, you made a decision which just came to my mind. The carbon looks very good with the carbon. Let's go over here. I want to show you this. You can show the picture afterwards. The steering wheel is really sexy, it is made of carbon as well as the shift paddles. I'm a huge fan of alcantara and M Performance offers an alcantara steering wheel. However, Robert chose the Driving Assistant Professional which is located here. Now, it's not possible to mount the alcantara steering wheel because of the sensors. Oh.

Thanks, Robert! You're welcome! This means that we have to stick with the leather steering wheel which is still beautiful. I still like this feeling of sitting in a car with an alcantara steering wheel. This is very sexy. We still have a few components made of alcantara. I like the dashboard. You wouldn't have the heater for the steering wheel. Right! Now I remember that you wanted the heater for the steering wheel. Actually, I'm happy that we didn't purchase it. What else do we have? These components are called breathers. They are meant to be placed here. Take a look at the difference. I think that's not necessary but they are made of carbon after all. This is another part for the key, it's made of alcantara. Since we have been here, how is this thing called? Flipper, no, flicks! Very good. I thought that you want to disappoint me. That's where they belong. They are modest but sexy. Here is a carbon front spoiler. You can detach this part and put this one inside.

This part is a special equipment by BMW M and you can put it on top. This will make a big difference. I can't wait to see the M3 Touring with all the M Performance parts. Let's take a look at the car in its glory. This car looks beautiful and you could think that it doesn't need any extras. But once you see the parts and you start to think: This is going to be awesome! Let's not waste time. Let's make a cut here. We'll see you when the car is completely modified right here. Maybe we will see you in the garage. Robert, what should we do? Should we help them? I think that's not a good idea. Do you think that we would put some parts at the wrong spot? Before we make the cut. Here is the M2 and the M Performance exhaust pipe is controversial. Honestly, I think that it looks good on the M2. You're right.

Robert, take a look at it from here. It's just my opinion but I think that it looks great. It looks great thanks to the design of the M2 with all its corners and edges. Alright guys, let's not waste time. See you in the garage or wherever. We will think about that. The M3 Touring is ready! Okay? It looks so beautiful, you can't imagine. I'm really impressed by the result. I want to say... What do you want to say?

Before we show the car and you roll the clip, I wanted to tell you about the Track Day. I don't know when you are going to post the video but actually, the Track Day is pretty soon. So, here you can see a pretty popular car by Schaefchen, Otto. I really like the fact that the parts at the sides and the back have the same lacquer as the car. This makes the car look better with its corners and edges. The car is also pretty low. That's awesome! I'm not used to this quality by Otto. Anyway, this car is here and I guess that Schaefchen is going to pick up this car and drive it on the Track Day. I'm excited! Anyway, let's get back to this car. I feel so good! We are about to uncover this car. It looks amazing! This car has the permission and you don't have to register anything and you also keep the warranty. It feels so good! Let's go to the back and let's not talk too much. Here is the M3 Touring with the full set of M Performance parts.

English translation and subtitles by Kons-T From 1 to 10 how great did I uncover the car? Usually, you're the professional for things like that. Alright guys, here is the M3 Touring with all the M Performance parts. If you don't think that it looks great, I don't know what does. This is the M3 Competition Touring. It already looks great in its frozen pure grey lacquer with the black rims. It looked low and aggressive. But the way it looks now is impressive! I didn't think that it would such a big difference.

Our M4 Competition which we also have equipped with the M Performance had a great transformation. But now, it's more impressive. Take a look at the sides. It's so low! The M Performance chassis is the only thing we have to register. You simply have to go to the TUV and get an expert report which is enough. You don't have to write it down in the vehicle registration. This is everything you have to do for the M Performance chassis. Here you can see the difference between the standard 19/20 inches rims and the M Performance 20/21 rims. They have a really great lacquer. I like the fact the BMW emblem is always in the correct position. Here are a few carbon parts at the sides and the diffuser is the standard one. Here are the carbon tailpipes. Am I right, Robert? Carbon tailpipe blends! You pay attention, this is great! Here was a duck tail which was tight, now it isn't. This isn't a part of the normal M3 Touring. Now, there is the M Performance part.

