BABY GRAVE & Ancient Village KALIMBUANG BORI | Toraja to Palopo | Motor Touring SULAWESI [S2-E34]

BABY GRAVE & Ancient Village KALIMBUANG BORI | Toraja to Palopo | Motor Touring SULAWESI  [S2-E34]

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So when a baby died in this culture, they put it in a big tree. Good morning everybody. Selamat pagi Indonesia. That´s a colorful camping place here. And it´s a bit cloudy right now. But it´s still early. And Ryan is already making coffee.

And.... We got coffee from Bustam, from not yet member of the Tiger Club in Wajo. Thank you so much, Bustam. Beautiful view and yeah it´s totally different from last time, when I was here with my Swiss friend, Sabrina. Because we were actually the only one next to one couple. And it´s so different now.

Good morning everybody. The Brotherhood of All Bikers. You ready, baby? > I am. Lets go... OnTheRoadAgain.

Good morning everybody. We are in Lo´ Lai right now, still in Toraja. But today we are moving on from Toraja, we are going to Palopo. So we are going back down to the coastal line, it´s been a while for us in Toraja in the mountain side. We absorb a lot and lot and lot of Torajan culture. And now we are ready to move on. But then, right before we go. We still want to check out two more places. You guys will see where we are heading to.

But for now, lets enjoy this beautiful nature around us. Ya, we are enjoying our stay in Toraja, it´s been amazing. > Ya, beautiful. Ya, beautiful nature, beautiful people, beautiful culture. But every good thing has to end, right? Yeah now, we are moving on. But I´m sure Palopo will treat us as great as Toraja. Because Sulawesi has been amazing for us.

So, we are taking now the back road, going to the first destination that´s around half an hour from here. > We are heading to Bori Kalimbuang. The road going to Palopo, we gonna cut across the mountain. Even though it´s a main road, but it´s really really prone to landslides. When we arrived to Sulawesi, we were informed that there was a landslide in Palopo. And then, hopefully cleaned it up now.

And hopefully it´s not gonna be raining. Because I was talking to the B.O.A.B, the Brotherhood of All Bikers. They said that it´s really really prone to landslides. So yeah, hopefully our trip will be safe and hopefully I could find my girlfriend, where is she? Ah, there she is. Hopefully our trip will be safe and sound. So we could arrive in Palopo. Alright, google map showing us a bit weird direction. I think the internet connection is very bad here.

And Ryan just asked the local in front of us. > The guy right there. That is driving. Like since 10 minutes or something 15 minutes, he´s showing us direction of how to get there. > Yeah, he´s been showing us how to get there. It´s really nice of him. > Really nice, yeah.

Hopefully he´s going at least towards that direction. So he doesn´t need to go around for us. And it looks like they´re fixing the road here. In Indonesia, where ever you are. Maybe some parts you shouldn´t do this, but... Watch out!

You could ask the locals and hey are really kind, they will show you the road, even they are going to drive with you to the location that you want to go and they will turn back and do what they need to do. Like the hospitality in Indonesia is top notch. Aside of the beautiful nature in front of it. Yeah this is the main road again, I think this is the right way.

Follow the road to the right. Turn left when you see a snack stall on the side road. Honda PCX owner Pinrang. Ooh you are from Pinrang, sir? > Yeah but I live here. Ah, Cool! > Just my club is in Pinrang. Thank you so much, sir. Wait, we want to give you a sticker. Thank you so much. > Sticker babe, he´s a biker too.

My name is Mr. Amir. > Thank you so much Mr. Amir, I´m Ryan. The one in the back is Natalie. > I´m Natalie. Later on, Mr. Amir. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, bye bye.

So this one is going to Batu Tumongga. We are going to Bori Karimbuang. Wow, another biker helping another biker. Sulawesi, you are so cool. Bikers community in Sulawesi!!! Thumbs up, man. > Amating.

It´s insane here. Flowers.. Nice road at least, you know. So we can enjoy the view. Ooh wow, what is that? That´s a lot of graves there. Oh yeah, looks like. This is not a hobbit house, ok guys! These are graves.

Are you sure? > Ya, you could see the picture of the dead inside it. Is it? > Ya ya. This is a grave. Really special yeah. Almost there, five minutes.

We´ve been driving through this beautiful paddy fields. Villages, and on our left is like a little river. It´s really clean here. Like seriously. It´s really really charming, they have a lot of traditional houses and stuff.

Ooh, megaliths. They are huge. > Wow.. look at that megaliths, massive! Where can we park? I think we can... I don´t know. Welcome to Kalimbuang Bori everybody. > First of all, we gonna see the map. There are 8 Tongkonan (Toraja traditional house) Everywhere here sporadically. And then, they have the old graves and there´s also a statue of a Dutch person there.

And then, there´s a lot and lot and lot and lot and lot of megaliths. > 102 stones to be exact. This is the small one here all the way to the big one here. Look, compare... > Wow. It´s huge. And the specialty about this stone. For the funeral ceremony. They pulled this rock here to this place by hands, man power. It´s insane, it´s huge. And each stone, this megalith stone. For each of them there was a funeral ceremony.

And doesn´t matter what size it has they have the same worth. It´s really big. Not easy to walk with my boots. It´s a whole rock here, and they chiseled it by hand. So they could make a hole in it and then they bury the family member or whoever person that´s inside the grave. Because that´s a really really old grave here. So when a baby died in this culture. They put it inside that big tree.

