LG at CES 2024: LG World Premiere – Full I LG

LG at CES 2024: LG World Premiere – Full I LG

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Optimism is a funny thing. It's not what you'd call an easy path. Life is too full of setbacks and chaos to feel optimistic Yet if you do decide to take yourself to the very edge of what's possible And dive-in smile first.

Well, that's when the good stuff starts. Optimism is a hard thing to choose But once you do, you'll see why Life's good Good morning, everyone! It's always great to start the New Year, here in Las Vegas. Thank you all for coming, and hello to all tuning in live from around the world. The 'Life's Good' brand film we just watched captures our belief life can be even better if you bravely take on new challenges with the hope of a better future. Likewise, LG Electronics made a bold business transformation announcement last year to go from consumer electronics and home appliance company to a "Smart Life Solution Company."

In fact, we have been in the consumer-facing business for almost 7 decades, gaining rich understanding of global customers and their living spaces. We're now expanding our business into other spaces, like mobility, commercial, and even virtual space, by connecting and creating new customer experiences like never before. Wherever the space, LG's focus area for customer experience is what we call 3C2S it stands for Care, Connectivity, Customization, Servitization and Sustainability. These five focus areas will elevate customer experience to an entirely new paradigm. And in this journey, we recognize AI technology is one of the most essential enablers.

AI has been a hot topic at CES, and I'm sure many companies will share their technology updates this year as well. We are all facing a historical turning point and we, LG Electronics, have been thinking very hard about what our role and responsibility is. While others may concentrate on the evolution of AI technology itself, LG's focus lies in how AI can actually make a difference in the real world, providing tangible benefits to our customers. We all know AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. But, at LG, we would like to redefine it as Affectionate Intelligence because we fundamentally believe AI should bring better customer experience that is more caring, empathetic, and attentive. Now, you may wonder what's unique about LG's AI? I would say our first differentiation comes from the richness of data, from its vast scale to the depth of its quality.

There are at least 500 to 700 million LG products being used worldwide today - in homes, on the road, in businesses and commercial spaces. These smart devices, with AI-supported intelligent sensors, are optimized to learn and analyze your physical and emotional life patterns in the real world. While many others mostly rely on Internet-based data, we have a unique opportunity to leverage real-life data gathered from the billions of LG smart products and other IoT devices across various spaces in real time - of course, with your explicit permission. Our data is not limited to online interactions; it extends to your interactions with real devices, the actual environment around you, your behavior patterns, and even your emotional state, such as the tone of your voice, conversational nuance, and facial expression. These multi-faceted data enable us to learn truly valuable real life knowledge and insights. The wealth of real-time life data is our unique asset, not easily found in most companies.

And this is LG's clear differentiation. Now, let me take you through LG's AI Brain. The LG AI Brain that we envision is a powerful engine with orchestrated processes. It starts from forecasting customers' needs through interactive conversations or contextual understanding like behavior patterns and emotions.

The next phase involves advanced reasoning processes, powered by our own Large Language Model which is built upon our customer insight and knowledge archive. Ultimately, the AI Brain generates optimal solutions to prompt tangible actions by orchestrating physical devices. So, we call this Orchestrated Intelligence because, just like different musicians create entirely different music with the same notes, our AI Brain will compose music incorporating real-time life data, orchestrate a symphony across your multiple devices, and play a melody uniquely tailored to your preferences - crafting a customized experience for your surroundings.

This naturally positions us to provide intelligent spatial services in a smarter, more efficient and attentive way, whichever space you are in. This is another important differentiation of LG's Affectionate Intelligence. This brings us to the subject of our responsibility for AI. We recognize that AI needs to be accountable for its decisions and actions, And how it should work equally well for all users, promoting safe and intended behavior, securing personal data and controlling access to it. LG Shield, our own data security system, which fully embodies our commitment, will be applied across the entire process of collecting, storing, and utilizing customer data to ensure protection at every stage. We commit to Responsible Intelligence as we aim to surpass the required industry benchmarks and ensure extra attention to these responsibilities.