I think that these rear fins look great. They are a small detail, but if you stand back, you see the carbon diffuser with the rear winglets. This sharp part has a better contrast now and the car seems broader. The antenna is on top and the antenna is made of...? Aramid Robert, I'm impressed! The car has been modified one week ago. I guess so. I'm impressed. I also like this part on the side, it's made of carbon. Let's not forget about this, it gives the car a boost of 5 HP. This is the tank fuel cover made of carbon. M Performance offers very much, I think that it's great! This may sound childish but I can't ignore all the little details. Doesn't it look wonderful?

This is a tow hook with the M emblem. I think that it suits the lacquer. It's really beautiful and sexy. Here is the front spoiler made of carbon and carbon flicks. Robert, come over here. Take a look from the side. I have to say, this car is not at the lowest position possible. It is possible to make this car even lower and we would still get the permission. But the problem is that the rear of the car is pretty low. If we decided to make it lower, the rear would look as if it hangs, so we decided to make the front lower instead. Now, it looks great. Well, the standard price of the car is 100,000 €. Now, Robert purchased a lot of extras like the heater for the steering wheel and everything he needs.

So, we are at 120,000 €. Next, there are the M Performance parts. If you purchase all of them, you would probably need additional 15,000-20,000 € because the parts also have to be built into the car. You also have to register the M Performance chassis. Hypothetically, you would have to pay 150,000 € in total. You don't necessarily need every extra. In comparison, the C63 AMG costs 150,000 but the M3 has a lot of carbon parts and ceramic brakes! The engine is so good, it's a complete another level. If we want to equip the M3 Touring with a few extras, you would have to pay around 110,000 €. I admit, this is a lot of money. Nowadays, if you want to buy a great car, this one is a game changer. There is not a single car which is similar. That's a fact. Let's talk about the interior because the M Performance parts also make quite a difference. I'm excited like a small child. Doesn't it look sexy. This is a small detail and I don't think many people would bother. This looks really good!

The light must be turned off because of the stripes. I'm sure that 98% or 99% percent of people watching this will be excited too. The car even greets you in carbon, the door sill trim is made of carbon. Let me get in. I'm missing something. The heater of the steering wheel is on. I burn my fingers. The steering wheel is beautiful, it has standard carbon shift paddles. I like the carbon paddles but I still like the alcantara. Robert, the next time, you won't purchase the heater for the steering wheel. However, the dashboard is made of alcantara.

It looks great in alcantara with the seams in colors of the M emblem. It looks sexy. Robert, I can tell that you sat here. I really like this knee pad. You can lean on your knee here and you also have the alcantara. Beautiful! Yeah! You sit here and you get the technology of a 7-series BMW. I'm really looking forward to spend time with you over the next couple of months. I'm happy that we are going to show you this car. I'm sure that we have a few ideas. Winter will arrive pretty soon. You're right.

I guess, it will be fun to drive in snow with the M3 touring. I guess you're right. That was the video with the M Performance upgrade. Did I forget anything? No, you said everything. I told about everything. This was a lot. We did a full upgrade of the M3 Touring. I can say that BMW M does a great job. M Performance does a great job as well, I can recommend them to every BMW car owner. It doesn't matter if you have a BMW M or a usual BMW model. Think about it, you keep the warranty, any BMW M car dealer can upgrade your car.

It doesn't matter if you want to have the fins or the front spoiler, you only have to register the M Performance chassis. Those are some really great advantages. I would say, let's end this video here. Let's do it. As you can see, here is a free space. There is another free space. Let's see what you will see on the track day. See you in person at the Gercollector Track Day on August 23rd on the Nürburgring. Or see you in the next video. Peace out, until next time!

2023-08-24 03:22

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