| Insane New Year’s Celebrations Siem Reap April 2024 | Best Festival EVER in Cambodia

| Insane New Year’s Celebrations Siem Reap April 2024 | Best Festival EVER in Cambodia

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We celebrate Khmer New Year. We call it "Choul Chnam Thmey". Arkoon. Thank   you. Choul Chnam Thmey. My name is  Charly. Charly? Chai. We're now taking   you to the famous Pub Street. Let's Go! In this episode, we're going to celebrate   Khmer New Year. We're going to give you  a good look at what Khmer New Year looks   like. We are starting at BBU Road, very close  to the famous Pub Street, and we're walking to  

the Royal Independence Garden. This is one of  the main spots to check out. And we're going to   walk along the Siem Reap River. There's a lot of  things to do. It's the 13th of April 2024, about   1:00 PM, and the party has just started. We're  going to find out what Khmer New Year is about,   what the differences are from Songkran which is  celebrated also in Thailand. Yeah, we're going to   talk to a lot of local people as well. Maybe not  so much talking. We gonna waterfight people as  

well. This is my favorite day of the year. I'm a  little bit of a kid when it comes to water slides,   water fights, or any kind of fun. We're leaving  BBU Street behind and going there next, but not   yet because first, the Independence Gardens.  And I have to tell you guys, I'm roaming alone   for the next few months. Noona, she went back  to the Netherlands to sort out a few things,   and I'm staying here behind in South East Asia.  You might think, "Chai, what happened? You were  

in Koh Samui in Thailand, and now suddenly in Siem  Reap?" Well, I traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia,   to celebrate Khmer New Year, and Siem Reap is  the place to celebrate this. But yeah, there   will be two more videos coming up from Samui,  Thailand, before we start our Cambodia series.  It's still early, there's still not much  going on, especially Pub Street. Last night,   we were building the big stage, and there  will be a lot of things going on there.  

I'm super excited to bring you as well and  check out what this festival is about. It's   about a 10 to 15-minute walk to the garden, and  I'll be able to show you, give you a good look   at Siem Reap, not Angkor Wat this time, not the  surrounding temples. We're celebrating New Year.  Yes, this is the Siem Reap River. It's very small,  I remember it to be a little bit bigger, but yeah,  

this is a little stream, really. We're taking you  to all the best places that you should visit if   you're making it in 2025 to Siem Reap or you're  watching this maybe the last day of the festival,   you know exactly where to go, what to see,  what to expect because we get us informed   by the locals to see where we have to go, what  we have to see. This is a big area right there   where Pub Street is, for example, and this  whole area we're going to explore later,   maybe tonight already, maybe tomorrow, but  we crack on first to our first destination. People have been telling me that the  festival started already last night,   but I had a little peek around and there was not  much going on. It's 37 degrees at the moment,  

a very dry heat. The wind is  hot and not so comfortable,   so I don't mind getting wet later on.  Actually, I'm carrying a gimbal which I hope   won't get wet because that one has electronic  parts in it that cannot be wet, otherwise,   it will be damaged. We're going to check out....  There are a few different places which the locals   recommended, so yeah, I'm only getting more and  more excited. It's getting a little bit busier   here. This city is going to turn into something  else. In a weird way, this reminds me a little   bit of King's Day in the Netherlands where whole  Amsterdam will be transformed into a festival. 

Happy Cambodia New Year, ladies and gentlemen!  Happy New Year! Thank you. Good luck to you. What   are you selling? Papaya salad? Ah, papaya salad.  I'm not hungry yet, but we'll come back. Yeah,   yeah, okay, thank you, bye-bye. Wow, that's a  mouthful. Happy New Year! Happy Cambodian New   Year! Yeah, I'm not really good with languages,  to be honest. So yeah, this is full. We've got   probably a kilometer stretching along the river. Hey guys, what's happening? Yeah? Yeah. This is   like a kilometer of food stalls, drinks, barbecues  are on. Ah, this is nice, and the Cambodian  

hospitality is welcoming us very well. Cambodian  ambulance, I hope nothing bad happened. Crossing   the road is a little bit different here because  they drive on the right side. I have to get used   to that. Oh, this is what I love about the traffic  here is that people are, if something happened in   an accident or near accident, you know, back home,  people get angry and they shout at each other. And  

over here, people smile at each other. And this  is not only because you are a tourist. Now I've   seen a lot of people, also locals, having close  accidents, not only in Cambodia, I have to say.   Big part of Southeast Asia, this is the case. Thank you, happy New Year. Nice one. Okay,   thank you, bye-bye. Okay, so this place is  only food and drinks. And now the gentleman   from the M150, he told us that we have to go  a little bit further to enter the water fight.   And we'll do that. We're getting closer and  closer to where the party is. It's so huge.  

