$25 Luxury Train in Indonesia

$25 Luxury Train in Indonesia

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Hello from Bandung train station, guys. I'm gonna leave this city and I'm gonna go... Which direction am I gonna go? Am I gonna go to Surabaya, 700 kilometres away, or am I gonna go back to where I came from, Jakarta? Yes, I am, actually. I'm going back to Jakarta. Today, I'm gonna meet my friend Ryan, who lives in Jakarta with his Indonesian wife. And I'm gonna be staying with him, because tomorrow we're going on a wee adventure. Which is gonna be more than a wee adventure, it's gonna be a big adventure.

We're going into the jungle for a few days. So, today I'm gonna go and meet him and prepare for that. But just now I'm at the train station waiting for this train to arrive. And the last time I took this train, in the opposite direction, I was in the executive class, which I thought was the best. I thought that was the best cabin, and it was really nice as well.

Loads of space, comfortable, cushioned leather seats. But no, this time when I was booking, I seen there's a better option. There's "Executive luxury," which is three times the price, 350,000 IDR. Almost $25 USD. So I've booked that one this time. So it's supposed to be even better.

It's like three times the price. Let's see if it's three times better, guys. I've kinda just dumped my bags off here, while I walk around. There they are. That's what I'm travelling with. Yer man's worldly possessions.

Everything he owns in this world. Dragging around with him. I can hear a rumble.

Everybody's waiting. The good thing with this is, you book your ticket online, you get a seat number assigned, so there's not that mad rush. I remember when I was in Sri Lanka, taking trains. And the train arrives, you had like reserved and unreserved. So if you booked your train ticket in the last week or something, you were only getting unreserved.

You know, you weren't getting a seat reserved. And they were always overcrowded, so there was like this mad rush. Everybody pushing each other out the way.

Old grannies sticking their elbow your face. Everybody just scrambling to get on. But nah, here it's nice. I've got my seat number, 8A, in the luxury cabin. So, yeah, I'll just chill here for a bit, and wait for the train to arrive. These are all executive cabins, what I was in before. That's number 6.

There's at least six, seven executive cabins. I don't know where the luxury one was. I didn't see it go past. That's the cabin that I need to find. This train is leaving at 11:54.

I think it's like 11:50 now, so I've probably only got like 4 minutes to find my cabin. Maybe I'll ask this policeman. Oh, that's Executive 7. Surely it's after all the executive ones.

Let's have a look "Eksekutif 8." And this one... Oh this the luxury one, here. Okay. I was letting everyone else on before me, but this guy is checking his phone, so I'll jump on now. And I'm travelling with a big suitcase, guys, but there's plenty of room in these overhead compartments. And check out the seats, guys. It's two by one in this.

In the executive cabin, it's two by two. So you're getting at least a third more width. And these chairs, they're kinda looking...

This is my seat here. 8A. They're kinda looking like, you know, business class seats on an aeroplane. Don't they remind you... On you go, mate.

There you are. Don't they remind you of business class seats on an aeroplane? Yes they do. Okay, get my bag up here.

There you go. Plenty of room for yer man's luggage, up there. And they have provided a wee bottle of water, But yer man brought his own drink. A wee Tehbotol. A wee bottle of tea.

Lovely. So, yeah, I can hook my headphones up to this. USB as well, and there's power ports there.

And we're already on the way. So this is like an intermediate station. It's not like Jakarta where the train was there for like 25 minutes before it went, because that's where it took off from. Aye, here it's only stopping for 5 minutes to let you in.

And yeah. Nobody's asked me to put my mask on yet, so that's., that's good, guys. That's good. That's what I like.

Aye, we're social distancing anyway, 'cause we're in... Well, it's not business class, but we're in luxury class. And it is luxurious. Look at all that leg space, right there. Stretch your legs right out.

They've actually... They've actually got enough room to make these flat beds. In fact, maybe they go flat. Let me try, let me try. Let's see. Oh, that makes it upright.

So this must make it lie down. Let's see. There we go, guys. That's as much as it reclines. So, yeah.

It's not a bed or anything like that. It is only a three-hour journey in the afternoon, so I'm not really needing a bed, but, oh. This is nice and comfy, guys. Way comfier than the last one.

Check this out. And just, just perfect. My feet just touching off the seat in front.

Fully stretched out. Relaxed. We've got the big window to enjoy the view during the journey to Jakarta. Lovely. These guys are handing out these boxes. Let's see what's inside here.

I think it's gonna be food. Like a wee snack or something. So this box contains a "Tango." Tango is a drink where I come from.

But here in Indonesia it seems to be a vanilla flavoured wafer. And it is a snack box. There's no kinda sandwich or meal in there, it's just a wee packet of peanut ball things. An apple juice and a passion fruit pudding. So that's what you get. Along with your wee bottle of water. To keep your energy up for the three hour journey.

Not too bad. I wasn't expecting anything, actually. I didn't think we were getting any kinda food or drink.

The last time, in the executive cabin, actually they push a trolley through and you can buy stuff. Maybe they do that here as well. But look at the space you get at the side of your seat, guys. So,

you could actually... Like that guy's done it behind us. You could actually put your small suitcase there and just have access to it, easily without, you know, having to reach it up above. That's pretty decent. The wee hook things there. You can also hang your bag, from there.

Very nice. And no need for me to check what entertainment is on that TV, because this is entertaining enough right here, isn't it? Looking out of this window. Check it out, guys. This is beautiful, beautiful rural Java between Bandung and Jakarta.

An incredible part of the country. Oh. They're actually giving us a meal as well, in addition to the snack box. We're getting... Well, it looks like it's gonna be something fresh and full of vegetables.

What is it? Oh, it's some fried chicken. Even better. Even better than some broccoli and carrots, is some fried chicken. Looks like...

That looks like maybe it's tempeh or tofu or something, covered in a sauce. And this is probably gonna be rice. Yeah.

A packet of rice, and there are some fresh vegetables there as well. So that's nice. I wasn't expecting it.