Today, we talked about how LG embraces AI as Affectionate Intelligence, powered by Real-Time Life Intelligence in sync with Orchestrated Intelligence and striving for Responsible Intelligence. These three pillars are deeply rooted in the ultimate belief that you, our customers, should be the one in control. Because only when you are in control, you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Life's Good. This is our solid and uncompromising promise that motivates us to create a better life for our customers, even in the age of AI. That's all I have today.

Let me now hand it over to Kihyun to show our actual product and service development starting from smart home solutions to Mobility and Business solutions, using LG's Affectionate Intelligence. Thank you and enjoy CES! Thank you, William! Well, SMART HOME - EVERYONE's on it, especially here at CES, with THOUSANDS of new ideas! But - here's the big question - is your home life really smarter, better? With all those 'smart' devices, HOURS setting them up? Hmm. That's because just a whole bunch of devices DON'T make your home smart.

They're just tools! That's why what I'd like to share with you this morning ISN'T just a platform update, but a CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE - from products and technology to LIFE and EXPERIENCE - the REAL problems, needs, and aspirations that drive us towards a BETTER LIFE. RE-INVENTING LG ThinQ, from a web of devices and an app to a TRULY SMART life solution PLATFORM for running your home life, just the way You want it to be. For us at LG, it's about going from simply offering tools to proactively working with you, working FOR you - Empowering the kind of Affectionate Intelligence that William mentioned to really understand what you need and want with a whole range of home data to automatically control an OPTIMAL combination of devices and settings so you don't have to: and to give you what's best for you, tailored to your unique personality and preferences. And, of course, AI will be a key enabler in all of this, especially the orchestrated intelligence of LG AI which is optimized for running our diverse range of products and solutions- whether it's generative AI for more natural, intuitive interaction with LG ThinQ as you'll find in the new Chat ThinQ, or our new 3D Home View for a much more holistic, multidimensional awareness of your home space. And the way we bring these innovations to you will also change, with our new 'Customer Experience Solution,' where we deliver an optimized selection of products, designs and even services - a ONE-STOP solution, from installation to maintenance, tailored to YOUR space and style.

And to empower and guide this transformation, here are key priorities for the future evolution of LG ThinQ. First, we're expanding the world of ThinQ to EVERY corner of your home space, so you can access ThinQ platform WHEREVER YOU ARE, EVERY ThinQ device becoming an interface. So, yes, we'll soon be bringing out a new smart home hub, and you bet - it'll be BEAUTIFUL, but even THAT's going to be only ONE of MANY points of interaction, from your webOS TV to ThinQ home appliances. This means A WHOLE LOT more data about you and your life. Which is why we're using on-device AI to help you keep your data WIHTIN your home, used only to tailor your ThinQ for YOUR benefit. Because we believe that privacy should NEVER be a price for convenience.

And last but certainly not least, we're going to make LG ThinQ one of the most OPEN platforms in this field. We simply HAVE to, because no ONE company, EVEN LG, can do everything for us. So whether it's stepping up open API efforts or working closely with developer communities, LG ThinQ will become much more accessible to our partners around the world. Once again, these and many other changes in LG ThinQ platform all stem from one clear purpose, that CHANGE of PERSPECTIVE, to serve NOT technology but our CUSTOMERS and their LIVES.

Well, now for a more detailed look at how this change in perspective is changing our offerings, let's bring to the stage Henry with the latest update on our appliances. Over to you, Henry! Always planning for the future, LG pioneered the integration of Wi-Fi into home appliances back in 2011. Then, we transformed the industry by introducing ThinQ UP appliances, setting a new standard with continuous feature updates and an evolving user experience.

