The Heart of Israel - Enjoying Everyday Life

The Heart of Israel - Enjoying Everyday Life

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This. Program has been made possible by the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer ministries. As. The, body of Christ what, does God tell, us to do directly. In his word well. One thing he says very, obviously, is to go into, all the world and to, share the good news of his son and that's what we at Joyce Meyer ministries in, hand of hope do everywhere, we possibly, can every single, day, he, also speaks. Specifically. About, the place where we are right, now he, tells us to pray for, Israel to pray for his people here and to pray, for the Peace of Jerusalem and, this, is certainly, a very interesting. Time, to be doing that so. In order to pray even more, effectively. It helps, us to get a good understanding of, who, Israel, is, who, are her diverse. People, and how. Can we, better reach, out with, the love of Christ to. Them we. Are learning some amazing. Things that. This is perhaps an. Unprecedented. Time to. Be able to share Yeshua, here. The doors are opening, through technology. Through online. Opportunities. Through Facebook, through social. Media and, we, need, to be here at this time so, we invite you to join us right now for, an inspiring, and eye-opening. Trip. Into, the heart of Israel. You. Many. People, may. Have a misconception. About, Israel. They they, think more the. The, old world, this. Is a very. Technically. Evolved. Nation, and, one of the most in. The world so, you have, open, doors that have never, been, in existence, before yes. In a lot of ways. The. The. Pharisees, that were read about in a New Testament have. Practically, taken over the Jewish world, after. The temple was destroyed 2,000. Almost 2,000, years ago and from. That time and on there. Were the gatekeepers, of any message, coming, to our people. That's. Part of the reason that our, people have not, had access to to, the gospel when. We think when, I say we as Israelis, and when we think about Jesus. It's, it's not an Israeli. Jewish Messiah we, think about we think about this dead. Guy and, he's, being dead for 2,000. Years now on Roman. Catholic, cause somewhere. In the Vatican, City in Italy sounds. So pagan, and not Jewish and falling, so easy to reject when. We talk about the Lord sharing, the gospel of, the Lord Jesus we're. Talking about sharing the realities, of God coming down to earth and a. Heart being opened so how do you open a heart when, the heart is saying I'm closed off because I'm in survival mode now that survival, mode has. Been triggered by the. History the Jewish people have had to walk through and many won't come into what. They consider a church building they would be intimidated, by that and it can't be that stereotype. Of what a church. Is and now. With, technology and, with the fact that Israelis. Are heavy. Users of. Technology. Particularly, social networks, that, presents, a fantastic. Opportunity, for us to present, the. Gospel to, our people, today. We, don't need anyone's. Permission to. Share the gospel anymore okay. We don't walk into synagogues, but we go straight into everyone's, cell, phones iPad. Computers. And whatnot, so, being able to read even reading the New Testament, on your cell phone this, is for us that's huge, our media. Team is creating. Content, and then, just releasing, it on social. Networks, Facebook. YouTube. In the, last 24, months those, Hebrew, videos. Have been viewed more. Than 15. Million. Times, so, the response. The, response has been astounding no question why, should we leave technology, as you. Know the enemy's domain, it's.