I wasn't expecting the snack box, or the meal. So it's all good. Let's get stuck in this fried chicken. Okay, this just pulls out. Like this. Just like an aeroplane.

Exactly like an aeroplane. Ah, it's cold. The fried chicken is cold. I guess it's not like in an aeroplane where they microwave the meals before they serve them to you. This is probably prepared hours ago, and they just stack them up on the carts. To get cold.

Cold fried chicken. What do we think? Not great, not great. The view is great, sometimes though. Loads of farming and stuff around here.

Incredible. This food, not so incredible. But, you know, I wasn't expecting anything anyway, so I can't really complain. And I will at least eat the vegetables, and be healthy, guys.

Right, guys. Let's go and see what the bathroom is like on this train. In here. That fried chicken was awful, guys.

It's was all hard and stale. And I didn't eat it. I ate the rest of it though. The tofu was actually pretty nice. But let's see...

Is anybody inside? How do I know if anybody's inside? Huh. I think somebody might be inside, because... Yeah, somebody might be inside, guys. I dunno.

Okay, guys, I've figured it out. You actually push it. I thought it was a "PULL." There was like a handle there. I didn't wanna pull too hard in case there was actually somebody inside. I'll lock this.

There was actually somebody inside and then I burst the lock. And it's some lady just sitting on the bog. That I have exposed! That I have exposed. "Indonesian lady exposed!" "Taking a pee on the train." But this is more spacious than the "Executive Class" one on the last train, isn't it? And fairly clean. So I can show you guys.

There's nothing disgusting about this. It is all nice and clean. And very similar to on an aeroplane, isn't it? Very similar to an aeroplane bathroom. The whole train, the whole cabin and everything. The whole experience, everything very similar to an aeroplane. Aye.

As far as train bathrooms in Asia are considered, that's probably the best experience I've ever had. "Dear passengers," "in a moment, we'll arrive at our final destination of," "Gambir Station." Okay, so we're almost in Jakarta. Well, we're in Jakarta. We're almost at the main station. Gambir. And I have to say, guys, this is probably the most comfortable train journey I've had in Asia.

Ever. Apparently there's one train that's even more luxurious than this, so yeah, hopefully I'll get a chance to try that on this trip to Indonesia. But, guys, this was lovely.

And relaxing. With a nice big window providing all the entertainment yer man needs. Didn't even watch this little screen.

All the entertainment you need is right here. Okay, so now I just need to find my friend Bule Bolang, Ryan. He says he's parked his car right outside, and it has his YouTube channel logo on it.

Bule Bolang. So, should be easy for me to find. Let's go find Mr. Ryan. It looks like the only way down is with the steps. Unless there's some escalator over there.

Maybe there is. Okay. No, I think all the escalators are going up. I think it's escalators up and stairs down at this train station.

I think I remember that from the last time, as well. Yeah, everybody's struggling with their suitcases. Or there's a lift. Should I wait for the lift, guys? Or should I drag this big suitcase down the stairs? Well, there's a big queue, so it's getting dragged. Or I could pay one of these guys like 10,000, and they would do it for me.

But yer man's strong. He doesn't need to pay anybody to hold this bags, carry his bags around. Does he? Okay. There's multiple exits. Hopefully I've chosen the right one.

There's one on the other side as well. So let's look for a car that is all decorated. In fact, I think that's it there.

That's the man there. That's the man. I see the logo. Bule Bolang.

Let's go over. Hello! Easy to find you, mate, with that car. Easy to find the Bule Bolang. Easy to find the adventure... - Good to see you. Adventure white boy, right here. - How you doing? And who are you, mate? Alfa.

Alfa, this is Alfa. My cameraman. Aye, aye. - Your cameraman? Ah, okay. See, I film myself, but he's too good for that. He has to hire somebody to do it.

To hold the camera for him. Too lazy man. - Yeah, too lazy, huh? You guys don't realise how much goes into filming and editing. Yeah. - It's crazy, honestly. Yeah, man.

That's good. So you've got the perfect kinda vehicle for the stuff that you do. Exactly. - You get all your gear in the trunk there, eh? Aye. - Aye, brilliant. You can bang your stuff in there, bro. - What kinda motor has it?

What's that? What kinda motor is it? A Mitsubishi Triton. Ah. Right. - Oh, brilliant. This is all the gear. - Yeah. You'll take this one tomorrow, but we've just not packed it yet.

Right. - Yeah, so, like, there is tonnes of gear inside each of these, but we just take it all out. It's only there for storage. Right. - And then you choose what you wanna take. But this will be the bag you take 'cause it's lighter. This one weighs an absolute tonne.

Eh, Sammy boy will take that. Aye. Army style.

If this gets wet, oh, it's brutal. It just... Ah, I can see the material. Yeah. It is huge. This is 140 litres, That's 80 litres. Is that similar to what you would use in the army, or? That is exactly what I used.

I brought that from the army. So that's the army's gear? - That's exactly what I used. So you've stolen it from the British Army, basically, aye? - Aye. Pretty much. British Army.

If you want your bag back, you're gonna have to come to Jakarta and get it off this man. So what would you do in the army when it would get wet? You just have to suffer with it? Just have suffer, mate, aye. - Is that it, aye? Aye, it was brutal. Oh well. - It weighs a tonne.

Brilliant. Right, man. And cameraman is coming with us tomorrow, aye? - Aye, aye.

Okay, brilliant. And Sam boy. - So who's coming? Me, you...

Me, you, Alfa and Sammy. Sammy is my driver, but he also doubles up as like an extra bag man. A porter? - I bring all my own gear.

So you just dump that on him? Basically? I carry all my own gear, - Aye. but obviously my cameraman Oh, hes got... Aye. - carries the camera gear and all that. 'Cause you don't just film with that. You've also got other Exactly. Exactly. - equipment, right? Yeah. Wow. - Drones, cameras, tripods, blah, blah, blah. This is everything I use.

Just this wee GoPro. That's brilliant. - That is it. That is brilliant. - Yeah.