It means that they are hoping that the baby will grow with the tree at the same time. > Amazing huh. I don´t know if you guys can see it, but there´s like a baby grave. And this one on your left babe. > Ah yeah, and in here too. Right in there. Rest in Peace, babies. Ooh, in here are more. That is Bori Kalimbuang, or Kalimbuang Bori.

Really interesting and full of culture. And then graves in the stone chiseled by hand. And then, the megaliths. They are massive. Like one of the big one is more than 4 times than my height. It´s amazing. And then, the ancient grave. It was inside a really really big stone. Ridiculous how big it is. And yes, we are moving on. We are going to pass Lili Kira.

And then we gonna go straight to Palopo right after it. We are now heading to Lili Kira. Lili Kira is an area with a lot of paddy fields. That´s why we wanted to go there, because me and Natalie, we love paddy fields landscape.

I love this ride, with traditional houses, one village after another. This is the right way to travel Indonesia. And the river there, wow huh. This is Natalie´s picture perfect, by the way.

Really charming. > So many buffaloes over there. Look at these traditional houses. And paddy fields everywhere. You guys, you don´t know how beautiful this thing is. If you watch, right now, here. You can get the idea of how beautiful Toraja is. And maybe next time you guys could come over here. This is from Lo´Lai, taking the mountain road all the way to Lili Kira. Yeah, come over here. > Come over here, it´s so beautiful.

And colorful too... Nonstop wow. Yeah, if we count how many times we said wow from Bali to Sabang and then Sabang to Palembang. And then the biggest wow in Palembang, because my bike got stolen. And then, like WOOOW right. And then, wow look at that. You see, another one.

And then, from Bali to Bromo and then Bromo to here now! If you follow our videos, I dare you to count how many wows we said. Yeah, I think it´s already getting boring hearing wow. I just don´t know what else to say. Yeah, because it´s wow. Look at this. This rice terrace is really really beautiful. And then, you don´t need to pay to see it. Unlike some places. And then added up with some Toraja traditional houses, it´s wow...

I don´t know where exactly the big landslide that shut down the whole main road here. This is national road, so if they closed national road because of a landslide. That has to be the big one. Wow... so pretty. I finally see it. This is it, babe. Oh my God. This is the big landslide that shut down the whole road here. Oh my God, that´s a scary one.

Slippery. Oh wow, huh. All the way up here. Crazy. That´s the big one. That shut down the whole road. This is our route right now, you guys. You see it? Crazy huh. > Watch out. A lot of bikers again, babe.

It´s a really fun route. Recommended for bikers here. > Beautiful forest. Even the power line got messed up. Yeah, raining would be shit riding here. Slippery everywhere. Another one Oh my God... Man. It´s like endless. Crazy. And people are just living here like nothing going on huh. > Yeah huh. I think they are used to this. What? Another landslide? Ahh.. That´s Tuesday.

Look, and another one, and another one... It´s like less than 100 meters you could see one. Watch out, watch out, watch out. See... This maybe like 200 meters.

That´s an excavator, babe. Must be cleaning a landslide too. Look at that, from the top there. Here... And there... Oh my God. > Scary. This is a big one too, here.

My God, there´s a big log there. And here. You guys... Goodness Gracious. Do you see the river down there? > Yeah? I´m too busy counting landslides. I didn´t see, I missed that river. Here and another one.

And here. Another one. My God. There, another one. This is unbelievable. Even the small ones, yeah. If a motorist passing through this area and got hit. Game over. Gone. And another one... Wowowowowow. Don´t drive here at night or by rain. > Yep, don´t drive here during the rain.

It´s insane. Look at this babe, it´s even written. Do not stop on the area. Like the heck going to stop here. We stop here. > No, not here. Thank you.

This is the one that was closed, because of this. My god. Scary. That´s the mother of all landslides. The one that we saw. Out of like, what, I don´t know. Maybe it´s like 150 200 landslides. On the side road. That´s the biggest one. I think I could see the city of Palopo on our left. And I think I could see the ocean too. That´s the ocean. We haven´t seen the ocean for a long time.

Like more than a week, we haven´t seen the ocean. > Next to the ocean. Welcome to the city of Palopo everybody. We are back to the coastal, I wanna see the ocean. But I wanna see chicken on my plate first. Chicken geprek... geprek geprek geprek. I´m hungry. Yeah, I´m not used to this. Red lights.

Woah, this is a massive mosque here. Going straight again? > Ya. Soccer field, this is green? > Yes, it´s green. Wow look at that... That´s a really cool statue? With a blade? Alright, we got a place to stay for tonight.

So yeah, I´m glad we survived the mountain with the landslides danger. We were lucky, really lucky it didn´t rain. And yeah, I´m going to show you on the map where we drove through. So, from Nuansa homestay, we went somewhere west here to the beautiful view point, Lo´Lai.

With camping. And then, we took the main road through the mountain with many many landslides down to Palopo And this road is actually new, since 2020 Before, you had to go around. It took people like 7 hours to get to Palopo. And Palopo, that´s our checkered flag. On this place, I wanna say good bye to Toraja. We had an amazing time at Nuansa homestay. Was really really great. Thank you guys so much.

And yeah all the bikers we met as well, was an amazing time. And I really hope you guys like our today´s video. If you did, then give us a BIG LIKE and SUBSCRIBE down below and then see you on the next video...

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