I was just wondering what they're doing here. You  can get a boat for $2 and they'll be driving you   around the Siem Reap River. Quite a nice idea. But  we're not doing this. It's too hot in the sun at   the moment. We're passing quite a few shops where  you can buy water guns. I've got one as well. I   left my water gun in the hotel because I don't  want to get too wet yet. If I carry a gun right  

now, then I'm a target as well. You know when they  see you have a weapon, they shoot you. We're going   to have to come back here during the night because  they have a huge setup over here. I'll zoom in.   Check out that huge stage, and there's no one  here at the moment. Almost no one here. And this  

is probably because Khmer people, they're working  today or they're traveling today to this place,   to this city. So many of the locals I've been  speaking to, they are working up until 3 or   4:00 today, and then they go and party or going  through ceremonies or doing water activities.  What is this? It's like a tea?  Thank you. What is it made from?   Well, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you  so much. Happy New Year. Okay, the first drink. We   have many to come. Oh, that's strong. That must be  like 35, 40%. And here's where the water fun is.  Hello, I have to move away from the music a  little bit to talk to you because it's very,   very loud. But everyone is smiling, having a  good time, and the water fights have not really  

started yet. There are a few people, a few guys,  a few girls, but Pub Street later on is going to   be insane. I've seen footage from last year, and  we're going to experience it ourselves with our   water guns. We're going to be part of this New  Year in Cambodia. This festival just started, and   they're still working on a few things right behind  us, for example, but most of it is standing,   and it's ready for people to come over and party,  party, and celebrate. But we're taking you here to   what's going on there. This festival is more than  just a water feast. It's actually celebrating the   ending of the dry season for a new harvest  year. It happens sometimes that on this day,  

it's raining a little bit, but I don't see  it's going to happen. It will remain dry. It   is super dry. I've never seen Cambodia so dry  before, driving from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.   We passed a lot of dry landscapes, all dry  farms. So hopefully, it's starting raining  

soon here. This is one of the temples people go  to worship, and we're just staying here outside.   I want to take you here real quick for also my  Cambodian friends who are living in America at   the moment. I know some of you are watching.  Bringing you here so you also can be here in   Siem Reap this way a little bit. That's why also  we're making these videos not only to inform the   people but also to just take you to the places  where we go in Southn East Asia a little bit.

There will be some rituals going on here  as well later on, but I'm not sure. What   I like Cambodia. I want to know Cambodia. Okay, yeah, okay. Thank you. Enjoy. Happy   New Year. Bye-bye. Somebody. Hello, can I  have um, one Coke? Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola? Yes,   please. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. Yes, please. Ah,  so we are actually having Thai people coming to   Cambodia as well to celebrate Cambodia. And  what I also like to do is unite whole South   East Asia. I know there's a lot of things in the  past happen and people are talking badly. That's  

always the case. But let's just unite the whole  South East Asia because every country, every   single country in Southeast Asia has its beauty  and the people everywhere I have been going are   super lovely. So there's no exception. Thank you. Wow. Okay, so we've got a Coke and a plastic cup.   I actually bought this to cool my phone down  because my phone is overheating and I'm filming   everything now on the phone. Also, because  my iPhone can get wet, no problem. So yeah,   we're filming everything with iPhone 13 Pro,  and we're cooling my phone down right against   the cup. Hello, how are you? Wow, this is  interesting. And everyone just smiling and  

being so friendly. The Cambodian hospitality is  next level, ladies and gentlemen. The thing is,   guys, and I have to say, if you are not from  Cambodia or you have never been to Cambodia,   you probably hear or have heard some negative  things about Cambodia. And most of it is happening   in the capital city because, yes, there are people  stealing there. There are thefts every day. Phnom  