We just got this actually, to test it out. The 360 One... - Oh, aye, that's got a bigger sensor. It's got a one inch sensor, so you get more detail and everything, aye. - Yeah, and you can change this. Yeah, it's modular. - You change the... Yeah, you can make it 360 and all that. - Modular. You can change things. Aye.

First time I've tried it, mate. So this is just you trying it out? Aye. Hopefully it's good. Aye, it's only a wee bit bigger than a GoPro, eh? Aye, it's not much... - It'll still fit in your pocket. With the - Exactly.

handle. Yeah. - And I have a GoPro as well. We also use that, GoPro 7. - Yeah. That's what I like about this GoPro, is with the handle and the GoPro, I can stick it in my pocket there. Even with my wallet in it, I can... - Aye. I can get that in.

And then just pull it out when I need it. Aye. - So that's why you get all these little shots of these random little things, because the camera's always there and ready. - Yeah. You can just pull it out. It's not like one of these guys that films with a big DSLR, where they have to get it all ready.

Aye. Put the microphone on top. - Stick it on the tripod and everything. Can you imagine? I vlogged that whole train ride. So can you imagine trying to do that with a DSLR? - Aye. I even vlogged going to the toilet and everything, and it's all shaking around. But it's only this, eh? It's only this. Imagine doing that with a big DSLR, eh? Fair played, mate. - Aye.

Alright? I'm jumping in? Am I getting in the back or the front? Okay, "shotgun." "Shotgun." Okay. So which one's yours? - That last one to the left. Oh, the big one? - Aye. How high up are you? We are 10.

So we are one of the ones that have got a balcony. There's only the bottoms ones have balconies. Oh, right, I see, it stops, like, half way. Aye. - Oh, right. Sound.

And I've got you another surprise. When we get in my apartment... - A surprise? I've got you a surprise. Aye. - You've got me a surprise? Is it what we were talking about? You didn't spend that one hour making square sausage, did you? No, no. - He was telling me about square sausage. In Scotland, We've got a unique sausage. - Aye. A square... A Lorne sausage, right? - Aye.

That you can't get it anywhere else. No. Yeah. - He says he makes his own. He must be the only guy in Jakarta eating Lorne sausage. Aye. 'Cause you can't buy it anywhere. - No.

So I just decided to jump on YouTube Yeah. Aye. - and make my own Lorne sausage. And it was amazing. Even my wife was, like, "Wow." - That's not the surprise?

That's not the surprise. - Ah, okay. The surprise is... - Something better, or? I think it's better. It's funny. - Better? Like, when you see it you'll be like, It's funny? - "No way, I can't believe he thought about that."

Really? Ah. Something related to me, or something related to Scotland, or? Aye, both. Both, aye? - Both, aye. A deep-fried Mars Bar. A freshly fried Mars Bar.

A Maltesers pizza. A Maltesers pizza. Deep-fried Jelly Babies. So before we get the bags, I'll show you my surprise first. There's my parrot.

Okay. Home sweet home. What's this, what's this? - For tonight. Ohhh! He's got me a case of Coke Zero! A bloody... A bloody case! Not just one can.

I've had people get me a can or two cans before. He gave me a whole case of Coke Zero. Look at that. Quality. - Dude, I can't finish all this. I'm only staying with you for one night. Oh, we're gonna bring it on the...

We're gonna bring it on the trek? - We'll bring some, aye. And the missus uses it in her Jameson as well. - Aye. Ah, brilliant. She went "I need Coke Zero," I went "Oh, get Coke Zero as well," Yeah. - "for Dale." So she's ordered this. Amazing. Aye. Class. - Fantastic.

Quality. - Aye. And that's your wee parrot, there? - Aye, that is Ollie. Is that the one you take out with you sometimes? Aye. - I take him out. Yeah, yeah.

Hey! - Hey, Ollie! Hello. - Hello. Hello boy. And he doesn't just fly away? Nah, he's alright. I mean, look, he could fly away. It's not as if... That means he's angry. Aye. - Why you angry, boy?

If you have the balcony door open or something? Aye, If that was open, I'm pretty sure he would fly away. Right, but would he come back? Well, this is the thing, he would come back, but when birds fly out, when they hear all the traffic and the loud noises, they just get scared and keep flying. Ah, right. - And eventually, they stop and turn around, they don't know how to get back. So... - Yeah.

Oy. Who's a big boy? Who's a big boy? Does he speak? No, not yet. He's only... He's only like two months old. - Ah. I had him since he was a... - But they learn, they pick up words?

Yeah, he can pick up one or two later, yeah. - Or a sentence? Aye. Sometimes he thinks I'm feeding him when I do this to his mouth, but he's angry just now. His little head's up.

Ah. Oh, yeah, he's biting you. - Hey! Oy, oy. Why you angry? - Giving you a wee bite. Why, why you angry? - After you've given him all that nice meat. I know.

That's enough to... That's more meat than... No, that's watermelon. And he loves this. He loves lying on his back. - Oh, it's watermelon? Ah.

What you saying? And then he loves if you rub his little head. Aww. Lovely.

He is cool. - Aye. You've got other pets as well, right? - Yes. Out there. Well that was, a Sailfin Dragon Lizard, but it died, unfortunately.

So there's really nothing in there. - Oh. Sometimes I just put Ollie in there during the day, so he gets out the sun. - And are you gonna get another? Something similar, or? - Nah.

I'm gonna keep that for him in outside. Ah, right. But I have a pet, through here. Do you? - This is a You know, they have a thing called Kopi luwak, where the animal poops out coffee beans? No. - No? Oh yeah, I've heard about that. Yeah, yeah. So this is one of them. This is a rescue.

This is a rescue. - Is it? When she was young, somebody... When she was, like, literally three weeks old, some idiot of a guy broke her back legs.

Broke her front. Broke her broken jaw. Ohh. - You can see one of her teeth. And then I took her to the vet and he was like, "Yeah, shes gonna die." And I was like, "Ah, no!" So I just took her back and I nursed her. You can see the hole in her leg. Yeah. Aye. - Where it was.