The next generation home appliances that LG is unveiling today, intuitively adapt to your lifestyle, providing a seamless, ‘zero labor home’ experience. We are introducing an innovative ‘Home as a Service’ concept with ThinQ UP 2.0. Through ‘Hyper-Personalization,’ we are creating a smart home solution that makes products smarter and more tailored to customers’ needs. And through ‘Servitization,’ we are providing services for household tasks that cannot be completed by appliances alone. ThinQ UP 2.0 lets customers

‘curate’ their LG home appliances by choosing which features they want. To make this possible, LG developed a specialized operating system (OS) and the LG appliance AI chipset. Both of these technologies help drive the ThinQ UP 2.0 personalization process, which begins even before the customer receives their new LG products.

Prior to shipping, the customer completes the lifestyle analysis survey in the ThinQ app. LG ThinQ then recommends tailored features based on the responses. In addition, ThinQ UP 2.0 offers

a variety of customizable services. You can choose from product management and customer care services, as well as highly convenient household management services. To provide tailored purchasing options, LG is expanding its business into service-based area with the “Home Appliance Subscription.” This lets our customers select options and services of their choice; potentially saving them with the initial upfront cost and allowing them to curate their own home appliance life. Throughout the subscription period, LG will continuously understand customers, recommending solutions that can further improve their quality of life.

As we strive to bring our vision of the zero labor home to life, we will provide more quality time at home, and reinforce our commitment to become a smart life solution company. To help realize our vision, we are introducing a smart home AI agent designed to seamlessly fit into your daily life. With its affectionate intelligence, it can take care of your smart home, communicate with you, and even show you empathy. With autonomous driving technology and its two-legged wheels, our AI agent can navigate effortlessly around the house, greeting and talking with you, and sharing its personality through a range of motions and ‘facial expressions’. With a camera, a mic, and multiple sensors it understands home environment, such as temperature and humidity. Based on multi-modal AI technology, it better understand you and your home, serving as a versatile agent.

With its generative AI based on large language model, Smart Home AI Agent can actively engage with you, going further than simple voice commands. Should we spend a day with this adorable, little friend? In the morning, it gives you a medication alarm. When you come back, our adorable AI Agent is there to greet you at the door.

Oh, it also gives you a briefing of home. And don’t worry even when you’re home alone. It can make emergency calls if needed.

All of these things are made possible by ThinQ connectivity. You can meet this Smart Home AI Agent, right away at LG booth! The combination of ThinQ UP 2.0 and the smart home AI Agent will greatly reduce the burden of household chores, letting our customers enjoy considerably more free time at home. Home appliances should be enjoyed by everyone, shouldn’t they? At LG we want life to be easier for all of our customers. That’s why we introduced the ‘Universal UP Kit’, a set of accessories that embraces that everyone, regardless of gender, age, or disability, can conveniently use our home appliances. These practical, detachable accessories boost appliance accessibility, and have been designed based on feedback from our Accessibility Advisory Council.

Additionally, this solutions are made of recycled plastics, turning waste into thoughtful solutions. LG is committed to creating a ‘Better Life for All’ at home. We will continue to introduce innovations that reduce the hassle of housework so that people can experience a more relaxing and more rewarding time at home. It’s a privilege for our TVs to be an integral part of your lives. Our Home Entertainment vision - “Sync to You, Open to All” - is guiding how our TVs are becoming windows onto different experiences.

One of the key technologies enabling us to provide the Ultimate TV Experience is, perhaps unsurprisingly, AI. AI is what drives our very own “Alpha” AI processors. In fact, LG is the only brand that continues to develop processors specifically for OLED, something we’ve been doing for 11 years now. Our acclaimed “Alpha9 AI Processor,” which is now in its 7th generation, is ready to push the performance of our TVs even further. So, it is my privilege to introduce you to our new “Alpha11 AI Processor!” With 4 times the performance of its predecessor, the Alpha11 AI Processor allows LG OLED TVs to recognize your viewing interests, understand your needs and further personalize experiences according to your preferences. Our TVs present image and sound in a manner consistent with how we perceive visual and auditory stimuli in the world around us.

