Delhi To Kathmandu To Pokhara || Full Information , Visa , Sim Card , Currency , Budget #EP-1

Delhi To Kathmandu To Pokhara || Full Information , Visa , Sim Card , Currency , Budget #EP-1

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So welcome guys on another International Travels series, in coming 10 days I am going to visit entire Nepal with me in budget. I came from Delhi to Kathmandu, how to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu, how I am living here. What places to visit in Nepal What will do here , Let’s start the series whatsup everyone shiva sehgal back again with a brand new video & I Hope all of you are doing fabulous Let’s straight go to airport & start our journey from there & Yes before going show some love to this series like share comment if you haven't subscribe yet subscribe also reached at our favorite place airport let me tell you all the things so that you can see Who what is my flight, I want to search, vistra is my flight here it’s my flight and brother, we are going to Kathmandu, I will give my bag etc. Look , I am carrying this bag in my bag, only this is my laptop Brother, after a long time, I am vlogging, I mean, how much time has passed inside the airport, last day in Singapore, I had taken out from Singapore, after that, do not check, then rest. I am sitting right now brother I am very scared now the flight is at 2:00 pm now it is 11:30 am so early I went to the airport and why did someone come I will tell you how is it going brother all are going to kathmandu There is a big long line for bagged drop have already got coaching pass before all time for immigration after that security will do proximately brother it takes more than 1/2 hour and I am going to take flight which is kathmandu ki puri bhari hogi sir domestic security john hai aage international vohra international immigration security dene bhai security pe yeh pura back bolo take out all gadgets put them in different trace bada penful hai bhai for a youtubers us those who carry too much electronics in flight Let's go brother it is very painful in the duty free area where you can see that this whole thing is of no use to us because we are not going to buy it anyway it is very expensive the whole area of ​​make-up is also of no use to us I am running for the launch of my work, because I have only a dead hour to sit in the loud room , so we cannot give up free food, brother, you can go even after getting a free book, so when you come back So there is discount on fairy book but also on clothes here on everything I don't know about duty free I know from this we have net a number till gate bhai apna bhutan bhutan ka bhi plane yaar bhi tell me you had to drop the plane The whole brother of Bhutan walks there for a long time, now he asks if someone will look up, then he is walking from here, I have three cards on all three cards, launcher access is specially and India's launcher and they travel in India's business class. Brother, this is different, only India, if there are many people like this here, what is it, what is it, why did I come so early, I was in a hurry, but I was a little late.

Yes, it took me at least 35 minutes, there was a very long line, rest of the brothers, now I have gone to sit on the longest, now I have a date hour, so the dead hour is comfortably sitting in the round, and I only deducted ₹ 2 for this For land which has limited alcohol and unlimited food one number on which is wi-fi etc short on saree facilities very nice sit comfortably walk spend 1.5-2 hours comfortably that's why I come early airport brother so that here If you get to sit, this is the launch, like if you cross duty free for others, then go above the first floor from here, here it is launched and which banks do you support, all the brothers are written here, you must have seen it. Let's go inside, let me see what to eat here, first you see the loud, take a number, I have full seating facilities, outside, limited alcohol, beer, red label, varieties of vegetarian, rest of the screens are kept here. What time do you keep monitoring your flight, what time it

is not going to take off, the rest of the tea, coffee and water is unlimited, first finish the shooting, then I will have time to eat comfortably. Like I told you, I have made a particular train for it, definitely you can check out my Instagram, now let's talk about why I am going to Kathmandu, I have selected Kathmandu, Mannu Jaan's gas is the biggest region. As of now flight which is very cheap, I was getting flight for Mandu and card Mandu is an international destination, I have never been there, Kathmandu was in my bucket list anyway, because of this I am going to Kathmandu, rest of my The next month which is going to be international travel is going to be very crazy brother I have shifted travel to next month I would have been doing it now this is the manner in which I have got appointment for visa, haven't I got it only after 40 days The appointment that I have received is for the next Math, that is not a thing brother, otherwise my flight was to be done this month, so then I thought that I will quickly go to Kathmandu, I will also explore Kathmandu, I am going for 10 days. yes I will go to kathmandu pokhara and will go to kathmandu now let's go to kathmandu line