I took her back and I nursed her. And she survived. So, - Amazing. I'll bring her out, but don't touch her 'cause she's... She's tame with me, but she's very aggressive to anyone else.

Like they get lockjaw and stuff, so... - Ah. Is it related to, like, a ferret or something, or? - It is. It's related to a ferret, a weasel. But ferrets eat meat.

These eat meat, also, but these mostly eat fruit. Ah. Oh, you. What you saying? What you saying? You a good girl? Hm? You a good girl? So if there were coffee beans lying around, she would eat them? She would eat the coffee beans, and then she would poop them... - and poop them out, and then somebody would spend a lot of money to buy them. - Aye. Well, if it's the cherry. You know, the full cherry, the berry, you know? She would eat the cherry Aye. - and then she would poop out the beans.

But you have to be careful, even me. Like, if she's on my shoulder, you have to be careful of your face. She could just randomly... - She's a wild animal at the end of the day, you know?

And those teeth are sharp. They are sharp and they get lockjaw. - I see the bottom tooth. So if they hunker into you, like that, and they don't wanna let go, - Aye. you aren't getting them off.

You know, unless you dunk them underwater or something. - Right. Yeah. - Eh, but they're nocturnal. So they usually come out at night.

I usually take her everywhere. When I go to the jungle and stuff, I have my backpack, and then she just goes on top of my bag. And I let her run around the jungle and stuff, but recently now that she's... She's getting older, and she's getting more in season, as in she wants to mate and have babies. Aye. She's becoming a lot more aggressive. With me, she's always fine.

But some stranger like me. - Yeah. Even... No, anyone. Even my wife can't even feed her. Ah, right. She's literally as aggressive as a badger. She's so strong. - She's very curious, right?

Yeah. - She's exploring. They just smell everything. - Aye. And their legs are built so they can climb up pretty much anything. And she's always in the cage, or you just let her roam around? - No, no. So she sleeps during the day.

Aye. - She normally wakes up around 6 PM. 6 PM I put my bird away. And then after that I bring her out and play around with her.

Aye. - And then whenever we go away somewhere, then I either take her or my parrot. Ah, right. If it's somewhere I'm gonna be out for a couple of nights, I don't take her. Let me see your face.

I don't take her. - Oh! It's okay. I don't take her because it's not very fair on her if we're trekking during the day and she wants to sleep and it's too hot. Ah. - And then at,

at night-time, she wakes up and we want to sleep, you know? So it's not fair on her. Where you going? Where you going? Where you going? You always have to be careful with your face. Even though she's fine, you just... You can never take the risk, you know? In Indonesia they're called luwaks, but... Well, on the island of Java they call it a Musang.

I mean you translate musang, it just means weasel. But if you go to the island of Bali, you know, the dialect's a little bit different, they call it a luwak. A luwak. - And that's where you get the name, Kopi Luwak. Ah. - But here they're called Musang Pandan, because they have little scent glans that makes them s...

They give off a smell, like a pandan flower. - Yeah, I can smell it. Aye, this is pandan flower. - Aye. Yeah. - So that's why they call them musang pandan. Aye. - But yeah, she was only in the cage to sleep, really.

As soon as, when it's night-time, then she's out playing with me the whole time.  Brilliant. - And yeah, if I go out camping or whatever, she comes. - Yeah.

Without you she wouldn't even be here, right? Aye. - That's right. Exactly. And I don't... If anyone's, if anyone is watching this from maybe Indonesia or India or wherever else has these type of animals, I don't recommend that you get one as a pet, because they are a nightmare to look after. Yeah. - Really, yeah? They are an absolute nightmare, honestly.

Their diet has to be perfect. They can be very tame up until they're, like, one, two years old, you don't get a problem. And as soon as they hit sexual maturity, they become, like, ferocious. And it's like, "Wow, we can't even get near it." So,

it can just snap on you. So I don't recommend it. I only have her because she's a rescue. And that's it. Aye. And you don't have any babies in the house or anything like that. Anybody who has... - No. No, no, no.

Anybody who has anything like that... Yeah, I'd totally avoid it. Aye. - She already bit my nephew's foot. And he was screaming. I literally thought I was gonna have to break her neck.

I'm not even joking. - Oh, 'cause of the lockjaw? Yeah, she had lockjaw. I had both hands in her mouth and I was prising them apart.

And I couldn't even budge it, like, a pin. Aye. - And I thought, "Oh, I'm gonna have to kill her." 'Cause right away I know it was lockjaw, and I thought, "Oh, I'm gonna have to kill her." And I love her, you know? Yeah. - But I thought it was the only way I'm gonna get her off his foot. Aye. - And just as I went to, like, I grab her neck, and because I was squeezing so hard, ready to yank, it choked her and she released. And I was like,

"Oh, thank God." - Aye. So then you know... - And now you just keep her in the cage when any... - Now, anyone else is here, she's in the cage. Apart from when I'm in my self, then she come back out.

That's pretty much it. But these are cracking tents. This is a Japanese tent. Mobi Garden. This is a great tent. That's the two man one, is it? - Yeah, two man.

And that's a four man tent? - And it's fantastic. Yeah, this one is Naturehike and it's a four man tent. Both of them are great tents. They're not that heavy. But they're really, really sturdy. - And that's the floor? This is your roll mat, yeah. So normally you have blow up ones, but I don't have any more. I just checked.

Aye. - Normally you have them. But this is... You would... So you would put the metal one down first, Aye. - and then to keep the heat in, and then you would put this one down on top. - Oh, aye, where's that metal one?

That's... - This one. Aye. This right here. - Aye, it weighs nothing. Guys, this weighs nothing at all. - It weighs nothing.

It's like. Like air. - Yeah. It's like cotton wool. And you said you put that on the ground, and it - Yeah. You put that inside your tent... - radiates the heat. I mean. Look, put your hand on it,

you can feel the heat coming off. - Aye. Aye. - It's brilliant, right? Normally, most people get cold from camping, not from the actual air, but during the night, the ground becomes freezing cold. And the cold that comes up is worse than the cold from above. So that's just insulation? - So this is just insulation, and it keeps you really warm. This is like...