It's A god thing and, we. Try to claim as much of it this weekend, we want to use it for God's glory. This. Is the Via Dolorosa the. Path that Christ took, to the cross in, fact right here is, the, church built upon the site where Christ was held in prison, so, many people come to this place to, walk in the footsteps of, Christ even though this is a very ancient place. The, city, is very. Modern. And very. Technologically. Evolved, in fact, right. Here, in Israel. It's one of the leading, countries. For Facebook, usage, now what that gives us is an amazing. Opportunity. To tell, people, about him. First. Of all we have so many different, people. To reach especially, here. In Israel, and throughout the Middle East we have the, Jewish people we have the, Arab people, explain. To us the importance. Of. Reaching. The. Arab, people in general with, the message of Christ there are new doors opening, now than maybe ever before, absolutely. But I think, just like the basic idea, what. Why, we are doing this it's. A great Commission that. The Lord Jesus gave, us and. In. Matthew. 24:14. He. Said that this message, this. Fantastic. This good news must. Be preached. In all, nations or, tongues or languages. Or people, ethnic, groups and so. This is actually, the basic, thing the, Arab countries especially the Islamic, world is the, last, and the largest, challenge. Of the church now, why do you say that why. I say that because the statistics show. That but. There are 1.5. Billion. Muslims and, living, among them there are so. Few. Followers. Of Christ and, according. To our belief, alcohol according to the to the Bible but there is only one, way. To the Father and that is Jesus well, sharing, Christ and, doing. That in a loving way and, getting. The. Truth of the word into. These people's, lives is, the, most important, thing and it's. Something. That we're. Able to do together. Partnering. Together to, make it happen absolutely, it's a covenant partnership. Based. On, the. Great, Commission. Give. Give us an introduction, what. Is Al Hayat. Al. Hayat first, of all the. Meaning of of Al Hayat is life and. Al, Hayat is a TV channel, our goal, is to share Christ through. Media it's a holistic ministry. And, we, share the gospel through. That and it's a it's. A cooperation. Between different, kind of different. Ministries and. Just. My ministry, is one, of them actually, just my ministry, started the whole thing and, we. Want people to get safe because. We love them and if. Somebody, loves somebody and he. Finds the best precious. Gift. So of course I want to share it with us. The. Church that you see behind me is built. On the spot that once was the small village, of Nazareth. Today. It's a large city bustling, all around us but it's so amazing. To think that this is the land where Joseph, and Mary actually, had their home where, Jesus was raised and, laughed and played right. Here on this ground, for. Us Nazareth. Is a place where we met two wonderful. People in fact some of the most joyous, times, that we've had here in Israel, have been with these people one, was a woman whose story, just, brought me to tears because, it's heartbreaking and, yet, the joy of where she is today because of what she's learned, is amazing, and the, other is, a man who I know that you will enjoy because he has a long, history in. This, village, and his. Role, selling. Spices, to this area, is his, opportunity, to share Christ with others. Tell. Me a little bit about, your. Family and your. Your background, and, our. Five, girls, and, the family and either. Smaller. I am. The youngest. Youngest. Yeah and. I. Have married and after. Six. Months I, discovered. That he is a, drug, addict, it was very difficult II was shouting, he was sometimes. Broking. Things, in the house, did. He ever hurt you yeah many. Times many, times it. Was very difficult because, I I love my my husband, I want to help him but I also need a help, I cannot. Help help, them, because I need, a helpers, I was, speak with all, the time that why. Why, me I am, the younger, girl. In the family. And we are also, five, girls and in, the Arab Arabic. Families, you know they, want, boys maybe, one girl two girls not five and I am just a young girl it's I feel, all the time that I'm a, mistake. That I came to this. Life and. When. I get this, this, kind of life was my husband, I believe that. Just. What I deserve, so you believed that. Because. Your family wanted a boy yeah and you were the fifth girl my, mom and that, they love me but they, all the time speak, about that that they want, me a boy. That. Would be so Divya. Yeah. The. People that we've met here the stories.

That We have heard have, touched my heart so deeply. And I'm sure that they have yours. Too and we, can be part of together. Sharing. Those important, words with so many other people, we. Have the opportunity. To, feed, into people's, lives like my yatta who needed to know how, valuable, and love she is in Christ you. Can help us share that message with so, many more people become, a partner, with Joyce Meyer ministries join. The family, today, go, online Joyce, Meyer org. Give us a call right now and stand. With, us as we take advantage of these new beautiful. Doors that God is opening. Today. For your donation, of any amount towards, the outreaches of hand of hope we'd like to send you Joyce's, book promises, for your everyday, life contact, us now 1, 800 7. 2 7 9 6 73, or go to joyce meyer org. There. Is a great, deal of history in, this, room and in your shop Tony tell us a little bit about this. Area that we're in right now we. Are if you re talking about the place L, Babur and. It's. A family business that started, before, 120. Years ago when my grandfather, was a villager, he came to here and he, started, the business, of the Galilee Mel L Babur this. Area, in here this room when I first walked in is so beautiful, I mean it's just gorgeous and like you said the smell of the spices, really. Draws you right in so. You have ginger, too huh yeah I have ginger we, have the best ginger, I. Want. To ask you a little bit about the. The. People that come into your store because. I understand. That here in Nazareth, there, are. Christian. Arabs there are people who are Muslim. Arabs, fit, in this particular, town, they. Live together very peacefully, I'm, for me if I'm, Jesus, in my heart I, don't. Care I will love everybody I have no problem to love, everybody and to. Tell you about Jesus to tell that is the peace that is awesome, I mean as people, come in and they see these beautiful spices, and they get what they need for their home you're. Able to share with them something that they, will keep with them for a journey, this is not me this is Jesus when he started to work inside, us well tell me how you first became familiar, with Joyce Meyer and her teaching, al-hayat. It's very important, channel and my, mom all the time opening. The TV on the, aunty al-hayat, channel but, when the first time I saw this. Great. Woman she's talking about Jesus and I said this moment. She's great God. Used, Joyce, to. Tell that about him and to make, very big light and to, spread it everywhere in, the Middle East you, know there are there are many, people who we call our, Joyce, Meyer ministries partners. How. Can you help them understand, the impact, that, they. Are made Syrian Jesus right, here in nazareth. And around, this part of the world these. People like joyce mere and who, who, allowed. This. Person to come and to sit down in our houses it's, a blessing very big blessing from jesus thank you very much you are welcome ginger. This. Is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the, end of the Via Dolorosa and, this is where many traditions. Believe that the cross of Christ actually. Stood and this. Is our mission the next step, to, tell people what the light of Christ today means. In their life. So. Are there in roads is it, possible, to reach, the heart, of, the.