now kathmandu line will take me to go first so let's see what option is available from there for life otherwise tomorrow morning prince will leave for pokhara For you know that Nepal is visa free so there is no retirement of visa you will see a slight difference in the audio because I am doing that wireless mic and showroom is on this side and next here is smoking room just if there is no access to the launch If there is KFC MD Domino's Subway and many other food hubs here, food court is also built, basically from here you will purchase and spend, you can eat and drink as much as you want in the flight. There is also a feature of noise cancel, that too I will try you once. Noise cancellation must have been activated. Must have seen a little bit of sound. It must have been completely empty. -Three people live at the airport at this time outside the place of lot here is the airport exit from here i will go out there but you have sim card i ask sim card once i asked a changer also with him once I asked what is the rate of exchange, by the way 1.6 is running, it is running everywhere and this rate is running from Nepal itself for a long time, apart from simple, thousand rupees in India become 1600, then if you are getting variety, then you would have taken it. That's why I stayed in India indirectly, so he replied to me in Hindi in India, brother, I am getting 335 Indian rupees for a week with 12 GB internet at the airport, now tell me, take me out of the airport, now I will go there.

It is very cheap, he has agreed to take Indian rupees, whatever is outside , there is a pay n sell company here, which has a counter in front, exits from here and then let's see how to reach the city, what now Have to walk out and think comfortably, I have to join Wi-Fi, I didn't even do that on the phone, here it is outside Nepal's airport, brother, Nepal's airport, in this way you can see Kathmandu 's airport, basically just here to cook Se jo ki wahan pe kahani bowler hai mere ko lagi hai and rest if you want then you can go by private taxi jo sari ye lagi hai here bhai bhai at immigration I didn't ask anything, took the password, hit the step for warding, gave one Will not even ask questions, there was a separate line for citizens and there was a separate line for passport holders, we can come to Nepal even with water ID card, we don't even have retirement of passport and I knew this at the airport from the land border So I knew that there is no internet here, but if you want to access the internet, then you have to enter the local number first. Inside the airport, there is a shop of Momo etc. I have seen momos but can't actually eat because non-veg is to be eaten, there is a non-veg scene ki bhai mande hai toh non-veg was found in the flight too, I didn't eat that too, so brother, I have to go here, where it is direct The bus does not cast the hassle of two buses, once I know the tax, I am late, where I have to find more taxis, where I have to go, brother, 7 600 Nepali also runs from here, take the exit from inside the airport, small The exit is written here, it is written on the airport and from here you will get in the bus, see, I do not have internet either, so I am online, so this brother will drop us, he will go to our hostel, which is 6 to 7 km from here. It is in the chip that if you are alone then that's why we are going to 600. Here brother had learned his Hindi too , he had more than everything. That's why Sikar here D. The plane to Pokhara will be tomorrow morning and it will take eight hours to reach Pokhara, 5 buses have already left for 5 days, so now I will

leave at 1:00 in the night, brother, now going to hostel, book hostel ticket today, brother, petrol If brought to get it done, I will also tell you the price of petrol here, what is 173 Nepali rupees, around this I think it will be around ₹ 110 in Indian e, so which is ₹ 10 liter petrol here means some statement is equal to India and Little Expensive than Delhi Everyone has left it completely that those people who want to go ahead from here and go left, they will not have any problem, it does not mean that after entering from here, everyone stood in front, nightlife etc. I have done hostel for that is a different hostel and then when I will come back from pokhara then that hostel is different then it is a very good hostel which I have done brother further towards my hostel brother with bike dropped me on the road Now this road behind me is being built a little bit from the same issue as well as it is written by Australia Trust, one of ours is also just around this story, I have done this only for one day, Brother, Pokhara for all the churches. For withdrawing even for bus ticket etc everything goes to pause but there is no one at the reception no phone number they don't have and I don't have sim so how can I do wi-fi checking tomorrow also Done I put the bag in the hostel I put my bed on my bed now I have come downstairs now I am leaving first of all I don't have sim card I didn't want internet I want wi-fi internet in hostel and then I don't have bus for Pokhara tomorrow morning so I am going to make free booking . Who does a little explorer, I have found out that 1000 Nepali rupees will settle at 7:00 in the morning, it will settle from this pass, you can walk for eight to nine hours and you can walk for 10 hours, the reason is that there is construction It is going on, now the construction is going on, it depends on the condition of the road, do it in 800 or 900 Nepali, I will book it now and if I have to change the money too, I have seen where the money changer is. Here you will get good rate of Indian Rupees, I have happened that brother, whatever money exchanger I am going to, no one is accepting Indian Rupees, I am also asking that brother, why is it that it used to happen earlier, but now it does not happen. Take dollars or any other