I mean, look, it's quite bulky. I know that. You just can't get around it. But it doesn't weigh anything. You can just put it in the top of your bag, you know? - Right. And it is, it's fantastic.

So this is the bag that I'm gonna be taking, right here. - It's definitely worth it. The red one. - The red one, yeah. It looks like typical backpacker's bag from, you know, you might see a typical hippy in Thailand walking around like that, but we're using it for some serious trekking.

Aye. - Aye. I won't be wearing elephant pants, while I walk around with that. I'll be wearing trekking pants.

Which I got. I bought two pairs of trekking pants. - Oh, good. Yeah, so that's what I need, right? One will get wet and then - Yeah. One is the dry. - another one. Yeah, so, that's it, legs will be covered.

I've only got one long sleeve top. Is that gonna be enough, or? Yeah. - That's fine, That's fine. And I've got a duck down jacket Okay. Yeah. - for night-time. But also, we've got for sleeping in. Ryan says it gets down to "A very cold." He thinks it's cold because he's been living in Indonesia for so long.

About, 15 degrees! - Aye. Imagine a Scotsman thinking 15 degrees is cold. That's the thing. It like... I don't know if it's because I've been here for so long or if the, you know, the temperature is just different, - Aye. but, I mean, there's times in Indonesia where it's 21 degrees and you're literally freezing, you know? - Aye. But this mountain, this area... We're not going to the summit,

so we're not getting the coldest part, but Post 3 is still really high up, you know? - But how high are we getting? Definitely over, I would say 1700 metres. So how does that compare to Ben Nevis? It's probably 100 metres short of Ben Nevis. And that's half of the mountain. - So we're basically getting up as high as the top of Ben Nevis. - Exactly. Yeah, yeah.

But... Oh, the sleeping bag, is it? - What I was saying to Dale... Obviously these are old sleeping bags, - Yeah. but they're still work fine. So he either had the option to use this one.

Yeah, this is the first one he gave me, and it's bulky. But it's so bulky. It feels nice and warm. - Yeah.

It is very bulky. It just takes up too much room. - Yeah. Aye, that would take up half the bag. Yeah. - Like, fold that up. Aye. Like, - That's half the bag, eh? And you can't... It's not like my feather one, - Aye.

where it goes down to nothing. Look. I mean, that's all it goes to, you know? - Aye. So that would be almost half the bag. - This is not ideal, not very practical. But if you use two of these.

This one on the inside, because it has a nice material inner, as opposed to this kinda inner. You know? It has a nice woolly inner. - Aye, that's artificial shell suit. Exactly. - It feels like a shell suit, and that feels like

cotton. - Yeah. Yeah. - So it's lovely if you mix the two, it's absolutely fine. Alright, so... It has a kinda layers effect.

So it's really good. - Yeah. And this one's a little bit busted. But it's only gonna go on top anyway. - That's burst. I literally used it once and it burst. Yeah. - Aye.

Okay, so, yeah. That's the sleeping bag, tent. - Here we've got a CamelBak. Some people call them water bladders.

Depends what country. In the UK we call them CamelBaks, but a lot of the time in Asia people call them water bladders, which is fine. It doesn't really matter. It's the same thing. Three litres, right? -Three litres, yeah.

So we'll fill that up with our own... We'll go to Indomaret or something and get... - Exactly. Or get Grab to send it to us. - Yeah. Or we buy the big 12 packs, Aye. - and just fill them up once we get there, in the back of the car.

Okay. And when we run out, there's gonna be a point where there's a tap. Like... Yes. So, Post 1, which we won't need to refill at Post 1,

but Post 3 is actually the last water refill. There's, literally, there's just this random tap in the middle of the jungle, and you can refill your water. So, yeah. - Aye. So we're gonna get that on the first day? The first day. - And after that? After that we're gonna, it's not really abseil, but we have to use this rope to get down 'cause it's quite steep and slippery. So it is quite annoying that we only have to take this to literally use it for 5 seconds, - Aye.

but there isn't really a way around about it. But you're gonna be carrying that? - I'll carry it, yeah. Oh, that's heavy, mate. It's heavy, yeah. - Oh, bloody hell.

That's like 5 kilos or something, just for the rope, - Aye. that we're only gonna use to get down that one bit. - Aye, that one bit. But it's safety, you know? - So Ryan's already packed his bag, there. So you're carrying a lot of extra stuff, more than me, right? - Yeah. And this is Ryan's bag that he got from the army. No, this one actually I bought myself.

Is it? Oh, it's that one. - That old one. Yeah. So you're taking that one? I'm taking that one. - Ahh, right. So that's your one from the army.

This is the one where you've customised it and everything, yeah? - Yeah. So So what's the reason you're taking this one? Because this weighs a tonne when it gets wet. - Ahh, right. So to think this is 140... This is 65 litres.

Yeah. - This bag holds 140 litres and, I mean I've used it all over the world. But when it gets... It's a really sturdy, durable bag. But when it gets wet, the weight in it's phenomenal.

If you're already carrying, let's say, 30 kilograms Aye. when it gets wet, it can easily go to kinda 35-40. When I weighed this bag...

I mean feel it, the bags empty. Feel the weight. Oh, man. Yeah. - So... Yeah, it feels like my bag I've been carrying around with my laptop and everything, yeah. - Aye. So there's nothing in this bag at all. It's totally empty. - Right. If you were to weigh this it would probably weigh about four or five pounds.

When you weigh this on it's own, it weighs six or seven kilograms with nothing in it. Right. - So the bag really is already six or seven kilo... That's why I don't take it. - Aye. It's a nightmare. But, I mean, it's got loads of functions on it. I've customised it with all my different pouches.

But, yeah. Aye. Bang Sam will be taking this. If you go to the jungle, it's better... - So Sam's your porter? He's the porter, right? And the driver. - He's actually my driver, but yeah, he just comes along. He loves it. - He acts as a porter? Aye.