This brings an emotional element to the viewing experience; delivering a heightened sense of realism. This is just one aspect of how our products connect with you. LG webOS smart TV platform is another foundational pillar of what we have to offer. Last year, we marked 10 Years of LG OLED Leadership, and this year we are excited to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of LG webOS! When LG webOS first arrived in 2014, only 24% of American households had a connected TV – as of 2023, that figure had jumped to 74%. Since then, we’ve seen a 10-fold increase in active webOS users worldwide and an expansion of partnerships.

Convenient navigation and discovery are at the core of the webOS experience. The refined UI and UX make it easier to access what you love, thanks to an AI-based understanding of viewing patterns. webOS also offers LG Channels, our own streaming service, which encompasses over 3,000 channels globally and over 5,000 on-demand movies and TV series, all free to watch with ads LG is expanding its partnerships with major programmers and studios to deliver more entertainment for our viewers, like FOX, A&E, Bloomberg, the NFL, and NCAA We’re continuing to increase the overall number of entertainment options on webOS as well. Some of the highlights include voice-based AI-powered games, customized classes, and educational services parents will love. And for a truly cinematic viewing experience, LG will become the first TV brand to provide Dolby Vision with Filmmaker Mode this year. Filmmaker Mode allows movies to be seen as the creators intended.

This is critical for unforgettable films, like Martin Scorsese’s "Killers of the Flower Moon,” coming soon to Apple TV+. You’ll be able to enjoy it on LG TVs as creators intended. At the end of the day, we want LG TVs, to get better over time. Which is why we’re making the commitment to provide LG webOS updates for 5 years, starting with our 2022-model TVs. With the webOS Re:New Program it’s like a new TV every year. We also want to make webOS the most open TV platform there is.

How do we plan to do that? Join me in welcoming Erik Kay, VP of Multi-Device Experiences at Google to hear how, together, we’re ‘opening up’ webOS to create better experiences for you. Welcome Erik! Thank you Matt for having me here today. We are very excited to be collaborating with LG to bring the power of Google to LG TVs Together, we’re creating multi-device experiences that will effortlessly work better together.

People want to enjoy content on any of their devices. And when they’re at home, they should be able to watch what they want on the biggest screen. Today, we’re thrilled to announce LG TVs in 2024, will now have Chromecast built-in. This means that LG TV users will be able to start a video from their phones or Chrome browsers… and with just a tap of the Cast icon, they can continue watching on the best screen in their house: a large screen LG TV. Later this year we will extend Chromecast built-in to LG Hospitality and Healthcare so you can seamlessly continue watching from your streaming apps on the LG TV in a hotel room, without having to log into each app and having to log into each app and having to remember to log out when you’re done.

We're also excited about the growth of connected devices in the smart home. So we're collaborating to make LG and ThinQ products work more seamlessly with Google Home. LG TVs will act as hubs for Google Home, letting you easily set up and control any Matter device. You will also be able to see, control, and manage both LG and Google Home devices, right from the TV or ThinQ app. These features will roll out later this year. Together with LG, we’re committed to making all the devices in your life work better together.

Allow me to introduce you to LG Signature OLED T, the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV! OLED T is the perfect TV that liberates your space. And you’re not giving up any of the stunning advantages of OLED. OLED T creates a sense of openness.

The TV no longer has to dominate the room. This heightens the relationship between TV and the space it inhabits. For example, showcase digital art, videos and visual accents as part of your room’s décor, to elevate the aesthetics. OLED T becomes an object of design. You can place it in locations unimaginable, until now.

A modular solution that provides you with a variety of ways to install it seamlessly. And with its wireless Zero Connect Box, there are no cables to fuss with wherever you place it. When it’s time to enjoy the latest hit series you can do so with the exemplary picture quality of LG OLED. The beauty of OLED T is its ability to offer dual modes. Simply raise the curtain! You can switch from transparent to opaque whenever you want.