e-Indian rupees have been removed, they asked at one place, friend, you must have seen now, he is giving the rate of 1.45, I must have got a guy that you change the local, in some cafe, I changed inside the hotel too. If you can, then you will be given a good rate and you have also taken it, now you will not get the story, then you will have to take the same 1.45 and there is no option, it is 10000, then you will get good ready here That he is giving more useless rate 1.4 Why is this happening here I do not understand whereas brother should not get such useless rate I go to the hotel and ask if brother changes the sim card not only the shop I am getting a shop, even that is very expensive, brother, I am taking 300 rupees with a sim, I was getting ₹ 400 at the airport to put no GB internet on it, man, he was getting 350 in Indian and 500 in Nepali I was giving 12 GB internet for the day, here it is taking 700, I thought it would be cheaper, we have got the card, because you are looking for this shop, you can buy a sim card from this type of shop cheaply, I do not know I used to think that it will be cheaper here, but the problem is that people have not put their rates here, people are giving sim cards, but someone is asking for 1200 at their rate, from the package, I will tell you that someone is asking for 1500. Someone is asking for 2000, saying by putting his rate,

he has kept the sim card which I had shown you the shop, here he has given me a blank sim worth ₹ 150 and says that you should recharge according to your own, whatever the recharge is. It has happened for one week, they have told me that in your last 2 days, you will get 2 GB internet for ₹ 100 Nepali rupees and you will get it for three days, so take it here for 500 Nepali rupees. I have got a sim for a week, which is the same rate as taking it from the airport with 5 GB internet. It is for ₹ 500, so there is no need to search further in the city, much more, if you have found it cheap, now it means 40-50 Indian rupees, it will make a difference to find it from the airport to the city, otherwise I have already told you the rates here. They are running according to their calculations I told you how much it cost now what do I have to do Pokhara booking I have talked about it everywhere I have found out when the cheapest is available I am going there I am just the third less I have to exchange here, I am getting the maximum rate of Indian E, I am getting 1.5, it will not matter much, if you are not changing too much, the bus ticket has also been booked, it has also been exchanged by Almost 2 hours have passed since 2 hours I am roaming in tamil market here and there to book tickets for e exchange now I walk to hostel and tell you because how much did I get the bus ticket from where did I get it and at what time The biggest problem will be when I am thrown out of the house . I was thinking that I am saying something very important, what did I say, you see, you forgot slippers, brother, it is a very important thing, brother, how long will slippers last in shoes, I will have to buy slippers here, one because shoes often- I can't get out by wearing a bar , I am not feeling hungry brother, because in the launch, I ate long ago, even in the night, brother, I got food in the market, which is band till 8:00 pm, brother, maximum shops open here till 8:30 pm. It happens so that I don't know, we have a shop there till 10:30, 11, 12 o'clock, it stays upstairs, it

is not here, brother, it is eight and a half eight here, everything gets closed, so what to do before that, all the hostels are also there. Jitene bhi ine hotel hostel sub mix sub hai yahan pe katni ho or around 10:30 pm only after that whatever happens brother in this video we do not do what we do today Mandu's nightlife video will be different it will come when I I will return after three days from Pokhara, good hostel for the day, which is ok, no meaning, I feel that there is no such special hostel, even if you look at the price, then it is okay to give me 350 Nepali rupees. According to the calculation , I got my hostel for only one day, brother, have I done the hostel thing? I have taken it, is it a hostel or Australia owner reception market, which is shirt done, everyone has gone after band, the shop is just doing alcohol etc. It will be done in search of some food, I had shown it at night, if it is not visible well, then this one is blue building, the rest is also a hostel together, this one is a big hotel and here it is also a hostel 6:00 It is early morning and you can see that I have left after getting ready at 5:30 am because my bus is for Pokhara at 6:30 am, the bus stop from here is about 400 meters away. By distance means it will take five minutes by walk , not yesterday's block, I am continuing it, and will do it, but a very epic scene happened in Pokhara.