He loves coming up the mountains. Oh, so he's gonna take this one? He'll take this one. - Oh, right, with the cooking gear, right? With the cooking gear, yes. - He'll get the cooking gear. Correct. - So that's what we're gonna be cooking with.

Yeah. So these are all... These look brand new. They are pretty much brand new, mate, yeah. And what are we gonna be cooking in these? - These are the different cookers. A little...

Oh, there's more inside. Yeah, there's tonnes inside, yeah. It's like a little... - Like a Russian doll. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I was gonna say, a Russian doll - Aye. Different types of cooker here.

We've got... Actually I've got three types of cookers. So we've got these. We've got this one. We've got this style. And then I have this one, which is called, a Jetboil.

Where... it is, you can attach that to the bottom, then you put the gas below it. This is the one I usually use all the time, if it's just me, myself, but if we're going with a kinda team, then I don't bother bringing it.

Aye. - It's just dead weight. I just bring this. And what sort of food are we gonna be taking and cooking? That's a good point. I'm probably gonna take tuna pasta. I know you guys don't like it, but I am gonna take it, 'cause it's easy to eat, you know? Aye. - And then we'll take like sausages.

Sometimes we take eggs, but if you take eggs, you have to take them inside a bag of rice, so that they don't break. Aye. - So it can be a bit annoying. And we just buy random stuff, chicken nuggets, chips. Yeah, whatever you like. We can buy them. Yeah. - Oh, right. Brilliant. Yeah.

We'll buy some cooking oil. This here is paracord, which is really essential. The good thing about paracord is... So you've got this one strong rope here.

But also what you can do, you've also got seven separate strands. So if you were really in trouble, you can peel each of these strands, and one of these is like super, super strong on its own. So from one, you can actually make eight different ropes, just from one. So you can really utilise it quite well. These, again, are old pegs that I had in the army, and they've lasted me, like, I've used these for like 18 years now. They just don't break. They're brilliant.

That one's a little bit bent, but I mean they never break. - What are they, steel? I don't know but they're super light. But they are super strong, you know? Thick aluminium? - Yeah. Different types of knife. - Yeah, they're light. This... They're both Morakniv. So this is a Morakniv. That's the one I'm gonna be taking, right? The blue one. - Yes. This is the one for you.

You just clip it on your belt. - I don't know what I'm gonna be chopping up. Maybe if any animals attack us in the night Aye. - or something, I can... I've got something to defend myself with. This.

Yeah. This one here is another Morakniv. This one is called the Eldris. This one is designed, you can see... I don't know if you can see that little. It looks weird at the tip. - Aye.

The reason for that is so that you can sharpen it on a stone, like this. If you need to, you can sharpen it on a rock. Whereas this one, you can't really sharpen it on a rock. That's got a fire-starter as well, right? - Yes, it's got a Ferro Rod. So if you wanna make a fire, you would just do that. - So it's called a Ferro Rod? Ferro Rod, yeah. - And what is it?

It's like a ferrous metal. Hmm. - Yeah. You know the inside of a lighter? When you spark a lighter and it just... - Aye. Oh, it made that same sound.

That's it. Yeah. - That's basically you doing the manual version of that? Exactly. That is exactly it mate, yeah. - Ah, right. These, I'll show you another one. - So you'll be using that to start the fire for the cooking? Is that what you'll use? - You can use it. You know, we normally just use a lighter. But if you were really... Like, - Oh, right. Yeah.

there's tricks to get a fire going if you're really struggling. If you cross a river and your lighter is goosed, Aye. - then that will always work, no matter how wet it is. So that's the good thing. - Ah, right. Aye. This is another Morakniv.

It's probably my favourite, it's called the Kansbol. And with the handle here, you might notice that there's two holes down the bottom. - Yeah. It serves for, a kinda dual function. One is obviously if you're in a river or whatever, the water runs out the bottom.

But the second is, if you pull this back, if you have a fire going... You know, you have to blow a fire. - Yeah. It's not very strong. But if you blow through this. Oh, aye. - Strong, right? Yeah. - So that's really fantastic.

That gets the fire going, so you don't have to put your face at fire. Oh, yeah. I feel it, yeah, it feels so strong. - It's really strong, right? So that's what happens. That gets your fire going massive. Awesome. - Yeah.

So I'm gonna be carrying the two tents, yeah? Eh, no, just one. Just one? Okay. - Yeah. Choose whatever one you want. This is a two-man man, that is a four-man man. You can choose whatever one, and then Sammy will take the other. Alright. Oh, yeah, and that's your first-aid pack.

Yes, it is, mate. - That you... You can open it up. - The same one that you had in Afghanistan, right? It is, yeah. It's 'cause it's so old.

'kin 'ell. Okay, we're struggling to get this open. Hopefully somebody doesn't need f.... Ah, there we go, there we go. - There we go. It took a minute, but yeah.

Hopefully somebody's not bleeding away while... This is Norit. - Yeah. I don't know if you get Norit, you know, in India. - Norit?

It's just little charcoal tablets. Aye. - If you get any kinda sickness, food poisoning, any kind of you feel terrible, you take five or six of these right away, and it will instantly... Your sickness will just stop. - Ah. When you get food poisoning by mussels or prawns or whatever, Aye. - that is amazing. I never go anywhere without Norit.

In fact, I took them last night for something. It's just vitamins. I need to bin them. That is... This, here, is called Celox. So what happens is, if you have an artery bleed, where you're literally bleeding out of the artery, and you're about to bleed out in maybe three or four minutes.

You rip this open, you stuff this inside the wound, and it will heal... It will clog up your artery, so that you don't bleed out. Ah. - That is fantastic.

More Norit. 'Cause I love Norit. This here is a tourniquet. A CAT tourniquet.

Catastrophic bleed tourniquet. So again, you would just wrap this... Sorry, I'll open that. You would wrap this around your arm or leg, whatever.

So whichever one is, you know, if you're bleeding out here, you wrap it down. You grab the end, here, like this. And then you can just pull. Make it tight Turn that around. Put that on your leg, and then obviously you would just twist this, to make it tighter around your leg. Once you get it to a tightness that's obviously stopping the blood, you then jam it in here.