With LG Signature OLED T, there’s never been a TV that could blend in with your décor as perfectly as it can. It’s fair to say, OLED T redefines your screen experience. As you can see we are continuing our journey to Sync to You, Open to All – With our cutting-edge AI, powerful a11 AI Processor, webOS, wireless technology, and mind-blowing 4K transparent screen. So imagine with us the possibilities… People want larger TVs But the more they grow in size, they take up more and more of your space. So how about a TV that gives back, your space? Welcome to a world beyond the perfect screen, a realm you’ve never seen before. Immerse yourself in flawless cinematic experiences.

A magical window expanding your breathtaking views. Decor that elevates any space. A transparent canvas giving you new perspectives A private concert experience just for you. What we’ve created is not just another TV It's a revolutionary reconfiguration of the freedom of space. Wireless Now Transparent LG SIGNATURE OLED T Good morning, everyone.

With advances in vehicle electrification and autonomous driving technology, the automotive industry has seen significant changes in recent years. Many new players have entered the market, and the evolution of vehicle architecture has continued at a rapid pace, in terms of powertrains and E/E architecture. Also, diverse business models are emerging, such as service subscriptions and EV charging stations. With all of these changes taking place, the automotive industry is reinventing itself, and is now entering its next exciting chapter: the age of Software-defined vehicle.

In the coming years, we expect more changes as we move toward high-performance computing, software dominance in vehicle development, and a richer in-cabin experience. Today, I'm excited to introduce LG VS Company’s SDV vision and how our software solutions will greatly change your in-cabin experience. At LG Vehicle Solutions, we envision the future automobile as a 'living space on wheels,' powered by our advanced SDV solutions. We like to call these solutions “AlphaWare”. “AlphaWare” is our best and leading, innovative, and user-centric software solutions.

It enrich every aspect of the SDV, from development to the in-cabin experience. And together with LG’s Affectionate Intelligence, we aim to create the most immersive and attentive experience At present, AlphaWare consists of four main categories that we like to refer to as BaseWare, OpsWare, PlayWare, and MetaWare. and more category expansion is planned within this year. First, BaseWare.

All modern cars need a reliable O/S to handle complex functions across all domains of the SDV. It’s the software “backbone” of your vehicle. With this in mind, we developed “BaseWare”, a collection of versatile software modules that enhances automakers’ existing vehicle O/S, or forms a completely new platform. Moving on to OpsWare. Great software doesn’t happen by chance.

It is the end-product of people working together, From design to deployment. From virtual validation to real-world driving. This is why we have designed our “OpsWare” solutions to help developers, from the very beginning, to build the best mobility software. Next, creating new user experiences is what we do best. In the SDV, it all starts with our entertainment solutions, known collectively as “PlayWare”.

Powered by our Automotive Content Platform, our PlayWare brings your favorite entertainment into the vehicle cabin, for a real, home-to-car experience. And finally, enhancing the entire user experience is LG’s Human-Machine Interface solutions which we call “MetaWare”. These solutions leverage Augmented or Mixed Reality technology to deliver the most immersive in-cabin experience. This is just a small taste of the excitement our AlphaWare will bring to the SDV with much more to come. With our proven capabilities in high performance system design, software-oriented architecture, and seamless vehicle communications technology, Our mobility software business will be a leading growth driver in the coming years. Now, for a closer look at how our SDV solutions will change your in-cabin experience, I’d like to invite my colleague, Marian, to the stage.

Thank you Seokhyun. How are LG’s car computing hardware and software solutions re-defining your spatial experience? I want you to picture yourself behind the wheel of a car equipped with LG's cutting-edge digital cockpit system, display, AR/MR platform, AI and 5G telematics technology. As soon as you get into your seat, the car recognizes you through Affectionate Intelligence, displaying your own personalized screen to greet you. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Once your navigation is set up to your preferred destination and while driving, you and your passengers can easily monitor what’s going on at home. You can even check in on your pet and feed them too! Some retail therapy online won’t hurt, would it? It’s all up to you. Let me ask you this; have you ever taken an unfamiliar route.