Penh is safe, but your wallet or your backpack  is maybe not so safe. And this is a shame,   ladies and gentlemen, because Cambodia is super  safe overall. Only in the capital city, there are   quite a few problems there. I dare to say this.  And hopefully they solve this as Cambodia deserves   better than a capital city with a lot of theft. I  love Cambodia. I love its people. And Phnom Penh   is definitely not representing the whole country.  As a few hours north from there, Siem Reap, we're  

at. Super safe, almost no theft. Two different  worlds. We will have a Cambodian series coming up,   but after this video, I will still be in Koh Samui  for two episodes. They're still in the pipeline,   but I wanted to make sure that this video is out  as soon as possible while it's still Songkran. 

We're back at this guy again. I did tell  him I would go for a little bite. Hello. Oh,   now I don't know exactly what you  have. I have this a lot of thing. Ah,   a fried rice and Fried noodle,  and noodle soup. Papaya salad. Oh,   maybe just go. I don't really fancy this, to be  honest, but I want to buy something. So maybe   just three pieces. This one, three hot dag? This  fish. Oh, no, just fish. Just fish. More. What's  

that fish cookie? Tahu. It's not fish. And this  one. what's this? This is a pork, Okay. Let's   do it. And you put sauce on there. Yeah. Okay.  Thank you. How much is that? You see this one,   yes? 4,500. 4,100. Okay. 4,500. 500. Okay. Okay. I did not want to eat necessarily sausages,   but it was so nice just before helping us with  saying Happy New Year in Khmer, which I'm going   to have to repeat a couple of times maybe another  year or two before I actually can say it. But um,   yeah, we got a little tofu cake, got pork sausage,  and I think different two different pork sausages.  

Hey, not bad for a little Cambodian snack. Why you  come here? Cause Siem Reap is so amazing. And it   has a lot of people coming over. Yeah, there's not  much to do in Phnom Penh at the moment, is there?   Yes, but tomorrow I go to Phnom Penh. Oh, tomorrow  you go to Phnom Penh? Yes. But tonight is, is the   biggest night. Or tomorrow is the biggest night?  Yes, this night. Tonight is big? Yes. Ah, where,  

where are you going tonight? 11:00. Where? What?  Uh, I go to at 11:00. Tomorrow. Yes. And tonight,   where? What are you doing? There at the park. Yes.  And you play with water? Yes, with and you also   praying? I'm a Buddhist. Oh, you are a Buddhist?  Yes. My English not good, uh, I can say wrong  

somethings. Ah, okay, okay, okay, okay. Just, I  know. Khmer New Year is traditional Cambodian.   One of the things I love about Siem Reap is  that it is super affordable. You're eating at   a proper French restaurant for like $16 for a set  menu. I mean, these are US dollars. Main courses,   it is quite affordable. A beautiful part of town  we are in right now. We're very close to Pub   Street. There is Mexican food, a Greek restaurant  here. There's Khmer food all over. Walking here,   just meters away from Pub Street, you don't really  have the feeling that there is anything going on. 

Also, I expected a lot more people like this  guy with water guns and T-shirts with flowers.  We will have a special guest on the show later on.  I met a bar owner yesterday. Happy New Year! So,   You wear a flower T-shirt, right? Yeah, I bought  this. I saw the stall people wearing the same   thing. Thank you. Where are you from? Happy New  Year! First they killed my father. It's a book.  

That's okay. Yeah, I've seen the movie too. It's  good. Yeah. You? I was born in Cambodia, which is   in Battambang. just come here to visit for New  Years. I live in America right now. Ah, many   Cambodians in America, I think. Uh, yeah. Right  after the war in 1979, and then, like myself,   I lived in the refugee camp. And millions of  people ended up living in abroad. You know, some  

in Australia and... But I ended up in the United  States. So how come you went to America? Yeah,   it was not a choice because the refugee camp, they  say... Well. if they take me back to Cambodia,   I would gotten killed. It's just like any other  country now, like Ukraine. Other people live in   a different country in a camp, eventually they be  moving to the United States, France and Canada.   Whatever. So that's why a lot of Cambodians live  in the United States or French or Australia. You  