Islamic People with, the message of Christ absolutely. It's. Very clear you. Should know the truth and the truth sets, you free if you. Preach the truth, to. Anybody. It's. God's, work, God's, work, it's a Living Word that will come into the heart how, important, is this message that, that, Joyce is sharing about, the. Love of Christ for women. To. Women in the Arab culture. This. Culture is, men. Dominating. Culture. According. To death they're believed even God. Will. See her you know second-class, person. And now. She. Hears a different thing she, heard about a loving, God she, hear about a god, that died for her it's. A, message. Of lifting. Up. And. Giving hope. First. I watched. Joyce Meyer in TV at a higher. Channel. I love, the way how, she pitch. Because. I'm a teacher in a school and her. Preaching called, me to to teach God's, Word for, for, women or for. People around me. I. Was, taught that God don't, love women and then. When I watch her and see, how much God used, her I said I feel, love Joyce you can love me also so, please. Use me and this, is my first request, for, God like please use, me as you, use Joyce. Used. Say Joyce Meyer boxes. Because. I have like a small women's. Group in my, house we do wear Bible, study so, I use thing joyce teaching, to teach women's. In my house about a. God's, work people. Identify. Themselves. With her and, I I do believe, that this. Is. God's, send, message. To the Arab women at, the beginning. At the first years. Joyce, received. More, feedback than, anybody else so it doesn't matter that it's a Western, woman coming. From a, completely. Different world, it's a completely different Society, and a, woman, many many barriers but. God's breaking those barriers down of. Course if you preach the gospel you, preach the Bible the. Word of God is a living wort it, will come into the heart and change, and why. Should, a. Family. Sitting, in their home on the. Other side of the world. Be. Involved, in sharing Christ here, if. You cannot go and, share. The gospel with others there. Are people that can go. And. There, are people that can go through media, and if. You know if you can't go, then, make. It available for others pray, for them support. Them financially, because. This. Is your. Part. Of the puzzle. We're. In Jerusalem's. Old City and, it's very, beautiful we're, on the rooftops. Overlooking. The hustle, and bustle around, us which is just a flurry, of activity, as, you look across the horizon you'll, see a lot of satellite dishes you'll, see many people walking around this very ancient city, looking. At their phones they, are watching. Television and, so, as a television, ministry. We are here, to bring the good news of Christ end God is opening many doors and we, are walking through them so we invite you to join us together we. Want to share the love of Christ with, so many more people to make, a difference right here in this nation in this, city and to, do exactly, what God has asked, us to do not, only here but all, over the, world call. The phone number on your screen right now go, to joyce meyer org. And join, us. Today. For your donation, of any amount towards, the outreaches of hand of hope we'd like to send you Joyce's, book promises, for your everyday life contact, us now 1, 800 7. 2 7 9 6 7 3 or go to joyce meyer org. And. The interesting, thing that we have seen here in israel, is that, even, though it is a very progressive society. There, are still many, many, needs, and that's what we love to do at Joyce Meyer ministries hand. Of hope is meet the needs of people because. When we help them physically, it opens, their hearts, to be able to share spiritually. We've, been sharing Christ in many many ways to. Different. Communities, here, to, the Jewish, Israeli, community as well as the Arab Israeli. Community, so, we are able, together, to, make a huge, impact, for Christ. First. Of all help us to understand, the need for a. Dental. Clinic so, you, may or may not know Israel as a whole has socialized, medicine so. The majority of medical services the government helps to provide for them and there's not a lot of cost associated with them except. For dental care and that. Makes it very unaffordable. For the majority of the population and it's quite common for somebody to. Go to a dentist and the estimate, they get for the care they need is a year's worth of their salary we fed the Lord calling us to, make a difference and to do it in the name of the Lord and to serve the, local Israeli, population in this area we. Believe with. Everything in us that we're in the season of Israel's salvation and, that's.