How will I unlock both the locks from outside and I have to go, it is up to me, then I tried like this, then I tried to do this by putting my finger in the lock, it is empty, see also in the morning of Kathmandu, it is 6:10 There is a crowd, children are going to school, people are going their way, you will see your old old car, mostly you will see this Maruti 800, look, it is connected to the pay line and on all the way you will see Maruti 800 only. Will you get it or will you get an auto, Brother, what is the rate of small vehicles in Nepal, if we tell you, now it will be stocked . There is a difference, but even then the number of posts in our India is more than that, the price of each bike is also lakhs, here the tourist bus stop is set up, the sari base is only for the holiday, so it is like an adventure holiday. baba adventure a gaya toh holi adventure hi hi hogi hogi to hi aayi to aaye hi hi to aaya pe name of the place tourist bus stop to 7:00 o'clock it will leave from here this sofa bus is ours bye normal tu bye tu bye write the bus number etc.

If you have given then I see that too I am lying down empty my bus holiday adventure I see from inside I have kept the bag is correct language friend cheats etc are correct there is no such thing rest here it is that if you come early in the morning without ticket Even if I come, this much saree is attached, you will get a seat, I can not guarantee the price, whatever they ask here, it can be cheap, maybe I can also be, but I can see from inside, it is lined up. At least 10 paise, this bus is already given to number one, 1465, so in this way brother, I can see you 2 / 2 on two sides and the seat is also very good, brother, the line also does this space. I have given the time of a bus stand, I think it will run around 6:30, now it is 6:15, this one is my seat, my bag is not there, because the bag is big, I have seen if the bus is heavy. It is a different matter if it is not heavy then we will keep it at least it will take eight to 10 hours to reach Pokhara if I am lucky then which brother has his best sale before that it is going to be 7:05 and he did it You can start now, that means if you go till 645, then there is no problem, it starts at 7:00, brother , here a dhabas has come, then there they have rocked, on this side it was not even around dead hour. They have given the rock but will rock for 5 or 10 minutes just to washroom etc. till now the condition of the road is very bad brother are getting very shocked don't know what will happen now what will not happen then the gas has finally reached Pokhara, here is our bus, the bus dropped here at the bus stand, you can see all the buses etc. It is written on the bus, once they understand

what it is, then they give you some information, like have you seen the hostel, Kitna Gora Hostel, you have seen it by bike taxi. Good brother and location is number one and I will show you what is in front of me in tomorrow's blog, it must have been fun, if you have seen it, you must have seen the video and let's do it brother in this video Told you that how can you travel from Delhi to Pokhara or Kathmandu to Pokhara by bus with the least amount of money, the journey was available brother, that too in very honor, what would come, brother, 9:30 hours went by, the bus started at 7:00 am. The proximity was left in the bus at 4:50 pm, it took about an hour, brother, the condition of the road was very poor, although if seen, it was only 200 km from Kathmandu to Pokhara, also take ₹ 150 km, at least the road which is inside The road was on construction , it would be a very bad condition .

I used to give up to a limit, but come on, no problem, now three, but I enjoyed watching the hostel a bit, I enjoyed watching the view of the hostel, I hope you have liked this video brother, give a lot of love to the Nepal series, a lot of things for you I am going to bring it from Nepal and I am going to tell you how to do it in a budget. I will tell you about the hostel which was so good and for so little money. You must have liked the video if you liked the video. Don't forget to hit d like button youtube me channel love content subscribers aap log aur amazing video mein lekar aaunga aap log chaliye friends meet ya aise koi second video me jab tak hai fan thank you bye

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