never want to go back and live in... When I'm  retired, I got ten years left. I can all have to   collect my income, but I enjoy coming to visit.  I don't see myself that. I will be comfortable   here in Cambodia. I have a daughter who's 23 years  old. She graduated from college in Minnesota,   and now she comes here just to learn Khmer and  teaching English. But her goal is not to live   here. My goal, 'cause I'm a different age than she  has. I might live here, but I don't think I will  

permanently live here because I'm a United States  citizen. I'm proud of it. Yeah, but good luck and   have fun. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you.  My name is Charly. Charly. Yeah. Chai. Take care.   That's a nice shirt. Thank you. You also have a  nice take care. Bye-bye. Bye, thank you. Battabang   he's saying he's from... We're going there after  this video. We'll check out Battabang. We will   check out the surrounding area. We're going to new  areas which I have never been exploring before. 

Alright. All Cheers! This is part of Pub Street. I  can say Pub Street is crossing the old chairs. So   I put a little house music up, similar to this  kind of music, I would say. And I'll see you,   I'll walk you around a little bit so you  have a view of Pub Street during day.  No. Droll. Let's go. Oh, see you. Let's go. You, you. Let's go. Yo,  

yo. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's  go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Go.  Okay. And evening has just started at 6:15,  and we're going to explore the city at night.   I, I, I, I, I touch you. Okay. Okay. Thank  you. Love you so much. Love you too! Okay,   we love Cambodia. Welcome to Cambodia. thank you.  Happy New Year, Happy New Year. Thank you. Wow,  

this is Cambodia for you. Oh, I forgot to spray  them. I normally don't film during the night   because my camera is not good enough, but we're  going to capture some footage anyway. It's going   to be a big party. We're walking away from Pub  Street just to have a couple of drinks at a bar   where I was last night. And I'd like to introduce  you to my new friend. We are at the beer yard,   playing with water, and people driving by, having  the best time, the best New Year in Cambodia. 

So, can you introduce yourself real quick? Oh,  hi. I'm Emily. Yeah, Emily. And you are the   owner of the beer yard? Yeah, I am. So, how long  have you had this already? Uh, almost 2 years,   yeah. And you're selling, yes? What? What do you  sell? Uh, a variety of beer. Soft drinks as well.   Craft beer as well. But craft beer importing. Not  brewing by myself. You have kraft beer also? Yes.   Oh, nice. Hey, and we're celebrating now. What,  what do we celebrate? We celebrate, um, New Year,   we call it Choul Chnam Thmey. And what do you  do then? Normally, we do a splashing water to  

have fun and gathering with the family because  everyone has a holiday here. It's going to start   on the 13th, 14th, 15th of April. What's the best  day of... which... which day? Start from today?   Ah, so today is the best day, really. Yeah,  yeah, okay. Let's make the most of it. Yeah,   thank you. Bye. That's basically what I'm  doing. I have a couple of beers here, warm up,  

and then start the night at Pub Street.  Too much fun already. But now I'd like   to take you for the first evening of Songkran  in Cambodia. Oh, yeah. This is happening here,   the biggest water fight in Cambodia. How many  people? There's like ten people on the back   of the pick up truck. That's crazy. Anyway, let's  crack on. This is BBU Road, and it's getting very   busy. A few roads are locked off so traffic cannot  reach every part of the city. Happy New Year!  

Thank you! Thank you so cold! Oh... [ _ _ ] year,  Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year.  Yes! Coffee Cambodia. Coffee Cam... Hey! Pub  Street is going to be also one of the busy places   to go to when it is Cambodia New Year. Happy New  Year! We're checking what's going on here. This   party is going to go wild. It's only 8:00, so  it's only going to get busier, better, and wilder.  We are now taking you to the  famous Pub Street. There we go!  Pub Street at night during Khmer New Year is  insane. It's crazy! You're going to have to  

experience it in 2025. Make sure you make it to  Cambodia. Make sure you make it to Siem Reap, the   best place to celebrate Khmer New Year. Thank   you! What's your name? Okay,  good man. Happy New Year!

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