No need to worry! With our AR/MR platform in place, navigating to your destination becomes much simpler and fun. After driving for quite some time, your kids can doze off in the backseat. The car will suggest turning off the rear displays and lower the volume to help the kids stay asleep. Numerous pieces of information collected from inside and outside the vehicle’s sensors, such as driving data, temperature, light, and battery status, are quickly processed by LG’s advanced 5G telematics technology. LG’s various connectivity solutions guarantee you an ‘always connected’ experience, even in the middle of the desert.

There’s limitless potential and possibilities when it comes to car computing. With LG’s ACP, which is webOS based, you can explore a whole new realm of in-cabin content. LG ACP serves as an in-vehicle entertainment hub. Powered by webOS, it enables real-time streaming; bringing high-definition videos and music into your car and delivering the same exceptional sound and display quality you’re used to at home.

Don’t blame us if you start liking your car more than your home. With ACP, a dull moment can be turned into a fun and exciting experience. LG closely collaborated with entertainment services, such as Netflix and YouTube, and Hyundai Motor Group as well to bring you the most immersive entertainment experience on the road. Our ACP integrates seamlessly with automakers’ IVI platforms, and comes with a wealth of apps from our content partners which benefits our customers and their customers too.

ACP integration also smooths the way for novel business models, such as subscription services and content advertising. As you have seen today, LG is preparing a range of SDV solutions that will present OEMs with new opportunities while also enhancing driving convenience and safety for users. All of us at LG are committed to enhancing your quality of life and ready to deliver a much, much better experience on the road. LG Vehicle Solutions’ vision, to create a Living Space on Wheels powered by LG AlphaWare solutions, is now coming alive, so stay tuned! Now, please welcome Michael from Business Solutions to the stage.

In our journey to innovate the customer experience, we have been actively collaborating with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge electric vehicle solutions. Today, I'm excited to share the progress we have made in our transformation into a premier EV charging solutions provider, dedicated to delivering a distinctive and seamless EV charging experience tailored to our daily lifestyles. Our commitment to innovation is evident in the expansion of our EV product line. Already, in South Korea, we’ve introduced a range of charging solutions, including 7, 100 and 200 kilowatt options. In the US, we are proud to announce the rollout of 11 and 175 kilowatt chargers and 350 kilowatt ultra-fast chargers this year, with plans for additional models globally in the near future.

These advanced solutions by LG aim to deliver a rapid and convenient EV charging experience, aligning with the pace of our dynamic lifestyles and contributing to a cleaner energy future. I am particularly proud to share a significant milestone in response to the growing demand for EV charging stations across North America: we are establishing our first ever EV charger production factory in the US - in Texas The new factory will manufacture chargers for the US market, and we anticipate extending this momentum to other markets worldwide, including Europe and Asia. Alongside all of this, we have also been cultivating partnerships with leading CPOs – charge point operators.

Through our comprehensive solutions, rooted in our consumer insights, CPOs can now access a diverse range of LG’s leading products such as digital signage solutions and customized EV charging solutions – all conveniently available under one roof. This collaboration with LG opens new business opportunities and revenue streams for CPOs. But that’s not all. Leveraging LG’s innovative AI technology, we are enhancing the convenience for CPOs in managing and operating our EV charging solutions.

Real-life data empowers CPOs with features for efficient daily operations, such as power infrastructure status prediction, charger load management, and preemptive diagnostics. With these AI-driven features, LG aims to help CPOs reduce operation costs and increase efficiency around the clock. Through our commitment to innovation and reliability, we are rapidly emerging as a leader in the EV charging solution business. Under the new vision to become a ‘Smart Life Solution’ company, we’ll strive to make our customer truly feel ‘Life’s Good’ in every space including Mobility. This wraps up LG WORLD PREMIERE today. Thank you for joining us.

Enjoy the CES!

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