And of course, if you had morphine, you would write on there the time that you gave some morphine. Or you would write on there, the time that you put this on. And every so often, you have to release it to let the blood go back into the bottom of the leg, because it might be later, if you completely stop the blood, you might have the get your leg amputated, when it wasn't really necessary, so... - Aye. Aye.

This is another bandage. It's got its own, like a... Look. It's elastic, so it's fantastic.

This is already open because I was doing a demonstration before, but I mean, you're still gonna use it. You're not gonna turn it down 'cause it's open, kinda thing. But, yeah, it's brilliant. It's fantastic. - Yeah.

It does all the pressure itself. Hopefully we're not gonna need any of this, but it's - I know. good to have it. - It is. Got more Norit, because you can never... You can never... - Wow, you've got tonnes of this. So it's just activated charcoal.

Is that what it is? Yeah. Ah, "Activated carbon." - That's what it is, yeah. I've got a spare little torch, that I always keep in here. That's on. Different lights on it. Green, red.

Just because in the army you always... At night time you always use red or green, because they're the hardest colours to see it night. If you wanna read a map, you would use green, because you can then see all the different lines. If you use red, you can't see the lines. So that's why you would use that one.

So, guys, other than that stuff, I'll be taking my clothes, obviously. Well, I'll be wearing one set of clothes, - Yeah. and then I'll just have another one full set clothes, right? - Yeah. Dry clothes. - And probably a few pairs of

underwear and socks and stuff. Yeah. - I've got hiking shoes that I'll be using to hike with. But I'll probably take flip-flops, for going around in the night. - Night, yeah. And I've got those Vibram FiveFingers water shoes, that I showed you in a previous vlog.

That, - Yeah. I might wanna use if we're going through gorges and stuff like that. I'm gonna find some way to use them. I think if I try and do the whole trek with them, I'm gonna get blistered. It's just, you need to get used to them before, - Yeah. you know, you start doing three day Aye. Yeah. - treks through the jungles with them.

And yeah, obviously I'll be taking some electronics because I'm filming myself. So I've got this dry bag. - Yeah. I normally carry all my hard drives, all my electronic stuffs is in this. - In there, yeah. But I'll be taking out all the hard drives, stuff that I don't need for the trek. And it'll just be like, a bunch of GoPro batteries. - Okay. Yeah. - A powerbank. I bought a 20,000 milliamp powerbank that should...

I've got five GoPro batteries and that should give me probably, like another ten charges or something. - Oh, great, great. So, yeah, I've effectively got 15 GoPro batteries worth of... Charge? - Yeah, normally when I'm out and about a whole day, I could use five, you know? Yeah, yeah. - If I'm filming everything.

And then I cut the footage down to like a one-hour video. Yeah. - But, yeah, if we're going for three days, that should be the perfect Yeah. - amount. Okay. - And

yeah, another few bits and pieces. Chocolate bars. Cans of Coke Zero.

Etcetera. Whatever else will fit in there. And what do you reckon it'll end up being, the weight of that? Probably like 20 kilos, or? Yeah, it will be around 20 kilos, mate. - Yeah. Yeah. - With water and food, yeah. Ah, right. So, normally when I've been trekking, it's been like day hikes, Yeah. - you know?

When I was in Hong Kong, I would go somewhere, it'd be like five hours, six hours and you were back. You know? - Yeah. This is like three days. So,

Yeah. - normally, when I'm hiking, I'm going fast, you know? Because I've nothing on my bag. I've just got that wee Ducati bag that I use, and it's just got, like, one can of Coke Zero, a sandwich, a baseball cap and a pair of glasses in it. And that's it, that's all I'm taking. So,

this is, you know, it's gonna be a new experience for me. I don't know what it's like to be hiking all day with this on my back, adding another 20 kilos. But, yeah. We'll see how it goes, I guess. We're just gonna have to see how it goes.

Aye. Aye, so... - So normally, you would put a canoe bag in there, but because we don't have them, we... If you don't have much funds or whatever, you're on a budget, it's absolutely fine to use, you know, black bin liners. As long as it's the good, thick, hard, heavy duty ones, you know? Not the thin ones. Heavy duty. We've got two of them in here.

You only need one, but it never... It's not gonna harm anyone to put two in, just to make sure. So that's going inside the bag? Yes. - Just to add a waterproof lining.

Yeah, that's correct. Correct. - Okay. So, I can just stick them in.

Yeah. - Like this. Like this basically, yeah? - Yeah. And everything is gonna go in that? Yeah. - Everything? And you said... Well, when I watched you... When I watched you pack yours, you said the Sleeping bag. But do the twirl. - sleeping bag should go in first.

So that you can get them maximum space. - Yeah, you did the twirl, didn't you? So how... - Hold the bottom. The bottom, yeah? - Yeah.

That's it. That's it, exactly. - Like this? Oh yeah. That gets all the air out of it. Yeah. - See, I was gonna be folding it up. That ones came out, but it doesn't matter.

You can just do it with both. - Should I do it separately? Yes, that's fine. You just do it separately. - Alright, so it's all twisted up. All the air's out of it. And they go on the bottom. And, Ryan, you said, the reason these go in the bottom first is they're the last thing you take out at night. So, - Correct. if these were in the middle or on the top, you'd have to take them out to pull your your jacket or something. - Just getting basic stuff.

Exactly. So, these get stuffed to the bottom. This one as well. Give it a twirl. Yeah.

Like this. Look at how small it goes. It's great, eh? - Yeah. I would never have thought to twirl it. - Yeah.

I might do that when I'm packing my suitcase, when I'm trying to get everything in. - Aye. Aye. Aye. They teach you that in the army, yeah? - Yeah, that's right. Aye. Technique. Alright, so that is in the bottom.

Still got loads of space. Next you can just choose what ever tent you want. This will also be... That will go in the outside, probably. - Yeah. It just goes on the outside. It just takes up space for no reason. Where would you clip that onto? - We just clip onto the side.