Why This is important to me dental, care in itself. Is not been input but it's it's a mechanism it's a it's a way to reach out and demonstrate, to our people the love of your schewe and it, was an unmet need which is why we Lord calling us into it I can't really overstate the. Impact and the potential, impact that this has so. For those who just, sew because of the faithfulness of Joyce in our ministry and they ended up it's. Just the best of both worlds we're so happy for the partnership and it's. Really really, doing something unique and amazing. Here in Israel. 1.75. Million, people in Israel right now live. Below. The poverty line we. Have a what we call the manna kitchen, this gets them a bag of kosher groceries, this gets them clothing shoes, jackets, and henna, pope has been directly involved. In in sponsoring. And giving toward that just, in our humanitarian, aid ministries hand of Hope has been on the front line now. We as Christians, all. Know what the word says about praying. For, Israel what. Are the practical, things that you would encourage us to. To, be specifically, praying for so, praying for the salvation of Israel praying, that the Prince of Peace will. Give them that peace that surpasses all. Understanding, praying. For their, eyes to be open to see Yeshua and. Anything. Prayed according to will God it will happen, how. Do we know that Romans. 11:26. Says, and all, Israel, shall be saved on a weekly basis, Israelis, Jews, and Arabs are coming to know the law and people, are getting in touch with us all the time and. People's. Lives being. Changed yeah. Sure Jesus, is not just the Messiah of the Gentiles, he's our Messiah, and what, Israelis, truly, need right. Now is the. Spiritual message of the Messiah and so. By supporting. Hands. Of Hope by, supporting, one for Israel they do that, they, do share. The, good news of the Messiah with the Jewish people they, might not be with the feet on the ground like we are but behind us because we cannot do what we do without people like you behind us so, thank, you they, are as much engaged. In what's happening here as we are through, prayers through. Their gifts that they send through your ministry that's. That's, huge thank you thank you thank you and I couldn't say enough.

You. So. How did you begin to look at yourself, differently, how did you begin, to see the way that God saw, you I began, to listen. To Joyce Meyer and, to. Read some, books that they, send, for us and I. Discovered, that I, need, before to. Be healthy, in my spirit, in my heart. To. Get, out all the angry, and all the you know the, pain that I have from him all the, books. That I read from. Joyce. Meyer it's today. It's written, for me it's, it's speaking for me and, it. Was very, for. Me that there. Is someone who understand. And I. Feel that the. Holy Spirit speak, for me from the mirror that yeah I love you I accept, you I want you like, you I'm if I can if I want a boy I can warn, me oh oh boy and, I, began, to feel that there is someone, speak with me because. You. Began to heal yeah and, God began to make, those words not just words, yeah and something. That you believe a woman, it's she. Is very very, effective. When. She is in the heart head, of God when, she have Holy Spirit, Hey when she knows that she is not in second, place no no. We. Need to spread that oh yeah yeah, oh you're in this in the first place. Yeah. So. What have we discovered, here. Well. We have seen that, even in this place that can obviously, be. A place of tension. A difficult. Place that, there is a beautiful. Spirit. Of unity, in Christ that. There is a love, of God for all people. No, matter what, they currently believe, no matter who they are, there is no one. Is outside. Of his love and this, unity. That we are seeing in the body of Christ to share his love is. Spreading. Out to places. Where we know we, need to go God, is giving us the opportunity, to make, a difference, in the hearts and minds of many, people who feel isolated broken. And lonely together. We can help make sure that, no, other woman, uh ters the words God, why did you hate me so much to make me a girl we. Need to change those words into, God thank you for making me your daughter and we're, seeing that happen, right, here we're so grateful that he's brought us here were grateful for the doors that he's opening, for us and we, are grateful, for you, for allowing, us to be here for coming being. Here right beside us and for helping us to do more the friends, that we have met here will be with us always and, we want together, to. Make many. Many more of those friends, so, we invite you to join us please. Become. A partner, with Joyce Meyer ministries help. Us to, walk into these new opportunities, that. God is giving us to share his love through, so many venues, through. Online opportunities. Through social, media through. Sharing, his word through that gift that he has put into Joyce to. Let everyone. Know no, matter their, background no. Matter their, culture, that, they are so deeply. Loved, and that, God came to die for them. And was risen again so, that they could have eternal life what, better message, is there we, want to share it not only here, but all over, the world and we are doing that in many many ways but. With your help we, can do even more go. To the website joyce, meyer org, call, that number on your screen and join. Us. Today. For your donation, of any amount towards, the outreaches of hand of hope we'd like to send you Joyce's, book promises, for your everyday life contact, us now 1, 800 7. 2 7 9 673. Or go to joyce meyer org. This. Program has been made possible by, the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer ministries.

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