But your best doing it once the bag is already full. - Yeah. All right, so. And then you can... Whatever tent you want. - And one tent? It doesn't necessarily gonna be the tent that I'm carrying, Exactly. - that I'll be using, it's just I need to take one, and then your porter, Sam, is gonna take one as well. - Exactly. What's this got? This is the pegs? - That's the sheet for the bottom of it.

So that comes with an extra sheet, which is quite good. Ah, right. And this is the two-man, is it? That is the four-man, and this Japanese one is the two-man. - It's the four-man. Alright. Okay, I'll take this.

And that's also gonna be at the bottom because we're not gonna need the tent till night-time. Yeah. - So is it going in, lengthwise like this? - It can, mate, yeah. Just whatever way suits your bag. - Okay. This is the water pack. - Yeah.

And... That is a three-Litre. - oh, yeah, you said that goes... That goes across, yeah. That's gonna go across the top here, and then the tube comes around the side, and then you're just gonna drink it there. - Yeah.

So you could... You can put it in the top flap, just now, if you want. So tomorrow we just fill it up. - Yeah. And you don't have to open the bag to get it back out. You said it goes in here? - You could put it in there if you want, mate, yeah.

Ah, right. Okay. And... Any of this stuff? Oh, I'm taking that knife. Yeah, take that knife. Well it can either clip it onto the bag strap, or I can just clip on Yeah.

my trousers or shorts. You can take a gas and you can get a cooker. Yeah. - And a gas. There you go, all take one each. - Yeah. There you go. - Can I wear shorts at all or is it just, you're always wearing long pants? - So at night-time, Yeah. - we'll wear shorts when we go into the rock pool,

Aye. - so we can have, like, a kinda cold, you know, what do they call it? Cold water therapy or something. - Aye. But during the day when you're hiking, you always have everything covered? - Yeah, always. Yeah. - Oh, is it for the sun?

So not just for the sun, but here's a kinda common misconception. People think if they wear T-shirts, they're gonna be cooler, Aye. - when it's hotter, but it's incorrect. What happens is,

you'll just constantly sweat. The sweat will evaporate immediately in the heat Yeah. - and then you get dehydrated faster and your skin burns. What happens if you wear a long sleeve is, your whole arm and sleeve becomes soaking wet from the sweat, and it evaporates very slowly. So, by wearing long sleeves, it actually keeps you cooler than it would wearing a T-shirt. Alright. Okay. - That's how it works. Yeah.

So I've been doing it wrong all this time. - Yeah. I've been going around through these hot sweaty countries wearing shorts and T-shirt. But it feels good. I dunno. - Yeah, yeah, it does.

Yeah, so I've been doing it wrong the whole time. Apparently. So this is the wee cooker bit, right? - Yes, mate. And gas. I'll take one of them? - That's the gas. Yeah. And Sam will take the other three. - That's fine, we will take the others. Yeah. So I'll put that in there.

Anything else I need to take? That's all for you. - That is it. If you can fit one of those silver things in, that would be perfect. Yeah. - This? Alright, that's good 'cause this weighs nothing. - Yeah, nothing, yeah.

Just jam it in and it can be crushed down. So that's a layer between the cold ground and the inside of the tent. - Yeah. Ah, so this doesn't really squeeze down? Nah, that's the worst thing about it. Alright, so, But it is super light. - with this in the tent, I think it's gonna fill the bag. Hopefully I've got enough room for my stuff. Yeah, there's loads of pouches on this bag, actually, like this. -Oh, right.

Like, big pouches at the front and the side. - Yeah. Oh, see, I'll be able to... Yeah, yeah. I be able to get clothes, my pants and everything in here. Yeah. - And did you,

do you have any more of these things to keep my change of clothes dry or whatever? Is this gonna be enough? The Sulo bag. - Yeah, so we... Aye, so I can give you more of these. Aye. That's probably...

In fact, I've got some Indomaret bags and stuff, but these are probably better, right? - Yeah. Yeah. They're better, yeah, 'cause they are a heavy material. Yeah. Heavy duty. Yeah, I should have something just to keep... Just in case we get drenched or whatever. - Yeah. Yeah. - I'm gonna want

a dry pair of clothes to sleep in at night. Absolutely. - That's important, right? That's the most important thing. - Yeah, so yeah, it's just gonna be this. Some bars of chocolate, cans of Coke zero. - Yes.

Some stuff to wash with. And all that. - Yeah. Exactly. We should be good. We are good to go. - So, after we're done packing are we're gonna...

Are we gonna go out for dinner or are we gonna? We can go out for dinner, we can go to the pool. - Aye. Do whatever you want. Maybe let's find some safe food that's not gonna... Easy. That's not gonna make us sick the day before. - I know exactly, I know exactly where to take you for some beautiful food.

Really, aye? Koi. It's called Koi. It's just up the road. Lovely. - Indo food, or? French. Well, it's got everything. It's got, like, lamb burgers, it's got pasta, it's got French onion soup.

Oh, it's phenomenal. - Alright. Beautiful. - And it's not gonna make us sick? No, no. It's fine. - 'Cause you've been there before. That's the most important thing. I don't wanna take any chances. Like, I'd like to make it interesting for the video and go out and eat Aye. Yeah. - nasi goreng on the street

or something, you know? - But then tomorrow we're sick. But yeah, like, yeah, we gotta play it safe Yeah. - before doing this. Nice one. - Alright. Fantastic.

Okay, I'll see you guys when we go out for dinner. We're just gonna finish off Yes, I'm just gonna put this, - the packing just now. the bigger gas in here.

Alright, yeah. So we're at the restaurant now. Yeah. - They're playing loud copyrighted music, so I'm not gonna vlogging it. - The only night, the only night that it's playing music. - The only night, yeah. Is there a party going on or something? I don't know. We'll soon find out. - Yeah, we're,

we're not really dressed for it, if there is a party, is it? Yeah? But, - We'll soon find out. aye. Anyway, guys, we're just gonna end the vlog here.

And the next vlog is gonna be in the jungle. Yes. - Yes? Don't miss it. - The jungle adventure, guys. See you then.

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